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28 November, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 28 November 2008
Web Article
The pickings for the top internet stories for this week were very slim. I guess people had turkey on their mind.

Here's what I found:

- Winter Riding Tips
- It’s Here!’s New Dealer Locater has Arrived


28 November, 2008 - Book About Motorcycle Trailering
Book motorcycle Trailering
Here's a new book that will tell you everything you always wanted to know about pulling a trailer with your motorcycle.

It's not a very popular form of transporting gear, so if you're going to do it, better find out more before you pull your caravan with your motorcycle.


28 November, 2008 - Video: French No Phone While Driving Campaign
Video clip
No Phone While Driving campaign ad
Another hard hitting and shocking safety campaign by the French government.

This one is to tell people to stop using phones while driving. The TV Ad has a good shock effect.


27 November, 2008 - Going Back In Motorcycle Time. Thank You Google
Time magazine BMW motorcycle photo
Remember Time Life Magazine? They always had fantastic photos.

Now, thanks to good old Google, all their photos are on-line and searchable.

Head over to Google Photo search, type in "motorcycle" followed by "source:life".

Count on spending hours...


27 November, 2008 - String Them Up! Only Humane Thing To Do
London Ambulance Service Motorcycle
Kids out for some fun, are stealing the helmets of the London Ambulance Service Motorcycle Response Group, grounding the paramedic.

No helmet, no life saving activities. Apart from the cost (£600), the helmet is useless to anyone else.

Only one merciful thing you can do...


27 November, 2008 - Video: Dakar 2009 Scrutineering
Video clip
Dakar logo
Here's a 4 minutes video clip I made of the Dakar 2009 Scrutineering at Le Havre, France.

The camera had a bit of a problem, since the sound dies halfway every segment. So don't adjust your computer, it's my camera.

The clip shows motorcycles, cars and trucks.


26 November, 2008 - Sunglasses Made For Motorcycles
AR123 sunglasses
Italian eyewear designer, Bertoni, produce a wide variety of sunglasses made for different sports, including motorcycles.

Their website is well designed, and you can quickly find the right sunglasses for you, with or without prescriptions.


26 November, 2008 - Rain, Sleet Or Snow, The Post Keeps On Going
Mailman on motorcycle in the snow
We all know the saying that the mail gets delivered no matter what, snow, sleet or rain.

I guess it's true, even in the other country of cheese, Switzerland.


26 November, 2008 - Dakar 2009: Photos From The Scrutineering
Dakar 2009 scrutineering day
Dakar logo
As chance will have it, the Dakar 2009 scrutineering is held some 35 kilometers from my house in Le Havre.

Here are 44 photos I made this morning of the event.

It's interesting to see how a well oiled machine like the Dakar organization has got it together.


25 November, 2008 - Book Review: Bodies In Motion
Bodies in Motion book
Here's a worthwhile book just in time for the Christmas season.

Ever get the question "WHY DO YOU RIDE THESE DANGEROUS MOTORCYCLES?". ? Apart from saying that you enjoy the freedom and air in the hair, you don't have much else to say...

Not anymore! Bodies in Motion is the scientific research in why we enjoy riding motorcycles.



25 November, 2008 - Snow? What Snow?
Big motorcycle in the snow
If ever there was a motorcycle that can function in heavy snow, it's this one.

You're so high up, you probably don't see the snow....


25 November, 2008 - Givi Universal GPS Holder
Motorcycle GPS cover
Givi logo
Italian accessories manufacturer, Givi, have released an universal GPS holder.

The Givi S850 will take any portable GPS (for cars or PDA), and will fit most motorcycles.


24 November, 2008 - Have Sports Motorcycle And Want To Carry Luggage?
Having a sports motorcycle does not mean you can not load cargo onto your bike and transport it.

Granted, it's not a BMW GS workhorse, but with this system, you can bring "stuff" on your sports motorcycle.


24 November, 2008 - Motorcycles Riders Can Not Get It Up?
Statistics Article
According to a scientific study performed in Japan, between 45 and 70% of motorcycle riders who ride for three hours have a erectile dysfunction.

According to the scientists, this is caused by the motorcycle vibrations. Does this mean that male Harley riders do not have any children?


24 November, 2008 - Those Damn Teenager Kids And Their Motorcycles
Riding over student fingers with a motorcycle
Why would anyone want to ride over the fingers of their students, on a motorcycle?

Where's the fun?


21 November, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 21 November 2008
Web Article
Here's the motorcycle stuff that has been circulating on the internet during last week:

- Female Mechanics 2009 Calendar
- Biker Safety Signs
- 10 Most Popular Colors For Motorcycles
- Winter Bike Storage Tips
- Dave Akhurst’s Greenfly: the LPG-powered custom motorcycle


21 November, 2008 - Beaujolais Nouveau And Motorcycles
Beaujolais Nouveau on a Motorcycle
Is it a good idea to mix motorcycles and wine?

Even if the wine is a Beaujolais Nouveau..


21 November, 2008 - What Are The Exact Rules Of The Road In Europe?
TISPOL  Cleopatra
TisPol logo
The European Traffic Police organization, TISPOL, have an on-line database that can be consulted to find out what the exact Rules of the Road of a specific country in Europe are.

Remember that Europe consists of different countries with their own laws. Ignorance of the laws are not accepted. This database can help you.


20 November, 2008 - Taking Tools With Your On Your Motorcycle
Stealth Workshop Powersport Utility Bag
Carrying the few tools that you were given when you bought your motorcycle is the only way you can bring tools with you on your bike.

But.. a) the tools are always inadequate and b) there's no space to bring others.

Stealth Workshop have a solution for you.


20 November, 2008 - Going Shopping With The Family On Your Motorcycle
lots of people on a motorcycle
Going shopping on your motorcycle is not easy or fun, but having to take the whole family along?? Including mother-in-law? Possible?

Yes, for this guy, no problem.


20 November, 2008 - For When The Oil Barrel Reaches US$200
Derringer motorcycle bicycle
We all know it.. we're living on borrowed time. Gas prices will double again. Oil barrels are still expected to climb to US$200.

Riding a motorcycle is cheaper than cars, but at those prices you'll need to form of transportation that gets over 150 mpg.

Here's one, and it's good looking! Bookmark it, just in case you can't pay for gasoline anymore.


19 November, 2008 - Properly Protecting Your Motorcycle In Your Garage
Harley bubble
If you not only want to protect your precious motorcycle from dirt and condensation when it's sleeping in your garage, standard covers aren't enough.

But if you also want to have an admiring look at your motorcycle when you're in the garage, it become almost impossible.

Harley have a solution (and it should fit any bike). A "Bubble" protection, including filtered air.

Christmas... here I come...


19 November, 2008 - Customize Your Motorcycle Saddle On The Web
Bagster saddle customization
Bagster logo
French saddle and baggage manufacturer, Bagster, offer a web customization of your motorcycle (or scooter) specific saddle.

Select different colors, graphics and options. Simple.


19 November, 2008 - Gasp! Is This A Kawasaki Motorcycle?
Kawasaki Ferrari F1 Trike motorcycle
If you're into trikes, this one should interest you. It's a Kawasaki ZR1100 motorcycle, converted into a F1 Ferrari. Not bad actually.

For sale on eBay.


18 November, 2008 - Made In France: Motorcycles Etc
France Article
Though France is a motorcycle friendly country with millions of motorcycle and scooters on the street everyday, it is not known in terms of motorcycle manufacturers and related gear.

But it's not true. There are quite a lot of leading companies working in the field of motorcycles, some world class. Here's a list:


18 November, 2008 - UK: Finding Out The State Of Traffic In Real Time
Real time traffic situation
Need to find out what the traffic looks like in the UK? Even when on the road?

Frixo will tell you in real time, and for free, where the bottlenecks are. Impressive!


18 November, 2008 - Want To Race The Touquet Beach Race? Motorcycles For Rent
Le Touquet Enduropale
For foreigners who want to race in this famous and crazy beach motorcycle enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, you can now rent BMW G450X Enduro or Honda motorcycles.

The Honda bikes even come with mechanical assistance during this mythical 3 hour race.


17 November, 2008 - Video: Lotto Norway - Blind Biker
Video clip
Funny TV ad for the Norwegian Lotto, featuring a blind motorcycle rider.



17 November, 2008 - Huh? How Can He Ride Like That?
Mattress on a motorcycle
Sometimes bikers from 3rd world countries are able to defy the laws of physics.

How can he ride his motorcycle with an enormous mattress tied to the back?


17 November, 2008 - Red Bull Knockout: And The Winner Is...
Red Bull Knockout motorcycle beach enduro race
The 3rd edition of the Red Bull Knockout beach motorcycle enduro race was held again in Scheveningen, The Netherlands.

650 motorcycles started, only 102 finished.


14 November, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 14 November 2008
Web Article
Here are two weeks worth of stories, since I didn't have the time during the EICMA week. Enjoy:

- Ducati freeze fright

- How to Ride China? Buy your bike in Beijing

- Here’s the Word on Tiered Licensing

- People STILL hating on scooters?!

- What's in a Name? BMW explains


14 November, 2008 - Germany: Shocking Speed Reduction Campaign
German speed campaign
The Germans are using billboards in the shape of death notices to get driver and motorcycle riders to slow down on their motorways.

The idea is to shock people into thinking!


14 November, 2008 - Hey! That’s Not How You Park A Motorcycle!
scooter on its top


13 November, 2008 - Motorcycles And Other Vehicles CO2 Emissions
Truck exhaust
Are we motorcycle riders really that bad polluters? Do we really emit so much CO2?

Here's a table of most transportation means, and their CO2 emissions.

Guess what? We're saints !!!!!!!!!


13 November, 2008 - New Motorcycle Cartoon Web Site
Motorcycle cartoons
Cartoonist Matt Marino has a web site dedicated to his funny motorcycle cartoons.

The site is easy to follow, and he has a new cartoon almost every day.

Isn't life beautiful?


13 November, 2008 - UAE: Dubai’s Version Of Charlie’s Angels
Dubai female bodyguards
The male dominated society of the United Arab Emirates has a team of 6 female bodyguards working for the Dubai Police force.

The 6 ladies ride the big Yamaha motorcycles, and run around with guns, protecting VIPs.

Great, if it weren't that this is happening in the Middle East, were women are cost less than camels (Ok, Dubai is more liberal, but still ...).


12 November, 2008 - UK: AA Now Offer Motorcycle Repair and Recovery Service
AA motorcycle breakdown service
AA logo
The Automobile Association (AA) of the UK have just bettered their own service level.

They have bought 5 vans equipped purposely to repair, if not recover, broken down motorcycles on the M25.

Nice... bravo!


12 November, 2008 - My Kind Of A Vicar: Motorcycles And Swinging
Rev Theresa Davies
Rev Theresa Davies is a 37 year old vicar for the Church of England. So far, nothing new. But the good old vicar loves two things that have caused a scandal in the church.

She loves motorcycles, and she loves swinging. She would ride to the South of France with her hubby, and do some wife swapping.

This was no good for the church, and she got banned for 12 years. Spoil sports!


12 November, 2008 - Overview: KTM 990 SMT Motorcycle
KTM 990 SMT motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM introduced a new category to the motorcycle community at EICMA 2008; a Touring version of the SuperMoto motorcycle.

Based on their powerful 990 engine, the SuperMoto receives more long distance riding equipment.

Here's a closer look.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic Motorcycle
Moto Guzzi V7 Cafe Classic
Moto Guzzi logo
Moto Guzzi keep churning out classic looking motorcycles. At EICMA 2008, no surprise, they released the latest variation for their popular twin, the V7 Cafe Classic.

A 70s look motorcycle, here are the specifications.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Vespa GTS 300 Super
Vespa GTS 3000 Super
Vespa logo
Vespa, part of the Piaggio group, showed off their new big displacement scooter at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle exhibition.

It's the biggest engine Vespa have ever made.

Here's a closer look at the stylish scooter.


11 November, 2008 - Overview: Derbi GPR 125 4T 4V Motorcycle
Derbi GPR 125 motorcycle
Derbi logo
Derbi showed at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle exhibition at Milan, their new GPR 125 4T 4V.

The 125 is based on their 125 MotoGP worldchampionship winning motorcycle. Here's a closer look...


10 November, 2008 - Overview: Ducati Streetfighter Motorcycle
Ducati Streetfighter
Ducati logo
A closer look at Ducati's new Streetfighter as presented at the EICMA 2008 motorcycle show in Milan, Italy.

One word springs to mind: Woooow!


10 November, 2008 - Overview: BMW F800R Motorcycle
BMW F800R motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW presented at EICMA 2008 the F800R naked motorcycle, part of their mid range motorcycles.

The naked roadster uses the popular BMW 800cc engine.

Here are the specifications and a closer look.


10 November, 2008 - Ducati Streetfighter Press Conference: The Movie
Video clip
Ducati logo
For this motorcycle exhibition, EICMA 2008, I decided to also use video.

So here I was making photos and videos, often at the same time. It's my first time, so please be gentle...

Presenting... The Ducati Streetfighter press conference....


7 November, 2008 - On My Way Back From EICMA 2008
Baby Carriage
Right... I'm on the way back from EICMA 2008 fully loaded with documents, DVDs, CDs, you name it.

I hope to arrive this afternoon and start reading all that stuff.


7 November, 2008 - Ducati Unveil Watches With Binda
Ducati/Binda watch
Ducati logo
Ducati have partnered with Binda to produce high tech and stylish watches to suit their motorcycles and their riders.

Two models are proposed.


7 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Summary
Personal Article
I'm back from Milan, and here's a summary of the Eicma motorcycle exhibition.



6 November, 2008 - The State Of The Roads, Even On Motorcycles
Hole in the roadf
Some roads should be ashamed to be called a "road".

Notably in my little village (where I am heading towards as you read this). Maybe it's tile politicians start taking note...


6 November, 2008 - Suzuki Green Goblin Motorcycle
Green Goblin Suzuki motorcycle
Someone took a perfectly working Suzuki GSX R-1000 motorcycle and transformed it into the Green Goblin.

Then he put it up for sale last year on eBay.

Not my kind of a bike...


6 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: 35 Girls And 0 Guys
The final reporting from EICMA, and as usual it's the girls of EICMA.

Here are 35 photos of girls, and for the first, no guys (sorry ladies).



6 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Odds And Ends Motorcycles
EICMA Motorcycles
Here are the final photos of motorcycles found at Milan's EICMA that would not fit in their own article.

The Odds & Ends of EICMA.


5 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: A Few Scooters
Here are some photos of scooters that caught my attention at EICMA 2008.

I don't know much about scoots, but these were special...



5 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: KTM 990 SMT Motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM presented the KTM 990 SMT motorcycle at EICMA 2008.

Here's a short view of the animal.


5 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Triumph Tiger SE Motorcycle
Triumph Tiger SE
Triumph logo
Triumph showed off their new Tiger SE, but had run out of press kits, so no additional information about their dual-purpose motorcycle.


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Aprilia Motorcycles
Aprilia logo
Aprilia's conference was impossible to get to, even after the event, the small stand was jammed with staff and dealers.

I managed to capture a photo of one VIP, and here's a special edition RSV...

More hopefully tomorrow....


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: BMW F800R Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW also presented their new F800R motorcycle at EICMA 2008. Their concept motorcycle took all the attention, but this R version of their popular F800 series ain't no slouch..

So here are a few photos of the F800R motorcycle.


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: Husqvarna SMQ 450 Concept
Husqvarna SMQ 450
Husqvarna logo
Husqvarna, amidst a throng of customers, dealers and staff, presented their concept motorcycle, the SMQ 450.

It does not look like any Husqvarna I know...


4 November, 2008 - EICMA 2008: BMW LO Rider
BMW LO Rider
BMW logo
Apart from BMW's new F800R, the more interesting unveiling was their new concept motorcycle, the LO Rider.

It's based on the 1200 boxer engine, and it looks funky, and I must say, sexy.


3 November, 2008 - Ahhh! Italy And Mobile Phones On Motorcycles
Mobile phone on a toy motorcycle
You know you're in Italy when....

Everyone uses mobile phones, even on motorcycles.


3 November, 2008 - Ducati Streetfighter Presentation
Ducati Streetfighter
Ducati logo
Finally, the Ducati Streetfighter lmotorcycle in the flesh.

Up close and personal.


3 November, 2008 - Arrived At EICMA 2008
EICMA 2008
Well, I've arrived at EICMA, and here are the first three photos.

The first one is from the metro/underground station ... totally transformed by Kawasaki....


2 November, 2008 - Official Photos Of The Ducati Streetfighter Leaked
Ducati StreetFighter S
Ducati logo
Despite favoritism given to the print media by manufacturers, one web site managed to get hold off official photos and specifications of the upcoming Ducati Streetfighter.

HellForLeather magazine published the first official photos despite, like all web sites, not receiving advance information. So here are the official photos.

Ducati and other manufacturers, please start treating us as normal media. Stop favoring print media and ignoring web media.



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