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30 November, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Ad - Date, It Is Different When
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Either Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ads are getting better, or I'm getting used to them, and have started liking them...

Here's a funny one, a bit sexist, but funny nevertheless.


30 November, 2009 - Japan: Motorcycle Exports At Record Low
The motorcycle sales and manufacturer statistics have been released from Japan, and things are not good. Not good at all.

Japan has taken enormous hits, and October 2009 is down 54.6% compared to last year...


30 November, 2009 - Cameron Diaz & Tom Cruise Ride A Ducati Motorcycle, Together
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz on a Ducati Motorcycle
A-list celebrities, Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise, were spotted together on a Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle while filming their latest movie "Knight & Day" in Spain.

Now, why is Cameron sitting as pillion, not as rider and Cruise as pillion??


27 November, 2009 - Movie Review: She-Devils On Wheels
Video clip
A review of the biker movie She-Devils on Wheels, a true B-slease motorcycle biker gang movie.

But this time the bad boys are girls! The Man-Eaters m/c is sooo bad, they even take away an ice-cream from a little girl, that's how bad they are!


27 November, 2009 - India: Tags To Show Fuel Efficiency and Pollution
In India, all vehicles (cars, trucks and motorcycles) will need to display a tag that shows their fuel efficiency.

The law is supposed to combat CO2 pollution, but I wonder how they want to achieve this?


27 November, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 29 November 2009
Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle related articles I've been reading on the web over the last few days:

- Post 258- KTM Adventure 990
- Ultimate 125 cc Motorcycle Shootout
- How To Make Any Pair Of Gloves Work With A Touchscreen


27 November, 2009 - Europe: 27% Decline In Motorcycles Sales In 1 Year
ACEM logo
ACEM report sales/revenue figures for the motorcycle and scooter industry in Europe for the period SEP2008 to SEP2009; a drop of 27%!!!

By year end, Europe will have reached sales figures recorded 16 years ago... a drop of 25%!


26 November, 2009 - What Is Cardo Up To? A New Bluetooth Helmet Attachment?
Cardo Systems Bluetooth helmet neckpad
Cardo logo
Cardo are up to something. They have filed a patent for a motorcycle helmet neckpad Bluetooth communicator.

All the electronics are to be stored in the neckpad, so you'll not see anything on the helmet.

Question is... is this for all helmets, or just for their partnership with Schuberth?


26 November, 2009 - 1st President Of Europe Rides Motorcycles
The newly appointed president of Europe rides motorcycles!

Now isn't that good news....though he wanted a BMW but got a Vespa...


26 November, 2009 - Hells Angels In The Thanksgiving Spirit
Looks like even the famous Hells Angels are into the Thanksgiving spirit.


26 November, 2009 - USA: Happy Motorcycling Turkey Day
Motorcycle on Turkey
Enjoy a great Thanksgiving, and have a turkey for me...


25 November, 2009 - Riding Motorcycles Is Easy - Even A Bear Can Do It
Bear riding a motorcycle
Who said that riding a motorcycle is difficult, and you need skills and training?

Not this bear.... and he's ATGATT..


25 November, 2009 - Kenan Sofuoğlu, ex World Supersport Champ Refuses Sponsor Money
Kenan Sofuoğlu
Kenan Sofuoğlu, the former world champion SuperSport motorcycle racing (2007), and only ever Turkish champ, refused won he was due because of his title, because it came from gambling.

Islam law forbids gambling, so the 480,000 US$ is going to charity.

Nice to see principles amongst champions.


25 November, 2009 - Dakar 2010: The Map
Dakar 2010 Route map
Dakar 2010 logo
The 2010 edition of the Dakar has been published, and here are some interesting statistics about the race.

A lot of the famous motorcycle riders are present, and even a lot of KTM motorcycles.


25 November, 2009 - USA: Ducati Gift Site Ready For Christmas
Ducati Gift Shop On-line
Ducati logo
Ducati have teamed up with one of their main dealers in the USA, Pro Italia, and created an on-line gift shop, ready for the Christmas season.

If you need anything for your motorcycle, or for you, or for someone else, this is a good place to buy stuff for Christmas.


24 November, 2009 - Snow Motorcycle Sled - Fun
Motorcycle style snow sled
Motorcycle style snow sled
A Google patent search reveals a nice new toy coming up for the long snowy winter months... a motorcycle style snow sled.

It's got handlebars, a fuel-style gas tank and your feet are positioned towards the front, cruiser style.

It looks like fun.... any ape hangers out there?


24 November, 2009 - Belgium: Almost No Booze For Motorcycle Riders
Alcoholic motorcycle
The politicians in Belgium are going to really lower the maximum alcohol allowed for young drivers (less than 2 years license).

But they're going a step further.... professional drivers of trucks and buses, police .... and .... all motorcycle riders will have the same booze limit imposed on them.

Even if studies & statistics show that motorcyclists as a group are far less likely to drink & drive, the motorcycle work still gets singled out.


24 November, 2009 - Video: Everyone Loves A Vespa, Even Harley Riders
Video clip
Vespa logo
Nice TV ad for Vespa scooters.... using Harley-Davidson motorcycles....

Brass balls for the producer of the ad...


23 November, 2009 - UK: Lead Motorcyclist In Group Gets Stiffer Speeding Fine
Motorcycle Group
A dangerous court ruling in the UK, decided that the lead rider in a motorcycle group (of three) was fined for the excessive speed of one of the group.

The court deemed that the leader has to ensure that all follow the speed limit.

How crazy is that?


23 November, 2009 - France: New Regional Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Motorcycle Safety Poster
Motorcycle Safety Poster
The state ("departement") of France called Haute-Garonne has started its own motorcycle safety campaign after the death rate on the roads for motorcycles and scooters increased.

Now, 1 out of 3 death are motorcycles and scooters.


23 November, 2009 - France: Motorcycles Running Out Of Gas
Extra fuel on motorcycle
More and more gas stations have converted to the ecological fuel E10, but apart from 3 motorcycle manufacturers, most motorcycles can not run the ethanol additives fuel. E10, according to many experts, is NOT ecological, and growing products for E10 means growing less fuel.

So now many motorcycles are stranded, since they've run out of fuel, and there's no gas station with proper 95 RON fuel.


20 November, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 20 November 2009
Web Article
A look at some of the motorcycle articles I've been reading which might interest you

- When Good Icons Go Bad Why Harley Will Struggle In The Future
- Portable Motorcycle Storage
- Safety Reflective Orange Vest | Amanet Fluorescent Scotchlite Velcro


20 November, 2009 - Movie Review: The Rebel Rousers
The Rebel Rousers DVD cover
Video clip
A review of the DVD movie "The Rebel Rousers", starring Jack Nicholson before he became famous.

It's probably one of the worst movies I've seen, so bad, that I actually enjoyed it. But, if not nonexistent, script, bad acting, useless sound, worse-then-TV-picture-quality, old crappy motorcycles, you name it... everything to make a perfect biker movie.


20 November, 2009 - The Pope And A White Motorcycle Helmet
Freedom Caravan White Helmet
The Pope has been given a white motorcycle helmet by the group of motorcycle riders calling themselves the "Freedom Caravan".

The biker group are promoting the release of some 3,000 hostages in Colombia, Gaza and Mexico.

They asked the Pope to mediate for the release, so far the pontiff has agreed to pray for the release.


19 November, 2009 - Motorcycle Sidecar - Extreme Decorations
Motorcycel sidecar with lots of lights and horns
You'd think this motorcycle sidecar is a bit over the top...??? Poor battery when all the lights are on and the horns are blown..


19 November, 2009 - Suzuki India Doubles Motorcycle Production Capacity
Suzuki Factory India
Suzuki logo
Suzuki India have announced that they are doubling their motorcycle and scooter production capacity. End of the year, will see 300,000 units made yearly.

By March, they will reach 25,000 units per month. Not bad.

Looks like they are getting the reverse effect of the economic downturn.


19 November, 2009 - What Is It Going To Be? Hard or Soft?
Snowed under motorcycle
Is the winter going to be mild, or extreme?

I don't think you can tell anymore from historical data. Some places used to be really cold (like over here), but now are warm. Global warming in action?


18 November, 2009 - Hefei China Bans All Motorcycles
Hefei in China has decided to ban all motorcycle in order to fight pollution.

Wouldn't it be smarter to ban cars?? Or is there more money in cars?


18 November, 2009 - UK: Motorcycle Rider Scares The Living Sh*t Out Of Horses
Horse and motorcycles
A motorcycle rider, presumed to be a Harley-Davidson, scared two horses, one which went off on a gallop after he revved his engine.

He then followed his horse, causing it to panic, falling, and injuring the horse rider....



18 November, 2009 - I Wonder Why This Invention Failed?
Looking through Google's Patent Search can be done via the latest patents first, or, just for fun, the oldest first.

Going back to 1916, you see all sorts of funny inventions for motorcycles. Just have a look at this patent application for twin seats on a motorcycle. Not what you'd expect.


18 November, 2009 - Video: Fake, But Nice Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a fake, but nicely done Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad.

It's part of a school project, but nicer than some of the real Harley ads.


17 November, 2009 - The Launching Of The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle
Ducati Multistrada 1200 Launch
Ducati logo
This is what goes on at a major new motorcycle launch...

... the launch of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycle as seen by me...


17 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: And Finally - The Girls of EICMA
Here is the last article on EICMA 2009, the Girls of Eicma.

Maybe there were less motorcycles, but there sure were a lot of pretty and sexy girls. Here are 45 ladies in 78 photos to enjoy.


17 November, 2009 - The Netherlands: No Road Tax, Motorcycles Exempt, Less Cars on The Road
The Dutch are going to tax cars on a pay-as-you-drive system, i.e., per kilometer. No more road tax or sales tax on cars. Initially €0.03 per kilometer, then €0.07 per kilometer.

Motorcycles will not be required to pay these taxes, so many people will start flocking to motorcycles. More fatalities are foreseen.


16 November, 2009 - Ernst Baltisberger - My Man!
91 year old Ernst Baltisberger, in Switzerland, goes off riding on his home made motorcycle!

What a guy!


16 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Electric Motorcycles
A look at some of the electric motorcycles and scooters that caught my attention at EICMA.

More and more were presented, even by mainstream manufacturers.


16 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Odds & Ends
Here are some of the more odd motorcycle I saw at EICMA, or just bikes that I didn't have enough info on for a separate article.

You'll see the GG Taurus, Moto Guzzi V12X, BMW F800GS Touratech and the CR&S DUU.


13 November, 2009 - Coming Back From My Secret Location
I should be heading back from my assignment by now, from a "secret" location.....

If things are working out the way I planned, I should be back in the office by Sunday...


13 November, 2009 - Interesting 4-Wheeled Motorcycle
What a strange and wonderful motorcycle. It looks like it's still in finishing mode, but it has four wheels, though it's not a quad, and the wheels move independently.

Anyone have any info on this beast?


13 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: The Girls - A Teaser
EICMA logo
Still on the road, but here's a teaser (hehe) for next week's special on the girls of EICMA 2009.


12 November, 2009 - New To Big Motorcycles - Get Training Wheels
If you're new to big motorcycles, better get some training wheels...

Don't you think?


12 November, 2009 - Off On Assignment
I'm off to do my magazine assignment.

The roads are really bad here.... 2 days of work, and I'll head back...


12 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Romet 249 Division - Polish Motorcycle
Here's something I've learned at EICMA 2009; Poland has an active, and old, motorcycle manufacturer.

The company is called Romet, and they were presenting several motorcycles, including this 249 Division.


12 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Swaygo Axio - Electric Quad?
I don't know if the manufacturers see this as a quad, but it does to me.

It goes 100 kph, range 120 kms, and it's electric with independent wheels controlled by a CPU.


11 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Hyosung Electric Scooter GEM 4.0 and 2.0
Hyosung logo
Hyosung showed other prototypes of electric scooters, the GEM 4.0 and the GEM 2.0.

Both look nice, but they remain prototypes. Maybe when the reach the 4.5 and 2.7 version will they go live....


11 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: KTM 350 and 125 Motorcycles
KTM logo
A closer look at two of KTM's newer motorcycle, the KTM 350 SF-X and the 125 Concept Stunt motorcycle.

Two gutsy moves..


10 November, 2009 - Death Of French Beach Motorcycle Racer, Timotei Potisek
Timotei Potisek
Timotei Potisek, a great French beach motorcycle racer has just died after a training accident on a beach. He was 25.

At the age of 25, he had already won several of the toughest beach races in Europe, including the crazy Le Touquet Enduropale.



10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: More On The Ducati/Italwin Electric Bike
Ducati logo
Here's a closer look at the Ducati electric bicycle produced by Italwin.

It looks good, even if it's a bicycle and not a Ducati motorcycle..


10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Ossa Trial Motorcycle
OSSA logo
Ossa, arisen from the dead, have unveiled their TR280i, a 280 cc, injection, trial motorcycle.

PS... they are looking for international distributors...


10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: KTM Special 990 Adventure Motorcycle
KTM logo
You've probably read all about the KTM new motorcycles, so I'm not going to bore you with those details... (I missed the press conference .. so sue me).

When I went to KTM to look for what was new, I did notice this beautifully customized KTM 990 Adventure motorcycle. It's ready for a polar adventure ride, including snow tires.


10 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: BMW Six Cylinder Concept Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW managed to spring a surprise with a new concept motorcycle, called Concept 6.

The Six stands for 6 cylinders, meaning the new engine has 6 cylinders, with a very high torque at low revs and highly fuel efficient.


9 November, 2009 - Woow - A Mobile Motorcycle Jump Ramp
What will they invent next? Look at this, a mobile motorcycle jump ramp...

Jump your motorcycle anywhere... just ride the ramp where you want, and off you go...


9 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Other Ducati News
Ducati Corse Logo
Ducati logo
Apart from the incredible Multistrada 1200, Ducati did manage to unveil a few others things, to start with the Ducati Corse logo.

1198, Hypermotard and Monster all got updated.


9 November, 2009 - EICMA2009: Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle - OMG!
Ducati logo
The unveiling of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 was a bit of a downer, since the leaking of the photos a few days before, but... it's still a beautiful motorcycle up close and personal.. ie. live.


9 November, 2009 - First Ever Electric Ducati Motorcycle At EICMA
Ducati logo
An electric Ducati motorcycle will be unveiled on Tuesday at EICMA. Honest!

The Ducati Cucciolo, named after one of the 1st Ducati motorcycles ever built, will in fact be built by Italwin.

.. and it's not even a real motorcycle, but a pedal-powered electrically assisted bicycle. But it will have the Ducati name...

More on Tuesday.


9 November, 2009 - Arrived At EICMA 2009
EICMA logo
Well, I've arrived at EICMA, but as usual, things are not going the way they should, courtesy Italian (mis-)organization.


8 November, 2009 - Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle Official Photos Leaked
Ducati logo
The official Ducati Multistrada 1200 photos have been leaked before the official unveiling on Monday.

Here they are, plus an "old" version of the 1100MTS so you can compare visually.


6 November, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 06 November 2009
Web Article
Here's the week's crop of motorcycle stories found on the internet that might interest you:

- Motorcycle Wheel Alignment
- Airhawk Cruiser Seat Cushion Black Medium Waterproof Air Cell
- Motorcycle Maintenance Tips Oil
- Is There A Bad Driving Gene - And Does It Have Motorcycling Rider Ed Implications
- Motorcycle Dream Garages


6 November, 2009 - Bringing Your Animal With You On Your Motorcycle
Cow on motorcycle
This is a problem we all face, right? How to bring your cow with you on your motorcycle....


6 November, 2009 - On My Way To EICMA 2009
I'm on my way to EICMA in Milan. Reporting from the show starts on Monday afternoon.

I've just got a last-minute assignment from a magazine, which takes me away from my PC and home for the following days, so I only get back in my office on the next Monday, with very little time to keep you amused while I'm gone.... sorry.


5 November, 2009 - BMW R7 Motorcycle From 1934 - A Beauty Even Now
One of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built by BMW, the R7 from 1934.

Styling, design and innovation.

They don't make them like that anymore..


5 November, 2009 - KTM: Girl’s Handbag
KTM logo
KTM not only have macho equipment for us motorcycle riders, but also more feminine stuff.

One of these merchandising items is the Deville Girls Purse, a made-by-Ogio handbag for the ladies, that would not look out of place at the Oscars.


5 November, 2009 - One Way To Make Sure No One Steals Your Scooter
If you want to make sure nobody makes off with your motorcycle or scooter, do what this owner did...

Put it in fresh concrete... no one can move it ... including yourself...


5 November, 2009 - BMW Updates Their R1200RT Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW announced the updates for 2010 for their R1200RT motorcycle. Apart from one or two new things, nothing that's earth shattering.

See for yourself.


5 November, 2009 - BMW Updates R1200GS Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW have updated their R1200GS (and Adventure) motorcycle for 2010. Not revolutionary, but evolutionary.


4 November, 2009 - Movie Review: Hell Ride
Video clip
A review of the motorcycle movie Hell Ride from Quentin Tarantino.

In short, it's Kill Bill on wheels, or Sons of Anarchy on steroids. Motorcycles, blood, sex, blood, drugs, blood, booze, blood, sex, riding, blood, violence, sex, and lots of blood.

Great movie though...


4 November, 2009 - Motorcycles and Duct Tape
A designer/artist has come up with a way to marry Duct tape with LEDs. This opens up a host of ways of "lighting" and fixing your motorcycle at the same time.

Endless possibilities... Will motorcycles ever be the same?


4 November, 2009 - Polo Garat: Motorcyclist and Photographer
Here's a nice photo by commercial photographer Polo Garat, photographer and passionate motorcycle rider.

He makes some really pretty ^photos. Too bad most of them are not about motorcycles.


3 November, 2009 - Quick Update On Tiffany Coates Motorcycle Travels
Tiffany in Mongolia after 12,000 miles
Tiffany Coates has reached Outer-Mongolia on her old BMW motorcycle, stayed a few weeks, and then headed back for the UK via Siberia.

But along the way, she made a navigation error, and ended up in Japan. Now she's trying to figure out which way to come back, East or West?

Don't you love the adventure spirit?

UPDATE: Tiff is heading to Los Angeles, USA, and from there to the UK.


3 November, 2009 - Verdandi Motorcycle: Concept Motorcycle For Women
Video clip
Swedish student at Chalmers University in Sweden have designed a motorcycle for women.

The concept model has been designed low, ergonomic, safe and easy to ride for women.

Here's a video of the motorcycle.


3 November, 2009 - Ducati Motorcycles and Microsoft Windows 7
Ducati logo
Ducati is one of three companies officially represented in the new Microsoft Windows 7 Operating System.

You can select many backgrounds, with different Ducati motorcycles. The other companies are Coca-Cola and Ferrari.

No Harley ???


3 November, 2009 - BMW Motorcycles Sales In A Slump
BMW logo
BMW motorcycles aren't doing that good at this moment. 3Q2009 saw a 8.4% drop in motorcycles sales, the 9 months saw a drop of 13.7% and revenue has taken a sharp hit as well.



3 November, 2009 - Video: Australia Motorcycle Safety - Road Is No Place To Race
Video clip
A very good Australian motorcycle safety TV ad, warning people that racing on public roads is not so smart. They use some good images to make you think.

No blood, gore or shock effects, just plain good old fashion logic.


2 November, 2009 - Recycled Vespa Chair
Bel & Bel Vespa-Chair
Bel & Bel Vespa-Chair
A Spanish design company has come up with these really nice and cool office chairs. They are recycled Vespa scooters, and they look the part.

Best of all, they look comfortable. Not idea if they can be bought though, but it's a great idea.


2 November, 2009 - Closer Look At Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle, Real Close
Here's a photo rendering I've done on the images coming from the teaser video clip that was released last week by Ducati on their new Multistrada 1200 motorcycle.

Don't get your hopes up, it's not going to show the whole motorcycle, but it does show a bit more by putting more light on the dark spots.



2 November, 2009 - India: Motorcycle Sales At Record Highs
Statistics Article
Sales of motorcycles in India are doing very well, in fact, they are doing excellent.

Bajaj, amongst others, announced an increase of 51% of their motorcycle sales in October over last year October.

But how will the big boys & girls from abroad do in India? Ducati's prices will be incredibly high. You are going to be paying US$38,500 for a Streetfighter... God only knows how much people will have to pay for a Harley motorcycle.



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