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30 November, 2011 - Seeing What Is Behind You On A Motorcycle
We all know by know that motorcycle mirrors don't show the whole picture. How many pucker moments have we had when overtaking, to find out that some crazed cager has crept up behind us?

Here's a product that might help your safety, and it's not a machine gun. A centrally mounted mirror with 180° visibility. It's called Riderscan.


30 November, 2011 - On My Way Back, Guess What I Picked Up?
Carrying a donkey on a motorcycle
If everything went according to plans, I should be heading back to the office from Paris, after the Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2011.

As usual, you get loaded down with press packs from any self-respecting motorcycle manufacturer, so I guess I should be something like this:


30 November, 2011 - The Paris Motorcycles and Scooters Exhibition 2011
Paris Motorcycle Expo 2011
Le Salon de la Moto logo
The French motorcycle exhibition, the "Le Salon de la Moto" opened its doors after 4 years absence. What used to be called the "Mondial", and what was a real international motorcycle show, has turned into a small provincial exhibition.

Apart from a few minor new things, the show was lackluster. Placing it after Eicma makes it even look worse.

Here's a few photos I took, after a big struggle to be let in.


29 November, 2011 - Ads: Yamaha Motorcycle Helmets - Oxi-Sanitation
Yamaha Oxi Sanitation Helmet
Yamaha logo
Yamaha not only make motorcycles, but they also sell helmets. And as we know, circulating air in our helmets is important, since it minimizes fog, and brings in fresh, cool, air.

But helmets are also bacteria traps, especially when you're sick. Yamaha Brazil are advertising their helmets with Oxi-Sanitation, meaning the helmets are aired properly and should be bacteria free.

Here are three of their ads, by the FAM Agency from Brazil.


29 November, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Moped Apehanger
Moped Apehanger
I can't imagine anyone making this on purpose. I rather assume it's a college prank gone too far. Why would anyone transform a motorcycle, let alone a moped, into this....

Just look at it.... see the wicker basket???


29 November, 2011 - Vietnam: Using Fishnets To Stop Motorcycles
Fishnets stop speeding motorcycles
Interesting, but very dangerous, way of stopping speeding motorcycle in Vietnam....

...Throw a fishnet over the rear tire!!!

I prefer the solution in the photo..


28 November, 2011 - 32 Photos Of John Deere Motorcycles
John Deere BMW Motorcycle
John Deere logo
The John Deere colors are probably one of the most recognizable colors in the world. John Deere agricultural equipment can be found in any part of the globe, so the green and yellow is something many people immediately identify as John Deere.

So it's no surprise that many motorcycle owners customize their bike in John Deere's colors. We've showed a few customized motorcycles in John Deere colors in the past, but here's a much bigger list, 32 photos (some are of the same motorcycle).

It's not only Harley-Davidson, but BMW, Yamaha, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, Boss Hoss and even a diesel motorcycle that are "victim" of the John Deere craze.


28 November, 2011 - On My Way To The Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2011
Self made motorcycle SUV
Le Salon de la Moto logo
I'm on the way to the Paris motorcycle exhibition, the "Le Salon de la Moto" 2011.

They've been not active for four years, thanks to the financial crisis, but now are back with a vengeance.

Hopefully, there'll be some new motorcycles, but I doubt it..


28 November, 2011 - Bernie Ecclestone On A Ducati Motorcycle
Bernie Ecclestone On A Ducati Motorcycle.JPG
Looks like the Formula One Supreme Leader, Bernie Ecclestone, would rather be on a Ducati motorcycle than in one of his boring F1 cars....

....and I can't blame him.


25 November, 2011 - UK: AA Orders Many More Honda Motorcycles
AA Honda Pan European UK
AA logo
The British Automobile Association, the AA, is very happy with Honda. After having used Honda Silverwing 600 scooters and Honda 700 Deauville motorcycle sin the big cities, they've now purchased 50 Honda Pan European motorcycles.

The motorcycles are used in the big cities to rescue stranded cars, since repairs cars take too long to reach their destination.


25 November, 2011 - Video: Hemorrhoids? Sperti Helps On A Motorcycle
Video clip
Some PR agencies are more creative than others. The KOEN agency in The Netherlands wanted to show a good case of what hemorrhoids can do, so they hired some poor blokes to ride down Amsterdam on their motorcycle.

They were told to ride standing up, and on the back was a big sign, saying "Hemorrhoids? You don't want to sit with that. Sperti Helps".

Funny, unless you're the motorcycle rider....


25 November, 2011 - Colombia: More Bikers Against Kidnapping
Colombia Anti Kidnapping Protest Bikers.JPG
Last week we already showed you the motorcycles against kidnapping in Colombia, but here's another photo of a biker with a banner saying "No more FARC".


24 November, 2011 - New Max Social Media Motorcycle Helmets
New Max Social Network Helmet
New Max logo
I guess social media is all the rage with people and companies, but using them for motorcycle helmets seems a bit strange to me. Italian motorcycle & scooter manufacturer New Max has released a helmet called "Max The Social Network Helmet".

The helmet has Facebook decals splattered over it, but what sets it apart from other plain vanilla helmets is that the back of the helmet is a blank white area. The area has been treated, and can be used to write on with a magic marker.


24 November, 2011 - Happy Thanksgiving Day 2011
thanksgiving Day Turkey
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you all. Eat, relax and be prepared for Black Friday.

In fact, this is going to be the first time ever that I have a Thanksgiving Day dinner. Some American friends are coming over Saturday, and one flew in from the US with a turkey. So we'll be 12 eating and stuffing our faces with a real American Thanksgiving Day turkey, and we're even having pumpkin-pie for dessert.


24 November, 2011 - Egypt: Motorcycles Back As Ambulances
Tahrir Square  Motorcycle Ambulance
Looks like things have flared up again in Cairo, Egypt, and motorcycles are pressed into service as ambulances.

It's tough out there, so hang in boys & girls. Keep it up, you know you'll win. Eventually, the military will give in.


23 November, 2011 - Video: Old Spice and Motorcycles
Video clip
Old Spice, the perfume for men, have a TV commercial out with a motorcycle. At least, they don't diss motorcycles, in fact, they saying that when you use Old Spice, you become a better looking (and better smelling) biker...

Life is beautiful.... corny but well done.


23 November, 2011 - WTF of the Week: Motorcycle Riding Tent
Video clip
Chinese Tent For On The Motorcycle
You've got to see this to believe it. It's no longer the WTF of the Week, but of the Century:

It's difficult to explain what it is, but in short, it's a tent for motorcycle used for riding, not camping. It's clamped onto the motorcycle or scooter (thank you for not having any accidents), there's place for two, and it serves as toilet for on the road.

Here's the video.... you got to see it to believe it...


23 November, 2011 - New York: Police Throw Scooters At OWS Protesters
New York Police Scooter Against OWS
Over the last few weeks, I've lost all respect I had for the boys in blue in New York.

Between failing to handle the OWS protests properly (a bit like what's happening in Egypt now), and the way they deal with motorcycles, it's no wonder they are as unpopular as ever before.


22 November, 2011 - Video: Volkswagen - Easy Rider
Video clip
Volkswagen logo
It's strange that for a company like Volkswagen, that has as CEO a true-blooded biker, that many of their TV commercials make fun of the motorcycle riding public...

Here's one such TV advertisement from Volkswagen South Africa. It really makes fun of bikers, but I have to say, I got several giggles out of it. Funny.

The ad is for the Volkswagen Jetta.


22 November, 2011 - Intermot 2012 Dates Released
Intermot logo
World's second largest motorcycle exhibition (after EICMA), Cologne, Germany based Intermot has released the dates for the next show:

Intermot 2012 will be held 3 to 7 October 2012. Good idea for a holiday...


22 November, 2011 - Motorcycle Exhibition Tickets: Brazilian Style
Brazil motorcycle fair invite tattoo
What a great idea those Brazilian people had. Instead of sending paper tickets to people attending a local motorcycle exhibition, they sent a self-adhesive, nonpermanent, motorcycle tattoo.

The tattoo is really a bar code, which can get scanned at the gate. So you "wear" your entrance ticket. Very nice idea.


21 November, 2011 - Dakar 2012 and Porn0
Dakar 2012 Hugo Paven Dorcel
Dakar logo
Racing your motorcycle in the Dakar rally is expensive, and professionals but also amateurs, get sponsors to help them out financially.

But French motorcycle racers has found a very special sponsor; Marc Dorcel is a large French porno group, and they are sponsoring Hugo Paven for the 2nd year.

Lucky guy! Racing in the Dakar (for the 5th time), having a sponsor pay for everything, AND it's a porn0 shop...


21 November, 2011 - France: 1 Biker Tries To Get Rid Of Crash Barrier Guillotines
Crash Barrier Guillotine Abolition
Video clip
One biker here in France is trying hard to get the government to do something about the deadly crash barriers. His name is Mehdiator, and he's produced photos and 14 videos explaining why they are so deadly.

When you fall off your motorcycle and you slide towards a crash barrier, you stand a very big chance of losing your head and limbs. The government knows this, but the adding of an extra barrier at the bottom costs money, and they don't really want to spend it on bikers.


21 November, 2011 - New York: Judge Approves Discrimination Against Motorcycles
New York Police Scooter Runs Over Guy
A judge has decreed that the New York police are allowed to discriminate against motorcycle riders.

It's in our own interest! And then they wonder why judges, politicians and cops are so unpopular.

Time for judges and cops to get their collective heads out of each other's asses.


18 November, 2011 - Video: Ducati Motorcycles and Tudor Watches
Video clip
Tudor logo
Interesting TV commercial that for a first is showing a Ducati motorcycle during regular evening programming here on French TV. Before, some Ducati ads were shown during special motorcycle programs, like the MotoGP, but this one runs during normal programs...

... but then, it's for Tudor watches.


18 November, 2011 - What To Do When Your Motorcycle Breaks Down
Motorcycle With Spare Motorcycle
One biker who understands that your motorcycle can run into problems, and so will you.

A spare motorcycle for the main motorcycle. That is anticipating...


18 November, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 18 November 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some of the more interesting motorcycle related articles I've found on the internet in the last few days that you may have missed.

- Biking The Mediterranean (Jeanie Davison)
- The Five Most Common Beginner Mistakes In Motorcycling (About Motorcycles)
- Motorcycle Maintenance 101 (Rum Bum)
- How a Bike Becomes Everything From Nothing (Bike Advice)
- Staying alive at 55 ain't easy (IOL Motoring)


17 November, 2011 - Colombia: Bikers Against Kidnapping
Colombia Bikers Against Kidnapping
We motorcycle riders are up for anything, especially protests.

We'll protest against causes that directly influence our motorcycle riding lives, but we'll also protest against other worthy reasons, like cancer, toys for kids, and now we'll even protest against kidnappings.


17 November, 2011 - Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts Fined For Riding With No Helmet
Larry Crowne Poster
You have to wonder how some politicians and authorities use their grey matter....

After making the recent movie "Larry Crowne", the producers released a poster and movie cover of the two main stars, Tom Hanks and Julie Roberts, riding a scooter without a helmet. If they would have put on helmets, you would have had problems recognizing the stars, so it makes sense.

The movie was shot in Spain, and guess what? There's a law against publishing photos of people riding without a helmet. Bammmm.... US$40,000 fine!


17 November, 2011 - WTF Of The Week: Motorcycle Face Covers
Biker Face Cover
There are some seriously strange motorcycle products out there, and some are really f*cked up.

Here's one: metal face covers, supposedly to protect your face from bugs at 60 mph! ... but then, why not use a visor?


16 November, 2011 - I Know That Motorcycles Have Become Really Fast, But This?
Flying Kawasaki Motorcycle
It looks like the motorcycle manufacturers are doing a one-upmanship on power and speed for their sportsmotorcycles. Ever year, they become more powerful, and faster.

Is this Kawasaki's model for 2015?


16 November, 2011 - France: Moped Caught Speeding On Motorway - 142 kph
Dominique Nancy on his moped
How can one take speed tickets serious here in France (and other countries) when they make a lot of mistakes. Speeding tractors, parked cars, and now a moped doing 141 kph on the motorway in France.

The vintage moped, a Peugeot 102, is on a good day, with a strong tailwind and downhill, capable of doing a fantastic top speed of 50 kph!

On top of that, the moped doesn't even have a license plate, so how could the cops send him a ticket?


16 November, 2011 - Brazil: Police Confiscate and Crush Motorcycles - Drug War
Brazil Impounded Motorcycles In Drug War
Brazil Impounded Motorcycles In Drug War
The Brazilian police have declared a war on the crime syndicates in Rio de Janeiro (before the World Soccer Cup and the 2016 Olympics).

They did this by crushing motorcycles with their tanks,and those that escaped the crushing, were confiscated.


15 November, 2011 - Korea: Motorcycle Cop Helps Guy To Get To Exams In Time
Korean Police Motorcycle To Exams
Now that is being helpful. Police is not only there to make lives miserable, in this case a motorcycle cop is being very helpful to a guy who really needs to do his exams.

Nice to see this happening.


15 November, 2011 - Video: Lambretta Ad - Anti Vespa
Video clip
Lambretta logo
Hehe... a funny anti-Vespa scooter commercial from Lambretta. It's Italian, from the Life, Longari & Loman PR agency in Italy.

The advertisement squashes Vespa, literally.


15 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Wrap Up
Eicma 2011 Moto Guzzi Royal Hashemite Court
Eicma 2011 Victory Arlen Ness Vision Tour
This is the final article on Eicma, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. 500,00 visitors made it an enormous success.

Here's a photographic impression of the show, all the motorcycle that caught my eye.

See you next year...


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: And The Prize For The Worst Product..
Eicma 2011 Helmet Visor Wiper
Eicma is an incredible motorcycle exhibition, with 1000's of products on display. It's motorcycle porn to an extreme, and you could stay there for days and still not see all the products.

Many products are incredible, and would be great at home, but you'll also find some products that you go .. gulp... Here's one.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 1
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
The only reason we go to motorcycle exhibitions like Eicma is not to see the new motorcycles and scooters, or all the new equipment, but to see the demo dollies, the stand hostess and in general, all the pretty girls.....or at least, that's what a lot of people think.

Every year, the motorcycle exhibitions try to outdo each other with the prettiest and sexiest demonstration girls, and this year at Eicma was a bumper year.

There was one motorcycle manufacturer who realizes that woman are an important market, and as such had several "handsome" guys sitting on motorcycles, and the company is Honda. So for the ladies, I've included in part two, three photos of guys.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: 91 Pretty Girls and 3 Handsome Guys - Part 2
Girls of Eicma 2011
Girls of Eicma 2011
Here is the second part of the pretty & sexy girls of Eicma, and for the girls, the last three are guys. A total of 49 photos.

That's it for me for this year for the Eicma 2011 motorcycle exhibition. It's been a very tough one, lots of press conferences crammed into a too small time frame, not enough space to work and pretty bad management. But at least the pretty girls made up for it. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it... right?

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Eicma; next motorcycle exhibition is at the end of the month in Paris, France.


14 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Police Confiscate Motorcycles
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
Eicma Police Remove Piaggio Rip Offs
The Chinese manufacturers are known to rip-off copies of almost anything under the sun, and fake motorcycles are the norm there. But they are becoming more and more brazen about their rip-offs, so much so that they actually tried to market their fake Piaggio MP3 scooters at Eicma.

Piaggio pressed charges during the Eicma exhibition, and the police came and took away the fake models.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Demonstrating The MotoAirBag - The Video
Video clip
MotoAirBag logo
I showed you a photo earlier on how the folks at MotoAirBag demonstrated an airbag jacket for motorcycle riders. Quite an unconventional approach.

I returned to their stand, and asked for another demonstration, but this time I made a short video. They used a demo-girl from another stand as the unsuspected victim... poor girl.

Here's the video on how to demonstrate a motorcycle airbag jacket.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Marco Simoncelli Tribute
Eicma 2011 Simoncelli
Eicma had in very little time turned the world's largest motorcycle exhibition into a tribute to the late Marco Simoncelli. Everywhere you walked there were enormous posters hanging with SuperSic's face, and the words "Ciao SuperSic".

Nice touch, and good to see that they responded so fast.


11 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: The Electric Motorcycles
Eicma 2011 Electric Volta
Eicma 2011 Electric Zero
Every year at Eicma there are more and more electric motorcycles and scooter manufacturers.

This year so a lot of them, though many are cheap Asian bikes, there where however several players in the market.

Here's a round-up of the more interesting electric motorcycles and scooters.


10 November, 2011 - On My Way Back To Office - What Is It Going To Look Like?
Office full of paper
I should be heading back to the office at this moment, after a hectic EICMA motorcycle exhibition. Usually my already untidy office is going to be even more untidy.

I should be working over the next few days on more motorcycles I saw at EICMA, and will post them when they're done. Patience...


10 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Rumors
Eicma BMW Brammo
Eicma is where you see all the product announcement and launches. But if you pay attention to what's going on you can see other things that are not announced.

For example, is BMW looking at doing something with Brammo??

And is Piaggio and Royal Enfield looking at doing business in the nearby future.


10 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Hells Angels
Eicma 2011 Hells Angels
Hells Angels logo
It's the first time I see on such a big event a rather large stand used by the Hells Angels. Their Italian chapter was present at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition to show what they are.

They weren't looking for members, nor were they trying to sell something, it was just pure an information stand. Quite a lot of people were attending, trying to see what they did.


9 November, 2011 - Ducati: When Two Wheels Are Not Enough
Ducati Cucciolo 4 Wheels
Sometimes, 2 wheels just aren't enough..... (The photos is of Ducati's first motorcycle, the Ducati Cucciolo).


9 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: How To Demonstrate An Airbag Jacket
Airbag Jacket Demonstration
Here at Eicma, you see many manufacturers trying to sell their stuff. Motorcycles are easy to sell, but there's stuff out there that you need to push, and I really mean push...

One of the items that you need to convince people with a real demo, is the Airbag jacket. Usually what happens is that they put one on, and then pull the cord (if it's a wired jacket).

The jacket inflates in nano-seconds, and you've become the Michelin man. But this demonstrator went one step further.

Once he had pulled the cord that inflated the jacket, he took a baseball bat, and slammed it with all his force against the unsuspecting man's back. The man did not even flinch.... quite powerful for a demo. I jsut hope for the demonstrator's sake, someone doesn't take the bat away and hits him....


9 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: MV Agusta and the Museum
MV Agusta Eicma
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta, as we all know, is not only a super fast and sleek sportsmotorcycle, but a very good looking one; sexy, sleek and pretty. In fact, most MV Agusta motorcycles belong not only on a race track, but in a museum.

That's probably why the company decided to showcase their motorcycles in a museum style display at Eicma. You had to enter in one area, exit in the other. The halls are all pristine white, and all their motorcycles are displayed like works of art, works of art that they are. Indirect lighting, corridors, hushed talking; it all reminds you of a visit to a museum (if you ever do).

Here are some of the "works of art":


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: A Funny Thing Happened
Eicma 2011 Politics
Every year, Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy, opens Eicma (in fact, I've been told he owns the grounds). It's always a big thing, with 100's of operetta-dressed policemen walking around, drinking coffee, and watching the ladies.

This year, when I went to the press center, I saw 100's of journalists focused on one person. None of the photographers or TV people were from the motorcycle world, so they were political journos. I snapped this photos, and thought that in the middle, as usual, it's Berlusconi.

In the hotel, I just found out that he is resigning, and I guess this was a fact finding by some senior politician. The "normal" journalists were obviously waiting for the Prime Minister, and they were told that he is no longer coming.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: GasGas New Electric Trial Motorcycle, the TXT-e
GasGas TXT e
GasGas logo
GasGas, specialist of Trial motorcycles, was showing off their first electric Trial motorcycle, the TXT-e.

If ever there was a motorcycle sport that was suited for electric motorcycles, it's Trial. Here it is.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Ducati 1199 Panigale
Ducati Paginale
Ducati logo
Since I had decided to give the Ducati press conference a miss yesterday, I caught up with them at their stand and snapped a few photos.

Here's the megasportsbike, or the supersupersports bike, the Ducati 1199 Panigale motorcycle.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: KTM Presentation
KTM 2012 Launch
KTM logo
KTM, for their presentation, rolled out most of the Champions and Toby Moody (from Eurosport TV) to liven up the event.

The Duke 690, Freeride 350 and e-Freeride were presented.


8 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: BMW New Maxi-Scooters
BMW Maxi Scooter
BMW logo
BMW introduced with a big ceremony their two new maxi-scooters, the 600 Sport and the 650 GT.

Only thing missing to make it a real BMW, is heated seats...


7 November, 2011 - UK: Filling Up Motorcycle To Be More Difficult
There is a big drop in gas stations in the UK. It went from 21,000 to 8,500 in the whole country, which is not much.

We're seeing "fuel deserts", where you'll need to travel a long distance with your motorcycle to fill'er up.


7 November, 2011 - Broken Down On The Motorway? There’s An App For That
SOS AutoRoute
SOS AutoRoute
When your motorcycle stops working on a motorway, it can turn into a disaster. Imagine having to walk in a storm to the nearest emergency phone booth, usually placed miles apart. Trucks thundering past, wind and rain... not fun.

But there's an app to help you out. Available in both iPhone and Android version, press the button, and the emergency center immediately knows where you are, and will send a crew to help you out asap.

Nothing simpler..


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Zero Electric Motorcycle 2012 Improvements
Zero logo
I found a French leaflet in the press center at Eicma, full of new information on the changes coming to the Zero electric motorcycles.

Faster, further and better. Here's what it says...


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda Integra - The MoSco / ScoMo
Honda Integra
Honda logo
Here are the launch photos of the new ScoMo, or MoSco motorcycle/scooter that Honda has launched today at Eicma.

The real name is the Integra, and its a cross between a scooter and a motorcycle.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Kawasaki Versys 1000 Scope
Kawasaki logo
The "pirates" of the Dutch site Nieuwsmotor have been going through garbage cans, toilets and what else not, and found some interesting data of the new Kawasaki Versys 1000 which will be launched tomorrow.

Here's what you can expect.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Honda’s New NC700 Series Motorcycle
Honda NC700
Honda logo
Here's a quick view of Honda's presentation of their brand new NC700S and NC700X motorcycles, as shown at Eicma 2011.

The photos are a bit blue, but that's because they used blue filters... sorry.


7 November, 2011 - Eicma 2011: Not Going To Ducati
Ducati logo
Since the Ducati information got leaked this morning, and since the schedules are so tight, it's impossible to attend every conference, I'm planning to give Ducati a miss, and head directly to Honda.


6 November, 2011 - Following What Is Happening At Eicma 2011
Here are the several ways you can see what is being presented at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, Milan's EICMA.


4 November, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 3 November 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
While I'm plodding away towards Milan, here are some interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared recently that may interest you.

- Top 20 Fastest Street Bikes World (Sub 5 Zero)
- Does What Kind Of Bike You Ride Determine Your Safety? The Statistics Say Yes (Motorcycle Insurance)
- 12 Motorcycle Maintenance Sites To Bookmark (Motorcycle Insurance)
- How Motorcycle Accidents Happen – And How to Avoid Them (Bike Advice)


4 November, 2011 - Video: Off Road Skills Course with Charlie Boorman
Video clip
Off Road Skills logo
The (BMW) Off Road Skills (ORS) training is not only excellent, giving you a real training and confidence to ride off road, but it also has had its share of celebrities attending the course.

One of the celebs is Charley Boorman, who not only went to ride around the world (Long Way Round/Down) with his pal Ewan McGregor (who also attended the course), but also raced in the Dakar.

Charley went back to the ORS, and visited with the students, and participated in some of the training events. Here's the video. It gives you a good impression what the training is all about.


4 November, 2011 - Packed The Motorcycle For EICMA 2011 And On My Way
Packed and ready to go EICMA 2012
Right, it's that time of the year where I'm heading for the long journey to Milan, Italy to attend world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, EICMA.

The motorcycle exhibition starts Monday afternoon and goes on until Wednesday evening (for the press). Monday morning will have an article or two posted to keep you busy until the press conferences start. Tuesday and Wednesday will be pot's luck, in other words, whenever I have time to post something while running around from press conference to press conference.

In the 3 days, I usually shed several kilos of weight (15 kilo backpack loaded with cameras and computer gear), and some 40 kilometers of walking.


3 November, 2011 - Ad: Lenovo and Dirt Motorcycles
Video clip
Lenovo logo
Former IBM, now Lenovo are trying to show how tough their computers and pads are. To show it, they've mounted the ThinkPad on a dirt motorcycle with sidecar, and in the sidecar is their stuntman, who is playing a game while the motorcycle is riding through a dirt track.

And the game he's playing? ..... yep, a motocross game.


3 November, 2011 - The Netherlands: A Gasoline Promotion Not For Motorcycle Riders
Girls in lingerie with motorcycle
Shell in The Netherlands is doing a promotional activity that is going to exclude motorcycle riders:

Until January the first 150 daily customers get a prize. To win it you need:
1. Tank 25 liters
2. Wear pyjamas!

Well, that rules out bikers!


3 November, 2011 - Video: BMW’s New Maxi-Scooter Promotion - Ready For Eicma
Video clip
BMW logo
A very elaborate TV commercial just to announce that BMW will be showing their new maxi-scooter at the Eicma show next week in Milan, Italy.

This 50 second TV spot shows a little kids with a car and a motorcycle toy (both BMW, but what would you expect?). The funny thing is that they do not even show the shadow of the new BMW scooter, just the thought....


2 November, 2011 - What Can We Expect From Eicma 2012
This year seems to be a very busy year with new and revamped motorcycle models to be presented at world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, the Milan based EICMA.

Here's a list of newsworthy stuff we expect to be seeing. ... and it's a lot.


2 November, 2011 - Motorcycle Towed Away? Where Is It? There’s An App For That
iPhone App Paris Police
iPhone App Paris Police
The Parisian police have released an iPhone/Android/Mobile Windows application that allows you to find the closet police station, find lost objects and most importantly, find out if your motorcycle was towed away for illegal parking, where it is, and how much it'll cost to get it back.

Service with a smile...


2 November, 2011 - Ad: Hell’s Angels Are Pussies
Ad Essilor Hells Angels France
Now here's a print advertisement that will get attention, good or bad. The ad is for Essilor, a French optician/manufacturer, and the idea is to show that the glasses the poor guy is wearing is unbreakable.

Of course, his face and body aren't. I somehow don't think you'll see real people wearing such a t-shirt....


1 November, 2011 - Bank Holiday 20111101 - Went For A Motorcycle Ride
Went Riding
Today is a holiday, and decided to go for a motorcycle ride since it's a beautiful day, probably the last one this year, and next week is EICMA which is going to be very busy.

Back tomorrow...



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