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30 November, 2012 - Helmets: Customize Your NZI Helmet Anyway You Want
NZI Spyder Skull
NZI logo
This is a great idea. Many bikers would love to have a fully customized motorcycle helmet, but the cost of bringing your helmet to a specialized design shop who will airbrush your helmet is prohibitive. Spanish helmet maker NZI have come up with a very novel way of putting whatever your want on your helmet.

Called NZI 3D, all you need to do is a) select your helmet type (three types are available) and b) upload your photos or graphics. Their web site takes care of the rest...........

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30 November, 2012 - Video: Deodorant For Motorcycle Riders?
Video clip
India flag
OMG! How far will companies go to advertise their products using motorcycle? I mean, using a motorcycle sound for spraying yourself with Instinct deodorant....

Okay, you get to win a Ninja 250R motorcycle, but still....every press of the deodorant will result in a motorcycle revving up...


30 November, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 30 November 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
One more month before the world ends, so better catch up with the latest motorcycle articles you may have missed. Here's one week worth of articles that I've been reading.

- Are electric bikes the solution to Italy’s struggling motorcycle industry? (The Globe and Mail)
- Things Motogp Can Learn From F1 Part 1: The Business Symposium (Motomatters)
- A 99 Percenters View Of Eicma 2012 (Hell For Leather Magazine)
- Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycling Handbook Review (London Bikers)


29 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: Ducati and Baby Presents
Ducati Baby Pyjama
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Kids are fun, especially babies, since you can dress them anyway you want without them complaining. You may like motorcycles, but maybe they don't, but then, they don't have a say in the matter.

So here's a present for Christmas you can give your baby (or a baby from someone else) that will please you (I don't think the baby will care). It's a baby's pyjama from Ducati...........

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29 November, 2012 - Product Review: SENA SMH10 Bluetooth Communicator
Sena SMH10
SENA logo
A guest detailed product review by Jonas Granberg, a Swedish national, of the flagship SENA Bluetooth communicator, the SMH10.

The SENA SMH10 is billed as a total communication devices, using Bluetooth 3.0, and allowing you to conference in 3 or 4 other bikers in a group. Its voice commands, stereo music and ease of use should make it excellent for motorcycle riders worldwide.

But is it? Here is Jonas' detailed review. ..........

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29 November, 2012 - Video: Australian Safety Ad - The Party Is Over
Video clip
TAC logo
The Australian Traffic Accident Commission (TAC) of Victoria state is very active in the prevention of accidents and in general road safety. And like very year anywhere in the world, during the festive season, people drink and party. Drink a lot. And that leads to accidents.

TAC have put out a TV commercial addressing the drinking & diving during the silly season, and I have to say, it's very good. They've done it seriously, but with a good sense of humor by using wordplay...........

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28 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: Motorcycle For Chocolate Lovers
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Most people love chocolate. It's universal, anywhere in the world, offer chocolate, and you will be thanked (and not in the least by the dentists). Even scientists have agreed that chocolate, in moderation, is actually good for you (though they'll not prescribe it so that your insurance will reimburse you...). They keep you happy, at least, that's the theory.

So what better gift to give to a motorcycle owner than a massive chocolate in the shape of a motorcycle? It's milk chocolate, but dark and white chocolate can be made on request...........

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28 November, 2012 - Tires To Be Used For A Wedding - Avon Style
Avon Tires Wedding Ring
Avon logo
It's not unique, but still it's pretty. Making rings out of a tire profile just does it for me... I'm an incurable romantic.

It looks like Dan Whitehouse from the UK has the same thought. His love for motorcycles is only surpassed by his love for his girlfriend Sarah. For his upcoming wedding, Dan has commissioned a jeweller to make their wedding bands, shaped by the Avon tires threads of his Suzuki Bandit 1200.

For the wedding, Sarah told him that he was allowed to choose the transportation and the rings. So he's combined both; a motorcycle as transportation and rings shaped like his beloved tires...........

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28 November, 2012 - France: Hi-Viz Armband and Breathalyzers Law Suspended
Alcootel testing
France flag
Things always happen when governments change. One law made during the last government gets changed with the new one. And that is what happened here.

Two laws had been created by the previous conservative government, the mandatory wearing of 150 cm2 of high-visibility armband for motorcycle riders and the mandatory breathalyzer kit in your car or motorcycle. Both laws had been heavily criticized by associations and people alike. Even the European Commission intervened saying that the laws were illegal (see related below). And both laws have been suspended.

Here's what this is all about...........

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27 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: KTM Thinks Of Everything For Christmas
KTM christmas stocking
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Christmas often means loads of gifts, and if you're lucky, they'll be motorcycle related. But apart from putting gifts under the Christmas tree, usually smaller gifts fit nicely in holiday stockings.

So, here's an idea... get bigger stockings... meaning you'll be luckier to get bigger presents.. right?

KTM have a special holiday stocking ready to receive nice gifts. In the shape of an Alpinestar motocross boot, the stocking measures 44 x 30 cms...........

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27 November, 2012 - Ads: AKT Motos and Social Media - Fail
AKT Motorcycle Facebook House
AKT Motos logo
AKT Motos is a Colombian motorcycle manufacturer of what looks like Indian TVS motorcycles. They produce, probably more assemble, low displacement motorcycles for the Colombian market.

They've released two print advertisements which in IMHO fail to bring a message across. Both ads below show the two main social media symbols, Facebook and Twitter, and a blueprint inside the symbols.

The tag line says "Get Out There", so I'm presuming they mean to say that to let Facebook and Twitter go, and just get on your motorcycle or scooter, and ride. But it's not obvious, or maybe I just don't understand Colombian ads....


27 November, 2012 - Colombia: No More Male Motorcycle Pillions Allowed
Monkey Pillion
Colombia flag
Wow, talk about drastic measures. In Colombia apparently there's a lot of thieves working on motorcycles. Pillions rip handbags out of the hands of old ladies walking to church, and ride off in the sunset with the loot.

To stop the expanding crime, the 10 mayors of the Aburra Valley area have decided that starting November 30th, for a period of 2 months, no motorcycle is allowed to carry male pillions. According to statistics, 20% of thefts are done by motorcycle riders and 17% of homicides were also performed by armed pillions...........

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27 November, 2012 - France: Government Suspends Mandatory Armband
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
According to Moto Magazine (the printed magazine of the French Federation of Angry Bikers - FFMC), after many months of protests and lobbying, the Minister of Interior has suspended today the mandatory wearing of high visibility armbands, a law that was going to be in place starting January 1st 2013...........

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26 November, 2012 - Xmas2012: Start Of Christmas Motorcycle Gift Ideas For 2012
Christ on a motorcycle
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Over the last few years I've been giving you plenty of motorcycle related gift ideas to give (or receive). All sorts of gifts were looked at; useful, funny, idiotic and strange ones.

I know that it's a bit early, you just about finished all the leftover turkey, but I've received many emails from people who have asked to me start earlier in the season so that they have the time to order the gifts, so that's why I decided to start today. So over the next few weeks, you'll be seeing gift ideas appear over here.

The first gift was emailed to me, and is probably the most appropriate gift for Christmas - Jesus on a motorcycle!..........

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26 November, 2012 - Dakar2013: Scrutineering - The Movie
Video clip
Dakar logo
Well, movie is a big word. Maybe more a quick (8 minutes) overview video clip of the 2013 Dakar technical and administrative scrutineering. Thursday and Friday of last week (22/23 November) saw a big part of the famous Dakar race "land" in Le Havre, France. There, in between major oil refineries, oil trucks and heavy industries, in a big hanger, all European vehicles came together for a 2 day diesel fumes, drilling machines, loud exhausts and the smell of coffee feast.

Wherever you where in the scrutineering process, you can hear the thundering race & support trucks, the throaty roar of motorcycle engines and the sound of drillings and pneumatic machines beavering away at the 100s, if not 1000s, of vehicles. Thursday was the busiest day, but unfortunately I had another commitment, so I arrived early on Friday to capture some of the Dakar magic.

Below you'll find 4 photos and a video I took. The video was quickly made, and there's no narrative since none of the people present (racers) were English speaking. I would have loved to have an Englishman/woman talk us through the process... maybe next year. Anyway, you get to see what the scrutineering is all about...........

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26 November, 2012 - His and Hers Armchair Motorcycles
His Hers Armchair Motorcycles
What's the world coming to? Lazyboy motorcycles?

What will they think of next?


23 November, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 23 November 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Another week has flown by and we are now into the real start of winter, although it's still fall. Cold and wet over here. Let's hope you had a great shopping Black Friday. Here's some of the news I've read that might interest you.

- Wanting, Hoping, Praying Hayabusa (Asphalt And Rubber)
- Missing Hand Doesn Stop Motorcycling Passion (Ultimate Motorcycling)
- Motorcycle Quotations And Sayings (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


23 November, 2012 - Clover’s New Airbag Motorcycle Jacket
Clover Crossover Airbag
Clover logo
Italian motorcycle clothing company Clover have released an all-purpose all-season motorcycle jacket with an incorporated airbag. Called Crossover Airbag, the new jacket is made out of Duratek 7 and it's rain proof. To further protect you from water, inside there's a waterproof membrane.

The airbag in the Clover Crossover jacket can be optional, i.e., you can order it without an airbag. The airbag deploys in 0.08 seconds which is very fast, and it's fully integrated inside the jacket itself. According to the commercial blurb from Clover, it's the first true 3 layer jacket with a homologated airbag...........

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23 November, 2012 - France: French Federation of Angry Bikers Against Armbands
FFMC Protest Armband Statue
FFMC logo
Since the French government has decided that for our own interest and safety they want all motorcycle riders, including foreign registered ones, to wear a high visibility armband, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) has been strongly opposed. It's a moronic law which serves no one apart from maybe the manufacturers of the armband.

Apart from a couple of advertisements in the newspapers opposing the new law (which comes into effect January 1st, 2013), and a bunch of protest rides, the FFMC have been peppering pubic places with armbands.

Here are a few photos of statues and landmarks that have received the FFMC's "touch".


22 November, 2012 - Boy! Talk About Loud Pipes On A Motorcycle
Really Loud Motorcycle Pipes
These pipes must drive anyone crazy on a motorcycle.

Talk about loud pipes.....


22 November, 2012 - Video: 2 Harley-Davidson Ads Featuring Guitars
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are two TV commercials from Harley-Davidson featuring guitars. The first one, I presume is from the USA, features a guitar that "plays" motorcycle music, ie, engine noise. Clever, but not as good as the second one.

The second one is from South Korea (although it looks like they're playing at Stonehenge) and there they've used the sound of the motorcycle engine as part of the guitar music, using the engine as beat for the music. Nicely done.


22 November, 2012 - Switzerland: New Law - Speeding = Jail Time
Ski Speed
Switzerland flag
Already speeding in Switzerland, land of banks, cows and skiing, can be a very expensive affair. Speeding fines are allocated according to your income, so the more you earn, the higher the fine (the record is a guy in a Ferrari who was going 100 kph too fast, and had to pay €200,000). But it's not enough to make one of the safest countries in the world to ride in, even safer.

Starting on the 1st of January 2013 (if the world still exists), Switzerland will throw you in jail for speeding. The minimum jail time will be 1 year, the maximum 4 years.

You will be thrown in the slammer, whether you are in a car or on a motorcycle, for the following speeding offenses..........

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21 November, 2012 - Bagster: iPad Friendly Tankbag
Bagster Driver
Bagster logo
It was bound to happen with more and more folks buying tablets and wanting to use them while riding their motorcycles. A tablet, like the popular Apple iPad, when equipped with GSM you automatically get a great navigation device, since you have an onboard GPS. Instead of having a small screen telling you where to go, you now have a big screen.

But you can't really put a tablet device on your motorcycle's handlebar, it'll take up too much room. French based Bagster have a solution. A tankbag called RIDER has a tablet friendly flap on the top where you can store your iPad or Android based tablet. The 15 liter, extensible to 24 liters, tankbag is your choice if you want to carry and use your tablet while riding...........

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21 November, 2012 - Helmets: Shark - RAW
Shark RAW Helmet
Shark logo
Shark has released their new urban motorcyclist's helmet, a new helmet with an aggressive look and goggles. Called Raw, it looks like straight out of a Mad Max movie.

The inside of Shark Raw helmet is made out of natural fibers (bamboo to be precise), and there's plenty of ventilation thanks to air vents and diffusers.

The helmet uses special goggles, the goggle itself can be released very quickly. The visor of the goggle is anti-fog and anti-scratch. The inside has been designed so that bikers wearing prescription glasses have no problems putting the helmet on and riding with their glasses on under the goggle...........

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21 November, 2012 - Europe: 3 Motorcycle-Related Laws Coming Into Play
Europe flag
The European Parliament has passed three laws specific to the motorcycle world yesterday. They are all positive, but with some negative news.

The three laws are on the following topics:

1. 100+ (74kW) limitation of motorcycles

2. Mandatory ABS

3. Euro4 and Euro5 polution norms

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20 November, 2012 - Ruby Helmet: Concept Helmet Extraordinaire
Ruby Concept Helmet
Ruby logo
We've already pointed out the very special helmets made by French helmet maker Ruby. Very stylish, beautifully made and classy were the words that sprang to our minds. So it's no wonder when we saw this concept helmet Ruby made for French car manufacturer Peugeot.

2 years ago, celebrating its 200 years with an electric motorcycle concept, Peugeot asked Ruby to make a special helmet for the electric supercar, the EX1. Ruby made this very special helmet, one that would not look out of place on a high-tech motorcycle, or in a sci-fi movie...........

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20 November, 2012 - Ads: Australia Motorcycle Safety With Mick Doohan - Black Spots
MAC Invisble Motorbikes
Australia flag
The Australian Motor Accident Commission, MAC, have been trying hard to reduce the number of motorcycle related deaths for years, some campaigns with success, some not so. Their latest campaign is to make bikers aware of the black spots in traffic. According to none other than multi-world champion MotoGP, Mick Doohan, the biggest black spot on the road is an intersection. More than 50% of deadly accidents occur at an intersection.

To make motorcycle riders aware, MAC have released a print ad and a video. They have also dedicated a part of their web site for this purpose. The print ad is pretty weak. You need to stare at the black spot of 30 seconds, and the light blue bikers will disappear. After 30 seconds, not only did they disappear for me, but I got images of Marilyn Monroe dancing naked. Not the effect that I thought they would go after..............

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20 November, 2012 - Study: Best European Drivers Are German
Statistics Article
Europe flag
According to a survey performed by Garmin in Europe on some 4200 people, the GPS manufacturer determined that European drivers find the Germans the best drivers in Europe. About a quarter of the 4200 people who responded to the survey think so. 19.5% of these same people think the French are second best (they obviously don't live where I live).

As for cities that are difficult to drive through, Paris, France takes the top spot, followed by London and in third place, surprisingly, is Aalborg, Denmark.

Finally, it was determined in the survey that France had the most hidden and therefore sneakiest radars, followed by The Netherlands.


19 November, 2012 - So You have Got Your New KTM Motorcycle. Now What?
KTM Race Camps
KTM logo
So you just bought yourself a nice new KTM motorcycle because you saw those amazing racers on motocross or enduro races, and you want to do the same. You've made your first good move, buying the king of off-road machines. But going on a motocross or enduro circuit is not easy if you don't know how. There are plenty of training courses of course, but there's one that should stand out for you.

The KTM Camps. KTM organizes in various places high-end training courses for beginners and for more advanced riders. Accommodated in nice hotels and with great food, KTM will train you for a day or two in all the essentials of riding your motorcycle off-road.

Split in different training; enduro basics, enduro pro, motocross beginners, motocross pro and even motocross for kids, your choice. There's even a package to train for the famous (and brutal) Erzberg Rodeo (though this one is limited to experienced riders who want to race in the race)...........

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19 November, 2012 - Helmets: Roof’s New Jet Helmet - Cooper
Roof Cooper helmet
Roof logo
The French motorcycle and scooter helmet manufacturer, Roof, gained popularity years ago with their innovative and very stylish Roof Boxer helmet, a helmet that looked like a jet-fighter helmet.

For the 2013 season, Roof has announced another stylish helmet, this time a jet/open face style helmet. It's called Cooper, and its innovation is that the sun visor is mounted on top of the helmet - on the outside, in contrast with other helmets, where the sun visor is located inside the helmet...........

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19 November, 2012 - French Radars Made Unusable By .... French Cops
French Radar Unusable By Cops
France flag
And this is the way it should be. France's biggest TV station, TV1, showed last week that the French cops are fed up with quotas and the whole drive towards increased revenue by cops. They are fed up with radars being used to generate money, moved to strategic locations, not for safety but from more money.

So several of them have started to strike back. In the video shown on TV, a camera crew follow a couple of cops going to radars and using garbage bags and duct tape, masking off the radars, rendering them useless.

They are brave cops, since if they get caught, not only will they lose their jobs, but risk 5 years in prison...........

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16 November, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 16 November 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
After a disastrous week, with mandatory and doctored ordered downtime, I did manage to do a lot of internet reading and found some interesting motorcycle articles that you may have missed.

- New Motorcycle App Helps You Ride Faster, Turn Sharper, Brake Harder (Wired)
- Randy Mamola Speaks About Motogp Riding Styles (Cycleworld)
- We Are The Media: Blurring The Lines Between Print Digital And Social Media (American Sahara)
- Is Harley Davidson The New Kodak (Northwest Harley Blog)


14 November, 2012 - After My Eicma Scare, Taking A Few Days Easy
Easy Rider Squid Way
After the disastrous Eicma motorcycle exhibition, at least for me, I've been taking it very easy. I've been sleeping 16 hours per day and slowly I'm feeling stronger.

So I've decided to stay away from my computers and cameras for the next few days, giving my body a deserved and welcome break.

I'll be back somewhere next week. Too bad the weather got freezing cold, if not I would have gone out for a relaxing ride.

PS... never party with cardiologists.


14 November, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Over the years we've become used to pretty bad TV commercials from Harley-Davidson, but over the last year or so their ads have improved dramatically. At the same time, Harley changed their advertisement agency... coincidence?

Here's a pretty good TV commercial for the Harley-Davidson Sportster Seventy-Two model year 2012. The advertisement is "moody", set by some great music by Heath & Errol (a music group I could not find anywhere on the internet). The first part of the video, you don't see any motorcycles, then it's a nicely captured motorcycle ride.


14 November, 2012 - Travelling In Style With A Motorcycle
Travel In Motorcycle Style
When you travel by car, you can travel in style. bring a wicker basket full of food and wine, go and picnic.. all very stylish. But someone obviously wanted to do the same on a motorcycle.

And from the photo, it looks like a winner...


13 November, 2012 - What To Do With An Old BMW Boxer Engine
BMW Coffee Table
Now that BMW have announced their latest version of the epic boxer engine, the water cooled R1200GS motorcycle, a lot of people will be stuck with old fashion air cooled boxer engines.

So what to do with them? Use them as boat anchors? How about this....?


13 November, 2012 - France: The French Association Of Angry Bikers Is Losing Patience
FFMC What Do We Need To Do
France flag
With all the new laws and proposed changes to the motorcycle world, almost all of them bad, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is losing patience.

They currently got an advertisement up that reads:

Do we need to get to this point to get your attention?


13 November, 2012 - France: 1 Region Warns About Speed Radars On Facebook - Courtesy Police
Var Gendarmerie facebook Warning
France flag
This is so strange that it's got to be true. In one region in France, the Var region, the Gendarmerie (the national police) have a Facebook page. So far, not so unusual, though you do not find many regional police forces with one. But what's really interesting is that they've started announcing their speed radar traps on their Facebook page.

What they've said in their last posting, that "they'll pay a particular attention to the RN7 road, where there have been several incidents over the last 15 days"...........

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12 November, 2012 - Where To Put Those Loudspeakers On Your Motorcycle
Mirror MP3 Player Speakers
Many of us like to listen to music while riding our motorcycles. But many also do not want to use a headset, wireless or not. They just want the music to come from the motorcycle, pumping a beat while riding. This way, everyone on the road can enjoy your music...

You can mount loudspeakers on your handlebars, but that can be a bit cumbersome. They need to be able to handle the hostile environment that a motorcycle lives in; vibrations, rain, dust and very important, thieves.

Handlebar loudspeakers will do the job, but there's another solution.... loudspeakers mounted into your mirrors!..........

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12 November, 2012 - Korea: This Is Why People Love Motorcycle Riders
Motorcycle Ride To Exams Seoul
South Korea flag
The general public, on average, loves motorcycle riders because we do good.

Just look at what happened in South Korea....


12 November, 2012 - Eicma2012: Disaster Strikes - Me
Sorry for all those folks who were looking forward to seeing my photos and articles on the latest motorcycles, accessories and demo dollies at world's premiere motorcycle exhibition, Eicma.

I arrived today very early at the Parisian airport for a flight out to Milan, when I collapsed, waking up in the first aid room. I had been exhausted for the last few days, and having not slept the night before, carrying 30 kilos of cameras and computers on my back, was enough for my system to crash, requiring a reboot.

With a drink plenty of liquid, take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning, I was sent home. I wasn't allowed to board. So I've arrived home again. This is the second big motorcycle expo that has gone sour on me, right after the Intermot train disaster.

It's becoming very expensive since my flights and hotels were all prepaid....

Sorry about it folks. Hope to do better next year. For the next few days, I'll leave the pre-programmed articles so I can rest a bit.


9 November, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 9 November 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
While I'm heading for Milan, Italy news does not stop. Here's the take for this week on interesting motorcycle related articles that may amuse you.

- The Media Loves To Hate Motorcyclists (Michael Padway & Associates)
- James Bond Style Raid As Axe Wielding Bikers Storm Shopping Centre (The Telegraph)
- How to repair tubeless and tube tyre punctures (Zig Wheels)
- Buying Motorcycle Gear On A Budget (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- 2012 Triumph Scrambler Review (Motorcycle)


9 November, 2012 - Kymco Gives You Wings
Kymco Angel
Kymco logo
Want to fly? Get a Kymco scooter... or at least that is what the advertisement would let you believe. I found the ad in a local French motorcycle magazine, I kind of liked the image (I just scanned the image not the ad itself).

So if you want to be an angel, or a devil, you know what to do....


9 November, 2012 - EICMA 2012: On My Way - Here Is How To Follow
Eicma 2012 Poster
World's biggest motorcycle exhibition, the Milan, Italy EICMA will start Monday afternoon. It's an enormous event, with thousands of exhibitors showing off their latest motorcycles, accessories and clothing. Although press days are Tuesday and Wednesday, Monday will see two major press events; Ducati and Honda. Both have planned big events, Ducati at the fair's conference center, Honda in Milan itself.

As usual, I'll be there to cover this incredible event, armed with cameras, computers and smartphone. I've currently left my house in Normandy and making the long journey over to Milan with a stopover at Paris. I'll be back late Thursday.

Since press days are usually packed with press conferences back-to-back, with no room to even have lunch, it's going to be difficult to write up articles after each event. But I will be using my smartphone to upload interesting photos to my social media accounts. So while I'll be looking at the new motorcycles (and pretty demo girls), I'll have a few articles appear which I've programmed in advance so that you'll not find an empty space on this site. We'll keep you amused..............

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8 November, 2012 - New European Tire Label - Not For Motorcycles
European Tire label
Europe flag
Starting on the 1st of November 2012, Europe has a new mandatory labeling system for tires. The new label gives consumers good information about the tires they are about to purchase, and might just increase tire technology & competition between the manufacturers.

The label is divided into 3 parts;

The top left part shows you the fuel consumption of the tire. The more the tire heats up, the more fuel it uses and more more CO2 is emits.. Tires graded "A" are far more economical with fuel than tires graded "G". For a vehicles that does 36 mpg, each grade represents between 0.42 and 0.56 mph extra fuel usage.

The top right part shows the tires braking distance ability when it's wet. "A" rated tires brake better than "F" rated. The difference between an "A" and an "F" is about 18 meters.

The bottom part of the label shows you the noise the tires generate. The value is expressed in waves. One wave is twice as silent as 2 waves. The sound is measured at a constant speed of 80 kph with the engine switched off...........

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8 November, 2012 - UK: Prince Charles On A HOG
Prince Charles On A Motorcycle
UK flag
No, we're not talking about his SWMBO, but a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. During a charity drive he met up with Royal British Legion Riders and sat on a motorcycle...........

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8 November, 2012 - Eicma2012: What To Expect
Italy flag
A few more days and world's biggest motorcycle exhibition and fair opens its doors in Milan, Italy. Eicma as it is known is enormous, with more halls than you can imagine, more manufacturers, more stands and more visitors than anywhere else.

The annual event draws every major and minor motorcycle manufacturer and accessory maker in the world to show off their gear to thousands of journalists and visitors. So what can we expect to see? Well for one, as usual Eicma is FUBAR since they have not released the press conference schedules, so we do not know who will be presenting what. Which is normal for the Italian organization, they'll probably release it the day after the show has closed. So we'll just guess our ways...

But here's our guesstimates...........

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7 November, 2012 - You Know Those Photos With A Motorcycle Posing Before Some Scenery?
Motorcycle Picture Earth
You know those photos you often see on discussion forums from bikers who travel, and make a photo of their motorcycle in front of some nice scenery?

Well, maybe one day we'll see this...


7 November, 2012 - GoGo Gear Armored Kevlar Hoodie - The Video
Video clip
GoGo Gear logo
Some time ago we showed you a cool product, the armored Kevlar hoodie from GoGo Gear. As motorcycle clothing goes, it's pretty neat, since it offers protection (maybe not as much as a leather jacket, but with armor and Kevlar, it's better than normal street clothing), warmth and it looks cool.

The photos from the GoGo Gear site were good, but it doesn't really offer a good view on this nifty piece of clothing. So here's a video of Arlene Battishill, the creator of GoGo gear, showing the Kevlar hoodie.


7 November, 2012 - Kenya: Obama’s Villagers Clean Their Motorcycles
Obama Villagers Clean Motorcycles
Kenya flag
After Obama's election win, the villagers from Obama's ancestral home in Kenya had nothing better to do than clean their motorcycles. Oh well, a clean motorcycle is better than a dirty one.

Notice the caption... "shopping center" and then look at the photo.


6 November, 2012 - Video: 6 Old Motorcycle Safety PSA - Part Deux
Video clip
UK flag
2 weeks ago we showed you 8 PSA made in the 1950s in the UK about motorcycle road safety. These old vintage TV commercials are excellent since most of what is being said still applies today, with a few exceptions.

The last 6 video of the whole PSA still illustrate it. It's funny to hear that "sidecars the safest of all road vehicles" in those days... and that "motorcycles are safer towards children on the road than any other vehicle". And finally, something I love to hear, but don't hear that much nowadays "motorcycles always renowned for their courtesy and consideration".


6 November, 2012 - USA: Go And Vote! Now!
Biker Voting 2012
USA flag
Time for you to get on your motorcycle and vote. No matter who you support, you need to vote. Because if you don't, you're not allowed to bitch about the way things are.

And remember, whoever you vote for, also has an impact on the rest of the world.

Happy voting...


6 November, 2012 - France: Police Order Yamaha TDM 900 Motorcycles
Yamaha TDM 900 Police
Yamaha logo
Even though BMW got the French Law Enforcement and Authorities market back from Yamaha, they didn't take away all the market from Yamaha. Yamaha after a 12 year partnership with the French police have re-signed an agreement to continue to deliver the Yamaha 900 TDM motorcycle to the national cops.

The Yamaha will be delivered in a special police version, complete with sirens and strobe lights. No numbers have been issued in terms of sales numbers, horsepower, top speed etc, but the customized TDM motorcycles are part of the "less-than-1000cc" category for the French administration. In other words, you'll mostly see them in big cities.

Have a look at the video below, where you can see two Yamaha TDM 900-Police motorcycles escort a fire truck through a busy streets (and a unmarked police motorcycles).


5 November, 2012 - Wheel Jockey: For All Those Pesky Tires and Chain Jobs
Wheel Jockey
USA flag
If you're anything like me, you'll not like having to do those pesky jobs on your motorcycle, like greasing your chains, cleaning wheels, adjusting tire pressure etc. All those jobs are done in my garage, and there's little space to roll the motorcycle to advance the chain, or get to the tires from another angle.

Unless you have dedicated, and often expensive equipment in your garage, the only choice I have is to push the bike out to move things along. Yes, I know, I'm lazy... very lazy. But fear not fellow-lazy bikers, here's a bit of equipment that's not that expensive, and that will help you do those pesky jobs.

Called Wheel Jockey, it's a metal box with sealed ball bearings...........

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5 November, 2012 - The Netherlands: Interesting Electric Motorcycle Taxi Company
Hopper Electric Scooter taxi
The Netherlands flag
The Netherlands is an eco-friendly country, with cities like Amsterdam seeing more bicycles than cars. There are quite a lot of motorcycles as well, but what's interesting is the new motorcycle taxi company operating in Amsterdam.

Since October 1st, the new Hopper motorcycle taxi company offers a novel approach to bring people to their final destination. They use an electric scooter for the "last mile", in other words, for short inter-city destinations. But the interesting thing is that the scooters are limited to a maximum speed of 25 kph. That speed limit allows you to ride a scooter without a helmet in The Netherlands. This means logistically, it's easier to use, since the cab company doesn't need to bring different helmets. You really hop on and off.

Also interesting is the fare. There's only one price, and that is €2.50..........

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5 November, 2012 - Syria: Pushing Starting A Motorcycle In A River?
Pushing Motorcycle Through Water
Syria flag
Looks kind of dicey to me, like he's trying to push start the motorcycle. And doesn't it look like he's wired to the car/van behind him...??


3 November, 2012 - Site Down For Maintenance 4 November 2012
Office Squeeze
This site will be down for maintenance by our hosting company on November 4th between 2 AM USA CT Time (-5 GMT) until about 6 AM. Operation should resume shortly thereafter.... I hope.


2 November, 2012 - France: Motophobic Mayor Wants To Cut Down All Traffic In Paris
France flag
The extreme motophobic and socialist mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoe, has often been heard about his views on cars and more importantly, motorcycles. He is the man that has started the rent-a-bicycle operations and now even has a rent-an-electric-car thing going in Paris. He has closed many of the lanes in Paris, dedicated them to bus (motorcycles are not allowed to take bus lanes) and he has placed an extensive tramway in the French capital, taking away more lanes in the process. There's also the eternal struggle to get parking spots, both for cars and motorcycles. There just isn't close enough to what is needed in terms of parking spots, but then it's a ticket bonanza for the city, reaping in fortunes for parking tickets. So you know why he's not creating more parking spaces.

But that's not enough for the Parisian mayor. He has now announced that he's going to go many steps further to eliminate traffic from one of world's most beautiful cities, and shortly one of world's most empty.


Motorcycles that are 10 years old or older will not be allowed into the city...........

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2 November, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 2 November 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Halloween has come and gone, and still suffering from sugar overloads. However, here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared in the last 2 weeks for your reading pleasure.

- Following Ireland's motorcycle pioneer (Irish Times)
- Simon Says: Racing In The Wet And Rider Safety (Motovudu)
- 2012 Confederate X132 Hellcat Review (About Motorcycles)


2 November, 2012 - Colombia: The Place To Be For Motorcycle Halloween Parties
Moto Halloween Party 2012
Colombia flag
Cali, Colombia is the place to be if you want to celebrate Halloween as a motorcycle rider.

Every year they give the Moto Halloween Party, with hundreds of bikers riding fully dressed in a costume.


1 November, 2012 - Day Off: Gone Motorcycle Riding In The Cold
Polar Bear Riding Motorcycle
I've taken the day off and have gone motorcycle riding despite the very cold weather over here. Just to get all that sugar out of my body. Back Friday... I hope



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