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29 November, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 29 November 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
A week's worth of interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared and that you may have missed.

- New Documentary Women Motorcycle Riders Fast Growing Trend (Denver Post)
- First Aid for Motorbikes (Bikesure)
- Product Review Viking Moto Backpack Review (Motorzon)
- Book Release Real Hog (Motorcycle.Com The Sidecar)
- My Snow Riding Checklist (Scooter In The Sticks)
- Michelin Airless Motorcycle Tires (The Kneeslider)


29 November, 2013 - Video: Ural Sidecar - Let Life Take You For A Ride
Ural Sidecar Let Life Take You
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisment - A beautiful TV commercial for Ural sidecars, based on a true adventure ride from Patagonia to Alaska. Enjoyable.


29 November, 2013 - You Dawg, You - On My Way To Paris Motorcycle Expo
You Dawg
Le Salon de la Moto logo
#SalondelaMoto #Exhibition - Dressed up and nowhere to go? Not me, I'm on my way to Paris to visit the Paris Le Salon de la Moto motorcycle exhibition


28 November, 2013 - Video: Sons of Poetry (Sesame Street Parody Sons of Anarchy)
Sesame Street Sons of Poetry
#Video #SesameStreet #SoA - Here is a really funny and well done video of Sesame Street doing a parody of Son of Anarchy.


28 November, 2013 - Security: Maggi’s I-Close - GSM/SMS Enabled Lock
Maggi i close
Italy flag
#Maggi #i-Close #Locks - Italian Maggi is about ready to release their GSM SMS/Text message enabled lock for motorcycles and scooters. Be the first to read that your bike is being stolen.


28 November, 2013 - Germany: What To Say About This Weird Motorcycle Photo
Strange Mannequin Germany
Germany flag
#Germany #Essen - This is a strange setup. The motorcycle is heavily camouflaged, and the female model behind it is even stranger.


27 November, 2013 - Video: Riding Motorcycle At 300 KPH And Still Overtaken By Car
Kawasaki ZX 10R At 300 Kph
Germany flag
#Video #Kawasaki #Frustration - Here is a video of a Kawasaki ZX-10R doing 300 kph in Germany when he is overtaken very rapidly by a car, a stationcar.


27 November, 2013 - Future: Tomorrow’s Motorcycle Rider - Sci-Fi or Reality?
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
MC10 Tattoo Electronics
#MC10 #WearableElectronics - Are sci-fi movies really just that, or are we about to become cyborgs ourselves. MC10 and Motorola are coming out with electronic tattoos that allow us to be linked to the web without wires. Super Biker on its way?


27 November, 2013 - Nigeria: Motorcycle Taxi Ban - Security: 1 - Unemployment: 0
Okada protest
Nigeria flag
Last year's ban on motorcycle taxi in Nigeria has paid of for security, but not for unemployment & poverty.


26 November, 2013 - Video: Liqui-Fruit Motorcycle Cop - Pretty Lame
Liqui Fruit Motorcycle Cop
South Africa flag
#Police #Advertisement - That's a pretty lame TV commercial. It is for Liqui-Fruit, one of those small package liquid fruit drinks that you normally drink out of a straw. But apparently they no longer make them with straws.


26 November, 2013 - Review: NoNoise - Love Your Hearing On Your Motorcycle
NoNoise Earplugs
NoNoise Earplugs
#NoNoise #Earplugs - A product review of the NoNoise Earplugs - excellent earplugs for motorcycle riding (and other activities).


26 November, 2013 - Installing Extra Headlights on Your Motorcycle - The Easy Way
Extra Lights on motorcycle
#Headlights #LOL - Putting on extra headlights on your motorcycle is difficult and expensive, but it doesn't have to be with my patented method.


25 November, 2013 - 31 Motorcycle and Manufacturers USB Flash Drives
Motorcycle USB Flash Drive
Motorcycle USB Flash Drive
#USB #Flash - Here are 31 USB Flash drives in the shape of a motorcycle or carrying our favorite motorcycle brand.


25 November, 2013 - Video: Excellent Honda Motorcycle Commercial - Hands
Honda Hands Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Video #Advertisment - A very nice and cool Honda TV commercial - motorcycle engines, scooters, race motorcycles (but then cars and other Honda products).


25 November, 2013 - Raining Paper, Don’t You Hate That On A Motorcycle Ride
Raining Paper
Spain flag
#Funny - Ahh, I hate that when I am riding my motorcycle. I prefer rain or snow, but paper rain??? Yuck....


22 November, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 22 November 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
It is getting colder out there, and with that not only does motorcycle riding disappear, but also apparently motorcycle articles. But I did find a few for your amusement. Here are some motorcycle articles that have appeared over the last week.

- Why I sold my car for an Electric Bike (Electric Bike)
- Suzuki GW250 Review (Webbikeworld)
- JD's Biker Movie Reviews: The Born Losers (Bikers Report)
- The All-Important Motorcycle Wave (Ride Apart)


22 November, 2013 - France: Speeding Tickets In The Increase & Show Me The Money
Greed Camera
France flag
#France #Speeding #ShowMeTheMoney - The French government is really going speeding fines crazy. They say it's not a tax, I say it's a super-tax. Here is a breakdown of the money flow.


22 November, 2013 - Toyota CEO Rides Honda Motorcycle
Akio Toyoda on Honda Gold Wing F6C Motorcycle
Toyota logo
#Toyota #Honda #F6C - I guess if you don't manufacture your own motorcycles, you end up being on your competitor's motorcycle.


21 November, 2013 - Idea: Beautiful Photo Realistic Paintings Of Motorcycles
MotoPainter Ducati
#Kickstarter #MotoPainter #Art - Here is an interesting Kickstarter project. It's for a woman who is a biker and an artist, making photo realistic paintings of motorcycles. She need money to 'brand' her work and go to exhibitions.


21 November, 2013 - Major Porn Company Sponsors Dakar Motorcycle Rider, Again
Dakar 2014 Dorcel Anna Polina Hugo Payen
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Dorcel - For a 2nd time, a major French porn studio is sponsoring a Dakar motorcycle in next year's race. Is this going to be a trend?


21 November, 2013 - Cops Work Fast - Return Stolen Motorcycle 46 Years Later
Donald DeVault Found Triumph Motorcycle
USA flag
#Stolen #Recovered - It took the cops 46 years, but eventually the stolen motorcycle was returned to its original owner.


20 November, 2013 - Video: Nice Ducati Commercial - What Moves Us
Ducati What Moves Us
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Commercial - Here is a very good and professional Ducati motorcycle commercial, that IMHO is not coming from Ducati. Nicely done.


20 November, 2013 - USA: Wow, A Lot Of Motorcycle Cops To Escort The POTUS
Miami Obama Police Escort
USA flag
#USA #Police #POTUS - You sure need a lot of motorcycle cops to escort the President of the USA. Are they back up cops, in case one of them crashes?


20 November, 2013 - The 2014 Dakar - Route and Highlights
Dakar 2014 Route
Dakar logo
#Dakar2014 #Route - Here is the route for the 2014 Dakar and some highlights.


19 November, 2013 - Ad: Bosch - Born To Ride
Bosch Born To Ride Lawnmower
Bosch logo
#Advertisement #Bosch #Lawnmower - Funny advertisement from Bosch... making people thin their lawnmower is a motorcycle. Born to ride ass.


19 November, 2013 - Why Do Chicken Cross The Road? Who Cares, Just Watch It!
Chicken HiViz Vest
Chicken HiViz Vest
#Safety #High-Vis #Chickens #Omlet - You are not going to believe this story, and it truly is not an April 1 joke. A company in the UK (named Omlet....) is making something that will make chickens safe when crossing the road. Honest.


19 November, 2013 - Bradley Smith (MotoGP) Goes Out And Gets Dirty
Cyril Despres and Bradley Smith
#CyrilDespres #BradleySmith #MotoGP - Bradley Smith, MotoGP racer, does some serious off-road riding with someone who should know how to do it, 5 x Dakar winner Cyril Despres.


18 November, 2013 - Prices of A Motorcycle Around The World
Yamaha YZF R1 costs
#Prices #Yamaha - Here is what it costs to buy a motorcycle, in this case a Yamaha YZF-R1, around the world. The difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is TIMES THREE!


18 November, 2013 - Use Your Touchscreen On Your Motorcycle With Any Gloves
Aerostich logo
#Gloves #Aerostich #ThumbDogs - For $14 you can buy two ThumbDogs, fingertips you slide over your normal gloves that allow you to operate your touchscreen device on your motorcycle.


18 November, 2013 - France: French Radar BBQ
French Radar BBQ
France flag
#France #Protests #Radars - The French are fed up with the very bad socialist government who know only how to raise tax after tax. The last taxes, ecological taxes, was the spark. A revolution is coming, and they started burning radars. BBQ time.


15 November, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 15 November 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
It is a meager harvest of motorcycle stories this week. I guess most of the writing efforts went into the Ecima show. But here are a few articles you may have missed that might be of interest to you.

- Get Serious About Eye Protection When You Ride Your Motorcycle (Russ Brown)
- Biker Dogs: How To Safely Carry Your Pet On Your Motorcycle (Pet Luxe)
- Five Books Every Motorcyclist Should Read (Ride Apart)


15 November, 2013 - Idea: Use Your Motorcycle Lights To Open Your Garage Door
RinkuHaus Remote Garage Door Opener
#Kickstarter #Garge #DoorOpener - A nice project on Kickstarter allows you to open your garage door with your motorcycle high beam lights. No fumbling for remotes.


15 November, 2013 - When Is The Last Time You Thanked A Motorcycle Cop?
John Kerry Thanking Swiss Motorcycle Cops
Switzerland flag
#USA #Police #Switzerland - Personally I think it's gentlemanny to thank your motorcycle police escort, since they do put their lives as risk escorting you around the city, and these cops aren't even American.


14 November, 2013 - Video: Hero MotoCorp Passion Xpro Commercial - Lovely
Hero MotoCorp Passion X Pro Wedding
Hero MotoCorp logo
Hero MotoCorp, India's 2nd biggest motorcycle manufacturer also knows how to make nice TV commercials.


14 November, 2013 - Liberia: Another African Country To Forbid Motorcycles
Penh pehn Liberia
Liberia flag
More and more countries are forbidding motorcycles from riding in Africa. Latest country is Liberia, where yet again the motorcycle taxis are at 'fault'. The Liberian government is saying that there are so many fatal accidents with the motorcycle taxis, aka 'pehn-pehns', that they have banned motorcycles from the main roads of the capital.


14 November, 2013 - India: The Ultimate Motorcycle Helmet
Ultimate ATGATT Helmet
India flag
#India #Helmet - Woow, is that ever a colorful helmet! I bet you that in case of an accident, his head can survive any crash. It would be like falling on pillows.


13 November, 2013 - Own A Bit Of Steve McQueen, Or Not
Mcqueens 1939 Harley Davidson WLD solo sport
2007 Ultra Anna Nicole Chopper
#McQueen #Auction #HarleyDavidson - You too can be a bit more cool. By buying Steve McQueen's Harley-Davidson motorcycle at an auction this month. Or another 'star' motorcycle.


13 November, 2013 - France: Less Money For Police, More For Radars
Corrupt Politician
France flag
#France #Politics #Police - The French socialist government has decided to cut even more the police budgets by reducing their patrols, but increased significantly the annual radar budget. More money to make money, less money to make its citizens safe.


13 November, 2013 - China: Riding After Typhoon Haiyan Is Not Fun
Typhoon Haiyan China
China flag
#Typhoon #Haiyan #China - I guess if you really need to go out there, you have no choice, but riding your motorcycle in an area hit by a typhoon or hurricane is no fun. Brave lad.


13 November, 2013 - Kawasaki: Spectacular Growth In UAE
Kawasaki 1400GTR
Kawasaki logo
#Kawasaki #UAE - Kawasaki had a spectacular growth of 45% so far in the United Arab Emirates. And the year is not over.


12 November, 2013 - Ad: Funny But True - Vehicle Hairline Comparison Chart
Hair Clinic Comparison
UK flag
#Advertisement #Hairloss - Funny, but true, print advertisement comparing vehicles with our hairline.


12 November, 2013 - Colombia: Moto Halloween Party 2013 - I Must Go There
Moto Halloween Party 2013
Colombia flag
#Colombia #MotoHalloween #Party - From the photos (also of previous years), this is one motorcycle party I really need to go and see. It looks like a blast. Dressing up, doing up your motorcycle, riding around town... wonderful. I want.


12 November, 2013 - Pakistan: This Should NOT Work
Original Rain Cover
Pakistan flag
#Pakistan #Rain - Why do I think this photo was taken nano-seconds after the sheet was up, and then nano-seconds afterwards, the sheet went flying. This can not work....not on a motorcycle.


11 November, 2013 - 8 Photos Of Motorcycles And Flags Around The World
Taiwan Supporter of Tsai Ing Wen On Motorcycle
Full of flags motorcycle
#Motorcycles #Flags - Here are eight photos of bikers riding their motorcycles while carrying, or waving, flags. All are joyful reasons, or to promote something.


11 November, 2013 - Book Review: TT Full Throttle - An Excellent Read
Book Full Throttle
#Book #IOM-TT @nicolewintersya - A review of the book entitled "TT Full Throttle". This is ONE heck of a great book. If you are into motorcycles, racing and in particular the Isle of Man TT, then get this book. You will not be disappointed. Highly recommendable.


11 November, 2013 - Is This A New Motorbiker Hands-Free Mobile Phone?
Phoning on motorcycle in Indonesia
Indonesia flag
#MobilePhone #Bluetooth #HandsFree - A new mobile phone device that does not need to be fitted to your helmet, in fact, you don't even need a helmet. The phone comes equipped with a small child...


9 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: And Finally, 40 Girls and 0 Guys
Girl Eicma 2013
Girl Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Girls - The last article about any motorcycle show is always the stand/demo girls (also known as Demo Dollies). And as is the case almost every year, there are no Stand Dudes (although I was correct by a colleague, Ducati apparently had some male models pushing bikes around).

So here are 40 girls who graced the motorcycle stands at Eicma 2013.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Some Of The Electric Motorcycles and Scooters
Govecs Eicma 2013
Solingo Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Electric - More and more electric motorcycles and scooters are to be seen at Eicma. Here are a couple of them.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: New, But Does Not Look It - Bylot Motorcycles
Bylot Eicma 2013
Bylot Eicma 2013
#Bylot #Eicma #Vintage - It is nice to see startups at Eicma. This is Italian Bylot who is making new vintage scramblers. Very nicely done.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Odds, Ends and Weird Stuff
Husqvarna Eicma 2013
#Eicma #Weird #Strange - Here is some of the weird, odd and strange stuff I saw walking the hallways of Eicma 2013.


8 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: SkyTeam Motorcycles
SkyTeam Eicma 2013
SkyTeam Eicma 2013
#SkyTeam #Monkey - I had seen a strange looking motorcycle when visiting Milan the weekend before Eicma and then found that manufacturer at Eicma. Named Skyteam they make small motorcycles, and one of them is a beauty.


8 November, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 8 November 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Despite the onslaught of new motorcycle news from Eicma, and walking until I had blisters the size of walnuts on my feet, I still had some time to read what was going on the internet. Here is one week's worth of motorcycle related articles that may interest you.

- The Baffling Case Of Motorcycles In UK (The Motorcycle Obsession)
- Royal Enfield 15 Things You May Not Know (Dealer News)
- 9 Best Ways To Make Your Motorcycle Faster (Ride Apart)
- Google Maps For Motorcyclists (Wired)


7 November, 2013 - Gone To Pick Up The Dogs
Carrying Dogs and pillion
#Dogs #Funny #Cargo - I should have arrived at home/office, but now I need to pick up the dogs. Then I'll be spending hours/days pouring through press material and publishing here and elsewhere.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Brough Superior S.S.100 Motorcycle - Spectacular!
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
Brough Superior SS 100 Eicma 2013
#BroughSuperior #Eicma #SS100 - For me, one of the most beautiful and impressive motorcycles on show at Eicma was the rebirth of the Brough Superior S.S. 100. Amazing to see this mythical bike back in business.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Police Seize Counterfeit Scooters - Again
Eicma Scooter Imitations Seized
#Eicma #Counterfeit #Vespa - Yet again, the Italian Financial Police raided the Eicma exhibition and seized 11 scooters from 7 different manufacturers because they were imitation Vespas.


7 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Yamaha And Their Relationship With The Press
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #Eicma #Oliepeil - Yamaha have not understood how to deal with the motorcycle press. They just do not understand. Here are two cases in which Yamaha could have dealt with things in a mature and professional way, instead of childish.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Finished, On My Long Way Home With Lots Of Stuff
House Moving On A Moped
#Eicma #Documentation #Funny - Eicma 2013 is finished, and as usual, I'll be returning with much more weight than when I arrived here.

So this is what it will look like when I ride home tomorrow:


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Vectrix Electric Scooter VT-1
Vectrix Eicma 2013
Vectrix logo
#Vectric #Eicma #Electric - I stumbled upon Vectrix, makers of electric scooters and had a look at the VT-1 scooter, with up to three replaceable batteries. Here's what I saw.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Kawasaki Motorcycle Press Conference
Kawasaki Eicma 2013
Kawasaki logo
#Kawasaki #Eicma #J300 #Z1000 - Kawasaki launched their much anticipated J300 scooter, and their new Z1000 motorcycle.


6 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Husqvarna 701 Prototype
Husqvarna 701 Eicma 2013
Husqvarna logo
#Husqvarna #Eicma #Prototype - Husqvarna has not been standing still after their take-over. Maybe because KTM is very active, or maybe there was stuff already on the drawing boards, but at Eicma 2013, Husqvarna presented a very special looking prototype.


5 November, 2013 - Ads: Brazil - The Right Honda For You - Nice
BR Moto The Right Honda For You
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here are three nicely done ads from a Honda dealer in Brazil. Nice concept and artwork.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Honda Motorcycles Press Conference
Honda Eicma 2013
Honda logo
#Honda #Eicma - Honda made the best press presentation EVER. No financials, no longer self-glorifying speeches, just motorcycles, lots of them. BRAVO HONDA.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Ducati Press Conference - New Motorcycles
Ducati Eicma 2013
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Eicma - Ducati was one of the motorcycle manufacturers who was holding press conferences in Milan downtown, making us crisscross through town. BASTA.

Here is an impression of the conference and the new motorcycles.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Motorcycles and Helmets, But No Helmet Like This
Manly Watermelon Motorcycle Helmet
#Eicma #Helmets #Funny - Start of my marathon today, running around all the stands of Eicma, not for nothing world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. Hopefully more articles will be published by me today, but I do not know when.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Short Video Of Honda Motorcycle Launch
Honda logo
#Honda #Eicma #Video - Most of you will never have the chance of seeing a press conference and a new motorcycle launch, particularly from one of world's biggest manufacturers.

Honda did an extremely good press conference (a first), and I quickly taped one of the launches with my iPhone. So the quality is not super, but you'll get an idea how it goes.


5 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Zero SR Electric Motorcycle Launch
Zero SR Eicma 2013
Zero logo
#Zero #Electric #Eicma - Zero, an American electric motorcycle manufacturer, decided to launch their latest electric motorcycle, the SR, at Eicma. Here is how it went.


4 November, 2013 - The Only Way To Take A Baby/Child On A Motorcycle
Baby Transport For Motorcycles
#Children #baby - Transporting a child/kid/baby on a motorcycle is serious stuff. You need to ensure that the kid can not fall off your motorcycle. How is this for a solution?


4 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: Get Your Program, Get Your Program
#Eicma #Exhibition - Here is the press conferences schedule for Eicma, world's biggest motorcycle exhibition. It's going to be very, very, very, busy.


4 November, 2013 - Eicma 2013: MV Agusta Toursimo Veloce 800 Presentation
MV Agusta Tourismo Veloce 800
MV Agusta logo
MV Agusta opened the mad rush of press conferences here at Eicma, or actually at Milan. Here's a view of their new touring motorcycle.


1 November, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 1 November 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
It is November and I am currently in Milan, Italy. Monday sees the start of Eicma, so I will be taking it easy this weekend. In the mean time to keep you busy this weekend before the onslaught of new motorcycles stories, here are a few articles that have appeared over the last week.

- GET ON - A Guide To Riding Motorcycles For Women Who Think Too Much by Janet H. Green (The Many Thoughts Of Harleygirl)
- Indian Motorcycle Demo Day (Forty Years On Two Wheels)
- 5 Ways To Maintain Motorcycle (Motorcycle Thailand)
- Beating the traffic on a motorcycle taxi (Bikesure)
- If You've Got $350 And 2 Days, It's Really Easy To Learn How To Ride A Motorcycle (Business Insider)


1 November, 2013 - France: Insurance Is Killing Motorcycle Sports
France flag
#France #Insurance #Motorsports - Insurance costs are doubling every year for motorcycle sports events. It is killing the French motorsports, and shortly there will be no more races in France.


1 November, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Discover -Bits and Bobs
Bajaj Discover Bits
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisement - Bajaj make great TV commercials, and this Bajaj Discover is no exception. Nicely filmed and good graphics.



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