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30 December, 2005 - KTM: Dakar 2006: Scrutineering
Dakar logo
KTM logo
I'll be publishing, "as-is", the KTM press releases that come in directly from the Dakar race. This is the first one, the scrutineering.


30 December, 2005 - Have A Great End Of Year 2005
Naked Motorcyclists
Have a great end of year party. Hope to see you all next year.

Have a great one !


29 December, 2005 - Stars In The Dakar Race - Good or Bad ?
BMW Dome Motorcycle Team - Charley Boorman
Is it a good thing that celeb Charley Boorman is racing in the Dakar race this year ?? Or is it a bad thing ?

Your opinion is sought.


28 December, 2005 - Integrate Our Motorcycle News - Example VisorDown
VisorDown Motorcycle discussion website
English website shows how to properly integrate our RSS feed.


27 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Sunglasses
RidersEye Motorcycle Sunglasses
A look at special motorcycle sunglasses, specially for prescription sunglasses.

Not many of those around, so this is an interesting site.


26 December, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles To Sell GPSs
Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Garmin GPS
Yamaha logo
Yamaha motorcycles is now the third large motorcycle manufacturer to offer OEM'd Garmin GPS for their range of bikes.

Can we live without GPSs ?


25 December, 2005 - Camouflaged Santa Claus on Motorcycle
Camou Claus on Sidecar
A camouflaged Santa Claus riding a motorcycle sidecar.


23 December, 2005 - Folks - Have a Merry Christmas !
Santa Claus on a motorcycle
Merry Christmas to you all, wherever you may be.

Don't over-eat !!


23 December, 2005 - Motorcross/Enduro Holiday In France - Kids/Adults
Moto Paul Racing Motocross circuit
Don't know what to do for your 2006 holidays ? Got kids who want to learn riding a motorcycle ? Here's the solution. A high park with several motocross/enduro circuits, motorcycles or quads, all under the watchful eyes of trained staff. Activities for kids.

107 room hotel. 200 people restaurant. A great holiday !


22 December, 2005 - Chrome Handlebar Loudspeakers For Your Motorcycle
J&M Motorcycle Handlebar Loudspeakers
So you like listening to music while riding your motorcycle ?

But you don't like wearing earplugs with those tiny loudspeakers ? Here's the solution!


21 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Lock With A Twist
Luma XMART Motorcycle Disc Lock/Foot-peg
Luma have introduced the smart motorcycle disc lock.

It will replace your foot-peg, and when you want to lock your motorcycle, you remove your foot-peg an use it as disc lock. Nifty !


21 December, 2005 - PODcasts Added to Motorcycle Blogger Database
This Site Article
We've added a section for the motorcycle PODcasts on our motorcycle blogger database.

It will allow you to find bloggers that are PODcasting.


20 December, 2005 - Nolan Bluetooth Add-on For Motorcycle Helmets
Nolan N102 Motorcycle helmet
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Nolan have released their communicator add-on, the N-COM.

N-COM allows you to talk to your pillion using Bluetooth, listen to music and telephone.


19 December, 2005 - TITS in the Desert
TITS Honda C90 Scooter
8 British motorcyclists are trading in their trusty BMW GSs for Honda C90 Scooters and riding them through the Sahara desert to Gambia.

Why ? For charity !! Loaded with medical equipment, they are leaving the 28th of December for their long, dangerous and memorable adventure.


16 December, 2005 - Antiquated Motorcycle Laws - France
France Article
Law Article
France have just reinforced one of their antiquated motorcycle laws. If you're caught with a motorcycle with more than 100 hp, you go to jail !

Long live the revolution !


16 December, 2005 - Are There Problems With The Motorcycle GPS - TomTom Rider ?
TomTom Rider
The first few motorcyclists have bought their TomTom RIDER GPS. This specific motorcycle GPS looked like the solution to all our problems, but is it ??

The first reviews are in, and not all are positive.


15 December, 2005 - Is BMW Losing The Police Motorcycle Market ?
Gendarme Police Ofiicer on BMW Motorcycle
BMW logo
Is BMW slowly losing its Police motorcycle market ?

They've lost France, Belgium, Portugal, Denmark and now The Netherlands; all in one year, and all to Yamaha !


14 December, 2005 - Where To Stay When On A Motorcycle Holiday
Bike Stay Website
Here's a site that could solve your eternal question; "where do we stay when going on a motorcycle holiday ?" !


13 December, 2005 - Is This The Future Motorcycle Helmet ?
d3o Ribcaps helmet
A new technology arrives for helmets. Developed by the US Army, these helmets are very light and flexible, until it reaches impact. Then it solidifies.

Not yet for motorcycles, but it's just a question of time.


12 December, 2005 - Motorcycle Product Review Blog
Motorcycle Helmets website
A new website sees the light of day, reviewing motorcycle products in a blog format.


12 December, 2005 - My B’Day Today
Old Biker
It's my birthday today.

Yiiiippeee ! I feel old...


9 December, 2005 - Yahoo Answer - Even Motorycles Questions
Web Article
Yahoo have launched a new service, were you can ask a question, even motorcycle related, and they provide an answer.


9 December, 2005 - Off To Poland
I'm off for Warsaw, Poland for the weekend. Celebrating my birthday there, and I'll be back on Tuesday.

In the meantime, articles will still be published.


8 December, 2005 - The "Le Touquet" Enduro 2006 - World’s Biggest Event
Le Touquet EnduroPale Motorcycle Beach Race circuit
World's biggest motorcycle race is on for the 4th and 5th February.

The "Le Touquet" beach race, with 1,000 motorcycles competing. But it has changed format and name.

There are still a few motorcycle spots available.

Interested ??


7 December, 2005 - High Tech Backpack
O'Neill H2 Solar backpack
A very futuristic backpack hits the market, including solar charging station, Bluetooth, iPod controls - and it's not for motorcycles !

BUT !! Can it be adapted to work for us bikers ? By O'Neill !


6 December, 2005 - A Cry For Help In The UK
Politics Article
Someone in the UK is looking at fighting these stupid laws that forbid motorcycles from going off road. Let's start putting pressure on these green lobby groups.

Fight for your rights !


5 December, 2005 - Another Motorcycle Exhibition in Paris
Paris Motorcycle Show Logo
Paris is to host a 2nd annual motorcycle show, the Paris Moto Show. To be held end February.

A new format show, with demonstrations and try-it-yourself tracks !


5 December, 2005 - How Does He Do That ?
Riding a motorcycle with no hands or eyes
A photo of a person riding a motorcycle with both his hands on an enormous painting, obstructing his view !

WTF ??


4 December, 2005 - It’s That Time Of The Year, Again !
Santa Claus on a Motorcycle
It's that time of the year again, that we're going to be seeing Santa Claus riding his trusty motorcycle sled.


4 December, 2005 - Hey ! That’s Not How You Ride a Motorcycle
Indian Tornadoes Motorcycle Stunt Team
This is a strange way of riding a motorcycle, as shown by the Indian Stunt team.


3 December, 2005 - Ducati Surveying For Potential HyperMotard Motorcycle
Ducati HyperMotard Motorcycle
Ducati is surveying potential buyers of their concept motorcycle, the HyperMotard.

You too can influence this motorcycle by answering a few questions.


2 December, 2005 - ZMoto Version 6 Released
ZMoto Palm Software for motorcycles
The popular, and very free, Palm PDA motorcycle application, ZMoto has been released in version 6.

If you've got a motorcycle, and a Palm, what are you waiting for ?


1 December, 2005 - TV Cameras on Motorcycles
TV Camera in Motorcycle trailer
Here's a look at an unusual camera motorcycle.

Built for speed and rear facing shots, it looks....



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