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29 December, 2006 - Have A Great 2007 !
Smart Car BMW Cruiser
Have a great new year you all !! Last article of the year ! Enjoy the end of year parties, and be safe in 2007 !


29 December, 2006 - Ohhh Myyyy Gawddd !!
Fugly motorcycle
What a terrible looking motorcycle.

Looks like straight out of the Flintstone era.


28 December, 2006 - Passing The Message
Sometimes you just want to pass a message to other people on the road.

Here's your chance to be seen, and to pass on that message.


27 December, 2006 - Fragile Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson Glass Motorcycle
Sometimes a motorcycle is just so fragile, that you can only look at it.

Here's one example.

A glass Harley-Davidson.


26 December, 2006 - Top 7 Most Dangerous Roads
Russian Siberian Road to Yakutsk
Not all roads are created equal, some are just outright dangerous.

Here's a list with photos of the top 7 most dangerous roads to travel on.


25 December, 2006 - Have A Great and Merry Motorcycle Christmas 2006
Santa on a motorcycle light
Have a great Christmas you all !!

Don't over-eat, your motorcycle will not appreciate it...


22 December, 2006 - Dakar Rally For Kids
Peg Perego Desert Tenere toy motorcycle
Prepare your kids for the Dakar race, by buying them this small, electric, Desert Tenere motorcycle.

Start them young, so hopefully they'll finish the race.

By Peg Perego.


22 December, 2006 - On The Road Again - Ireland
Strange Motorcycle
I'm on the road again, on my way to Galway, Ireland.

Regular articles will appear every day, so do come back.


21 December, 2006 - Canadian PM Doesn’t Want To Ride Bitch
Stephen Harper
The Canadian Prime Minister has declared that it is bad for his image to ride pillion on his wife's Yamaha motorcycle.

Sexist ?? You tell me.


21 December, 2006 - KTM RC8 Site
KTM RC8 Superbike Motorcycle
KTM are getting ready for their RC8.

They now have a dedicated website showing you the progress of the development of the RC8 Superbike.

Time to start dreaming.


20 December, 2006 - Video: Airbag For Motorcycles - Good/Bad ?
Video clip inside
A video demonstration of the airbag on a motorcycle. A motorcycle hits a car at 50 kph from different angles, with and without an airbag. You judge whether it's a good thing or not !


20 December, 2006 - New Site Preview Function
This Site Article
We've added a new function to the site. It allows you, when you hover your mouse over an external link, to preview the other website. Then you can decide whether you're going to click or not. Tools is courtesy of


20 December, 2006 - Lima, Peru Santa Claus Police
Lima Police on motorcycle as Santa Claus
Even the Police Officers in Lima, Peru are playing the Christmas game.

That's the spirit !


19 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: The Missing
Fun Article
The last part of the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gifts; all the manufacturers who don't have anything. The list is pretty big !


19 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: MV Agusta Style
MV Agusta motorcycle Christmas gift
MV Agusta logo
For an expensive and fast motorcycle manufacturer like MV Agusta, you'd expect expensive gifts.

You'll not be disappointed.

Here are a few.


19 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Suzuki Style
Suzuki Motorcycles Christmas gift
Suzuki logo
Suzuki, like the other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, aren't big into merchandising.

Here's what we found for you.


19 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Husaberg Style
Husaberg motorcycle Christmas gift
Husaberg logo
KTM owned Husaberg has a very small, but useful gift range.

Here's some we found for you.


19 December, 2006 - Ewan McGregor Plans 2 More Long Way Trips
News Article
Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor are planning two more TV series on their motorcycles. The Long Way Down starts next year, followed by the Long Way Up.


19 December, 2006 - Video: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R
Video clip inside
Kawasaki logo
Here are several Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R publicity adverts, three are funny, 1 is really local, and the last one for a ZX-6R is funny at the end. Enjoy.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Buell Style
Buell Motorcycles Christmas gift
Buell logo
Harley owned Buell, in sharp contrast with their master, has a small gift product range.

Here's their selection.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Aprilia Style
Aprilia motorcycle Christmas gift
Aprilia logo
Italian motorcycle, Aprilia, has a decent gift range you can buy for this Christmas.

Here's a small selection.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Husqvarna Style
Husqvarna motorcycle Christmas gif
Husqvarna logo
MV Agusta's child, Husqvarna, as a small gift range you can chose from.

Here's a small selection.


18 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Kawasaki Style
Kawasaki Christmas Motorcycle Gifts
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki, like all Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, are Spartan with regards to their merchandising.

Here's a look at their gifts you can buy this Christmas.


18 December, 2006 - Slight Newsletter Problems
This Site Article
We're having slight problems with our weekly newsletter. Those of you who receive it, will have noticed that it doesn't always begin on Monday, sometimes the newsletter starts later in the week. That is because Zookoda, the service supplier, are having some technical difficulties. Hopefully, it'll be sorted out shortly.


17 December, 2006 - Girl On A Motorcycle Movie Online
Movie Article
The cult movie, Girl On A Motorcycle, is currently on-line at Video Google. It may not remain there, so if you want to see it, look at it now.


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Ducati Style
Ducati motorcycles Christmas gift
Ducati logo
A look at the Christmas shopping list from Ducati.

Look who paid attention at the business schools, where they taught merchandising!


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: BMW Style
BMW Motorcycles Christmas gift
BMW logo
BMW ain't no slouch when it comes to merchandising.

Here's a short selection of BMW related Christmas gifts.


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Harley-Davidson Style
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Christmas Gift
Harley-Davidson logo
A look at the master of merchandising, Harley-Davidson.

They have so many things to offer, even special items for Christmas, it makes Toys 'R Us look small.


15 December, 2006 - Pro Mechanics How To/Maintenance Tips
We Ride On Sundays website
Not everyone knows what to do to quickly repair a motorcycle, specially doing it cheaply.

Here's a new website that's run by a pro motorcycle mechanic that gives you loads of tips on repairing your motorcycles.

Well worth a read.


15 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: KTM Style
KTM motorcycle Christmas Gifts
KTM logo
In the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gifts, a look at what KTM has to offer.


14 December, 2006 - American Muscle Car Motorcycle
Stan Hughes Chevy V8 Motorcycle
Custom built choppers can be very pretty and sexy.

Here's one built with a Chevy engine.

It's heavy, but nice. Not that I'd want to have one, but to look at one....yes, why not ?


14 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Moto Guzzi Style
Moto Guzzi Motorcycle Christmas Gift
Moto Guzzi logo
2nd part of the motorcycle manufacturer's Christmas gifts.

A look at Moto Guzzi's gifts.


14 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Christmas: Yamaha Style
Yamaha Motorcycle Christmas Gifts
Yamaha logo
The first of a series of (Christmas) gifts as sold by the motorcycle manufacturers themselves.

First one is Yamaha (Europe).


13 December, 2006 - Motorcycle Accidents and the USA
Statistics Article
A look at the 2005 road/traffic accident statistics of the USA. Lots of motorcycle riders died, many with frontal accidents, often by cars turning left ! Also, more older bikers are buying the farm. Bad news.


13 December, 2006 - Video: Harley Motorcycle Jacket
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley not only produces TV ads for their motorcycles, they also sell their "other" stuff via commercials. Here's an ad for their leather motorcycle jackets.


12 December, 2006 - Chopper Bike - Real Bike
Chopper Bicycle
Here's a real, and I mean real, chopper bike.

Cheap, as fast as you can get it to go, almost no pollution, little noise !

A real chick magnet !!


12 December, 2006 - Top 10 Useless Christmas Motorcycle Gifts
Harley Rocking Chair
We've all seen sites publishing the best motorcycle gifts for Christmas, but what about the gifts you don't want to receive.

Here's my top 10 useless motorcycle gifts.

Sorry if I offend anyone....


12 December, 2006 - Anti-Greenlaning Law Repealed In France ?
France Article
Politics Article
First strike against the French greenies and their proposed law forbidding motorcycles from riding off road. The top government agency in France has decided that the proposed law is without merit, and condemned the greenies to pay legal costs. One small victory, but the battle still rages.


12 December, 2006 - Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me
Personal Article
You guessed it... it's my birthday...


11 December, 2006 - Luxury Motorcycle Tours
Discovery Moto Tours website
UK based Discovery Moto Tours offer luxury guided motorcycle tours in exotic places like Thailand?

Go on a nice motorcycle holiday for 14 days through on a BMW R1200GS, with luxury sweeper cars, guides and the best hotels.

Dream holiday !


10 December, 2006 - Dreadful Sight: Chinese Motorcycle Graveyard
Chinese Motorcycle Graveyard
Here's a photo that's making me cry.

Thousands of motorcycles in a Chinese graveyard. All these motorcycles have been confiscated, and will be destroyed !!

What a waste !


8 December, 2006 - Florida’s Christmas Spirit
Elf Radar
In Florida, USA, the Orange County Police force have gotten the Christmas spirit.

Dressed up as elves, they're manning their speed radars, and handing out speeding fines as if they're croissants.

What has the world come to ?


8 December, 2006 - What ?? I can’t hear you !!
Carefree's anti motorcycle noise sign
A simple-minded town in Arizona, USA has imposed a 80 dB noise level on motorcycles !

The town council has not given their approval, their own law states 85 dB, and a US$750 fine was never decided upon.

Why not just say "Bikers Not Allowed!".


7 December, 2006 - Trust The Dutch - Speeding Fine Gift Certificate
Fun Article
In Holland, a company has created Gift Certificates you can use to pay your speeding fines. Ideal Christmas gift ?


7 December, 2006 - Video: Motorcycle Dealers (1)
Video clip inside
A look at two TV advertisements for motorcycles & scooters dealers in the USA. Yes, they too need to advertise.


6 December, 2006 - SuperTooth - Bluetooth For Motorcycles
Supertooth Moto
We're seeing them coming out of the woods, more and more Bluetooth equipped gadgets for motorcycles.

Here's one from Hong Kong, the Supertooth Moto.

Cheap (cheaper than most), but limited in functionality.


6 December, 2006 - Video: Worldrider (Allan Karl) In Bolivia
Video clip inside
RTW motorcycle rider Allan Karl has posted a video of his ride in parts of Bolivia. This will give you a good idea of the conditions he's meeting while travelling the world.


5 December, 2006 - Tire Watch - Technology Serving Bikers
Tire Watch
A comprehensive review of the "Tire Watch" product, a wireless monitoring device of your tires pressure and temperature (and outside temperature).

Want to save your life, and save money on your gasoline bill ??

You may want to invest in this product.


5 December, 2006 - Female Motorcycle Mechanics Calendar
Sarah Lyon Female Mechanics Calendar
Female professional photographer, Sarah Lyon, has produced a calendar featuring female mechanics.

She travelled 6000 miles on her Yamaha motorcycle to find them in the USA.

Now, you can buy the wall calendar.


4 December, 2006 - Cargo Carrying Capacity Of Motorcycles
Ricardo Kuhn Cargo Carry
How much do you carry on your motorcycle ? Do you really think you carry much.

Check out Ricardo Kuhn in California, USA. He often needs to carry a lot of cargo, but doesn't have a car.

Everything but the kitchen sink goes on the motorcycle. Here are several photos on what he can carry.


4 December, 2006 - Video: Ducati Commercial
Video clip inside
Ducati logo
One of the very few Ducati motorcycle TV ads I've managed to find ! Kind of different from the Harley ones.


3 December, 2006 - Message For Readers Of
This Site Article
If you are reading this message through the URL, please change it to read, in other words, change the first blogs to news. If not, you'll not be able to receive your daily news shortly !


1 December, 2006 - Video: More Harley Ads
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Two TV Ads from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, one bad, one not bad.


1 December, 2006 - Travis Pastrana To The Dark Side
Travis Pastrana
Travis Pastrana has signed a three year deal with Subaru, the dark side of the force....



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