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31 December, 2008 - Happy New Year 2009 To All
Happy New Year 2009 to everyone
A Happy & Lucky New Year 2009 to everyone.

May all your wishes come true, and that you and your family live a prosperous, healthy and happy 2009.


30 December, 2008 - Motorcycle Predictions 2009: Crystal Ball Time
I try to gaze in a crystal ball after all the Christmas food, and stuffed as I am, I've come to some conclusions.

It's a bit gloomy next year..... bummer. Why do I listen to myself?


29 December, 2008 - Motorcycling Through The Year 2008
Opinion Article
Fun Article
Here's my take on what happened during 2008 in the motorcycle world.

Races, manufacturers and people are all covered in this "year in review".


26 December, 2008 - My Kind Of Motorcycling Santa [Last One]
Santa Claus on a sports motorycle
Last motorcycle riding Santa Claus for this year, I promise.

How about that? Matching sports motorcycles for Santa Claus. Much better than a custom job.


25 December, 2008 - Motorcycle Santa Postman: Three In One
Postman on motorcycle dressed as Santa in Korea 2008
Not a bad combo: Motorcycle riding postmen, dressed as Santa Claus.

It works!


24 December, 2008 - Video: Dakar 1978
Video clip
Dakar logo
Here's a very interesting video clip of the very first Dakar race held back in 1978.

Starting from Paris, you can see how ill-equipped most of the motorcycles and riders were for such an adventure, but they still went.

So space-age suits, carbon helmets, carbon boots, just plain old walking boots, old helmets and big leather suits.


24 December, 2008 - Christmas Santa Stunting
Santa riding a motorcycle doing a stunt
Makes you want to stop believing in Santa Claus.....

Santa riding a motorcycle doing a stunt??? But the man is like a million years old....


23 December, 2008 - Merry Christmas 2008 To You All
Santa on a motorcycle
We're off for our winter hibernation, meaning that we're reducing the number of daily posts.

Unless something really interesting happens, like CZ buying up BMW motorcycles, you'll see a funny or entertaining post every day until next year.

So, in the mean time, enjoy your Christmas with your family, friends or dogs.

Merry Christmas to y'all!


22 December, 2008 - GPS Study Case: Moto GPS
Moto GPS design
A GPS need not look like all other GPSs out there, square box with buttons.

Here's a very interesting GPS design, unfortunately it's only a design study, not a real product. The Moto GPS is round, like a compass, uses Bluetooth and a touch screen. It's simple in design, and elegant on any motorcycle.

Dear Santa (read Garmin or TomTom), how about one next year?


22 December, 2008 - Motorcycle Pillion Riding Banned In Karachi
Several people riding pillion
In Karachi, Pakistan, the authorities are banning motorcycle pillions. This, because of security concerns.

Only female, journalists and old folks are allowed.

Huh..? In Pakistan, apparently senior citizens, who are female journalists, do not throw bombs...


22 December, 2008 - Forget The Motorcycle, Look At The Music System
Lots of stereo components on a motorcycle
This biker must really, and I mean REALLY, love his music.

The motorcycle is only a vehicle to transport his music from point A to point B.


19 December, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 19 December 2008
Web Article
Here's the meager stories I've found circulating on the motorcycle blogs this week. It looks like we're getting ready for the festive shutdown..

Here's what you may have missed this week :

- From the Eyes of a Passenger
- Legendary Motorcycles
- Inspiradores
- Approachability - Overcoming the Stigma


19 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Last One! Life-Is-Simple Hat
Life is simple hat
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

This hat says it all.

"Life is Simple. Eat. Sleep. Bike".


19 December, 2008 - New Super Motorcycle Helmet In Time For Xmas
A pot as helmet
A new helmet has made it to the shops just in time for the Christmas shopping sprees.

This new revolutionary helmet serves many different purposes, from riding your motorcycle, to cooking, to ...


19 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: MV Agusta F4 Motorcycle - Diecast Toy
MV Agusta F4 diecast model
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Owning one of the ultimate motorcycle, the MV Agusta F4, is a dream many of us have. But the very high price tag makes it just that, a dream.

So why not get a scale diecast model?


19 December, 2008 - Silly Motorcycle Season 2008
Santa Claus on a motorcycle
It's the silly season, where you will be able to see 1,000's of Santa Claus riding a motorcycle round the world.

Fun, fun, fun, riding a motorcycle... (someone, write a song about it)..


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Clock
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Telling the time on motorcycles is kind-of important, if not just to know how long you've been having fun. But not all motorcycles have clocks.

Here's an easy solution, a stick-on clock.


18 December, 2008 - Speeding Biker Did Not Know He Was Speeding! Yeah, Right!
Speeding Biker Arrested
A motorcycle rider was arrested and his motorcycle taken away in Australia for speeding.

However, he did it twice, and he claims he didn't realize that he was speeding. The speed limit was 90 kph, and he was speeding (or maybe he was flying very low) at 190 kph!



18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Royal Enfield - The Complete Story
Royal Enfield Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Royal Enfield is one of those legendary motorcycle manufacturers who have captivated several generations of motorcycle lovers.

They have been in existence since Fred Flintstone, and here's a book that tells and shows you its history on 192 pages.


18 December, 2008 - Big, Normal, Small, Mini And Now Macro Motorcycle
Mini-Mini Motorcycle
You've got all sorts of sizes in the motorcycle world.

Ranging from ENORMOUS to very small, pocket bikes. But this one deserves a new category; MACRO Motorcycles.


18 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Leather Motorcycle Wallet
harley Davidson Leather Wallet
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Every time you grab your wallet with this present you'll be reminded about the love of your life.

And I don't mean your spouse, kids or dogs.


18 December, 2008 - This Is What Happens When You Have 2 Wives
Heavy loaded motorcycle in Egypte
In some cultures and religions you are allowed to have multiple wives. But you'll need to offer similar conditions to all of them.

So if you've got 2 wives and only one motorcycles and a few kids, what do you do?


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Chocolate
Motorcycle Chocolate
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You may not be able to ride your motorcycle at this moment if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, but you can still enjoy a good motorcycle.....

A solid chocolate one that is....


17 December, 2008 - Video: Royal Enfield Motorcycles - Make Way
Video clip
Royal Enfield logo
Not only do Royal Enfield make sure really nice classic motorcycles, they make some interesting TV ads.

Here's a nice one. Just listen to the engine putter away. Love it...


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kids Bicycle Motorcycle Sound Gadget
Bicycle horn with Motorcycle sound
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Kids love pretending that they are riding motorcycles instead of bicycles, so why not help them out.

This gadget replaces one of the handlebar grips, and they can rev-up their "motorcycle". Cool.


17 December, 2008 - Ecological And Practical: Biotrike
Nowadays when designing a motorcycle or another type of vehicle, you need to take many factors in to account, foremost being the environment.

The builders of the Biotrike have done that. This motorcycle trike is not like any other trike. It has 2 front wheels and one rear wheel, the tires are car tires, and the engine runs on bio-diesel (and normal diesel).

The vehicle comes in 2, 4 or handicapped version, and even has an onboard air-conditioning unit.


17 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Suzuki Mug
Suzuki coffee mug
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You love Suzuki motorcycles, or you have one, or both ?

Show it, drink your coffee, tea or whatever from this mug.


17 December, 2008 - BMW And Their New System 6 Motorcycle Helmet
BMW System 6 helmet
BMW logo
BMW have got their new flip-up motorcycle helmet, the System 6, ready for sales starting next year.

It's the lightest version of this popular helmet, and it finally has got a sun visor.

And it still will cost a small fortune...


16 December, 2008 - The Netherlands: Motorcycle Purchase Statistics 2007
Want to know who bought what motorcycles in The Netherlands?

More and more older people are buying big motorcycles in that small country.


16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Sexy Betty Boop And Dog On Motorcycle
Betty Boop and Dog on a motorcycle, Christmas ornament
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

One of the sexiest cartoon characters around, even at an old and ripe age, she's hot. Betty Boop on a motorcycle as Christmas ornament...


16 December, 2008 - Revamped Motorcycle Exhibition Of Paris
Paris Mondial 2007
The Paris motorcycle exhibition, the "Mondial du Deux Roues" is changing their formula for 2009.

Held every two years, they plan to be open for less days, and have less space, but with better content.

Gone are the accessory and secondhand motorcycle sales, gone is the Eco-village. More space is reserved for motorcycle professionals. But the price has not changed for the public.

Let's see how things go, and if they are able to keep the interest going.


16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Triumph Reversible Watch
Triumph Reveresable Watch
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Let the world think you can afford more than one watch.....

This Triumph motorcycles watch can turn around, it's reversible. One side is analog, the other digital.



16 December, 2008 - Video: Kawasaki Zone 125 TV Ad
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
A lame, but well done, Kawasaki Indonesia TV ad for their Zone 125 motorcycle scooter.

It's amazing what can be done with CGI nowadays, but I still prefer the good old fashion comical Kawasaki TV ads for a few years back.


16 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Buell Drive
Buell Drive road sign
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

For that other "Harley", Buell motorcycles, here's something that will not look out of place in your garage, a Buell Drive road sign.

Hang it up with pride.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Moto Guzzi Fleece Hoody
Moto Guzzi fleece Hoody
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

It's winter so better dress warm.

What better for Moto Guzzi lovers to wear a fleece hoody with the Guzzi name and logo. Show your love for your motorcycle.


15 December, 2008 - Know When Not To Do A Wheelie
Riding very Careful
There are times when you should not pop a wheelie when riding your motorcycle.

Here is one of those times...


15 December, 2008 - Bajaj Slowly Buying All Of KTM Motorcycles
Bajaj logo
KTM logo
Bajaj announced that they have upped their share holding in KTM to 25.86%.

They are slowly buying up KTM. Already they have several projects on the table, and several KTM motorcycles are to be sold in India under the Bajaj label.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Balaclava
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Riding in the winter, or robbing a bank requires one of these. If not, you'll get a real brain freeze.


15 December, 2008 - Alternative To Standard Safety Vests
Exelite vests and sash
Exelite vests and sash
Putting on a safety vest when riding your motorcycle, makes you look pretty dorky, but at least you're alive. But there are alternative ways of making you visible at night on your motorcycle.

Here's a pretty good solution by Exelite from New Zealand. Single sash up to backpack add-ons, all are battery powered LEDs.


15 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kawasaki Ninja
Kawasaki Ninja Toy for kids
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

You are never to young to start riding a Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle.

This one even makes all the sounds of a Kawasaki.


15 December, 2008 - Discovery HD To Air Excellent Motorcycle Documentary
Twist the throttle motorcycle documentary
The previously mentioned motorcycle documentary produced by our friends at Twisting Asphalt is going to be shown on the Discovery channel.

So finally we'll be seeing something other than choppers. "Twist the Throttle" will be shown starting the 5th of January in the USA, each week a different manufacturer is presented.

Finally some good programming on the TV.... Mark the dates....


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Red Light Changer
Red Light Changer
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Ever get stuck on your motorcycle waiting for a red traffic light to turn green, but will not. That's because it probably one that "senses" a vehicle waiting.

But since motorcycle have a low magnetic presence, this little device will increase your magnetic presence (your motorcycle, not yours), triggering the red light. And it's legal...


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Get your Motor Running Gift Basket
Christmas gift basket, Get your motor running
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Giving a hamper or gift basket to a motorcycle lover is a bit... gauche...

Here's a real gift basket for motorcycle lovers...


12 December, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 12 Dec 2008
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed during the busy week regarding motorcycle stories that were published on the internet:

- A Little Holiday Gift-Giving Warning
- ABATE Toy Run Makes Christmas Brighter For Kids
- Harley Snubbed In Benjamin Button Movie
- Don’t Call Me A Biker!
- Batman’s Original Batcycle


12 December, 2008 - Smart Speed Bumps - The Way Forward?
Smart speed bump design
Everyone hates speed bumps, no matter what you're driving; motorcycles, cars, SUVs even trucks.

Even when riding at the correct speed, the speed bumps are a pain in the ass (literally).

But here's a new style speed bumps, and it's smart. Correct speed ? No speed bump!


12 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Diecast BMW R1200GS Motorcycle
BMW R1200GS Diecast model
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

BMW's most popular motorcycle, the BMW R1200GS, can be bought as a 1:12 diecast model.

This will look good on anyone's desk....


12 December, 2008 - Yea, My Birthday Today - Do Not Disturb
Disturbing a sleeping polarbear
Yup, it's my birthday today. Another one...

It was almost like yesterday that my previous birthday was held. Am I any wiser? No way! Older? Nope!


11 December, 2008 - The Missing Motorcycle Link?
Scooter riding in the water
We've got motorcycles, car and trucks, and we've got cars and trucks that can go into the water (on purpose that is).

But have we got now a scooter/motorcycle that can go into the water...???....


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Very Loud Motorcycle Horn
Nautilus Motorcycle Air Horn
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

We all know that motorcycle manufacturers make horns that really sound like lame ducks. They don't serve any purpose.

Here's an air horn that will wake up the dead, 139 dB!!


11 December, 2008 - Surviving Winter On Your Motorcycle
Snow inside car
Just because it's winter out there, doesn't mean that you've got to stop riding your motorcycle...

But you've got to equip yourself appropriately.

Here's a list of stuff you may need, or not, whatever turns you on..


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Honda Motorcycle Racing Crew Shirt
Honda Crew Shirt
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Want to look like you're working in the motorcycle racing world.....

Here's a Honda pit crew shirt. You'll look the part...


11 December, 2008 - The Good Old Ball and Chain Solution
Motorcycle with ball and chain
Got any other solutions to make sure your motorcycle does not get stolen?

Here's one way....


11 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Archive Book
Harley-Davidson archive book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Getting gifts for Harley-Davidson motorcycle lovers is easy. Here's an enormous book (400+ pages), with hundreds of color photos of their favorite motorcycle.

Brand new, it's called the Harley-Davidson archive book.


10 December, 2008 - No More European Motorcycles In The USA?
US Europe Beef dispute
American Motorcycle Association (AMA) logo
Because of a beef dispute between Europe and the USA, it might become impossible to buy an Europe motorcycle shortly. The US Government is looking at hiking the import duty on European motorcycle to 100%! Meaning your Ducati, BMW, Aprilia et al, will cost you double.

Not good....


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: KTM RC8 Motorcycle In Bits
KTM RC8 Puzzle
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

If you love looking at the KTM RC8 motorcycle, you're going to love this Christmas gift!

A 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of the KTM motorcycle. Hours of fun...


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: 2009 Motorcycle Wall Calendar
2009 Motorcycle Wall Calendar
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

One gift that is never wrong, is next year's calendar. Here's a wall calendar with beautiful photos of world's most popular motorcycles.


10 December, 2008 - MotoGP Coming To Bulgaria
MotoGP logo
The MotoGP circus, complete with all its motorcycles, riders, pit and umbrella girls will be setting up their tents in Bulgaria.

As off 2011, you'll be seeing MotoGP races in that former East-Block country. According to the designers, the circuit is out of this world.


10 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Husqvarna Motorcycle T-Shirt
Husqvarna Metro T-Shirt
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Even if you don't have the motorcycle, the Husqvarna T-shirt will not look out of place on any motorcycle lover.


10 December, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Gives Away Motorcycles
Beijing Police on Harleys
Harley-Davidson are giving away free motorcycles.

Three motorcycles have been given to China's Police force.

Is that what they call "FREE SAMPLES"...??


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Ducati Sandisk USB Flash Drive
Ducati Sandisk USB flash drive key
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

We've all got computers right (if not, you wouldn't be reading this)? Here's something that will make you and your computer happy;

The Ducati SanDisk USB flash drive key. Like a Ducati, it's sleek, sexy and very fast. 20 Mb/sec and 4 Gigs of memory.

Even if you don't have a Ducati, this is going to look really cool on your computer...


9 December, 2008 - Crocodile Motorcycles
Crocodile motorcycle
Crocodile motorcycle harley
Crocodiles are scary animals and you'd better keep a distance.

You can understand why a few people would want to customize their chopper to look like crocodiles.


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Motorcycle Battery Charger In The Right Shape
Motorcycle Battery Tender Twin 800
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Your poor motorcycle is left alone in the dark all those winter months? Here's something to keep him happy and fully charged!

The Deltran Batter Tender Twin 800! In the shape of a motorcycle V-twin, and it even plays a motorcycle sound.

Your motorcycle will thank you...


9 December, 2008 - How To Make Your Motorcycle Uglier Than Your Neighbor’s
El Wire fuel tank LEDs
Customizing your motorcycle requires skill and taste. Not something that will make you remember what you had for breakfast.

Here's one example of what you shouldn't do.


9 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Aprilia Balls
Aprilia basket ball
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

After all the festivities around Christmas, you'll need exercise. What better way than going on the basket ball court for a bit of one-on-one with an Aprilia branded basket ball??


9 December, 2008 - Why I Love Angelina Jolie - One Explanation
Angelina Jolie on motorcycle
Mrs Angelina Jolie is very pretty, very sexy and a very good, if not great, actress. But that's not why I love her...

It's because for the 2nd year in a row, she's giving her hubby a motorcycle for his birthday!

That's my kind of a woman. And to think my birthday is this Friday.... SWMBO.. pay attention here!


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Harley-Davidson Monopoly
Harley-Davidson Monopoly game
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Imagine the hours of fun after your Christmas dinner with the family or friends playing with this Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Monopoly!

Everything is centered around motorcycles on this popular board game.


8 December, 2008 - New Ticketing System For Europe And The USA: Beware!
Opinion Article
News Article
Europe is spending US$ 10 million to develop a RFID based ticketing system.

Currently Finland, Germany and France are testing the system on commercial vehicles, but for sure, we'll be seeing this system shortly mandatory on our motorcycles.

What it means, for example, if you're too close to another vehicle, you automatically get fined for tailgating....

Big brother too the extreme...


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Kids Book: Little Mike And Maddie
Litte Mike and Maddie Christmas Book
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

Got kids, and want them to start getting interested in motorcycles?

Here's an interesting Christmas gift: a book about Little Mike and Maddie who save Santa, using a motorcycle.


8 December, 2008 - XMAS 2008: Christmas 2008 Gifts
Motorbikers Christmas 2008 Ideas
Christmas 2008 Ideas

This is a new series that will run until Christmas. Each article will give you, your spouse, friends or your kids an idea for a Christmas gift.

There will be plenty of gift ideas coming... the elves are scoring the internet for gift ideas, so better be good...


8 December, 2008 - BMW’s New Motorcycle Blog
Web Article
BMW logo
BMW have started a blog on their main site related to the BMW S 1000 RR motorcycle and the SuperBike championships.

You'll be able to see how Xaus is doing, live, plus read articles from the people who are involved in the race.

Three lucky winners of the first 200 registered users can a prize, and other blogs are invited to pitch in.


8 December, 2008 - Video: French Motorcycle Police/Gendarme Gruelling Training
Video clip
I've written already about the grueling training the French motorcycle Police (Gendarme) have to undergo before they are let loose on the streets of France.

Between 5 and 8 months of training. Now you can see how intense their training is. Here's the video of the training, condensed into 4 minutes...


5 December, 2008 - France: Buy A BMW Motorcycyle, Get €2000 Of Goodies
BMW logo
BMW France just announced that if you buy a brand new BMW motorcycle before the end of the year, you'll get up to a maximum of €2000 of BMW rider gear.

Not bad, even with their high prices.


5 December, 2008 - Top Internet Stories - 5 December 2008
Web Article
Here's what was going on with motorcycle stories on the big web which you may have missed during last week: - IndoPrix
- TTX01 electric motorcycle built for TTX GP
- Beringer Inboard Brakes: plane tech for supermotos
- Keep That Youthful Appearance - Ride A Motorcycle
- Traveling on the Cheap


5 December, 2008 - Video: David Fretigne Training For The Dakar 2009
David Fretigne Dakar training
Video clip
David Fretigne is one of the top French motorcycle enduro champs, and he's been training very hard to win the Dakar 2009.

Here's an impressive video clip of David on his Yamaha motorcycle. Wooow!


5 December, 2008 - Mad Max? Naw, Kids Stuff!
Russian Ghost-Rider
And you thought the motorcycles in Mad Max were rough and ready.

Try this one...


4 December, 2008 - PhotoChopped Motorcycles And Animals
Biker Monkey
You can do wonder with photos nowadays. PhotoChopping images has become a favorite pastime for many.

One web site had a contest faking animals and motorcycles. Have a look.


4 December, 2008 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2009 Announced
Romaniacs 2008 water trap
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
The Red Bull Romaniacs, world's toughest hard motorcycle enduro, have been announced.

Starting numbers are now allocated to a first come, first on the starting grid. Registrations open on the 6th of December, so better get ready..


4 December, 2008 - A Bit Of Wind, and Bang!
Blown down motorcycles taiwan
This is what happens when you leave your motorcycle outside when a storm hits town.

Photo was made during the summer and is part of Reuter's Pictures of the Year.


3 December, 2008 - Protecting Your Motorcycle Trailer
Trailer Dog Security TD 6000 G
Protecting your motorcycle trailer from theft is not easy. Chains and padlocks are not enough.

Trailer Dog Security have several alarms, one of them even is solar powered.

How much is your trailer worth to you..


3 December, 2008 - Sci-Fi Scooter/Motorcycle
Sci-fi scooter/motorcycle
This looks like the scooter/motorcycle of the future.

LCD screens, lots of lights (used to levitate the contraption?)... Alien UFO or just a plain simple Honda?


3 December, 2008 - Boy! Am I Glad I Live Somewhere Warmer
Snowed under motorcycle
It must be frustrating living in a place where you get lots of snow during the winter, and can't ride your motorcycle.

PMS time....


2 December, 2008 - Shaping The Future Of Motorcycling
Politics Article
ACEM logo
ACEM held their conference on the future of motorcycles in Europe.

Here's what they had to say.


2 December, 2008 - SHARP Now Testing Flip-up Motorcycle Helmets
SHARP Nolan N103 test
The good folks at SHARP, the UK government motorcycle helmet testing facility, have started testing flip-up motorcycle helmets.

Part of the test is the chinguard and locking mechanism. That should put a rest to the many discussions going on at the internet forums.


2 December, 2008 - Do Cows And Motorcycles Mix?
Cow Motorcycle
If you think cows and motorcycles do not mix, think again!

There seem to be a lot of people who do think they mix. Here are a few photos I found on the internet...


1 December, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 220
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj do it again. A good and entertaining TV ad for their Pulsar 220 motorcycle.

They have the recipe for good TV commercials those folks at Bajaj.


1 December, 2008 - Suzuki Hayabusa In India?
Suzuki Hayabusa in India
Suzuki logo
One of world's fastest motorcycles, the Suzuki Hayabusa, goes on sale in one of world's most crowded countries, India!

Where can they ride it?????


1 December, 2008 - AIDS Ribbon By Motorcycles
AIDS ribbon by motorcycles
Nice. 203 Harley-Davidson motorcycles form an AIDS ribbon in Taiwan.



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