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21 December, 2012 - Happy Holidays and New Year 2013
Christmas 2013 Greeting
Well that's it for another year. I've decided to take a week holiday, recovering from a tough year. One week of food, friends & family and lots of cheer coming up.

So have yourselves a great holiday, celebrating whatever holiday you celebrate in your part of the world; drink, eat & be merry... all in moderation of course.

Thank you for visiting my site and allowing me to entertain you for the year. I hope to see you next year, with plenty of motorcycle news, entertainment, funny and strange stuff, and all the new gadgets I can find.

Have fun....


21 December, 2012 - End Of The World?
Skeleton End of World
Heaven Symbol Japan
Is this the end? Are we done? Well, if you're reading this, some of us at least are still here. You, and our server in the USA, are still up and running, so at least one person survived.

Is this what has become of the rest of us? Quietly riding our motorcycles, and then BAMMMMM gone forever?

Oh... if you are wondering what the strange symbol is, where I normally put a country flag, it's the Japanese symbol for heaven...


21 December, 2012 - Video: TomTom Goes Viral
Video clip
Our favorite Dutch GPS manufacturer (in fact, there are no other Dutch GPS makers), TomTom, have made a viral video. But just read that line again. It's a "viral" video, a video about viral videos. In fact, it's a video taking off viral videos... in a funny way.

You'll get to see many of the very popular viral videos shown on the internet, including the "Press For Drama" video. Nope, there are no motorcycles in this video, but since they provide GPSs for motorcycles, and it's funny enough to become viral, I've decided to show it (also I had nothing else to show).

So have a look at the viral video of viral videos.


20 December, 2012 - Stash Stix: Easy Way To Carry Important Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Stash Stix
Stash Stix
Riding your motorcycle means freedom: Riding into the sunset, hair in the wind, bugs in your teeth and the roar of your engine. Unfortunately that may have been the case many decades ago, but now you need to have your helmet on, you've probably got earplugs in, high-visibility jackets, and most important, you'll need to have your papers with you. Motorcycle registration, insurance, driving license and probably some cash. But if you're anything like a "normal" biker, you've probably got several jackets and trousers you use, meaning your important stuff will be in one of those jackets, and according to Murphy, you'll have the other jacket on and you'll get stopped by the cops for a papers check. Stash Stix is a Kickstarter project, i.e., they're looking for crowd-funding to produce this handy product. Stash Stix is a stick into which you can stash your important "stuff"...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 December, 2012 - Indonesia: Holy Crap! That Is A Lot Of Motorcycles
Jakarta Motorcycles Shipment
Indonesia flag
It's starting to look like Indonesia is becoming the next India/China, i.e., a country where there's an explosion of wealth for the wealthier people (and less money for the poor), and with that explosion of wealth comes the big question... what do we do with the extra money.

And one of the many things they do.. is buy motorcycles.


20 December, 2012 - Video: Buell 1125 CR
Video clip
Buell logo
Remember Buell? The now defunct, former Harley-Davidson, sports brand? The motorcycle maker that Harley let welter away....

Here's an "old" promotional advertisement (you know those TV things they show at dealers and shows that loops around the whole day driving staff crazy) of the Buell 1125CR motorcycle.

Funny, or sad actually, seeing the video doesn't make me want to take out my wallet and rush to a dealer to buy one.


19 December, 2012 - I Nominate This For The Next Winter Olympics - Anyone Else?
Motorcycle Skijoering
It has always bothered me that there's never any mechanical sports in the Olympics games, summer nor winter. Motorcycle racers are top athletes, so why wouldn't they be allowed to measure themselves against others every 4 years, and why wouldn't they be allowed to participate in kick-ass opening ceremonies? It's not fair, but the IOC can't seem to find a motorcycle sport that could be used for any of the Olympics games.

Well, I beg to differ. Back in 1928 at the Winter Games of St. Moritz, Switzerland, they held a horse-skiing race as demonstration. What they did was use a horse to pull a skier, making it a trial for both horse rider, horse and skier. Very noble. Very exiting.

Well, believe it or not, the sport cam from Sweden and Norway, and is called Skijoering. The clever Scandinavians knew that horses or, as originally used dogs, would have a difficult time in their climate, so they substituted horse with motorcycles............

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19 December, 2012 - Somehow I Do Not Think This Is A Motorcyclist Camping
Not a Motorcycle Camper
Hmmm... I'd venture a guess that this is not a motorcyclist camping.

What do you think?


19 December, 2012 - Record Number Of People On A Motorcycle
Record Most People On 1 Motorcycle
Guinness World Records logo
In the past we've often shown you photos of a lot of people on a motorcycle. Usually it's because they have no choice.. it's the only way they can get anywhere. The largest number of "passengers" we've counted so far has been 13.

But on November 2010 a bunch of soldiers in India set out to break the world record of the number of people on a motorcycle. And the number? 54! On a Royal Enfield 500 motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


18 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Ultimate Biker Christmas Gift - Everyone Needs One
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We've shown many Christmas gift ideas over the last 2 weeks, and I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did looking for them. Many gifts are ideal for motorcycle riders & lovers, passionate about their brand of bike, or biking in general.

We've seen handy gifts, funny gifts or just plain gifts. Gifts can be in any price range, from several cents to mega dollars.

But in all these gifts, this is the one gift every motorcycle riders needs to have. You should not be allowed to escape this one.... it's not only a perfect gift to give to a biker, but it's also the ideal gift to get (even if you get it for yourself). And what is the gift???..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


18 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Save Money For Your Next Motorcycle
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Buying a new motorcycle, as we all know, costs a lot of money. It's the kind of money you can't just take out of your pocket, pay the dealer, and ride off into the sunset on your new motorcycle.

Want a new bike? You'll need to save for it. It's that simple, unless your name is Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or God help me... Donald Trump.

Here's an ideal Christmas gift for some motorcycle lover who needs to save money, if not just for gasoline money. A piggy bank in the shape of a motorcycle. How handy.


18 December, 2012 - Ad: Quiksilver Fast Drying
Quiksilver Fast Drying Swimwear
Quiksilver logo
This is quite a clever print advertisement for clothing maker Quiksilver. You take a look at the photo and the text, and then it hits you...

The guy was able to ride his scooter for a pizza delivery, guaranteed to be delivered in 30 minutes, and still have a swim. Nice...


18 December, 2012 - Christmas Gift For The Man Who has Everything
WD 40 Aftershave
Since we're in the Christmas gift giving spirit, racking our brains to find interesting gifts to give, or to receive, how about this "gift" for the man who has everything.... except this:

WD-40 is a miracle product for motorcycle riders, so why not a good old fashion perfume and aftershave in our favorite scent...


17 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Shine A Light With Vespa Scooters
Vespa Alarm Clock
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Christmas is a great time, but usually it's dark in the morning, and therefore difficult to get out of bed. I think we all suffer from this. Standard alarm clocks will probably do the job, but they are nowhere as stylish as this Christmas gift.

The Vespa headlight alarm clock.... very stylish, like their scooter. The clock's shape was inspired by the very first and original Vespa scooter's headlight, so you can't go wrong...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 December, 2012 - China: Tour Beijing On An Electric Scooter With Guide
Beijing Electric Bike Tours
China flag
I don't known about you, but I absolutely hate going on city tours on a bus with a guide. I prefer not to go than to sit in a bus listening to a tour guide's drivel. But here's one interesting guided tour way to visit one of world's most interesting cities, Beijing, China.

Beijing Electric Bike Tours is a Canadian owned and operated touring organization who, as their name says, operates guided tours through China's Beijing on electric scooters.

Using 330 - 350 w electric scoots, and an English speaking guide, you tour the mythical city on your own scooter, giving you a freedom rarely offered by bus tours...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 December, 2012 - France: Hmmm... Nothing Left To Protest
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
You can clearly see that the end of the world is closing in on us rapidly. This time last year, the French motorcycle riders and their associations had a laundry list with grievances the length of the Eiffel Tower. Now, one year later, there's nothing left. What a difference one year makes..

In one year, hot protest items like mandatory high-visibility armbands for all bikers, mandatory annual technical inspections for motorcycles, mandatory alcohol breathalyzers and 100 HP power limit for motorcycles are all binned or suspended.

Two other hot subjects are about to be granted..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 December, 2012 - 2013 Motorcycle Calendars x 10
Calendars 2013
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Calendars are often a very acceptable & practical gift, either to give or to receive. Calendars with motorcycles on them are even better. If you're going to be looking at a calendar throughout 2013, why not make sure the photos are of something you really like, right?

So here are 10 popular calendars with, apart from having as the main theme motorcycles, a variety of other subjects and prices. Some are mass produced, some are produced on a one-by-one basis.

But whatever you choose as calendar, you'll know that's it's quality, and that you're going to be looking at motorcycles...


14 December, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 14 December 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Well, my birthday has come and gone, and I'm still alive; Now to wait and see if the world ends next week. If not, this is the last weekly overview of interesting motorcycle articles.

- Review: Motorcycle Man By Kristen Ashley (Dear Author)
- What Happens When Police Officer Rides His First Electric Motorcycle (Torque News)
- Buying A Motorcycle In The Winter (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Mad Dogs And Motorcycles (Reuters)


14 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: A Few Motorcycle Branded Gifts
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We're getting closer to Christmas, so I better hurry up with the Christmas gift ideas for motorcycle lovers. I've seen that many of the gift ideas have been bought (I can track the Amazon-based gifts by the number of purchases), so here are a few more.

Many bikers are very loyal to the motorcycle manufacturer, and therefore it makes sense to give (or get) gifts for Christmas for that brand. Most manufacturers have interesting seasonal gifts, some more (KTM, Harley, Ducati and even BMW), while some offer very little (mostly the Japanese manufacturers). You can visit their respective web sites for ideas.

Here are a bunch of ideas per manufacturer, all available on Amazon US, and most of them are "different" than what is offered by the manufacturer on their own site...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 December, 2012 - France: This Guy Is Going To Fail His Motorcycle Exam, For Sure
French Driving School Motorcycles
France flag
A lot of motorcycle riders speed, I'm one of them, though not always on purpose. From experience, there are three instances when you shouldn't speed:

1. When there are cops around
2. When you're doing your motorcycle exam
3. When you are training for your motorcycle exam

A young guy in Beauvais, France missed points #1 and #3, and therefore will not get the chance to try point #2. He was caught riding his motorcycle at 150 kph on a 100 kph road, ON HIS DRIVING-SCHOOL Motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Use Harley-Davidson To Keep You Warm This Winter
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
There are parts in this world where the winter can be harsh and cold. Cold enough to curl up next to the fire to keep warm. But usually a fire isn't enough to keep you warm, and when you don't have a fireplace, then you've got a problem.

Putting your beloved one over you (beloved = motorcycle) is not going to be easy, nor very warm. But this Christmas gift might just do the trick.

The Harley-Davidson Fleece Blanket, or pop-up hamper...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 December, 2012 - Get More Out Of Your GoPro Video Camera
Many motorcycle riders have gotten themselves GoPro video cameras to film themselves on their kick-ass rides (or they'll be getting one from Santa Claus). GoPro cameras are very cool High Definition cameras that are small enough to use on your motorcycles, but give you an exceptional image quality.

GoPro cameras can be put on your helmet, your chest and your bike, giving nice images when you make a video of yourself riding up to the local Starbucks. But here's a product that has just gone live that will make those shots look even more professional and unique.

BoomPro is a product that has been blown into life via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter, but rest assured, the project has just been fully funded, and is now in full swing (though they don't have a web site yet).

BoomPro is an extension rod for the GoPro camera that can be mounted on your helmet, giving a third person view of your ride...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 December, 2012 - Philippines: Testimony Of Motorcycle Maker’s Quality
Philippines Crowded motorcycle
Philippines flag
When I see these frequent photos of several people (usually more than 5) riding on the same motorcycle, I can't but help wonder: a) how dangerous it is and b) how incredibly well built the motorcycle is to withstand this kind of punishment.

Have you considered how your motorcycle, be it a Ducati, BMW, KTM or Triumph would hold up with 7 people riding on it for miles of bad roads?


12 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Harley-Davidson Earrings
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Okay, if you really want to show the world and his dog that you are into Harley-Davidson motorcycles, this gift is for you (or for someone else who is).

A pair of stud earrings with the famous Milwaukee based motorcycle manufacturer's logo, in their original colors. The studs are made out of surgical stainless steel...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 December, 2012 - Poland: Naked Cyclist Flashed For Speeding
Naked Cyclist Speed Photo
Poland flag
I love these kind of protests against speed radars, though it's the wrong time of year to do it. In Poland Mariusz Sztuba made a very unusual protest against the local speed radar in Bialy Bor, Poland.

Wearing nothing but his sneakers and his birthday suit, he went on his bicycle, speeding at 53 kph (33 mph) past a speed radar set for 40 kph (25 mph).

Imagine the surprise of the police officers looking at the speed radar photos of that day in October...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 December, 2012 - My Birthday Today: Taking It Very Easy Before End Of World
Taking It Very Easy
It's my birthday today, and since it's 10 days away from the end of the world, I've decided to take it very easy. However, there are articles planned for today, so no zapping....

Birthday presents can be left at the door....


11 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: KTM, Snow and Children
KTM Speed Bob
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Just because winter has arrived (at least in the Northern Hemisphere), it doesn't mean that your children can't stop having fun with KTM. Maybe not with your KTM motorcycle, but they can enjoy this gift.

It's called Speed Bob, and it's a bob sleigh/luge. In other words, you steer it with your body, as long as the body is at least 10 years old, a height of at least 130 centimeters and doesn't weigh more than 130 kgs...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 December, 2012 - Videos: Tucano Urbano - Are You Hot Or Not
Video clip
Tucano Urbano logo
Two funny and sexy viral videos from Italian accessories manufacturer Tucano Urbano. They probably would be considered NOT Safe For Work in the USA, but they are pretty funny nevertheless, and yes, a tad sexist.

Tucano Urbano are mostly known for their very warm clothing and aprons, known to keep you warm on your motorcycle or scooter.

Warning: If you are easily offended by scantly clad ladies, don't watch the videos.


11 December, 2012 - Egypt: Motorcycle Against Tank
Egypt Motorcycle vs Tank
Egypt flag
Several years ago in China, we saw man against tank, now in Egypt, we see motorcycles against tanks. Scary stuff.

They don't seem to catch a break there.


10 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Kawasaki and Dogs
Kawasaki Dog Collar
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Giving gifts during Christmas is not limited to adults and children, although kids are the traditional recipients of gifts during the season. What about our beloved four-legged friends, our dogs.

Dogs should whenever possible get a gift as well, and if you're into Kawasaki motorcycles, what better than getting your family pet a Kawasaki dog collar?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 December, 2012 - Gadgets: Find Your Lost Motorcycle Gear The Easy Way
Stick N Find
Stick N Find
I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for my helmet, my motorcycle gear, and often enough my gloves. I'm sloppy, and when I finish my ride, I don't really pay attention where I deposit things. And that's just my motorcycle gear .... I tend to "misplace" stuff all the time.

Technology to the rescue. Currently a project in IndieGoGo (they are currently close to fully funded, but help crowd-fund this to the end), StickNFind is a very small device, the size of a button or quarter, that is stuffed with electronics.

The electronics have several functions; Bluetooth transmitter/receiver, LED and buzzer, and it can be stuck onto virtually any surface. Surfaces like keys, helmets, dogs/cats, backpacks, gloves ... you name it...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 December, 2012 - USA: Louisiana Requires You To Explain Your Cash
Kid Pulled Over
USA flag
Scary laws for states that are strapped for cash. If you get stopped in Louisiana by cops, and you have money on you, you better be able to show that the money is yours, and how you obtained it.... if not, the cops will confiscate your money.

The ruling came down from the Louisiana Supreme Court after a motorist for stopped by a State Trooper. The Trooper was given permission to search the car, and he found $144,320 hidden away in the minivan. The driver, Tina Beers, had no reasonable explanation for the money, and despite the fact they found no drugs, and the seizure was no warranted, the cops were allowed to keep the money...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 December, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 7 December 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
For many of you the winter has already started, so you'll be longing for motorcycle stories while you dream of spring. Here are a couple I've been reading over the last week that you may have missed.

- UClear HBC200 "Force" Intercom Review (Webbikeworld)
- Knobby Tire Christmas Wreath (Fuzzy Galore)
- Top Ten Tips For Buying An Electric Bike (Electric Bike)
- Optimizing Your Traffic Ticket Experience (Northwest Harley Blog)
- Riding A Motorcycle Japanese Style (Motoress Blog)


7 December, 2012 - Video: Yamaha - For Fun (1960s)
Video clip
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha - I love these old vintage TV commercials. This one is from the 1960's and it's for Yamaha USA. Those were the days that you could easily say that motorcycles are for fun. In fact they say in the advertisement "Meet the people who are having fun, and meet the fun they're having".

They don't make ads like these anymore. They're all about power, speed - not about having fun. And isn't that what riding a motorcycle is all about?


7 December, 2012 - France: Record Number Of Tickets & Points in 2011
French Driving License Torn Up
France flag
2011 was a record year in France, but not a record year were we saw athletes surpass themselves, or a national football team win the world cup, or the French administration reduce the taxes. No, it was the year that saw the most number of points withdrawn from driving licenses, but funnily enough, a reduction in the number of driving licenses being shredded.

12,096,911 points were deducted from driving licenses during 2011 (an increase of 19.3% over 2010). The 12 million points were deducted from some 7,252,738 tickets, 78% of them for speeding and 2.43% for DUI. Because of the new red light radars, a dramatic increase in tickets for driving through a red light was seen, +128%...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Mini Motorcycle Helmet Keychain
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
We all have keys; keys to the house, keys to the bar, keys for our motorcycles. So where store the keys?

Obviously we have keychains to hold our keys, and often the keychains have a symbol of some sort; Like the brand of our motorcycle, or something that is close to our heart.

Here's a keychain that is an ideal gift for Christmas that will not drain our piggy-bank. It's a keychain in the shape of a motorcycle helmet...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 December, 2012 - Spain: The Penguins Gathering For 2013
Pinguinos 2012
Spain flag
For the truly brave bikers, the ones that don't mind a bit of cold weather, snow and ice, and those than can sleep in a tent covered with snow, this one is for you. Once a year in Spain (yes, it does get cold there), the annual Pinguinos gathering (Pinguinos is Spanish for Penguins) attracts over 27,000 motorcycle riders from all over Europe and beyond.

Braving the cold weather, they sleep in tents, and do several group ride-outs in the snow, parading in the main city of Valladolid. In the evenings there are concerts, strip shows (poor girls...) and many famous motorcycle riders are present at this unique event...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 December, 2012 - Video: Motorcycles and Sexual Positions - Moto Kama Sutra
Video clip
Russia flag
In a very well done, even at times very funny, video take on the Kama Sutra and motorcycles. In other words in this Russian video, you get to see "What if a motorcycle was a sexual position?". You get to see all types of motorcycles and their sexual position explained. Don't worry, there's no talking, so you'll not need to translate the Russian.

Don't worry, the video is SFW, except your colleagues might be bothered with your laughing. I love the Tourer Motorcycle position....

Have a look, and don't forget to laugh.


5 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Motorcycle USB Charger Kit
Burns USB Motorcycle Charger
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Let's face it and not beat around the bush. As a bunch of motorcycle riders we all carry electronic gadgets that need to be charged. And nowadays charging our devices is done more and more via the USB port on our computer, or with special USB chargers. The European Commission has even told mobile phone manufacturers to start using only micro-USB connections for their chargers.

This means that out iPhone, Android, Blackberries, GPS, iPod, etc need to be charged, or just use continuous electrical juice to function. And since motorcycles usually have a nice 12V power supply, you'd say that it would be great to plug in one of your gadgets into the 12V system. But for that you need to special "converter", and that is what we propose as useful Christmas gift...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 December, 2012 - Video: Canadian PSA - Texting While Driving
Video clip
Canada flag
Here's a very good PSA from the Canadian government. It's an educational TV commercial that shows why people didn't text while driving in the "old days".

The message is quite clear, and the French words pronounced during the ad are "Before, we didn't write text messages while driving.... there was probably a good reason".


5 December, 2012 - Sidi New Motocross Boot For Women
Sidi Motocross Ladies
Motocross boots are very unladylike. Big, bulky, nothing feminine about them. But if you're going offroad, you have little choice... until now.

Sidi have released for Christmas the Female Motocross boots. Now you too can ride your motorcycle offroad and still have a female "look"...


4 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Keep This Biker Couple Together
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
Ahhh, this is so cute I could vomit. How about that..... a salt & pepper shaker set in the shape of a couple riding motorcycles, him and her riding their own motorcycle.

But apart from them being salt and pepper shakers, their heads have a magnet inside. So when you put the set next to each other, their heads will... well you know... kiss. How cute...


4 December, 2012 - Ad: Volkswagen - Better Scratch A Cop Car Than Bikers?
Volkswagen Parking Assist Bikers
Volkswagen logo
When parking your car, would you rather scratch a police car or bump into a motorcycle belonging to a biker gang (my choice would be none of the above)? That's a question that should be asked in a philosophy exam.

Volkswagen used the image of the above question in their print advertisement in Australia.


4 December, 2012 - OMG! This Guy Is So Unsafe!
Phoning and Riding Bad
OMG, what is this guy thinking. Can't he see he's riding his motorcycle so unsafe? I mean... is he blind or what? His center stand is way too low to be safe. It's scraping the road. That is a serious error, and could be very dangerous.

He should be paying more attention. Motorcycles are dangerous, and riding with center stands scraping the ground is not the way to do it.


3 December, 2012 - Xmas2012: Special Cuff Links
Christmas Shiny Ball 2012
What better to show the world that you are a petrolhead, when you need to wear a business suit and shirt, then to wear cuff links that show your interest and passion?

Many of us motorcycle riders need to wear business suit and shirt for our work. We can't show up, even on casual Friday, in leathers. But still you want the world to know you are into motorcycles. Getting cuff links with a motorcycle on it is one way, but why not be more original and put on cuff links with a MPH and a gas gauge?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 December, 2012 - Technology: Bluetooth Motorcycle Gloves - Wireless Control
BearTek gloves
USA flag
When you read the title you ask yourself, like I did when I was scrounging through Kickstarter, why would you want to have Bluetooth enabled motorcycle gloves? And the answer is simple and quite handy; to control your smartphone while riding!

Two guys in the USA have founded BEARTek Gloves and they are looking for funding at Kickstarter. The BEARTek glove is a glove that gets "paired" with your smartphone (iPhone, Android), and from there on in, controls you phone. Controlling your smartphone is done by touching the fingertips of your glove with your thumb (like snapping your fingers)...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 December, 2012 - I Don’t Know... Would You?
Zhang Xuelin Self made Airplane
China flag
I know myself, with two left hands, I can't even hammer in a nail in the wall without the whole city falling into a sinkhole. But even if I was the best DIY guy around, would I go and ride, and then fly my own self-made airplane. Even if it's based on a motorcycle?

Not me.....



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