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28 February, 2006 - Theft/Crash Statistics USA 2005
Statistics Article
US insurance company Progressive has compiled a statistics report on where you motorcycle will most likely be stolen or crashed in the USA; Interesting results, some surprising.


27 February, 2006 - European Union Donates Motorcycles To Albania
Albanian Motorcycle Police
The European Union has donated motorcycles to the Albanian Police.

Your tax Euros as work...


27 February, 2006 - Motorcycle Tombstone
Motorcycle Tombstone
What better way to show the world what your passion used to be....


24 February, 2006 - KTM Into The Greenlane Fight
KTM logo
Finally the first motorcycle manufacturer has picked up the challenge, and has started a publicity campaign to help motorcycle riders defend their rights to greenlaning. Where are the rest ?


24 February, 2006 - French Government Turning Down The Heat
France Article
Finally the French government has turned down the heat on motorcycles and has started to become positive.

Are there now that many motorcycle riding voters ????


23 February, 2006 - Self + Easy Loading Motorcycle Trailer
EZ Rise Motorcycle Trailer
A motorcycle trailer that's really easy to use and load. Roll'em on/off by yourself with all the ease of the world.


22 February, 2006 - Moldable, Re-usable Plastic
UtilePlastic Box
You too can now repair broken plastic on your motorcycle.

Nothing easier, boil, mold, cool down and you've fixed it !


21 February, 2006 - Bluetooth Helmet Roundup 2006
This Site Article
Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth roundup.

Wireless communications built-in your helmet.


20 February, 2006 - First We Had Speed Radar, Then Red Lights, Now..
News Article
They've invented another gadget to fine us. After the speed radar and the red light radar, they've found something else.

When will it stop!


17 February, 2006 - 2006 Edition Of The Female Enduro - Endurose
Endurose Female Motorcycle Enduro
The 2006 edition of the all-female motorcycle enduro, the Endurose, is to be held on the 15th of July in the Beaujolais region of France.


16 February, 2006 - Martin Lawrence/John Travolta in Biker Movie
News Article
Movie Article
Martin Lawrence, John Travolta and Tim Allen to star in a Biker movie.

The word RUB springs to mind.


15 February, 2006 - Tank Grips For Motorcycles
TechSpecs Tank Grip KTM Motorcycle
A look at a manufacturer of motorcycle tank grips.

Safer, better and more in control.


14 February, 2006 - How You Lose Your License In France
French Dirving License
A look at all the possibilities for you to loose your riding license in France.

There are plenty of reasons.


13 February, 2006 - 100 Best Motorcycle Roads In France
Petit Fute - 100 Best Motorcycle Roads in France
A new publication about the top 100 best motorcycle roads in France.

Maps, roadbooks, restaurants, hotels, camping along the way.


13 February, 2006 - Squeeze’em Tight, Real Tight
Lots of people on a motorcycle
How to squeeze a lot of pillions on one motorcycle.. or not.

Would you ride like that ??


12 February, 2006 - Indonesian President Saved By Motorcycle
President of Indonesia on a motorcycle
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono hops on to a motorcycle when his motorcade got stuck in traffic.

He was late for a car race !


10 February, 2006 - Ducati In The Winter Olympics 2006
Ducati at the Olympics 2006
The Italians snuck a Ducati motorcycle in to the Winter Olympics opening show.

And why not???


10 February, 2006 - Garmin GPS suing Tom Tom GPS
News Article
Garmin is suing Tom Tom for patent infringements.

Is this the end of Tom Tom ?


10 February, 2006 - French License Points
France Article
Statistics Article
The three year statistics on the number of points withdrawn from the French driving license have been issued. A very clear progression in the number of people who have lost their driving license.


9 February, 2006 - What A Way To Transport Animals
Lama Car - From WorldRider
A strange way of transporting lamas. From the excellent WorldRider, RTW blog.

A must see.


9 February, 2006 - Your Chance To Ride The Famous TT-Assen Circuit
TT-Assen motorcycle circuit
The famous and loved racing circuit of the TT-Assen opens its doors for the general motorcycle public for three days this year.

Your chance of trying to beat Rossi's time.


8 February, 2006 - Foldable Motorcycle Trailer
A & G Foldable Motorcycle Trailert
An interesting, foldable, motorcycle trailer that does not require tools to put together.

Save in storage space.


7 February, 2006 - Sorry for the Downtime
This Site Article
The server took a severe load yesterday evening and this morning thanks to the 10,000's of people who wanted to read about the "Le Touquet" Enduropale reporting and decided to call it a day.

It took some time to bring everything up and we beefed it up, so hopefully no more problems.


7 February, 2006 - New Women Motorcycling Website
Woman Riders Now Motorcycle website
A new website sees the light, dedicated to female motorcycle riders.

Professional and very interesting.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - The Race
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
The last part of the "Le Touquet Beach Enduro race" the Enduropale.

60 photos.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - The Start
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
The start was given to this Le Touquet Beach Enduro motorcycle race.

1,000 motorcycles left in a roar and thunder.


6 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - Pre-Race
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
A quick look at the things that were happening before the motorcycle race itself.


5 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 3 - Teaser
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
Just a quick teaser.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Evening
Le Touquet Motorcycle Enduro (Enduropale)
A quick look at the after race and night life of Le Touquet.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Quad Race
Le Touquet Quad Enduro (Enduropale)
The Quad race at Le Touquet.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - The Police
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
A quick look at the Police at Le Touquet, and some of their strange vehicles.


4 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 2 - Getting ready
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
The Saturday morning, quad tests, pit lane.


3 February, 2006 - Off to Le Touquet’s Enduropale race
Personal Article
I'm off to Le Touquet to cover the beach enduro race.

1,000 mad and crazy bikers racing down the beach. Photos will be posted as soon as we can.


3 February, 2006 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Day 1 Friday
Le Touquet Quad Motorcycle (Enduropale)
Here's a photographic view of the first day of the race weekend of Le Touquet Enduropale. Scrutineering and layouts.


2 February, 2006 - Excellent Motorcycle Safety Video Ad
Video clip inside
Here's an excellent TV ad from the UK, promoting biker awareness.

It has got to be one of the better ones, that will make car drivers pay more attention to motorcycles.


2 February, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers - Iranian Parade Police
Iran Motorcycle Police
A look at some weird Iranian Police on motorcycles.

Please don't kill me...


2 February, 2006 - TECA Concept Motorcycle
TECA Concept Motorcycle
Yet another concept motorcycle, designed for safety and aerodynamics. From TECA !


1 February, 2006 - Scooters TV - A First ?
ScooterScoop TV Show
Here's a first (we think). has launched a first TV show that can be downloaded or viewed directly from your PC 'but you need to live in a country currently serviced by Google Video).



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