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28 February, 2007 - Video: Motorcycles in Commercials - 2
Video clip inside
Another look at some TV ads using motorcycles to sell products. Motorcycles can be cool!


28 February, 2007 - Intersections - WTF ?
Spaghetti intersection junction nightmare
Sometimes you've got to wonder who designs intersections, specially those on motorways.

Here are some examples of really dangerous ones, obviously designed by a committee.


28 February, 2007 - We Need You!
Web Article
We really need you to come over to the MBI and vote for your favorite motorcycle products (and even motorcycle blog, like this one, since we've been nominated and depend on your vote!).

Don't waste this opportunity to make your thoughts clear on the motorcycle industry. VOTE NOW! There's no requirement to register, nor to use your email address. It's totally anonymous !

Go on, we know you want to!


28 February, 2007 - What The Police Really Think
Police car
What if Police cars looked like this; showing people what they think.


27 February, 2007 - Switzerland’s New Motorcycle Manufacturer; DUSS
DUSS motorcycle
Switzerland has a new motorcycle manufacturer!

DUSS is a 90° V2 engine developing 120 hp for a 145 kgs motorcycle.

Not bad, until you see the price. Scary !


27 February, 2007 - Share Roadbooks Worldwide, Including GPS Data
OpenRoadJourney website
Always on the lookout for great motorcycle trips, here's a great website that does exactly that. It allows users to upload their GPS data, which is then transformed in a Google Map. Including your comments and even photos, and you have a searchable database full of motorcycle trips.

All trips can be printed and downloaded for your GPS.
What more do you want? Go on, upload you favorite motorcycle trips, or download new ones.


26 February, 2007 - Real ATGATT, No Doubt
Knight in armor on a motorcycle
Now this is what I call ATGATT, no messing around.


26 February, 2007 - Harley-Davidson In Cuba
Harley-Davidson motorcycles in Cuba
Not that many Harley-Davidson motorcycles are left in Cuba, but for the 60 or so that still run, they've thrown a Grand Prix.

Not easy doing it with no spare parts, everything cobbled together by sheer willpower.


23 February, 2007 - Motorcycle Salt and Pepper Shakers
Dewey's Salt and Pepper motorcycle engine shaker
Here's an original gift; a salt and pepper shaker in the form of a V-Twin engine.

By Dewey in the USA.

Looks nice, but a bit pricey.


23 February, 2007 - French Presidential Elections and Motorcycles
France Article
The French Presidential Elections are a few weeks away, and the French Angry Bikers Association (FFMC) are quizzing the Presidential candidates on where they stand on motorcycle laws, exclusions, problems, etc. With some 1,000,000 powered two wheelers, they'd better pay attention!


23 February, 2007 - Extreme Snowmobile - Red Bull 1000Trails
Red Bull 1000Trails
The same people who bring you that incredible tough motorcycle enduro, the roManiacs, this year are bringing you a snowmobile version.

So if you want to go and ride your snowmobile, and measure yourself in one of the toughest tracks against professionals, now's your chance.


22 February, 2007 - The Future Of GPS: Real 3D
3DLabs 3D GPS display
3DLabs have developed a real 3D GPS navigation system, not a fake 3D based on 2D maps.

You ride through streets seeing the buildings as you would in real life. This is the future of GPS systems. Next step; photo realistic navigation.

Coming to your GPS in September.


22 February, 2007 - Complicated Road Marking - The Dutch Way
The Netherlands road marking
The Dutch are "inventing" new road marking, using colors and different patterns to indicate allowed speed and other rules.

More confusion, more accidents.

Are they really smoking some heavy shit ?? Have a look.


22 February, 2007 - Secure Motorcycle Backpack ?
Mobile Edge Secure Backpack
Just because you brand something "motorcycle", doesn't make it a motorcycle product.

Here's the case of the Secure Backpack from Mobile Edge. Probably a nice backpack, but not one for motorcycles.


21 February, 2007 - More and More Car Trikes - Bonning Roadster
Bonning Roadster
Yet another sexy and sleek trike/car/motorcycle.

No, it's not the Can-Am Spyder, but the Australian Bonning Roadster. Woow !


21 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 Announced
Le Touquet 2008 logo
In case you want to participate in the legendary Le Touquet Enduropale beach enduro, with 1,000 other motorcycles, the dates for the 2008 event are now known. So mark 2 and 3 February 2008 in your calendar. If you'll be wanting a hotel, better book soon.


21 February, 2007 - Flying Motorcycle - Not a Dream
Super Sky Cycle - Flying motorcycle
A flying motorcycle (or really a trike) is not far off from being reality. The Butterfly LLC is offering the Super Sky Cycle for some US$20,000.

The vehicle will give you an autogyro capable of flying at cruise speeds of 50 mph, and landing on 20 feet of land. It's small enough thanks to its foldable rotor blades to be stored in almost any garage.

Let's see you get a speeding ticket in the sky with this one.


20 February, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Against Bobsleigh
Video clip inside
Sometime ago I wrote a short article on Jean-Michel Bayle race against a bobsleigh. He went on his motorcycle down a bobsleigh track, AND BEAT the bobsleigh's time !! Here's the video of his ride. You need balls of steel for this.


20 February, 2007 - Video: How To Go Really Fast On A Scooter
Video clip inside
So you want your scooter to run really fast ? Simple, put in a bigger engine, and boost it with a nitro system. See the video! Fun !


19 February, 2007 - Reminder: Vote At The MBI Awards
Web Article
Only a few days left to cast your vote for the 2nd Annual MBI Rider Choice Awards for several motorcycle categories. Now is your chance to have your voice heard. Don't leave it to a panel of judges, vote now. This site has been nominated for "Best Motorcycle Blog", so if you appreciate this site, why not head over to MBI and vote for us. We appreciate your efforts.


19 February, 2007 - 1946 Vespa, Clock Not Scooter
Vespa Clock
Having a 1946 vintage Vespa scooter would be really nice, but with a limited budget, you can get a 1946 Vespa headlight turned into an analog clock.

Nice clock to have on your desk so that you can daydream...


19 February, 2007 - VentureOne - Maturity Of Hybrid Trikes
VentureOne Mileage
Here is one motorcycle/car/trike you would see me in.

VentureOne is based on the Dutch Carver system, designed by BMW, and available shortly in hybrid or full electric versions.

Costing around US$20.000, the carcycle will give you 100 mph, 100 mpg and more fun than you can have on a motorcycle.


16 February, 2007 - Video: Motorcycles in Commercials - 1
Video clip inside
A look at three TV commercials of products that use motorcycles to sell.


16 February, 2007 - Catch A Thief, Win A Motorcycle, Be A Thief
Politics Article
A strange method of fighting purse-snatching, motorcycle riding, youths in Malaysia. Catch your brethren, win a motorcycle, snatch more purses. Strange ???


15 February, 2007 - 930 Photos Of Le Touquet Beach Enduro
Web Article
Racing Article
We've placed 930 photos of the famous 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle enduro race on a photo server, which you can now access. The photos are available, more or less in time sequence, so you can follow the race as you'd see it on TV.


15 February, 2007 - Green Lane Observatory - France
France Article
After winning a major battle against the environmentalists, who were trying to outlaw all motorcycles from the green lanes and trails, a web site has been created to capture off road statistics. The web site allows you to enter any off road excursion you may have done, recording date, location, kilometers, and most importantly, encounters with other green lane users. Most importantly, you'll record if the encounter was positive or negative. This way, when for future references, the "enemy" starts saying that motorcycles on green lanes is not appreciated, they'll have a database full of statistics proving them wrong.


15 February, 2007 - French Angry Biker Association Sues France
France Article
Politics Article
The French Angry Bikers Association (FFMC) are urging their members to collectively sue France at the European Courts in Brussels. The reason; France is limiting all motorcycle to 100 hp ! Since this is illegal, the FFMC are taking France Inc. to court.


14 February, 2007 - Illegal To Use GPS In Switzerland
Politics Article
It has become against the law in Switzerland to have a GPS equipped with a speed radar database. This means almost any modern GPS. If caught, you face the destruction of the GPS and a hefty fine. Long live the liberties in Switzerland.


14 February, 2007 - KTM Festival 2007
KTM logo
KTM have moved their annual bash from Austria to Hungary (thank you environmentalists), and it's on for the 7th to the 9th of September. All motorcycle models can be tested, and big parties planned.


14 February, 2007 - Vote Now For The Top Motorcycle Products
Web Article
Now is your chance to vote for the best motorcycles and motorcycle related products, people and organizations. The MBI Riders Choice Awards is open for voting !!! Vote for your choice (including this site, which has been nominated by you as one of the "Best Motorcycle Blogs in 2006").

Voting is very simple, no registrations, email address, fingerprints or DNA samples are required. Head over to MBI and vote. Your motorcycle industry needs you !! VOTE !


13 February, 2007 - Two American Symbols In One
Harley-Davidson Coke-King
Here's an Harley-Davidson version of a motorcycle that's to my liking !

Two major symbols of the USA !

Only thing missing is a BigMac from McDonalds..


13 February, 2007 - Mini Review: Schuberth C2 Helmet
Schuberth C2 Helmet
A short, but sweet, review of the Schuberth C2 Helmet.

Summary: if you've got a big windscreen (like a Honda Goldwing or BMW LT), you'll be fine. If not, get ear plugs !


13 February, 2007 - Mini-Survey Results: Snap Preview
Statistics Article
The results of our mini survey on the usage of the SNAP site preview tool. The Ayes win...


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 3
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 3/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Part 1 and 2 are to be seen elsewhere on this site.


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 2
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 2/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Next part is the final one #3.


12 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - The Race Part 1
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Part 1/3 of 124 photos of the 2007 Le Touquet Enduropale Beach Enduro, worlds biggest and toughest beach motorcycle enduro.

Too many photos to put on one page.


12 February, 2007 - Electric Honda CBR 600
Electric Honda CBR 600 motorcycle
Here's the story of some brave person who has converted his Honda CBR600 into an electric motorcycle.

Doesn't go very far, doesn't go very fast, but.... it's ecological.


11 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Sunday - Appetizer
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Just back from the Le Touquet motorcycle beach enduro race, with some 7000 photos to sort.

So here's an appetizer. More during the week.


10 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Saturday - Quad Race
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
Last part of the day, 350 quad racing on the beach of Le Touquet.

Some pro, most amateur racers, they were very lucky since the sun broke out 5 minutes before the race started.


10 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Saturday - Star Quad
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
The organizers for the first time scheduled a celebrity quad race on the Saturday morning of the Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 beach race.

Some 30 French stars were invited, and hosted by Honda.

Interesting to see how some of them tried to ride their quads. Too bad it was raining "chiens et chats".


9 February, 2007 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2007 - Friday
Le Touquet Enduropale 2007
The 1st photos of the first day at the "Le Touquet Enduropale" 2007.

Quad and motorcycle scrutineering, some celebs and some views.

More to come.


9 February, 2007 - On The Road To Le Touquet 2007
Heavy loaded motorcycle
I'm facing snow and ice while I ride my overloaded BMW to Le Touquet.

We'll be showing you many photos (hopefully) of this mythic beach enduro race.

Stay tuned.


9 February, 2007 - Australia’s 2006 Motorcycle Sales
Statistics Article
Australia's 2006 motorcycles sales statistics. Anyone buy any non-Japanese, big cylinder motorcycles out there ?


8 February, 2007 - Riding The First Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
ENV Hydrogen motorcycle
Intelligent-Energy ENV
The BBC recently aired a short clip of someone riding the first hydrogen powered motorcycle, the ENV.

Now's your chance to see the clip yourself. An amazing motorcycle - the way of the future ?


8 February, 2007 - Mini Survey - SNAP Tool
This Site Article
We're running a single question mini-survey, trying to find out if you like the SNAP website preview tool we've got here. Your input is very valuable for us. Thank you for participating.


8 February, 2007 - Belgiums Show The Way
Politics Article
Belgium is one of the more progressive, forward thinking and motorcycle friendly nations on Earth ! They have just adopted a new law that allows motorcycle to park on sidewalks (officially) and for 125cc motorcycle to use the bicycle lanes. Already they were legally allowed to lane-split ! This puts other countries to shame !

I guess it helps when your King is a biker !


7 February, 2007 - Keeping Your Motorcycle Warm
Bear Skin Motorcycle
In Russia they have strange ways of keeping their motorcycles warm (and none of them involve alcohol or girls).

The land of furs!!


7 February, 2007 - Wild Hogs Promotion: Travolta Riding Motorcycle
William Macy (L), John Travolta (C) and Tim Allen ride motorcycles
Actors William Macy, John Travolta and Tim Allen where in Atlanta promoting their new movie Wild Hogs.

They did it by riding around on motorcycles.

No stuntmen involved !


6 February, 2007 - 1,000 Movies With Motorcycles
This Site Article
We have reached 1,000 movies with motorcycles in them, in our "Motorcycles in the Movie" database at Many different kind of movies, from many different countries and many different kind of motorcycles. Now for the next 1,000.


6 February, 2007 - Video: Buell Motorcycles Ad
Video clip inside
Buell logo
You don't see Buell Motorcycle commercials that often on TV. Here's one which isn't half bad !


5 February, 2007 - Video: Motorcylce Gear ( Michelin, Helmets, Nolan) Ads
Video clip inside
Three TV commercials for motorcycle gear; Michelin PilotPower featuring Rossi, a very funny Portuguese one and Nolan X-Lite.


5 February, 2007 - Revolutionary 3D Motorcycle GPS
3D GPS for motorcycles
A new and revolutionary GPS has been designed for motorcycles.

It's 3 dimensional (3D) based, and will fit any motorcycle.

No wires, just tape.


5 February, 2007 - Parisian Motorcycle Art Gallery
Lisa Bay motorcycle comic book
Did you know there is a motorcycle art gallery in Paris, France ?

Full of sculptures, paintings etc of motorcycles.

Currently they are exhibiting a comic book depicting the semi-erotic life of two motorcycle mechanics.


3 February, 2007 - Unbelievable ! 7000 Spams in 1 Hour
This Site Article
We suffered a comment spam attack; 7,000 spam comments in one hour ! They should hang !!


2 February, 2007 - Video: Yamaha (R1, R6, Fazer) Ads
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Seven TV commercials from Yamaha, most of them R1. Some nice, some not. It would seem that Yamaha has the most publicity...


2 February, 2007 - French Motorocycle Cops Fed Up!
France Article
The French motorcycle Gendarmes are fed up with having to fine speeding bikers, so they've stopped doing it ! They don't feel they should be tax collectors. Now, for speeds of under 20 kph over the limit, you'll get a warning. Vive la France !


2 February, 2007 - Taiwan Motorcycle Rush Hour Madness
Taiwan Rush Hour
Rush hour in Taiwan, even motorcycles need to queue up.

I thought it was busy in Paris, but this beats everything!


1 February, 2007 - I listened !!
This Site Article
After yesterday's feedback, I did a quick site redesign. More space thanks to show/hide functions and a white background. Hope you like it. Professional help is on its way to make the site nicer !


1 February, 2007 - Ghost Rider - The Game
Ghost Rider Game
First there was the movie, then the T-shirt, and now you have the game.

Introducing Ghost Rider - the game.

It's free, and you can play it on the web. Nice little game... can't wait for the movie.


1 February, 2007 - KTM/BMW Neck Brace Available
KTM Leatt Neck Brace for Motorcycle Enduro
The BMW/KTM Neck brace is now available (as off March), and will set you back some €500 !

How expensive (or cheap) is your life ??



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