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29 February, 2008 - Prince Harry Having Fun In Afghanistan On Motorcycle
Prince Harry on motorcycle in Afghanistan
UK royalty, Prince Harry, may have lost his cover (he was spotted fighting for the British Army in Afghanistan), but he's a lucky man.

Not only did he manage to escape an injuries in the fighting, but he also found this old Honda motorcycle, which with the help of some army buddies they managed to get running...


29 February, 2008 - Your Eyes Are Playing Tricks
Trick motorcycle picture
Nice trick photo, or PhotoChop.

Your eyes will be going for a few seconds, like... wooow... wtf?


29 February, 2008 - France: 1st Ducati Desmosedici RR Delivered, 1st Desmosedici RR Down
Ducati Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica motorcycle
Ducati logo
Finally, the first Ducati Desmosedici RR has been delivered in France!

And guess what? The first owner, proudly rides out his precious, and very expensive motorcycle, out of the dealer's courtyard, AND DROPS the motorcycle!


28 February, 2008 - Strange Motorcycle Road Sign
Motorycle road sign
Now where's a strange road sign featuring a motorcycle.

What the hell does it mean?


28 February, 2008 - Video: Kawasaki 750 Infomercial
Click to see the Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Nice infomercial for the Kawasaki Z750.

I just got such an intense desire to go riding after watching this spot, that I'm off on my motorcycle.


28 February, 2008 - No More US Built Honda Motorcycles
First USA Built Honda motorcycle
Honda logo
It's over for Honda USA!

They are stopping motorcycle production in their USA factory. This venture started in 1979, so not exactly a short term, money grabbing, operation.


27 February, 2008 - Do Not "Forget" On Your Motorcycle
Hero Honda motorcycle full of Post-its
If you're one of those riders that keeps forgetting things while riding, like pick up a loaf of bread on your way home, here's the solution:

In fact the photo of from a publicity campaign from Hero Honda.


27 February, 2008 - France: Extending The Laws
France Article
The French lawmakers have designed new laws to make French roads safer, and them richer.

What is more important to them; statistics or money?


27 February, 2008 - I Thought Birds Were Light!
2 guys pushing a motorcycle filled with birds
Two guys to push a motorcycle loaded with birds?

I thought birds were light?


26 February, 2008 - Have I Got A Motorcycle Jacket For You!
Gucci Biker Jacket
Who needs a motorcycle jacket produced by common manufacturers like Dainese, or Bering, or Alpinestar..... here's THE jacket for you on your motorcycle.

It's made by none other than Gucci, and only costs as much as your motorcycle; a mere US$ 4795.

Who needs thick leather, who needs armor ? Get it now, while stocks last...


26 February, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Seriously Dangerous Clothing
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a reasonably funny Harley-Davidson ad produced for one of the local Harley motorcycle dealers in Australia.

And it's not even for their motorcycles, but for their clothing...


26 February, 2008 - What You Missed This Winter
Ad Boivin equipped ski track for motorcycles
Video clip
Many might disagree, but there's a lot to be said for getting snow.

If you live in an area that's covered with lots of snow during the winter, this is one product I would have on my Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or any other special occasion wish list.

Serious fun! Watch the video clip...


25 February, 2008 - Netherlands: Registering Your Motorcycle’s Number Of Kilometers Mandatory
In The Netherlands, the politicians are making it mandatory to register your motorcycle's (and car's) mileage.

This is being done to fight fraud when selling 2nd hand motorcycles.


25 February, 2008 - Motorcycles, Cigars, Celebs and Smelling Good
Ewan McGregor and Davidoff Adventure perfume
Video clip
Famous actor and motorcycle adventure rider, Ewan McGregor, has been hired for a series of commercials for famous cigar maker, Davidoff.

Davidoff's fragrance for men is called "Adventure", so it's a product that will fit Ewan McGregor.

Here's the TV ad and a print ad.


25 February, 2008 - Maria Sharapova Wins Motorcycle! But She Doesn’t Ride!
So, she can play tennis.

So, she wins a motorcycle!

So... she doesn't ride one. For sale... check eBay soon!


22 February, 2008 - I Thought Stoppies Were Different
Inversed stoppie on a motorcycle
Here I was, thinking a motorcycle stoppie was the rear of the *motorcycle* going up.

Was I wrong?? ;-))


22 February, 2008 - Sci-Fi Motorcycle. Where Did This Come From?
Sci-Fi motorcycle
This is one serious Sci-Fi fan motorcycle.

It would not look out of place in a B-Movie.

Anyone know the history of this motorcycle? Is it nuclear?


22 February, 2008 - Video: Infinity QX4 With Motorcycles Ad
Video clip
Funny ad for the Infiniti QX4 SUV car. Not very realistic, but funny nevertheless.


21 February, 2008 - This One Is Begging For A Caption
BJ on motorcycle
This photo of a female passenger being transported on a motorcycle is begging for a caption.

Only ones with the letters BJ spring to mind....


21 February, 2008 - What Are You Doing In July 2010?
EuroBike2010 web site
If you've got nothing planned during July 2010, here's an idea.

Join the EuroBike2010 journey, a motorcycle trip with 1,000's of other bikers, through 23 European countries.

All that to a) see Europe, b) help Unicef and c) break a World Record.


21 February, 2008 - DiCaprio Films Akira: Cartoon To Big Screen Motorcycle
Akira movie
Leonardo DiCaprio is going to direct his first feature movie, and it's based on the Japanese manga (animation), Akira.

This is going to be fun, since Akira is a sci-fi, and the main character rides around on this very futuristic motorcycle.


20 February, 2008 - What Happens When Your Motorcycle Drinks Too Much?
Alcoholic motorcycle
This is what happens when your motorcycle drinks too much...

It develops a bottle rash...


20 February, 2008 - Akuma: First Use Of The SunShift Photochromic Visor
SunShift visor
Helmet manufacturer, Akuma, are the first ones to use the SunShift Photochromic Visor in their product range.

A touch of a button on your helmet, and your visor changes tint, up to 60% darkness.

Isn't life beautiful with all these great gadgets...


20 February, 2008 - Recipe: Racing A Ducati Desmosedici On Ice Tracks
Ducati Desmosedici
Click to see the Video clip
Here's a great recipe for riding your Ducati Desmosedici on an Ice Speedway.

Buy a slightly used Ducati Desmosedici motorcycle, put on studded Bridgestone tires, find a rider who has escaped from the lunatic asylum, stir, and off you go....


20 February, 2008 - Due To Spammers, Comments Have Been Disabled
This Site Article
To prevent the floods of comment spams we were receiving, I've disabled the comment system.

None of the spam made it to the site, they were all being blocked, but the computing power needed to deal with them was enough to stop access for all to the site.

So I'm afraid there are no more comments....


20 February, 2008 - The King, My Man!
King Abdullah II on his motorcycle
Here's THE Man!

King Abdullah II of Jordan flies to Cape Town, South Africa in his private Airbus A340, rolls out one of his Harley's, goes for a ride in the beautiful countryside, ends up at a local restaurant and orders a hamburger.

How cool is that? OK, apart from flying his Airbus and his many motorcycles, his gorgeous wife, he's just like one of us....


19 February, 2008 - Sorry For The Continuous Interruptions
This Site Article
You have noticed that at times this site is still difficult to access.

We've moved to a more powerful server, making it a bit easier, but instead of ending their attacks, they've stepped it up. Sometimes they're sending pages of links in one single comment, and repeating that for every of the 3,000+ articles on the site.

The only thing I can do is keep paying the increasing bandwidth costs, grinning through the decreasing ad revenue, and hope for the best.

Sorry folks...


19 February, 2008 - Video: USA DOT Safety Ad With Secretary Peters
Video clip
Mary Peters
Here's an interesting safety ad from the USA. It features none other than the head of the Department of Transportation (DOT), the agency ultimately responsible for motorcycle safety.

Mary Peters is not only the Secretary of the DOT, but she's also a biker. And she had in 2005 a motorcycle accident.


19 February, 2008 - Ducati Being Taken Over?
Ducati logo
Trading in Ducati shares was suspended today in Italy, since it would seem that they majority shareholder of the Italian company is planning to purchase all of the company, and remove Ducati from the stock exchange.

This could be very bad for the company, and for us.....


18 February, 2008 - Here You Are With Your Brand New Motorcycle, And...
Crushed motorcycle
Imagine pakring your new motorcycle, running into the house, and hearing "TIMBERRRRR"...


18 February, 2008 - V-Twin Zin: Motorcycle Wine
V-Twin Vineyards Zin wine
Usually, wines and motorcycles don't really mix that well! But in this case it does.

V-Twin Zin is a wine produced by passionate motorcycle riders at the V-Twin Vineyards. V-Twin Zin, Poker Run Zin and Bike Week Merlot are three of their wines.

Served when biker eat food, i.e., at BBQs!


18 February, 2008 - KTM Scooter In The Offering?
KTM Scooter
Is KTM finally moving into another market? After bicycles, street motorcycles and even cars, is KTM now going to produce scooters?

Scooters are a highly lucrative market segment, with more scooters sold than motorcycles, so why not?

Find out more...


15 February, 2008 - Rock Store: The Movie
Rock Store movie poster
A documentary has been produced about the legendary motorcycle hang-out in California; the Rock Store.

A place where you can find famous and not so famous motorcycle riders, admiring each other's motorcycles. Started in 1961 by Ed and Vern, Mulholland Highway would never be the same again.


15 February, 2008 - Time To Vote: Not USA Presidential But MBI Riders Choice
MBI logo
Yes, it's time to vote, and no, not for the US presidential elections. They're not as important as the MBI Riders Choice Star Awards.

Your vote counts! You decide what are the best of the best, and the worst of the worst motorcycle products. We really need you to spend a minute or two, and vote!


14 February, 2008 - Video: Suzuki TL1000R (1998)
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Here's a Suzuki ad dating back to 1998. Apparently it didn't run (the ad) that much.

So, it's a novelty...


14 February, 2008 - Gas Prices Around The World
Filling motorcycle with petrol
Not all countries are created equal, and that applies specially to gasoline prices.

Here's a website that has listed many countries and what the motorcycle riders need to pay in each one for a gallon of that precious go-go juice.

Guess what?? You're not doing too bad.... unless you live in Venezuela. Petrol is cheaper than water there...


14 February, 2008 - Iraq Motorcycle Police Graduation: Not The Way To Treat Colleagues
Iraqi Motorcycle Police
Looks like when they graduate from the Iraqi Police academy, they ride over their colleagues with a motorcycle.

Strange habit...


13 February, 2008 - Video: Renault Clio vs Motorcycle
Video clip
Funny TV ad for the Renault Clio, although we all know that it's the other way.

Dream on car makers....


13 February, 2008 - An Idea What To Do For July 2008
Armada 2003 parade
Armada 2008 logo
If you've got nothing to do on the 14th of July 2008, here's a great tip. Come to France, find a spot on the Seine river, and spend the next few hours watching one tall sail ship after the other sail past towards the ocean.

The ship parade is very impressive, with 5 years ago, 7 million people attending the Armada event. Held every 5 years, this time the exit is on the French national holiday.

Do not miss it if you can!!


13 February, 2008 - DIY Motorcycle Helmet Camera
DIY Helmet Video Camera
Getting a video camera onto your motorcycle helmet is not an easy task, as many of you know...

Here's one way of doing it...


12 February, 2008 - Ireland To Move To The Right?
Politics Article
Fun Article
Some Irish politicians want to change the law, and force Irish drivers to drive, and ride, on the right side of the road, not the current left.

People are afraid that this will cause many accidents, so we at Bikes in the Fast Lane have an idea. Here's our suggestion.


12 February, 2008 - AKE Introduces the BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater
AKE BlueCom 102
AKE logo
German communication gear manufacturer, AKE, have released a very interesting device for us motorcycle riders that enjoy wireless communications.

Called BlueCom 102 Pocket Repeater, the 102 is a Bluetooth (version 2) small device, that's NOT installed on your motorcycle, that enables you to interconnect different Bluetooth manufacturers' headsets. E.g., you can interconnect a Scala with an CellularLine Interphone. Or different Bluetooth enabled helmets, like a Nolan and a Dainese.

All that with a 65 grams package. Interesting!


12 February, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Enduro Motorcycles
Click to see the Video clip
Yamaha logo
Spanish ad from Yamaha for their Enduro motorcycles.

The impossible jump....


11 February, 2008 - Taddy Blasuziak Blasts His Way Through Hell’s Gate
Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
Taddy Blazusiak, the new KTM factory rider, showed all that there's a very good reason he got the job.

At the Italian Hell's Gate, he peeked into hell, and gave it the finger... easy.


11 February, 2008 - Wireless Impact Guardian: More Than A WIG
Brycen Spencer helmet WIG
Brycen Spencer has invented a life saving device for us motorcycle riders.

Called WIG (Wireless Impact Guardian), it's a device mounted inside a motorcycle helmet, that when sensing an impact, gives the rider 60 seconds to disable the alarm. If it's not disabled, the device calls 911, and includes the exact geographical location of the crashed rider.

Pretty cool!


11 February, 2008 - Long Way Down Take 2: Royal Trip
Prince William
The two British Royals, Prince William and Prince Harry are planning to ride through Africa for a HIV/Aids charity.

After seeing Long Way Down, the two thought it's a great idea to do a motorcycle charity ride.


11 February, 2008 - Chopper Pizza Cutters
Chopper Pizza Cutter
Want a slice of tasty pizza? Want to cut it with a stylish pizza cutter?

Frankie Flood has designed the perfect pizza cutters. based on motorcycle choppers. Yummy !


8 February, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Merchandising: WTF?
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a Harley-Davidson TV ad that totally escapes me. I just do not understand what they're trying to say.

Is this a real Harley ad? Did anyone see it air? What's the meaning?


8 February, 2008 - But Does It Run?
Bruce Gray Motorcycle sculpture
Here's a motorcycle that looks like it came straight out of a Mad Max movie.

But it's a sculpture by Bruce Gray...


8 February, 2008 - How Not To Trailer Your Motorcycle!
Motorcycle transport
There are ways, and there are ways. But this is not the way to transport your motorcycle.


8 February, 2008 - Light Lighters
Chopper Gas Lighter
It's a slow news day... here are a couple of motorcycle lighters I've found, and one nothing to do with motorcycles, but funny.


7 February, 2008 - Motorcycle Friendly, Smart and Ecological: Road Studs!
Astucia SolarLite
British company Astucia have released a new road stud, that's smaller, less obtrusive than normal studs, but also store solar energy to light up the road during nighttime.

900 meters visibility at night! What more do you want?


7 February, 2008 - Video: The Undeclared US Presidential Candidate
Video clip
We all seen the 4 or 5 US Presidential candidates, probably more than what we can tolerate.

But did you know that there's another candidate that no one talks about. Have a look....


7 February, 2008 - Stripperella And Her Motorcycle On Your Phone
Video clip
Stan Lee's comic "strip", Stripperella, the motorcycle riding super hero, Erotica Jane, will fight crime on a mobile phone.

New, not-featured-before episodes are available for download in the US. The DVD is also available of the 13 episodes featuring Pamela Anderson's voice.


7 February, 2008 - David Knight Crowned World Cup Indoor Enduro Champion in Genoa
David Knight
KTM logo
Indoor enduro motorcycle riding has become quite popular in Europe.

Especially now that David Knight has become World Champ in a packed Genoa, Italy stadium.


6 February, 2008 - Motorcycle Helmet Telephone
Motorcycle helmet telephone
The latest advance in motorcycle communications technology for helmets.

Finally, everyone will know you're technology enabled on your motorcycle...


6 February, 2008 - KTM Welcomes New Central European Rally of "Dakar Series"
Dakar Series Central Europe Rally 2008 logo
KTM logo
KTM is happy with ASO's Dakar Series Central Europe Rally. It gives them a chance to test out their new recruits, and private entries that had registered for the ill-fated 2008 Dakar can participate for free.

Route brings the rally through Romania and Hungary.


6 February, 2008 - Wow! Is It Really That Cold?
Iced up sign
It's not always obvious that it's a really cold world out there, specially when where you live it's relatively warm.

This photo brings it home....


5 February, 2008 - Too Much ATGATT?
barbecue transport on a motorcycle
I'm a firm believer in ATGATT, but this bloke is going too far in the protection department.

He looks more like a knight going into battle...


5 February, 2008 - Artful Miniature Motorcycles
Pfau miniature motorcycle Easy Rider Chopper
Pfau is a Brazilian artist who makes miniature motorcycles out of stuff he's found in his house, but his main materials are old watches.

He has produced some 200 unique pieces of art, many based on popular motorcycle movies like Easy Rider.

He's looking for countries and events where he can exhibit his sculptures.


5 February, 2008 - Video: Le Touquet 2008, Including The Crash
Video clip
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Here are two videos, both in French, about the Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 beach race.

The first one is the first 16 minutes of the race, including start, holeshot and traffic jams. It's commented by Cyril Despres.

The 2nd one is the near fatal crash of one of the competitors.


5 February, 2008 - Holland: You’re Allowed To Warn Riders About Speed Traps
Dutch radar
A Dutch court has decided that warning others of an upcoming Police trap is legal.

The Netherlands joins the countries that have civilized laws....


4 February, 2008 - Honda CBR 900 Fireblade Wins Le Touquet Enduro Holeshot
Honda CBR 900 Fireblade at Le Touquet Enduropale 2008
Le Touquet 2008 logo
Usually, the motorcycles that win the holeshot at the Le Touquet Enduropale, worlds biggest beach race, are big off-road motorcycles; KTM 950's and BMW HP2's.

But this year they were all passed by a street motorcycle; a Honda 900 CBR Fireblade! The heavily adapted streetbike is capable of 230 kph in the sand. It was dubbed a Sand Dragster.!


4 February, 2008 - Max’ing Out Your Motorcycle
Cambodia: Transporting lots of cargo on a motorcycle
We've seen several photos here before of heavy and big loads on motorcycles.

But here's a website that's showing many photos of what people carry on their motorcycles in Cambodia.



4 February, 2008 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2008 Results
Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race
Le Touquet 2008 logo
The Le Touquet Enduropale beach race for 2008 has been won by Arnaud Demeester (yet again) in a hard fought battle on a sunny but cold day.

The Le Touquet enduro had it's first bad accident since it started, with one rider in a coma.

250,000 spectators attended on Sunday.


1 February, 2008 - Cyril Despres In Dakar Anyway
Cyril Despres logo
Again, Cyril Despres shows that he's human, not a money & glory hound. He had an appointment at the Lac Rose (final stage for the Dakar rally) to fulfill his obligations to the Fabrizio Meoni Foundation and to inaugurate a 2nd school.

And that's exactly what he did. not on his KTM motorcycle, but he went there nevertheless.


1 February, 2008 - First 3-Wheel Scooter Taxi Comes To Paris
NIP Bike logo
Another motorcycle/scooter taxi company has started in Paris. Called NIP Bike Urban Transport, they used the Piaggio 400cc MP3 scooter.

Nice, cheap(ish) and fast.


1 February, 2008 - France: New Police Camera Against Stolen Vehicles
France Paris Police with LAPI system
The French Police have a new weapon against thieves! Called LAPI, it's a highly sophisticated infrared digital camera system.

It'll record a license plate, and within seconds tell the Police Officer if the vehicle was stolen (not only in France, but any European country).

So far, they are recovering between 1 and 4 stolen vehicles per day with 3 cars equipped with the LAPI system.



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