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27 February, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 27 February 2009
Web Article
Here are all the interesting motorcycle related stories I could find during the last 7 days;

- Brians' Top Ten List of Helmet Questions + Answers
- A Rip Off??
- Getting Loaded: 6 Tips
- News about from Irbit - Ural Sidecars most popular models
- Zen and Now: Book Review
- Riding Boots! 7 Things To Look For


27 February, 2009 - Has The World Gone Bananas?
Bananas on a motorcycle
You really, really, must like bananas to carry that many on your motorcycle..

Or what?


27 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Jacket With Hidden Gun Pocket
Pistol Pete Jacket
Woow. Never knew these existed.

A motorcycle leather jacket with handgun pockets....


26 February, 2009 - France: The 2008 +125cc Motorcycle Market Share
France 2008 Market Share
France Article
The 2008 market of motorcycles over 125cc looked pretty good, specially in the first half.

Here's what the market share per manufacturer looked like. The Japanese motorcycle gained the vast majority of the market (67+%).


26 February, 2009 - Great Roads, Great Rides Part 2 - Motorcycle Education DVD
Video clip
The UK Highway Agency have released a follow up of their popular Great Roads, Great Rides DVD. Appropriately named "Great Road, Great Rides 2", this DVD-ROM is an interactive guide on how to read the dangers on the road in front of you when riding your motorcycle.

It looks well done, and you can have a look at the motorcycle journey on this site. Bravo to the UK Ministry of Transport!


26 February, 2009 - Video: Cardo Rider Bluetooth Headset - Funny
Video clip
A funny and well done TV ad for the Cardo System's Scala Rider motorcycle Bluetooth headset.

It tells you why it's better to use a wireless headset in your helmet.... funny...


25 February, 2009 - Video: Pilsner Urquell or How Motorcycles Got Invented)
Video clip
Very nice TV ad from the Czech Republic.

It shows why life is better, and more creative, when drinking beer. It even makes you invent motorcycles...


25 February, 2009 - Pretty Helmets For Females
Video clip
Riding Pretty female helmet
Female motorcycle helmets don't need to look like Power Ranger helmets. A woman can look female with a helmet on!

Here's an example from the bicycle world. It shows that it is possible. Why not??


25 February, 2009 - Bikes In The Fast Lane and Facebook
Motorbiker FaceBook Bikes in the Fast Lane
There you go... we at Bikes in the Fast Lane have joined Facebook with our own group page.

Here you can discuss motorcycle events and issues all over the world. Membership is free, but you need to be a member of Facebook.

Head on over, and have a look-see. I'd love you to join and participate.


24 February, 2009 - Good Way Of Taking A Nap
Napping Thai Biker
Why can some people sleep like this, while other, especially me, can not.

I'm jealous. I want to be able to take a nap like that on my motorcycle.


24 February, 2009 - BMW’s New Off Road Skills Course For The G450X Motorcycle
BMW G450X off road training
BMW logo
BMW are now holding a Skills Level 3 (yikes, the Level 1 almost killed me) course for off road riding using their new G450X motorcycle.

Held, starting in March, in Wales, with as chief instructor none other than Simon "Si" Pavey. A course that will not only teach you off road riding skills, even to a veteran off road rider, but will also boost your road riding skills.


24 February, 2009 - BikerCom - Ultimate Wireless Motorcycle Communication Gear?
BikerCom Control Box
BikerCom Bluetooth helmet
Taiwan based Open Road Solutions have an interesting Bluetooth communication devices coming out for motorcycles. Called the BikerCom, this Bluetooth 2.0 device is a hub that connects to everything with and without wires (GPS, phone, bike-to-bike, coffee maker) and then sends the sound to your helmet via Bluetooth.

Interesting enough, their hub, called the "Control Box", allows for two different Bluetooth connections and pipes them through to your helmet.

Their kit also includes a PTT button for those equipped with a walkie-talkie.

PS... they're looking for dealers!!


23 February, 2009 - When Motorcycles Meet Photoshop
Motorcycle Surfing
It's amazing what a bit of talent, good photos of motorcycles and Adobe Photoshop can do.

A few years ago, you needed powerful computers and lots of money. Now a good PC, Photoshop (Okay, that's expensive) and time...


23 February, 2009 - Mass Produced Gas Powered Motorcycle
Zanella CNG powered
Zanella logo
Zanella, a motorcycle manufacturer in Argentina is producing a Compressed Natural Gas motorcycle!

A 150cc engine, cheaper to run than standard fuel, and it even has a 3.5 liter normal fuel reserve tank...


23 February, 2009 - Potisek Wins Le Touquet Enduropale Majestically
Timotei Potisek
Frenchman Timotei Potisek won for the 2nd time the Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach enduro.

It was a very interesting race, lasting 3 hours and 10 minutes, with a lot of action. What made it more interesting was that you could follow it on the internet, live.


20 February, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 20 February 2009
Web Article
Here's what you may have missed regarding motorcycle related stories on the internet during the last week: - Something a Lot of Grey Beards Want to Say to HD
- Visual Gratification - Classic Ads
- Ten Motorcycle Tour Models Reviewed
- Why Upgrading Your Motorcycle Suspension is Important for Motorcycle Safety


20 February, 2009 - Want To Watch The Crazy Le Touquet Enduropale On-line?
Le Touquet bottleneck
If you're not able to attend the famous and crazy motorcycle beach enduro of Le Touquet Enduropale, and you can not receive the national French TV or European MotorsTV stations (they are showing the race live), then there is good news for you!

The French national TV station, France3, is showing the race LIVE on the internet. Not only can you see the race as it happens, you can select which of the 5 cameras you want to see. Cool!


20 February, 2009 - Luv Handles On Motorcycles
Luv Handles
What can you hold on to when riding pillion on a motorcycle?

Rear handles? The rider's waist? The rider's shoulders? Here's a new way which is easy, the Luv Handles are two handlebar grips that are fastened on the riders belt in seconds. Easy does it... no embarrassing moments...


19 February, 2009 - Dog On Motorcycle Sidecar USA Tour
Sidecar dog
Video clip
Van Federick and his faithful dog, Bobaji, are travelling cross the USA in a motorcycle sidecar, with a mission.

They want people to know the advantages of neutering/splaying your animals, hopefully stopping all the animals in the overcrowded shelters from being put to sleep.

They even produced a nice and catchy video.


19 February, 2009 - Custom Painted Motorcycles
Hulk motorcycle
Some people have gone to town painting their motorcycle into works of Art.

Here's a site full of them. Real custom paint jobs...


19 February, 2009 - New Generation GPS Radar Warning Systems
AlerteGPS G520
AlerteGPS have released the new generation GPS speed radar warning system, the G520.

Not only does it warn you that you are approaching a fixed speed radar, but also warns in you in Real Time, on mobile speed traps. See a mobile speed trap, press a button, and the whole world knows.

A bit like CB warning on Smokeys, or like here in France, flashing your headlights...


18 February, 2009 - France: A16 Autoroute Free For Motorcycle This Weekend
France Article
Racing Article
This weekend, for the Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race, world's craziest race, the A16 autoroute will be free for all motorcycles going to this event.

They've also added one rest point for bikers, with free hot soup to warm you up.


18 February, 2009 - Running Your Motorcycle On Bio-Fuel Maybe Not So Cool
Bio fuel pump
The new European bio-fuel, SP95-E10, may be ecological, burning less CO2, but not all vehicles react the same with this fuel.

For one, Yamaha motorcycles, no matter what year they were made, do not like the bio-fuel. Not enough tests have been done on other motorcycle manufacturers to see how they react to this ecological fuel.

Would you feed your precious motorcycle this fuel?


18 February, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles - Ride Free Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's yet another Harley-Davidson motorcycles TV ad. Quite good.

But how many Harley TV ads are there? Are they all really from Harley?


17 February, 2009 - Taddy Blazusiak Wins Hells Gate 2009, Again
KTM logo
The daring Polish KTM motorcycle enduro racer, Taddy Blazusiak, won the difficult Hells Gate enduro, again.

Can nothing stop this guy?


17 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Rider Badly Hurt In The Paris Metro
Paris Metro Entrance
In what can be classified as those "strange but true" moments of mankind, a motorcycle rider, trying to get through a rapidly closing gap, between a turning truck and the sidewalk, and pushed onto the sidewalk, and DOWN the stairs of a Parisian Metro station.

Lucky for him, there were no other people on the stairs encountering his big Suzuki motorcycle, and unlucky for him, he got very badly hurt and is in critical condition.


17 February, 2009 - Can I Have A Double Ducati Please, With Some Sugar
Ducati logo
Ducati have opened a beautiful and trendy restaurants/coffee shop in Rome.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this Roman place is for anyone (even non-Ducati owners) who wants classy food and coffee while mingling with like minded motorcycle enthusiasts.


16 February, 2009 - Video: Ad-How To Use A Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a TV ad that shows a different way of using a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Keep this up, and I might just watch the next Olympics.


16 February, 2009 - Contest: Name That Harley Motorcycle Hearse
Harley Motorcycle Hearse
A funeral home have gotten themselves a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle hearse and they want to name it.

Here's your chance to vote for a name for the "Beast".


16 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Valentine, Or Is It?
Valentine couple without a helmet on a motorcycle
If these are so in love during Valentine day, and he even gave her balloon hearts ... why is he wearing the helmet, and she doesn't get one?


16 February, 2009 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Going Bluetooth
Harley Road Tech Bluetooth
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles have released their version of a Bluetooth helmet headset.

Using the Bluetooth 2.0 protocol, it allows you to listen to stereo music, talk on the phone or listen to your GPS give you navigation instructions.

The unit is rain proof, and can be moved from helmet to helmet.


13 February, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 13 February 2009
Web Article
Pickings were very slim on the motorcycle web (not that I had anything to write home about). Here's what I found in the last 7 days:

- Book Review: Early Motorcycles
- Bikers Have Heart


13 February, 2009 - New Way Of Transporting Water On A Motorcycle
Lots of water on a scooter
Many of us carry water with us when riding our motorcycle. Either in a bottle or a camelback.

Not this bloke. He really likes his water, even if it means that he could kill himself, since he'll never be able to slow down...


13 February, 2009 - USA: Start Of A National Motorcycle Helmet Database
HelmetCheck website
In the USA, the Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) have made a halfhearted attempt at establishing a national database of approved motorcycle helmets in the US.

It's nothing compared to the UK's SHARP website with safety rating for each and every motorcycle helmet on the market, but it's a start.

Who knows, maybe in the future...


12 February, 2009 - What If: IKEA Motorcycles
Ikea Motorcycle
Times are tough, and motorcycles have become a luxury item that few can afford.

So why wouldn't a company like IKEA, known for its low cost, high quality DIY furniture, not go and sell motorcycle kits.

They supply everything, parts, engine, frame, tools and a capsule with 500 aspirins; you assemble the motorcycle.

That will shave a lot of the cost of the motorcycle.


12 February, 2009 - France: January 2009 Was A Very Safe Month
France Article
Snowed under motorcycle
France saw a dramatic drop in road deaths during the month of January 2009....

Duh! Extreme cold weather, snow, ice and sleet doesn't really get you to go out and ride your motorcycle does it?


12 February, 2009 - History: Jaguar Motorcycle Sidecar
Here's something I just learned while surfing the net...

Did you know that the famous car manufacturer Jaguar, started life as a luxury motorcycle sidecar manufacturer. The step from sidecars to cars was an easy one, but for quite some time, they made both.


11 February, 2009 - How To Transport Your Pet On Your Motorcycle
Pig Transport on motorcycle
Some of us have pets to carry on our motorcycle...

Like your dog, cat, goldfish or ..... pig...


11 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Rest Areas For The Le Touquet 2009 Race
France Article
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on the weekend of 21st of Feb, and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 4 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.


11 February, 2009 - Riding Naked On A Motorcycle? In The Winter?
News Article
Fun Article
Hmmmm.... strange but true.

A guy was arrested for fleeing from the State Troopers in Arkansas, USA. The reason they were chasing him, was because he was riding .... totally NAKED!

It's winter... why would anyone ride a motorcycle naked, specially in the winter?


11 February, 2009 - Video: Bajaj XCD 135 Motorcycle - Bajaj Strikes Again
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj are not only known for their motorcycles in India. Their TV ads are some of the best TV ads for motorcycles out there.

Their latest on the Bajaj XCD 135 motorcycle is no exception. A Matrix style fight between two sisters. Cool!


10 February, 2009 - France: Michelin Maps For Motorcycles
Michelin Motorcycel Ride Maps
Michelin logo
Michelin are not only known for their tires. They also publish excellent maps, guides books and travel guides.

Now they have released their first motorcycle rides guide book for France. A 544 pages guide book, detailing 80 of the nicest rides you can do on your motorcycle in France.


10 February, 2009 - Learner Motorcyclist? Do The Survey, Win A Scooter
Learner motorcycle
FEMA logo
FEMA, together with several other alphabet agencies (FIM, ACEM and CEICA) are conducting a survey for trainee motorcycle riders.

Fill in the multilingual survey form (with some interesting questions), and you stand the chance of winning one of several prizes, including a 150cc Suzuki scooter.


10 February, 2009 - Australia: State Of WA Loses Its Motorcycle Police Force
Western Australia Police Honda
The Police in the state of Western Australia have announced that because the motorcycles from the Police are "unsafe" and "ineffective", they are reducing the force from 90 to 34.

The remaining motorcycles will be used for decorative purposes.

What an incredible stupidity, and waste! They do not deserve to run a Police department.


9 February, 2009 - Close To The Motorcycle Racing Season - Can Not Wait
Racer falls from his motorcycle
We're almost there. Three more weeks, and the first motorcycle race is going to start. SBK in Australia.....

I can't wait...


9 February, 2009 - France: Massive Motorcycle Protest Planned For March
Protest ride
FFMC logo
The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) are organizing on 21 and 22 March a massive motorcycle protest ride.

The protest is about technical inspections, on request by LEOs without any reason, and all fees will need to be paid by you, even if your motorcycle is conform the rules.

Technical inspections will be conducted by people with no motorcycle training or knowledge, simple car mechanics.

This stinks.....


9 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Helmet - Lego Style
Lego Helmet
Legos building blocks
Here it is, the one and only (thankfully), Lego motorcycle helmet.


6 February, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 6 February 2009
Web Article
Here are the crop of interesting motorcycle stories published on the internet last 7 days:

- Beaded Edge Tires and Safety
- Proposed MotoGP Cost-Cutting Measures
- REVIEW The 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 Cruiser
- Returning to Rearsets
- Want to write about your motorcycle travels


6 February, 2009 - Tire Pressure Systems To Become Mandatory In Europe?
Tire Watch
The European Commission don't have enough on their plates. They are passing a law that will make it mandatory in 2012 for all new vehicles to have on-board a tire monitoring system.

There's no mention if this includes motorcycles, but if it doesn't, it's only a matter of time.


6 February, 2009 - Jeremy Clarkson Strikes Again
News Article
Opinion Article
Jeremy Clarkson is at it again, insulting the whole world and his dog. Nothing is sacred for him, and he might just have passed all levels of decency.

He called the UK Prime Minister a "Scottish one eye idiot", referring to Gordon Brown's handicap (he has only one eye). He also said it didn't matter if the French motorcycle stuntmen died, since they were only French. Further, he called his fans "apes".

His brand of "humor" is getting worse. He is very popular, and you should see his "prose" as entertainment, but these things just can't be said.


6 February, 2009 - KTM Motorcycles Launches On-line Newsletter
KTM Newsletter website
KTM logo
KTM motorcycles launches a new on-line newsletter.

Nicely done, a bit "flashy", but full of great photos and articles.


5 February, 2009 - Vietnam: We’re Not Going To See These Motorcycles For A While
Vietnam Poultry Motorcycle
Looks like we'll not be able to show photo like this anymore.

Motorcycles are no longer allowed to transport poultry in Vietnam.

The Reason: To stop the epidemic from spreading.


5 February, 2009 - BMW Motorcycle Sleigh
BMW Trike Sleigh
Need to ride in the snow? Here's a solution...

The BMW motorcycle sleigh. Just put some skis on, and off you go. Don't forget the blanket....


5 February, 2009 - White Darth Vader Motorcycle Helmet
impact nitro helmet
How would you like to scare the beejesus out of old ladies driving their SUV to church?

Try this motorcycle helmet....


4 February, 2009 - MotoGP Stars And Facebook
Web Article
MotoGP logo
On the internet, Facebook is a very popular website. In the motorcycle racing world, MotoGP is very popular. So what happens when you put the two together?

Here are the MotoGP Gods' facebook presence. Some good, some bad, and one incredibly popular... wanna guess who?


4 February, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Scooters And TVXQ
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Strange Korean TV ad for Yamaha scooters.

Features a locally well known music band called TVXQ.

Boy, this ad is loud!


4 February, 2009 - Motorcycle Gang War Down Under
News Article
A full scale war is under way in Australia. The Hells Angels' clubhouse got blown up, the rebel's house got fire-bombed, and there have been several drive-by shootings.

Maybe they have been watching Sons of Anarchy.....


4 February, 2009 - Malta: Motorcycle Police Breaking The Law The Enforce
Malta Police Motorcycle Police
The motorcycle Police in Malta have not been equipped with special comms equipment that has an earpiece. They need to use a handheld radio when chasing cars....

... and that is against the law!

They also don't have proper helmets, bad quality gloves and boots, and no protective jacket.

It looks like the authorities from Malta do not like their motorcycle Police officers...


3 February, 2009 - Crisis: Massive Reduction For French Motorcycle Police
French Police Solex Squad
The French Motorcycle Police needs to start saving money, in order to help the French government in its efforts to help the economy.

All BMW and Yamaha motorcycle of the motorcycle Police have been sold, and new, and a lot cheaper, motorcycles have been purchased for the motorcycle cops.


3 February, 2009 - Myrtle Beach Wants To Ban Black Motorcycle Rally
News Article
Myrtle Beach is asking Atlantic Beach to help ban a black motorcycle rally, the Bikefest.

Atlantic Beach is considering this if Myrtle Beach will send some money to Atlantic Beach.

Do they just not like motorcycle riders in general, or is it just that they don't like black bikers?



3 February, 2009 - Two Students Make A Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle
Swarthmore hydrogen motorcycle
Two engineering students from Swarthmore College have made a real hydrogen powered motorcycle!

On a Buell, they grafted a hydrogen, electrical generating, motorcycle engine. It works, but it's not very fast.


3 February, 2009 - Italy: Government Red Traffic Lights Fraud
Red Stop Light Camera
Apparently the local Italian Police and government authorities have been a bit to diligent....

They have rigged the red stop/traffic lights to jump real fast via orange to red, so that they could ticket motorcycle and car drivers for driving through red.

100,000 people got ticketed, generating €130 million! How fast can you say Mafia?


2 February, 2009 - Video: Honda Dio Scooter Ad
Video clip
Honda logo
Take a funky scooter, throw in a few pretty girls, and you've got an instant TV ad.

Honda style...


2 February, 2009 - Biker Caught With Son Doing 122 mph In The Rain
News Article
A bloke was caught riding his Suzuki GSX-R at 122 mph in the UK, with his 14 year old son riding pillion.

It had started to rain, and the poor kid had to hold on to the back of the motorcycle.

Not smart...


2 February, 2009 - Parisian Motorcycle Taxis Thank The Unions
One of Moto-Jet's Goldwing Taxis
France Article
Thanks to the unions and left wing political parties in France, the motorcycle taxi is becoming very popular.

With the paralyzing strikes going on, the only way to get to work is by motorcycle or scooter, and if you don't have one, you need to rent one.... in come the motorcycle taxis to the rescue.


2 February, 2009 - OMG! As If The Honda Goldwing Motorcycle Is Not Big Enough!
Honda Goldwing with roof
Why not just get a car?

A Honda Goldwing motorcycle, with roof, and mini fridge? Only in Texas...



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