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26 February, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 26 February 2010
Web Article
Here are a few of the motorcycle articles I've been reading over the last week on the net.

- Motorcycle Tires: How Much We Really Know
- Christina Shook: Photographer And Author Of Chicks On Bikes
- How to “Run In” Your Bike


26 February, 2010 - Indonesia: Normal Traffic Jam Or Something Going On?
Indonesia Protest Ride
Would this be a normal traffic photo in Jakarta, Indonesia, or is something going on?


26 February, 2010 - Lebanon: There Go 1000s Of Motorcycles and Scooters
Scoot Motorcycles Destruction Lebanon
Lebanon is short a few 1000 motorcycles and scooters since yesterday...

Are we an endangered specie??? Should we be put on a protected list??


25 February, 2010 - Dual-Purpose Motorcycle Comparison
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
With the release of Yamaha's GS-Killer, the XT1200Z Super Tenere, let's have a look at how it stacks up to the other GS-Killers...

A look at the big cylinder dual-sports motorcycles. Will BMW survive, or is it laughing...


25 February, 2010 - Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere Motorcycle. The Official Release
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere
Yamaha logo
Unless you've been hiding in a cave, you'll probably have seen the new Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere dual-purpose motorcycle announcement yesterday.

Here are the full specs and many photos of the gorgeous looking motorcycle...


25 February, 2010 - Okay, Who Farted?
Monster traffic jam
Holy crap! Someone must have lit one off further on!



24 February, 2010 - Better Fuel Mileage On Your Motorcycle
Low Fuel Consumption method for motorcycles
Here's THE way to get a low fuel consumption when taking out your motorcycle...

No fuel, very little CO2 and almost no wear & tear...


24 February, 2010 - The Bull Motorcycle
The Bull Motorcycle
From the folks who designed the Jaguar motorcycle, here's another beauty; the Bull motorcycle.

So expensive that only a trader at Wall Street can afford it, and only in a bullish market...


24 February, 2010 - Widowed Family Sues Clinton For Motorcycle Cop Death
Police motorcade
The family of the motorcycle police officer that crashed and was killed when escorting Hillary Clinton is suing anyone with pockets.

The one target for the lawsuit should indeed be sued, and that's the Dallas police department, since they didn't provide proper training (he crashed because he couldn't take a curve at normal speed), and they didn't provide adequate protection (a motorcycle helmet with little protection).

But they are also suing the helmet manufacturer and Hillary Clinton. Why not sue the road manufacturer, the tarmac and the weather...?


23 February, 2010 - Take Your Motorcycle Sightseeing
Sightseeing With Motorcycle
Looks like they didn't understand the instructions....

You need to be sitting on your motorcycle to enjoy the sights, not take your motorcycle with you for sightseeing...


23 February, 2010 - Patents: Multifunctional Mirror
Selle Italia Mirror Patent
Mutli Function Mirror
An Italian company has filed a patent for a multi-function mirror for motorcycles (and bicycles) that can provide electric information in the mirror.

Telemetric data, GPS navigation, etc can be provided. Eventually, you'll end up with something like this...


23 February, 2010 - Tiffany To Be A Star
Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates, the ultimate female motorcycle adventurer, has been asked by BMW to star in one of five commercials they are making this year.

She will be the only one on a BMW motorcycle, the other four are cars. They are flying her and her old but trusty motorcycle to Turkey next month.


22 February, 2010 - 12 Aprilia Motorcycles Ads from Around The World
Aprilia logo
Aprilia Ad Shiver Naked Passion Italy
Turn of Aprilia motorcycles and their worldwide advertisements...

Problem was that there are very few ads out there, and all of them are made in Italy and then used in other countries.

Either Piaggio is hiding Aprilia from PR, or they hide their ads, or everyone knows the Italian motorcycle manufacturer.. and don't need no ads.

Anyway, here are 12 Aprilia motorcycle ads.


22 February, 2010 - 39 Motorcycle Motivational Posters + 1 Other
Motivational Perspective
Here are 39 motorcycle motivational posters I've found on the net, plus one that's not motorcycle related (just for fun).



22 February, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Motorcycle Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson have a new motorcycle, and therefore they have a new commercial.

The ad for the H-D Forty-Eight is much better than what we've been seeing from Harley. Nice and crisp with a good tune.


19 February, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 19 February 2010
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle articles what I found over the last week on the web that may amuse you...

- Teflon Coating Bike Guide
- What Is Difference Between Power And Torque
- What Happens With Insurance After A Motorcycle Accident
- Kawasaki Z1000 Can It Compete Against The "Naked" European Market?
- Tech Tip: Greasing Your Motorcycle


19 February, 2010 - France: Getting Ugly, Time To Immigrate?
Yesterday the French government announced a new series of repressive measures towards vehicles in general, and motorcycle specifically!

Time to look for another country?


19 February, 2010 - This Is Going To Go Wrong, I Feel It!
Plank Carry Bicycles
You know how this is going to end? Right?


18 February, 2010 - Movie Review: Hell’s Belles
Hell's Belles Scene
A review of the 70's biker movie Hell's Belles.

A surprisingly good movie with lots of motorcycles riding off-road, good acting and a reasonably good plot.

But the title is misleading....


18 February, 2010 - Ducati Scrambler Motorcycle
Ducati Scrambler
Ducati logo
Now here's a really beautiful Ducati motorcycle, the Ducati Scrambler.

Once upon a time, Ducati used to make these.... please do it again...


18 February, 2010 - Safety: California Sets An Example For Motorcycles
Share the road message
This is a good use of message signs you find on motorways, and it's California that shows you the way.

Now if other countries could please follow. It's effective and doesn't cost anything extra.


17 February, 2010 - Accessories: Real Tire Belt
Tire Belt
Wearing motorcycle helmets, jackets or boots is soooo old fashion! Only has-been models and B-list actors wear them.

To be really in, you need to wear one of these tires as a belt!

Cool... though in truth, it's not a motorcycle tire, but a bicycle, but who can tell...


17 February, 2010 - Is This An Armchair Traveller?
Couch patatoe
I guess this is a real armchair traveller?


17 February, 2010 - Some Of The Coolest Roads For Your Motorcycle
Taiwan Twisties
Riding these kind of roads on our motorcycle is paradise! Miles of twisties is what it's all about.

Here's a link to a site with many roads around the world that will make your heart go bumpy-de-bump...


17 February, 2010 - Iran: Burn, Motorcycle, Burn!
Iran Motorcycle Burn
The situation in Iran is pretty dramatic...

... burning motorcycles???


16 February, 2010 - iPhone: New Motorcycle Apps
iPhone Speed and Strength
iPhone Motorcycle Dealers and Workshops Australia
There are now 100's of apps available on Apple's iPhone that will satisfy any motorcycle rider.

Here are two recent ones that may interest you, and both are free.


16 February, 2010 - The Netherlands: Electric Motorcycles Require Full License
Zero Electric Dirt Motorcycle and Girl
The Dutch government has declared that electric motorcycles and scooters are, you guessed it, motorcycles and scooters, and therefore you require a full motorcycle license to ride one.

That's one gray area plugged...


16 February, 2010 - Riders For Health Documentary Online
Riders for Healthlogo
Riders for Health is the primary motorcycle-inspired charity, with all the big names in the motorcycle industry participating.

With all the money generated, motorcycle are being purchased and placed in Africa, together with extensive training (riding and maintenance).

The BBC have made a 22 minute documentary about Riders, and you can see it online. Have a look.


15 February, 2010 - 16 Triumph Motorcycles Ads from Around The World
Triumph Ad Bonnevile Jetpack USA
Triumph logo
In the series "Motorcycles Ads From Around The World", here is the English motorcycle brand, Triumph.

16 ads found, but it was not easy. There are 100's of "old" ads for Triumph, but very few from this century.


15 February, 2010 - France: Biker Tapes His Speeding, Looses Camera, Cops Find It
French Biker Caught Tape
A French biker decide to tape himself speeding on his Triumph Daytona motorcycle. He went out and bought a video camera, installed it, and raced on the country roads.

But... he lost his camera. Lucky for him, it was found. Unlucky for him, it was found by the cops.

To make matters worse, he went back to look for the most camera, where the cops were waiting for him. Not only has he lost his camera, but also his motorcycle and has a date with the courts.


15 February, 2010 - Winter 2009/2010: Major PMS. Please Stop Mr Snow
Rome Snow
The snow is getting to me. I've always been able to ride 365 days in the year, and now the snow has stopped me from riding this winter.

As far South as Italy (Rome), it's snowing...


12 February, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 12 February 2010
Web Article
Here are some of the interesting motorcycle stories I've been reading over the last week...

- A Car Salesman’s Pitch To A Motorcycle Addict
- Shipping Vs Riding
- 4 Reasons To Quit Motorcycling
- Basic Explanation Of Motorcycle Related In The State Of California


12 February, 2010 - Tires: Chicken Strips Or Not? Is This Better?
Metzeler Sportec M5 Interact Lean Indicator
Metzeler logo
Metzeler's new Sportec M5 tire for sports motorcycles has a lean indicator!

No more removal of chicken strips to show how deep you've gone into the curve with your motorcycle. Now the indicator will show the angle of attack...

You can't stop progress....


12 February, 2010 - 1st Motorcycle Accident Of Winter Olympics 2010?
Canada Olympics Torch Motorcycle Accident
Would this be the first motorcycle accident of the Winter Olympics 2010? Surely, it'll not be the last...


11 February, 2010 - Banks Still Not Doing Their Job! Gima In Trouble
GIMA 125
Remember this cute retro-looking motorcycle, the French Gima 125?

It's got quite a success, with 150 orders so far. To make the motorcycle available in France, the company needs to put in place dealers, spare parts, training, etc. For that, they need €400,000. But banks just aren't interested in parting with the taxpayer's money used to bail them out. They prefer to give themselves a big bonus than to lend money.

Now the CEO of Gima has gone on hunger strike to get some attention from the media and politicians.


11 February, 2010 - Movie Review: The Wild Angels
Wild Angels Cover
Wild Angels Scene
A review of the movie "The Wild Angels" starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra.

A real 60's biker movie, featuring real Hells Angels on their Harley motorcycles.


11 February, 2010 - Bikers Are Like Dogs! We Put Our Nose Into The Wind
Dogs nose in wind on motorcycle
We motorcycle riders are like dogs... we like putting our nose into the wind....

At least both are totally ATGATT, both have helmets and neck brace...


10 February, 2010 - How To Make Sure There Are Lots Of Accidents
Traffic Light Problem
Just pull up a chair and watch the accidents happen....


10 February, 2010 - KTM Motorcycles To Be Bought By Bajaj For 90%?
Bajaj logo
KTM logo
KTM have asked Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Bajaj, to increase their shares in KTM from 30% to 90%.

Bajaj have agreed to buy up to 51% now, and the rest later. This means that the majority shareholder in KTM is now Bajaj, and that they will become the main shareholder in a few months.


10 February, 2010 - Honda Motorcycles Is Probably Not Too Pleased With This Photo
Iran Police Feb2010
I dare say that Honda motorcycles is not too happy with this photo being shown......

Maybe they'll ask the Iranian cops to remove the enormous Honda logo from their motorcycles...


9 February, 2010 - France: 13 March 2010 - Major Protest Ride Planned
Lane Split Lights Bangkok
Motivational Poster Lane splitting
The French government are looking at removing the last freedom motorcycle have in France; lane-splitting (filtering). Many years it was tolerated, now they want to make it illegal.

The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) is planning a protest day on March the 13th. They will be asking all bikers to stay in the lane during rush hour, adding 100,000's of vehicles to the traffic jams.

That should show the authorities why it's a stupid idea...


9 February, 2010 - Quantya To Release New Electric Motorcycle?
Quantya undercover Swiss Moto
Quantya logo
Swiss electric motorcycle manufacturer will be unveiling a new electric motorcycle (or scooter) in Switzerland on the 21st of February at the Swiss-Moto exhibition.

AutoBlogGreen have some speculation what it can be...


9 February, 2010 - Ivory Coast: Scary Man
Issiaka Ouattara Ivory Coast Motorcycle
This is one very scary man. Have a look at his eyes.... scary.

I don't think I'll pay the Ivory Coast a visit for the time being...


8 February, 2010 - South Africa: Promoting Tourism Through Motorcycles
South Africa Scenic Pass
Video clip
South Africa are using motorcycles (but obviously not exclusively) to promote tourism to their country.

Their tourist information website even has a page dedicated to motorcycle adventurers. How cool is that for a country?


8 February, 2010 - 29 Honda Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
Honda Ad CB600F Playboy Spain
Honda logo
As with previous motorcycle manufacturers, here's what we've found for Honda. Here are 29 Honda motorcycle advertisements from around the globe.

My favorite one is shown here...


8 February, 2010 - Enduropale 2010: Major Upsets! Cause: Loud Pipes
Enduropale 2010 race start
Enduropale 2010 Mickael Pichon
After an upset for the winner, due to a too loud motorcycle, Mickael Pichon won the 2010 Le Touquet Enduropale beach motorcycle race.

1050 motorcycles started, and there were several leaders in the 3 hour race. But to loose on a too loud exhaust must be a first...


5 February, 2010 - See The Le Touquet Beach Race Live On The Web
FR3 Le Touqet 2010 Feed
Le Touquet 2007 Start
If you can't make it to France to see this weekend's crazy Le Touquet Enduropale, and don't live in France so you can see one of the 2 TV channels transmitting the race live, then there's still hope....

France 3, one of the main TV channels here, are transmitting 5 feeds from the race on the web. You can see the race as it happens. That's 3 hours of fun....


5 February, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 5 February 2010
Web Article
Two weeks worth of interesting motorcycle stories found on the world wide web..... enjoy.

- The 10 greatest scams, cheats and hoaxes in motorcycling - part 1
- Rules For Talking To Woman Bikers
- 2009 BMW K 1200 LT: Aging Gracefully
- The Mods Vs The Hells Angels
- The Single Best Motorcycle Performance Upgrade Is You


5 February, 2010 - Video: Road To Baja 1000 Documentary
Video clip
Two mountain bikers swapped their pedals for a motorcycle, and raced in the Baja 1000 desert race.

Their attempt was very well filmed and is available, for free, on-line. Very well done documentary. Have a look.


5 February, 2010 - BMW K1200LT - Sacred Cow Motorcycle
BMW K1200LT Cow
Talk about a sacred cow, or is it a cash cow????

A Cow version of the BMW K1200LT motorcycle..


4 February, 2010 - DVD Review: Two Wheel Terrors 2
Two Wheel Terrors 2 DVD Cover
Video clip
A review of the motorcycle documentary Two Wheel Terrors 2, a DVD full of choppers and cafe racers fooling around.

WARNING. Motorcycles were hurt during the filming of this documentary!


4 February, 2010 - Royal Enfield 500 Selling Like Hot Cakes
Royal Enfield Bullet Classic 500 motorcycle
Royal Enfield logo
The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is selling so well, that there's no a backlog.

You're going to have to wait for 6 months before you can see yours if you order one now.

You see, it's not all bad news... things are pretty good in India...


4 February, 2010 - Watching TV on Your Motorcycle. Possible?
TV On Motorcycle
Since cages have got them, why not put a TV on your motorcycle?

At least we get more organ donors that way....


3 February, 2010 - Motorcycle Rest Areas For The Le Touquet Enduropale 2010 Race
France Article
If you're planning to attend world's craziest, and biggest, beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, on the weekend of 6/7th of Feb, and you're going on a motorcycle, here are the special rest places for bikers.

There are 3 of them, places motorcycle riders can go to, to get their bike checked out, drink hot drinks, and mingle with other bikers.

Also, several motorways are free for motorcycles going to the race.


3 February, 2010 - Motorcycles Save Honda’s Bacon
Honda logo
Honda has managed to weather the financial storm thanks to its healthy motorcycle division.

They have just announced amazing high profits for their last quarter.

Motorcycles to the rescue...


3 February, 2010 - Scala Rider G4 - Motorcycle Communications At Its Best
Cardo G4
Cardo logo
Cardo Systems have upped the ante even further with their latest Bluetooth motorcycle communication device, the G4.

The G4 allows you to connect with 3 other Scala Rider devices, but now with a range of up to 1 mile. You've got full stereo and an onboard RDS FM Radio.

10 hours talk time, while listening to your iPod, FM radio, mobile phone AND GPS navigation instructions. What more do you want?


3 February, 2010 - Video: Bajaj DTS-i Girl Fight
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Cat fight, cat fight! Bajaj's advertisement for their DTS-i motorcycle involves two girls slugging it out who gets to ride the new motorcycle.

Filmed a la "The Matrix" style...... Cat fight, cat fight!


2 February, 2010 - India: Motorcycle Snow Riding, Not!
Snow Ride Motorcycle Umbrella India
Riding in the snow, with the only ATGATT gear an umbrella seems to me like not such a good idea.

I wonder how long before something nasty happened?


2 February, 2010 - Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle Photo Contest
Ducati Multistrada 1200 Launch
Ducati logo
Ducati are organizing a photo competition based on their new Multistrada 1200 motorcycle.

Take 4 photos of the new motorcycle in its 4 environments, and win one of the many prizes. Obviously, it starts in March, since the bike is not yet available.


2 February, 2010 - MotoGP Yamaha 2010 Live Presentation
Video clip
Yamaha logo
You can follow the presentation of the Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team for 2010 LIVE...

Fiat will be broadcasting the 2010 motorcycle and the two racers, interviews etc. You just need to get out of bed... it's a 2 AM GMT time...


2 February, 2010 - India: When Things Go Good, They Go Great
Statistics Article
Sales of motorcycles, scooters and other PTWs are still doing extremely well in India. EXTREMELY WELL!

Three manufacturers reported January 2010 sales, none of them reported less that 20% increase in sales, some reported 100+% and 266+%.



1 February, 2010 - 29 Yamaha Motorcycles Ads from Around The World
Yamaha Ad Retailers Supermarket Unknown
Yamaha logo
It's the turn of Yamaha to see their motorcycles ads from around the world.

Here are 29 advertisements from Yamaha as found across all corners of the world.


1 February, 2010 - UK: Prince Charles Wants To Ride A Motorcycle
Prince Charles Motorcycle Mime
Here's Prince Charles, the crown prince of the United Kingdom, pretending to ride a motorcycle.

.... now for his next lessons....


1 February, 2010 - Pimp My Moto Guzzi Motorcycle
Guzzi Pimped Out
I wonder if this Moto Guzzi motorcycle can actually get a decent speed before the canopy blows away???



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