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28 February, 2011 - Patents: Revolutionary Device Will Save Motorcycle Pillion Lives
Motorcycle Pillion Grip Device
Love Handle
Here's the device we've all been waiting for. Finally filed for a patent, the motorcycle pillion gripping device.

But... I thought that was why we have love handles?


28 February, 2011 - 51 Weird Motorcycles
Weird Motorcycle
Weird Motorcycle
Some people have way too much time on their hands. Way too much. And what do they do with that time? The start messing with perfectly good motorcycles and turn them into something they were never designed to be.

But then I guess it's art, and art is in the eye of the beholder.

Here are 51 weird and definitely different motorcycles.


28 February, 2011 - Here’s Your Chance To Ride With Tiffany Coates
Tiffany at the Copacabana beach in Brail
The famous female adventure motorcycle rider, Tiffany Coates, will at the drop of a hat take her motorcycle and travel the world to unknown places.

This time you can go too.... she has been asked by GlobeBusters to serve as guide for their upcoming Silk Route expedition to Tibet and Beijing.


25 February, 2011 - Italy: Local Police Adopt Raleri LCD Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Video clip
Remember the product review of the Raleri LCDrive motorcycle helmet visor we did last year? The LCDrive is a motorcycle helmet visor insert, based on LCD technology that turns dark and light, instantaneously, depending on how much sun light there is. It's really handy, and it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks so.

The local cops in Italy have started using the LCDrive for their motorcycle police. Here's a video showing them adapting their helmets for the visor insert, and going out on a patrol.


25 February, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 25 February 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared on the internet last week that you may have missed.


- Motorcycle Helmets, What's Best
- 2 Wheeler Sales India
- Riding The Nurburgring Nordschleife - A Guide For Motorcycle Riders
- Learning To Ride A Bike


25 February, 2011 - Why It Is Better To Be A Male Biker Than Female. No More!
Aprilia 250SX Ad Bike Me Toilet Female
One of then if not only, big difference between male and female motorcycle riders is the fact that male bikers can stop anywhere alongside the road and pee standing up. Female bikers usually end up looking for a rest-room somewhere.

No longer. For female motorcycle riders there is now GoGirl, an invention that allows female bikers to pee standing up.



24 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Ride Review Using Google Streetview
DailyRide Ride Streetview
DailyRide Ride Mini Map
Daily Moto Rides, from Sunday Morning Rides, is a motorcycle ride database with a difference.

Using Google's Streetview, it allows you to view proposed motorcycle itineraries around the world. You can decide whether this is a good ride to go on, or you can ride your virtual motorcycle along some of the best roads around the world without leaving your armchair.


24 February, 2011 - Taddy Blazusiak Crowned World Indoor Enduro Champion
Taddy Blazusiak Indoor Enduro Champion 2010
After several race were cancelled, Polish enduro specialist and part of the KTM factory team, Taddy Blazusiak, has been crowned Indoor Motorcycle Enduro Champion.


24 February, 2011 - Germany: ZP Moto-Another New Motorcycle Manufacturer
ZP Moto Scrambler
It's not everyday that you see a new German motorcycle manufacturer, but 2 in the space of one year has got to be a recent record.

Last year we saw Horex, this year we see ZP Moto come to life. This motorcycle manufacturer will be presenting shortly a classic looking scrambler motorcycle but using modern technology, including water cooling.


24 February, 2011 - Greece: Protestors Set Motorcycle Cop On Fire
Greece Police vs Protestors 201102
You can understand protests against the government, specially that of Greece, and you can understand the violence towards the establishment, and the police is the prime target....

But to throw a petrol bomb on a motorcycle cop who is down on the ground is criminal. Nothing different from what is happening in Libya.


23 February, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Wave Commercial
Video clip
Bajaj logo
One of the very few Bajaj TV commercials which wants to make me throw up.

It's not an ad for their motorcycles, but for one of their small displacement scooters, the Wave.

Wave good-bye!


23 February, 2011 - Electric Motorcycles: If They Don’t Get You One Way, They’ll Get You Anyway
Pothole road
Just when you thought that once you've paid for an expensive electric motorcycle, your financial worries would be brought to a minimum. Just some electric juice...

Wrong! The state of Oregon wants to charge electric motorcycle for each mile you've been riding. They want to use on board GPS technology to record your mileage.


23 February, 2011 - The Netherlands: Keep The Boycott Of Camping WitterZomer
Opinion Article
The Dutch camping WitterZomer near the famous race circuit of Assen (TT Assen MotoGP and WSB) have been a thorn in the sides of all motorcycle riders and organizations. They want to close down the circuit.

last week all groups involved signed an agreement to stop all legal actions and try to work out the issues. All, except one... the camping ground. They want to old track to disappear. But in the mean time, they do want you to visit their camping when there's a race.

So for crying out loud, please to do stay with them ... ever!


23 February, 2011 - Biker Died 3 Times, 38 Operations, But Still Wants To Ride
Gary Brennan Crash
How much do you love your motorcycle? Gary, a grandfather from the UK, had a terrible accident with his Ducati motorcycle.

He died 3 times, but was revived. He had to undergo 38 life saving operations to function normal again. He's in a wheelchair, but he's already thinking about his next motorcycle.

Would you?


22 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Triple S Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Motorcycle dealer's TV commercials usually suck, but this one, Triple S - a Harley-Davidson dealer, is good and even funny.

It's an older one, and it's for Christmas.


22 February, 2011 - You Think He Wants To Water His Plants?
Watering Cans On Motorcycle
He must have a lot of trees & plants if he loads up his motorcycle with some many watering cans...


22 February, 2011 - Ad: Aviva - Phones Dangerous For Motorcycle Riders
Ad Aviva Biker UK
Interesting print ad from insurance company Aviva for the prevention of mobile phone usage while driving a car.

This ad, part of a campaign, is about motorcycle (or bicycle) bikers. Smartly done.


21 February, 2011 - Video: Ducati 848 EVO
Video clip
Ducati logo
A video promotion of the Ducati 848 EVO sports motorcycle.

It's a nice clip, artsy images and a very annoying sound track.


21 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 4
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 4 (the last one for a long time) of 4 articles showing 50 really weird, wacky and wonderful motorcycle trikes.

Some you just can't believe...


21 February, 2011 - Safeguard Your Motorcycle Helmet: Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Helmet Hammock
Here's a product you can think why we never had something like this before.

The Helmet Hammock from Two Wheel Addiction, is a simple but very effective storage system for your motorcycle helmet and gear such as gloves, keys , sunglasses, etc.

You can even place two on top of each other, and if you have many helmets, just hand them next to each other.


18 February, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 18 February 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Don't blink, you may have missed these motorcycle stories this week.

- 3 Slow Speed Skills That Will Make You Look Like A Badass Rider
- Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Vest
- Jim Mason's Biker Gang: Who Are The Outlaws?


18 February, 2011 - Real GPS HUD Info For Any Motorcycle
Route 66 Follow Me
Route 66 Follow Me
Using Augmented Reality with an Android's smartphone camera, GPS navigation software and the Follow Me app from Route 66, you can now safely use this GPS on your motorcycle.

When you look at the phone for instructions, you still get to see the road ahead of you, and to make matters easier, all you need to do is "follow" the virtual vehicles in front of you.



18 February, 2011 - Data Management On Your Harley Using iPhone
You too can have a glass cockpit on your Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Just like the upmarket cars, you can view your important data on your iPhone while riding your Harley.

Easy to install, no fuss, just look at your data on the run. Perfect and not expensive.


17 February, 2011 - Help Save The Nurburgring Circuit. You Can Help
Nurburgring circuit
The famed Nurburgring race circuit is not only one of the oldest in Europe (Germany), but also one of the toughest and most demanding. It has been the host to many races, movies and TV shows (like Top Gear). It's a circuit where you can go to on your motorcycle, and do a few laps.

Thanks to an amalgamation of government and private enterprise stupidity and greed, the race circuit is in danger of disappearing (for once it's not the ecologist movements' fault).

But you can help, and it's only going to cost you a minute. Sign the on-line petition. That's all you need to do.


17 February, 2011 - Cycle News Goes Digital
Cycle News Digital Edition
The 40 year old American weekly motorcycle magazine, Cycle News, that disappeared a few months ago, has reappeared, but this time in a digital format.

No more paper, no more snail mail delivery, full color, links, videos but full of ads, and you still got to pay for it.

Will it make it?


17 February, 2011 - Video: Victory Motorcycles - Fuel It
Video clip
Victory Motorcycles logo
Nice video ad for Victory Motorcycles, though it looks and feels a lot like a Harley ad, but better.

Have a look...


16 February, 2011 - UK: Biker Caught Giving Speed Camera The Finger. Fined!
Paul Collins Speed Camera Gesture
Paul, a 26 year old British motorcyclist was speeding through a speed camera. He knew it was there, but it was front facing, and since the motorcycle doesn't have a front license plate, he just gave it the finger...

Next time Paul, don't forget to close your visor! The police id'd him, and now he received a hefty fine.


16 February, 2011 - An Ecological Fuel Powered Solex
Solex Propane Powered
We've seen gasoline powered Solex, electric Solex, and now there's the Butane gas powered Solex.

What's next, a nuclear powered Solex?


16 February, 2011 - Video: Yamaha XT 1200 Z Super Tenere: Soul
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a very nice promo video clip from Yamaha for their new XT 1200 Super Tenere motorcycle.

It shows that they want to square off with the GS in the dual-purpose market. The video, despite a voice that will put you to sleep, is nice with good riding images.


15 February, 2011 - Ads & Motorcycles: Onida Mobile Phones
Ad Onida Mom India
Two print ads from India for a mobile phone maker, telling people not to use the mobile phone on motorcycles or scooters...

... but, aren't they the group the least likely to use a phone?


15 February, 2011 - Van Caught Speeding At 764 Mph (1230 Kph)
Van Speeing Ticket 1078kph
A Fiat van in Italy, with a top speed of 97 MPH got a speeding ticket for 764 MPH!

The ticket was signed by two officers, so it looks like no one pays attention to the ticket and the possibility that it could be wrong.

Makes you wonder about speed radars when you get a ticket on your motorcycle...


15 February, 2011 - The Yamaha FZ8R Motorcycle Exists. Here’s The Proof
Yamaha FZ8R logo
Yamaha logo
Our colleagues from the French motorcycle news site happened by chance upon the upcoming Yamaha FZ8R at Yamaha.

The act is out of the bag, and they were allowed to make one photo of the tank.


15 February, 2011 - Investors Loose Faith In Yamaha Motorcycles, Stock Plunge
Yamaha logo
Yamaha Motorcycles took a plunge in the Tokyo stock market, after announcing a (small) profit for 2010, and an expected 9.3% rise in profit for 2011.

Their stock plunged 10% with fears for the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer.


15 February, 2011 - So This Is How They Rake The Sand On The Beaches
Scooter Raking Sand
I don't get up early enough to see how they rake the sand on beaches, but this photo clearly shows you how they do it.

Take one slightly used Vespa scooter, a rake and a lot of sand...


14 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 3
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 3 of our listing of weird, wonderful and/or wacky motorcycle trikes.

They come in all shapes and sizes, some more weird than others.



14 February, 2011 - Egypt Is Over, Greece Still Ongoing: Motorcycle Protests
Greece Protest 20110211
The reboot of Egypt might be over, but there are still many struggles going on.

Greece is still at it, here's a motorcycle protest. Not bikers, but civil servants on motorcycles riding a protest.


14 February, 2011 - Happy Motorcycling Valentine Day 2011
Happy Motorcycle Valentine Day 2011
Happy Valentine Day!

For you and your loved one.

And also for you and your spouse/partner/etc.


11 February, 2011 - Remote Control For Givi Top-case
Givi Maxia Remote Control
If you're jealous because those up-market cars can open their trunk by pressing a remote control, now you too can do it.

Givi has announced a €68 remote control for their Maxia top-case that will open the lid with a press of a remote control...

How lazy can we get?


11 February, 2011 - Ad: Does Suzuki Motorcycle Not Like Female Riders?
Ad Suzuki GSR750 France
Suzuki logo
In this French Suzuki print ad, it would appear that Suzuki don't think to highly of females riding their GSR750 motorcycle. They think it's to macho for women....


11 February, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 11 February 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some motorcycle stories that may be on interest to you that have appeared over the last few days.

- Take Another Look At Your Motorcycle Tires
- My Scenic Drives
- Roadside Reading: Biker's Handbook


10 February, 2011 - Geez! She Is Heavy
Heavy Pillion
OMG... she's way to heavy for that motorcycle...


10 February, 2011 - Video: Tiffany Coates Shows How To Pick Up A Dropped Motorcycle
Video clip
In this short video, world motorcycle traveller/adventurer rider, Tiffany Coates, shows you the proper technique on pickup up a motorcycle that has been dropped.

It's something that will happen to you, so better learn the right way.


10 February, 2011 - Price Hikes For Raw Material: Expensive Motorcycles?
Extra fuel on motorcycle
Prices are going up, and will not come down anymore. And it's not just petrol, though we'll be seeing enormous price hikes win before the end of 2012, with peak oil production being reach by the end of next year.

Other raw materials, like rubber are going to go through the roof. Already most tire manufacturers have announced price hikes of 8%, and more to come.

But iron is going up 30% this year. Our beloved motorcycles are going to be more expensive to buy, and much more expensive to run.


9 February, 2011 - Video: Harley Davidson Welcome To The Club
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A Swedish Harley-Davidson motorcycle (dealer) TV ad, including an animated character.

It also includes the one piece of music that is used over and over again with motorcycle ads.


9 February, 2011 - Brazil: Government Trying To Outlaw Motorcycle Taxi
Motorcycle Taxi Brazil
The Brazilian government is trying to legislate motorcycle taxis to such an extent that they would have to disappear.

31% of all fatal accidents in Brazil involve motorcycle, so they are deemed a "public health" problem.

Why do we have some many idiots.. and why are they almost always politicians?


9 February, 2011 - Motorcycle Taxi Meters Coming?
Motorcycle Taxi Meter
Motorcycle Taxi Meter Advertising
A great idea whose time has come! Two American expats living in Thailand have created the world's first motorcycle taxi meter.

No motorcycle taxi have fare meters. The device just don't exist since traditional cage taxis meters don't work on a bike. So they developed a high tech one that looks great.

It's equipped with an onboard GPS, it offers geographical proximity advertising and it has a black box feature that will provide an extra safety bonus for the passengers.

All that for an attractive price that even Asian and African motorcycle taxis should be able to afford.


8 February, 2011 - 0 Emission Vespa Scooter
A true zero emission Vespa scooter, but you will not get very far with it....

It's a rocking toy for kids. Nice crafted in oak wood.


8 February, 2011 - Video: Shave Your Head While Riding A Motorcycle
Video clip
This is the missing link! This is what all we bikers, male or female, have been waiting for. The invention of the century....

It's a helmet that shaves you head! So there you go, you can shave your head while riding your motorcycle. No fussing around. No time wasted. Always have a perfectly shaved head on your motorcycle.


8 February, 2011 - BMW Sweeps UK Motorcycle Survey, Again
BMW logo
BMW have sweeped many of the top spots in the annual RIDE Magazine customer survey. BMW took the top spot, plus many other categories.

Looks like the other motorcycle brands in the UK better behave.


8 February, 2011 - Ad: Hyosung Aguila Motorcycle vs Harley-Davidson
Ad Aguila GV 650 Parts Venezuela
Reasonably funny print ad from Venezuela for Aguila, showing why it's better to have an Aguila motorcycle than a Harley-Davidson.... because their spare parts are guaranteed, and Harley's ain't.

So if you've got a hog, you'll end up taking the bus...


7 February, 2011 - 50 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Motorcycle Trikes - Part 2
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Weird Motorcycle Trike
Part 2 of weird, wacky and wonderful motorcycle trikes.

There are many weird ones, but also some pretty ones out there.



7 February, 2011 - You Think He’s A Hunter?
Mini Motorcycle Hunter
You think the owner of this "motorcycle" is a hunter?

What gives it away?


7 February, 2011 - KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak Clean Sweeps Indoor Enduro At Barcelona
Barcelone Enduro 2011 Taddy Blazusiak
KTM logo
KTM's Taddy Blazusiak is on a roll. He just won the indoor motorcycle enduro of Barcelona.

David Knight ended in 2nd spot. Can anything stop the wonderboy from Poland?


7 February, 2011 - India To Attack European Electric Motorcycle Market
Hero Electric logo
A subsidiary of one of world's largest motorcycle manufacturers, the India based Hero Electric, is planning to turn their attention to Europe and flood the market with cheap electric motorcycles and scooters.

The Indian electric bike market is enormous, compared to the rest of the world, with 85,000 units sold last year. Hero are gearing up to produce 250 units per day for Europe.


5 February, 2011 - Apparently Computers and Networks Need Electricity
Computers need electricity
Learned something yesterday. It would seem that computers, routers, modems and networks require electricity, which was of very short supply yesterday evening.

A big storm hit us just when I arrived home after a quick trip. I had just started finishing an article I had started on the train, when all the lights went out. Thankfully I have loads of UPSs, but they are of no use for the network. So I guess you had to survive without an article yesterday evening.


4 February, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Cages
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here's a good TV ad from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It uses the biker slang for "cars", being cages. Funny, seeing all sorts of vehicles driving around in a cage.


4 February, 2011 - Video: 2 Laps On The New Suzuki GSX-R750 Motorcycle
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Here's a video which our Dutch colleagues from MotoKlik magazine made while testing the brand new Suzuki GSX-R750 sports motorcycle on a Spanish circuit.

Situated in-between the 600 and 1000, the motorcycle is a demon. Just watch the video, and judge yourself.


3 February, 2011 - DVD Review: America Wild And Wacky - Sturgis
America Wild and Wacky Sturgis Cover
America Wild and Wacky Sturgis Scene
An overview of the DVD documentary from the Smithsonian Networks called "America Wild And Wacky: Sturgis".

A look at Sturgis 2007 motorcycle rally. Good overview, specially for people who have never been.


3 February, 2011 - A New Electric Motorcycle Made In The UK: Agility Saietta
Agility Saietta
Agility Saietta
At the London Motorcycle Exhibition today, a new electric motorcycle was launched!

The Agility Saietta is a single seater, two models, and available now.

Whether you like the look or not, it's a novel motorcycle..


3 February, 2011 - Piggybacking On A Motorcycle
Piggyback On Motorcycle
What to do if you've got 5 friends who want to ride with your on your motorcycle, and the motorcycle has just enough space for 4.



2 February, 2011 - Why It Is A Bad Idea To Leave Your Motorcycle Out In The Cold
Iced In Motorcycle
Leaving your motorcycle outside in the cold, specially when it's freezing, is a bad idea.

Here's why...


2 February, 2011 - The Netherlands: No MotoGP On TV
MotoGP logo
No Dutch TV station will be transmitting the MotoGP races this year (as they did not last year either).

Dorna's fee is too high, and there's a lack of advertisers in the small country to generate sufficient revenue for the TV stations to make money. So they'll need to watch the BBC...


2 February, 2011 - Another Thing To Do With A Motorcycle Around The House
Motorcycle Parts Decoration
We've seen motorcycles hanging on walls or being placed in an apartment as decoration (see related articles below), but here's a more original way of using a "space" motorcycle as decoration. Call it "Art" or call it "Stupid", either way, it's original.

And since it's a Honda, it looks like this decoration was inspired by the famous Honda TV ad.


1 February, 2011 - Video: Vespa And King Kong Funny Ad
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here is a reasonable funny TV ad for Vespa scooters featuring King Kong and a pretty sexy red-head.

Not bad...


1 February, 2011 - Put A Motorcycle Race Track On Your Wall
Race Tracks Of The World
Some people put a motorcycle on the wall, but this idea might just be better.... a copy of one of world's famous race circuit.

Made out of wood and Formica, with a special system to hang them up on your wall, without nails, this is a motorcycle racing fan's dream.


1 February, 2011 - Ride Your Motorcycle Wearing Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss Helmet
Hugo Boss Logo
You too can ride stylish on your motorcycle or scooter to your local Starbucks, wearing this Hugo Boss motorcycle helmet.

Different colors and sizes are available, and what's interesting, it's not going to brake the bank.



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