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29 February, 2012 - Royal Enfield Grows 42% In 2011
Royal Enfield logo
Indian motorcycle manufacturer hits a home run with an increase of 42% in sales during 2011 over 2010, and 2012 looks as good.

Customer currently need to wait 6 months to get their motorcycles, but that will get better next year when the new factory opens.


29 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: How Not To Launch A Motorcycle Smartphone App
KNMV Weather App
The Dutch motorcycle association, KNMV, has launched an app for motorcycle riders for iPhone and Android devices that will tell you if the weather is good for riding your motorcycle.

So far, so good. The app is free, but only for members (you need to enter your membership number to activate). That is bad!! For an official organization that looks after the motorcycle world in The Netherlands, something like this should be available to all bikers, not just members.

It's self-serving, and not in the interest of the motorcycle world.


29 February, 2012 - New Motorcycle Octane Boost Product
Amsoil Motorcycle Octane Boost
Amsoil logo
Amsoil have released today a new motorcycle octane boost product. By mixing 1.3 fluid ounces per gallon of their liquid, you increase your motorcycle's octane by 3 notches.

Increasing octane can help increase the power and efficiency of your engine, cleaning the combustion chamber of deposit, thereby ensuring a better startup of your engine. It can also reduce or eliminate engine pinging, and as a blessing, provide more power at low revs.

The fuel additive is made for 4-stroke, air or liquid cooled engines, and its use if legal.


28 February, 2012 - Ads: Utah - Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over
Utah Drive Sober Wine Cuffs
Here are three interesting PSA advertisements from the Utah Department of Highway Safety, urging you not to drink & drive. As visuals go, they are very good and powerful, it says it all in one visual.

Ads were made by R&R Partners, and clearly show what will happen if you do drink....


28 February, 2012 - Travel North To South Europe On The Train With Your Motorcycle
AutoSlaapTrein Motorcycle
AutoSlaapTrein Map
Going from the Middle/North part of Europe to the Southern part of Europe (Cote d'Azur or North Italy) is a great motorcycle ride, with beautiful scenery, but... it's bloody long.

An alternative for your holiday is take the Dutch Autoslaaptrein, a Motorail service that brings you and your motorcycle, in comfort to your destination. Live, eat, & sleep in a comfortable cabin, arrive fresh at your destination and take your motorcycle off the train, and start your holiday at your destination.

Not a bad way to start ...


28 February, 2012 - Utah To Abolish DUI Roadblocks
Volkswagen Touareg road block ad
It's amazing if you consider the previous article ()...Utah is going to ban the police from setting up roadblocks to search for motorists who have been drinking and driving their cars or motorcycles.

The proposed law changes would make roadblocks authorized only if the authorities obtain a search warrant.


27 February, 2012 - Video: Harley-Davidson, Made In America
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
The video below is not a TV commercial for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, like we've seen so many before, usually quite bad. But in fact it's more an infommercial for manufacturing in the USA, using Harley as example..

The segment is well done, highlighting the virtues of Harley's know-how in manufacturing motorcycles, all made-in-the-USA.


27 February, 2012 - The Evolution Of The Ducati Superbikes Over Time
Ducati Superbikes
Ducati logo
A lot has been written recently about the latest Ducati super motorcycle, the 1199 Panigale. From all reports and reviews, it's by far the fastest, most powerful and sleekest sports motorcycle ever to come out of the Italian manufacturer.

Ducati has always been synonymous with fast, sexy and powerful motorcycles. Since the factories started churning out the 851 back in 1988, the Ducati superbike has been a dream motorcycle, winning championships around the world.

Over time, the motorcycle evolution has been noticeable. Not only in terms of engine power, but also in styling. Below are photos of each evolution of the bike, starting with the 851 and ending with the 1199 Panigale. (Finding photos of each model, with a white background, taken from the same angel has proven to be very difficult).

The first image you'll see is an animated gif file I made, morphing each model from start to finish, showing you what the superbikes look like over time, and how they changed. This is followed by a detailed look for each model.


27 February, 2012 - Motorcycle Basketball? A New Sport?
Derrick Williams Motorcycle Basketball
We know that there's already motorcycle soccer and probably some other kinds of traditional non-mechanized sports transformed with the usage of motorcycles, but I think this is the first time they are using a motorcycle for basketball...

Would you like to see the Lakers play the Knicks, all riding their motorcycles? That could be fun....


24 February, 2012 - Tunisia Motorcycle Rally Tour 2012 - With A Twist
Tunisia Rally 2012
Again this year the organizers are preparing for the 2012 version of the Tunisia Rally Tour. This one week, all inclusive motorcycle rally, suits all types of contestants, from beginners to professionals.

But this year the organizers have added a category, that of the "Gentleman Biker". This category is targeted for those riders who want to see the amazingly beautiful country, but who do not want to race. They will follow the itinerary of the race, but after the last racers have left. There are no timings involved, no penalties, no rush. You'll discover this scenic country at your own pace.

Once you reach the destination, you get to party, eat & drink with the rest. As an added advantage, this category allows for pillions, so a real holiday.

Click headline to read on.....



24 February, 2012 - Rwanda: 200 Yamaha Motorcycles Distributed To Health Workers
Yamaha AG100 Africa
The Minister of Health in Rwanda distributed 237 Yamaha 100 AG motorcycles (a motorcycle designed for NGOs in Africa) to the regional health workers in the country. Back on 2005, they had only one motorcycle, serving a population of 29,000.

The motorcycles will be used for follow-up for tuberculosis patients in a community outreach program, enhancing the recovery of the patients.

The bikes will also be used to monitor malaria patients, vaccinations and family planning sensitization programs.


24 February, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 24 February 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some of the interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared on the internet over the last 7 days that may interest you.

- Motorcycle Dealership Worst Practices (No Baffles)
- The Fandango Tank Bag (Motorcycle Tripper)
- Shipping Your Motorcycle (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Types Of Emissions And Their Effects (Bike Advice)


23 February, 2012 - India Discovery Adventure Organized By Unicef
Unicef Classic Indian Adventure
Unicef logo
The UN agency, Unicef, is organizing an adventure motorcycle trip in India. Planned for November 2012, 20 odd adventurers will be setting out on Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles (plus vintage Ambassador cars) to discover parts of India.

The itinerary will see you go past several Unicef projects, so you can see the work they do. This is a quote on part of their program:

"The 1,000 km route takes you along Kerala's coast, inland to Mysore, through the tiger reserves of Bandipur and Mudumallai and up through 36 hairpin bends to a vast expanse of tea plantations. The trip ends back in the serene backwaters of Kerala – an exquisite conclusion to a remarkable adventure."

The trip is planned for 30 November to 9 December. It's not cheap, since it the trip supports the Unicef work, so it's worth it.


23 February, 2012 - Video: Live By It - Benin version
Video clip
You all probably remember the viral TV commercial from Harley-Davidson some 5 years ago called "Live By It"?

Here's another version, but this time from Benin (in Africa) with the same words but different images. If you haven't seen the original, see that first before seeing this one.

We'll see how long this video will last before Harley pulls the plug on it...


23 February, 2012 - France: Pre-Presidential Elections Motorcycle Protest
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
In about 3 months the French presidential elections are upon us. The French get a chance to elect yet another leader to ruin run the country for 5 years. And as is always the case with French elections, there are more candidates than snails.

But in the end, there are two serious candidates, both belong to the biggest political parties in the country. One, Sarkozy, is the current President and sits on the right of the political spectrum - and is pretty anti-motorcycles. On the other side of the spectrum, a Socialist, is Hollande - a biker himself.

But whoever wins, the motorcycle world will not get any better here in France. So to reenforce the message to all presidential candidates, the French Association of Angry Bikers (FFMC) is calling for a massive motorcycle protest ride on March 24 and 25th, one month before the elections.


22 February, 2012 - Indonesia Makes A Lot Of Motorcycle Helmets
Taracitra Kusuma motorcycle helmet factory Indonesia
Taracitra Kusuma motorcycle helmet factory Indonesia
Interesting facts you pick up from the news agencies wires.

Indonesia manufacturers a hell of a lot of motorcycle helmets; this factory alone makes 30,000 helmets per month, shipped to the four corners of the world.


22 February, 2012 - Hero MotoCorp Partners With Erik Buell Racing
Hero MotoCorp logo
World's largest motorcycle manufacturer, the India based Hero MotoCorp, has partnered with USA based Erik Buell Racing. Erik Buell was well known for his revolutionary motorcycle designs when the Buell brand was part of Harley-Davidson. But a few years back, Harley closed the Buell brand, and Erik Buell set up his motorcycle design shop. Last year, Hero ended the 26 year partnership with Honda.

Now he will be supporting the Indian brand in the design of their future models using his cutting edge technology.

So do not be surprised to see very new and advanced motorcycles next year coming from Hero.


22 February, 2012 - Site: Motorcycle Stories
Bikes and Buddies site
There are many web sites out there that publish motorcycle articles; news, entertainment, reviews, etc. You'll find them in every country, and in every language. But here's a web site that is different. It doesn't publish articles reviewing the latest motorcycle color of the IZJH-873B model, nor does it publish anything about which midget racer won which 10cc motorcycle race in Tibet.

No, this web site publishes stories. You know, stories like what you might find in magazines or books. The site, Bikesnadbuddies, is new, but they are planning to publish stories, fiction or not, about life on the road, motorcycles, friends & family. They've got two stories up, and they are worth the read.

They've got several writers (one of them being Gilby Clarke, the former guitarist for Guns 'n Roses) lined up to make the short stories, so watch their space. You can sign up for a newsletter that will give you their latest stories. They plan to publish a new story every 4 weeks.

Reading the stories already published on their site, they are well written, easy to read and fun.


21 February, 2012 - Ads: The Road Is No Place To Socialize
Ad No Twitter Dubai
This is a PSA that is not targeted at motorcycle riders but should, if it works, provide some more protection for us. The three advertisements come to us from Dubai, made by Livingroom, and try to get car drivers there to stop using social media when driving.

It's an increasing problem worldwide, not just in Dubai, where cagers are using Twiiter, Facebook and/or BBM, with all the disastrous consequences.


21 February, 2012 - Learn To Wheelie The Easy And Safe Way
Learning To Wheelie
Many bikers dream of popping a wheelie on their motorcycle but are afraid to do so. It's not rocket science, but until you've done it, you are afraid to flip over.

There are many schools that will teach you how to do a wheelie, but it still involves some risk of flipping the motorcycle.

The easy way, and definitely the safest way, is to use a wheelie machine; a simulator of sorts. The machine is a trailer with a moving belt, motorcycle attachments and a rope tied to the front wheel.


21 February, 2012 - Even In Iran Motorcycles Have To Queue Up For Fuel
Iran Motorcycle Queue For Petrol
It's strange if you think about it... one of the biggest oil producers in the world, and still motorcycles need to queue up for along time to get their fuel.

I guess the cobblers' children wear the worst shoes.


20 February, 2012 - The Most Stunning And Sexy Yamaha Motorcycle Babe
Yamaha Gas Tank Babe
I don't frequently post photos of the pretty and often sexy ladies on motorcycles, apart from the motorcycle exhibitions.

But this photos of a very pretty, and very sexy, Yamaha girl just had to be posted.... no offense to women meant, but she's just to sexy not to post.


20 February, 2012 - 21 Bikers Sleeping On Their Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
Sleeping on a Motorcycle
I really do not know how they do it. I can't even sleep in a strange bed in a hotel, or on a first class seat in an airplane (like that will ever happen), but some people can sleep anywhere, even on a motorcycle or scooter.

I know that many Iron Butt rider sleep on their motorcycles during the rally, and maybe if you are exhausted enough, you can sleep even on a horse; I just can't...

Here are 21 photos of beings who however possible are managing to sleep on their ride. The only one can I understand is the last one....


20 February, 2012 - South Korea: That Is One Way Of Jumping On A Motorcycle
South Korea Jumping Over Motorcycle
Some people have strange ways of getting on a motorcycle. Most people get on as pillion on the left, swing their right foot over the bike.

But not this guy.


17 February, 2012 - France: Michelin Guide For Motorcycles 2012
Michelin France Motorcycle Guide 2012
Michelin logo
French tire giant, and renowned map maker, Michelin, have for the last few years been publishing a nice guide for motorcycle in France. The guide, published like one of Michelin's guide books, has many motorcycle trips detailed.

This year, the Michelin guide has 96 fully explored itineraries available. All the itineraries are available on their ViaMichelin website to down load, either in one of the GPS standards, or as a printable roadbook. The downloads are free, but you'll miss out on all the detail.

The details for each itinerary is encompassing. You'll see which are the good restaurants along the way, what the tourist sites are which you can visit, maps of the area, including elevations. Each trip is graded between 1 and 3 stars (like the Michelin Red Restaurant guides). They are also categorized for fun, duo riding and sightseeing.

Click the headline to read on.....


17 February, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 17 February 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Just in case you missed these, here are some interesting motorcycle related articles I've read over the last week.

- Riding And Yoga (Cecilie's Moto Journal)
- Ducati 1199 Panigale S (Ash On Bikes)
- Book Review: There & Back Again To See How (Redleg's Rides)


17 February, 2012 - Video: Honda And Soccer On Motorcycles
Video clip
Honda logo
It looks like if you ride a Honda motorcycle, you are an excellent soccer (football) player. Or at least, that is the case if you believe this Honda TV commercial.

You get to see, what I presume is a famous Brazilian soccer player (have no clue who it is), doing tricks with a (soccer) ball on his motorcycle. Not bad, if you're into soccer. It would have been nicer if he did those tricks while riding....


16 February, 2012 - Video: SuperMario and Vespa Scooters
Video clip
Vespa logo
I don't know if this is a real commercial, and if it is, it will not have cost much money to make. The advertisement is for Vespa scooters, and it features Mario, or more SuperMario.

You can hear the irritating sound of the Mario Nintendo games, while Mario chooses a Vespa over the princess. But fake or not, it's still not bad.


16 February, 2012 - France: Fines Bring In €1.4 BILLION In 2011
It pays having speed radars in France! Not for safety as has been determined by many studies, but for the cash strapped government. Last year, the combined issued fines brought in a whopping €1.398 BILLION, that's almost 1.5 Billion Euros (at today's rate, almost US$2 Billion).

€660 Million of that collected windfall goes to the local communities, in order to help them improve roads. €65 Million is used for processing the fines (administration costs), €52 Million to maintain the radars, €20 Million to fight the increasing vandalism (I wonder why?), €18 Million to purchase and install new radars, €37 Million to put in place a new electronic and automated fine system and €35 Million for some delinquents program and €16 Million to change the old license files to the new one.

That leaves €474 Million for the government, to be used as they please. It's not going to be used to increase safety the way it should (like motorcycle crash barriers, reduction in sales tax for motorcycle safety equipment, etc... the list is long). Instead, the money will be used to fill that big black hole they call the budget.


16 February, 2012 - Wolfman Luggage: Very Comprehensive Motorcycle Luggage
Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage
Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage
Sometimes the right motorcycle luggage can make an adventure trip, a long distance motorcycle trip, a RTW trip or even a camping trip the difference between a success and a fail.

Most motorcycle luggage manufacturers make hard luggage, either metal or plastic. These luggage are really cargo holders, functioning only as a place to put stuff.

USA based Wolfman Luggage make luggage that you can not only store on your motorcycle or scooter, but also carry with you on your airplane trip, or when checking in into the White House.

Wolfman have many different sorts of luggage. If there's a place to store luggage on your motorcycle, Wolfman has got you covered!


15 February, 2012 - Ad: Suzuki GSX-R1000 - No Traction Control, No ABS
Suzuki GSXR No Traction No ABS
Suzuki logo
Nice advertisement I found in France for the 2012 Suzuki GSX-R1000 motorcycle. Bring back simplicity, no gadgets, just you and the motorcycle.


15 February, 2012 - The Netherlands: Highest Speeding Fines In The Area
highway robbery sign
After a study done by radio/TV organization RTL of several European countries, it was determined that The Netherlands was charging the most for speeding, despite being a small country, or maybe because of it.

The study analyzed speeding fines for Spain, France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg. For example, if you are speeding 15 kph over the limit on your motorcycle in The Netherlands, you will be fined €110, for the same offence in Germany it'll cost you €20 and in France €45.

While in 2006, fines in The Netherlands were still low-to-average, but since then fines have risen 66% which is definitely more than inflation.

According to officials, the increase in fines is to deter speeding, but then we all know that is not true... it's all about money.


15 February, 2012 - TRT: The Tilting Harley-Davidson Motorcycle
TRT Harley
TRT Harley
Jim wanted a nice trike, and wanted it to be Harley-Davidson motorcycle based. He teamed up with Too Kool Cycles, and made this funky trike, but with a twist...

Instead of putting the third wheel in the back, he put it in the front. And to make the trike act more like a motorcycle, the front wheels tilt when you lean it into a curve. It'll angle up to 25°.

What's even nicer, he's gone into business. He is planning to sell the TRT as a kit for late model Harley-Davidson Tourer models.


14 February, 2012 - Beautify Your Gadgets With MotoGP
MotoGP iPhone Skin
MotoGP iPad Skin
Having your iDevice gadget is one thing, making it presentable is another. MotoGP have a series of high quality skins for different sorts of iPhone, iPads, iPods and even laptops, that not only make the shell pretty with motorcycles and logos, but come with matching wallpaper.

Just stick them on, download the wallpaper, and you're in business.


14 February, 2012 - Ad: Piaggio MP3 - Slippery When Wet
Piaggio MP3 Slippery When Wet Israel
Piaggio logo
Pretty good print advertisement for Piaggio MP3 scooter. According to the ad, you are safer on the MP3 than when walking on slippery roads, thanks to the three wheels.

Ad was done in Israel by Adler Chomsky Grey. Not a bad image, it says it all.


14 February, 2012 - India: Something Really, Really, Wrong With This Picture
India Disabled Pulled By 2 Motorcycles
I don't know about you, but when I see this photo I can't help but say that something is really wrong, if not twisted, with this photo.

What do you say?


14 February, 2012 - Ultimate Marco Simoncelli Tribute Book - 58 of #58
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Automotophoto Simoncelli 58of58 book
Not many people get the chance of mingling with the Gods of MotoGP, and very rare are those who are around them all of the time. But MotoGP professional photographer, Andrew Wheeler, is one of those rare individuals.

For years he has been flying all over the world, following the MotoGP circus from track to track, making photos that you will have all seen in print or on the web. His photos are very much sought after for those interested in motorcycle racing.

It's therefore no surprise that his enormous collection of photos he had made over the last few years contained many of the late Marco Simoncelli, #58.

As a tribute to Simoncelli, Andrew has released a limited edition book full of fantastic photos of the man-who-left-us too-soon. The book is called "58 of #58", and it's a 12 by 12 hardbound book with 49 pages of Marco.

If you read the comments on Facebook you will see that many are truly enjoying this book.

10% of the proceeds of the book go to the Simoncelli Foundation.


13 February, 2012 - Video: Honda VT750S Australia Commercial
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a very upbeat (music-wise) TV commercial from Australia, for the Honda VT750S motorcycle.

No fuss, no clever stuff, just upbeat music and a price. Not bad...


13 February, 2012 - Philippines: This Is Why We Need Motorcycles
Motorcycles on broken road Philippines
If ever there's any doubt on why we need motorcycles, this photo will quickly put that to bed.


13 February, 2012 - UK: Study Shows Speed Cameras Have No Affect On Safety
UK Speed Camera   Accidents Before and After
After a study done in the UK in one area of the country, it was determined that speed radars cameras have no or very little affect on accident son the road, neither for cars or motorcycles.

On average, accidents dropped 0.2% after a speed camera was installed. So why are they there? ... You know the answer.


11 February, 2012 - This Site Has A New Commenting System
Disqus logo
We have had to switch to yet another commenting system, since Google has withdrawn its Google Friend Connect system. All previous comments are lost (thanks Google for not enabling us to export old comments).

The new commenting system, DISQUS, is powerful, and you can use it anonymous, or using your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, OpenId log on.

However, thanks to the millions of spammers out there, all comments are moderated, so will not show up immediately. Sorry...

Let me know what you think about the new system... please..


10 February, 2012 - Who Cares About The Snow and Ice On A Motorcycle?
Suzuki GSXR On Ice
Just because there's snow and ice, doesn't mean you can't go and have fun on your motorcycle. And it doesn't even have to be an off-road bike with big studded tires, just some spikes in your tires will do the trick (just look at the spikes on the tires...).


10 February, 2012 - Video: KTM - Fun On Ice X 3
Video clip
My friends at the Dutch motorcycle site Oliepeil decided not to be down because of the winter and the absolute freezing weather The Netherlands is having, so they decided to have some fun.

Using three KTM vehicles, and a frozen lake, they had their fun. A 500 EXC motorcycle, a 525 XC ATV and as bonus, a KTM X-BOW sports car did the trick.

Here's the video on how to have fun in the winter....


10 February, 2012 - First All Spanish Electric Scooter - LEMev Stream
LEM logo
Three companies got together back in 2007 to develop better motorcycles, and here is their first brainchild. The three companies, Inmotec (Moto2 and Moto3 racing technology), Luma (Europe's biggest anti-theft devices) and Dhemen (industrial design group).

The joint venture company is called LEM, and their first product is named LEMev Stream, and it is an electric scooter. The scooter is 100% Spanish, designed and built there, and funded by national and local authorities.


10 February, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 10 February 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Despite the intense cold, or maybe because of it, here are several interesting motorcycle related articles I've been reading over the last week that you may want to read.

- 5 Reasons Not To Ride A Motorcycle Or Scooter In The Winter (Scooter In The Sticks)
- Riding Motorcycle In The Winter Part 3 (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Nolan N104 Helmet Review (Revzilla Blog)
- Motorcycle-only Checkpoints Rev Up Controversy In Congress (LA Times)


9 February, 2012 - France: Top Motorcycle Sales For 2011
France 2011 Motorcycles Sales
For a fourth consecutive year, sales of motorcycles and scooters in France has declined. While 2007 was a record year, 2011 is turning out to be one of the worst of this millennium.

But interestingly enough, the European motorcycle manufacturers saw incredible sales increases, while the Japanese (except Honda) saw the reverse.


9 February, 2012 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Riding To Be Put In The Constitution
Swiss Alps Twisties
There is a movement going on in Switzerland to have motorcycle riding put officially in the constitution. It sounds pretty strange, but what the motorcycle groups are trying to do is make motorcycle riding a "normalized" form of transportation, guaranteed by the constitution.

The movement comes from a group of illuminated politicians, assisted by the motorcycle lobby groups.

The proposed constitution change will allow people to make the free choice of transportation vehicles, allow lane splitting, riding in the bus lanes, and for cities to have sufficient parking spots.

It should also mention that using motorcycles is an efficient way of transportation.


9 February, 2012 - Europe: It Is So Cold Out Here That ...
Girl on Ice Motorcycle
It's so cold out here in Europe, that even the motorcycles freeze over.


8 February, 2012 - Italy: Milan Congestion Charge Paying Off?
Pollution India
We've already reported on Milan's congestion charge, something motorcycles do NOT have to pay, since they are allowed to go into the city without paying the tax.

After the first week of the congestion charge, authorities stated that traffic inside the inner city was reduced by 37%! Cars dropped from 122,000 to 77,000 during the operating hours of the congestion charge. Carbon emissions dropped 30%.


8 February, 2012 - Michelin Introduces Its New Motorcycle Tires With Changes To Race Cup
Michelin logo
French tire giant, Michelin, introduced a couple of new tires last year meant for discerning motorcycle riders, and to mark the occasion, they are adding new categories to their Michelin Power Cup motorcycle races.

Newbies, women only and endurance categories have been added, plus the ability to sign up for individual races, and not have to commit to a whole season.

Plus, they have instructors available to help you on the circuit.


8 February, 2012 - A New Nikon Camera, A Motorcycle, And A Great Video
Video clip
Nikon logo
If you are into photo (and video) cameras, it will probably not have escaped you that Nikon launched its latest pro or semi-pro camera, the Nikon D800. This latest DSLR gives you what can be considered the latest technological goodies that cameras can offer, from a 36 megapixel photo cameras, to full HD video making capabilities.

For the launch, Nikon commission Sandro Miller to make a short video (5 minutes) with the D800 camera, and Sandro in his artistic vision, used his talent to create this beautiful video of a Joy Ride on a motorcycle.

You'll need to see the video itself, it's below, but for those of you who are interested in how it was done using this latest camera, there's a "The Making Of..." below it.


7 February, 2012 - Liquid Image: Ultimate HD Camera Goggles For Motorcycles
Liquid Image Torque HD Goggle
Liquid Image Torque HD Goggle
Liquid Image, a company that makes extreme sports video cameras, have recently released the Torque HD camera goggles for motorcycle helmets.

The Torque HD video camera google not only record in full HD (1080p), or at 720 but at 60 fps, but it also streams to a smartphone app via onboard WiFi.

The motorcycle goggles will be available mid this year for US$399.


7 February, 2012 - Video: Learn Motorcycle Drag Racing
Video clip
Not exactly something you'd think they have schools for, nor would you expect to see TV commercials for them, but there you go, learn something new everyday.

This is an advertisement for the Rickey Gadson Drag Racing School, where you can learn to drag race your motorcycle.


7 February, 2012 - Potty Motorcycle - Go On The Go
China Toilet Motorcycle
You've probably all seen the Japanese motorcycle using our natural excrement (read shit) as fuel.

Now it looks like the Chinese are trying to replicate it, but in their own unique fashion.


6 February, 2012 - France: Toll Roads Price Hike, Even For Motorcycles
Motorcycle toll booth
The French government, in their "wisdom" has agreed that motorway operators in France are allowed to increase their tolls by an average of 2.5%.

That makes way to an incredible fraud by the operators, who already charge an arm & leg for their motorways, particularly for motorcycles. The last thing they need is an increase in tolls, since they are making filthy profits on roads that were paid for by tax payers.


6 February, 2012 - Taddy Blazusiak Takes Third World SuperEnduro Title
Barcelona SuperEnduro2012 Taddy Blazusiak
Barcelona SuperEnduro2012 Johnny Walker
KTM factory rider Taddy Blazusiak continued his golden run on Sunday night to win the third and last SuperEnduro event of the FIM World Championship season 2011-2012 in Barcelona, Spain, to again clean sweep both the event and the series.

Engloshman Johnny Walker took second spot, also on a KTM motorcycle.


6 February, 2012 - Le Touquet Enduropale - Photos and Video
Le Touquet Enduropale 2012
Le Touquet Enduropale 2012
For those of you who saw the Enduropale beach race in Le Touquet (either on the spot, on TV or the Web), you'll agree that it was incredible... incredibly crazy that is. 1080 motorcycles leaving the start at the same time in snow & ice, not to mention the deep sand was a sight to see.

But this year, to slow down the holeshot winner, they made several curves in the circuit. Which is fine when you arrive as one of the first, but when the 1000+ Sunday riders arrive, they get stuck. On its own, not a problem, but it becomes an enormous problem when the front of the pack has done a complete lap (about 10-15 minutes), and reaches the backmarkers who are still stuck in their first curve or hill.

That is a sight to see. Check the video below (for as long as it plays since it might be removed). You'll see the front leader loose his position since he got stuck in a still-standing pack of Sunday riders, while the number 2 manages to pass on the outside. Fun. That's life on the Enduropale, it's not the circuit, nor the obstacles, nor the professional competitors who are a threat, but the Sunday riders, all 1000+ of them.

Here are some photos of the event, and below that videos.


3 February, 2012 - Yemen: Stuffed On A Motorcycle With Guns
Yemen Stuffed on a motorcycle
This is what I call "being stuffed on a motorcycle".

No one sneeze... that gun might go off.


3 February, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 3 February 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles found on the internet during the last week that you may have missed.

- Dvd Review: EDR - A Mexican Motorcycle Adventure (Helmet Hair Blog)
- A Good Riding Position = Life Insurance (Auto123)
- The Lubrication Of Combustion Engines (Motorcycle Thailand)


3 February, 2012 - Enduropale 2012: Live On The Web
EnduroPale 2012 Poster
Even if you are not coming to that wacky and incredible beach motorcycle enduro, the Le Touquet Enduropale, you can still see it.

The France3 national TV stations will be broadcasting it live on TV, but will also be streaming it on their web, all 3 hours worth.

This year might just be a notable one, since they are predicting snow for the weekend....


2 February, 2012 - Movier Review: Timerider
Timerider Poster
Video clip
Review of the movie entitled "Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann", an honest-to-God Biker/Sci-Fi/Western movie. It's original, and reasonably good.

Image you are sent back into time, to the good old Western days, and all you have is your motocross motorcycle. That'll be fun...

All the usual suspects for a Western movie are there...


2 February, 2012 - Indonesia: Nice Motorcycle Protest - Impressive
Indonesia Protest Ride 201201
That's quite an impressive display of strength these Indonesian motorcycle riders are putting up.


2 February, 2012 - Switzerland: 20 Times More Scooters Last 20 Years
Swiss Army Knife Scooter
These are pretty amazing statistics coming from the Swiss Federal Office of Statistics (OFS). Overall in 2010, there were 5.36 million vehicles circulating in Switzerland, of which 12% were motorcycles.

In the last 20 years, the number of motorcycle doubled, from 299,264 to 651,252 in 2010, but it's the number of scooters that blows your mind (well, at least it did mine). In the last 20 years, the number of scooters was multiplied by a factor of 20, representing 37% of the motorcycle park.


1 February, 2012 - Video: Washington Lottery - Crazy Ideas
Video clip
Funny, if not wacko. This is a TV commercial for the Washington Lottery, and has as theme, what crazy thing would I do if I won the lottery.

In this case, the winner is going on a motorcycle ride with his biker friends. Just watch...


1 February, 2012 - Working On Your Vespa Scooter
Vespa desk
When you say that you're going to work on your Vespa scooter, most people will think that you're taking your spanners, screwdrivers and wrenches, and start tinkering on your motorcycle.

But not this Australian guy. He really means that he'll be working on his Vespa scooter. That's because he has taken this 1968 Vespa, that had died and was waiting for the taxidermist, and turned it into his office chair and desk.


1 February, 2012 - France: 50% Discounted Gasoline
Extra fuel on motorcycle
In these times of economic and financial hardships, when you have to think twice before going for a pleasure ride on your motorcycle, one company here in France has got an answer.

They are offering 50% discount on gasoline. Not bad. The deal applies to selected gas stations in 9 cities (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Nice, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Lille and Toulouse), and starts today at 10:00 CET.



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