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28 February, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 27 February 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Another month gone, and we're almost in spring - the full motorcycle riding season is coming upon us with great speed. Lucky us. Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere. In the mean time, here are a few interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared during the last 7 days.

- Motorcycles And Agricultural Innovation (Congo Masquerade)
- Three Reasons You Should Always Wear Gloves When You Ride (Competition Accessories)
- Sarah Whitmores World - Vol Two (Transworld Motocross)
- Dynotips (Dealer News)
- Spoked Wheels Maintenance (Motorcycle Thailand)


28 February, 2014 - Review: Vespa GTS 125 Super ie - La Dolce Vita version Grand Tourism
Review 2014 Vespa GTS 125 Super
Vespa logo
#Review #Vespa #Scooter- A detailed review of the 2014 Vespa GTS 125 Super ie scooter. La Dolce Vita version Grand Tourism


28 February, 2014 - France: Exceptional Motorcycle Exhibition in Top Museum
Motopoetique expo
Motopoetique expo
#France #Museum #Exhibition - A very nice motorcycle exhibition has opened it doors for the first time in one of France's top museums in Lyon. Food, design and 'real' culture - motorcycle culture.

What more do you want? Called Motopoetique, the expo runs until 20 April 2014.


27 February, 2014 - So This Is What You Need To Do To Pay The Entry In The Dakar
Dakar Assistance Truck Caught
#Dakar #Drugs - A Dakar Assistance truck got caught smuggling millions of Euros worth of cocaine in France recently.

Was it to pay for the race entry?


27 February, 2014 - What If Vespa Made A Camera?
Vespa Camera
#Vespa #Camera #Design - Two designers made a concept Vespa camera that looks just like a product that would have been designed by Vespa.

Beautiful, timeless and a great gift.


27 February, 2014 - France: First Drive-In Police Station Opened
France Drive In Police Station
France flag
#France #Police #Drive-in - The police in a Southern town of France have opened the very first drive-in police station.

Open 24/7, you can ride in with your motorcycle, do you business and ride away, never leaving your bike. Cool.


26 February, 2014 - Need To Find The Lowest Cost Tires For Your Motorcycle?
Find Your Tire
Find Your Tire Logos
#Tires #Search #Web - Here is a web site that is installing itself in many countries that will save you the hassle in find the right tire and at the lowest price. Nicely done.


26 February, 2014 - Watch This Epic Royal Enfield Video - Ace to Madras Cafe
Royal Enfield Ace To Madras Cafe
Royal Enfield logo
#RoyalEnfield #Video - Here is a video you really need to watch. It's a 3 minute video of 2 guys & 1 gal who ride their Royal Enfield Continental GT from London to Chennai, India.

A fantastic video with a great sound track. Watch, and then go riding.


26 February, 2014 - Spanish Telecom Giant, Telefonica, Shows Smart Helmet and Gloves
Telefonica Smart Helmet
Telefonica Smart Helmet
#Spain #Telefonica #SmartHelmets - Spain's telephone giant, Telefonica, have unveiled a smart motorcycle helmet and gloves to the MWC14 conference.

Safety, ease of use and a fat telephone bill awaits you.


25 February, 2014 - Review: 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere - A Slipper With Character
Review 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha- A detailed review of the 2014 Yamaha XT 1200 ZE Super Tenere motorcycle - A slipper with character.


25 February, 2014 - Xkuty: An e-Bike With Some Novelties
Xkuty Spark Vista
Spain flag
#Xkunty #e-Bike #Electric - The Electric Xkunty is not only a funky looking e-Bike with some interesting features, it also has its own solar charging station (with battery) and matching helmets.

It's Spanish, and I must say... it looks cool.


25 February, 2014 - This Is Always In The Back Of My Mind When Taking Them
Motorcycle Flying off a Bridge
USA flag
#Nightmare #Curve - This is a nightmare of mine, losing control and flying on my motorcycle in an elevated curve, like what happened to this unlucky biker.


24 February, 2014 - Review: BMW R 1200 GS Adventure - The Long Distance GS
Review 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure
BMW logo
#Review #BMW #R1200GS-A- A detailed review of the 2014 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure - The Long Distance GS motorcycle.


24 February, 2014 - China: I Can Fly, I Can Fly
China Flying Motorcycle
China flag
#China #Flying - A dream of many, taking their motorcycle up, instead of forward. Imagine if your motorcycle could indeed fly. Oh well, at least these three are trying to fulfill their dreams.


24 February, 2014 - Royal Enfield’s Electric Motorcycle: Pioneer 07
Royal Enfield Pioneer 07
#Electric #Concept #RoyalEnfield - A Royal Enfield electric motorcycle? Is that possible?

Yes, it is according to Swedish Daniel Lars Gunnarsson. Presenting the Pioneer 07.


21 February, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 21 February 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Where did the winter go? Haven't had any freezing temperature for weeks, just wind and rain - enough to prevent motorcycle riding. But not to continue reading interesting motorcycle related articles on the internet. Here are a few you may have missed over the last week.

- How To Pick Up A Fallen Motorcycle (Biker Thomas)
- Look Inside "BMW: Motorcycles of the Century" Book (Selectism)
- 5 Things Not to Say to a Motorcycle Rider (Huffington Post)
- Where Are the Motorcyclists in the USA? (Asphalt And Rubber)
- Hero vs. Honda: Battle of the Titans (starring Erik Buell) (Gizmag)


21 February, 2014 - Review: Kawasaki ZX-6R - The Ballerina Boxer
Review 2014 Kawasaki ZX 6R 636
Kawasaki logo
#Review #Kawasaki- A detailed review of the 2014 Kawasaki ZX-6R motorcycle - A Ballerina Boxer.


21 February, 2014 - What To Do With Your Giant Alligator?
Aligator transport
Got a pet alligator that you got to bring to the vet and don't know who to? Well, do as this guy, bring it on your motorcycle.

No problems, no worries.


20 February, 2014 - T-Scooter: iPhone With An Electric Scooter Wrapped Around It
T Scooter
T Scooter
#Electric #Technology #Scooter - The T-Scooter just own Best Red Dot Award Design Concept. An electric scooter with as central console, an iPhone. Nice, sleek, sexy.


20 February, 2014 - Review: Piaggio X10 125 - The Biggest of Small Scooters
Review Piaggio X10 125
Piaggio logo
#Piaggio #Scooter #Review - A detailed review and test of the Piaggio X10 125 scooter - the biggest of small scooters.


20 February, 2014 - Rules For Riding Motorcycle in Spain
Bald Tire
Spain flag
#Spain #Rules - Each European country has its own laws & rules for motorcycle riding. Here are a few for riding in Spain.


19 February, 2014 - Smell That Vespa
Coty Vespa
Vespa logo
#Vespa #Perfumes - Vespa announced that together with Coty, a specialist company, they will be making a perfume.

Out next May, it will not smell of gasoline or smoke.


19 February, 2014 - Despite What You May Think, These 2 Are Not Riding Motorcycle On The Beach
Egypt Flooded Street Riding
Egypt flag
#Egypt #Rain - The photo looks like these two are riding a motorcycle alongside the beach, but they are not... it's a street, and the result of a downpour.

Noooo, there is nothing wrong with the climate...


19 February, 2014 - Ducati: Virtual Visit of their Museum - Now Here and For Free
Bologna Ducati Museum
Ducati logo
#Ducati #Museum #Streetview - Here is your chance to visit the wonderful Ducati Museum from your armchair. Right here - Google Streetview allows you to do a virtual visit of this incredible museum.

Find the links on our site.


18 February, 2014 - Ads: Vespa - What Were They Thinking?
Ad Vespa Nerd Girl
Vespa logo
#Advertisement #Vespa - Here are two print advertisements from Vespa Israel which just don't make the cut. It looks like PR company laziness.


18 February, 2014 - Vietnam: First McDonald’s Motorcycle Drive-Thru?
McDonalds Vietnam Drive Thru
McDonald's logo
#Vietnam #McDonald's - We have seen many McDonald's Drive-Thru restaurants, and now with the very first McD opening in Vietnam, from the photo it looks like this is world's first McDonald's Motorcycle Drive-Thru.

Now there is an idea Mr. McD....


18 February, 2014 - Idea: RightPSI - The Very Easy Way Of Checking Your Tire Pressure
#RightPSI #Safety #Tirepressure - A beautifully and well thought out product hits Kickstarter. RightPSI is a color coded tire air pressure indicator which shows you in one glance if your tires are at the right pressure.

Easy to use, safe and cheap.


17 February, 2014 - Motorcycles and Cakes: Harley-Davidson - Part 3
Cake Harley Davidson
Cake Harley Davidson
#Harley-Davidson #Cakes #Food - Harley-Davidson gets the cake. I mean it. From all the cakes, pastries, and what have you not in the shape of a motorcycle or the manufacturer's logo, Harley wins hands down.

This is Part 3, 30 cakes.


17 February, 2014 - This Is What You Look Like Riding Motorcycle In Volcano Eruptions
Ash Covered Face
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Volcano #Ash - This is what your face looks like when you travel by motorcycle in an area where there is a major volcano eruptions, as is the case at this moment in Indonesia.


17 February, 2014 - USA: Moronic Politician’s View On Motorcycles: There Shouldn’t Be Any!
Bicycle Carrying Sports Motorcycle
USA flag
#USA #Politicians #FAIL - One USA politician, who should actually be institutionalized, declared that bicycles and motorcycles should not be in his city. Cars only please.

In what make-believe world does this man live?


14 February, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 14 February 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Today is Valentine Day, so happy Valentine, but no top stories to be found with regards to Valentine .. sorry. But there are several good articles that have appeared on the internet that you may have missed, so here they are.

- Amateur Spy: David Emmett's Out-of-Focus Shots From The Sepang Test, Part 1 (Motomatters)
- Amateur Spy: David Emmett's Out-of-Focus Shots From The Sepang Test, Part 2 (Motomatters)
- Draco Ventare - A Ducati bumper for iPhone 5s review (iMore)
- European Way Of Staying Warm On Your Motorcycle (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Review: EntroSys BikeAir motorcycle A/C system (Gizmag)


14 February, 2014 - Watch A Drag Race Between A KLR650 And An Electric Zero FX
KLR 650vs Zero FX Race
#Zero #Kawasaki #Video - Watch this rolling drag race between a Kawasaki KLR650 and an electric Zero FX motorcycle. Just notice the enormous torque difference...


14 February, 2014 - Valentine Moments For Motorcycle Lovers
Biker Valentine Moment
#Valentine #Romance - Often you'll hear in couples that one tells the other half "it's the motorcycle or me". And often we know exactly what the choice is.

So what do you do when you are finally alone with the love of your life during Valentine's day.


13 February, 2014 - Idea: Motorcycle Camping With All Your Electronic Gadgets
Orange Solar Concept Tent
Orange logo
#Orange #Gadgets #Camping - Orange have developed a tent that can charge your electric gadgets using a solar panel woven into the tent. And it has a few more interesting functions.


13 February, 2014 - Idea: Let Your Jacket Tell You Where To Go When Riding
Navigate Jacket
Australia flag
Why put a GPS on your motorcycle if you can wear your GPS on your motorcycle jacket? Much simpler and esthetic.


13 February, 2014 - France: When The Government Lies or Fuddles The Numbers
Biker Zombies
#France #Statistics - Two cases here in France where the authorities were caught fibbing on statistics that according to them was better for us. How many more?


12 February, 2014 - M1nsk: Electric Mini-Motorcycle - City eBike
M1nsk Upa Upa 500E
M1nsk logo
#M1nsk #Electric #eBike - M1nsk not only make carbon copies of the BMW 800GS, but also an electric motorcycle, or more a funky eBike.


12 February, 2014 - Listen To Music On Your Motorcycle WITHOUT Speakers
Headway Helmet Speaker System
#Music #Innovation #Headway - A new product has been developed to be able to hear music while riding a motorcycle that does not involve loudspeakers or earplugs; your helmet becomes the speaker. Innovative!


12 February, 2014 - Maybe You Got A Helmet, I Do Not Think This Is Safe
Asian Atgatt
#Squid - These two may have helmets on, but somehow I do not think they are safe on the scooter. What do you think? Normal? Safe? Or female version of a squid?


11 February, 2014 - Ad: From Belarus - Nice Illustration, Good Message
Kufar Belarus Ad
Belarus flag
#Advertisement #Belarus #Kufar - A nice print advertisement from a Belarus' style Craiglist web site.


11 February, 2014 - Ideas: TEO - Keyless Padlock
TEO Keyless Lock
#Teo #Kickstarter #Locks - An interesting idea seeking crowd-funding - Teo, a keyless lock you operate using your smartphone. The future of locks?


11 February, 2014 - France: Darwin Award Candidate #8273
Darwin Award Logo
France flag
#France #Darwin - Here is one motorcycle ride in France that should be on the list of Darwin Award nominees. Stupidity does not come close to what he did.


10 February, 2014 - Paris: Mayor Elections - A Candidate That Wants The Right Thing
NKM Meeting FFMC
NKM Salon de Moto
#Paris #Elections #NKM - The Conservative party candidate for next month's Paris Mayor elections, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (NKM), looks to be quite pro-motorcycle. She has a 3 point program to help our cause. here it is.


10 February, 2014 - M1nsk Releases Dual Sport Motorcycle, The TRX 300i
M1nsk TRX 300i
M1nsk logo
#M1nsk #Minsk - M1nsk, a blast from the past, have recently released an interesting dual-sport motorcycle. Here is the TRX 300i.


10 February, 2014 - Le Touquet Enduropale Motorcycle Beach Race 2014 - A Few Photos
Enduropale 2014
Enduropale 2014
#LeTouquet #Enduropale - The famous beach motorcycle race, the Le Touquet Enduropale, is over, and what a race it was. A storm was blowing, tide was coming in, and 1100 motorcycles tried to reach the end of 3 hours of crazy racing. Here are a few photos.


7 February, 2014 - Review: Yamaha MT-07
Review 2014 Yamaha MT 07
Yamaha logo
#Review #Yamaha - A detailed review of the2014 Yamaha MT-07 motorcycle - the Tuning Fork's Bicyclinder .


7 February, 2014 - Malaysia: Getting Your Motorcycle Onto The Ferry, The Hard Way
Motorcycle Carry On Ferry
Malaysia flag
#Malaysia #Ferry - Getting your motorcycle should be a straightforward affair for most of us, but not in Malaysia. At one spot, you can not ride up with your bike, so the locals do what they have to do; they carry the motorcycle.


7 February, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 7 February 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
While we are sitting here in gale force winds, not being able to walk outside, let alone ride my motorcycle, I have been reading a lot on the internet. So here are a few interesting stories you may have missed last week.

- Monday 20th January, My Day On A Yamaha TT R250 (Ash On Bikes)
- You Can Ride A Pushy Cant Ya (Experimental Ghost)
- Motorists Blind To Motorcycles When They're Not Expected: Study (The Motor Report)
- Motorcycle Night Riding - Safety Tips (Michael Padway And Associates)
- Stuff I Dont Know: Suspension Settings (The Motorcycle Obsession)


6 February, 2014 - Patent: Easy Loading Motorcycle Trailer
Adjustable Trailer
Adjustable Trailer
#Patent #Trailer - Here is a patent for an easy loading motorcycle trailer. Looks good and easy to use.


6 February, 2014 - Brazil: A Look At The State Of The Motorcycle World There
Sao Paulo Lane Splitting
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Statistics - Brazil is growing, becoming more wealthy, and therefore much more deadly. Here are some incredible figures.


6 February, 2014 - Le Touquet Enduropale 2014: A16 Motorway To Be Free For Bikers
A16 Le Touquet Map
Enduropale 2014 Poster
#LeTouquet #Enduropale - The Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race starts tomorrow. The A16 motorway is free for motorcycles, and here are some web sites that will be streaming the race live.


5 February, 2014 - Video: Honda - Motocross vs Supermotard
Honda Motocross vs Supermotard
Honda logo
#Honda #Motocross #Supermotard - Nice video made by Honda France, featuring two giants, one on motocross, the other supermotard motorcycles.


5 February, 2014 - Idea: Now This Would Be A Great Motorcycle VideoCam
#MeCam #Drone #Camera - A new video camera drone is being developed that could be very interesting for motorcycle riders.


5 February, 2014 - Indonesia: Time To Get The Hose Out
Indonesia Ash Covered Motorcycle
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Volcano - Time to get the hose out and start cleaning motorcycles.


4 February, 2014 - Ads: BMW - The Road to Nordkapp
BMW The Road to Nordkapp
BMW logo
#Advertisment #BMW - Two beautiful ads from BMW (Italy) but no real message. But a nice photo is worth thousands of words, right?


4 February, 2014 - Theft: Cars Decrease, Motorcycles Increase
Vehicle Theft Netherlands 1996 2013
#Statistics #Theft - It looks like from statistics that the theft of cars is decreasing, while theft of motorcycle is increasing. Why?


4 February, 2014 - Philippines: You Think You Got Enough Statues On Your Motorcycle?
Philippines Motorcycle Sidecar Statues
Philippines flag
#Phillipines #Statue #Sidecar - I know a few bikers who have a small statue, usually religious, on their motorcycle. If it brings comfort, why not? But this bloke is exaggerating a bit, isn't he?


3 February, 2014 - France: First Official Crash Test Classification For Biker Airbags
Bering Airbag Jacket Test
France flag
#Airbag #Safety #SRA - The French SRA have released for the first time the results of tests done on motorcycle airbag jackets, classifying them between 1 and 5 stars.


3 February, 2014 - Venezuela: Another Crazy Anti-Motorcycle Law
Venezuela Protest 201401
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Protest - Another country, another stupid law - Venezuela wants to ban motorcycle riding at night!! Massive protests ensue.


3 February, 2014 - Mini Review: Brammo vs Zero Electric Motorcycles
Brammo vs Zero
Brammo vs Zero logos
#Review #Zero #Brammo - Here is a mini review, comparing a Zero SR to a Brammo Empulse R electric motorcycle. Make your own conclusion; which electric bike is better?



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