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31 March, 2005 - Forbes List: 10 Top Toughest Endurance Races
Statistics Article
Forbes publishes a list of Top 10 Toughest Endurance Races.


30 March, 2005 - Motorcycles Sales In The USA 2004
Statistics Article
The sales of new motorcycles in the USA passes the 1,000,000 mark, females account for 10% !


29 March, 2005 - Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss V-8 Motorcycle
Boss Hoss currently wins the 'who has the biggest motorcycle engine' race !


28 March, 2005 - KTM Motorcycles To Cancel Its Annual Party
KTM logo
KTM's annual party in Mattighofen, Austria is cancelled due to complaints !


25 March, 2005 - Wash While Your Ride Your Motorcycle ?
India Army Training
A strange photo of the Indian Army motorcycle training ?


24 March, 2005 - 24 hours & 3000 Kilometers Later
Daan van der Keur's K1200S
BMW logo
Dutchman Daan van der Keur rides his BMW K1200S for 24 hours nonstop !


23 March, 2005 - DVD Review: Born Losers
Move review of the Born Losers.


22 March, 2005 - Paris Motorcyclists Start Their Protests
Protest ride on the Champs Elysee
The first protest ride by motorcycles in Paris against the proposed ban on motorcycles was held last week.


21 March, 2005 - Summer Is Going To Be Hot & Dry
Don't fart
Looks like the summer is going to be very hot and dry in France.


21 March, 2005 - Translate This Site Into Gizzle !!
Fun Article
Web Article
Very funny translations of this website into Gizzle !


18 March, 2005 - Your Chance For An Incredible Trip
Honda C90 Scooter
Ever wanted to participate in an adventure, riding across the Sahara desert - - here's you chance !


18 March, 2005 - Very Fast Police Motorcycle
Very Fast Police Motorcycle
If the Police start equipping themselves with this motorcycle, I QUIT !!


17 March, 2005 - Motorcycle (Motorcross) Holidays
Motorcross Vacations
A site that offering motorcross holiday in the USA while the family goes to Disney.


16 March, 2005 - Bluetooth Communication Device - Talk’N’Tel
Nextel's Talk'N'Tel
A new Bluetooth equipped intercom system from Nextel for motorcycles.


15 March, 2005 - Interview: Tiffany Coates
Tiffany Coates
An interview with RTW rider, Tiffany Coates, on riding around the world as a female.


14 March, 2005 - Why Suffer Just Because We Ride Motorcycles ?
Opinion Article
A rant about the after-sales service of all motorcycle manufacturers.


11 March, 2005 - Paris To Forbid Motorcycles ?
France Article
Politics Article
The Paris City Hall is planning to outlaw all motorcycles in the city !


11 March, 2005 - German PM Looks Into Motorcycle Wireless Helmets
German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
A photo of the German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, with a Bluetooth helmet.


10 March, 2005 - GPS Made For Motorcycles
TomTom Rider
TomTom logo
TomTom produces the first motorcycle specific GPS; the TomTomRider.


10 March, 2005 - Motorcycle Bloggers Galore
Web Article
Latest update of all motorcycle related blogs sites (39) out there.


9 March, 2005 - RTW Motorcyclist Simon Milward Dies
Simon Milward
Simon Milward, RTW biker on a charity run dies in Mali, Africa.


9 March, 2005 - Motorcycle Website with a Twist
Moto Rose website
A look at a website dedicated to female and children motorcrossers.


8 March, 2005 - Harley Motorcycle Merchandising Madness
Harley-Davidson Coffee
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycles is now selling you Harley Coffee !!


8 March, 2005 - A 2 of Everything Motorcycle
Drysdale 2x2x2 Motorcycle
Introducing the Drysdale 2 Wheel Drive and 2 Wheel Steering motorcycle !


7 March, 2005 - Yamaha Motorcycles Recalls 190,000 Motorcycles
Yamaha logo
Yamaha recalls 190,000 XV250, XVS11 and XVS65 motorcycles due to the pillion seat falling off.


4 March, 2005 - Honda’s Hybrid Scooter
Honda Numo Scooter
Honda releases a prototype hybrid scooter (where's my hybrid motorcycles ??).


4 March, 2005 - Motorcycle 24 Hours of Le Mans Race - New Rules
Racing Article
New spectators rules for the motorcycle 24 hours of Le Mans race, hoping to restrict vandals.


3 March, 2005 - Jamaica Police Force Buys 100 Motorcycles
Jamaica Police Honda Motorcycles
Police force in Jamaica buys 100 Honda motorcycles; any jobs ??


3 March, 2005 - Fashion Motorcycle
Fashion Motorcycle
A fashion motorcycle.


2 March, 2005 - Motorcycles Sales 2004 France and Australia
Statistics Article
Sales statistics of new motorcycles in France and Australia for 2004.


1 March, 2005 - Motorcycling on Europe’s Circuits
Bikers Days logo
This is your chance of riding on several of Europe's motorcycle racing circuits.



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