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31 March, 2006 - Triumph Tiger 1050 - Spy Photos
Triumph Tiger 1050 motorcycle
Triumph logo
UK magazine, MCN, publishes the first spy photos of the ready-to-launch Triumph Tiger 1050.


30 March, 2006 - Ducati - Breathless !
Ducati Zegna Perfume
Ducati logo
Ducati has brought out a new product - we're breathless here !


30 March, 2006 - ROManiacs Video Clip
Video clip inside
Here's a video clip of the famous and notorious Red Bull ROManiacs enduro race. Marvel at these kamikaze motorcycle riders. Are they mad or just passionate ?


29 March, 2006 - European Driving License Approved
News Article
Politics Article
The European commission has approved the new common motorcycle license. It's going to take 26 years to fully implement! And it's going to be tougher to get a motorcycle license.


28 March, 2006 - Yes, It’s That Time Of The Year Again...
John Deer Motorcycle Lawnmover
The grass has started growing again, and will need to step on my John Deer lawn-mower chopper.

What a device !


27 March, 2006 - First Day in 2006 For Real Motorcycle Riding
Strange Stop sign
Ahhh, the first real motorcycles days have arrived for this year. The weather has warmed up, as has my motorcycle engine.

Time for some strange road signs.


27 March, 2006 - First Weekly Newsletter A Success
This Site Article
The 1st weekly newsletter went out without a glitch (apart from forgetting about the switch to summertime).

Any comments from the newsletter readers ?


24 March, 2006 - Always Wanted a Harley ? Can’t afford one ?
Paper Harley-Davidon motorcycle
Here's a free paper cut and fold project to make your own Harley-Davidson.

For you or your kids !


24 March, 2006 - Weekly Newsletter Service Started
This Site Article
We've started a free, weekly, newsletter that will be emailed straight to your in-box. The newsletter is based on this RSS feed, and sums up all the articles for the week.


23 March, 2006 - MotoGP Season 2006 To Start
MotoGP Riders
This weekend is the start of the MotoGP season, and I for one will be watching these lads on Sunday.

It's promising to be a great season!


23 March, 2006 - All Singing and Dancing Motorcycle Bluetooth Communicator
Intaride Libery Motorcycle Helmet Pod
Here's finally a great, all singing, all dancing, Bluetooth communications device made for motorcycles. This unit does it all, from intercom, to bike-to-bike, to GPS, Radar, etc.

Made in the UK, this device will see the light of day at the end of April.

Orders are already being taken, the first come get a discount.


22 March, 2006 - Motorcycle Helmet Issues
Motorcycle Helmet
Here are two solutions to common problems with motorcycle helmets.


21 March, 2006 - Charity Motorcycle Ride To Mali
Web Article
British motorcycle rider, Bertrand Sargisson, is going for the 2nd year, attempt to ride to Mali to help out with the SOS Children Village organization. He is planning to bring as much medical and school supplies as he can get his hands on. You can help him!


20 March, 2006 - Ducati and Their Luggage
Ducati Tumi Motorcycle Luggage
Ducati logo
Ducati and USA based Tumi in a round-robin deal.

Tumi introduces a Ducati line of motorcycle luggage, and Tumi becomes an official sponsor for Ducati's MotoGP team.


20 March, 2006 - More Fraud In Air Vests
News Article
Yet another case of fraud in air vests.

Doesn't look good for that industry.


18 March, 2006 - Gold Plated Kawasaki
Two Brothers Racing Golden Kawasaki motorcycle
After the gold plated Buell, we now have a gold plated Kawasaki motorcycle.

What's next ??


17 March, 2006 - Motorcycle Wedding
Fun Article
Web Article
Want a special biker wedding ?? Your priest doesn't want to do it? Here's your chance!


16 March, 2006 - Ferrari Motorcycle ?
Ferrari 308 Motorcycle
Is this the first spy shot of a Ferrari motorcycle ??


15 March, 2006 - Rossi Challenges Alonso To Duel
Racing Article
Rossi has challenged Alonso to a high speed duel. F1, Rally and MotoGP are the weapons of choice.

Is Alonso man enough, or will he take back his words ?


15 March, 2006 - Motorcycles and the Internet
Opinion Article
Are the motorcycle manufacturers doing enough on the internet ??

Or is it just business as usual ?


14 March, 2006 - Don’t Hassle This Harley !
Video clip inside
Here's one Harley-Davidson you don't want to screw around with.. Video-feed !


14 March, 2006 - France-Germany Sign Ticket Exchange Deal
France Article
Politics Article
A bilateral agreement between Germany and France (and possibly other European countries) will allow the exchange of speeding tickets. Speed in one country, pay in the other.


13 March, 2006 - Riding On Shoes ?
Shoe tyre
Got a few old shoes lying around ?

Here's what you can do with them if you don't want to pay for new tyres.


13 March, 2006 - Big Protest Planned In France - Greenlaning Issue
Codever Logo
France, through Codever, is planning massive protest rides on the 18th of March, protesting the proposed laws forbidding any vehicle (horse, quads, bicycles, 4x4 and motorcycles) from riding off-road !


10 March, 2006 - 1st Official Motorcycle Manufacturer’s Blog - Ducati
Web Article
Ducati strikes again on the web. Ducati is the first motorcycle manufacturer with a blog ! And it's no-one other than Federico Minoli, CEO of Ducati.


10 March, 2006 - Hells Angels Suing Disney
News Article
World's biggest trademark protector, Disney, being sued by the "bad boys" of motorcycles, the Hells Angels, for trademark infringement. What is the world coming to?


9 March, 2006 - Video: How A Motorcycle Accident Happens So Fast
Video clip inside
A short Google Video clip of a motorcycle accident. How you can quickly get an accident, specially in a group.


8 March, 2006 - Two African Rallies, 2 Ways Of Doing Them
Optic2000 logo
Orpi Maroc logo
There are two other African rallies apart from the Dakar. The Optic2000 Tunisia and Orpi Maroc motorcycle races are open to all amateurs.

But you can also fly there on a VIP package, and follow the race in a chauffeur driven 4x4 car, sleep in the bivouac and wine and dine with the stars.


7 March, 2006 - Disney Paris Looking For Motorcycle Stunt Riders
Mickey Mouse
Ever dreamed of becoming a motorcycle stunt rider ?? Here's your chance ! Disney Paris is hiring motorcycle riders for their incredible stunt show.

Hurry, applications close on the 13th of March.


7 March, 2006 - You Think Your Motorcycle Is Fast ? Try This!
Acabion Concept Motorcycle
Swiss Acabion are developing a concept motorcycle that will run 600 kph (370 mph) and get you to 450 kph in 19 seconds!

And all that with a minimum of gas. Place your order now.


6 March, 2006 - Motorcyce Sales Hit Parade 2005
Statistics Article
The top 5 motorcycle sales of the top 5 countries in Europe.


4 March, 2006 - Ladies Biker Gangs
Chrome Angels Female Biker Group
According to the USA Motorcycle Council, female riders are on the increase (36%), and more and more women are forming motorcycle clubs.


3 March, 2006 - Christmas ? Birthday ? No, Election Time !
France Article
Politics Article
After the French Government decided to turn off the heat on motorcycles, now it's the turn of the Mayor of Paris. That can mean only one things! Yes, it's election time !


2 March, 2006 - OK, Now Where Do We Go ?
Stupid Road Sign
In the category stupid road signs; which way would you go ???


1 March, 2006 - Think Video - A Perfect Day
Video clip inside
Thanks to Google's Video service, you can now see videos on this site. First one is from the UK.


1 March, 2006 - Jesus Saves Helmet
Religious Motorcycle Helmet
For the religious amongst you; a real "Jesus Saves" motorcycle helmet.



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