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30 March, 2007 - Video: Motorcycles in Commercials - 3
Video clip inside
Motorcycles still sell in TV commercials, even if they're not selling motorcycles. Apart from sex, motorcycles do portray a cool image.

Here are three TV ads featuring motorcycles; for beer, scratch & win and Apple iPod.


30 March, 2007 - Operation Confirms Paralysis for Isidre Esteve Pujol
Spanish KTM professional rider, Isidre Esteve Pujo, was badly injured last week in a rally.

Despite some initial reports that his injuries were not as bad as thought, after a spinal operation, he still seems to be paralyzed from the waist down.

There is a slight hope for improvement with some advanced medical treatment, but it looks like his career might be over. Bad news !!

Several of the top motorcycle rally riders have been badly injured or even killed in the last few years. Let's hope it's not a spark that will start politicians legislating our sport!!


30 March, 2007 - Plumber Motorcyclist
Too many one liners come to mind.

But the one reaction.... AHHHHHH MY EYES !!


30 March, 2007 - Win At Tennis, Win a Harley Motorcycle
I guess winning big bucks is not enough to entice the top tennis players.

Winning a Harley-Davidson motorcycle seems to do the trick.

Wonder how quick we'll see it on eBay ?


29 March, 2007 - Smart Motorcycle Sunglasses
The University of Washington have developed sunglasses that at the touch of a button change tint.

The tint change, or transparency change, is accomplished by a low voltage battery, and is instantaneous. No waiting !

These sunglasses look like winners (as long as they change the shape a bit - Help Oakley!!).

Can't wait for them to hit the market.


29 March, 2007 - UK Wants To Limit Motorcycle Speeds
Politics Article
The anti-motorcycle brigade are out again. This time it's in the UK, where the politicians want to limit the speeds of motorcycles.

When will they ever learn?


29 March, 2007 - Taiwan’s Elite Motorcycle Army
If you're going to serve your country in the army, THIS is the job !

Imagine riding motorcycle all day, out of helicopters, off road, no miles long marches

... yeah baby !


28 March, 2007 - BlueAnt’s Bluetooth Motorcycle Intercom
News Article
Recently, BlueAnt announced a new Bluetooth Interphone for motorcycle helmets. Several of you emailed me asking why I did not write about it.

Here's the answer....


28 March, 2007 - Motorcycles Safer Than Horses
Statistics Article
A study in the UK has shown that is far safer to ride a motorcycle than that it is to ride a horse. In fact, it's 21 times safer !

So stop riding your horse, and switch to your motorcycle !


27 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha R1/R6 Respect
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
A TV advertisement of the Yamaha R1 and R6 motorcycles from the USA. The R stands for "Respect".


27 March, 2007 - Sunday Motorcycle Rides - Web Mapping Program
Motorcycle itineraries web programs are coming off age. There are more and more of them available, and every new one, has a higher level of sophistication and ease of use.

The latest we're looking at is called, and features many innovative ways of capturing and displaying your favorite motorcycle routes.

No more excuses for taking that great Sunday ride !


26 March, 2007 - Coke Motorcycle
I think I've found the right motorcycle for me. Perfect !!

If I can convince my wife to take the other motorcycle, we'll be set !!!


26 March, 2007 - More Protection For Your Pillion - The Babe Cage
Many motorcycle pillion riders are scared sitting behind you.

They're afraid of falling off, or being hit by a car. One guy in the USA has come up with the solution !

Introducing the Babe Cage !


23 March, 2007 - Cyril Despres To Race The USA Baja ?
Racing Article
There are very strong rumors circulating, confirmed by a good friend who should know, that the double Dakar Champion, Cyril Despres, will be racing the Baja races this year in the USA.

So he'll be racing against the top Americans on their home turf. This could be a very interesting year for enduro racers.


23 March, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Dealers in Australia
Video clip inside
USA is not the only country with loads of motorcycle dealer's advertising their stuff on TV. Here are two TV ads from Australian dealers.


23 March, 2007 - UK 2008 Taxes
Miracles do occur! You just need to look out for them.

The UK just announced its 2008 budget, and for a rare occurrence, motorcycle taxes are not going to increase, or just very slightly. Compared with cars, motorcycles (or motorbikes, depending on which country you live in) are much better off.

I guess we'll be seeing more and more motorcycles in the UK now.


22 March, 2007 - Another GPS Tracking Device - AnyTrack USA
GPS Trackers used to be a rare thing, and only affordable by big companies with deep pockets.

Not so anymore. A few days ago we showed you the UK based CATSeye GPS Tracker and Tracking service.

Now, it's the turn of USA based AnyTrack.

Based on the same principles, GPS and GSM technology, hooked up to a tracking website, you can now track your precious motorcycle, dog, child or lover...


22 March, 2007 - New Technology Motorcycle Helmets
Two new technology motorcycle helmets hit the market (no pun intended) today. Lightweight and more important, one-size-fits-all.

One helmet is very airy, the other very water proof.


21 March, 2007 - Video: Royal Enfield 2007
Video clip inside
Royal Enfield logo
Sometimes we see strange motorcycle ads, that on one side are so weird that we don't like them, but on the other side, you like the creativity.

Here's one of those TV advertisements for Royal Enfield motorcycles. Have a look, and tell me what you think.


20 March, 2007 - You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me - Right ?
I guess it takes all sorts, but somehow I don't think this photo was serious. But it doesn't look like it was PhotoChopped.


20 March, 2007 - World’s Smallest Motorcycle Tracking Device
An English company is finishing the production of world's smallest tracking device. Called CATSeye, the unit, the size of a box of matches, has onboard GPS, GSM and RF transmitters.

The unit can be fitted anywhere on your motorcycle (or other precious things, like quad, car, laptop, or even child or dog). With a website that allows you to track your device, you'll always know where the device is, even if it's inside a building.

In the UK, they offer 24/7 Asset Tracking Teams that will go and find your asset.

A very nifty device. They're looking for distributors, so if you're interested, contact them.


19 March, 2007 - Video: Suzuki Motorcycles Around the World
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
A look at three TV Ads for Suzuki, Germany, USA and Japan.


19 March, 2007 - One Big Rat Bike
One big rat hides another big rat.

I prefer the first photo......don't know why....

Don't know what I'm talking about ? Click the title and see...


16 March, 2007 - Video: Suzuki Smash - Thai TV Ads
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
Five TV ads from Suzuki Thailand selling their Smash scooter. Lots of "erotic" and humor, though not openly since the product is aimed at young kids. But I doubt that these ads would run in Europe or USA.


15 March, 2007 - Ducati Shoes
Ducati Hypermotard
Ducati has teamed up with German shoe maker (not Schumacker) Puma, to produce a motorcycle life-style sport shoe.

Called the Panigale (try to guess where the name comes from before reading the article) will be available shortly in shops.

Not cheap, but not expensive either, it's a nice investment for your feet.


15 March, 2007 - MBI Annual Awards: And The Prize Goes To..
The 2nd Annual MBI Riders Choice Awards votes have been added up, and we now have the winners.

Thousands of readers worldwide (88 countries) have nominated and voted for their favorite products. After a month long voting, we now can tell you which motorcycle products, people and organizations are the top of the top!

Click to find out who won (or lost).

For all of you who have voted, many thanks for making it a success!


15 March, 2007 - Hard Motorcycle
Enough (too much) time on your hands, plus many hard disc drives that are of no more use to you ?

Here's a nice project for you. Build yourself a motorcycle out of the disc platters.

Or here's an idea, make a motorcycle out of the millions of AOL CDs out there.


14 March, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Poker
Want to amaze your poker buddies? Here's the Harley-Davidson Poker Table.

The chairs come with wheels, so you can make a quick getaway!

Not only is it a poker table, but if you're short of space at home, you can turn the Poker Table into a Dinning Table.


14 March, 2007 - World’s Most Powerful Motorcycle - Rapom 8200
So you think your Agusta, Hayabusa or Ducati has got a lot of horse power?

You think 200 hp is a lot ???

Try 1200 hp !! Nick Argyle has built himself a monster. The Rapom 8200 is fitted with an 8.2 liter V8 truck engine, runs on alcohol (not whiskey) and is very powerful!

The motorcycle is totally street legal, but you wouldn't use it for a spin around the block. What an incredible feat of engineering.


14 March, 2007 - Video: Lufthansa German Airlines/Harley
Video clip inside
When you look first at this publicity, you'd think that it's a good Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad, but at the end, you'll see it's a Lufthansa German Airlines advertisement. Nice ad:


13 March, 2007 - Honda Goldwing Key Holders
Owners of motorcycles know the problem; keys scratch your console. Honda Goldwing owners have several keys, and even a remote control. offer a simple and cheap solution to scraping the console. A leather key holder solves the problem once and for all !


13 March, 2007 - Want To Go Play Golf With Your Motorcycle?
Going to play golf while riding a motorcycle is not an easy task. Where to you put your golf clubs. If you've got a sidecar, no problem.

Here's a solution for Harley-Davidson or Honda Goldwing riders. Place your golf bag at the rear of your motorcycle on a specially designed platform.

Just don't try to do a wheelie with this.

Now you'll not have to rent a golf cart, just ride up the golf greens with your motorcycle. Make yourself real popular!


13 March, 2007 - Sweden Ups Maximum Speed Limit
Law Article
Whoopee, they've raise the speed limit on motorways in Sweden from a crawling 100 kph to the super fast speed of 120 kph! Huhh ? 120 is not much extra, but it's a start. Better up than down!


12 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha Ads In Other Countries
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Four Yamaha motorcycle TV ads from different countries. Yamaha Japan sure does play a lot of ads.


12 March, 2007 - Rossi’s Salary: Worth It?
Racing Article
There's no dispute that Valentino Rossi is a genius on 2 wheels, but is he worth his salary of €22.8 million per year? Have a look at the other top 10 sportsmen (sorry, no sportswomen in the top 10) and see what they earned last year.


9 March, 2007 - Rent Out, Don’t Sell Your Motorcycle
Web Article
A new website has been created, that allows you to rent out your motorcycle (and other stuff), instead of selling it on eBay. Novel idea !


9 March, 2007 - Video: Yamaha Ads In North America
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
Four TV advertisements of Yamaha motorcycles as shown in North America. First one is a bit anti-Harley.


9 March, 2007 - Gone For A Day Or Two
This is the automatic answering machine of Bikes In The Fast Lane. We are not in at this moment, enjoying a quick trip to The Netherlands. We'll be back on Tuesday.

Leave a message after the beep, and we'll return your call as soon as we're back !


8 March, 2007 - Korea: Anti-Motorcycle Politics
We're not the only ones that have problems with strange anti-motorcycle laws.

Have a look at what's happening in Korea. Not that strange North Korean, but in South Korea!

As a motorcycle rider, you're not allowed to ride on highways (express ways), car-only roads and over passes! The only roads you can take are smaller rural roads and city streets, both are far more dangerous for motorcycles. Why ? Because the Korean government, in 1972, decided it was not safe for motorcycles!


8 March, 2007 - UK: Lighter Motorcycles For Female Cops
Police in the UK, according to English motorcycle magazine MCN, are required to be able to lift their motorcycle off the ground. This prevents a lot of female cops to become a motorcycle cop.

So the authorities are looking in to providing lighter motorcycles to the female Police officers.

But why do they also need to provide them with smaller guns ????


7 March, 2007 - France: All PTW Must Have Lights On
France Article
Politics Article
The added the fact that now even mopeds needs to have their lights on during daytime, and this for motorcycle safety reasons. But, as usual there's a but here in France, they still want to force cars to have DRL on! How stupid can you get? Give on one hand, take away with the other.

There's French politics for you.


7 March, 2007 - Ducati’s Hypermotard Ready For Launch
Ducati Hypermotard
Ducati logo
In record time, Ducati have gone from concept to production for their new Hypermotard motorcycle.

The SuperMotard motorcycle is a stunner, it was so at concept, and it still is now that it's ready for production.

First deliveries are expected in May. Test rider Vittoriano Guareschi is full of praise for the motorcycle.

The photos show that the motorcycle is ready... for me !


7 March, 2007 - BMW’s New 450 Spy Photos
BMW's new 450 motorcycle
BMW logo
A prototype BMW enduro motorcycle was spotted recently at a German race.

It is assumed that the motorcycle is a new BMW 450 series, but no logo, badge, or BMW colors were present on the motorcycle. However, it was racing under the BMW team banners, and the racer was none other than the BMW development rider Sascha Eckert.

So, is this a new BMW motorcycle ? Is BMW going to seriously race motorcycle off-road now ? Dakar ?

Read on, and find out more about this motorcycle.


6 March, 2007 - Book Review: Carla King’s American Borders
For those of you who like to read a great motorcycle adventure book, here's one that truly is great! Written by Carla King, a fellow MBI blogger and a travel journalist, Carla knows how to put a sentence together.

Carla's book entitled "American Borders" is the true story of her long ride to all corners of the USA on a Russian built Ural motorcycle. It was not just any old Ural, but the first one post-communist era, meant for export.

Needless to say, the motorcycle had a lot of problems, and Carla had to learn the hard way to fix the bike. Along the way she encountered many "strange" fellow travellers.

Her story is fun to read, entertaining and informative. A must read for anyone who like to read about adventure riding on a motorcycle.

I highly recommend this book for anyone, even if they're not riders!


6 March, 2007 - Pogo Alert - Speed Radar Warning For The UK
The UK is a country full of speed radars. They probably have one of the most dense populations of radars in the world.

It's therefore not surprise to see a special speed radar warning device in the UK. Called the Pogo Alert, the small device not only has a database of all fixed radar positions (and accident blackspots and schools), but also senses infrared cameras, and you can bolt-on a laser radar detector.

Just watch out using the device in Europe. It's totally illegal now in Switzerland, and even in France.


6 March, 2007 - Useful Motorcycle Website - Elf Moto
Elf lubricants has a very comprehensive website dedicated to motorcycles.

It is full of tips for maintenance, safety gear purchase and other very useful information for beginner or veteran motorcycle riders.

Much of their stuff can be downloaded, or printed.

The site is in several languages.


5 March, 2007 - MotoLiam - MotoGP Blog From The Inside
For any MotoGP or WSBK racing fans, here's a blog that you shouldn't miss. MotoLiam is one of the Ducati mechanics who gives you a great and entertaining glimpse of the backstage MotoGP world.

A must read for any fan.


5 March, 2007 - MotoGP 2007 - The Odds
Odds for MotoGP winners Qatar
With the 2007 MotoGP season a few days away, let's have a look at what the odds are for whoever to win the first race, and who will win the season. A good way is to look at (, who publish real time odds.

Guess who's on 1st ?


5 March, 2007 - For Sale Motorcycle Ad - Funny
Motorcycle for sale ad
Here's a "funny" motorcycle for-sale ad. Poor bloke.


2 March, 2007 - Need More Grip Under Extreme Conditions ?
Ever wish you had more traction and grip when riding in deep sand, mud or snow ? Here's the answer to your prayers, Attrax.

Go like a tank !


2 March, 2007 - Harley-Davidson Print Ads
Harley-Davidson Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson not only has bad taste in TV ads, but also in magazine advertisements. Here's an ad that does nothing for the Harley motorcycle rider.... but it is a bit funny...


2 March, 2007 - Video: Finally A Good Harley Ad
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Finally, here's a good Harley-Davidson TV commercial. It's Korean, set at Stonehenge, and uses the Harley sound mixed with some music. Nice !


1 March, 2007 - Tracker/Alarm/Monitor
Siemens AySystem
Siemens have released a new gadget called the AySystem. It's very small, and will monitor movement, temperature, sound and location. If anything is wrong (you define what's wrong), it will send the data via text message or directly to a web site. You can also bolt-on a GPS to get an accurate fix, or use a GSM tracking service.

Nice gadget if you're going RTW, and want other to know where you are at any moment.


1 March, 2007 - Stylish Reflective Motorcycle Clothing
Don-B reflective motorcycle clothing
You don't need to look like a biker when you wear reflective motorcycle clothing. There are alternatives that allow you to be seen at night, but still look stylish. Check out Don-B clothing.


1 March, 2007 - Video: MZ Commercials
Video clip inside
MZ logo
A look at 4 vintage MZ TV commercials, and one newer one for that "other" German motorcycle manufacturer.



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