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31 March, 2008 - Special Forces Style Bluetooth Communicator For Motorcycle
RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator
RoadRunner Bluetooth Communicator is a communication device styled after the ones the special forces use.

It consists of a small ear piece and a larynx microphone.


31 March, 2008 - Mad Cow Strikes Again In France! Bikers Beware!
Cow riding a motorcycle
France is suffering from Mad Cow Disease again.

This time the cows have started stealing motorcycles...


28 March, 2008 - I Like Women With A Big Rear End!
Big rear tire
Ahhhh, a woman motorcycle rider with a big rear end!



27 March, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Gladiator SS/RD
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Yamaha India have this quaint little motorcycle called the Gladiator.

Here's a TV ad for it...


27 March, 2008 - The Perfect Motorcycle Lock!
The perfect motorcycle lock/alarm
This has got to be the perfect motorcycle lock/alarm.

Who in his right mind would want to steal your motorcycle?


26 March, 2008 - Video: Steel Horse Saloon - Biker Bar
Click to see the Video clip
These kind of TV ads are never seen in Europe (or at least France). It's for a motorcycle bar.... lots of babes, bands, booze and bikes.


26 March, 2008 - Gone On Holiday With Lots Of Luggage
Heavy load on a motorcycle
Personal Article
We're off to Marrakech,Morroco for a week of sun, food and s##....

See you later...


26 March, 2008 - Interesting Application For Motorcycles: Integrated Turn Signals
Integrated Turnsignal from Leah Beuchley
This is an interesting bicycle design that can be applied for us motorcycle riders. It's a turn signal integrated in the back of your jacket.

This shouldn't need much adaptation to make it work with your motorcycle leathers...


25 March, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Ad With Charlie Chan
Click to see the Video clip
Bajaj have some interesting TV ads.

Here's one starring none other than Jackie Chan...


25 March, 2008 - Find The Cheapest Fuel In The USA website is a website in the USA, that monitors the cheapest petrol prices at the pump.

enter a city and state, and voila, you can see where the cheapest fuel is to fill up your motorcycle.


25 March, 2008 - Is There A Motorcycle Anywhere In This Picture?
Chickens on motorcycle
By the life of me, I can't see any motorcycle in this photo, but there should be one.


24 March, 2008 - Happy Easter 2008
Chocolate Rabbit on a motorcycle
Have a great Easter Monday. I am, so see you tomorrow....

In the mean time.... yummy...


21 March, 2008 - Don’t Get Wet Crossing The Road
Motorcycle on a boat
Must be easier ways of bot getting your motorcycle wet when crossing the street....


21 March, 2008 - Video: BMW F650GS Dakar Motorcycle vs BMW X5 Car
Video clip
Here's an interesting race on video. It's from the British TV program Fifth Gear, and it's a race between a BMW F650GS motorcycle and a BMW X5 car.

The motorcycle (Charley Boorman's Dakar bike) is ridden by Simon Pavey, a 6x Dakar veteran and Chief Instructor at the BMW Off Road Skills School.



21 March, 2008 - New Commenting System Enabled
This Site Article
We've enabled a new commenting system for this site.

We're using ( excellent blog commenting system, so let's hope this works and is not ruined by spammers.


21 March, 2008 - Iraq: Police Torture Using Motorcycles
Iraqi Police on Motorcycle
Strange habits in Iraq.... Riding over your fellow officer with your motorcycle is a graduation exercise!!

What do they do when they get mean??


20 March, 2008 - One Way Of Slowing Down Traffic
Hole in the road
This will slow you down, even when riding your enduro motorcycle.

So, why not use it to slow traffic down in your neighborhood?


20 March, 2008 - Mel Gibson To Star In Motorcycle Movie
Mel Gibson on a motorcycle
Mel Gibson is in the process of making a biker movie. Called "Under and Alone", it's the true story of Billy Queen, an undercover ATF agent who infiltrated the Mongols during the 90's.

Sounds like "Beyond the Law" with Charlie Sheen.... but who cares, it's probably a good movie...


20 March, 2008 - Video: TAC Motorcycle Protective Clothing Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Another hard hitting motorcycle safety ad, this time it's Australian.

It's run by TAC, and it's to remind you that even when riding a short distance on your motorcycle, it's a good idea to pt on protective clothing.


19 March, 2008 - The Downside Of Motorcycle Leathers
Alpinestar Nero motorcycle jacket
Alpinestar logo
Alpinestar, known for the protective gear for motorcycles, and conscious of the Power Ranger effect we have when dressed in our leathers, have come up with a new line of motorcycle protective clothing.

Dubbed NERO, their protective clothing can be used as "casual" clothes. But it comes at a price...


19 March, 2008 - MBI Awards 2008: And The Winners Are..
MBI logo
The annual MBI Riders Choice Awards for 2008 are done!

Click on the headline to see who won (and who lost). Thousands of you have nominated and voted for these products or people. This is what the public likes/dislikes.

Many thanks to all of you!


19 March, 2008 - John Kerry Rides The Vectrix, Forgets His Helmet
John Kerry on a Vectrix scooter
Senator (and ex-Presidential candidate) John Kerry is a motorcycle lover, we probably all know that.

He recently gave the electric Vectrix a twirl, but in the process forgot his helmet, despite a mandatory helmet law in the state.


18 March, 2008 - You Think The Honda Goldwing Is Big Enough?
Big Honda Goldwing
Most people would think that a Honda Goldwing was big enough...

But not this fellow. he wants more space...


18 March, 2008 - New BMW 2-Wheelers
BMW Bicycle
BMW logo
BMW have a new series of two wheelers.

But they're not motorcycles, they're bicycles. They are true blooded BMWs, since they are very expensive, and have loads of options...


18 March, 2008 - Faith and Motorcycles
2 Tibet monks on a motorcycle
It's nice to have faith in your religion. You don't need any expensive equipment like helmets when riding your motorcycle...


17 March, 2008 - New MotoGP Website Coming
old MotoGP website
new MotoGP website
The good folks at the MotoGP website are in the process of updating the look & feel of their otherwise VERY busy website.

The new design is far more easier on the eyes.


17 March, 2008 - Brad Pitt To Have Private Motorcycle Race Track?
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and the BMW motorycles
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are about to buy a new home in the South of France. Initially their dealer breaker had been reached, but the local council finally approved their plans, so now the couple is buying the house.

The deal breaker? Brad Pitt wanted to build a private motorcycle race circuit on his grounds! The man has got all the fun: looks, beautiful woman, rich, famous and a private motorcycle race track.


17 March, 2008 - Hi-Def Motorcycle Documentaries For Free!
Twist The Throttle
That's right, free motorcycle documentaries. Our friends and fellow MBI bloggers, Twisting Asphalt, have produced four hours worth of behind-the-scene footage on 8 sports motorcycle manufacturers.

Shown on-line in HD for free at Turbo Discovery. See how Bimota, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, MV Agusta, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles are designed and made.


14 March, 2008 - New Motorcycle Sport?
Crashing race motorcycles
Strange happenings on motorcycles.

Is this the latest rage on motorcycles?


14 March, 2008 - First Sign You’ve Got A Problem
Engine problems on your motorcycle
I guess this is a sure sign that you're in trouble.

But then, what do I know?


14 March, 2008 - Last Day For Awards Votes. Vote NOW!
MBI logo
Last day for you to vote at the annual MBI awards. It's important for the industry that you vote (any elections are important).

No personal details are asked for, no name, no email, nada! Spend 1 minute of your lifetime telling the world what's good and what's bad.

Do us all a favor, and VOTE!!! 1 Day left!


13 March, 2008 - Video: MetroVac Blaster
Click to see the Video clip
Here's a TV ad for a motorcycle gadget that you'll never see me use.

To use it, you'd be needing to clean your motorcycle...


13 March, 2008 - If It Ain’t True, It Ought To Be
Police radar gun on fighter jet
I had to publish this. It's too funny not to be true, though it's not...urban myth.

2 British Police Officers tracked a NATO Tornado fighter jet with their radar gun, and almost were blown up by the jet's defense systems.


13 March, 2008 - Electric Scooter Vectrix Scootering Away In The UK
Glasgow Police on Vectrix scooter
Vectrix logo
Vectrix may not be selling in the quantities they would have liked to the general public, but their sales to government agencies seem to be working.

In the UK, they just got two sales, one in London, and one in Glasgow.


12 March, 2008 - Esquad Motorcycle Gloves: High Tech
Esquad Racer glove
Esquad, manufacturers of indestructible motorcycle jeans, are producing in collaboration with Racer, special motorcycle gloves made out of their patented material; Armaliith.

Three models are proposed, each with their own style.


12 March, 2008 - France: Fear Not The Dreaded French Signposts
France Article
Problem - sort it out yourself
A comprehensive article by guest writer Wapping, explaining the ins and outs of the French road signs.

A must read for anyone travelling to France.


12 March, 2008 - Official: Polluting Is A Sin
Pope Benedict
The Vatican is looking at adding some more sins to the 7 bad ones already categorized.

The main new one that should interest us motorcycle riders is the sin of POLLUTION!


11 March, 2008 - Yamaha: Super Tenere 1200 Coming?
Yamaha Tenere 660
Yamaha logo
Rumors are floating around that Yamaha will be releasing a 1200 cc version of their Tenere dual purpose motorcycle.

After BMW enormous sales of their R1200GS, there's a good a chance we'll be seeing a 1200cc version of this motorcycle.


11 March, 2008 - March 2008: Crazy Weather
Riding a motorcycle in the snow storm
The weather is going crazy (again).

Snow storm in Louisville??


11 March, 2008 - Tag Heuer Eyewear: Night Vision
Night vision Tag Heuer glasses
TAG Heuer Eyewear logo
Swiss watch maker, race timing and F1 cars has launched a new series of eyewear, including a special series of glasses.

Called "Night Vision", these glasses were developed for the 24 hours of Le Mans, and allow you to see better at night.

Most of their glasses can be used with a motorcycle helmet!


10 March, 2008 - Want To Buy A Dakar Winning KTM Motorcycle?
Dakar KTM Cyril Despres
This is your chance to get Cyril Despres's Dakar winning KTM motorcycle. Or even David Coulthard's F1 car.

Starting 13 March until the 30th, there's an auction for the "Wings for Life" organization.

All items will start off at €1.


10 March, 2008 - Ducati’s Monster Website
Ducati logo
Ducati have launched a dedicated mini website for their Monster motorcycle.

Full of photos, video and specs... a must for Monster lovers.


10 March, 2008 - Motorcycle Cop Escorting Clinton Was Not Able To Take Curve
Opinion Article
News Article
The motorcycle Police officer that died while escorting Hilary Clinton in Texas, crashed because he was not able to ride in a single lane, and negotiate a curve!

That implies a lack of proper training, and it's not the cop's fault, but the Police management. Training Police officers for these kind of duties is extremely important!


10 March, 2008 - MotoGP: Qatar TV
MotoGP logo
What a night it was! First race of the MotoGP season was great: suspense, fast racers, you name it... it was there

However, one negative note: The motorcyclse were hard to distinguish at times due to the "slow" TV cameras during the night race.


7 March, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar Mania
Click to see the Video clip
Bajaj logo
Very nicely done ad featuring synchronized stunt work for a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle.



7 March, 2008 - France: 8th Radar Destroyed By Explosion
Automatic digital radar
In an action reminding of the 80's, the Anti Radar National Front (FNAR) in France, have blown up their 8th digital radar.

With a military precision, the FNAR are attacking radars, demanding that the French government lower taxes and stop repression.


7 March, 2008 - USA: Fake Motorcycle Cop
A fake motorcycle cop tries to stop a woman in California.

The local Police are now telling people to make sure that the cop stopping you is really a cop?

Will a gun pointing in your face prove that the person is a cop?


6 March, 2008 - Art or Accident?
Motorcycle in wall
Redundant question, unless it really was an accident...

Not a bad idea if you've got a few spares lying around.


6 March, 2008 - Video: Johnny Lechner Motorcycle Ad
Click to see the Video clip
Reasonably funny motorcycle dealer TV ad.

Usually motorcycle dealer ads are boring, but this one is not bad.


6 March, 2008 - TT Assen Circuit Fined For Sound Levels
TT Assen Logo
The motorcycle race circuit of TT Assen (North of The Netherlands) has been fined €10,000 for noise hindrance.

Does this mean that the people who live there didn't know there was a race circuit next door?


5 March, 2008 - Video: Suzuki GSX-R 750/600 (2008)
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Nice and very short TV ad for the new Suzuki GSX-R 750/600 in what sounds like an Australian ad.


5 March, 2008 - Erzberg Rodeo 2008 Full Of Stars (plus Video)
Video clip
Erzberg Rodeo 2008 logo
22nd May sees the latest edition of what is billed as World's Toughest Enduro. Many off-road stars are lined up to take part in this year's events.

Here's the schedule for the 4 mad days, and a video of last year's race.


5 March, 2008 - It Is Good To Be Fat!
Fat rider on a mini motorcycle
It's official! You're allowed to be fat and ride mini motorcycles...

Well.. I made that last bit up...


4 March, 2008 - Dutch Motorcycle Police Downsizing! Setting An Example
Dutch Motorcycle Police and their new motorcycles
Due to budget cuts in The Netherlands, the Dutch motorcycle Police have been required to trade in their BMW and Yamaha motorcycle for new ones.

Here's a photo of the training they are undergoing.


4 March, 2008 - How To Bring Your Wives On Your Motorcycle
2 wives on a motorcycle
The laws of Islam state that you need to treat all your wives equally.

So if you bring one on a motorcycle ride, you got to take all of them on the ride...


4 March, 2008 - Want To Try The BMW F800GS In A Real Environment?
BMW F800GS motorcycle training
BMW logo
BMW UK, through their excellent Off Road Skills School are offering the F800GS (and R1200GS and F650GS) as motorcycles used in their off road skills course.

If you're a beginner and expert off road rider, they've got a course that's suited for you, AND you get to ride the F800GS (or chose another motorcycle).

The training is great, and it's a fantastic opportunity to try out the motorcycle before buying it..


3 March, 2008 - BMW Lower Their Motorcycles
BMW logo
BMW have announced that the new BMW R 1200 GS, R 1200 R and R 1200 RT Models will have a Low Suspension Option, including a Low Seat.

This will lower the height of these BMW motorcycles, hopefully enough for many vertically challenged riders.

Thank you BMW. How about lowering the price now??


3 March, 2008 - New York Continues To Discriminate Towards Motorcycles
Opinion Article
Politics Article
The New York Police department (NYPD) have decided that despite a federal law, no motorcycles are allowed in HOV lanes.

The reason. Simple... they disagree with giving bikers that right!

So if I understand it right, if you disagree with a law, you can ignore it?? Right ???


3 March, 2008 - Video: Hungarian Gigamachine
Video clip
Hungarian advertisement, so unless you speak the language, you'll not understand anything.

But it's catchy, as is the music and images. Some powerful motorcycles.


3 March, 2008 - Funeral Of Motorcycle Police Officer Killed In Texas
Motorcycle Police Officer funeral in Texas
The funeral of the motorcycle Police Officer killed while escorting Senator Hilary Clinton, was attended by 100's of motorcycle cops.

This seems to happen quite regularly in the States. Why?



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