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31 March, 2009 - USA: Motorcycle Thefts Down
Statistics Article
The number of motorcycles stolen in the USA for 2008 had a noticeable drop over 2007 and even more over 2006.

Having a Japanese motorcycle or a Harley-Davidson puts you in a higher risk. Living in California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina or Indiana as well.


31 March, 2009 - USA: Luxury Motorcycle Hotel In Milwaukee
The Iron Horse Hotel in Milwaukee, USA is a new style motorcycle hotel. The hotel caters for bikers who have the money, and want to sleep comfortably.

Specially designed for bikers, it has all the stuff you'd want to stay comfortably. 102 big and stylish rooms.


31 March, 2009 - France: Government Testing Motorcycle Slip Simulator
The French government are designing and testing a system that simulates or facilitates the loss of adherence, causing you to slip.

The system is meant for young kids who want to learn how to ride a 50 cc (mandator lessons in France), teaching them about slipping on a motorcycle/scooter.


31 March, 2009 - Oh Sh*t, This Is Going To End Bad
Police motorcycle stunt team going wrong
This Police motorcycle stunt team demo is going to go wrong, horribly wrong....


30 March, 2009 - Heading Back To My Enormous Office
My Office
That's another trip under the belt.

I'm heading back to my enormous, spacious and luxury office.


30 March, 2009 - How Trustworthy Are Speed Cameras?
More and more stories are coming out of people receiving speeding tickets for offenses they never committed.

Several of them are clear, like this lady whose car was PARKED, and are others in different countries.

It's obvious that the technology they use for speed radars are not to be trusted. But why do the authorities keep stating that their machines are flawless?

Answer: MONEY!


30 March, 2009 - Back From Agadir, Only Brought Back A T-Shirt
Apart from work, I saw virtually no motorcycles in Agadir, Morocco.

I did make some nice photos....


30 March, 2009 - Marc Coma Wins Desert Classic: On A Roll
Marc Coma
KTM logo
Marc Coma is on a roll. First he wins the 2009 edition of the Dakar, now he wins the United Arab Emirates Desert Classic motorcycle enduro race.

Good old Cyril Despres keeps finishing second... frustrating.


27 March, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 27 March 2009
Web Article
Here's what I found, even during my workman's holiday, on the internet with regards to motorcycle related stories:

- Movie Review - One Crazy Ride by Gaurav Jani
- How Are Six Sigma Implementations And Motorcycle Rides Related?


27 March, 2009 - The Kind Of Sign I Like To See On The Road
Slow - Sleeping Policeman Ahead sign
Wouldn't this be a great road sign if it were real....

If only you could see them when riding your motorcycle...


27 March, 2009 - Got To Lose Weight!
Heavy biker
Holiday/Business trips play havoc with my weight...

Diet time....


26 March, 2009 - Young Motorcycle Pillion Riders And The European Laws
Law Article
For those of you who are planning to take their kids on a motorcycle in Europe, watch out!

Laws are different in each European country, so better read this carefully. Some countries have restrictions, some don't.


26 March, 2009 - Where To Park Japanese Motorcycles
Some people have strange ideas where you can park Japanese motorcycles..


26 March, 2009 - New Washing System For Motorcycles - Ecological
Elephant washing motorcycles
Washing a motorcycle always uses electricity and other "unnatural" products. But not in Asia...

They've got a better, and more ecological way of washing their motorcycles...


25 March, 2009 - Video: Bajaj 125 - Wind Dried
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj motorcycles, again. They have the best, and the most TV ads I'd say.

Here's a novel way of drying yourself after a shower... the Bajaj 125 Wind motorcycle...


25 March, 2009 - Motorcycles Need To Go Too You Know
Scooter in the toilet
It's not just as humans who need to go...

Scooters and motorcycle do too, but you just never catch them. Here's a unique photo of one going...


25 March, 2009 - Givi Bring The Right Accessory For Children On Motorcycles
Givi Babyride kids seat
Givi logo
It's strange that this didn't exist before. Children on motorcycles can be very dangerous, since they don't perceive the same dangers on the motorcycle as we tend to do.

here's a new seat from Givi meant for children. Like it's car counterpart, it's strapped to the pillion seat, and firmly holds the toddler in place while you ride on your motorcycle. great idea.


24 March, 2009 - People Carrier Motorcycle
5 people on a scooter
5 people on a motorcycle/scooter, including a kid in the back, standing. At least he's tied to his mother....

... and they got more cargo than what I would put on my motorcycle...


24 March, 2009 - Ideal Adventure Motorcycling Jacket
Vessel tent coat
Here's a very interesting concept jacket that has its use for motorcycle riders who camp.

The jacket can be used as backpack, but at the end of the day, the lining stretches out and forms a one person tent.



24 March, 2009 - After London AA, Now Ambulance Service Go Honda Motorcycles
London Ambulance Service Honda Pan European
Honda logo
The London Ambulance Service is one of the biggest of its kind in the world.

To ensure that their paramedics get to the scene as quickly as possible, The Service has extended its partnership with Honda UK, taking delivery of 12 new ST1300 Pan European motorcycles.

The Service knows from experience, that motorcycles are the only vehicle that can get there in the fastest way possible.


23 March, 2009 - I Am Off For A Week: Bringing My Backup Motorcycle
I'm off for a week of business and pleasure in Agadir, Morocco.

Articles will continue as usual....


23 March, 2009 - Knowing Which Motorcycle To Use For A Motorcycle Sport
A superbike on a trial course
Motocross in a MotoGP race
Public Service Announcement

Before buying a motorcycle, better be sure you know what you're going to use it for.

Here are some examples on what NOT to do.


23 March, 2009 - Alien vs Predator Motorcycles: Popular Movie Theme
Customizing motorcycles to look like creatures from movies is a popular theme for customizers.

From all movies out there, it looks like the movie "Alien vs Predator" has the most interest.

Here are several customized motorcycles with the Alien vs Predator movie theme.


20 March, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 20 March 2009
Web Article
Here are the Top Internet stories on motorcycles over the last few days:

- Movie Review: Globerider's Iceland Expedition
- Book Review: A Cure for Gravity
- The Stench of the Ride
- World's First Motorcycle
- Complexities of a Motorcycle


20 March, 2009 - Motorcycles And Gear For Very Cheap In Europe
Web Article
LIDL is a German discount shop found in several European countries. They offer heavily discounted product, such as food, house and office stuff and even computers.

Not only are they offering very discounted motorcycle gear, but they have started selling cars on the internet for 25% discount!

It's only a matter of time before they'll start selling cheap motorcycles. Mind you, they don't sell cheap brands, they sell "brands" at a cheap price.


20 March, 2009 - European Traffic Police - Safety Quiz
Web Article
TisPol logo
The European Traffic Police organization, TISPOL, have put a traffic and safety quiz on-line.

10 questions, which may not be as easy as you'd think. No registration required.


19 March, 2009 - Video: 2x Yamaha North America Ads - Star and MotoGP
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Two Yamaha Motorcycles North America TV ads.

First one is about the sounds we hear every day, converging into the motorcycle starting up.

The 2nd is that you too can have MotoGP 365 days a year... just get a Yamaha R1.


19 March, 2009 - Motorcycle Speeding Defense Reason #6353
Fun Article
Law Article
A retired Policeman in the UK got caught speeding in a 30 mph zone (he was riding at 40 mph... no biggy).

He went to court, and his defense.....? ....... a sneezing fit!

The judges didn't buy it..


19 March, 2009 - Husqvarna Motorcycle At The BMW Shop
Husqvarna logo
For the first time since BMW have purchased Husqvarna motorcycles are they now selling both brands from one shop.

The flagship BMW motorcycle shop in Munich is now showing and selling Husqvarna motorcycles.

Only a matter of time before you see Husky in all BMW shops and dealers.


19 March, 2009 - France: Motorcycle Rental Listing Now With Map
France Article
The listing of motorcycle rental agencies in France has just gotten better.

All agencies, including the ones with multiple locations, are now mapped out on a Google Map. You can zoom and pan the map, and when you've found an agency you'd like to see, click on the map marker icon to get more info, like motorcycle brands and prices.


18 March, 2009 - DVD Review: Free To Wander
Free to Wander scene
A review of the DVD entitled "Free to Wander".

It's a documentary of a bunch of guys who have produced their own choppers, some beautiful, some not, and ride for the pleasure of riding.

The DVD's main audience are chopper lovers, who love to see choppers riding, or being made.

A nice rainy Sunday afternoon DVD.


18 March, 2009 - Luxury And Stylish Motorcycle Helmets
Ruby Helmet box
Ruby Helmets
The motorcycle world has a designer label, at least for motorcycle helmets.

French designer and motorcycle aficionado Jerome Coste, has a very stylish helmet, inspired by Steve McQueen, that can be customized on-line.

Not cheap, and very stylish, it's the kind of helmet you'd see on Brad Pitt et al. You can even get matching silk scarves.


18 March, 2009 - Burt Munro’s Motorcycle Sold For Record Amount
Munro Velocette
One of Burt Munro's (remember the movie "The Fastest Indian"?) got sold at an auction for a record amount.

The Kiwi collector bought the 1936 Velocette motorcycle for N71,000!


17 March, 2009 - UK: Positive Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Derbyshire-Safety poster
The county of Derbyshire in the UK launched last year a fresh approach towards motorcycle safety.

Instead of scaring the living daylights out of you, they've taken a positive approach.

With text like "Stay in control. Die of old age" and "Bikes aren't dangerous. Bad riders are", they've won the top PR prize in the UK.



17 March, 2009 - Amazing Tiffany Goes For Another Amazing Motorcycle Trip
Tiffany at the Copacabana beach in Brail
Tiffany "Tiff" Coates is an amazing woman. I've interviewed her once before when I was covering the 2005 Dakar race. She was on her way for a lunch appointment (the appointment was in Timbuktu).

She had during the 1990's ridden a 2nd hand BMW R80GS from the UK to India, since she couldn't afford to go any other way. She had never been on a bike before! She loved it so much, she continued riding around the world.

Last year she became very ill, and was confined to a wheelchair. The Docs said she could probably never ride again. Boy were they wrong.

Tiff is now going to ride from Cornwall all the way to Mongolia! No support crew, no trucks, helicopters, cameras, doctors, etc... the way it was intended.

Click the headline to read more about this amazing woman.


17 March, 2009 - Here Is One Motorcycle Riding Royalty Who Gets It
Prince Laurent of Belgium on a motorcycle
Prince Laurent of Belgium likes to ride cars and motorcycles, and he does it very fast.

His latest statement to the press is a sideslapper: "the less time you are on the road, the less chance you have for an accident" !

No escaping that logic!


16 March, 2009 - Video: Bajaj XCD 135 - No Motorcycle
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj TV ads for their motorcycle need no introduction; they are great, and there are a lot of them.

Here's one that uses a technique used in another Bajaj TV ad, one that builds the motorcycle while the rider is riding in thin air.



16 March, 2009 - From Riches To Rags: Even Motorcycles Need To Go
A Harley motorcycle in a Beverly Hill pawn shop
It's tough for the rich and famous too. They can't eat caviar without having pawned off their expensive toys.

There goes the 3 years Harley motorcycle with 300 miles on it....


16 March, 2009 - Thanks For All The Well Wishes
Trish on the BMW
Personal Article
My wife would like to thank you all for your well wishes. She's now a lot better than last week, and can move again with too much pain.

She was very touched by all the comments, emails, SMS, Facebook posting, Twitters and forum postings. It made her feel better just by reading them (or me reading them to her).

Thanks you all ... it just shows how close-knit the motorcycle community is.


9 March, 2009 - No News Here Until Further Notice
Personal Article
Sorry all, my wife is seriously ill and needs me at her bedside 24/7. So I'm getting very little sleep and time to be on the net. It's going to last a few day according to the Doc, so until that time you're going to have to do without me.



9 March, 2009 - New Electric Scooters Subsidized In Paris
Paris charging station maps
Paris is subsidizing the purchase of electric motorcycles/scooters at 25% of the purchase price, with a cap of €400. It also needs to be in the moped category, ie, not faster than 45 kph.

There are now some 40 recharging stations in Paris, and more on the way. Charging your car or motorcycle is FREE!


6 March, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 6 March 2009
Web Article
Here are the last 7 days articles of interest circulating on the WWW with motorcycle content:

- Product Review: Aerostich Darien Jacket and Pants
- Hell's Angels Legend Does Not Like Harleys
- When It Rains On A Motorcyclist, It Pours
- Book Review: Endless Horizon


6 March, 2009 - Video: Yamaha G5 Motorcycle - My Life
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Merciful short TV ad for India's Yamaha G5 motorcycle.

The ad is bland, but I like the music.


6 March, 2009 - California Motorcycles May Need Smog Check
Smoking Exhaust
The State of California are now looking at making it mandatory to have motorcycles checked for smog (CO2).

The proposed law will start in 2012 and concern all Y2K (yes, there's that term again) motorcycles.


5 March, 2009 - Refueling Your Motorcycle, Mobile Phones And Fire
Motorcycle on fire
Debunking an urban legend.

Can mobile phones ignite fuel fumes when refueling your motorcycle?


5 March, 2009 - Generate Electricity While Riding Your Motorcycle
As part of a Green Design Competition, here's an interesting entry.

It's a motorcycle helmet that recharges batteries for gadgets while riding your motorcycle.


5 March, 2009 - France: Bikers: 1 Government: 0
France Article
FFMC logo
The FFMC (the French Angry Biker Association) have gained an enormous victory. After a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation, the proposed law that would make on-the-spot technical inspections possible, towing to a garage and inspections by non-trained mechanics, is off the table for motorcycles.

From now on, we'll be consulted for all new laws, and several study/working groups have been created to make recommendations about all those other pesky laws (100 HP limit, lane splitting, bus lanes, etc).

Spring is going to be nice...


4 March, 2009 - Times Are Tough - Even For The Indian Army
8 soldiers on one motorcycle
Times are tough, and even the Indian Army needs to save costs.

Now they're riding 8 soldiers to one motorcycle.

Amazing... try taking a curve with that.


4 March, 2009 - Be A Yamaha Motorcycle Racing Manager
Yamaha logo
Yamaha Motorcycle have a web competition on-line, allowing you to play the Yamaha Racing Team Manager.

With a budget of 1 million Euros, you choose your team and the races.

Highest scorer gets Valentino Rossi helmet (once the races are over, since he needs it to race).


4 March, 2009 - Highway Design And Motorcycles
There are some organizations that try to look after us motorcycle riders. Most are related to motorcycles organizations, but one isn't.

It's the UK Institute of Highway Engineers (IHIE), the people who design roads. They even have a dedicated motorcycle website that tells engineers what to look for when designing a road, all while thinking about motorcycles.

Good. Wouldn't it be nice if other countries did that?


3 March, 2009 - Cuba: One Way Of Bring Your Motorcycle
Cuba motorcycle bus
If you've got a motorcycle, why put it on the bus?

Even in Cuba, the place is not that big, so why not ride?


3 March, 2009 - Revamped RevZilla Website
New RevZilla Web
RevZilla, one of our sponsors, has revamped their motorcycle gear website.

Nice... you can even sort your products by color....


3 March, 2009 - Dakar Motorcycle Racers Must Pass Test To Compete
Dakar logo
The Dakar organizers (ASO) have announced that all motorcycle riders in the next race (2010) must pass a strict exam to be able to participate in the event.

If you've raced in a FIM sanctioned race, or in one of the new Dakar series, you'll fine. If not, exam time!

In other words, how to get rid of the amateurs in a race that started for amateurs.


3 March, 2009 - Increasing Your Mileage On Your Motorcycle
Trailer Boyz
At first glance, I couldn't believe it. For the poser bikers, a way of increasing their motorcycle mileage without the need to actually ride the motorcycle.

But then after 4 coffee's the brain kicked in, and said...hmmmm, sounds like a joke to me...

Someone put me out of my misery... joke??


2 March, 2009 - Video: Suzuki Motorcycle Australia Ad - 70’s
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Nice little TV ad from Suzuki Australia dating back to the 70's.

Nice little tune, lots of happy people and lots of motorcycles; an ideal world.


2 March, 2009 - Guy Riding 122 MPH With His Son Jailed For 6 Months
Radar photo of Bennett speeding
The guy we reported on a few weeks ago, who got caught riding 122 mph in a 60 mph zone, with his 14 year old son, during wet conditions, got sentenced.

The judge gave him 6 months jail, and 18 month driving ban.


2 March, 2009 - Fighting Parking Tickets The High Tech Way
Parking ticket
What to do when you have one of those terrible parking tickets on your motorcycle? Especially when you were parked legally. It happens all the time!

One website not only offers to fight the ticket for you, but they offer a version that uses your iPhone's built-in camera.

A good fight, using technology.... I love it!


2 March, 2009 - Jeans Motorcycle - Suzuki Version
Suzuki Jeans edition
What an incredible skills job, customizing this Suzuki motorcycle. Woow!

Anyone know anything more about it?



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