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31 March, 2010 - Mopeds And Motorcycles. Any Difference?
Peugeot NK7
Ducati Monster 695 Black
A closer look at the "older" mopeds and today's moped, many of them looking very much like a "normal" motorcycle.

The moped technology and design has changed a lot over the years, and are often very difficult at first glance to distinguish from their bigger counterparts.


31 March, 2010 - OMG! Dolomites To Be Closed For Motorcycles This Summer?
Dolomites Motorcycle Curves
Bad news, very bad news. The European motorcycle paradise, known as the Dolomites mountains (part of the Italian Alps) is going to be closed for motorcycle starting this summer.

Why? Because some people (three of them) don't want motorized vehicles sharing the roads they hike. 10,000's of motorcycle per day enjoy the curves, the restaurants and hotels love us!


31 March, 2010 - ACEM: Motorcycle Protective Clothing Guideline Booklet
ACEM Protective Clothing Booklet
ACEM logo
ACEM, Europe's motorcycle manufacturer association, have released a free downloadable booklet, in several languages, about protective clothing for motorcycle riders.

It is designed to help you in your choice of clothing, anything from jackets, trousers and helmets, to goggles and ear plugs.

They even have a section for moped riders...


30 March, 2010 - 20 Bajaj Motorcycle Ads From Around The World
Bajaj Ad 220 Pulsar Thrill India
Bajaj logo
In our look at advertising for motorcycle manufacturers from around the world, here are 20 Bajaj motorcycle ads.

Bajaj have some of the best TV ads ever seen, so how are their print ads? You judge...


30 March, 2010 - France: Confusion About License Point System
French driving license
France Article
There's some confusion about the point system for French driving license according to some smart lawyers....

According to the law, licenses delivered before 1992 are for life, and therefore can not be taken away with the point system...

Of course the government disagrees....


30 March, 2010 - Europe: ACEM Ask Regulators To Be Realistic
ACEM logo
ACEM, the European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association, are asking that the European Commission be realistic when drafting new technical legislation this year.

Most motorcycle manufacturers have suffered greatly during the last 2 years, and trying to survive at this moment. With limited scrapage schemes in place (not for long), we need to ensure that the industry remains competitive.


29 March, 2010 - 54 Classic Motorcycle Pin-ups
Motorcycle Pin Up
Motorcycle Pin Up
Pin-ups have been in existence for longer than most of us, no matter what your age. Back some 50 years, they were all the rage, but even today, you'll see great pin-ups.

Pin-ups were not only limited to illustrations of pretty and sexy women. You could see them in ads, calendars, and on airplanes and motorcycles.

Here are 54 well done pin-ups with motorcycles.


29 March, 2010 - Bulgaria: 2010 Motorcycle Season Declared Open
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Sofia Season Opening 2010
Looks like there's an official motorcycle riding season in Bulgaria, and it opened officially last weekend.

Does that mean that bikers are now fair game?


29 March, 2010 - Making Potholes Visible
Pothole Painted
Two Italian students have come up with a great idea for us to avoid potholes with our motorcycles.

They are testing a road surface that has a bright color beneath the surface. Once a pothole is created, the bright color becomes visible, allowing you to be alerted, and avoid the pothole.

Of course, it would be better to fill the potholes;..


29 March, 2010 - 2010 BMW Motorrad Days To Honor The GS Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW are celebrating their successful dual-sport motorcycle, the famous GS, 30th birthday in style. They will be marking it's coming of age at their annual biker bash, the BMW Motorrad Days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen between July 4th and 6th.

You'll not only get to see all the year's models, try them out wit a bit of training, but you can also win one of two models in a lottery.

Chris Pfeiffer, Troy Corser and Ruben Xaus will be there to shake your hands, and have a photo taken.


26 March, 2010 - For The Color Coordinated, Color Motorcycle Chains
EK Color Motorcycle Chains
For those of you who like to color coordinate your motorcycle, from the same color fuel tank, frame, tires, how about putting on a colored motorcycle chain?

Stand out in a crowd of motorcycle, all with dull & boring chains...


26 March, 2010 - Latest Fad? Dress As Your Motorcycle?
Tiger Motorcycle
Is this the latest fashion statement?...

Dressing in the colors and patterns of your motorcycle?


26 March, 2010 - Please Do Not Steal Me! Actually, Please Do!
Kymco Mitch
Yuk.... maybe someone should steal it...


25 March, 2010 - UK: Motorcycle Riders Ignore Tire Safety
BikeTyreSafetyMonth Logo
The TyreSafety organization is saying that motorcycle accidents caused by defective tires has increased by 28%!!!

During the mandatory technical inspection (MoT), 26,000 motorcycles fail due to bad tires!!

Here are some simple tips to help you ensure that your tires are in top shape.


25 March, 2010 - Arnold Schwarzenegger To Ride Electric Motorcycle?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Zero Motorcycles
Zero logo
Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger has a look at Zero, the American electric motorcycle manufacturer.

Now that Arnold has a proper motorcycle endorsement, he could even ride one....


25 March, 2010 - Video: Harley-Davidson Ad - Make This The Year
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Not a bad TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles Canada.

It promotes a special website called


24 March, 2010 - You Know That Thing Of Running Your Motorcycle Into A Deer?
Buffalo and Motorcycle
You know the danger of running into a deer on the road with your motorcycle..... well...

... imagine running into this....


24 March, 2010 - Sorry Europe! EC Wants To Emulate France And Restrict All Motorcycles
100HP Limit Sign
It looks like Europe actually likes the French law of limiting motorcycle to 100 HP!

There are planning to debate this summer an European wide restriction of 100 HP to all motorcycles.

They also want to make ABS mandatory for all new motorcycles....


24 March, 2010 - New, New Photo Of New KTM Electric Motorcycle
Electric Motorcycle KTM
KTM's new Freeride electric motorcycle is pretty, but underpowered. Therefore, spy photos have been found of their engineers field testing a new power source for their motorcycle, giving it more power and range.

Now, they need to do something about the weight...


23 March, 2010 - 32 Vespa Scooter Ads From Around The World
Vespa Ad Traffic Australia
Vespa logo
Vespa are no strangers to advertisements. Their scooters are sold all over the world in large numbers, and publicity plays a big role.

Their ads are usually classy, as is their scooter, and often mention that they are small and use less gas.

Here are 32 recent ads for Vespa from around the world.


23 March, 2010 - There Is Justice In The World. Honest
Cop Car Clamped
Yes! Yes! That's what I like to see!

Police cars are not exempt from following the law!


23 March, 2010 - Dakar 2011: Stay In South America
Dakar logo
It has been announced that the Dakar rally will stay in South America for next year (2011).

More info about the route will be published next month.


22 March, 2010 - 50 Motorcycle/Biker Patches
Hells Angels Biker Patches
Biker Patches
Biker patches exist almost since the time they invented motorcycles, but became popular and more visible with the Hells Angels.

Nowadays many motorcycle riders (and scooter) wear some sort of badge, some even have several decorating their jackets.

Here are 50 biker patches I've found on the internet.


22 March, 2010 - BMW’s New Cx Motorcycle
BMW C1 Funny
Spy photos are showing that BMW are road testing their new C1 motorcycle/scooter, the Cx.

A motorcycle, with two seats and a removable roof... what more do you want...


22 March, 2010 - Spring Time: Farmers Plowing The Land
Motorcycles Plowing Land
Spring is here, and farmers are plowing the land....

Would that be fun, if that was the way they plowed.... with motorcycles...


19 March, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 19 March 2010
Web Article
Friday's top internet stories for the week. Here's what I've been reading over the last 7 days.

- Fuel Efficiency Tips For The Long Run
- World's Fastest Velocette
- How to Have a Safe and Happy Solo Motorcycle Trip
- 10 Reasons Motorcycles Are Better Than Cars
- How To Get Your Motorcycle Out Of Storage And Back On The Road


19 March, 2010 - France: Ticket Quotas For Police Confirmed
Paris parking ticket
The French daily newspaper, Le Parisien, has obtained a secret document from the Parisian police department highlighting the fact that the police has quotas for tickets.

Officers that reach their objectives receive a cash bonus.


19 March, 2010 - Airhawk’s Updated Web
Airhawk logo
Airhawk, those guys that provide ass-saving motorcycle saddle cushions, have updated their web site.

It's faster and easier to navigate, and get better information.


19 March, 2010 - Real Life "Sons Of Anarchy"?
vago logo
This sounds strangely enough like a great episode of the popular Sons of Anarchy TV series....

The Vagos Motorcycle Gang is suspected of sabotaging the anti-gang police building. One way they tried, was cut a hole in the roof, and pipe in inflammable gas....

Will be see this in next year's SoA ?


18 March, 2010 - Video: Vespa Building Relationships
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's is an interesting TV ad for Vespa scooters.

What's really interesting about it, is that it features a scooter sidecar....


18 March, 2010 - Motorcycle Towing Bicycle - Not A Good Idea
Motorcycle Towing Bicycle
I don't think this is a good idea.... a motorcycle towing a bicycle...


18 March, 2010 - UK: How NOT To Teach Motorcycle Riding

The photo of Sandra Kenyon was removed on request by the Ross Parry agency.

Sandra Kenyon, a 46 year old motorcycle instructor, showed up for her lessons drunk as a skunk, with 4 times the legal limit.

She dropped her motorcycle three times, and needed help to get back on. Cops found 2 brandy bottles in her jacket.


18 March, 2010 - Piaggio Sets Up Shop In Vietnam
Piaggio Vietnam Factory
Piaggio logo
Piaggio/Vespa have stopped production in Singapore, and set up shop, or should I say, factory, in Vietnam.

Piaggio are getting ready to tap into the major Asian market with small scooters and motorcycles.


17 March, 2010 - UK: Ongoing Fight To Stop Paying For Motorcycle Parking Taxes -Help Needed
UK No Motorcycle Parking Tax Protest
Video clip
There's a big fight going on in London, UK. The Council there is charging a premium for motorcycle to park in special parking bays. There are not enough of them, far from it. So they fine you £120 for illegal parking if you park outside the bays.

The parking fee is supposed to be used to create more parking bays, but that is not happening. One organization has been created that actively is fighting the City. Court, Police investigations, and weekly demonstrations.

You can help... even if you live abroad.... read this...


17 March, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Taxi Counter At Airport Vandalized
France Article
There is a war going on between car taxis and motorcycle taxis here in France. And the car taxis play dirty since they are loosing the legal battle.

Now, for the 2nd time in a month, the information desk at Orly, a busy international airport in France, got vandalized, furniture wrecked and computer equipment rendered useless. Imagine!!! In a busy airport where there is supposed to be security....


17 March, 2010 - Video: BMW K1200S Bull
Video clip
BMW logo
Hmmm ... interesting BMW TV ad for their K1200S motorcycle, featuring a bull...

But is it real, or a spoof??


17 March, 2010 - Happy Motorcycling St. Patrick’s Day
St Patrick Day Parade Motorcycle
St Patrick Day Sign
Happy Saint Patrick's Day, wherever you may be.

St Paddy day is now celebrated almost everywhere in the world.

If you've got motorcycle related St. Paddy Day photos from anywhere else than the USA and Ireland, please send them to me....


16 March, 2010 - 16 Husqvarna Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
Husqvarna Ad Wild Life Brazil
Husqvarna logo
Here are 16 advertisements I have found, after having to look very hard, for Husqvarna motorcycles.

It's easier to find Husqvarna lawn mower and power tools, then motorcycle ads.


16 March, 2010 - Thailand: Using Motorcycles For Protest Marches
Thailand Protest
Why walk when going on a protest march????

Take your motorcycle... it's more fun!


16 March, 2010 - KTM Ready With Electric Motorcycle
KTM Freeride
KTM logo
KTM will be presenting their electric motorcycle, FREERIDE, in Tokyo on the 26th of March.

They have a dedicated website, but no info available so far...


16 March, 2010 - Does This Qualify As A Motorcycle Burnout? Or What Is It?
Water Burnout
Is this a motorcycle burnout? Or what is it?


15 March, 2010 - 50 Motorcycle Bumper Stickers
General Bumper Sticker
We've all seen bumper stickers, no matter where you are in the world.

Here are 50 motorcycle-related bumper stickers, either for your car, or for your motorcycle.


15 March, 2010 - France: The Massive Motorcycle Protest Of This Weekend
Motorcycle Protest Paris
Last Saturday saw a massive motorcycle protest ride in 40 cities n France.

Despite the miserable weather, 10,000 bikers paralyzed Paris traffic for hours.


15 March, 2010 - An Edible Ducati Motorcycle
Video clip
Ducati logo
When the CEO of decided to get married, he wanted a special wedding cake, a cake that expressed his love for speed and motorcycles.

He commissioned a company to make their biggest and most complex cake ever, a cake in the shape of a Ducati Streetfighter motorcycle.

Have a look at the photos and video... impressive!


12 March, 2010 - Top Internet Stores - 12 March 2010
Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle articles I've been reading over the last few days found on the internet.

- Smart Engines EFI
- Touring Bikers Now Have No Problem Finding A Place To Pitch Up
- The Worst Motorcycle Gang Tattoos
- Winter And Snow Riding Tips
- Spring Is Almost Here Get Ready For Post Winter Motorcycle Checkups


12 March, 2010 - Pakistan: That Is How You Patrol On A Motorcycle
Pakistan motorcyc epolice patrol
Police force in the Western world, take note!!!!

This is how you patrol the street on your motorcycle....


12 March, 2010 - Motorcycles, Bikers And Beer, Lots Of It
Beer Barrel Motorcycle
Do these guys know how to party... ??

Motorcycles & beer............


11 March, 2010 - Video: Corporate Honda Motorcycle India 2010
Video clip
Honda logo
A Honda Motorcycles from India "feel-good" corporate ad running this year.

Reminds me of the 80's Coca-Cola ads...


11 March, 2010 - USA: LEO Caught At 149 Mph Is Not Immoral, Gets Job Back
The state topper that was caught racing his motorcycle at 149 mph, and subsequently fired has had to be rehired.

The state mediator deemed that the cop was not immoral, and should be put back to work!!!



11 March, 2010 - Movie Review: Stone Cold
Stone Cold Cover
Video clip
A review of the movie "Stone Cold", featuring American Football star, Brian Bosworth in a decent movie.

The story-line is a bit old, but lots of motorcycles in this, good action, pretty girls and surprising scenes.

Just the way we like'em...


11 March, 2010 - France: Ruling Political Party Chairman Caught Speeding, Blames Everyone Else
France Article
Xavier Bertrand UMP
The chairman of the ruling party in France got caught speeding, 140 kph in a 90 kph zone... enough for a loss of license and impounding his car...

He blames the radar, the driver and the cops who caught him.... not his fault.

Poor guy....


10 March, 2010 - Video: Suzuki Office Life Ad
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Here's pretty cool ad that has been running in Europe for a while during the MotoGP races. It's from Suzuki motorcycles, and it shows people in an office, who just love riding their motorcycles.


10 March, 2010 - RumorVille: This Week’s Rumors - Mar 2010
Web Article
Last few days there have been several rumors doing the internet on the motorcycle industry.

Here's a round up of three rumors.....


10 March, 2010 - France: Regional Elections, Politicians And Motorcycles
Opinion Article
France Anti Motorcycle
The French regional elections are to be held next week, and the three main motorcycle organizations have sent all candidates an 8 questionnaire, asking them for their position towards motorcycles.

Sad.... a quarter of politicians responded, the green party want to kill all bikers, and the rest are not interested.... sad.


9 March, 2010 - 50 Funny (And Insulting) Motorcycle T-Shirts
Motorcycle Funny T Shirts
Motorcycle Funny T Shirts
We've all seen them: motorcycle t-shirts, with either funny or insulting (or both) sayings on them.

There are many out there, only limited to our imagination. Here are 50 I found surfing the net.... enjoy..


9 March, 2010 - A Look At Livia Lancelot, Female Motocross Knight
Livia Lancelot
Livia Lancelot
On the day after World Woman Day (I'm always a bit late), here's a closer look at Livia Lancelot.

Who is Livia Lancelot you may ask? She is the 2008 World Champion Female Motocross!! Not an easy feat, so she deserves a closer look.


9 March, 2010 - Race The Sardegna Race With Cyril Despres As Your Mentor
Cyril Despres logo
Multiple Dakar winner, Cyril Despres, is offering a unique experience opportunity for 10 first timers in the world of motorcycle rally racing.

He will take 10 racers under his wing for the 3rd FIM race of the calendar, the Sardegna Rally Race. The 10 riders will share the three mechanics and crew chief (Chris Evans), and will receive instructions and race mentoring by Cyril Despres himself.

Not a bad deal....


8 March, 2010 - The New Volkswagen/Suzuki Motorcycle
VW Motorcycle Beetle
A spy shot of the Volkswagen styled motorcycle from Suzuki, a direct result from Volkswagen's purchased of a large portion of Suzuki's shares.

VW really want a VW-styled motorcycle, don't they?


8 March, 2010 - 17 Kawasaki Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
Kawasaki Ad Kawasutra Austria
Kawasaki logo
Here are 17 Kawasaki motorcycle print ads found from around the world.

Kawasaki are no strangers to great advertisement (remember their really funny TV ads), just have a look at the great Austrian Kawasutra ads.... fantastic!


8 March, 2010 - Marlon Brando Lands Motorcycle Marketing Deal
Brando Wild One
Triumph logo
Yes, I know he's dead and buried, but Marlon Brando did get a lucrative marketing deal with Triumph motorcycles.

Using his image from the 1953 movie, The Wild One, Triumph have a motorcycle leather jacket that looks like the one he had on in the movie...


5 March, 2010 - Ossa Motorcycles Doing Well. Enduro Motorcycle In The Works
OSSA logo
The legendary Spanish motorcycle manufacturer risen from the ashes, OSSA, is doing well. Their first new trial model introduced last year will be produced in 1250 units, next year that will leap to 3000.

More importantly, they are going to introduce a new enduro motorcycle at this year's EICMA exhibition.


5 March, 2010 - BMW Voted 5 Times Best Motorcycle For 2010
BMW logo
BMW have won 5 categories in the annual Best Motorcycle competition of one of world's biggest magazines, German Motorrad mag.

They also won Best Brand and several other smaller awards for their clothing.


5 March, 2010 - Scoot Magazine Looking For Original Scooter Art
Scoot Magazine
Scoot Magazine are looking for original scooter art to publish in their magazine.

If you've made any art representing scooters (on any type of support, like photo, jewelry, etc), send it in, and it may be published in their next issue.


5 March, 2010 - Life’s Daytona 1948 Motorcycle Madness Photo Archive
Daytona 200 Time Life
The Daytona 200 motorcycle race held this weekend is a classic, and when you say classic, you'll know that Time-Life magazine will have covered it at one stage.

Therefore, thankfully, Time have released unpublished black & white photos of this incredible motorcycle race from 60 years ago. In those days, the Daytona 200 was still raced on the beach. Fantastic photos.... a must see!


4 March, 2010 - Video: Purple Helmets Motorcycle Stunt Team - With A Twist
Video clip
Purple Helmets Stunt Team Logo
Here's a funny and informative video clip of the Isle of Man's motorcycle stunt team, the Purple Helmets.

It's not at all a stunt team like Chris Pfeiffer, but a "Keystone cops" version of motorcycle stunts, FUNNY!

There's a lot of falling and crashing. Have a look at the video... you'll enjoy it.


4 March, 2010 - Inspired By Movies, Or An Inspiration For Movies?
Cigarette Harley
Was this the case of an inspiration of a motorcycle movie, or was it an inspiration for a motorcycle movie?

Can you guess the movie..??


4 March, 2010 - KTM On The Hunt For The 2010 Toughest Rider
KTM logo
Have you got what it takes to be a KTM Tough Rider?

KTM is looking for the Tough Rider 2010. Chance for winning a full factory support package for the Erzberg Rodeo race!!


4 March, 2010 - Movie Review: Knightriders
Knightriders Cover
Knightriders scene
A review of the 1981 movie Knightriders, a real motorcycle movie, not this time centered around a 1%-er biker gang (though they are present), but about an entertainment group riding motorcycles, pretending to be knights.

It's quite a good movie, imaginative, and great acting by Ed Harris.


3 March, 2010 - India: Do Not Mess With These Guys On The Road
Sikh Warriors On a Motorcycle
This should be the dress code, and ATGATT list of equipment, when riding your motorcycle....

... no more road rage.....


3 March, 2010 - Concept: Ducati Desmosedici ATV Trike
Ducati 3 Wheel ATV Concept
French designer Nicolas Petit is designing a beautiful concept ATV that will make the Bombardier Can-Am Spyder look like a child's toy.

Based on the Ducati Desmosedici RR motorcycle, this ATV looks fast... and probably very expensive.

Who knows, maybe this vehicle will ever be produced... but I don't think Ducati will...


3 March, 2010 - Book Review: Motorcycle Dream Garages
Book Motorcycle Dream Garages
Book Motorcycle Dream Garages
A review of the coffee table book Motorcycle Dream Garages, a 192 page book full of beautiful photos of incredible garages and the precious motorcycles that live in them.

A must have book to feature on your living room table.


2 March, 2010 - Pakistan: NO! Not The Motorcycles, Take The Cars!
Pakistan Riots
OMG! Not an ounce of decency left in Pakistan!

Riots burn motorcycles, while there's a bunch of cars next to the bikes.... BURN the cars, not the motorcycles!


2 March, 2010 - 45 Suzuki Motorcycle Ads from Around The World
Suzuki Ad GSX R1000 Fast Brazil
Suzuki logo
Suzuki are advertising really hard. Not only their small cars, but there are a lot of motorcycle ads out there.

Here are 45 Suzuki motorcycle print and billboard ads I have found from around the world.



2 March, 2010 - Seth Enslow Breaks Record Twice - Will Never Have Sex Again!
Seth Enslow Harley Davidson Sydney
Video clip
Seth Enslow breaks the longest jump on a Harley motorcycle world record, not once, but twice....

... but on the landing of the 2nd jump, he crushed that part of his body that is used for reproductive purposes.... ouch...


1 March, 2010 - UK: Another Great Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Video clip
It seems that the UK have got a monopoly on great motorcycle safety TV ads.

Here's another one that is really great, and should save a life or two... hopefully!


1 March, 2010 - Sorry For That! Lost Power, Phones And Internet Due To Storm
This Site Article
Normandy Beach
We've been hit by a major storm, 47 people have died so far, and power and phone lines are down.

They are trying to restore communication, but not very successfully. It's a hit & miss thing.

So hopefully I'll be back when things stabilize.



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