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31 March, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2011
Bol D'or 2011 Poster
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


31 March, 2011 - France: Orly Airport Cave In To Car vs Motorcycle Taxis
Orly No Taxi Counter
The only airport in France that had a counter for motorcycle taxis, Orly airport, has caved in to cage taxi pressure and are removing the counter.

The law says you need a reservation to use a motorcycle taxi, and the counter gave travellers the possibility to "reserve" on the spot. No longer, ADP (the airport management company) waved a white flag.


31 March, 2011 - Review: "High On The Hog" by The Meanstreet Riders
High on the hog
Mainstreet Riders band
A review of the upcoming music album entitled "High on the Hog" by the Meanstreet Riders.

In a nutshell: very good and professional. Enjoyable.


30 March, 2011 - France: Radar Equipped Motorcycles This Year
Aprilia With Mobile Radar
The French government has found another very effective way of parting us from our hard earned money. They are planning this year to equip several unmarked motorcycles with onboard digital radars and cameras to catch us speeding.

There's no way you can see them, and even worse, next year, the motorcycles can photograph you on opposing lanes.


30 March, 2011 - Product Review: Parisian Motorcycle Taxi
Trish On Motorcycle Taxi
Motorcycle Taxis are more and more popular in the big cities. To have a first person view, I sent my intrepid reporter, my wife, to try one out.

Here is her account.


30 March, 2011 - The Netherlands: Point System For Driving Licenses Coming?
Dutch Driving License
The Dutch government are into NIHS (Not Invented Here Syndrome). The are looking at applying a very repressive license point system. Get caught twice in a period of 5 years, and your riding license is gone for 6 months. No matter if it's in a car, your motorcycle license is gone as well.

Other countries in Europe are looking at easing the penalties since now there are many people without a license but still on the road (and therefore no insurance).

One day a politician will be born that actually uses brains...


29 March, 2011 - France: Minister Holds Motorcycle Safety Meeting Without Bikers
Protest ride
The New Minister of Interior for France held a meeting about motorcycle "safety" (read "how to get more money out of motorcycle riders"), and invited the whole world ... except the FFMC - the association for motorcycle riders - an association for the defense of biker rights.

They are planning to get even stricter with bikers, and will try anything in their power to bleed us dry. It's got nothing to do with safety, and all to do with money.


29 March, 2011 - Ad: BMW Motorcycles - Even Angels
Ad BMW Sinners Switzerland
BMW logo
Here's a print advertisement from BMW Motorcycles saying more or less that even Harley riders, particularly Hells Angels could be tempted to switch to BMW...

From Switzerland...


29 March, 2011 - Video: Excellent Vietnam Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
It just shows you that you don't need to have an enormous budget, stunt riders, CG and big name producers to make a good and hard hitting motorcycle safety TV spot. But that's what Oglivy in Vietnam did.

A very simple way of convincing Vietnamese motorcycle rides to use a helmet on their children. Plan ahead.....


28 March, 2011 - 41 Scooter Trikes
Scooter Trike
Scooter Trike
We've shown you many motorcycle trikes, but you don't need to have a motorcycle to turn it into a trike. A scooter will do.

Maybe not as creative, but functional. Here are 41 (40 really) scooter trikes.


28 March, 2011 - Yemen: President Ali Abdullah Saleh On A Motorcycle
President Ali Abdullah Saleh On Motorcycle
President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen, despite all the troubles, on motorcycle.

Next step, actually being physically on one.


28 March, 2011 - Bulgaria: Motorcycle Season 2011 Officially Opened
Sofia 2011 Motorcycle Season Open
That's what we need here, an official start to the motorcycle season. But I guess with virtually no season differences, it's kind of hard.


25 March, 2011 - France: Funny Electric Safety Sign For Motorcycle Riders
France Electric Safety Sign Motorcycles
France Article
Very funny French electric sign for motorcycle safety.

Written by a woman, meant for men. Read the translation, and make sure you're not drinking anything...


25 March, 2011 - Safe Motorcycle For Kids - Fully Airbag Equipped
Balloon Motorcycle Kids
This has got to be the safest motorcycle for kids. No danger hurting themselves.


25 March, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 25 March 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some of the many motorcycle articles doing the rounds of the internet that you may have missed.

- Gear Guide For Big Girls: Leather Jackets
- Never Judge Rider By Machine He/or She Rides
- The Impact Of Motus Mst On The American Motorcycle Market


24 March, 2011 - A Dinner Set For A Mechanic
Mechanic Dinner
Here's a dinner set made for a mechanic (car or motorcycle, I'm not proud)....


24 March, 2011 - ACEM: New President, BMW Replaces KTM CEO
Hendrik von Kuenheim
ACEM logo
ACEM, the European motorcycle manufacturer's association, has replaced the current KTM CEO with the current BMW Motorrad CEO.

Lots of work to be done...


24 March, 2011 - Russian President Joins Biker Gang
Putin With Night Wolves Bikers
Russia flag
The President of Russia, all-round macho man, Vladimir Putin, after visiting with the Serbian President, put on his leathers and joined up with a local motorcycle gang, the Night Wolves.

Scary man...


24 March, 2011 - Australia: Escalating Biker Gang War
Rebels vs The Rock Machine patches
The Rebels and the Rock Machine are having a full out battle in Australia, involving even heavy-caliber fully automatic machine guns.

The police has been raiding their club houses and properties to stop the fight.


23 March, 2011 - France: Interesting Local Motorcycle Safety Campaign
Seine Maritime Safety Ad
Spotted this interesting motorcycle safety advertisement on one of the local roads where I live in France.

Nice reminder...


23 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson Black Label Clothing
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A new Harley-Davidson advertisement, but not for their motorcycles, but for their new clothing line; Black Label.

Still quite aggressive, but better than a few years ago...


23 March, 2011 - You Just Can Not Make This Up, Even If You Tried
Motorcycle Cop Crash Convertible
In California, land of TV series and movies, a motorcycle cop did one that you'd not even expect in a movie....

He crashed his police motorcycle into a convertible... and you can guess what happened...


22 March, 2011 - Europe: Female Motorcycle Riders Will Be Paying Higher Insurance Fee
Old female bikers giving the finger
Women have been fighting for equality for centuries, and now they are going to get it, and they don't like it....

The European courts have deemed that favoring female motorcycle (and car) riders for lower insurance fees is discrimination towards their male counterparts, and now women need to pay the same as men, i.e., higher premiums.

Betcha the insurance companies love this rule...


22 March, 2011 - Video: Cloud 649 Lotto
Video clip
Nice TV commercial for a Canadian Lotto, Cloud 6/49.

Win the lotto, buy a new motorcycle, and head out for a very long ride.

That's the script for when I win the lotto....


22 March, 2011 - The New Michelin Man Spotted In The USA
Michelin Bibendum
The new Michelin man has been spotted on a beta test, riding a motorcycle.

This is what he'll look like....


21 March, 2011 - 43 Motorcycle Ape Hangers
Motorcycle Ape Hanger
Motorcycle Ape Hanger
Some bikers prefer to ride their motorcycle with their arms and hands hanging in the wind, high up the handlebars. Cruiser handlebars aren't enough for them, they prefer to be higher.

Here are 43 ape hangers, mostly on cruisers, but not all of them (shame on you).



21 March, 2011 - And You Thought Running Into A Deer Was Lethal On Your Motorcycle
Kangaroo On A Bike
Just when you thought it was safe to ride your motorcycle....

No longer do you need to watch out for deer, wild boars, vultures, elephants, but now we got to be on the look out for kangaroos.

One biker paid the ultimate price...


21 March, 2011 - Video: Honda Motorcycles - Red Hot Summer
Video clip
Honda logo
A true "feel good" TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. Deep voice over, happy families riding their motorcycles, including the kids on their small displacement dirtbikes. Only thing missing is the family eating apple pie.

But then, would you prefer the in-your-face Harley ads?


18 March, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 18 March 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are two weeks worth of interesting motorcycles articles that have appeared that you may have missed.

- ROK Straps The Alternative To Bungee Cords
- Real Women Read The Manual
- Roadside Reading: Lets' Ride
- 15 Motorcycle Insurance Discounts
- How The Canadian Government Motorcycle Industry Is Crushing Online Publishers


18 March, 2011 - Upcoming Movie: I Am ZoZo
Video clip
Our friends at One World Studios, the guys that brought you the excellent motorcycle documentaries like Choppertown - The Sinners, Brittown and Harbortown Bobbers are bringing out a full feature movie.

The movie is not a motorcycle movie, but a paranormal horror movie, but nevertheless, it involves people we like and who work in our industry, so here's a plug for them.

Have a look at the trailer/teaser.


18 March, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 220 - Split Personality
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Another nice TV advertisement for Bajaj motorcycles, for their Pulsar 220.

This one uses, again, some creative computer graphics (CG), making an illusion of a split personality of the motorcycle.


17 March, 2011 - Moto Guzzi Heritage Blog
Moto Guzzi Heritage Blog
Moto Guzzi logo
To celebrate the fact that they've just turned 90 years old, Moto Guzzi has created a blog that over the next 9 weeks, will be showing their history and motorcycles for each decade. One decade per week.

But you can also upload photos of you and your Guzzi, including a short text why you love their motorcycles.


17 March, 2011 - Reading This Site On An Apple iPad
BITFL Flipbook
Although this site (Bikes in the Fast Lane) works just dandy on the Safari browser of an Apple iPad, the iPad has a free app that is perfect for this site.

Called FlipBoard, you can read this site in a very graphical interface using a special feed I have created for FlipBoard.


17 March, 2011 - Happy St. Patrick Day 2011
Happy St Patrick Day 2011
Happy St. Paddy Day!

Why is one nation's holiday celebrated all over the world? No other country has that a popular holiday. Why? Why? Is it that the Irish have taken over the world? Or because they are the most popular? Or the best drinkers?

This article sponsored by my Irish Wife


16 March, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Life Is A Highway
Harley-Davidson logo
Video clip
Nice Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad, if it is an official Harley ad?

It's a bit artsy, but the story is good. Why work the same humdrum job if you can go riding?


16 March, 2011 - Read The Magazine, Eat The Chocolate
Kustom Garage Chocolates
Kustom Piston Chocolate
An Italian custom motorcycle magazine, Kustom Garage, is selling motorcycle flavored chocolates. No, sorry, they don't taste like motorcycles, but have a motorcycle theme...

.. like Piston Pistachio, or Coffee Racer... hmmmm... yummy.

And they are looking for international dealers, so if you're ripe, or hungry, you know what to do.


16 March, 2011 - Ride Your Motorcycle With A Fighter Pilot Helmet
Marushin B2 Helicopter
You can now ride your motorcycle wearing a military helicopter helmet courtesy from the Japanese helmet manufacturer Marushin.

The helmet includes the bulges on the side, and comes with different visors.

Just watch out for incoming tracer rounds....


15 March, 2011 - An Unusual BMW Motorcycle At The Fire Department
Fox Fire Engine 1
A most unusual BMW motorcycle at the fire department.

It's just a BMW R1200GS motorcycle engine, used to power a portable pump used by the firemen to extinguish fires.

1600 liters/minute will help a long way...


15 March, 2011 - Ads: Kawasaki Lebanon - Stops Faster
Ad Kawasaki Grandma Lebanon
Kawasaki logo
Two print ads for Kawasaki motorcycles, showing that their Ninja not only goes very fast, but also stops very fast... and scaring the living daylights out of pedestrians.


15 March, 2011 - Make A Classic Poster Using Your Own Motorcycle
Retroscope Kawasaki
Retroscope Yamaha
Retroscope is a Canadian company that produces vintage/classic looking posters but using not only modern technology, but also modern objects, like your favorite motorcycle.

You make some nice photos of your motorcycle, send it to them, and together you design a classic looking poster with your motorcycle (and maybe even spouse/partner) in it.


14 March, 2011 - 33 Fat Motorcycle Riders
Fat Motorcycle Biker
Fat Motorcycle Biker
We as a category of people like the good stuff. We obviously love motorcycles, but we also like good food and booze. Sometimes, a bit too much.

Many of us, and that includes myself, could do with a few pounds less. But some bikers are way overboard. I guess being overweight has its advantages:.

Here are 33 photos of fat, overweight and obese motorcycle riders.


14 March, 2011 - A Ural Bobber?
Ural 650 Bobber
Not exactly what you think off when you say Ural 650.

No Russian motorcycle looks like a cafe racer, but there you go....


14 March, 2011 - Lebanon: Ducati Motorcycles and Sexy Lingerie
Lebanon Fashion Ducati
Here's a gig any hot blooded male (or even female) motorcycle rider would love to have....

In Lebanon, during a lingerie fashion show, several Ducati motorcycles came on stage, and the bikers went to the fully dressed models, and undressed them so that the girls could show off the lingerie.

Now... where do you sign-up for that gig?


10 March, 2011 - Thanks For The Kind Words
Personal Article
Many thanks to all of you for your kind words. It meant a lot to us. My father did indeed pass away, not in a nice way, at 2 AM Monday morning. At least he is in peace now.

I'm back today, but need to take the next few days to do some administrative things. Regular programming starts Monday morning, usual Bat-channel, usual Bat-time.

Again, many thanks for your kind words, via comments, emails, twitters and Facebook.


6 March, 2011 - Sorry, This Site Is Closed Until Further Notice
Personal Article
Sorry folks, my father is about to pass away and I have gone to The Netherlands, so I'll be off the air until further notice. .


4 March, 2011 - Yet Another Wooden Scooter - Rocking Chairs
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair Blue
JIP Wooden Rocking Chair pink
Another children's rocking chair in the shape of a (Vespa) scooter.

From the Dutch company Present Time, it's cute, and meant for kids aged 1-3, so not for you.


4 March, 2011 - Belgium: ATGATT Law To Continue
If you think you have a problem in your country because you are forced to ride your motorcycle with an approved helmet, think again.

In Belgium for example, you need to ride full ATGATT. End of story.


4 March, 2011 - Even A Motorcycle Cop Needs To .....
Even A Motorcycle Cop Needs To
So, motorcycle cops are human after all...


3 March, 2011 - Patent: The Only Motorcycle Trike I Would Consider Buying
Gibbs Amphibious Trike
This would be the only reason I would consider buying a motorcycle trike; the Gibbs Technology Amphibious Trike.

Imagine riding the twisties, through the forest, and when you reach the river (or sea), go into it, and jetski for a while.


3 March, 2011 - Video: Motorcycle Ride on Narrow Trail, Steep Cliffs
Video clip
Here's an impressive motorcycle ride filmed using a helmet cam. Two bikers are taking a very narrow military trail alongside the Italian/French border in the Alps mountains.

Once you're committed to the trail, there's no turning back, the trail is too narrow, and often it's a long way down the mountain if you stumble.

It takes balls to ride this trail. Have a look....


3 March, 2011 - Give Away Your Motorcycle For Charity
Motorcycle Rusted
If you've got a motorcycle that you no longer use, or no dealer wants to give a trade-in, instead of bringing it to a scrap yard, why not donate to charity?

In the UK there is an organization, called GiveAcar, that will come and collect your motorcycle, and the money from the proceeds go to one of numerous charities. You choose the one.


2 March, 2011 - Children Love It, Parents Commit Suicide
Turbospoke on BMX
Here's one toy that kids will love, and parents will be living a nightmare (as will you neighbors).

It's an exhaust for a bicycle that makes one of 6 different motorcycle sounds. It's LOUD, but thankfully pedal powered, so once the kid runs out of steam, so does the sound.


2 March, 2011 - Earn Big Buck Or A Scholarship At RevZilla
Dollar Bills
Your chance to make some easy money at RevZlla. The motorcycle clothing shop is giving away money every month. All you need to do is fill out the rider profile. That's it. US$450 for the first monthly prize, 50 for the 2nd and 3rd.

RevZilla are also donating US$1000 for a scholarship. You need to write a small (500-1000 word) essay how motorcycles have changed your life. Easy enough.


2 March, 2011 - Belgium: You Got To Love Lawyers
Christophe Redko
There's a lawyer in Belgium who has managed to get ironclad traffic tickets (speeding, DUI, parking) for cars and motorcycles thrown out of court.

He's a one man get-out-of-jail card.


1 March, 2011 - Turn Your IKEA Bed Into A Motorcycle/Scooter Display
Ikea Malm Bed
IKEA furniture is nice, and not expensive (unless you count the hours trying to assemble the damn stuff). But they are pretty bland.

Here's a company that produces tailor-made decoration for IKEA furniture, including motorcycle & scooter artwork.

Instead of sleeping in a bland bed, you could have this.


1 March, 2011 - Spain: Jerez Racing Circuit To Close?
Circuito de Jerez
The beautiful motorcycle (and car) race circuit in Spain, the Circuito de Jerez, used in the MotoGP races, is in dire financial difficulties, and may have to close.

They have suspended payment to Dorna, and the upcoming MotoGP race in April might be in jeopardy.

Will the bad news for motorcycle tracks ever end?


1 March, 2011 - Switzerland: Government Refuse To Lift Motorcycle Races Ban
Swiss Ban Circuit Racing
A bunch of current and former Swiss motorcycle racers (and F1 racers) handed over a petition with 71,000 signatures asking the Swiss government to lift the ban for motorcycle and car races in their country.

The ban has been in place since 1958, but so far the government has cheese in its ears, and does not hear the plight of many Swiss who want to see races in their country.

And you thought your country didn't like motorcycle races?



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