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30 March, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 30 March 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some motorcycle related articles that you may have missed over the last week that you may want to read.

- Masterpiece: The most exquisite production bike in the world (MotoLiam)
- The 8 Most Common Motorcycle Injuries And How To Avoid Them (Motorcycle Insurance)
- Up-Close with the 2012 Zero S ZF9 (Asphalt And Rubber)


30 March, 2012 - Once A Mod, Always A Mod
Old Mods
I guess it's a case of once you're a mod, you're always a mod.

Either that or the guy is a blind as a bat...


30 March, 2012 - France: The Position Towards Motorcycle Of The Main Parties
France Article
A look at the presidential candidates for the upcoming elections here in France, and what their political platform means for us motorcycle riders.

We'll only be looking at the main parties, from extreme right to extreme left. The really small parties are ignored.


30 March, 2012 - BMW New Facebook Timeline
BMW Facebook Timeline
BMW logo
For those of you who aren't on Facebook, a "Timeline" is Facebook's attempt to show your history, starting at a date in the past whenever you decide. You can show the day you came into this crazy world, the day you went to jail, or when your company got created. Posting photos and articles, matched with a date, will create a timeline on your Facebook page.

BMW have done exactly that, and it looks great. You can go back to 1932 and move yourself upwards through their timeline, looking at BMW's colorful history. Articles, photos and video illustrate their history.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


29 March, 2012 - 600cc Yamaha Engine With A Vespa Scooter Wrapped Around It
Vespa 600 Yamaha
Vespa 600 Yamaha
What do you do when you have a Vespa 50 scooter lying around doing nothing, and a spare Yamaha FZR600 engine gathering dust? One is a 50cc scooter, the other a powerful 600cc motorcycle engine...

That's a dilemma that someone in Italy had, and he solved it by taking the Yamaha engine and wrapping the Vespa scooter around it. Mind you, it's not a static scootBike, but it really works, just have a look at the video below.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


29 March, 2012 - France: Contest A Fine, You Are Now In The Computer Systems
Speeding Tickets France
It just keeps getting worse and worse. Running up to the elections, politicians are doing the craziest things to get noticed. The latest comes from the reigning political party, who have been repressing cars and motorcycle drivers since they have been in power. With automatic radars distributing fines like little croissants, making it impossible for people to contest a speeding fine (they have already been condemned by the European Court of Human Rights - see related articles below), the government have now added a step to prevent people from contesting speeding fines, even if the fines are not justified. They do this by scaring the Beejeezus out of them....

As off the 16th of March of this year, the government has authorized the creation of a computer system, named ARES, that will record the details of every person who contests a fine. They'll record data like vehicles, name, address and even profession. In other words, "we've got your name, and we know where you live!"

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


29 March, 2012 - Foreign Motorcycle Riders and France (UPDATE)
France Article
Many are planning their holidays, and it might involve riding your motorcycle through France, so here's the scope about the recent law changes.

- Breathalysers

- Reflective Clothing


29 March, 2012 - Video: Finally A Good Harley-Davidson Commercial
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
It has been a while since I've seen a good Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV commercial, in fact it has been a VERY long time, but this advertisement does the trick.

It's not a "in your face" ad, nor is it about having an alternative lifestyle, but more subtle, and more realistic. It's about dreaming, and tht's what motorcycle riding is all about.


28 March, 2012 - Masei: A Chrome Helmet
Masei 815 Chrome Modular Helmet
If you like chrome on your motorcycle, you'll love this helmet.

It's from Masei Helmets, and selling for US$159.


28 March, 2012 - Save What You Can, But The Motorcycle First!
Save Your Motorcycle Pakistan
Looks like they got their priorities right. Who cares about photos, silverware or money?

Save the motorcycle!


28 March, 2012 - Easter: A Chocolate Ducati Motorcycle
Balocco Ducati Chocolate
Ducati logo
Easter is almost upon us, and the Italian chocolate specialist, Balocco, has an Easter egg surprise for us motorcycle lovers. They are bringing out especially for this Easter, a beautiful, and probably yummy, Easter egg branded by Ducati Corse.

The Ducati Easter egg, not only is 320 grams of milk chocolate done up in the Ducati colors and logos, but inside, there's a surprise. Well, it's not that much of a surprise, since I'll tell you what's inside the egg. It's a 1:18 scale model by Maisto. You can get either the MotoGP motorcycle from Rossi (last year's), a Multistrada 1200 or a Monster 696. Not bad for a "surprise".

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


27 March, 2012 - Ad: Ducati - Virgin?
Ducati Not The First Ad
Ducati logo
Nice suggestive print advertisement for Ducati motorcycles.

I guess virgins are overrated, even for motorcycles....


27 March, 2012 - France: Mandatory Audible White Lines
Scooter on white line
A strange law has recently passed here in France undetected, that does not have many applications, but can cause harm to motorcycle riders.

It's a law applied to statistics that have been liberally analyzed, and has so many escape clauses that it'll not be applied in many areas.

Your government at work for you, spending you money....


27 March, 2012 - Want To Ride The Magny-Cours Circuit At Night? Yes You Can
Night time racing
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you who are planning to attend the Bol d'Or 24 hour motorcycle endurance race next month (14/15 April), there's an added advantage for going. The organizers are opening the circuit for all and their dogs (or bikes).

But the really interesting thing about this open circuit is that they plan to allow you to ride your motorcycle AT NIGHT. Friday the 13th of April (for some it's lucky, for some it's unlucky), starting at 21:00 (9 PM) until midnight, there will be several "trackday" sessions, allowing you to race on the circuit for 3 laps at night.

Click on the headline to read more .....


26 March, 2012 - A Citroen Motorcycle? Yes, It Is Possible
2CV Motorcycle
Emile Leray 2CV
Back in 1993, a Frenchman driving his Citroen 2CV car in the Morocaan desert broke down, and his car died. Instead of giving up, and since he was several 10's of kilometers from the closest village, he decided with a minimum of tools, to convert his car into a motorcycle.

After 10 days, he managed it, and with only 1/2 liter of water left, he managed to ride out on his 2CV motorcycle.


26 March, 2012 - Dangerous Escorting VIPs Using Motorcycles
Crashed Motorcycle Cop With Pope In Mexico
It's looking more and more that police who escort VIPs using their motorcycles are in danger.

What used to be a glamour job, high profile, can now get you injured or killed. Or is it just that the media are more interesting in these kind of accidents?


26 March, 2012 - France: Massive Motorcycle Protest Last Weekend
Paris Motorcycle Protest 2012/03
We're in the final stretch for the French presidential elections, and the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) organized massive protest ride-outs through the country.

The protest was organized to send a message to the political powers to-be, that as a motorcycle group, we should be heard. 3.5 million PTW in France should be enough to get their attention. And after this weekend, the message should be loud & clear. An estimated 80,000 motorcycle, scooters and quads took part throughout France, with some 15-20,000 in Paris alone (with many coming from all over France, Belgium and even the UK to help pass the message.


23 March, 2012 - Europe: Tickets Interchangeable In Countries
Europe Fines Flag
This is going to become more and more common while Europe gets its act together: speeding tickets interchangeable between countries. Until recently, if you got caught speeding (or other less drastic offences, like parking) in another European country, you could forget about paying. At the very most, the country in which you got caught, will send you several letters, each one more menacing than the other, but they could never do something about it.

Several bilateral agreements have started over the years between countries allowing them to exchange speeding tickets details, giving access to a country's computer system containing the motorcycle (or car) registration details.


23 March, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 23 March 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here's a week worth of interesting motorcycle articles I've found on the internet for your reading pleasure.

- Rising gas prices give a jolt to sales of electric motorcycles (LA Times)
- Getting Ready For The Riding Season (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- What Would You Ride Thru A Zombie Apocalypse (City Biker Blog)
- Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses (Midlife Motorcycle Madness)


23 March, 2012 - Ural 5th European Get-Together
Ural 5th Europe Meeting Poster
Ural logo
Russian motorcycle manufacturer, Ural, have released the dates of their 5th European motorcycle bash. It's a time for Ural owners and lovers to gather, swap stories, drink lots of beer and do some ride outs.

The date is set for 31 August until 2 September. The venue is Aschach, Austria (on the Danube river).

So if you are into Ural motorcycle, mark the dates, and start planning your holiday.


23 March, 2012 - Got A Royal Enfield Motorcycle? Get Discount In A Pub
Royal Enfield Pub
Royal Enfield logo
The town of Redditch in the UK used to be the home of the Royal Enfield factory, from 1893 until 1967 when the motorcycle factory closed its doors and moved to India where it has been ever since.

2 years ago, a fantastic and award-winning pub opened in the former city of Royal Enfield, and was aptly named "The Royal Enfield". Located in the town's old cinema, it looks pretty good as far as pubs go.

But if you arrive on a post 1999 Royal Enfield motorcycle, the owner will give you a 10% discount on the food.


22 March, 2012 - Italy: Government Runs Out Of Money. Can Not Mail Licenses
Italy Driving License Rossi
The Italian government has run out of money, and can no longer afford to pay for postage stamps for license renewals, residency stickers, license points, etc.

This has been 2 months already that no letters have been sent by the Ministry of Transportation.

But I bet you that speeding fines are still being sent...


22 March, 2012 - France Condemned By The European Court For Automatic Fines
Human Rights Sign
Here in France, when you get fined for speeding on your motorcycle (or car), you do not really have any chance of contesting the fine. You receive the fine at home, and you have so many days to pay. You must pay, even if you do not agree with the fine. Afterwards, you can try to argue that it was not you riding the motorcycle, or you were not speeding.... but, the process is incredibly complicated, and often with no results. The only people who have a say in it, is the Ministry of Interior, not a judge. In other words, you don't get to see a judge.

This did not sit well with a few drivers who got fined. Despite following the complicated procedure to get the fine cancelled, no one listened, and they not only had to pay up, but also lost their license points. So they went to the European Court for Human Rights.

Click the headline to read more......


22 March, 2012 - Video: BMW F800GS - To Boldly Go Where No GS Has Gone
Video clip
BMW logo
Funny, and well done, video, which is really a sales promo for CalMoto. The video clip does Star Trekl, and takes the GS motorcycle boldly where no GS gas gone before, exploring the universe, or in this case, the woods.

The first half is really nice, with the famous Star Trek music, and some kick-ass riding.


21 March, 2012 - France: Government Survey Of The Motorcycle World In Progress
Survey Check Marks
After many years of debate, the French government has finally listened to the motorcycle associations (FFMC), and is now conducting a massive survey of the French motorcycle scene.

A survey is being sent out to 30,500 motorcycle riders, trying to understand more about us.

It's a bit late, but at least they are trying to do something about it.


21 March, 2012 - Dakar 2013 - Route Upside Down
Dakar 2013 Route
Dakar logo
The Dakar organization have just announced the 2013 route for the famous and gruelling Dakar rally, and it's a whopper. They are still going to hold it in South America (Africa seems to be off the cards for the time being), but instead of starting in Buenos Aires as they have in all previous editions, in 2013 they'll start in Lima, Peru.

So instead of going North, they will be going South. The route takes them partially through Argentina, and finishes in Santiago de Chile.

Click on the headline to read on.....


21 March, 2012 - Ward Off Motorcycle Jackers With A Female Scream
Screaming Alarm
Video clip
Motorcycle jacking is something that is common all over the world. People pull you off your precious motorcycle and ride off with the bike. Not much you can do about it, but this little product might help you. The product is not meant for motorcycles, but with a little re-thinking, it could work for us.

It's a Personal Screaming Alarm, and it's a chain chain. You attach the key chain to your ignition key, the other end to your jacket (or elsewhere), and when you are pulled off you motorcycle, it pulls a pin, and the alarm starts screaming at 130 dB. The interesting thing is that it's not a typical alarm/siren sound, but the voice of a female screaming. 130 dB is very loud, and the thief will be not to comfortable with a sound that will drown out even the biggest and loudest motorcycle.

Click the headline to read more about it......


20 March, 2012 - UK: Tougher Action Against Aiding Fine Dodging
UK Driving License
Help a friend keep his license in the UK? You'll now get prison time....

Get money for helping someone avoid license points penalties .... several years prison time!!!

You're better off killing someone, since you'll probably get less prison time..


20 March, 2012 - The 2012 Big European Motorcycle Exhibitions
Intermot logo
Here are the two dates from world's biggest and second biggest motorcycle exhibitions, Eicma and Intermot.

The first is in Italy, the second in Germany.


20 March, 2012 - Video: Nissan Juke - Built To Thrill (With Motorcycles Though)
Nissan Juke Built to Thrill ad
Video clip
Here's a very good, if not great, Nissan TV commercial for their Juke car, made in the UK by TBWA agency.

The video itself is pretty impressive, building a car on the move, but to get things right, you obviously need motorcycles.

So no matter how good a car, motorcycle are needed to make it... funny actually.


19 March, 2012 - Video: Motorcycle Stunt Madness - Biker and Pillion
Video clip
Video clip
Somewhere in the Middle East, a couple of young motorcycle riders are amusing themselves doing stunts on the public roads. So far, not much to write home about since it happens all over the world.

Except here.... first of all, the stunts are totally weird, not something you'd want to try at home. Secondly, their motorcycle aren't exactly the kind you'd use for stunts, and thirdly, forget anything you have ever learned about ATGATT.

Here are two video, the first one is of a "stunt" biker, the second of a stunt pillion. Both must have fireproof feet....


19 March, 2012 - Mexico: Presidential Candidate Saved By Motorcycle
Josefina Vazquez Mota Saved by Motorcycle
Good news for the people of Mexico. Your female candidate for the presidential elections, Josefina Vazquez Mota, can be registered for the elections thanks to a motorcycle.

She got stuck in an horrendous traffic on the way to get registered, but a motorcyclist helped her out by taking her on the back of his bike (a Kawasaki) to the Federal Electoral Institute.

If she gets elected, I hope she'll not forget the role the motorcycle has played in her election, and that she goes soft towards bikers...


19 March, 2012 - France: New Radar Type Started - WIP
Radar France WIP
We've got fixed, mobile, handheld, airborne, red light and even garbage can radars. But now we've got a new radar type. The new radar type has started over the weekend in France, on test, and this one I completely agree with. It's a WIP (Work In Progress) radar, and they are to be installed just before areas where there are road works in progress.

Continue reading by clicking on the headline.......


16 March, 2012 - Another Presidential Candidate, Another Biker - Egypt This Time
Aboul Seoud Nourdeddine Egypte President Candidate
Every time there's a presidential election somewhere in the world, you'll find candidates that are motorcycle riders by passion, and they don't hide it. Many have their photos taken while riding their bike.

Now it's the turn of Egypt, and one of the hopefuls on his motorcycle.


16 March, 2012 - Bifocal Sunglasses For Motorcycles
Dual Eyewear Sunglass Bifocals
While old age creeps up on us, many still have a great long distance vision, but require reading glasses to see what's on the food plate (or read a book). Which means that you have problems reading the dials on your motorcycle's dashboard.

Many of us just put on sunglasses and guess what's on the dashboard or GPS.

But Dual Eyewear have got a great solution for you, that not only allows you to see close up with sunglasses, but also make you look cool.

Click on the headline to read on......


16 March, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 16 March 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
While most of the world is switching from and to daylight saving time, here are some motorcycle articles that have appeared in the last week that may be of interest to you.

- Interview James May (Bikeexif)
- Ducati Panigale (Wired)
- MIC Forecasts Motorcycles Sales Decline 2012 (Asphalt And Rubber)


15 March, 2012 - Dominique Voynet: A Mayor Of A Big City Who Understands
Dominique Voynet On A Scooter
Politicians usually don't get it. Their thinking is clouded with judgements and biases. But one politician gets it.....

.. and that is Dominique Voynet, the current Mayor of Montreuil, a large city north of Paris. Despite being a treehugger and key member of the Green party, her official vehicle as Mayor is ...... a chauffeur driven .... scooter!

She's probably the only Mayor of a large city who has a scooter as official vehicle.


15 March, 2012 - Honda: They Do Not Kid Around
Honda logo
When Honda does something, they do it big. Honda have announced that they are building a new motorcycle factory in Indonesia to keep up with local demand. The factory is planned to produce a whooping 1.1 MILLION motorcycle a year.

The new $341 million plant will add 3,000 new jobs. It's Honda's 4th factory in the country. The new plant when it opens next year, will manufacture with the other factories, a total of 5.3 million motorcycle per year.

Click headline to read more ......


15 March, 2012 - This Gives A Whole New Meaning To Motorcycle Water Cooling
Water Cooling
We know that many motorcycles are water cooled, but this is another way of cooling things down on a bike.

Actually, if it's really hot, I prefer this way....


14 March, 2012 - Video: A Honda Scooter Commercial With Steve Jobs?
Video clip
Honda logo
When I first saw this TV commercial from Honda (I have to assume it's from Taiwan, but I could be wrong), it looks a lot like it's Steve Jobs who is fronting the ad. The advertisement is for the Honda SCR 110, a small scooter, but the guy walking around it, looks a hell of a lot like Steve Jobs.

They have purposely made the guy a bit blurry, but he wears the same black clothes favored by Jobs, short hair like Jobs, stubble like Jobs and glasses like Jobs.

I'd say Steve Jobs is turning in his grave..


14 March, 2012 - Belgium: First Motorcycle taxi Operational
City Scoot Taxis
Following up on their promises, the Belgium government made it possible for the first motorcycle taxi to start its operation in Brussels. Brussels has one of the worst traffic jams in Europe, so it's appropriate to have such a service.

The first company, City Scoot, has started operating a service with 400cc scooters. More companies will follow shortly.

It's good to see that this initiative is government sponsored, not like other countries, where motorcycles are still seen as a problem.

Click the headline to read more .....


14 March, 2012 - Belgium: Massive Motorcycle Police Accident
Belgium Royal Palace Accident
This is one of those very rare occasions that something like this happens in Europe. The motorcycle police is very well and extensively trained, but not much could be done here.

A car driver plowed into the motorcycle police escort of a Qatari dignitary, hurting 5 of the police officers. The car driver was attempting suicide.

For more info and photos on the accident click on the headline....


13 March, 2012 - What Do With A Ponytail On A Motorcycle?
Having a ponytail can be cool, but when riding a motorcycle it can be a slight problem. Your hair flies around totally unprotected. Wind, bugs and even sweat will "hurt" your hair.

But what to do? You can try to hide your ponytail under your helmet, but that will get sweaty. Or try to keep it in your jacket, but that doesn't really work either. Or you can just let your hair flow freely in the wind, but in the long run, it'll cost you your hair.

But there's a solution, and not only will it not cost you much, but also look cool...

Click headline to read more.....


13 March, 2012 - Video: Yamaha Byson 2012 - Indonesia
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Here's a TV commercial from Yamaha Indonesia for their Byson motorcycle, 2012 model. For the uninitiated, the Byson is a 153cc motorcycle with 10.1 kW power and 13,6 Nm torque.

As advertisements go, it fits right in Yamaha way of working & style; now if the motorcycle would be as good, they'd have a winner..


13 March, 2012 - Ad: Panasonic CCTV - Motorcycle Riders Are The Bad Guys
Panasonic CCTV Motorcycle Purse Snatcher
Here's a print advertisement from Panasonic for their CCTV cameras coming to us from Indonesia, where it would seem that they suffer a lot from motorcycle riding purse snatchers.

Not that a CCTV camera will help much with a motorcycle rider, since usually they wear a helmet.


12 March, 2012 - 40 Photos Of Blown-up Motorcycles
Blown up motorcycle Pakistan
Blown up motorcycle India
Terrorists are nasty people, causing havoc and destruction amongst people. They have been known to drive trucks and cars full of explosives into crowded areas. Most security authorities have started putting obstacles in place that will prevent a car or truck to penetrate these areas. So the terrorists have turned to motorcycles....

Motorcycles are difficult to stop, since if you can walk there, you can ride there. They don't pack as much explosives, but can have a devastating effect.

Here are 40 photos of motorcycles there were either used for such an attack, or "innocent" motorcycles that got caught in the blast.

WARNING: If you're squeamish of the sight of a blown-up motorcycle, totally destroyed, do not read on. I have not taken any photos with bodies in them.


12 March, 2012 - This Is The Original Motorcycle Lifter
John Abraham Lifting Motorcycle
Last year we showed you a copycat motorcycle lifter, but here's the original.

What a life... must be great for parties.


12 March, 2012 - Audi To Buy Ducati?
Audi Motorcycle
Ducati logo
It looks like it might not be Volkswagen, nor Hero MotoCorp, who will buy Ducati motorcycles, but the high-tech car manufacturer Audi.

Audi have inked a deal with Ducati, giving them until mid April to close the deal....


9 March, 2012 - France February 2012 Record Month For Road Safety
Statistics Article
The numbers are in, and they are looking good, if not spectacular. In France, during the month of February 2012 the number of people who have died on the roads has dropped dramatically, a record.

During the month, 25.3% less people died in their cars and on their motorcycles. The politicians are all slapping their own backs, since the presidential elections are only a few weeks away. But IMHO, I don't think it has anything to do with politics, but more with a) weather (the coldest we've had in a very long time) and b) the price of gasoline.

Click on headline to continue reading......


9 March, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 9 March 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are two weeks worth of interesting, motorcycle-related, articles that I have found which may be of interest to you.

- 9 Things You Really Shouldnt Wear While Riding A Motorcycle (Motorcycle Insurance)
- Triumph Tiger Explorer Review (Ash on Bikes)
- What Makes An Adventure Traveller (Jeanie Davison)
- Distinctive Eye Protection For Bikers (Chessie's Tales)
- You Might Be A Motorcycle Chick If (Fuzzy Galore)
- Choosing A New Motorcycle Is Like Buying A Mail Order Bride (2 Wheel Tuesday)


9 March, 2012 - New Biker Movie Coming - Good Or Bad?
Tom Hardy
It looks like rising movie superstar Tom Hardy is planning to produce and star in a new movie next year. After Dark Knight Rises, Inception, he is going for another "dark" movie.

The movie, untitled yet, is about a Vietnam war vet who, in the 1960's, when he gets back home joins and then leads a 1%-er motorcycle club. Sound familiar? You bet, it's the story of the Hell's Angels. Warner Bros who are behind the movie insist that the movie is not based on the Hell's Angels, and that the movie biker gang will not be asked to guard a Rolling Stone concert.

Click headline to read on...


8 March, 2012 - How Does A Motorcycle Cop Ticket A Tank?
Motorcycle cop ticketing a tank
.... very carefully...


8 March, 2012 - USA: Proposed Colorado Bill Will Prohibit Biker Discrimination
Viking Biker
A bill is being proposed in Colorado that will prohibit discrimination towards motorcycle riders in bars, restaurants, stores and hotels.

It's not a rare occurs, as I have found out myself often enough, and such a bill should be wide spread, but unfortunately, the opposing political side does not see eye-to-eye.


8 March, 2012 - Bridgestone New Pattern Printed Tires - Useful?
Bridgestone Pattern Tires
Bridgestone logo
Bridgestone has announced a new technology that allows them to print any color, any pattern on the side of your tires. You can now totally decorate and change your tires on your motorcycles.

It means you can put art, photos and ... gasp.... advertisement on your tires.


7 March, 2012 - Rally of Tunisia Cancelled Due To Terrorist Activities
Oilibya Tunisia Rally logo
The previously announced 2012 Oilibya Rally of Tunisia has been cancelled since the government of Tunisia could not guarantee the safety of the participants due to severe unrest in the Southern part of the country.

NPO, the organizers decided to cancel the rally since the danger was too great.


7 March, 2012 - Suzuki Nuda Concept - Take 2 - Add A Canopy
Suzuki Crossbow Canopy Concept
English designer Phil Pauley redesigned the incredible Suzuki Nuda concept presented in 1986 in Tokyo. He added a canopy, and called the new motorcycle the Crossbow Canopy Concept.

Although it has some good points, it's not a practical motorcycle. But it does look great, and should do good in the movies...


7 March, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Passed His Motorcycle Exam And is Now Allowed To Ride
Jorge Lorenzo, the former World Champion MotoGP, finally is allowed to ride motorcycles legally. Legally on the streets that is.

Yes, the man passed all his driving tests in Spain (not an easy task), and can now ride a real motorcycle.


6 March, 2012 - Ad: Finally A Motorcycles Faster Than The Roadrunner - Beeep
Honda Dorvalino Roadrunner Brazil
Honda logo
If this Brazilian print advertisement is to be believed, finally there's a motorcycle faster than the famous roadrunner (you know, beeep, beeep). And the motorcycle is a Honda CBR1000RR.

The ad, made by 9mm Propaganda Florianopolis in Brazil, is for Honda Dorvalino, a local dealer.

Not bad ad for a dealer. But in all honesty, nothing is faster than the roadrunner, nothing.


6 March, 2012 - I Bet You Get A Lot Of Motorcycles Here
Motorcycle Drive In Movies
Probably one of the more stranger signs I've seen....

I wonder how many actually ride their motorcycle into the movies here.


6 March, 2012 - Germany: New License Point System Presented
Peter Ramsauer Point System
Germany is to introduce a new license point system in 2013, stricter but simpler.

Instead of 18 points, now you will lose your license, car or motorcycle, if you have 8 points. But only 1 or 2 points will be presented, depending on what you did.

Minor infringements will not be penalized.


5 March, 2012 - Is This A Guy Motorcycle?
Very Pink Motorcycle
It's either a woman's motorcycle, or of a guy who is confident in his manhood....or whatever.


5 March, 2012 - Heading Back To My Joyful Office
Office Worker With Boxes
Well, if everything went as planned, I should be heading back to my wonderful office amidst my joyful workers. A couple of days in the laps of luxury probably did more harm than good.

If things pan out as planned and timed, I should be arriving this afternoon in the office, but will need to sort out a gazillion photos I took for my customer.

Normal scheduling will start again tomorrow morning.


5 March, 2012 - UK: Motorcycle Insurance Incentives
Japanese Police car and motorcycle
A guest article about motorcycle insurance incentives in the UK.


3 March, 2012 - Video: Polish Lottery
Video clip
Quite a simple TV commercial for the Polish Lottery, and no, it's not a Polish joke.

It's about a motorcycle rider what he'll do if he wins...


2 March, 2012 - Norton: Not Motorcycles, But Boots
Norton Vegano Mahogany Hannibal Biker Boot
Norton logo
The English iconic motorcycle manufacturer, Norton, is known for making classic motorcycles; bikes you will see in many movies, ridden by stars. A few years back, Norton went bust, but then came back from the ashes.

And like any self respecting motorcycle manufacturer, they need to keep the money flowing by selling merchandising, or at the very least, stuff that is closely related to their business. And like any self respecting motorcycle manufacturer, their merchandising is plentiful. But unlike most manufacturers, they have one set of merchandising stuff that others do not have; BOOTS.

Yes, Norton are proposing real biker boots, made by English shoemaker Jeffrey-West. These boots are not only a symbol of craftsmanship and quality, but also style. The Norton logo is neatly and discretely found inside, on the shoe lining, or on the soles. Nothing flashy or distracting.

Click to read on....


2 March, 2012 - France: Alcohol Test Unit Mandatory, Also On Motorcycles
Alcootel testing
Already last year, the outgoing President of France had announced that he was planning to introduce mandatory alcohol testing units in every car in France. The alcohol test unit would need to be approved, but could be a simple, single-use unit that can be bought on the internet for a few Euros. God knows why, since someone who is drunk and insists on driving will do it anyway. Someone who takes care, and just wants to be on the safe side, will not have drunk enough to be unsafe... so a totally useless measure.

But yesterday the law was published by the Prime Minister, and now there's a twist.... the measure applies to motorcycles and scooter as well. Only mopeds are exempt.

So now we need to keep a alcohol test unit on us at all times, even in the hot summer. If you don't have any storage on your motorcycle, tough. Failing to have one, will cost you $11.

Click on the headline to


1 March, 2012 - Dress As Your Motorcycle, Or Dress Your Bike Like You
Deer Motorcycle and Biker
Whatever way it is, it's weird. Dressing your motorcycle like a deer is weird, but then dressing yourself as a deer as well is just... really weird.

And dangerous if it's hunting season.


1 March, 2012 - Video: Honda CBR 150R with Casey Stoner
Video clip
Honda logo
When you become a champion, you not only win the glory and the big bucks, but you get to star in TV commercials, bringing in even more big bucks. That's also the case for Casey Stoner (no pun intended), who after winning the MotoGP crown, gets to promote Honda motorcycles.

Here's a TV commercial in which Stoner shows off what the Honda CBR 150R is capable off, in and off the circuit.

It's not bad as advertisements go, but no spark...


1 March, 2012 - On My Way - Took My Mobile Office With Me
Mobile office in suitcase
I've gone on a multiple day assignment, but took my mobile office with me so that I can ensure that you still gets the news.

If things go the way planned, I should be back on Tuesday afternoon.



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