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31 March, 2013 - 2013: Happy Motorcycling Easter To You All
KTM Easter
#Easter #Funny #KTM - Have a great motorcycle Easter to you all, no matter where you are in the world.

Let's hope your weather is a bit better than what we are facing here at this moment, and that you're able to go for a ride.


29 March, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 29 March 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I might as well be writing January, because end of March and we are still seeing snow. What happened to global warming? Anyway, here are some motorcycle related articles to keep you warm.

- Review: Ogio No Drag Mach 5 Backpack (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Kevin Ash (1959 -2013) - Tributes (Ash On Bikes)
- How To Prepare Your Bike For Adventure Part 1 (Hell For Leather Magazine)
- How To Impress A Race Fan (Revgirl)


29 March, 2013 - Turkey: World’s Most Expensive Motorcycle Is A Chopper
Tarhan Telli Golden Motorcycle
Turkey flag
#GuinnessBookofRecords #Chopper #Custom - It used to be the Marine Turbine MT Y2K (the Jay Leno turbine motorcycle) that was the most expensive motorcycle out there. But not anymore.

Tarhan Telli, a Turkish motorcycle designer and owner of TT Custom Choppers, has built world's most expensive motorcycle. It took him a year to make, and the 1801 cc motorcycle is made with 315 kilos of GOLD. Yikes.... a golden motorcycle...........

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29 March, 2013 - France: Gerard Depardieu And Motorcycles - The Saga Continues
Gerard Depardieu Scooter
France flag
#Depardieu #Dui #Stolen - French actor Gerard Depardieu has been in the news a lot lately, probably too much even. Being an A-list actor does mean that whatever you do will make it to the news, but in his case most often the headlines are negative.

The most recent negative headlines have been when the actor exiled himself to Belgium after the French socialist government announced they were planning to impose a 75% tax on annual revenues exceeding €1 million. While he exiled himself, Vladimir Putin, president of Russia, invited him to live in Russia, and promised him respect. So now Depardieu is the goodwill ambassador for Russia, exalting Russia as a model of democracy. Honest, you can't make this up, he really said it.

But back to two wheels. Depardieu for all his faults, has a love for PTW. He even is part owner for a Yamaha motorcycle shop, and prefers riding a motorcycle or scooter over a car. He is also owner of a vineyard, and he often combines both passions, something not recommendable. Last year on November 29, Depardieu crashed his scooter while being totally drunk (not the first time). He was checked by the police and found to have 1.8g/liter alcohol in his blood (the maximum authorized is 0.5, so more than 3 times the limit).

Earlier this week, Depardieu reported to the police that his scooter, in fact the same scooter he crashed while DUI, was stolen...........

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28 March, 2013 - Documentary: Sayonara Speed Tribes - Japan’s 1%ers
Sayonara Speed Tribes
Japan flag
#Video #Japan #1% #Gang - This is a very interesting documentary that our friends at One World Studios are distributing. One World Studios are the good folks that made the excellent motorcycle documentaries like "Choppertown - The Sinners", "The Harbortown Bobber" and "Brittown". In other words, they have good taste in videos.

They have released the distribution of a documentary on the legendary Japanese Bosozoku motorcycle gangs, a self-styled 1%er gang of violent bikers. The Japanese word Bosozoku can be broken down into "Violent" "Speed" "Tribe". These extreme violent gangs, have a samurai and kamikaze culture, and it shows.

The Japanese video documentary (in English subtitles) shows the extreme lengths these gangs go to, both on their on members and towards anyone else. Death means nothing to them...........

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28 March, 2013 - India: Cardboard Police To Calm Drivers Down
Indian Cardboard Cop
India flag
#Police #Fake - Although it's not an original idea, it still works. The authorities in the Indian city of Bangalore have placed a life-sized cardboard cutout of a police officer at a busy intersection.

According to the reports, Indian drivers, both cars and motorcycles, are notoriously bad behaved, unless they know there's a cop watching them. So the authorities inspired by North American and European efforts installed 3 cardboard cops...........

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28 March, 2013 - Spain: Last Suzuki Motorcycle Leaves Factory - End of Era
Last Suzuki Leaving Spain Factory
Suzuki logo
#Suzuki #Spain - That's it. No more Suzuki motorcycles will be built in Spain for the foreseeable future. The last one rolled out and got hauled away by truck, and now the Suzuki factory in Spain is closed.



27 March, 2013 - What It Takes To Become World Champion Motorcycle Racing - The Case of Vasco van der Valk
Vasco Van Der Valk Hockenheim Moriwaki GP3
Vasco Van Der Valk Banner
You don't become world champion motorcycle racing, be it MotoGP, Superbike or any motorsport, by accident. You don't hope of on a race motorcycle at the "ripe" age of 18 and go and win races. There's virtually no sport that allows that. Whether you're racing motorcycles, cars, skiing downhill, swimming, horse riding, running, etc, you need one thing, and one thing only: YOU NEED TO START YOUNG.

The younger you are when you start competing in your chosen sport, the better you will be. Very few people will question that tactic. Valentino Rossi started racing at the tender age of 5 (karts, but quickly went to motorcycles). Casey Stoner started with motorcycle racing at the age of 4. Jorge Lorenzo started riding a home built motorcycle at the age of 3 years. Very few champions and professionals will make it to the top if they did not start really young.

Before we continue, watch this video...........

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27 March, 2013 - Idea: Gadget Rail For Sports Motorcycles
Rocket Rail
Rocket Rail
One disadvantage of riding a sports motorcycle is that there's very little room to place gadgets like GPS, smartphone, GoPro etc. There's no handlebar like what you'd find on a traditional motorcycle onto which you can bolt devices.

Rocket Rail is planning to change that. Rocket Rail is a Kickstarter project, in other words, they are trying to raise the funds to "kickstart" the project. The "inventor" rides a Honda CBR250R and needed space to place phone and GPS.

You can place the proposed Rocket Rail on the bike's fork bolts. No modifications are required to your bike, just use the bolts that are there...........

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27 March, 2013 - India: Suzuki In Trouble There As Well
India Suzuki Strike
India flag
Things haven't been going smoothly for Suzuki lately. Suzuki Cars in the USA are in trouble, Suzuki motorcycle factory in Spain closed down, and now India, they're having labor troubles.

It looks like there's a strike coming, and that because Suzuki management suspended 3 union workers for beating up senior management in the factory..........

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26 March, 2013 - Ad: Jeep (Or How Not To Advertise)
Ad Jeep
USA flag
This is a really strange print advertisement from Jeep. You don't see their car, just a trailer with a dirty motorcycle. Okay, I understand the image used, but at first glance, if you didn't see the word "JEEP" you wouldn't know what the ad is for. So you pull your motorcycle on a trailer in through the mud.... wouldn't it be better to just use the motorcycle? You probably will get there faster.


26 March, 2013 - Use Your iPhone 5 As A GoPro On Your Motorcycle
VicamPlus Pulley
#Kickstarter #VicamPlus - Many people, myself included, look longingly to those new GoPro video cameras. They are the bizz, but... expensive especially when you wouldn't use them as much as you should. But I do have a great iPhone 5 which can make very decent videos, so why not use that on my motorcycle?

Well, the answer is simple. The Iphone isn't rainproof, nor does it have any capabilities to properly be mounted onto the bike. Also the lens, although not bad at all, is fixed... it can't be changed.

A Kickstarter crowd-funding project that was recently totally funded (plus more money than what they asked for) should be going live shortly. The project is called VicamPlus and is designed by Lou Go and Brent Duke in China.

The VicamPlus is a water proof cover for your iPhone 5, which not only incorporates 3 different lenses but also is made to be used with all of GoPro's mounting hardware...........

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26 March, 2013 - Why European Politicians Should Be Lobotomized
Europe flag
You know you're in trouble when politicians start talking. Grandstanding is their way of trying to get more votes, more power and therefore more money, and nowhere is this more visible when politicians touch the motorcycle world. The motorcyclists are a small group of voters, so we do not represent a threat, so we're easy pickings for politicians who want to make a name for themselves, at our expense.

In Europe, there's currently a heated debate on making motorcycles go through a mandatory annual technical inspection. Experts are quite clear, as is the motorcycle world, that it's a waste of money. Most countries have agreed.

But still you'll find politicians who "believe" they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Here is a video of Brian Simpson, a British member of the European parliament. Apart from being a MP, unfortunately he is also the Chair of the European Transport Committee, in other words, he has more power over the motorcycle world than most politicians.

In this video, he's calling motorcycles "DEATH CARRIERS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine, this "elected" official, who has to look after the interest of amongst other bikers, thinks we ride on death carriers. This man suffers from terminal CRI. There is no hope in this world when men like him have the power. An obese man, who obviously is not healthy (mind & body), thinks he can judge bikers? What did we do to deserve this man?

Have a look at the video. You can understand my anger....


25 March, 2013 - 40 "Gas Stations" From Around The World
Gas Station Benin
Gas Station Bolivia
In many parts of the world you can expect a certain standard when riding up with your motorcycle to fuel up. Gas stations are gas stations right? I mean, what's the difference between one or another; maybe the shop, or self-service, the brand. Maybe the gas station operator is better than the next one, cleaning the floor more regularly, friendly.

But if you travel around the world, you'll be amazed how gas stations differ. Many RTW motorcycle riders have found themselves in front of one of these "gas stations", but as the saying goes "any port in a storm". When you need to fill up your motorcycle, you need to fill up. Even when the gas station looks like one of these....

Here are 40 photos of gas stations from around the world, and I use the word gas station loosely.


25 March, 2013 - Spain: GasGas and Ossa To Jointly Make Motorcycles
GasGas logo
OSSA logo
#Ossa #GasGas - Spanish GasGas motorcycles are famous the world over for their trial and off-road bikes, and Ossa, a company founded in 1924 (and stopped in 1982) by the former MotoGP star rider's grandfather, Sete Gibernau, are going to make motorcycle together.

Ossa was reborn a few years ago (2009) and has been hammering away trying to make their products sell in an increasingly competitive and difficult market, while GasGas had already been expanding with a factory in Brazil and more to come (talks are for another Latin-America country and one in Asia).

The joint factory for GasGas and Ossa will be using the current GasGas factory in Salt (Girona area) of Spain...........

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25 March, 2013 - France: 100 Year Celebration of the Motorcycle
Cany Barville 2013 BMW R69S (600cc) from 1967
Cany Barville 2013 Portuguese Casal from 1980, 50cc (Zundapp base)
Usually when I go out to make photos for an article, it involves packing up my motorcycle with all my cameras, computers, sleeping gear, toothbrush, etc, or it might involve planes, trains and automobiles. But whatever the mode of transportation, it'll mean it's going to take a while before I get there, and even longer before I get back. That's because I live in the real countryside, in a small (186 inhabitants) village in Upper Normandy. My next door neighbors are cows, and I mean the animals.

Once or twice I've had something as a source for an article close-by, usually 15 to 30 minutes ride from my house, and that made me happy, but last weekend on Sunday, in the closest town to me, Cany-Barville, was a exhibition called "100 Years of Motorcycles". Cany-Barville is almost at walking distance from my house, a little over 5 kilometers, so the expo got marked in big black marker in my agenda (something my iPad did not like), since it was going to be one I was not going to miss.

The only thing that troubled me, and I never got a response, was why "100 years". Motorcycles have existed for more than 100 years. Anyway, it didn't spoil my fun. So off I went to the exhibition. Now do remember, we're in the middle of "shit-kicker" country, so whatever it was going to be was small but done with gusto. ..........

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22 March, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 22 March 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
It's officially spring, but in this side of the world, you wouldn't notice it. It's still (unusually) freezing. Here are a few motorcycle related articles that have been appearing over the last few days for your amusement.

- Museo Ducati Book Review (Ducati News Today)
- How To Convince Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Let You Ride (City Biker Blog)
- Everybody Has Their Own Sense Of Style (The Motoworld Blog)
- Mandatory Helmet Law A Good Thing Or An Evil Thing (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


22 March, 2013 - We Will Be On "Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys" Radio Program
Listen to internet radio with conxroad on Blog Talk Radio
#Podcast #BlogtalkRadio #Radio - For those of you who don't know them (they started last year), the "Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys" is a very popular radio program you can hear on the web via podcasting (so you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want).

The USA based radio show has had some famous motorcycle personalities on their show, like the CEO of Brammo Motorcycles, Craig Bramscher and fellow news site operator Basem Wasef (About Motorcycles), Lois Pryce (famous Female RTW rider and book author) or famous personalities like Alexandra Paul (Baywatch TV series), Pat Simmons (Doobie Brothers), actor and stunt rider Dan Haggerty and many others.

Now they'll be talking to little old me, so I guess they ran out of famous motorcycle people...

You can hear me jabbering away on Saturday at 01:00 PM EST (that's 13:00 USA Eastern Time Zone) o'clock and anytime thereafter.


22 March, 2013 - Syria: Free Army Motorcycle Patrol With Dog
Syria Motorcycle Dog Patrol
Syria flag
It looks like the Free Syrian Army is getting their act together; motorcycle patrol with dog..... beats what the French Gendarmes are doing.


21 March, 2013 - Funny Repair Lists
Car Repair Price List
Car Repair Price List
Some garages, motorcycle or car ones, have a sense of humor. If you ever heard some customers describe their mechanical woes, I don't understand why not more garages have these kind of repair lists.


21 March, 2013 - France: Some Clarification About The Motorcycle Helmet Stickers
click to see where France is on the map
Two weeks ago I published an article about an old law in France that requires all motorcycle helmets sold in France to have reflective stickers on them. In the article I stated the dimensions, and it was just a reminder of the law.

The article itself drew several questions, and I've been monitoring discussion forums and blogs on this matter, and I'm amazed at some of the things mentioned. Here are some responses to the items ..........

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21 March, 2013 - Video: Ducati 1199 Panigale R - The Pursuit of Perfection
Ducati 1199 Panigale R The pursuit of perfection
Ducati logo
#Ducati - That Ducati makes some of the sexiest and sleekest supersports motorcycle is a given, and they know a thing or two about how to make great video.

Here's a video about their top-of-the-line sports motorcycle, the Ducati 1199 Panigale R, featuring none other than MotoGP riders Nicky Hayden and Ben Spies.

On top of that, the video was shot on the brand new Austin, Texas race circuit, The Circuit Of The Americas (COTA). So you get to see the incredible Panigale, two famous & cool MotoGP racers and the new circuit, all in one video. The only thing better is being there...


20 March, 2013 - Ideas: Cool Looking Motorcycle Turn Signals
MuzaMoto Turn Signal
MuzaMoto Turn Signal
Often, motorcycle turn signals look like they were added as afterthought by the manufacturer. They usually look out of place and the same one can be seen on different models. And if that's the case with your motorcycle, here's a crowd-funding Kickstarter project that may interest you.

The project was submitted by MuzaMoto in the USA and it involves some kickass and very stylish turn signals.

They are working on two different signals/indicators. The first one is bolted on the end of your handlebars. They are smaller than normal ones, but can be seen 360° around, something your "normal" indicators can not boast about...........

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20 March, 2013 - Ever Hear Of Motorcycle Manufacturer Italika? They’re Big
Italika RT200
Italika logo
I thought I knew most of the big motorcycle manufacturers out there, but I was wrong (as usual). When you have a manufacturer who makes some 200,000 motorcycles and scooters per year, you'd expect to know them, right? I mean, Ducati is world famous, but only produces some 50,000 units per year, so 4 times that should be even more know....

The company is called Italika, and they are Mexico's big motorcycle manufacturer. They started using the Korean Hyosung motorcycle as their basis, assembling them in Mexico, but now they're on their own. They design and make several models and sell them not only in Mexico but Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Panama and Brazil.

As far as market share goes, Atalika "own" the Mexican market with some 63% market share in 2011; impressive for a company created in 2005. 1,000,000 motorcycles were made and sold since their creation. Here's what a few of their bikes look like...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


20 March, 2013 - Don’t Ever Complain About Your Gas Station Again
Somalia Gas Station
Somalia flag
I've heard fellow motorcycle riders complain about the amenities of their gas station, or some bikers even complain about the pumps. After you see this "gas station" in Somalia you'll never complain again.


20 March, 2013 - Dakar: The 2014 Dakar Poster Is Out - Already
Dakar 2014 Poster
Dakar logo
#Dakar - We've just finished the 2013 edition of the popular Dakar rally, and already they've released the poster for the 2014 race.

You can't blame the organizers for not planning. So now all I got to do is wait 9 months....


19 March, 2013 - Brazil: Weird Honda Motorcycle Dealer Advertisement
Dorvalino Motos Brazil Ad
Brazil flag
This print advertisement is for a Honda motorcycle dealer in Brazil called Dorvalino Motos. Sorry, but I'm lost...

Usually ads have a message that either informs potential buyers, or convinces them to buy. This ad shows a small photo of a Honda CBR 1000RR and the Tower of Pisa. That's it.

Does it mean you can ride from Brazil on a Honda motorcycle all the way to Italy? If so, it's news... otherwise I just don't get it.


19 March, 2013 - Own Some Beautiful Motorcycle Art At An Affordable Price
Motorcycle Painter
Motorcycle Painter
Sometimes you can find gems on crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter. Artist Reed White lives in Minnesota, USA and specializes in making beautiful paintings of motorcycles.

He has put three of his paintings up for sale at Kickstarter, and each painting is offset print in a limited number and signed by the artist himself...........

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19 March, 2013 - Reaching New Heights With Your Motorcycle
Reaching New Heights
What can I say?


19 March, 2013 - Kate Moss Looks Hot On A Matchless Motorcycle
Kate Moss On A Matchless
One of world's oldest motorcycle manufacturers, UK's Matchless (remember Marlon Brando on one in The Wild One), is coming out with their own line of clothing, and they found a very pretty ambassador for their clothing; famous model Kate Moss.

They're putting together their publicity campaign, using famous photographer Terry Richardson to make photos of the two beauties...........

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18 March, 2013 - Switching From 2 to 4, From 4 to 2 Wheels - Motorcycles & Cars
Sebastian Loeb Moto2
Casey Stoner V8 Car
#Motorcycle #Car - It looks like a lot of professional racers in the car and motorcycle sports are crossing over to the other category. What used to be motorcycle racers going to the "dark" side of the sport, ie car racing, has now become a common cross occurrence.

We all remember the speculations when Valentino Rossi tried the Ferrari F1 race car a few times. Most fans were convinced that he was going to race Formula One. Other champions had done that in the past, so why not him. Notably John Surtees, who became the only world champion MotoGP and Formula One.

Many Dakar motorcycles racers have gone on to race cars...........

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18 March, 2013 - Is KTM Becoming The Master Of Merchandising?
KTM Guitar
KTM logo
It used to be Harley-Davidson who were the masters of merchandising. They were even rumored to make more money selling their name on products than making money selling their motorcycles. But it looks like another motorcycle manufacturer has caught up, and probably even surpassed the Milwaukee based company; KTM.

Like most manufacturers, KTM started out with simple merchandising items, like baseball caps, t-shirts etc. All very bland, everyone had them. But quickly they started adding stuff that was unique, and because they were unique, they became fast bestsellers.

The KTM Toaster catapulted KTM into the merchandising scene. But they've had a lot of other stuff, so much that their catalog is quite big. It might not have reached Harley-Davidson proportions, but big nevertheless. It helps of course that they have loyal, even fanatical, fans that will make everything orange and put the KTM logo on it:..........

WARNING At the bottom of this long list of KTM merchandising stuff is one NSFW item. You have been warned!

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18 March, 2013 - My Kind Of A Priest - A Hard-Core Biker One
Gofo Priest Mexico
Gofo Priest Mexico
If ever I were to find religion, I'd like to have this guy be my spiritual advisor. Imagine having a priest nicknamed Gofo and who is a hardcore motorcycle rider. How cool.

Can we have him for pope please?


15 March, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 15 March 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Almost spring time and have just sat through the worst snow blizzard in my lifetime. Will it ever end this winter? In the mean time here are some interesting motorcycle related articles I've been reading snuggled up to the fire.

- Motorcycle Racing vs Social Media: How Dorna Could Turn Losing The Battle Into Winning The War (Motomatters)
- God on Two Wheels: Motorcycle Missionaries (Riding Vintage)
- Tips to prepare for Road Trips (Zig Wheels)


15 March, 2013 - Movie: The 1st Motorcycle Cannonball Race Documentary
Video clip
Hmmm... looks like an interesting video. It's a documentary of a Motorcycle Cannonball "race", not by hardcore race motorcycles, but by pre-1916 motorcycles.

You can imagine how tough a coast-to-coast race would be on present-day race or endurance motorcycle, so you can imagine how it would be on a vintage bike dating before 1916. Some don't even have a transmission. The need to rebuild their engines in the parking lots, and keep squeezing every bit out of the bike to make it to the coast. And I guess the bikers will need to have their kidneys and other organs remolded after each day.............

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15 March, 2013 - UK: Thankful Villages Run 2013
Thankful Villages Run 2013
UK flag
You might be wondering what a "thankful" village is? Sounds kind of strange, doesn't it? "Thankful Villages" are those villages in the UK that have not had any people killed during the World Wars that had decimated many villages in Europe. In other words, these are villages that did not need to place a war memorial to honor the villagers that had fallen for their country. There are 51 such villages in the UK, and 14 of them are "Double Thankful" since they lost no one during World War One and Two.

To mark the occasion, to meet the proud residents and to raise fund for the Royal British Legion, Medwyn Parry and Dougie Bancroft have organized a motorcycle trip starting July 27th to visit all 51 villages. That's a total of 2,500 miles covered in 9 days. Mind you, it's not a race, so no speeding...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 March, 2013 - Artist Makes Motorcycle Out Of 20,000 Candies - Sweet Tooth
Motorcycle Candy
USA flag
Talk about having a sweet tooth! 32 year old, Orlando, Florida based artist, Cristiam Ramos makes his art using a different material than most artists. Artists use common materials like paint or clay, maybe metals, but very few, maybe even only one, use candy.

Cristiam does exactly that. He's been making portraits of famous people using sweets, and now he's made this life-size motorcycle totally out of candy. Using anything you can find in your local grocery shop; M&Ms, bubble gum, liquorice, Gummy Bears, you name it. If you can eat it, if it's sweet, you'll probably find it on the motorcycle. 20,000 candy pieces went into this motorcycle...........

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14 March, 2013 - UK: 1000s Of Speeding Fines To Be Binned Due To Wrong Font Used
Variable Speed Sign Wrong Font
UK flag
Sometimes, rare I admit it, you got to love lawyers. In the UK, on a stretch of road on the M42 motorway, the Highways Agency has been using the wrong font for their variable speed limits.

The electronic signs that got placed there in 2006 signal different speed limits according to road conditions and traffic. And there lies the problem: the font used for the electronic signs was too narrow, or at least, not in compliance with the standards set in 2002.

In the mean time, thousands of cars and motorcycles have been fined, and the lawyers want these fines squashed...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 March, 2013 - France: Little Known Fact - All Motorcycle Helmets Require Stickers!
Reflective Helmet Stickers
France flag
Here's a little fact that few people know, even those living in France. France is the only country in the world, to my knowledge, that requires all motorcycle helmets to have reflective stickers.

Officially you need four reflective stickers; front, rear and both sides. The surface of each sticker needs to be 18 cm2, and within each sticker you need to be able to draw a 40mm diameter circle, or a 12.50 cm2 rectangle with a minimum 20 mm length. The stickers should not be removable (without damaging the helmet) and remain reflective over time.

Crazy as it may sound, this is true, and if you get caught without one, you get fined €135 and they deduct 3 points from your license. So you get docked the money and points even if you motorcycle helmet itself has been properly homologated...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 March, 2013 - Prescription Sunglasses For Motorcycle Riders From Different Brands
Oakley Monster Dog
USA flag
Wearing prescription glasses puts me at a disadvantage when riding motorcycle during the day. It's very difficult, at times impossible, to get prescription sunglasses that work well while riding a motorcycle.

The stronger your prescription, the more difficult it is to get sunglasses. Of course you can get plain sunglasses with a prescription, but they don't work well on a bike. First of all the frame is usually too big to fit properly under your helmet, and they don't wrap around your eyes, so wind will make your cry like a newborn baby.

ADS make lenses for popular sunglasses (and normal glasses) that make it possible to wear just about any sunglass while still having prescribed glasses...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 March, 2013 - USA: Cops In Richmond Prefer Honda Motorcycles Over Harley
Richmond County Honda Harley
USA flag
It's a strange read when you see that in Richmond Country, Georgia, USA, the motorcycle police prefer Honda motorcycles over their Harley-Davidson ones, even if Harley has been a traditional supplier of LEO bikes since their existence.

But according to the Richmond cops (and other places in the USA), although the Hondas are much more expensive, they are safer, lighter and easier to use. Also, an important factor is when in pursuit, the Harley takes its time, while the Honda reaches faster speeds much quicker. Also having a water-cooled Honda engine is a blessing when temperatures go over the 100°F. But according to the cops, the Harley looks better...............

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13 March, 2013 - Spain: Proposed New Maximum Speeds - Up & Downs
Spain flag
The Spanish General Directorate of Traffic (DGT), after a review of speed limits in Spain, have drafted a new law concerning speed limits and a few other transportation related issues.

The most important ones concern the maximum speed limits on the motorways. Depending on road conditions and general state of the roads, the speed limit can be raised to 130 kph (currently 120 kph). On the secondary roads, again depending on the state and width of the road, maximum speeds will vary. If the width is 6.5 meters, the speed limit is lowered from 100 kph to 90 kph. If the width is less than 6.5 meters, speed limit goes between 50 and 70 kph. If there's no visible lines on the narrow roads, speed limit is set to 50 kph...........

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13 March, 2013 - We Have A New Pope. Nuns Rejoice And Go For A Motorcycle Ride
Nuns riding Motorcycle
#Pope - Finally, the nuns can go and have fun on their motorcycle.


12 March, 2013 - Ad: Hispanic Against Drunk Drivers : Monsters Do Exist
Monster Do Exist Do Not DUI
Interesting visual in this advertisement against Drinking & Driving. The PSA ads are from Hispanic Against Drunk Driving (HADD) and in the ad they feature the bad wold chasing little red riding hood while drunk on a motorcycle.

Don't worry, they're not singling out motorcycle riders, since they have two other ads based on old fables that are not bikers. They idea is "Monsters do exist. If you drink, don't drive."..........

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12 March, 2013 - Dean, From Jan & Dean, To Do The Senior Citizen Taiwan Motorcycle Trip
Waking Ned
Remember the video we posted about the 17 Taiwanese senior citizens (age 80+) who did a trip around the island on their motorcycles? A very inspiring video, and I can only hope to be able to do this when, and if, I reach that age.

I wasn't the only one inspired. Peter Starr, motorcycle documentaries producer and editor at Motorcyclist Magazine, wanted to get involved and he roped in Dean Torrence, the other half of the famous rock & roll duo Jan & Dean (hits like Surf City, Deadman's Curve, The Little Old Lady from Pasadena, etc), and both, with 19 other foreign bikers are going for a similar ride around the island...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 March, 2013 - It Is Nice To Receive A Biker Wedding Invitation....
Wedding Invite
It's nice when two friends, both motorcycle riders, are getting married, and it's even nicer when you receive their wedding invitation in the post and it looks like this:


11 March, 2013 - 41 Firefighting Motorcycles From Around The World (+ Videos)
Firefighter Japan Yamaha
Firefighter Malaysia Honda ST1200
#Firefighters #Firemen - Firefighters, as we all know, are heroes. They put their lives in danger to protect us and our possessions, often with disastrous consequences for the firefighters. But getting to a fire in crowded cities is not easy, even if fire trucks have priority. When there's a traffic jam, even they are stuck.

So one way of getting there fast is by motorcycle. Many countries have adopted motorcycles for their first responders. Often these motorcycles are equipped to start putting out a fire until the fire tenders arrive, not an easy task for these brave firefighters. They need to circumnavigate crowded cities on heavy motorcycles, facing first the danger of riding a heavy motorcycle in a city, then putting out a fire. Respect.

Here are 41 photos of different kind of firefighting motorcycles from around the world...........

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11 March, 2013 - France: Doubling The Parking Fines, Even For Motorcycles
Motorcycle pound towing
France flag
A few days ago the French socialist government announced with big ceremony that they would be spending billions of Euros to make "The Greater Paris"; a project for Paris and the extended suburbs. To do that, they would need to beef up the crumbling transportation infrastructure, mainly the metro and commuter rail, and to do that, they would need to spend 30 BILLION Euros. And that in a country that is laden with debt, so much so that it would make the Japanese look debt free.

So you can guess what comes next... the government is going to look at us, the honest hard working tax payer, to finance this idea. And even if you don't live in Paris or its suburbs, pay you will.

But raising the tax rates even more is political suicide (the tax rate will shortly be set at 75%, yes, you read it right, seventy-five %), and the last thing the powers want is a spring uprising and then the chopping off heads. So they're now planning the next best thing; raise the price of fines!

A few days after announcing the Greater Paris project (which goes until 2030), the politicians now want to raise the price of the fine you get when you park badly, or forget to feed to parking-monster (which is easy to do since you can only feed them 2 hours at a time). Currently when fined you pay €17, shortly, if the extension gets approved, it will become €35, double what it is now.

The trouble is the fines are for all of France since it's a police matter. You can not fine someone in Paris for an amount A and someone elsewhere in France an amount B. That is illegal. So people living outside Paris will be paying enormous high fines to subsidize a project they will never benefit from. Or, they de-penalize parking fines and outsource it to private organizations, which will probably make fines even more expensive.

All in all, it really looks like this government does not know what to do. It's stumbling in the dark, bumping into objects while trying to find the bathroom and on the way, loose the content of their bladder. With all the rich people and celebrities fleeing the country because of ridiculous tax rates, with record unemployment, with companies closing down factories because of the power the unions have and the cost of having employees, the only thing successive governments will have left is higher and higher taxes. But I'm ranting....

So back to the subject. If they really want to make traffic fluid in Paris without major influx on money, all they need to do is promote motorcycles and scooters. Make more parking available in Paris, allow motorcycles to ride in the bus lanes and officially allow them to split lanes, and suddenly there's going to be less traffic jams, less pollution and a lot more happy people. But €30 BILLION is way to attractive a sum of money for some. Politicians need to think about their retirement too.


11 March, 2013 - UK: It Takes All Sorts
British Dragin Motorcycle Royal Fan
UK flag
The world really has all sorts (and I don't mean the candy), even in the motorcycle world.

A dragon motorcycle ?


8 March, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 8 March 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I'm getting antsy for the full riding season, so far riding has been limited. But interesting motorcycle articles have been appearing over the last week, so here are a few of them for your reading pleasure.

- A Visit To The Ktm Engine Plant (Ktm Blog)
- How Fashionable Do You Need To Be On A Motorcycle (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Is Google Glass The Future For Motorcycles (Leatherup)
- Harley Davidson Financial Normalcy In Europe (Northwest Harley Blog)
- Making The Case For Motorcycle Commuting (Forbes)


8 March, 2013 - Video: MV Agusta F4 RR TV Commercial
MV Agusta F4 RR Commercial
MV Agusta logo
#Agusta - You don't get to see many TV commercials from MV Agusta, and I don't even know if this is a "real" advertisement for the F4 RR super motorcycle, but it's kind-of cool.

You get to see close ups of the Italian motorcycle with the sounds that resembles that of jet fighters talking, and then you see the MV Agusta in its natural environment, the race track.


8 March, 2013 - Tunisia: Creation Of An Angry Biker Federation
FTMC Tunis
Tunisia flag
Tunisia have gone through hell and back with their "revolution". A dictator was disposed, and the current government is not exactly popular, so there's still a lot of unrest in the tourist-depraved country. But one thing the motorcycle groups have decided to do is set up a proper motorcycle lobbying association.

Modelled after the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC), the Tunisian one is called FTMC (Federation Tunisienne des Motards en Colere)...........

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7 March, 2013 - Get Your Child A Proper Bicycle, Based On A Motorcycle - Pretty!
Dunecraft balance bikes
The Netherlands flag
As you probably know, the Dutch are very much into bicycles. Almost everyone has one, and when you visit The Netherlands you stand a bigger chance of being run down by a bicycle than a car. Bicycles are in their veins and DNA. So it's no surprise they know how to teach young kids how to ride a bicycle.

Dunecraft make balance bikes, so no pedals. It "forces" the child to learn how to balance a bicycle (and later a motorcycle) by walking and shoving the bicycle.

The Dunecraft balance bike is based on a 1920 Isle of Man TT racing motorcycle..........

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7 March, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dallas Dealer - Lifestyle
Harley Davidson Dallas Lifestyle
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson - Here's a TV commercial from a Dallas Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer. Lots of girls in mini-bikinis, lots of platitudes (like brotherhood, individuality, etc), but at least we see girls riding a motorcycle, not just in bikini.

I wonder if in real like there are these bikini-clad girls at the dealership??


7 March, 2013 - Pakistan: Still Amazed How Many People Fit On A Motorcycle
Pakistan Crowded Motorcycle
Pakistan flag
I've been truly amazed how many people can fit on a motorcycle, and not for a dare, but in real day-to-day life. take this family for example in Pakistan: 6 (six) people on one smallish motorcycle. I already have problems when my (rather skinny) SWMBO sits behind me and moves around a bit.

It's an example of a) riding skills and b) the motorcycle manufacturers.


6 March, 2013 - Exhausts: New Material - Quieter, Cheaper, Easier
Bamboo Exhaust
China flag
You got to give it to the Chinese. When push comes to shove, when they need to be creative, they find a way. The need arose for a man, Mr. Jen Fang, who needed to replace the exhaust of his motorcycle. But in a country with many billionaires and many, many more poor people, Mr. Fang fell in the poor people category. He had no money to buy a new exhaust.

So he did the thing that made the most sense to him; He placed a bamboo pipe on his motorcycle, replacing the old one. And guess what? It worked like a charm...........

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6 March, 2013 - France: Interesting Statistics On Motorcycle Usage In Paris
Statistics Article
France flag
#Statistics #France #Paris - With all the troubling issues coming from the Mayor of Paris, and the upcoming 2014 Mayor elections and their moto-phobic candidates, it's interesting to see some statistics about the usage of motorcycles and scooters in Paris. The number crunching was done by the DRIEA (Direction Regionale et Interdepartementale de l'Equipement et de l'Amenagement).

First of all, the stats aren't for just Paris, but what is called "Ile-de-France", or more accurately the Greater Parisian Area, which is Paris and its suburbs. If the candidate politicians ever read these statistics, maybe they'll change their minds about motorcycles, but somehow I doubt it.

Every day there are 570,000 PTW moving around and through Paris. That's half a million per day! Between 2001 and 2010, there was an increase of 34% in the number of daily PTW movements...........

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6 March, 2013 - France: No Entry Into Alps For Motorcycles No Longer An Issue
Col de la Schlucht
France flag
In January this year, the local governor of the Haut-Rhin province called for a ban on motorcycles riding the Alps in his area. The ban was supposed to be for the weekends only and would forbid motorcycles from riding the twisting roads to the mountain peaks.

This brought a very loud outcry, not only by motorcycle riders all over Europe, but also from the biker rights lobby groups like the FFMC. Since this goes against the freedom of movement, a fundamental human right in Europe, the local government quickly caved in and stated that this is a non-issue...........

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5 March, 2013 - Ads: Thailand - Dead Helmet
Ad Thailand Dead Helmet
Thailand flag
Maybe something got lost in the translation. Or it's a cultural thing. These two print advertisemenst from the Thai Health Promotion Foundation are just plain weird.

The text reads "Ride safe, wear a helmet" but what is the image supposed to tell us? Is it that our heads are not a helmet (probably), or use helmets that are in good condition?

Your guess is as good as mine...


5 March, 2013 - Smartphone Based Alcohol Breathalyzer
Alcootel testing
USA flag
Here's something that might satisfy the safety nazis in France. With their new mandatory-breathalyzers-but-no-sanction-if-caught law in France, every vehicle, including foreign registered ones, will require to have a working breathalyzer onboard, but if you get caught, you'll not be fined (I know, it's stupid but that's politics for you).

The Alcohoot is a Bluetooth device that works are a breathalyzer. It pairs with your smartphone (iPhone in the beginning, Android later) and you blow into the device. The data is sent over to your phone where it is analyzed, but more smartly than the breathalyzers used by LEOs since it uses your gender, age, weight and height to correctly tell you if you should be riding your motorcycle or not.


5 March, 2013 - France: Digger Machine Takes Out 2 Automatic Radars, Bikers Rejoice
France Radar Destroyed by Tractor/Digger
France flag
In the time of two days in North East of France (Alsace region), a digger machine was used to totally demolish 2 automatic radars located alongside the road.

People are fed up with these automatic radars, since they will make expensive photos of you and your car or motorcycle, even when you are only a few kilometers over the speed limit.

Radars have been shot at, burnt, garbage bagged, painted, but this solution is far more radical; the radar is totally wasted.


4 March, 2013 - 27 Postage Stamps With Motorcycles From Around The World - Part 2
Postage Stamp Motorcycle Ecuatorial Guinea
Postage Stamp Motorcycle France
Part 2 of the motorcycle stamps series from around the world.

There are people who love motorcycles, and there are people who love collecting postage stamps, and believe it or not, there are people who love both.

Over the years most postal services around the world have issued stamps with motorcycles on them. Here is but a small collection of stamps, literally from around the world, with motorcycles on them. Some old, some new. ..........

I particularly like the Equatorial Guinea stamps, with drawing of all the classic motorcycle racers from years ago. Very nice.

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4 March, 2013 - France: New Hidden Radar In Service This Month
France New car radar
France flag
A new and very sneaky speed radar starts this month in France. The radar is mounted in unmarked police cars, and there are no visible signs that you're about to be caught by one. No markings, no telltale radar bubble, to visible flash... nothing to tell you that you've been photographed apart from a very expensive photo sent to your house in the next few days (and remember that radar detectors are highly illegal in this country).

The only current sign is that these unmarked police cars are Renault Megane 1.5 dCi, and there will be two uniformed gendarmes inside, and starting on the 15th of March, there will be 20 of them patrolling the French roads. The cost for each car is €70,000, paid for by our taxes and speeding fines...........

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4 March, 2013 - More Info On The Electric Toyota i-Road Motorcycle/Trike
Toyota i Road Official
Toyota logo
#Electric #EV - In January of this year, Japanese car maker Toyota, teased the world press with a picture of a new electric vehicle they were planning to launch in Geneva, the i-Road. From the photo it looked like a three wheeler, with the passenger sitting pillion style (behind the driver) in a covered motorcycle. Not much else has been revealed, until now....

The i-Road is indeed a three wheeled motorcycle/car/vehicle, electrically driven with the passenger sitting behind the driver/rider. The motorcycle is narrow, narrow enough to split lanes with only 850 mm of width (length is 2350 mm and height is 1445 mm). It's immediate competitor is Renault's Twizy with 1230 mm of width, so far more narrow.

The i-Road has a tilting technology called "Active Lean" which, like the Piaggio MP3, allows the vehicles to take curves at an angle...........

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1 March, 2013 - A Virtual Visit Of The Michelin Facilities - Very Nice
Michelin Virtual Museum Visit
Michelin logo
Many of you will never get the chance to visit the incredible Michelin museum. Michelin have been manufacturing motorcycle tires since there were motorcycles, and they have a history to be proud off.

In the city of Clermont-Ferrand, Michelin have had their headquarters since the beginning (1888). In fact, most of the city is Michelin. One of its biggest attractions is the impressive and very big museum. But as I said, not many people get the chance to see this museum, until now...........

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1 March, 2013 - John Kerry: Once A Biker, Always A Biker?
John Kerry And French Motorcycle Cops
USA flag
Is the new US Secretary of State, John Kerry, just naturally interested in motorcycles, being a biker, or does it look good in photos. He's got no points to win with the French voters, so maybe he's just interested in French motorcycle police and their bikes.


1 March, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 1 March 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
1st of March already, and almost spring time. Can't wait for the real riding season to start. Here are a couple of interesting motorcycle related articles you may have missed last week.

- Anatomy Of A Motorcycle (Outdoor Canvas)
- The Psychology Of Motorcycle Racing & Sexual Performance (Real Road Racing Blog)
- The high price of fashion: Sena SMH10R review (Gizmag)
- Top 10 Riding Tips For Noobs (Motorcycle.Com The Sidecar)
- Isnt It Time For Us Motorcycle Racing To Evolve (Revgirl)



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