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31 March, 2014 - General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz #7
Motorcycle Quiz Icon
#Quiz #Knowledge - So you think you know a thing or two about motorcycles?

Well, here is your chance to test your knowledge with our 7th General Motorcycle Knowledge Quiz .... and remember, they are tough!.


31 March, 2014 - Motorcycle Camping: Very Small Sleeping Bag
Spark SpI
Spark SpI
#Camping #SleepingBag - Sea to Summit has a very, very small and light sleeping bag that you can use on your motorcycle camping trips.

It's so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.


31 March, 2014 - The Only KTM Motorcycle Engine You Will Ever Need
KTM Beer Tap
#Funny #BeerTap #KTM - Motorcycle engines don't get any better than this, right?


28 March, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 28 March 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
I am still getting my pulse rate down after last weekend's opening MotoGP races. Did you follow the incredible race? But I have also been reading interesting motorcycle related articles on the internet. Here are some for your reading pleasure.

- 2014 MotoGP Rule Cheat Sheet: The Open, Factory And Ducati Regulations At A Glance (Motomatters)
- Quick Tips - Emergency Stopping Techniques For Motorcyclists (Motorzon)
- Motogp 2014: Level-headed Marquez Passes Qatar Test (Bt Sport)


28 March, 2014 - Very Realistic Moto GP Game - GP Bikes
GP Bikes Screen snap
#MotoGP #Game #GPBikes - Here is what looks like a very good and realistic MotoGP game that can be played via the internet with others.

Difficult, realistic and more important ... cheap. Download a free trial.


28 March, 2014 - Vietnam: What To Do With Broken Down Motorcycles?
Vietnam Motorcycle Dump
Vietnam flag
#Vietnam #Dump - What do you do when your motorcycle is really dead and serves no more purpose?

Simple ... dump'em.


27 March, 2014 - Luxembourg: New Warning Sign For Motorcycles
Luxembourg Motorcycle Danger Sign
Luxembourg flag
#Luxembourg #RoadSigns - Luxembourg is placing 70 road signs warning bikers that they are approaching an area that is dangerous for motorcycle riders.

1 out of 6 road deaths are bikers.


27 March, 2014 - What Happens To Your Brain On Motorcycles
Addicted to
#Addiction - Addiction is bad, very bad. Your brain goes all mushy ... except when riding motorcycles. Here's the proof:


27 March, 2014 - Tarus - The Russian Incredible 2-Wheel Drive Motorcycle/ATV
#AWD #Tarus #2-Wheel-Drive - The Russian Tarus is AMAZING as motorcycles go. 2 Wheel drive, weighs less than 50 kgs and packs an enormous surprise (you can see it in the attached video).

Amazing motorcycle/ATV.


26 March, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda CTX 1300 - GT-Cruiser of the 3rd Kind
Review 2014 Honda CTX 1300
Honda logo
#Review #Honda- A detailed review of the 2014 Honda CTX 1300 motorcycle - A GT-Cruiser of the 3rd Kind


26 March, 2014 - A Scooter and a Ladder - What Could Ever Go Wrong?
Scooters and a ladder
#Funny #Fail - Of course nothing is going to go wrong. Let's face it, scooters were invented to transport big ladders.

Right? Nothing will go wrong....


26 March, 2014 - Dakar: Cyril Despres To The Dark Side - Peugeot
Cyril Despres and his KTM X Bow
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Peugeot #CyrilDespres - 5 times motorcycle Dakar winner Cyril Despres has announced that for the 2015 he will be driving a Peugeot car, also a new team.

So it was only a matter of time before the champion turned to the dark side of racing.


26 March, 2014 - Dakar 2015: The New Route
Dakar 2015 Map
Dakar logo
#Dakar #Dakar2015 - The Dakar 2015 route is know as off today.

It's a round trip Buenos Aires.


25 March, 2014 - Ad: RKS - Sound Is Everything
Ad RKS Audio Bad Sounds
Brazil flag
#Advertisement #Sound #Studio - Nice print ad from a Brazilian sound studio -

'When the sound is bad, everything changes.'


25 March, 2014 - France: Fake Speed Radars Are Coming?
Scarecrow Police Radar
France flag
#France #Radars - France is looking at the UK and Switzerland as example.

They want to install fake radars alongside the roads in France. But they will not do what is needed to really address the many road fatalities, and it's not speed.


25 March, 2014 - Brazil: WTF Accident - How Did The Motorcycle Get There?
Motorcycle up in post
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Crash #Strange - Here is a 'WTF' crash.

How the WNXHFG did the motorcycle end up there?


24 March, 2014 - The ONLY Way To Wear Jeans On A Motorcycle - Great Idea
Ruste Jeans Tailoring
#Jeans #Protected #GreatIdea - Love your jeans? But can't use them on your motorcycle because they are not safe?

Ruste Protection have got THE service for you. Send them your favorite jeans, and they make it motorcycle safe with Kevlar, Coolmax and D3O.


24 March, 2014 - Fiat To Buy MV Agusta?
Fiat MV Agusta F4RR
MV Agusta logo
#Fiat #MVAgusta #Merger - The current strong rumor has Fiat buying MV Agusta.

Could be a good thing for MV Agusta since Fiat has deep pockets.


24 March, 2014 - The Netherlands: Woow! Is That All The Dutch Motorcycle Police?
Dutch Motorcycle Police Line up 201303
The Netherlands flag
#TheNetherlands #Police - For such as small country, you'd think that this is all the Dutch motorcycle police in one spot.

That's a lot of police bikes!


21 March, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 21 March 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Officially Spring in this side of the world, and getting ready for the first MotoGP race of the season. Are you looking forward to the races? To keep you busy during intermission, here are a few interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared during the last week.

- Motorcycle Photography 101 (Bikeexif)
- Why Does Zero Motorcycles Sales Strategy Include Going After Police Departments (Forbes)
- Here Are Five Essential Mobile Apps for Motorcyclists (Asphalt And Rubber)
- 2014 MotoGP Season Preview: Looking Ahead To The Most Intriguing Season In Years (Motomatters)


21 March, 2014 - France: Great Motorcycle Insurance Ad Campaign With Video
Mutuelle des Motards 2014 Campaign
Mutuelle des Motards logo
#France #Insurance #MutuelleDesMotards - Here is a great TV advertisement from a French insurance company dedicated to motorcycles. Also, four print ads, but the video is well done.


21 March, 2014 - Is This The Venezuelan Version Of A Paddy Wagon?
Venezuela Paddy Wagon
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Police - Despite all the petrol money they have, it looks like the Venezuelan police can not afford real paddy wagons, and are using motorcycle to transport their "prisoners".

How sad...


21 March, 2014 - New Honda Outed: NM4 Vultus Motorcycle
#Honda #New #Vultus - Honda unveiled a new motorcycle to their dealers this morning, the NM4 Vultus.

It's a cross between a scooter and the Ducati Diavel, a mean looking cruiser. A few photos have leaked, no technical details yet.


20 March, 2014 - France: The Real Reason Paris Went For An Odd/Even System
Myanmar Motorway
France flag
#France #Pollution #Greed - The French started an odd/even license plate system in Paris on Monday. Officially it was to fight pollution, but since the pollution was already gone, why do it?

You guessed it.... MONEY!


20 March, 2014 - Idea: Communicate/Music On Your Motorcycle Without Wires
Bragi Dash
Bragi Dash
#Kickstarter #Headset - A new revolutionary headset is coming to the market, no wires, in-ear plugs, onboard memory, sensors, you can even talk without a microphone.

Listen to music, talk to people, monitor your health - all in two small units inside your ear. Sci-fi?


20 March, 2014 - The Problem In Winning A Softball Tournament and Riding Motorcycle
Venezuela Softball Throphy Transport
Venezuela flag
#Funny #Softball - Winning a softball tournament while leaving the games on a motorcycle creates an enormous problem, but not in Venezuela.


19 March, 2014 - France: Paris To Have Electric Scooter Sharing Program?
Paris Scootlib
France flag
#France #Electric #ScooterSharing - The socialist candidate for Mayor of Paris is promising an electric scooter sharing program for her city.

3-5000 electric scooters will be made available to rent.


19 March, 2014 - Brazil: Honda Continues To Dominate Motorcycle Market
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Sales #Statistics - Honda is dominating the Brazilian motorcycle market by a very far margin.

In 2013 they sold 81.09% of all motorcycles in Brazil. Here are the sales figures for 2013.


19 March, 2014 - Italy: Supreme Court Rules Speed Radars Must Be Signaled
Italy Speed Trap Autovelox
Italy flag
#Radar #Law #Court - Don't you live Italian judges.

The Supreme Court in Italy has ruled that all speed radars MUST be signaled well in advance, letting road users know they are approaching a speed trap.


18 March, 2014 - Ad: Triumph Time Tunnel
Triumph Time Tunnel Ad
Triumph logo
#Triumph #Advertisement - It looks like the PR/Ad agency used by Triumph in Brazil is pretty good.

They seem to understand what motorcycles are all about.


18 March, 2014 - Review: 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure with MSC - Controlled Cornering
Review 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure
KTM logo
#Review #KTM - A detailed review of the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure motorcycle with MSC.

Controlled corning!


18 March, 2014 - India: Painted Bikers, Not Motorcycles
Painted Bikers India
India flag
#India #Painted #Hindu - Hmmmmm... it looks like in India they paint the bikers, not their motorcycles.

Maybe not a bad idea.


17 March, 2014 - Did You Say Shoes? Motorcycle Shoes? Like These?
AADesign Ducati Shoe
AADesign Ducati Shoe
#Shoes #Custom - A.A.Design paints objects with motorcycle motifs, colors and logos, making them stand out.

You supply the object, they paint it. Nice.


17 March, 2014 - Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2014 To You All
St Patricks Day 2014
St Patrick Day Sign
#StPatrickDay #PartyTime - Although an Irish holiday, it's become a global feast. Every continent nowadays celebrates the 'drinking' holiday, although many people don't even know the origins, or even that's an Irish holiday (honest, a local bar here in Normandy was celebrating St. Patrick's day, and they did not know it was an Irish holiday). But that doesn't matter, as long as we're having fun.....

... but be responsible. Don't party, drink and then get on your motorcycle and ride away. Have fun celebrating.


17 March, 2014 - France: Pair/Impair Circulation Starts Today - Including Motorcycles
Ad Pirelli Smoke Italy
France flag
#France #Pollution - Paris is starting a pair/impair license plate riding system today and tomorrow to fight a pollution peak that has already passed.

Another example why French politicians are not a shining light in the brilliance department.


14 March, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 14 March 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Some of you change winter/summer time, some didn't. Confusing. Hope you have been riding your motorcycles anyway. Here are a few of the articles that you may have missed over the last week.

- Opinion: The Factory 2 Farce - How Poor Communication Made It Seem Much Worse Than It Probably Is (Motomatters)
- Adventure Loving Boomers Give Boost To Motorcycle (The Spokesman)
- A Visual History Of Motorcycle Design (You Motorcycle)


14 March, 2014 - France: Double Whammy Radar
Radar Photographed Sign
France flag
#France #radar #Police - The French police in the Alsace region have a new game.

It consists of two speed radars on one stretch of road, and some interesting psychology. Nice game.


14 March, 2014 - Funny: Motorcycle Speed Limit - With Exceptions
Speed Limit not for Harleys
#Funny #Harley-Davidson - A funny speed limit sign.


13 March, 2014 - French ’White House’ - Elysee Palace - Goes Electric
Renault Zoe
France flag
#France #Electric #Government - The French Elysee Palace, the equivalent of the White House, is going to go full electric, replacing 100 diesel guzzling Peugeot 308 cars by electric Renault Zoe cars.

And maybe an electric scooter for the president ;-)


13 March, 2014 - Brazil: First Benelli Dealership Opens In The Country Of Soccer
Benelli Sao Paulo
Benelli logo
#Benelli #Brazil - Benelli opens its first motorcycle dealer in Brazil.

Now they have samba, soccer and Benelli.


13 March, 2014 - This Is Why You Always Want To Ride With A Helmet
Do not lose your head
#Funny - it can't be said enough times; always use a helmet on a motorcycle, since you may just lose you head otherwise.


12 March, 2014 - Idea: Liquid Filled Helmet
Liquid Filed Helmet
#Invention # Patent #Helmets - An inventor is revisiting an old patent that calls for a liquid to be placed inside a helmet to offer better protection.

And they are not talking about beer as liquid.


12 March, 2014 - Belgium: Road Tax For Every Kilometer Ridden
Road Taxes Bandit
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Roadtaxes - Belgium is planning to tax every vehicle for every kilometer driven or ridden on their roads.

They are going to put GPS trackers in every vehicle. Craziness knowns no boundaries.


12 March, 2014 - Cool Photo - The Spirit of Yamaha
Spirit of Yamaha
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha - Once upon a time, the brand with the tuning fork was a company that made pianos and motorcycles.

Here is a photo dating back to 1977 that reunites both "big" products of the Japanese company


11 March, 2014 - Ad: One Of Honda’s Better Print Ads - Hair
Honda Hair Ad
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Here is one of Honda's better print ads I've seen in a very long time.

It's for a very fast motorcycle, so fast it takes the hairs from your arms. Funny.


11 March, 2014 - Review: Piaggio Fly 125 3V - Chic and Low Cost Scooter
Review 2014 Piaggio Fly 125
Piaggio logo
#Review #Piaggio #Scooter- A detailed review of the 2014 Piaggio Fly 125 3V scooter, a chic and low cost scooter.


11 March, 2014 - Philippines: The Electric Tuk-Tuk Is Coming
Electric TukTuk Tricycle Phillipines
Philippines flag
#Electric #Phlippines #Tuk-Tuk - If ever there was one vehicle that deserves to go electric, it's the notorious Asian tuk-tuk. These tricycles that can be found as taxi in many Asian cities make a lot of noise and even more pollution. But they are fun to take when you need to get around.

So it looks like they are being electrified.


10 March, 2014 - Review: SKK - Squee-Kee-Kleen
Squee Kee Kleen
Squee Kee Kleen
#Review #SKK #Squee-Kee-Kleen - A review of the SKK Squee-Kee-Kleen portable (mini) squeegee for motorcycles.

Easily clean your windshield, mirrors and helmet. Easy.


10 March, 2014 - Europe Is Doing Well: Traffic Jams Have Increased
Belgium Traffic Jam
Europe flag
#Europe #TrafficJams #Statistics - Europe is doing better. One sure sign is that traffic jams have increased by quite a lot.

And the winner of the worst traffic jams goes to .....


10 March, 2014 - Women Ride Motorcycle On Woman’s Day - Just Like Every Day
2013 Female Ride Day
Indonesia flag
#InternationalWomenDay #Indonesia - Last Saturday, March 8th, was International Woman's day, and a lot of women were riding their motorcycles and scooters, like any other day.

No celebrations for them, maybe a little extra pleasure of riding their bikes. But no big deal.


7 March, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 7 March 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
It looks like summer has hit early over here this year; despite freezing mornings, afternoons are warm, if not hot. Good weather usually means less articles published, but here are a few I found that you may have missed over the last week.

- Motorcycling 2.0: Rethinking Definition Motorcyclist (Asphalt And Rubber)
- Review of Motorcycle Handlebar Bag for the BMW GS and BMW Scooters (Webbikeworld)
- MotoGP Rule Change Imminent: 'Intermediate' Category To Be Added Between Factory Option And Open Classes (Motomatters)
- More And More Women Are Riding Motorcycles In The US (Autoevolution)


7 March, 2014 - Where Are The Most Fatal Road Crashes in The World
Global Best and Worst Deadly Accidents
Statistics Article
#Statistics #Accidents - Where in the world is it safer to ride your motorcycle, and where is it the most dangerous?

A new report shows in every country in the world, the number of deadly accident per 100,000 inhabitants.


7 March, 2014 - Brazil: Motorcycles Celebrate Carnival Too
Brazil 2014 Carnival Motorcycle
Brazil flag
#Carnival #Brazil - Why is it only humans that get to celebrate carnival?

Looks like in the country made famous by their carnival, motorcycles get to share in the fun.


6 March, 2014 - Study: Driving Habits Of The Europeans - 2013
Europe Special Map
Europe flag
#Study #Manners - A recent study in 7 European countries show the different driving habits of Europeans.

Who are the better drivers, who the worst?


6 March, 2014 - Venezuela: Building Barricades With Motorcycles
Venezuela Motorcycle Barricade Building
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Barricades - There we go.... and good use of a motorcycle; use them to build barricades. Why use an expensive JCB or tractor? A motorcycle will do the job.


6 March, 2014 - Switzerland: Motorcycle Safety Campaign - Stayin’ Alive
Swiss Biker Road Safety Campaign
Switzerland flag
#Safety #Campaign #Switzerland - The Swiss have launched a safety campaign for motorcycle riders.

Nice idea for the poster, and they even have a video.


5 March, 2014 - Ami Powersports e-Tint Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
e Tint AX 10 ON OFF
e Tint Akari models
#Visor #LCD - Ami Powersports, through e-Tint, make automatic darkening visors for motorcycle helmets based on LCD technology.

Here is their latest product the Akari AX-11 insert.


5 March, 2014 - Video: Another Nice Video - Barbour International
Barbour International Spring Summer 2014
Barbour International logo
#Video #Barbour #CafeRacers - A nice video from Barbour International, a British biker clothing maker, with a nice video of BSA cafe racers meeting up at the famous Ace Cafe in London.

All that with some nice images, motorcycles and music.


5 March, 2014 - Syria: A Nice Motorcycle Ride In The Old Neighborhood, NOT
Syria Bombed Houses By Bike
Syria flag
#Syria - Jeez, I would not want to live there. What was once a great country and people until the dictators got their hands on them.

Now even a nice motorcycle ride is no longer nice, but sad.


4 March, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Brazil - Huh?
Harley Davidson Brazil Ad Asphalt
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Brazil - Yet again, Brazilian ads, this time for Harley-Davidson motorcycle, miss the mark.

Or is it just me not understanding them?


4 March, 2014 - Running An AC Device On Your Motorcycle
Smart AC Automotive Power Strip
HotLogic Mini Personal Oven
#Camping #Gadgets - Sometimes you need to have a device with your on your motorcycle that does not have a 12V plug.

Like this mini personal camping oven. What to do?


4 March, 2014 - On My Way Back On My Motorcycle With A Friend
Riding Motorcycle With A Friend
#Funny - I'm on my way back from a trip, riding my motorcycle with a friend. Should be back in my office shortly.


3 March, 2014 - Protect Animals And Yourself With This Paint
Albedo 100 Reindeer Paint
Finland flag
#Safety #Albedo100 #Paint - Finnish paint group, Albedo 100, have a paint that can be sprayed on animals that will make them visible at night (horses, dogs, etc).

They are painting reindeer antlers in Finland with this product. You too can buy this product


3 March, 2014 - Idea: These Are The Tires I Want For My Motorcycle
Nokian Studded Concept Tyre
Nokian logo
#Nokian #Tires - Finnish tire maker Nokian, have made a concept tire that can deploy studs at the push of a button.


3 March, 2014 - France: Cop Places Himself In Danger To Catch Speeders
France Gendarme Hiden Radar
France flag
#France #Police #Dumb - Here is an example of a French cop putting his life at stake in order to catch speeders.

It's illegal and stupid.



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