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28 April, 2006 - Formula One versus Motorcycle - The Race
Video clip inside
A video clip of a drag race between a Formula One car and a motorcycle. Boy, is that F1 fast !! What a difference.


28 April, 2006 - Betcha It Doesn’t Go Fast !
Wooden Sculpture motorcycle
A wooden motorcycle sculpture by Kim Kwang Woo.

Not bad, but don't think it can go anywhere.


27 April, 2006 - Ferrari Motorcycle Part 2
Ferrari Dino Motorcycle
After last months post on the Ferrari based motorcycle, here's more information. George, the builder, built a second Ferrari motorcycle.

One is a V12, the other a V6 Ferrari engine. Can there be anything sweeter sounding than a Ferrari engine ?


26 April, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200
IMME/BMW 1200 concept motorcycle
Two French designers have designed a special sports motorcycle based on BMW R1200 engine. It is so much of interest that BMW have taken an active participation.

Will we see the IMME 1200 in the nearby future ? A modular sports/racing motorcycle would be in the interest of all.


26 April, 2006 - Newsletter Update #2
This Site Article
You are now able to subscribe to the free weekly newsletter again. The Zookoda service is still in beta, so there might be a few hiccups, but you'll receive a newsletter emailed to you once a week on Sunday.


25 April, 2006 - Tankbag Protector/Alarm
Doberman Bag Protector
I've been looking for a simple, low cost, solution to secure my tankbag for long trips, without requiring me to take off the tankbag for every stop.

I think I found a solution that will not cost much and provide protection for thieves stealing the tankbag, or opening it.


24 April, 2006 - Love Coast Ride
Chateau de Mont Dol, Brittany
A look at the trip we took last week, with some photos of Brittany's (Bretagne) Cote d'Armor.

This place is motorcycle heaven; small winding roads, cliffs, forests, coastal villages and many great restaurants. If you're ever planning to ride in France, have a look at one possible destination.


21 April, 2006 - We’re Running Back Home
Running in front of the Motorcycle
We'll be heading back tomorrow. Today is my wife's birthday.

We'll be running, and running, all the way back home (see photo).


20 April, 2006 - Suzuki Diesel Motorcycle
Suzuki Diesel Motorcycle
Here's a person called Crazy Jerry who converted a Suzuki motorcycle into a diesel running motorcycle.

On his website he's selling a CD with the instructions on how to do it yourself. Tired of high gas prices ?? Here's your chance!


19 April, 2006 - Couple of More (Funny) Motorcycle Ads
Video clip inside
Three more video clips of TV ads for Aprilia and Kawasaki. These three are funny ones.


18 April, 2006 - Training Wheels - Part Deux
Safety Features Ghost Wheels
After a previous article on training wheels, I got an email with more information. You can actually get these extra set of wheels on a big motorcycle, that deploy like on an airplane.

It allows not only disabled people, but also bikers who are not tall or strong enough to ride a big motorcycle.


17 April, 2006 - Removing The Leaves From My Motorcycle
Tree Motorcycle
I'm off for the rest of the week, on a mini-holiday. There will be several stories appearing during the week (the wonders of technology).

In the mean time I had to remove all the dead leaves from my motorcycle.


14 April, 2006 - Egg on my face
Personal Article
Boy, did I fall for it. The story about the French Gendarme's new Kawasaki motorcycles was an (delayed) April fools joke.


14 April, 2006 - 1300 Start - 30 Finish ! Erzbergrodeo Enduro
Video clip inside
The Erzbergrodeo is one of the toughest, with some 1300 riders starting and only 30 finishing after 4 days. Here's a video clip (45 minutes long) that shows you why it's so tough ! The race starts again next month, May 25th.


14 April, 2006 - Golden (Wing) Retriever
Video clip inside
A short video of a commercial car towing service in Sweden who uses a Honda Goldwing to tow broken down cars. The Honda motorcycles can be bought from them.


13 April, 2006 - Tom Cruise/Triumph Scrambler/Mission Impossible 3
Triumph Scrambler Motorcycle
Tom Cruise is starring in the latest episode of Mission Impossible, riding a Triumph Scrambler. This is the 2nd time the motorcycle is starring in a big product movie.

Guess what the other one was...


12 April, 2006 - Fresh Coffee On Your Motorcycle
Nespresso in car unit
Two designers produced an in-car espresso machine. Easy adaptation to have it on your motorcycle !

Latte anyone ?


12 April, 2006 - Half of This Site Down Yesterday
This Site Article
This site was down yesterday due to a mapping problem at our hosting company. Anyone accessing could not access it. An alternative exists; try or


11 April, 2006 - France’s Gendarmerie New Supersport Motorcycle
French Gendarmerie Kawasaki ZZR 1400 Police motorcycle
The French Gendarmerie Police have purchased 50 Kawasaki ZZR 1400 high speed motorcycles ! They have formed a special "High Speed Interception Brigade".

The motorcycle is capable of 315 kph (195 mph).


10 April, 2006 - More Motorcycle TV Ads - Yamaha
Video clip inside
Yamaha logo
A look at several more international TV ads. This time it's a look at Yamaha, and one on Valentino Rossi.


10 April, 2006 - Double Symbolism
Lamborghini parked in front of Chinese first Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer
Two (even three) symbols of capitalism in the country of communism; how "gauche".


7 April, 2006 - One Way of Learning To Ride A Big Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson V-Rod motorcycle with Training Wheels
One way to learn, a Harley-Davidson V-Rod with training wheels.

What will they think of next ?


6 April, 2006 - Some Motorcycle TV ads
Video clip inside
A look at some "live" motorcycle ads (commercials) as found on Video.Google.


6 April, 2006 - Another Motorcycle Riding Politician - Romania
Prime Minister of Romania, Calin Popescu Tariceanu on a motorcycle
Calin Popescu Tariceanu, Prime Minister of Romania, riding his motorcycle.

Good or bad ??


5 April, 2006 - Excellent Document From ACEM
ACEM's Guidelines for Powered Two-Wheelers - Safer Road Design in Europe
ACEM published a new document today, that not only all governments should read, but all motorcycle riders as well.

Meant for the governments of this world, as a rider you can learn a lot.


4 April, 2006 - New Hybrid Motorcycle; Axle EV-X7
Axle EV-X7 electric motorcycle
Japanese manufacturer Axle showed a new hybrid motorcycle capable of distances of 180 kilometers with one charge.

Very futuristic style.


4 April, 2006 - Another Motorcycle Riding TV Chef
Web Article
Another food program is announced, this time in the USA. Chef Brown is going to ride around the USA on his motorcycle, looking at food along the way. Roadkill special ?


3 April, 2006 - What 1st of April Jokes Were Played ??
Fun Article
Were there any 1st of April jokes played in your country with regards to motorcycle ?

Here in France there was one big one.


3 April, 2006 - Newsletter Suspended
This Site Article
Due to some technical problems, the weekly newsletter has been suspended until things are sorted out. Subscriber list remains, and if you want to subscribe, that remains possible.



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