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30 April, 2007 - On The Way Back - Fast With Open Face Helmet
Fly in teeth
I should be on the way back. But there's a problem I noticed when travelling fast on a motorcycle with an open faced helmet.


30 April, 2007 - Paris - Get Wrenched While Parking Your Motorcycle
Vinci Park Motorcycle Maintenance area
Vinci Park, the management company of some 1,400 parking garages are now offering a special service to motorcycle in their garages.

Apart from special areas designated for motorcycle, they now offer in their first garage in Parsi, La Defense, the possibility to have your motorcycle maintained while you're on business (or shopping).

At the same time, you can also get your motorcycle cleaned.


27 April, 2007 - Video: Big Dog Motorcycles
Video clip inside
Here's a "funny" publicity for Big Dog Motorcycles. Happens to me all the time... ;-)


27 April, 2007 - Johnson Control Bans Employees From Motorcycles
News Article
How bad are things when a large company forbids its employees to use motorcycles during working hours. Johnson Controls did just that.

Maybe they should ban Johnson Controls!


26 April, 2007 - Where Do They Transport The Most On A Motorcycle?
Motorcycle carrying pigs
Some people carry a lot on their motorcycles. Here are some examples I've found in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.


26 April, 2007 - Rolls-Royce Sponsoring Motorcycle Safety Ride
Rolls Royce logo
Luxury car manufacturer Rolls-Royce are hosting a local BikeSafe effort conducted by the local Sussex Police.

30 Rolls-Royce employees will be given instruction and advice on how to ride safe.

The Chairman and CEO of Rolls-Royce is himself a keen motorcycle rider. So why can't other car manufacturers host these kind of events ?


26 April, 2007 - Motorcycle Jumping Over A Boeing 747 Airplane
Gilles Dejong jumps his motorcycle over a Boeing 747 Jumbo airplane
Gilles Dejong from Belgium jumps with his motorcycle over the wing of an abandoned jumbo jet during an event of Red Bull at the old Athens International airport on Tuesday, April 24, 2007. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)


25 April, 2007 - Video: Vespa Commercial
Video clip inside
Vespa logo
Here's a nice TV publicity for Vespa Scooters. nice, good music, good scenario.


25 April, 2007 - On The Road Again - Bring My Spare Tires
Spare Tires on motorcycle
I'm on the road again, on assignment. Should be back on Tuesday. Am traveling with my spare tires, photo enclosed.

Got no internet connection, so hot news will not be shown, but there will be stuff appearing, so don't leave....


24 April, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety - Helmets (Czech Republic)
Video clip inside
Here's a really nice TV ad for motorcycle safety (apparently from the Czech Republic). It's why you should always wear a helmet.

The interesting thing is that they don't even show a motorcycle!


24 April, 2007 - ScootGP, Not MotoGP
Scooter racing
Scooter racing!

Quite spectacular, considering that these machines are not race motorcycle. They have rather large skirting boards, small wheels, and you're not exactly sitting in an aerodynamic position.

This photos "stolen" from Vespinoy, where you can find tons of other photos of the scooter race.


24 April, 2007 - Video: Nicky Hayden Ads
Video clip inside
Usually celebrities "sell" themselves for TV ads, suing their name and face to promote products. MotoGP stars are no exception, neither is Nicky Hayden.

But his latest publicity for Michelin has got to be one of the worst I've seen. Here are a couple of his ads.

My advice: Fire his manager!


23 April, 2007 - Make Your Bike Sound Like A Real "Bike"
Fun Article
Riding a bicycle can be very dangerous, specially since no one can hear you.

That's about to change with the SoundOfMotion device. Now, your bicycle can sound like a Harley-Davidson, or a horse, or a steam train.

Now, imagine 100 Hells Angels or Mongols coming to the local bar on these... ;-)


23 April, 2007 - Heart Attack - Blame the Turkish MotoGP
After the Turkish MotoGP I'll be needing one of these standing next to the TV.

If any of the next races are like this one, I think there are going to be several people dead, not counting the riders.

How tame F1 looks compared to the full-contact MotoGP races....

Bring it on!


23 April, 2007 - Fashion Victims - Motorcycle Helmets
Nexx Demin Motorcycle Helmet
You'll find fashion victims everywhere, even in the motorcycle world.

Apart from haute-couture, you can now even get a demin motorcycle helmet, courtesy of NEXX Helmets.

Does it shrink when raining ? Is the pocket for your condoms?


20 April, 2007 - More Motorcycles Than Cars in Indonesia
Statistics Article
With 3.8 million motorcycles, and only 2.5 million cars in Jakarta, Indonesia, the State Minister is looking at banning the sales of new cars, hoping (in vein) to stop the rampant pollution.

Don't think his plan will work...


20 April, 2007 - What The French Bikers Want
France Article
The French presidential elections are this Sunday. No matter who wins, we, the bikers, are screwed.

French motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, asked what we motorcycle riders would like to see happen. here's the list of wishes.

I honestly don't think any will see the light of day...


20 April, 2007 - Official - BMW’s New 450 Motorcycle
BMW 450 Enduro motorcycle
BMW logo
The first official photo has been released by BMW of their new (but still under development) 450 motorcycle.

In their press statement, they outline that they have two World Champions riding their prototype in several Enduro races this year.

Is BMW making an attempt at stopping KTM's world domination?


19 April, 2007 - Fleeing On Your Motorcycle
Fleeing On Your Motorcycle
Imagine having to escape all the violence on your motorcycle, with 4 other adults and all your worldly possessions.

What a life!

Makes you realize how good things really are for you.


19 April, 2007 - Video: BMWR1200GS - Find Your Fire
Video clip inside
BMW logo
Video of a nice little commercial of BMW's R1200GS, called Find Your Fire.


19 April, 2007 - BBC To Help You Buy Your Motorbike
News Article
Live in the UK? Want to buy a new motorcycle?

The UK TV producers; BBC, are planning a TV program that advises people how to get the best possible deal when buying a new motorcycle.


18 April, 2007 - Not Nice To Ride Like This
Motorcycle in a sandstorm
Not a nice way of riding your motorcycle:

Sandstorms must be a major downer to ride in. I can't think of anything worse except maybe a snow blizzard...

Imagine coming home from a ride in a sandstorm, taking off your gear... sand everywhere, face burnt, eyes watering... yuk!


17 April, 2007 - Special Motorcycle Backpacks - Axio
Axio motorcycle backpacks
Thanks to Liam at the MotoGP blog, MotoLiam, I now know of a real, purpose built for motorcycles, backpack.

The company is called Axio (they are now sponsoring the Ducati Antin MotoGP team), and they make really nice, hard shell, backpacks for motorcycles. There... aren't you glad you tuned in today...


17 April, 2007 - Ouch - How Embarrassing
Motorcycle falling during Boston Marathon
Talk about an embarrassing moment!

In front of millions of TV viewers, dropping the motorcycle.... not good! Imagine the ribbing the poor rider is going to get!


16 April, 2007 - Easy Motorcycle Trailers - UndertakerMTS
UntertakerMTS motorcycle trailer
Sometimes you do not need to buy an expensive and cumbersome motorcycle trailer.

The UndertakerMTS motorcycle trailer is simple, and doesn't take up much space. Ideal for motorcycles.


16 April, 2007 - Sure You Want To Drive A Cage Here?
Vietnam motorcycle traffic
ICan't be easy being a cage in this kind of traffic....


14 April, 2007 - When Lawyers Fight
Motorcycle on fire
This is what happens when lawyers loose their cool....


13 April, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Products - 02
Video clip inside
Motorcycle products need to be sold as much as motorcycles themselves, so they advertise their stuff on TV. Here are a couple from around the world.


13 April, 2007 - New Motorcycle Mirror- No More Blind spots
Motorcycle mirror
There's a new motorcycle mirror on the market that practically eliminates blind spots.



12 April, 2007 - Video; Kawasaki - Mission Impossible
Video clip inside
Kawasaki logo
A nice TV ad from Kawasaki (again). They have the funniest TV ads from all the manufacturers.


12 April, 2007 - History of Choppers Book
History of Choppers book cover
For those of you who admire those rolling motorcycle sculptures we call Choppers, there a new book out there.

Called "History of Choppers", this 120 page book, is the first one in a series. With 200 color photos, the author takes you to the beginning of choppers up to present day sculptures.

Price: $27.00


12 April, 2007 - TomTom’s New Motorcycle Specific GPS
TomTom Rider2
TomTom have released their latest version of the motorcycle specific GPS, Rider 2.

There's extra hardware in the package (a Cardo Scala Rider Bluetooth headset), a RAM mount, and an optional car kit.

What's more interesting, is their new "buddy" system, that allows you to see where your buddies are on your GPS map.


11 April, 2007 - Female Motorcycle Helmets
Helmet Hair Pig Tail
Helmet Hair Pony Tail
What do you do when you want a pony tail, or pig tails on your helmet?

You can drill holes in your precious helmet, or you want wait until some motorcycle helmet manufacturer produces a helmet for women.

Or, you can go to Helmet Hair....


11 April, 2007 - Good Use Of a Garbage Bin
Garbage bin over a radar
Here's an innovative use of a garbage bin. Use it to disable speeding radars. Got any other great ideas ?


10 April, 2007 - Motorcyclist Hit By Bathtub
This is the stuff of nightmares. Sounds like truth can be stranger than fiction.

A 72 year old biker was riding along when a bathtub fell of a truck and hit him of his Honda motorcycle.

Talk about a bizarre accident!


10 April, 2007 - Marc Coma Dominates Tunisian Rally
Marc Coma
1st Enduro race of the 2007 season, and already Marc Coma shows the colors. The man who almost won the Dakar now wins the Optic 2000 rally for the 1st time.


10 April, 2007 - Sunday Biker
Video clip inside
Found a funny video of a Sunday biker on the Uncaged Librarian website. Wonder if it's real, or staged ?


9 April, 2007 - Video: Kawasaki 100 - Old Style
Video clip inside
Kawasaki logo
Here's an old fashion TV commercial from Kawasaki. They don't make them like this anymore. Good thing or bad thing ? You judge.


9 April, 2007 - Motorcycle Music - Real Music!
Bennetts Rev for a Reason logo
UK based motorcycle insurance company, Bennetts, have come up with a very novel way of increasing motorcycle awareness. They have created a musical orchestra!

Together with World SuperBike Champion James Toseland (a classical pianist by training), they auditioned bikers to play their favorite instrument - the motorcycle - together with real musicians. Called the Bennetts Bike Orchestra, they've played in front of the Royal Albert Hall in London, and at the British SuperBike race in Donington.

Click to see and hear them play.


6 April, 2007 - Red Bull X-Fighters - Mexico 2007
Red Bull X-Fighters - Gabriel Villegas - Mexico 2007
Here's the report of the Red Bull X-Fighters event held in Mexico last month.

I know that there are a lot of people who don't think much of these freestyle games on motorcycles, but even if you don't, the photos are amazing. I'm always dumbstruck by what they can do in the air on these motorcycles.

Don't try this at home.


6 April, 2007 - Video: Australian Suzuki Hayabusa
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
Here's a TV commercial made in Australia of the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa, the "out-of-this-world" motorcycle.


5 April, 2007 - Motorcycle Helmets with Bluetooth Roundup
Web Article
The big roundup of motorcycle helmets that feature Bluetooth technology. This report, which used to be annual, is now an ongoing report, ie, there's a database that drives the report. Any changes will appear as they are made.

The companion report, 3rd Party Bluetooth Helmet Add-ons, featuring 3rd party manufacturers' Bluetooth devices for helmets, will appear shortly.

It took quite some time to put the database/report together, but that was because many helmet manufacturers don't think it's worthy of their time to communicate with websites. They prefer the printed press....


5 April, 2007 - We’re Back - Kind Of
Geographically, it was a move of 100 meters, so apart from shifting furniture, it wasn't difficult. But try to interconnect two LANs via wireless. Not easy. Well, we're back, just a few slight problems to fix, and we'll be in full swing.


4 April, 2007 - Not Going Good - Service Will Resume Eventually
If you're reading this message, then it means we've not been able to get the office up and running. Blame electricity, computers, LAN, WAN or cows.

If everything keeps failing, there will be one more prerecorded message, and after that a (long) silence. Hope for the best.



4 April, 2007 - Moving Office - Hard Work Ahead - Thirsty
We're moving offices. Either the next message is a normal one, or a preprogrammed "disaster has struck" message.


4 April, 2007 - Anyone Want A Joost Invite?
Web Article
I have 4 invites left to the cool and stylish Joost program. If you want one, better let me know in the comment form. First come, first served.


3 April, 2007 - Video: 4 Honda Motorcycle Commercials
Video clip inside
Honda logo
A look at 4 different Honda Motorcycle ads from different countries, and different time periods.


3 April, 2007 - GPS Is Safer Than No GPS
Dutch technical research organization, TNO, have published a detailed research performed on drivers of cars with and without a GPS system.

Their conclusions aren't earth shattering, but interesting nevertheless.

In essence, if you drive around with a GPS, you have 12% less chance of having an accident.If you have 2 GPSs, would you therefore have 24% less chance of an accident ?


2 April, 2007 - Video: You Didn’t See Me
Video clip inside
Here's an interesting motorcycle safety video ad. It's about cars not seeing motorcycles.

I don't know if this ad was actually broadcast, but it's simple and very effective.


2 April, 2007 - TomTom Getting Ready To Launch Rider 2
News Article
Looks like Dutch Motorcycle GPS manufacturer TomTom are getting ready to launch their new Rider 2 motorcycle GPS. They slipped up, and put a flash animation for a short time on their corporate website.


2 April, 2007 - French Presidential Elections - Motorcycle Issues
Nicholas Sarkozy
Segolene Royale
The French Angry Biker Association, FFMC, have sent the French Presidential candidates a series of questions on their attitude towards motorcycles.

Surprisingly, the man who started the campaign against speeding by placing 1,000's of radars, Nicolas Sarkozy, is very much in favor of motorcycles. Yes to riding in the bus lane, yes to parking on side walks.

The leading contender, Socialist Segolene Royale, is totally opposed to anything that allows a motorcycle to function properly. So all she has going for her is that she's a woman, and reasonably pretty.

If only I was allowed to vote.



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