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30 April, 2008 - Video: Honda CBR600RR With Mick Doohan
Video clip
Honda logo
Honda parades multi-world champ MotoGP Mick Doohan to sell their CBR600RR sports motorcycle.

Mick invokes Valentino Rossi's name...


30 April, 2008 - Russian Motorcycle Blog In English
Russian motorcycle website in English
Here's a Russian motorcycle news/blog site that's in English. Interesting, since there's a lot happening over there, but now you can read all about it in English.


30 April, 2008 - Caught On Radar Sliding On His Motorcycle
Sliding on motorcycle
A biker in The Netherlands got caught by a speed radar doing 137 kph! Problem was... he wasn't on the motorcycle anymore... he fell!

Lucky during some bad luck, since he's not on the motorcycle, he's a pedestrian sliding at 137 kph, so he probably will not get a ticket!


29 April, 2008 - Rigid Motorcycle Tie-Downs For Trailers
DeathGrips motorcycle tie down
A new rigid tie-down system for motorcycles on trailers. Called the DeathGrips, it's secure, and most importantly, you can fasten your motorcycle on your trailer very quickly.


29 April, 2008 - Brad Pitt’s New Shiny Orange Motorcycle
Brad Pitt on a motorcycle
A-list actor Brad Pitt has recently been seen on his new orange motorcycle. He's got so many motorcycles, that it merits a closer look at what he's got.

Here are 14 of them...


29 April, 2008 - Chris Vermeulen’s Motorcycle Safety Message
Chris Vermeulen safety poster
Click to see the Video clip
Australian MotoGP rider, Chris Vermeulen, has put all his personal time and efforts in promoting motorcycle safety in Australia.

Posters, TV ads and a MySpace page, all dedicated to motorcycle safety.



28 April, 2008 - USA: Getting Married In The Harley-Davidson Showroom
Fun Article
Harley-Davidson logo
A couple in Ohio, USA love their Harley-Davidson motorcycles so much, they got married in the local Harley dealer's showroom.

Surrounded by motorcycles, they performed their wedding vows....


28 April, 2008 - David Casteu 1st Winner Of The Central Europe Rally
Dakar Central European Rally - David Casteu
KTM logo
David Casteu wins the very first Dakar series rally, the Central Europe Rally.

Started right after the cancellation of the famous Dakar race, it's meant to give competitors the chance to test their motorcycles and riders for the big event.


28 April, 2008 - This Site Is Now Closed!
Emergency Exit Sign
This site is now closed down! is DEAD!!!

Long live !!!

What this means, is that from the different ways you could access this site, only one remains active: NEWS.MOTORBIKER.ORG. That includes access via RSS. All attempts to access are redirected, which will slow things down for you a but.

I strongly recommend that you update your bookmarks...


26 April, 2008 - You Thought Yesterday’s Dog Was Good?
Several dogs on a motorcycle
If you thought yesterday's dog was pretty good, you're gonna love this one.

Specially, look at the dog on the top (the look-out dog?).


25 April, 2008 - Sit Dog, Sit! Good Boy!
Russian Police dog on a motorcycle
That's a pretty neat trick... I can't even get my dog close to my motorcycle when the engine is running...


25 April, 2008 - Kawasaki’s New Website
Kawasaki motorycles web site
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki Motorcycle Europe have done a major spring cleaning on their European websites.

Their new sites looks good (very web 2.0), fast and easy to use.

Nice job!


25 April, 2008 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar - The Indonesian Way
Click to see the Video clip
Bajaj logo
Strange and cheap Bajaj TV ad from Indonesia.

Is it a real ad, or a spoof?


24 April, 2008 - Flying From Your Motorcycle
Flying from your motorcycle
Here's how you can fly by using your motorcycle...

Boys & girls, don't try this at home...


24 April, 2008 - German Chancellor Looking At BMW Motorcycles
Angela Merkel and a BMW motorcycle
The name Angela Merkel rarely is seen together with the word "motorcycle", so it's quite surprising to see both of them in one sentence.

Now, if only she'd ride one...


24 April, 2008 - Ecosse Spirit: Frameless Motorcycle
Ecosse Spirit ES1 motorcycle
Is it possible to have a frameless motorcycle? Conventional designs call for frames...

The former F1 Engineers at Ecosse Spirit don't think so. They've designed a motorcycle without a frame; lighter, better aerodynamics and a lot faster.


23 April, 2008 - Too Steep? How To Turn Around
Ricardo Kuhn spin
Ricardo Kuhn in this animated gif photo shows us how to turn a heavy motorcycle around when you are stuck on a steep hill climb.

Wanna try it??


23 April, 2008 - Video: Canadian Motorcycle Safety Ad
Click to see the Video clip
A kind-of-lame motorcycle safety ad from Canada. Not much thinking material, but I guess it's better than nothing....


23 April, 2008 - Video: Taking The Piss Out Of The BMW GS Motorcycle!
BMW GS Spoof
Someone had a lot of time on their hands, and a great sense of humor. Here's a link to a video where they take the piss out of BMW's GS motorcycle.

It's very funny... seriously funny.... have a look.


22 April, 2008 - Uniformed Bikers: Croatia Motorcycle Police - Woow!
Croatia Motorcycle Police
Is this a good reason to join the Croatia motorcycle Police?

have a look at the motorcycle... the only thing missing are missile launchers, and maybe they even have those but are hidden.


22 April, 2008 - DVD Review: Brittown
Brittown DVD cover
Here's a review of the documentary DVD "Brittown", from the makers of Choppertown.

Nice movie about a bunch of bikers who wrench and ride English motorcycles; Triumph and BSA.

Good music, lots of interesting rides (dirt track, flat track....).


22 April, 2008 - Adventure Motorcycle Rentals
KTM Adventure motorcycle
Finding an Adventure motorcycle for rent is a very difficult task. Try renting a KTM 990 Adventure or R1200GS (or shortly the F800GS)...

Here's an outfit in Montana, USA that delivers the motorcycle to our doorstep. You can even rent them as guides.


21 April, 2008 - Bookshop For Motorcycles
France Article
Honda VFRE750F Manual
In Paris, France, there's a bookshop specialized in car and motorcycle books.

1,000's of books, modern and classic, rare-to-find and different languages. They've got a website if you can't come to Paris.

Can't find a book? Ask the owner...


21 April, 2008 - Protecting Your Shoes: Tucano’s Way
Tucano Urbano's Foot On 314
Tucano Urbano have a nice permanent solution to scuff marks on your shoes while riding your motorcycle.

Either that or buy an automatic...


21 April, 2008 - Russian Fire Motorcycle
Fire motorcycle in Russia
Found this old photo of a (I presume) Russia fire fighting motorcycle.

I wonder why these types of motorcycle aren't used to fight fires? It sure gets you to a fire very fast..?


21 April, 2008 - Dakar Central Europe Rally Day 1 - KTM


18 April, 2008 - Must Be Paris!
Funny road sign
It almost looks like this road sign was taken in Paris, France...



18 April, 2008 - France: Motorcycle Sales Progressing
France Article
Statistics Article
The first three months of new motorcycle registrations in France has been very good compared to 2007.

A progression of 8% over the same period last year. Kawasaki and Triumph both have had spectacular increases.


18 April, 2008 - Off Again, Back Tuesday
I'm off until Tuesday on a secret mission.

As usual, articles will be appearing like magic...


17 April, 2008 - Triumph Rocket III Roger Allmond Style
Triumph Rocket III face lift
Here's a very nice edition of the Triumph Rocket III motorcycle as commission by Bennetts Insurance company in the UK.

If only Triumph would dare bring something like this to the market...

It was produced by Roger Almond.


17 April, 2008 - KTM Rally Team Tackles First Central Europe Rally
KTM Rally Light motorcycle
KTM logo
KTM outlines their plans for the Dakar Central Europe Rally and their special motorcycle for this series.


17 April, 2008 - Volkswagen To Buy Ducati?
Ducati logo
Volkswagen logo
It's rumor time again. Volkswagen have let it be known that they are interested in increasing their product portfolio by supplementing it with a motorcycle manufacturer. According to sources, Ducati is their target.

Ferdinand Piech, the Chairman of Volkswagen (and grandson of Porche) also happens to be a passionate Ducati motorcycle rider. Coincidence?


16 April, 2008 - Minnesota Motorcycle Safety
Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center poster
The Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Center have gotten themselves a great web site full of useful safety information.

Meant to educate motorcycle riders about being visible in today's busy roads, the site is full of handy safety tips. I highly recommend a visit. Take the quiz....


16 April, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Bicycle
Harley Davidson Bicycle
Harley-Davidson logo
You too can be the proud owner of a Harley-Davidson. But not a motorcycle... a bicycle!

No, Harley is not abandoning building motorcycle for bicycles. They used to make bicycles back in 1917-1918, but stopped since no one was interested in buying them.

Except maybe this person, who is auctioning off the 1918 girl's model.


16 April, 2008 - The Netherlands: 9 October There Will Be No Traffic Jams
No Traffic Jam Day
On the 9th of October 2008, in The Netherlands, there should be NO TRAFFIC JAMS!

There you go... a long term traffic prediction. Three organizations want to prove that it can be done.

How about asking for more motorcycles? That'll solve most of your traffic problems overnight.


15 April, 2008 - Article Rating System Added
This Site Article
To make this site experience nicer, and to allow me to understand which articles are of the most interest to you, I've added a rating system.

Click on the star at the top of each article to let me know which articles you liked and didn't like. Easy?


15 April, 2008 - The Dangers Off Not Recalling: Manufacturers At Fault
Front tire damaged KTM
Many of us think that if there's a known problem with your motorcycle, that the manufacturer will do anything in their power to contact you and repair your issue, especially when your safety and life is at risk....

Well... you're wrong! Not all manufacturers make sure that their recalls are heard by all. Some don't say anything. Some say the minimum. At least in some countries, there are central databases that you can check, but many countries don't even have that.

Here's an example of what can happen. The story has an happy end...


15 April, 2008 - Japan: Motorcycle-only Appartments
Tokyo motorcycle apartment
In Tokyo, Japan, there's an apartment complex for motorcycle owners only.

In the city where space is at a premium, the building has enough space to park your motorcycle in your individual storage space. No cars, just motorcycle... don't you love it??


14 April, 2008 - Red Bull X-Fighters Mexico 2008
Mathieu Rebeaud at the X-Fighters in Mexico 2008
Spectacular photo of Mathieu Rebeaud at the RedBull X-Fighters in Mexico on the 4th of April 2008.

Takes a lot of guts to do these stunts...


14 April, 2008 - France: Motorcycle Village
Moto Village Lille
There's now a motorcycle village, like what the American have done, in the North of France (close to Lille).

You'll find several motorcycle manufacturers, accessories and even a biker restaurant.


14 April, 2008 - Cruising Your Motorcycle On A Ship
Bikes on Board
How to please everyone for their holidays? You want a motorcycle tour, your spouse wants luxury , pampering and new destinations.

The solution is "Bikes on Board". Bring your motorcycle aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship (Mariner-of-the-Seas).

A holiday for everyone...


11 April, 2008 - Video: Kawasaki Vulcan Go Green
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Here's a TV ad for the Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle.

Their slogan is Go Green, but somehow I don't think they mean Environment Green...


11 April, 2008 - Bluetooth Sunglasses
Interbrand Bluetooth Sunglass
How cool is that? Sunglasses equipped with a Bluetooth interface, allowing you to talk on your phone hands free.

The phone bit probably wouldn't work on a motorcycle, but you should be able to listen to your GPS or music while riding. Cool.


11 April, 2008 - German Police Motorcycle Phobic?
German Police firearms training
This undated photo shows German Police training in the usage of their new firearms.

The only problem is that the target is a motorcycle rider with his helmet! Is that what the German Police think about bikers?


10 April, 2008 - Trailering Your Motorcycle #673542
Motorcycle towing
Yeah that's right.. some people trailer their motorcycle.

But then, some people are smart when trailering their motorcycles, and some are not. Here's one that's NOT...


10 April, 2008 - Petrol Tax Around The World. What You Pay!
Petrol taxes
Oil is really not that expensive at this moment, it's the taxes that are killing us.

Here's a table showing you what countries around the world are paying in taxes at the pump.

So... Americans... stop bitching about your gas price.... you're the very lowest!!


10 April, 2008 - George Clooney To Ride A Long Way Across
George Clooney and his motorcycle
George Clooney is planning to ride around Ireland this summer on his motorcycle.

No dates, itinerary, companions or motorcycle brands are known, but Clooney does know that it's going to rain in Ireland....

Long Way Across??


10 April, 2008 - Nice Way To Get Those SUVs
Militia on a motorcycle with weapons
Most of us have had problems with SUVs riding on the road. It's almost impossible to share the road with them.

These two chaps seem to have found the solution...


9 April, 2008 - Cold Outside? Keep Your Motorcycle Warm!
Fluffy motorcycle
If it's cold outside, like it is at this moment in Europe, why not do what this German motorcycle owner has done.

Keep your motorcycle nice and warm, and fluffy...


9 April, 2008 - Now That Is A Big Motorcycle Parking
Motorcycle parking at the Jerez MotoGP
Imagine having to look for your red Honda motorcycle in this parking lot.....


9 April, 2008 - Real Time Color Changing Roads
Eurovia color road patch
Here you are riding around the winding roads on your trusty motorcycle, when suddenly the roads turn PINK!!

What do you do?? Give up booze? Stop smoking...? Go to an eye doctor? No... you slow down, since it's a new technology that warns you that the roads are frozen.!

It'll save your life!


8 April, 2008 - Video: Honda Motorcycles Featuring John Travolta
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a rare TV ad for Honda motorcycles featuring none other than John Travolta.

A "feel good" ad...


8 April, 2008 - Are Motorcycle Riders Rodeo Cowboys?
Haga falling off his motorcycle
Prancing horse
Look at both photos...

Are we riding untamed horses?


8 April, 2008 - Assen Motorcycle Race Circuit Downsizing
Assen TT
TT Assen Logo
The TT-Assen motorcycle race circuit have caved in to demands from the locals! The organizers have scrapped 20 races so far, most of them were motorcycles using standard street legal pipes!!

1) how dare people complain about motorcycle noise on a circuit when the circuit was there before they were even borne. 2) why does the Dutch authority want to stop folks using the circuit to race ? Would they prefer them to race on the streets? 3) why did the TT-Assen organizers cave in so quickly?

The MotoGP and Superbike races are not cancelled, but that will not take long before they are....!


7 April, 2008 - Video: Mazda CX-7. Who Are They Kidding?
Video clip
Yeah right..... Mazda think their CX-7 is so fast, it can easily overtake a Ducati...

In your dreams Mazda... try another take for this ad...


7 April, 2008 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Rest Stops
Motorcycle 24 hours of Le Mans poster
As usual, the French government and the FFMC (French Angry Biker Association) have put in place many rest stops for motorcycle riders attending the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans races on the 19th and 20th of April.

Here's the complete list of places where you can get food, drinks, gas, tire pressures, mechanics etc, and most important, meet your brother and sister bikers.


7 April, 2008 - Returned From Morocco, Safe and Sound
We're back from our mini holiday in Marrakech, Morocco.

Here's a quick view of the motorcycle scene in the streets of Marrakech.


4 April, 2008 - Funny Ad: Weru Windows
Weru ad featuring motorcycles
Found this funny print ad for Weru windows.

Good that they have sound proofing...


3 April, 2008 - It’s A Dog’s Life!
Dogs riding a motorcycle
Got my motorcycle, got my bitch, tank is full....

But where do I go??


2 April, 2008 - Motorcycle GP of France 2008 Is No Longer!
France Article
Racing Article
No, the MotoGP of France has not been cancelled but the name may be.

Some group using the same name (Grand Prix of France) want the MotoGP to stop using the term. You know, those folks who drive cars around circuits without passing each other, and when there's a duel between drivers it's in the pits and press that they are fought, never on the circuit. Well... they want us to stop using the term Grand Prix!!!


2 April, 2008 - Thirsty? Brings Lots Of Water On Your Motorcycle!
Lots of buckets on a motorcycle
You need to bring water with you when riding your motorcycle. Dehydrating is not a funny thing...

But this chap is going a bit too far...


1 April, 2008 - France: VIP Motorcycle Training Sessions
France Article
Learning how to race does not need to be a Spartan event. French company 4G, with two former 500GP racers as instructors, offer a VIP package to some of the most beautiful racing circuits of Europe.

Learn how to race your motorcycle (or rent one) while sleeping in luxury hotels, eat good food and be pampered.


1 April, 2008 - World Record? 14 People Transported By Motorcycle!
poeple on a motorcycle
Is this a record? 14 people are being transported by a 125 cc motorcycle!

Not bad...



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