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30 April, 2009 - Study: Riding With A GPS Makes You 12% More Fuel Efficient
According to a study, riding your motorcycle (or car) with a GPS reduces your time on the road, and therefore fuel consumption by 12%!

So where's the fun it that? Out goes the GPS!


30 April, 2009 - Five Interesting Roads To Ride Your Motorcycle On
Humpback road
Here are five interesting roads you may, or possible may not, want to ride your motorcycle on.

Some of them you've got to wonder if there had been a human being behind it when it was designed.


30 April, 2009 - Sugar As Fuel For Your Motorcycle
Honda CG Sugar
Reuters logo
There's a novel idea. Running your motorcycle on a bag of sugar.

Need to tank up? Head for the local supermarket and buy a bag of sugar...

If only...


29 April, 2009 - Next Week 5000 Extra Ticket Writing Police In The Netherlands
Koninklijke Marechaussee BMW K1100
Koninklijke Marechaussee KTM
Since centuries, the Dutch Military Police, called the Koninklijke Marechaussee, had many rights as a normal Police Officer, but one right/duty they did NOT have. And that was writing out tickets!

Next week, that changes, and now some 5,000 Military cops can stop you, and write out a ticket. Did you get that number?? 5,000 extra ticket writing cops as off next week!!!!


29 April, 2009 - Video: Belgium Safety Ad - Do Not Be Surprised By Bikers
Video clip
That time of the year, loads of motorcycle safety TV ads. Here's a good one from Belgium.

The ad is targeted towards car drivers, telling them not to be surprised by bikers. The ad is quite simple, but effective.


29 April, 2009 - A Strike I Do Like Here In France
EDF Strike
France Article
The French have a love affair with going on strike. They do it so often, that its no longer fun.

But one utility company has recently started going for full strikes, and now we LOVE them. This is one strike we endorse.

Find out why.... click on the headline....


28 April, 2009 - Several US Based Motorcycle Magazines Go Bankrupt
News Article
The holding company for several big US based motorcycle magazines has filed for Chapter 11.

Large motorcycle mags like Dirt Rider, Motorcyclist and Sport Rider (and many more) are on the chopping block.


28 April, 2009 - Video: Germany Motorcycle Safety Ad
Video clip
Here's an interesting and well done German motorcycle safety TV ad.

The concept is quite good, showing that when you increase your speed on your motorcycle, simple objects like trees and road signs become lethal for you.


28 April, 2009 - Record Your Motorcycle Ride in High Def
vholdr ContourHD camcorder
VholdR have just released world's first full HD, and lightest camcorder that is totally wearable.

It's a video camera that has been made for people like us, who ride motorcycles, and love to record the action.

The camera is 30 or 60 fps, 16:9 wide-screen and full HD. Plus it records 8 hours, rain proof, dust proof and will withstand shocks.

So it will likely still keep filming you while you are being carted into the ambulance...


27 April, 2009 - A Motorcycle And A Small Pickup
Motorcycle on small pickup truck
Optical illusion?

A really big motorcycle on a pickup truck? Or a normal motorcycle on a small pickup?


27 April, 2009 - Suzuki Gives Jay Leno A GSX-R1000 Motorcycle
Jay Leno and his new Suzuki GSX-R1000
Suzuki logo
Good old Suzuki North America "gives" a free GSX-R1000 motorcycle to Jay Leno.

The gift is because he's done so much for motorcycles in the US. But here's a man richer than God, with more motorcycle in his garage than most big motorcycle dealers have in their showroom.....

Not fair... but good for him..


27 April, 2009 - Australian Motorcycle Gangs Peace
It looks like the Australian government got its way with the Australian motorcycle gangs (called Bikies), but not they way they thought it would go.

It looks like all the 1%er biker gangs are uniting to fight the government....


27 April, 2009 - Finding Out The Real Fuel Consumption Of A Motorcycle
In today's world, you need to know what fuel your motorcycle uses. Maybe at this moment with a reasonably low oil barrel price, it's not critical, but remember last year?

It's going to happen again, and it's not going to take very long before what we pay at the pump is going to cost us a rib out of our chest.

So here's a community web site that lists motorcycle by year and model, and their fuel consumption as noticed by the rider, not the manufacturer. You can all help by adding your figures.


24 April, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 14 April 2009
Web Article
Here are the top motorcycle stories on the internet I could find over the last week.

- Friday Fives: 5 Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories
- So You're Taking An MSF Class. What To Wear
- OSi Cool Mesh Jacket Review
- How To Clean Your Helmet Thoroughly
- 12 Motorcycling Lessons I've Learned


24 April, 2009 - Ride Your Woman On A Motorcycle
Girl shaped motorcycle
Wow, he must really like his woman....

Have we seen any male versions of this motorcycle?


24 April, 2009 - Motorcycle Toilet: Us, Not The Bike
A new public toilet design concept is going to please us motorcycle riders!

The toilet is used while taking a motorcycle riding stance, something that's going to make us feel comfortable.

Now we can truly eat, drink, sleep and s#*t motorcycles.


23 April, 2009 - Fisherman Tales
Would you believe if someone told you they caught such a big fish...


23 April, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Motorcycle Transformers
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Here is one of Bajaj motorcycles latest TV spots. As usual, it's well done and entertaining.

This one is based on the popular Transformers toys.


23 April, 2009 - European Motorcycle Accidents Report (MAIDS) 2nd Edition Available
ACEM logo
Statistics Article
The European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association have released the 2nd edition of their excellent accident report; MAIDS (Motorcycle Accident In-Depth Study).

The 179 page report is full of data, reasons, locations, and importantly why an accident occurs. You'll be surprised to see what you learn when reading this report.

One of the MOST interesting statistics in this report: WHICH COLOR MOTORCYCLE IS MORE LIKELY TO GO DOWN! Want to guess which one it is........


22 April, 2009 - Video: Harley And A Truck - Mexican TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
A strange TV ad for Harley-Davidson motorcycles from Mexico.

I just don't get it... what's the message?


22 April, 2009 - Motorcycle Limo - The Only Limo Way To Go
If you need to arrive somewhere in style, like an important business meeting, a prom or your wedding, this is the ONLY limousine you should consider.

A real motorcycle limo!

Way to go!


22 April, 2009 - Video: Braun And A BMW Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Interesting metaphor. A Spanish TV ad for Braun electric shavers, mixing images of a BMW motorcycle riding through rough grounds, and an electric shaver trimming your beard.

Nice touch.


21 April, 2009 - Funny Motorcycle Scarves
Tucano Urbano face-tu-face scarves
TucanoUrbano logo
Bring a bit of fun into daily motorcycle commuting. Wear a Tucano Urbano scarf with a funny design.

At the very least, you get a few snickers...


21 April, 2009 - Aftermath Of The Le Mans 24 Hours Motorcycle Race
France Article
After the 24 hours of Le Mans motorcycle race, 1100 Police officers were deployed to catch speeding bikers.

76 bikers lost their license on the spot (meaning they got caught at at least twice the speed limit), and 41 DUI. No mention in the total number of speeding tickets, but for the 92,000 spectators, I would not be surprised if there were more than 1,000 tickets.

Looks like the real race was outside the circuit...


21 April, 2009 - Cool Motorcycle Sidecar, And I Mean COOL!
This is a COOL, if not ICE COLD, motorcycle and sidecar. It's part of the Cool Cycles Ice Cream Co's offering for those of you looking for something to do, and make a buck or two.

US$39,000 gets you a franchise, including the motorcycle, allowing you to go to events and sell ice cream out of the motorcycle sidecar.

What a cool idea...


20 April, 2009 - Orange Ear Plugs - KTM Motorcycles Of Course
KTM logo
KTM are selling some nifty ear plugs. You can have any color you want, as long as it's orange!

Great for long motorcycle rides, protecting your hearing. The canister that holds the ear plugs serves as key chain! Nice touch.


20 April, 2009 - Listing of Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation In France
France Article
We've produced a comprehensive listing of motorcycle friendly camping, hotel and gites here in France.

A Google Map, with different colored icons shows you where they are, and clicking on one of the icons will give you all the info you need.

Now you can really plan your holiday.


20 April, 2009 - Le Mans 2009 - And The Winner Is..
LeMans-2009 running start
Another 24 Hours of La Mans motorcycle endurance race is finished for the year.

A Yamaha R1 motorcycle wins the crown..... after a hard fought battle with Honda in the dark, windy and wet race.


17 April, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 17 April 2009
Web Article
Here are the meager pickings of motorcycle articles found on the internet the last week:

- Healthcare Punishment For Motorcyclists
- Biker Buff As CEO


17 April, 2009 - Video: Yamaha XTZ 125 Motorcycle Off-road
Video clip
Yamaha logo
A Portuguese language TV ad for the Yamaha XTZ 125 motorcycle, mostly off-road.

Nice action. The stuff you can do with a 125...


17 April, 2009 - Weekly Newsletter Having Problems
This Site Article
The weekly newsletter service provider is having problems thanks to the economic crisis, so newsletters may not appear.

I've decided to stick with them unless they go belly up, so patience.

Hopefully normal service is return next month.


17 April, 2009 - eRanger: Motorcycle Ambulance Manufacturer
eRanger motorcycle ambulance
As a follow-up of the article for 2 weeks ago about motorcycle ambulances in the Sudan, here's a look at the company that makes these versatile and cheap ambulances.

eRanger produces not only motorcycle ambulances, but also mobile medical clinics, water treatment and even mobile education units.

Very cool products!


16 April, 2009 - Guatemala: Pillion Passenger Are Only Allowed To Be Girls
In Guatemala a new law prohibits male pillions on motorcycles. No more, just women are allowed to ride as a pillion.

The politicians, in their knee-jerk reaction, hope to reduce the number of violent and often deadly attacks being committed by male pillions.


16 April, 2009 - Controlling Your Gate/Garage Door Via Mobile Phone
Interesting gadget. GateSlave allows you to open/close your gate/garage door by using your mobile phone!

Just call your gate (do not worry, it will not answer, so no charge), and it'll open and close if your phone number is registered. You can register phone numbers, even for a limited time period, via a web site.

Easy, simple...


16 April, 2009 - Yamaha: Please Do Not Use E10 Fuel!
Bio fuel pump
Yamaha logo
Yamaha France are not convinced that the new ecological fuel, E10, is compatible with their motorcycles. They are currently testing out the fuel on all their motorcycles.

In the mean time, they advise their customers not to use the fuel.


15 April, 2009 - Dangerous: Riding A Motorcycle In A Bicycle Race
Riding a motorcycle in a difficult and challenging bicycle race is far more dangerous to all than what you might think.

Lots of wounded this time...


15 April, 2009 - Interview: Tiffany Coates - Pre Mongolia Motorcycle Trip
Tiffany Coates in Malawi
Here's 14 questions I asked Tiffany Coates before she heads out, on her own, from the UK to Outer Mongolia on her trusty BMW R80GS motorcycle.

Find out what makes her tick... Would you dare go out into the unknown, often dangerous countries, on your motorcycle?


15 April, 2009 - Mio C523 V2: New Motorcycle GPS
mio-c523v2 GPS
Mio c523v2 GPS in ridermode
Mio from Mitac (the folks who bought Magellan) are releasing a "dedicated" motorcycle GPS.

Based on their car GPS, the C523, they added "V2" to it, and made it a motorcycle GPS. It does have some motorcycle friendly features (like rider mode that allows you to see several turning instructions in a split screen), but it also has digital TV!

TV?? On a motorcycle?


14 April, 2009 - Strange Road Signs #874632, And I Mean Strange!
Strange road sign
If you see this, it means I'm not back yet (despite my planning).

But then, if you see this road sign, better run!!!


14 April, 2009 - France: Autoroute Companies Waking Up To Motorcycles
Motorcycle toll booth
France Article
One of the main autoroutes in France, the A13 that goes from Paris to Normandy has finally installed motorcycle toll booths. This is great, since it means you no longer need to queue up for the manned toll booths.

And for me, it's excellent, since I often take that toll-road.


14 April, 2009 - Come Up With BMW Motorcycle Design Ideas, Win Money
BMW logo
You've been riding a motorcycle for a while, and you know what you want your motorcycle to do. So why not tell one manufacturer!

Here's your chance to tell BMW what their new motorcycle should have, and possibly win US$2625 in the process.

It's not everyday that a motorcycle manufacturer asks for your opinion, so grasp the moment!


13 April, 2009 - Video: Nicky Hayden and Amp’d Mobile
Video clip
Here's a TV ad featuring Nicky Hayden after winning the MotoGP motorcycle race championship advertising Amp'd Mobile.

But then Amp'd when belly up... No luck for Nicky...


13 April, 2009 - Motorcycle School Bus
Now here's my kind of school bus! The S'Cool Bike

A motorcycle turned into a school bus!


13 April, 2009 - Taking Your Easter Bunny For A Motorcycle Ride
Bunny motorcycle ride
The Easter Bunny is busy, and needs to go to many places.

So why not be nice, and give the bunny a motorcycle ride.....


12 April, 2009 - Happy Motorcycle Easter 2009 You All
Bunny Biker
Have a great motorcycle Easter you all!

Hope you have great motorcycle riding weather!


10 April, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 10 April 2009
Web Article
Missed anything last week on the net? Here's what I read during the last few days with motorcycle content:

- 7 Habits of Highly Effective Motorcyclists
- Testing iPhone's Based GPS Lap Timers
- How To Get Dedicated Motorcycle Parking In Your Town


10 April, 2009 - Crisis: Mondial du Deux-Roue In Danger
France Article
One of Europe's largest motorcycle exhibitions, the French Mondial du Deux-Roues, is in danger of having some of the top motorcycle manufacturers not attending.

According to the French motorcycle magazine, Moto Journal, Honda, BMW and Yamaha are in doubt. They have not yet cancelled, but their plans are currently unclear, and the required paperwork has not yet been submitted.

It would surely be a pity for a show that is held every 2 years to miss out of these biggies!


10 April, 2009 - On The Road Again, Bearing Balls
Motorcycle loaded with balls.
I'm on the road again, hopefully back Tuesday afternoon.

I'm in the Burgundy region, packed with balls.... Don't worry, I'll keep you amused with motorcycle articles.


9 April, 2009 - Hanging On For Dear Life - Red Bull Moto X-Fighters Mexico
Mathieu Rebeaud in Mexico 2009
Mathieu Rebeaud in Mexico-2009
Love'em or hate'em, X-Fighters are spectacular, and Red Bull Photofiles are the best of the best photos of these extreme motorcycle sport.

Here are two amazing photos of Mathieu Rebeaud in Mexico last month.


9 April, 2009 - Buy A Real KTM Racing Motorcycle - Slightly Used
KTM-GP-250 for sale
KTM logo
KTM are selling off several of their racing motorcycles used by their champions.

Here's your chance to own a real MotoGP 125 or 250 motorcycle.


9 April, 2009 - Spectacular Motorcycle Race Photo
Jumping motorcycle racer with hand in the air
Site Asphalt & Rubber published a really spectacular motorcycle race photo.

The kind that makes you want to see more of the sequence.


9 April, 2009 - Pirelli’s New Motorcycle Sport-Touring Tire
Pirelli Angel ST Tires
Pirelli logo
Pirelli have a new advanced sports road tire for motorcycle.

Called the Angel ST, it changes it's thread drawing after you've ridden it for a while. Nice touch.


8 April, 2009 - Video: Harley Ride Of Your Life TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice ad from Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

It's an anti-economic crisis ad... get a bit of excitement in your life!


8 April, 2009 - 2007 Motorcycle Market Revenue Around The World
Statistics Article
Here are some interesting statistics on motorcycle revenue in different countries and continents for 2007, their growth rate between 2003 and 2007 and how much new cars brought in during the same time.

Some countries have a lot of money tied up in motorcycles....


8 April, 2009 - One Million Miles On A Harley Motorcycle
Not only is David Ziel a former State senator, but the man is probably the ultimate long distance biker (and probably the most thrifty person in the world).

He has gone ONE MILLION miles on the same Harley motorcycle! Talk about a good investment!


7 April, 2009 - How To Make A Motorcycle Bomb
How to make a motorcycle bomb
Every wonder how to make a motorcycle bomb?

The Philippines Police force will show you....


7 April, 2009 - Cow Or Camouflage Motorcycle?
Cowhide motorcycle
Friend of mine took this photo. I can't make up my mind whether this is a cow hide motorcycle, or a camouflaged motorcycle....


7 April, 2009 - Really Scary Motorcycle Helmets
Talk about scary motorcycle helmets!!!!

Imagine late at night, in your car, minding your own business, when a dark motorcycle pulls up alongside you, and the rider is wearing one of these motorcycle helmets!



6 April, 2009 - Vintage Motorcycle Expo In Valmont, Normandy
Valmont classic motorcycle expo
It's not only the big cities that have motorcycle exhibitions. In the small shit-kicker town of Valmont, Normandy, France, last weekend they had a vintage motorcycle expo.

Here are some of the classic motorcycles that were shown.


6 April, 2009 - Sudan Combats Maternal Mortality With Motorcycles
UNICEF have deployed these special motorcycle sidecar ambulances in Southern Sudan.

The female mortality rate at childbirth there is the highest in the world, with one out of 6 women dying at childbirth.

The motorcycle ambulance will bring the women to proper healthcare facilities.


6 April, 2009 - French Motorcycle Mag Pulls A Fast One - April 1st
The French motorcycle mag, Moto Journal, played a well done 1st of April joke on their readers (on the 2nd of April...).

The claimed, supported by good Photoshop photos, that the Paris City Hall was going to come out with a motorcycle rental service the same way they are renting out bicycles.

Photos of a self-service motorcycle rental station, publicity and a fake interview with the City Hall project manager were included.


3 April, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 3 April 2009
Web Article
Here are the top motorcycle stories on the internet from the last few days:

- It Arrived Yesterday
- Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horn Installation & Review
- Henderson Motorcycles, An American Machine


3 April, 2009 - Hot Articles: Throat Microphones
Links Article
A new article series, introducing a product type, and then referring you to another site that has many of those products listed.

The product in question for this article is THROAT MICROPHONES.


3 April, 2009 - BMW’s New C1 Replacement?
BMW logo
BMW, under the "Project I" think-tank, are designing a new ecological motorcycle/scooter for 2012.

Based on the C1 scooter concept, the bike will have a roof, transport 2 people, not require a helmet, and will have some form of alternative fuel engine.

Looks interesting!


2 April, 2009 - Biker Rest Stops For The 24 Hours Of Le Mans
France Article
Racing Article
For those of you going to the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.


2 April, 2009 - France: Most Stolen Motorcycles 2008
France Article
Statistics Article
There has been a reduction in stolen motorcycles in France during 2008.

In the top 10 of stolen motorcycles and scooters, better not have a Yamaha, since you stand a good chance of not finding your motorcycle...


2 April, 2009 - Motorcycle Gangs To Be Outlawed In Australia?
Law Article
Australia is getting tougher on motorcycle gangs. After a spate of violence in public areas, they have vote in a new law.

If the biker gang is violent, they can be ruled as criminals, and all property and belongings confiscated. Gang members can face 5 years of prison just for belong to a gang.

The question is who decides that a biker group is criminal? This could be a law that is abused...


1 April, 2009 - France: 17.15 Million Speed Radar Photos During 2008
Speed radars are jackpots for governments. In France, during 2008, 17,150,000 speed photos were made (for 65,000,000 inhabitants), generating €550,000,000 in revenues.

Talk about a great ROI!


1 April, 2009 - Aerostich: Remote Control Zipper
Aerostich are coming out with the very first, remote controlled, electric zippers.

The electric zippers can be added to your motorcycle suite, and will allow you to open and close vents that are hard to reach while riding your motorcycle.

Isn't technology beautiful...


1 April, 2009 - Bulgaria: Start Of 2009 Motorcycle Season
Sofia-2009-Biker-Ride out
The official start of the motorcycle season 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria....

What? There's an official season??? I must have missed that memo...



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