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30 April, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 30 April 2010
Web Article
Here some of the motorcycle stories I've been reading on the internet over the last few days:

- Saving Money On Motorcycle Insurance
- The Motorcycle Book
- Video: Bridgestone Tires MotoGP
- AGV Helmets History
- How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft
- Wife Want Your Royal Enfield Sold? Here's How You Can Keep It And Her, Too


30 April, 2010 - Europe: TomTom’s List Of Most Congested Cities
Monster traffic jam
TomTom logo
TomTom, the Dutch GPS manufacturer, has been recording anonymous user data, and with that data, has compiled a list of Top 60 cities in Europe and their traffic jams.

With a Congestion Level indicator, you can now see how long extra a trip on your motorcycle (or car) will take you.


30 April, 2010 - Metzeler Motorcycle Tires Goes Social/Community Web
MetzelerMaps site
Metzeler logo
German motorcycle tire manufacturer, Metzeler, has gone social web. They have launched a community map & itinerary web site that allows you to record your favorite motorcycle ride, and for other to download it, vote for it and comment on it.


29 April, 2010 - Dakar 2011: Go North Young Man, Go North
Dakar 2011 Map
Dakar logo
The Dakar route for 2011 has been published, and it's a stinger.

It goes all the way to the North, close to Peru, where the deserts make the Sahara look like Miami beach...


29 April, 2010 - Video: DYL Motorcycle 2010 Ad
Video clip
DYL logo
A TV ad for DYL Motorcycles. Don't know who DYL motorcycles is????

It's a Pakistan version of Yamaha....


29 April, 2010 - Autocom Dead, Long Live Autocom
Autocom SuperPro Avi
British motorcycle communication equipment manufacturer Autocom, is one of many victims of the economic downturn.

They have gone belly up. But at least they have been taken over by another UK company, called TecStar Electronics, who already own the StarCom1 equipment.


28 April, 2010 - France: Insurance Company Subsidizes Airbag Vest Purchase
Helite Airbag Vest
In France, if you use a motorcycle insurance from Mutuelle-Europe insurance company, the will reimburse you between €100 and €200 for the purchase of an Helite airbag vest or jacket.


28 April, 2010 - DIY Motorcycle Funeral ?
DIY motorcycle funeral
Is this a DIY motorcycle funeral???


28 April, 2010 - Video: Michigan Motorcycle Safety Ad - Fairy Godmother
Video clip
Nice, and not in-your-face, motorcycle safety ad from the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning.

If only....


27 April, 2010 - 22 Print Ads With Motorcycles From Around The World
Ad WonderBra Scooter Czech Republic
Here are 22 print ads for general products & services, nothing to do with motorcycles, but that contain motorcycles or bikers.

The first one, shown here, is my favorite..


27 April, 2010 - Not Exactly A Very Manly Motorcycle For A Soldier
Thai Soldier Pink Scooter
Be a man, they said! Join the army, they said! And then they issued this pink/red 50 cc scooter.....


27 April, 2010 - TomTom Release New Motorcycle GPS - Urban Rider
TomTom Urban Rider
TomTom logo
Dutch GPS manufacturer, TomTom, have released a new motorcycle specific GPS, the Urban Rider.

Based on the Rider 2 GPS, it has been simplified and now includes IQ Routes.


26 April, 2010 - Shit Happens
Dirty Harry
Straight out of a slapstick Hollywood movie. In The Netherlands, a motorcycle cop was stopping a truck on the motorway to inspect its contents. When the cop rode his motorcycle behind the truck, coincidence or not, the rear flap opened up, and the trucks cargo spilled onto the police officer.

Initially the cop thought he made the bust of the century, since the load was white and powdery, but after closer inspection it turned out to be shit. Or to be more accurate, a fertilizer made out of mushrooms.

The truck got stopped, and the driver fined. The cop got to clean up himself and his uniform.

I wonder if the cop's name was Harry?


26 April, 2010 - 50 Customized Motorcycle Fuel Tanks
Motorcycle Fuel Tank
Motorcycle Fuel Tank
One of the parts on a motorcycle that has the biggest surface to customize, is the motorcycle fuel tank. Though you can't paint the whole Sistine Chapel on it, you can put some really fancy art work on it.

Here are 50 customized motorcycle fuel tanks.


26 April, 2010 - Gear Heads! Want To Buy A Gear Ring?
Kinekt Gear Ring
For those of you who like gears, specially those on motorcycles, here's a nice ring for you.

It's a gear ring, and it actually works. Turn the outer bevel, and all gears start turning. Watch the video...



23 April, 2010 - Video: Wells Fargo Norton Restoration Project
Video clip
Here's a TV ad for Wells Fargo bank, for a young couple who wants to restore a Norton motorcycle.

Fat chance that they'd get a load;... just save the money...


23 April, 2010 - USA: 2009 Motorcycle Deaths Down! No Explanation
Statistics Article
There has been a noticeable drop in road deaths by motorcycle riders in the USA for 2009.

Authorities are scratching their collective heads, trying to figure out what they did right.

... but we know why.... read our explanation.


23 April, 2010 - Harbortown Bobber Soundtrack Available
Harbortown Bobber Cd Cover
For those of you who enjoyed the great music in the Harbortown Bobbers DVD documentary, good news! The soundtracks have been put on a CD which can be purchased on-line.


22 April, 2010 - Mercedes Motorcycle Coming?
Mercedes SLK Trike Thailand
Here's an idea for Mercedes, since Volkswagen is looking at going the motorcycle route.... a Mercedes SLK motorcycle (actually a trike).


22 April, 2010 - Video: Hero Honda Passion
Video clip
Hero Honda logo
A feel good, and reasonably funny TV ad for the Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Honda.


22 April, 2010 - Belgium: Petition Against New Laws Against Motorcycles
A petition is circulating on the internet for Belgium. Motorcycle riders are against a bunch of new laws coming up that will greatly reduce their freedom.

Will it work? You too can sign ...


21 April, 2010 - Riding On Eggs
Riding on eggs
Errrr... riding with eggs... not something you want to bump into with your motorcycle.


21 April, 2010 - Funny Road Signs - Publicity
HobbyTown Ad Speed USA
Two funny road signs used for print ads for HobbyTown in the USA.

Nice ads.... not that you'd see these on the road on your motorcycle.


21 April, 2010 - China: Cool Motorcycle Rider, Really Cool
Video clip
Is this motorcycle rider cool, or what?

Don't try this at home, but riding your motorcycle through traffic while sitting sideways is impressive...


20 April, 2010 - A Victim Of The Volcanic Ash: Motorcycle Taxis
volcanic ash cloud Motorcycle taxi
There are many victims of the airline paralysis due to the volcanic ash, but one that never gets mentioned, are the motorcycle taxis.

50% of their daily revenue comes from carrying passenger from and to airports....


20 April, 2010 - 37 Motorcycle Related Print Ads From Around The World
Harley Bitch Gone Germany
Print ads aren't only for motorcycles, but also for motorcycle related stuff, like helmets, safety, oils, etc.

Here are 37 print ads for motorcycle related stuff from around the world. Some good, some bad, and some funny.


20 April, 2010 - Indonesia: Airplane Kills 2 Motorcycle Riders
Airplane Motorcycle Crash
In a stupid, but deadly accident, two people riding a motorcycle took a shortcut.

The shortcut was over an active runway of an Indonesian airport, just when a light single engine airplane was landing. Both bikers were killed on the spot.


19 April, 2010 - 32 Rat Scooters
rat scooter
We've seen a lot of photos of rat motorcycles, so here are 23 photos of their scooter counterparts, the rat scooters.



19 April, 2010 - France: A Closer Look At A Relais Calmos - Motorcycle Rest Place
Relais Calmos 27
A closer look at one motorcycle rest place, the "Relais Motard Calmos" put in place for the 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race.

It was a small one, but between 500 and 1,000 bikers were expected on Saturday alone. Paid for my the French government, the rest area is a great place to meet up, repair your bike, inflate tires, drink coffee, eat, and all that for free!


19 April, 2010 - I Always Knew Cars Were Dirty
Car Shit
I know why I like motorcycles, it's because cars are so dirty:


19 April, 2010 - 24 Hours of Le Mans Motorcycle Race 2010
24 Hours of Le Mans 2010 Motorcycle race
Video clip
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race were held last weekend, and here are 9 photos and 1 video for you to watch (the video is that of an impressive pit fire).


16 April, 2010 - Germany: Stay Away From Kulmbach April 24th
Police motorcade
Kulmbach patch 2010
On April 24/25 in Kulmbach, Germany, some 50,000 motorcycles are gathering for a weekend of fun.

Most of them are European motorcycle police officers! And the event is held in a brewery.... need I say more?


16 April, 2010 - Nice Idea: ChatRoulette and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
ChatRoulette Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
What a great idea to pass your message to young and connected people.

A PR agency in Germany made a sign for Harley-Davidson motorcycles, placed it in front of a webcam, and subscribed to ChatRoulette.

Simple, cheap and very effective. Have a look.


16 April, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 16 April 2010
Web Article
Here are the motorcycle stories that I've been reading over the last few days on the internet that may interest you.

- Five Tips For Being Seen
- Ageing Bikers At Greater Risk Of Injury Death
- 5 Ways Ducati Is Like Apple
- Motorcycle Touring Expenses For Those BIG Trips


15 April, 2010 - A Motorcycle Invention Waiting To Happen, NOT
Snot Gun Helmet
Here's a motorcycle invention that somehow I don't think will ever see the light of day:

Introducing the Snot Gun.... collects your mucus and fires it away while riding your motorcycle.


15 April, 2010 - UK: The Financial Impact Of The Motorcycle Industry
Statistics Article
A survey commissioned by MCI in the UK, shows that the motorcycle industry in the UK generates annually £5.8 BILLION (US$ 8 Billion)!!

Time to take note Mr. Politician!


15 April, 2010 - India: Naked On A Motorcycle For A Bath
India Naked Hindu
Sitting naked on your motorcycle, covered with ash, waiting to take a bath, is a pastime that seems interesting...

Wash yourself and your motorcycle at the same time....


14 April, 2010 - Video: Norway Motorcycle Safety Ad - Are We Just Bugs
Video clip
Nice motorcycle safety TV ad from Norway.

It's funny, but it's not....


14 April, 2010 - Latest Resurrection Of An Old Motorcycle Brand
Pannonia bol d or
Pannonia logo
The "old" Hungarian motorcycle brand, Pannonia, is being resurrected.

In the making since 2007, they have just released their first prototype, and are waiting for their permits before starting production of 55 units.

Will they make it?


14 April, 2010 - Someone Explain This Harley-Davidson Ad To Me
Harley Ad School Tours
This is one Harley-Davidson motorcycle ad I just can't understand...

... or I can, but just don't want to believe it.


13 April, 2010 - 22 Other Motorcycle Ads From Around The World
Moto Guzzi Ad Love Italy
Here are 22 ads for motorcycle manufacturers who didn't have enough ads to justify their own article.

They are not all unknown or small motorcycle manufacturers, some are very well know, they just didn't have that many ads on the net.

22 motorcycle manufacturers ads from around the world.


13 April, 2010 - France: 1 Year Prison For Speeding On Motorcycle
Jail Prisoner
22 year old motorcycle rider gets caught speeding on his motorcycle. He was doing 190 kph on the Paris ring road.

The judge threw the book at him: 1 year prison (no parol), €7500 fine, license gone for 2 years, redo the driving test, motorcycle confiscated.

A bit heavy handed??? Read on!


13 April, 2010 - Moto Morini Bought
Paolo Berlusconi
Moto Morini logo
The brother of the Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Berlusconi has just bought Moto Morini for €2.5 million.

He is also in talks for the purchase of MV Agusta.

Glad to see that Moto Morini's problems are for the time being solved.


13 April, 2010 - The Netherlands: Motocross Just For Homosexuals
The wacky motorcycle event in the South of The Netherlands, the KnasterCross has created a special motocross category for gays only!

A weekend of motorcycle fun, plus a race were only homosexuals race.... but how do you prove that you're gay?


12 April, 2010 - 51 Rat Motorcycles
Rat Motorcycle/Bike
Rat Motorcycle/Bike
Rat motorcycles, or Rat Bikes as they are known more popularly have been in existence since we've had motorcycles.

Rat motorcycles/bikes are "normal" motorcycles that have not exactly been cared about, specially there exterior (unless done in an extreme method, on purpose). Some are so ugly that they have become a work of art.

Here are 51 photos of rat motorcycles.... enjoy.


12 April, 2010 - The Way The Motorcycle Industry Should Treat The Internet
Fiat Yamaha Team logo
David Emmett from is a lucky man, and here's why.


12 April, 2010 - Great Idea: Locking Your Helmet On Your Motorcycle
Great idea for locking your helmet on your motorcycle.

Put the OJ Helmo on your handlebar (replacing your counterweight of your handlebar), and lock your helmet. Easy...


9 April, 2010 - Motorcycle Rest Stops 24 Hours Of Le Mans 2010
25 Hours Le Mans 2010
The 24 Hours of Le Mans motorcycle race is on the weekend of the 17th of April, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place many motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


9 April, 2010 - Ride Exceptional Motorcycles In The South Of France
Columbus Club
Now you can join the equivalent of the supercar clubs, but on motorcycles.

Columbus International, based in sunny Cannes, South France, offer an annual membership that allows you to ride one of their super motorcycles, Ducati, BMW, MV Agusta, or even a Triumph Rocket III.

Fly in to Cannes, pickup your motorcycles, ride via the beaches through the mountains, end up in the casino of Monte Carlo.

James Bond, move over;...


9 April, 2010 - Crash Your Motorcycle In The USA? Pay The Rescue Bill!
Motorcycle Accident Ambulance
When will politicians stop trying to take our money? Their next scam is having you pay for your own crash!

Take example in this story, guy gets hit from behind on his motorcycle, fire department arrives, and hands him a bill for $200 (the car driver got a bill for $100).

Is that what you pay your taxes for? "Crash Tax" - my ass!


8 April, 2010 - Vespa Caravan: Nice Photo
Vespa Caravan
Not only is this a really nice setup for the Vespa Scooter (with a real caravan), but it's a really nice photo;..


8 April, 2010 - UK: The Worst Pillion Passenger On A Motorcycle
Unknown Pillion Passenger
In the UK, Bridgestone surveyed British motorcycle riders, asking them who they would NOT want to have as pillion passenger.

here are the results;..


8 April, 2010 - Video: Ducati Multistrada 1200 Motorcycle Advertisement
Video clip
Ducati logo
The first Ducati Multistrada 1200 motorcycle TV ad to hit the internet.

Nice, but in Italian, but who needs to understand Italian when you look at the motorcycle???


8 April, 2010 - Belgium: New Safety For Motorcycle Campaign
Belgium Safety Do Not Loose Sight
Belgium has started a new motorcycle safety campaign, targeted towards car drivers.

The poster says "Do not loose sight of motorcycle riders".

They also have started a safety campaign targeted towards bikers.


7 April, 2010 - Riders On The Storm, Riders On The Storm
Motorcycle Sandstorm Minqin
When I saw this photo, the famous song from The Doors sprang to mind.... Riders On The Storm....


7 April, 2010 - 23 Royal Enfield Motorcycles From Around The World
Royal Enfield Magic Mushrooms India
Royal Enfield logo
Here are 23 print ads I found for the mythical Royal Enfield motorcycles.

They require little introduction, and many of the ads play on the motorcycle that has not changed much since they started many decades ago.


7 April, 2010 - India: Honda To Sell VFR1200F Motorcycle
Honda logo
Honda have announced that they will be selling their VFR1200F motorcycle in the Indian market later this year.

Since the motorcycle is not built in India, not even assembled, it's going to get a 110% import duty slapped onto it.

US$45,000 to get a VF1200F motorcycle????


6 April, 2010 - EICMA: Honda Motorcycle Back This Year
EICMA logo
Honda logo
Honda motorcycle have decided to grace world's biggest motorcycle exhibition, EICMA, with their presence this year.

Last year they cancelled since there was not enough money left in the piggy bank to pay the bills of the show...


6 April, 2010 - 18 Motorcycle Songs
Music Paper
Many motorcycle riders out there, like me, lover to listen to music while riding. Here are 18 motorcycle songs, including their lyrics that I have found that may interest you.


6 April, 2010 - China: Very Light Motorcycle
Balloon Motorcycle China
This must be a great way of getting an incredible mileage out of your fuel tank ... just make your motorcycle lighter!


5 April, 2010 - Happy Motorcycling Easter Monday 2010
Bunny On Police Motorcycle
Have a great motorcycling Easter Monday... I'm off for the day, hunting for eggs on my motorcycle.

Back on Tuesday....


2 April, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 02 April 2010
Web Article
Here are a few motorcycle articles found on the internet over the last week that may interest you...

- The Phoenix Dump Truck Motorcycle Deaths Were Preventable
- 6 Things You Must Consider Before A Canadian Motorcycle Ride
- What Is Causing The Recent Rise In Motorcycle Accident Deaths?
- Guinness Names Fastest Motorcycling Woman
- The Ten Cheapest Motorcycles In America


2 April, 2010 - Yamaha To Raise More Money To Develop Electric Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
Yamaha motorcycles is in dire need for cash to continue developing new motorcycles, specially fuel-efficient, low cost and electric motorcycles.

To provide their R&D department with the hard needed cash, they plan to sell more shares, US$816 million worth.


2 April, 2010 - India: Motorcycle Rider Killed For Hitting Goat
Goats Greece
What is the world coming to?

A motorcycle rider by accident runs over a goat in India, and the villagers beat him to death!


2 April, 2010 - Michael Schumacher Back On A Motorcycle
Michael Schumacher On F1 Scooter Sepang
It looks like Michael Schumacher just can't get enough of motorcycles...

He's back on one, and even riding it with one hand... the daredevil..


1 April, 2010 - Trusting Authorities With Tickets
Laser Gun Slovenia
My question is "do we trust authorities that hand out tickets & fines"?

It's one thing if you know you were wrong, but if you can't remember???

Here are two recent examples where the authorities were totally wrong (and will not admit it).

Money talks....


1 April, 2010 - France: They Just Do Not Get It
The French think they have come up with some motorcycle safety device on the roads, even the Prime Minister, says so, but in reality, it's of no use to us.

Their idea is a pole (that carries road signs, billboards, etc), that snaps in two when something crashes into it.

Only problem is that the "it" that crashes into it is a car, not a bike... we are too light.


1 April, 2010 - Anyone Hit By An April Fool Joke?
April Fool 2010
So.... tell me all about it! Did any of you fall for an April Fool joke (obviously motorcycle related), or at least see one.

Let me know, I really want to know what you've seen...



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