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30 April, 2013 - Ad: Why Some Advertisements Fail - Claire’s Female Biker Gang
Claire's Female Biker gang
#Advertisement #Claires #Fail - When I first saw this advertisement I was quickly drawn to it. What was there not to like? A motorcycle gang, all female and a killer slogan "more is more".

Then I saw the company name; Claire's. And that was it.... no other information. It doesn't say who they are, what they are selling. The ad is in a series of 4 ads, and none explain the company or product. So if you don't know the company/product you're still none the wiser, and if you do know the product/company you don't really need the ad, do you now?..........

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30 April, 2013 - USA: Unusual Biker Gang Bar Fight - Strange 1%er
Police Motorcycles Group
USA flag
#1%er #bikergang #police - That 1%-er biker gangs go for a tumble in a bar is what is expected from them ... more or less. Outlaw motorcycle gangs will pull out their fists (and other weapons) at the drop of a hat. It's then up to the boys (and girls) in blue to stop the bar brawl.

But what happens when the biker gang participating in a bar fight ARE the men (and girls) in blue?

The gang is called the Iron Brotherhood Motorcycle Club and despite having mainly law enforcement members, for the rest it's a typical m/c gang, down to the patches and nicknames. You even get rewarded for being in a bar fight...........

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30 April, 2013 - Idea: See Through Rain While Riding Your Motorcycle
invisible rain headlights
#Technology #Rain #Safety - Riding your motorcycle in rain is no fun especially at night, but the real danger is that rain makes it more difficult to see. It's like trying to see the bottom of a pool. When rain comes down in big quantities, the rain drops throw up a screen that makes our vision of what is ahead blurry. Couple with that your motorcycle's headlights illuminating the drops and you have a sure recipe for disaster.

But Intel together with Carnegie Melon University are developing technology that will enable you to see through rain (and the other forms of rain, snow and hail). They are using a camera that is stuck inside the headlight assembly, and when it detects rain, it anticipates the path the rain is taking. Since it know (more or less) where the raindrop will be, it can block out the rain drops that would normally be illuminated by your headlights..

In other words, it scrubs the rain from your field of vision, a bit like Photoshopping a fat roll from your favorite Playboy Centerfold...........

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29 April, 2013 - Valve Stem Cap: The Final Customization Frontier
New Valve Stem Caps
New Valve Stem Caps
#Quirky #Valve #Invention - We've customized about everything you can think about on our motorcycles; frames, fuel tanks, saddles, handlebars, wheels ... you name it and someone has customized it. But has anyone ever customized the plain old and very boring valve stem cap? You know, those boring black thingies that prevent air from coming out of our motorcycle tires?

As far as I can tell, no one has, until now. A Quirky project, in which the inventor needs your vote (so head on over to vote for this project), wants to change this. Gene Sherman has a better idea what to do with valve caps, since they do create a few problems:..........

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29 April, 2013 - Fight Evil On Your Motorcycle - Dark Knight (Batman) Helmet
Helmet Dawg Dark Kinight
Helmet Dawg Dark Kinight
#Batman #Helmet - Accountant by day, crime fighter by night? Need to fight evil while riding your motorcycle? Here's the helmet for you. Helmet Dawg are making the Dark Knight helmet, and if it's good enough for the Batman, then it's got to be good enough for you.

The lightweight shell, made out of thermo-plastic allow (GM48s) is DOT approved, and allows for a maximum of air ventilation. The liner is adjustable and removable, and if you've got to communicate with Robin, there are speaker pockets that allows you to install communication gear...........

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29 April, 2013 - USA: And The Winner For The Worst Congested City Is ....
Monster traffic jam
USA flag
#Traffic #Statitics #LosAngeles - Los Angeles, California. It's not the first time L.A. has taken the top prize, but last year this prestigious prize went to Honolulu. According to data company Inrix, L.A. drivers sat in traffic jams a total of 59 hours last year, a total of 59 hours wasted per year, per person - that's 2 1/2 days per year sucking in fumes. Honolulu, last year's winner, drivers sat 50 hours in traffic jams during 2012.

Honolulu was pushed into second spot, but at least Los Angles is in good company, since San Francisco was in 3rd place and San Jose in seventh. So in the top ten US cities where motorcycles really have an advantage, there are three Californian cities. Not bad..............

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26 April, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 26 April 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Spring is really here, and so is my hay fever. Riding motorcycle while sneezing is not fun. Anyway, here are a few motorcycle articles that have appeared during last week that you may want to read.

- The Basics on How to Break in Your Bike (Motorcyclist)
- Foreign Motorcycle Insurance (Michael Padway And Associates)
- Top 10 Commuter Bikes (The Telegraph)


26 April, 2013 - Video: Watch This Very Good TV Commercial From Bajaj - Excellent
Bajaj Pulsar 200NS 2013
Bajaj logo
#Bajaj #Advertisement #Stunts - By far, Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj make the best TV commercials. I don't know anything about their motorcycles, but their TV advertisements are really top notch. This time they have outdone themselves with some creative stunts and CGI for their Pulsar 200NS.

The 1 minute ad shows three bikes doing stunts on an attraction high above the ground, on a merry-go-round and in narrow streets. Cool images.


26 April, 2013 - France: 40 year Anniversary Of The Notorious Peripherique
Paris Peripherique
France flag
#Paris #Peripherique #Speeding - Anyone, and I mean anyone, who has ever ridden their motorcycle or driven their car in Paris will know about the famous and very notorious Boulevard Peripherique. The BP as is it abbreviated (but known as the "Perif") is the ringroad around Paris. It is a main artery for commuter traffic and it's always very busy, day and night.

This week it celebrated 40 years of existence. The BP sees 1.3 million vehicles everyday, travelling over its 30 kilometers in length (the Perif is 40 meters wide at its widest point). The Perif is also a hot debate point between political parties. On one side it represents a quick and efficient way to go from one side of Paris to another, but on the other hand, it generates a lot of noise and CO2 pollution. This has been one reason why the powers-to-be have reduced speed from 80 kph to 70 kph and are envisaging more reductions.

But no matter how busy the ringroad is, and believe me it is always busy, there are always people who speed...........

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25 April, 2013 - Idea: Ecological Toy Scooter - Can Galore
Aluminum Can Pepsi Vespa
Aluminum Can Heineken Harley
#Toys #Ecological #Scooter #Cans - Getting toys for our kids (or ourselves) that not only are cool and fun, but are also ecological is not an easy task. But here's one company that has made a toy that looks fun and is ecological. The products are toy scooters or even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

This Vespa, approx 18cm x 11cm x 9cm (7″ x 4.3″ x 3.5″) in size, is ecological because it has been made from recycled cans. You select the brand of the can; Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Schwepps Tonic or Soda.

The wheels move, the steering turns and the kickstand actually works...........

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25 April, 2013 - Anti-Theft: Maggi Active Locks With Alarm
Maggi FortKnox Active Square
Maggi FortKnox Active Blade
#Alarm #Theft #Motorcycle - Nowadays putting a simple lock on your motorcycle or scooter is not enough. Thieves have gotten wise to padlocks, chains and disc locks and can open them in seconds. Just locking your bike by using the steering wheel lock is stupid... a child can open that, just have a look at the video:

Today, you need to have extremely strong locks that take a long time to saw open, and you need something that will dissuade thieves from forcing open the lock, and that something is a screaming siren alarm.

Italian Maggi Group are currently supplying two different locks with alarms. Both locks have a movement sensor and a 100 dB siren. Maybe 100 dB is not the loudest you can hear, but can you imagine sitting next to a lock trying to saw it open while there is a 100 db siren blaring out into your ears? It's not going to be easy.............

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25 April, 2013 - France: Cop Dies After Riding Motorcycle Without Helmet
Minibike cop
France flag
#Police #Accident #Motorcycle - Cops should know better, after all they are the ones who give us tickets when we do not obey the law, not matter what the excuse is. In this case, the person didn't get a ticket, worse, he died, and the person was a cop.

A police officer from the anti-crime unit (BAC) died in a traffic accident while riding a motorcycle without a helmet. The motorcycle has just been confiscated during a routine traffic stop, and the 35 year old cop decided to ride the motorcycle back to the police station. The bike was confiscated after having been stopped due to the two bikers (rider and pillion) were on it without helmets. While the two bikers were being transported to the police station in a police car, the third cop took the bike and drove it to the station...........

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24 April, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your iPhone Into A Swiss Army Knife For Your Motorcycle
TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case
TaskOne iPhone Multi Tool Case
When you ride motorcycle you know you always need access to some basic tools. It's a given, motorcycles shake, rattle & roll, so chances are that something is going to give on your bike one day. For that you need to have some tools handy to make some quick repairs; basic tools like a screwdriver, Allen keys, pliers, etc.

But not all bikes have sufficient space to carry all these tools, and carrying them on you is a bit too much. Having a good Swiss Army Knife is one good way, or something like a Leatherman can save the day. But you need to remember to take it with you when riding your motorcycle.

But if you have an iPhone (4 or 5), this Indiegogo project can make your day. It's a crowd-funding project that has already received all its needed cash to turn this into a real product. We're talking about the TaskOne tool kit for the iPhone:.


24 April, 2013 - Video: Quebec PSA - It Is Easy To See A Motorcycle Rider
Canada Quebec Safety PSA 2013
Canada flag
#PSA #Safety #Canada - Here's a very well done, excellent even, PSA for motorcycle safety. It's from the Quebec Car Insurance Organization (SAAQ) in Canada, and even though it's in French, just the visuals say enough to understand the message.

The message (said in French) is "it's easy to see a biker, except on the road".


24 April, 2013 - Syria: How To Get Your Motorcycle Across The River
Syria Motorcycle River Transport
Syria flag
#Syria #River #Motorcycle - In civil war-torn country like Syria, riding your motorcycle over a bridge can be very dangerous for your health, that is, if the bridge still exists. So people do what they need to do to cross the river.....


23 April, 2013 - Scare The Bejazus Out Of Anyone On The Road, Including Cops
Predator 2 Helmet
Predator 2 Helmet
#Helmets #Predator #Motorcycle - Remember the scariest sci-fi movie monster in the universe? Predator was (is) the toughest monster that humans could battle, even Alien and worse, even Arnold Schwarzenegger had a problem fighting this fighting machine (it took Arnold an atomic bomb to vanquish the monster). Predator is tough and well equipped to fight anything and anywhere.

Well, now thanks to a Russian outfit, you can scare anyone on the road while riding your motorcycle. NLO Moto are selling Predator helmets. These helmets are custom made, so you choose what you want on them and how they will look...........

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23 April, 2013 - Growing Your Motorcycle In Size
Growing your motorcycle
#Funny #Motorcycle - Many bikers have small motorcycles. A motorcycle is a motorcycle, even small ones, but after a while you would prefer to have one that is bigger. Doesn't everyone?

So to get a good sized motorcycle, you need to keep your bike in a warm place, lots of sunshine, put oil-fertilizer in the ground once every 3 months, and give it lots of water, every day.

In 2 years, you will have a good sized motorcycle. Or if you want a Honda Gold Wing, you will need to wait 5 years.


23 April, 2013 - Ads: Honda Motorcycle Helmets
Honda Helmets Beetle
Honda logo
#Honda #Helmets #Motorcycle - I never knew that Honda Motorcycles sold helmets, but there you go. At least it looks like they sell them in Colombia where these two print advertisements come from.

Initially when I first saw them, I thought it was a pretty lame ad, but then I realized what the message is..... "a beetle, when you travel at 80 mph has become a bullet".


22 April, 2013 - WTF? Motorcycle Hair Styles?
Hair Motorcycle
Hair Motorcycle
I know that fashion can be very strange, a bit like art; it's beautiful in the eyes of the beholder, while for others it looks like a dog turd. I guess it's the same with hair styling. Some may be in awe for these "motorcycle" hair styles, while other just laugh and walk away.

But there's no doubt that it required talent and creativity to make.


22 April, 2013 - Study: What Will Break The Quickest On A Motorcycle?
Duct Tape Motorcycle Repair
USA flag
#Study #Reliability #Motorcycle - When we buy a new motorcycle, the last thing you want to think about is what is going to break first, and what will need repairs. But it will happen, at one stage or another, you'll need to repair something on your bike.

Consumer Report in the USA did a study on what breaks down on a motorcycle. They looked at consumer (i.e. bikers) who bought a new motorcycle between 2009 and 2012 and reported that their ride needed a repair that was not covered by the warrantee. The study involved 4,424 bikers and 4,700 motorcycles.


22 April, 2013 - Thailand: A New And Original Motorcycle Cleaning Service
Thailand Elephant Bike Cleaning
Thailand flag
#Funny #Cleaning #Elephants #Thailand - Let's face it, all those traditional motorcycle cleaning services get stale; Bikini clad girls cleaning your bike? Been there, done that. Powerwash? Check.

But it looks like that in Thailand they've got a much more original cleaning service - Elephants.


19 April, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 19 April 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Spring is playing hide & seek with me, but at least there's been a steady supply of interesting motorcycle related articles appearing in my browser. Here are a few from this week.

- Routine Motorcycle Maintenance | An Ounce Of Prevention (Motorcycle Cruiser)
- Does Riding A Motorcycle Reduce Your Sperm Count (Wehoville)
- Women Motorcycling Alone And Why Every Female Should Try It (Ride Like A Girl)
- Long Distance Motorcycle Riding (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Tough Biker Image (Two Tire Tirade)
- Backmarker: Interview With Andrew Wheeler (Motorcycle Usa)


19 April, 2013 - Porsche’s Attempt At Making A Motorcycle
Porsche Hess Motorcycle
Porsche logo
#Porsche - Over time, many car manufacturers attempted to make a motorcycle, some even started making motorcycles before going on to making cars. We've seen supercar brands, especially Ferrari and Lambo, in the form of a motorcycle, but usually the motorcycle was not from the manufacturer but from fans of the brand.

One brand that has never really been associated with motorcycles, apart from some contracted design studies (for the likes of Yamaha and Harley), is Porsche. German Porsche is one of those sports cars that when you say the name, people's eyes start watering: everyone wants a Porsche, few can afford it.

But Porsche actually one day in the past envisaged making motorcycles. They even made a concept Porsche motorcycle, in collaboration with designer Hess (Heß)...........

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19 April, 2013 - Video: Here You Are Riding On The Motorway When .....
Russian Jet Fighter Buzzing
Russia flag
#Jet #Fighter #Russia - Amazing video. It was taken on a Russian highway, and for the first 50 seconds it's just a car driving on the road. And at 50 seconds, look in the distance above the road. You'll see a small spot, and .. hint hint...., it's not dirt.

After the fighter jet passes, another one will appear at the 1 minute 30 second mark. Now imagine yourself riding that road on your motorcycle. Imagine the jet wash could just easily blow you off the road.

Looks like that is what happens when fighter jocks become bored. They start buzzing cars. Have a look at the video.


18 April, 2013 - Idea: PocketBand - Store Your Keys & Money On Your Ride
#Kickstarter #Pockband - This has happened not once, but twice to me. I went out for a quick motorcycle ride, putting the house key in my trouser pocket, and when I arrived home, the key had shaken out of the pocket and was gone forever. Sounds familiar? I now need to tie my house key, or put it in with my papers, but biker trouser pockets are never deep enough to stop stuff from spilling out. That's why this idea could work for me.

It's another Kickstarter project, ie crowd-funding (but you don't need to help out, they are over-funded), called Pocketband. Pocketband is a small silicone based wristband which can hold your keys and even money...........

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18 April, 2013 - Video: Dream About Aprilia’s New Caponord 1200 - TV Ad
Aprilia Caponord 1200 2013 ad
Aprilia logo
#Aprilia #Advertisement #Video #Caponord - It's been a while since we've seen an Aprilia TV commercial, but here's a beauty. The TV advertisement is for the latest version of the Caponord 1200, Aprilia's dual-sport motorcycle.

The scenery is meant for dreams, nice music to listen to, and some of the bike's specs are flashed on the screen. The ad is not innovative or creative, but it does make you long for a nice summer ride.


18 April, 2013 - Venezuela: He’s Dead Jim - Che Guevara Supports Maduro
Che Guevara support Maduro
Venezuela flag
#Che #Venezuela - And here I was thinking that the famous, or notorious, Che Guevara was dead. But no, he lives, and he wasn't spotted in Las Vegas in the supermarket with Elvis and Marilyn, but riding his motorcycle in Venezuela supporting Chavez's mini-Me.


17 April, 2013 - Idea: Spike Your Bike With Bike Spike
Bike Spike
#Gadget #Tracking #GPS -There's a never ending list of cool projects, products and ideas coming from crowd-funding web sites like Kickstarter. Many have not been created for motorcycles, but some can be used for bikers with some adaptation. One of those projects is Bike Spike.

The Bike Spike project is a very small tracking device that is meant to be installed on bicycles, but shouldn't need much work to be installed on a motorcycle. The hardware has not only a built-in GPS but also communication hardware allowing it to send data via the GSM networks to the web. And from the web, you can see where your motorcycle is via a browser, or by using iPhone or Android smartphones.

The device also has an accelerator module that can see if your motorcycle is crashing...........

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17 April, 2013 - India: Changes In Ranking Of The Top Motorcycle Makers
Motorcycle Parking India
India flag
The motorcycle manufacturer's position for the top production & selling spots in India have changed a bit. That's one part of the news; Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India has moved Bajaj into third spot. So currently the top ranking are;

1st is Hero MotoCorp (Honda's former partner but now independent) with 5.91 million motorcycles per year, now in 2nd spot is Honda India with 2.61 million units, moved into 3rd spot are Bajaj with 2.46 million units and then TVS (who recently partnered with BMW) in 4th position.

What's interesting in these ranking is that Honda was in 4th spot in 2011, and..........

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17 April, 2013 - Venezuela: Motorcycles Against Riot Squads
Venezuela Motorcycles vs Riot Police
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Riot - Brave people, pitting motorcycles against riot squads. This is not going to end well....


16 April, 2013 - Videos: Two Hyundai TV Commercials Involving Motorcycles
Hyundai Sonata Turbo ad
Hyundai Canada Mad max
#Hyundai #Advertisement - Here are two Hyundai TV commercials which have motorcycles in them. The first one shows a motorcycle rider as... what can I say.... a big slob on a sportsbike. Since all the other vehicles in the ad are dangerous, does this mean the fat biker is dangerous?

The second ad is from Hyundai Canada and shows an epic Mad Max-style chase between the Hyundai car and Mad Max vehicles, including a motocrosser, until they run out of fuel.


16 April, 2013 - Interphone’s Navigator: GPS Bike
#GPS #Interphone - The Italian Interphone have been making motorcycle intercoms for a long time, and have perfected their product. Their wireless (Bluetooth) equipment is top-of-the-line. Now they're trying their hands on a GPS made specially for motorcycle riders, the GPS Bike.

The GPS Bike looks surprisingly like the older TomTom Rider models (it's a re-badged Ndrive), it has a 3.5 inch screen, rain proof (IPX6), the touch screen can be used with gloves and most important for a company supplying Bluetooth headsets, it has got Bluetooth...........

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16 April, 2013 - France: 2 Government Ministers Have Motorcycles - That’s It
Najat Vallaud Belkacem
Stephane Le Foll
#France #Taxevaders - France is going through some strange voyeurism show lately, and it has nothing to do with s.e.x. After the latest tax evasion scandal, though this time it was one of the finance ministers responsible for stopping tax evaders, the current socialist government is caught like a deer in the headlights of your motorcycle; scared silly and doing things you'd expect better from a 5 year old.

To fight the illusion that politicians are not corrupt, the President of France has told all his ministers to publish on Monday what their current financial status are, including real estate, bank accounts and vehicles. It's not going to solve any perception problems, since a corrupt and tax evading politician will just not declare the off shore accounts, the same way they don't declare them in their tax forms. So a stupid and wasted political action.

But 1 interesting thing did come out of it. Now you can see who actually has a motorcycle. And there are 1 and 1/2 ministers who actually have a motorcycle:..........

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15 April, 2013 - The Most Dangerous Countries For Motorcycles In Europe
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#Accident #Europe #Statistics - The roadside assistance organization in Belgium, Touring, has conducted a research on the number of deadly motorcycles accidents in Europe, and correlating them with the number of inhabitants of that country. This gives a score of the countries where you are more likely to have a fatal motorcycle accident.

I didn't manage to get much data, except for the top 4 "most dangerous countries in Europe". The number you see after the country is the number of deadly motorcycle accidents per million inhabitants...........

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15 April, 2013 - Moto Parking: If You Got To Pay For Motorcycle Parking, This Is The Way
Moto Parking
Moto Parking
#Parking #Motoparking - I hate having to pay for motorcycle parking, but unfortunately in today's worsening economic climate, more and more cities are looking to charge for parking. Gone are the days that you could just ride up your motorcycle and park on the sidewalk. Gone are the days that no matter where you parked, it was free for motorcycles. But when I am expected to pay for motorcycle parking, I want to see something in return. And that is what Moto Parking offers.

Moto Parking are an Italian product distributed in several European countries so far. It consists of a strong metal box, metal pillars and a very strong metal chain. They have two versions..........

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15 April, 2013 - France: Record Year For Speed Radar Revenues
Radar jackpot
France flag
#France #Radar #Record - For those of you who still think that speed radars are there to reduce speeding on the roads, think again. They are there for one reason only, and that is to raise as much cash as they can.

Last year (2012), the 4000+ speed radars in France managed to generate an incredible 730 MILLION Euros of cash, up €100 million over the previous record year - 2011. On average, a single radar will ticket 5200 times per year. During 2012 12.5 million tickets were issued, many of them for only a few kilometers over the speed limit...........

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12 April, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 12 April 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Looks like spring has finally arrived. There's more motorcycle riding going on, and less motorcycle articles to be found on the world wide web. Here are a few I found during last week that may interest you.

- 15 Tips For Riding A Motorcycle In The Rain (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- How-To Adventure Prep Your Bike: Before You Go (Motorcyclist)
- Rideapart Review Star Bolt (Hell For Leather Magazine)


12 April, 2013 - India: Yamaha To Build Motorcycle Costing As Much As An iPad
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #LocCost #India - Talk about a low cost motorcycle. The Senior General Manager of Yamaha India, Mr. Yuh Motoyama, stated to the press that Yamaha are planning to make a 100cc motorcycle that will cost around US$500 to buy.

Today, what can you get for $500? An iPad? A GPS? A week or two worth of food? Imagine that shortly you'll be able to buy a motorcycle for that money. The low cost Yamaha motorcycle will initially be sold in India, but then exported to other countries, like Africa and Latin America...........

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12 April, 2013 - Finland: Putin, President of Russia, Banned For Being 1%er Biker
Vladimir Putin Biker
Finland flag
Vladimir Putin, President Prime Minister President of Russia loves a macho challenge. The more macho he can seem on TV, the better he feels about himself. Apart from flying fighter jets, riding in tanks, doing martial arts, he loves going on a motorcycle and ripping up the streets of Moscow with his posse (see related below), the Night Wolves.

The Night Wolves are a motorcycle club, not exactly a 1%er but neither are they a Blue Knights. And it's his belonging to this motorcycle gang that got him blacklisted.


11 April, 2013 - Patent: Ride Motorcycle Without A Helmet But Still Protected
Patent Protective Head Cover Liner
USA flag
#Patent #Helmetless - For those places in the world where you are allowed to ride your motorcycle without a helmet, many biker still hesitate. You love the feeling of riding without a helmet, wind blowing through your hair and in your face, but what happens if you do fall? Also, if you're riding in the sun, your head is going to get toasted.

Patent US20130042395 A1 filed in 2011 by Randy Litterini should put a stop to that. The patent is for a "Protective Head Cover Liner", and what that means is that with this patent applied to traditional headgear, like baseball caps, cowboy hats, bowler hats, etc your head will be able to take a knock without scrambling your brains...........

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11 April, 2013 - India: Who Wins In The TVS-BMW Deal?
BMW logo
TVS logo
#TVS #BMW #Venture #India - A lot has been written recently in the press about the TVS Motor / BMW Motorrad deal. The rumors had been circulating since last year that the two motorcycle manufacturers were looking at some kind of a joint-venture, possibly like the one between KTM and Bajaj. But is it the same deal, and will both parties benefit from it?

TVS used to be India's third largest motorcycle manufacturer, today it's been pushed into the fourth spot. Bajaj and Hero MotoCorp both dominate the local and export scene. TVS had a link-up with Suzuki, but since both sell independently, it hasn't done much to increase TVS market share...........

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11 April, 2013 - Guys, When You Need To Go, This Is Where You Should Go
4 Biker toilets
#Funny #Toilet - I don't know where this toilet is, but it's obviously where they like motorcycle riders. My kind of a toilet... sorry ladies, you'll need to find something else.

This doesn't take much money to make...


10 April, 2013 - Review: StickNFind - Never Lose Your Motorcycle Keys
Stick n Find Review
Stick n Find Review
#StickNFind #Bluetooth #Gadget #Review - We mentioned this Indigogo crowd funding project last year, a product called StickNFind that allows you to find your lost objects with your smartphone. StickNFind are small buttons that you can stick on almost anything, like your dog, cat, luggage, keys, motorcycle helmet, etc, and then using your iPhone or Android phone locate it. The "stickers" can on command beep and/or light up a light in case you are having problems locating the object (or animal or kid).

I was so interested in the crowd funding project I subscribed to it, and true to their word, a package was brought in this week by the postman. Here is the detailed review...........

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10 April, 2013 - Patent: Knee Air Flow Deflector For Motorcycles
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
Patent Knee Airflow Deflector
#Patent #Funny - Just the patent we've patiently been waiting for all these years. Back in 2008 this patent was filed and adjusted in 2009. The patent has one reason for being, and that is for deflecting air flows that magically hit you in the face.

According to the patent holder, Jerry H Biglake, air flows from the motorcycle's front wheel and than upwards via the knees of the rider, hitting you squarely in the face.

At least, that is what he supposes. What Jerry proposes is to mount a deflector on the biker's knees that will deflect the airflow coming from the front wheels...........

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10 April, 2013 - Europe: No Tire Brand Change Rumor Debunked
Europe flag
#Politics #Europe - A strong rumor has been circulating amongst motorcycle professionals, particularly motorcycle dealers, that Europe was going to install a law that made changing your tires for a different brand illegal. Sounds far fetched?

Actually, Germany has such a law, that requires you to use only homologated parts on your motorcycle, including the tires. So if a motorcycle manufacturer has homologated their bike with tires from Brand A, model B, than that it what you will need to put on your bike from now on. It is forbidden in Germany to go for Brand X, Model Z, unless that tire has been approved. Tire manufacturers are bound to keep tires in play for 10 years, after that you're on your own...........

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9 April, 2013 - Brazil: Another Weird Honda Ad From Same Dealer
Ad Honda Dorvalino Holes Road
Brazil flag
#Honda #Advertisement #Brazil - Although not as bad as the first one, and although I understand this one a bit more, it's still weird. Maybe it's a cultural thing.

The print advertisement is for the Honda motorcycle dealer Dorvalino Motos in Brazil, and the text reads "If this road was mine, I'd put some holes in it.". From what I understand, since they are advertising a dual-sport/off road motorcycle (the Honda NXR 150 BROS KS, a Brazil-only model) that you'd want to ride some holes....strange because no one wants to ride pot holes.

What do you think? Am I strange, or the ad?..........

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9 April, 2013 - Not Impressed With The Honda Gold Dirt? Try The Gold Wing Racer
Honda Gold Wing 1800RR
USA flag
#Honda #GoldWing - If you weren't impressed with yesterday's Honda Gold Wing dressed as a motocrosser, how about this? A Honda Gold Wing sportsbike, the Gold Wing 1800RR:

What you see here is the work of Cedric Smith who built this sportsbike. He used a front assembly of a Suzuki GSX-R 1000, the fairing of a Honda CBR 1000RR and the engine of a Gold Wing 1800. ..........

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9 April, 2013 - USA: WTF? No More Smartphone GPS Usage In California?
USA flag
#GPS #Smartphone - Sometimes I forget that there are other places on this planet that have nanny-states, where the government tries to control every aspect of our lives, from birth to burial. France is pretty bad at this, but I'd say California is a close second. In their latest drive to ensure that its citizens can't do anything that can be seen as remotely dangerous, they have disallowed to usage of smartphone-based GPS while driving, or in our case while riding our motorcycles.

Basically, some judge in a court somewhere in California decided that the ban currently in place that disallows you to talk or text while driving also implies that you are not allowed to use your smartphone to navigate through the roads of California. If you want to use your smartphone's GPS, do it at home..............

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8 April, 2013 - So You Think Your Motocrosser Is Too Light? Try This
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
Honda Gold Wing XR 1500R
#Honda #GoldWing #Funny - Motocross motorcycles are tough, powerful and light. After all, you need to be able to pull yourself and the bike out of mud, ruts and sand. So it pays having a motorcycle that weighs next to nothing. Right?

Well some Dutch bikers don't think the same as you. They prefer heavier motorcycles to race down the mud. And what can get heavier than a Honda Gold Wing (well maybe a Victory, Rocket III or Valkyrie). So they went about and modified several Honda Gold Wings from decent & comfortable long distance motorcycles into machines that could go anywhere, especially mud and dirt.

I don't think they'll try this with a brand-new 1800 cc motorcycle, those pesky airbags are going to get in the way of jumps, but they did take a 1400 cc and 1200 cc...........

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8 April, 2013 - Video: Watch Jorge Lorenzo Be Turned Down By Girls
Lorenzo Sector Ad Girls
Sector logo
#Sector #Lorenzo - Even if you are the reigning world champion MotoGP, it doesn't mean you can do any commercial you want. You need to satisfy your sponsors, even when it means doing a TV commercial that's iffy.

That's what Jorge Lorenzo must have felt doing this ad for watchmaker Sector. It's not really a problem for him, either as a person or financially, but the ad is pretty macho. Girls are only interested in him if he wears a "nice" watch...... if that was the case I would be Don Juan....

Anyway, as ads go, it's not bad, funny if you can overlook the macho business. Jorge is a cool guy, and in the end he rides of in the sunset with two pretty girls in his.... sidecar.


8 April, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Rest Stops Bol D’Or 2013
Bol Dor 2012
For those of you going to the Bol d'Or motorcycle endurance race, and going by motorcycle, here are all the active motorcycle rest stops.

At the "Relais Calmos Motards" you will be able to rest between bikers, eat, hot drinks, check your tire pressure, minor repairs, etc.

Do watch out of the police before and after these rest stop, they are ALWAYS there!


8 April, 2013 - India: TVS Motor And BMW To Make Joint-Venture?
BMW TVS Motor Tie Up
India flag
#India #BMW #TVS - TVS Motor, India's fourth motorcycle manufacturer, is looking at an expected tie-up with German BMW. KTM are heavy into Bajaj (actually, it's Bajaj who is into KTM), and the partnership/relationship is working fine, so it makes sense for BMW to look for a partner in India.

The alliance would call for a technology collaboration, manufacturing of motorcycles and distribution.

TVS have a range of small displacement motorcycles, typically in the 160 to 180 cc range and are looking to produce more premium motorcycles, while BMW needs better access to the blossoming Indian market...........

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5 April, 2013 - Video: Watch The Motorcycle Life In The UK In The 60s
UK 1960 Motorcycle Documentary
UK flag
#Britain #Vintage #Video - Here's an excellent video "documentary" of life in the UK during the 60's of the motorcycle world. It shows several aspects of the biker world then; cafe racers, ton up boys, 59 Club, messenger service, motorcycle charity organizations, etc.

The video quality is exceptional, it looks like it was made recently until you see the "vintage' motorcycles, clothing style and hairdos. It gives a very good insight of the British biker world during the 60's. Excellent...........

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5 April, 2013 - France: Motophobia Of The French Airport Orly
Orly Ouest Motorcycle taxi Move
France flag
#Taxi #France #Orly - The life of the French motorcycle taxi is overflown with obstacles, and they are usually not the ones you find on the road. The obstacles encountered by French motorcycle cabs are political, car taxis and obstructive & motophobic airport authorities.

In the latest slap in the face, ADP, the operators of Orly Ouest (West) decided to move motorcycle taxis to another place. Already a few years ago they closed the motorcycle taxi information booth (see related below) and now they decided to move passenger pickup from the door next to the "normal" taxis to the furthest away point in the airport (see diagram).

What this means is that business people who come to Paris for the day, find themselves walking a very long distance to get to their motorcycle taxi. Often these people are pressed for time, the reason they go for motorcycle taxis since normal taxis during rush hours can take hours, and now they need to rush to the other side of the airport to get their ride, not exactly passenger friendly but the airport has caved in several times under pressure of the 4 wheel taxis. To hell with the actual customer!..........

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5 April, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 5 April 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Will the winter ever end? Cabin fever and PMS suffering to the extreme. Anyway, here are a few motorcycle articles that have appeared during last week to keep you busy in case you can't ride your motorcycle. - Xena XX10 Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm (Webbikeworld)
- Spotted Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Caught Testing (Bike Advice)
- Ice Cream Sandwich Motorcycle Revving Up For Launch (Washington City Paper)
- One Of The Many Possible Reasons Car Drivers Do Not See Motorcycles (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


4 April, 2013 - Real Armored Motorcycle Clothing - Bullet Proof
Miguel Caballero RoadPower
Colombia flag
#Armor #Bulletproof #ATGATT - When we talk about protective clothing on our motorcycles we often talk about "armor". When an outsider hears us talking about our armor they envisage SWAT team-like clothing, or soldiers doing the rounds in Afghanistan. But in reality, motorcycle armor is usually a bit of plastic (if you're lucky it's liquid metal from D3O) with some Kevlar. That's it.

But you can go the whole hog. Columbian company "Miguel Caballero" has combined both motorcycle and personal protective clothing; bullet proof motorcycle clothing.

He should know about what is needed, living in one of the hot spots of the world with drug & political assassinations, kidnappings and many other violence that plagues that part of the world. Miguel started his clothing line because he realized that many "people" needed discreet protection. So he started making discreet & stylish bullet proof jackets, using leather on the outside, making it look like a normal jacket, not bullet stopping materials. He quickly branched out, and one of his successful lines of clothing is motorcycle gear...........

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4 April, 2013 - Video: Watch These Nutty Czechs Do An Original BMW R1200GS Test Ride
Motodenik BMW R1200GS Test
Czech Republic flag
#BMW #Snow #Review #R1200GS - Somehow the guys at the Czech motorcycle site managed to talk BMW into loaning them their brand-new R1200GS for a test ride. Little did BMW know that they would be taking the motorcycle out on an extreme test ride.

What these nutty Czechs did was ride the Beemer up a mountain in thick ice and snowy conditions. The video below is that of the test drive. The first minute is pretty normal, the roads have been cleared, but then the road is iced up. This not only doesn't deter them, they are still riding with throttle open. At one stage they get to a slope that is too high and need to be pushed since the rear wheel is spinning like crazy. But they manage to get to the top without falling, and at high speed. Amazing...........

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4 April, 2013 - Might As Well Drive A Car - Almost A Motorcycle
Almost A Car Motorcycle
Roof, heating, mini-fridge.... it all points to some luxury car, not a motorcycle.

The only thing missing is an extra set of wheels. But I have to be honest and say I lust for a Honda Gold Wing....


3 April, 2013 - Watch The 1st Season Of "The Clandestine" For Free
The Clandestine Banner
#Comedy #TheClandestine - The first full season of the hit web TV series "The Clandestine" is now available for viewing, and the good news is that it's totally free. The Clandestine started as a Kickstarter project last year in the UK, and the comedy series is a cross between "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Office".

The storyline is a couple of office workers start a "vicious" motorcycle gang, a 1%er biker gang. Of course, since it's a comedy, nothing goes the way they intended it to go.

There are 13 episodes out, each funnier than the next. In contrast with regular TV, the episodes don't last long, about 5 minutes each, and in very sharp contrast with American TV, the words they use would be very frowned upon in the US office, so if you're looking at them in your cubicle, turn down the volume...........

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3 April, 2013 - Video: Redline Motorcycle Clothing - Interesting
Poland flag
Here's a TV commercial for Redline, a Polish motorcycle clothing outfit. The ad is interesting as they used a video game-like images, with a motorcycle dodging traffic or racing on a circuit while wearing the Redline gear.

Nice way of introducing a clothing line, and as games go, this would be fun. Maybe they should bring it out as a downloadable game...


3 April, 2013 - Yemen: Motorcyclists Protest 5 Day Riding Ban
Yemen Motorcycle Protest
Yemen flag
#Protest - Really! It really looks like politicians are dumb creatures anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter where you live, if there are politicians you know that a) your life has become complicated and b) they enrich themselves.

Why ban motorcycles for 5 days to ensure that a conference is safe? The mind boggles....


2 April, 2013 - Ad: Saridon Motorcycle Helmet - Gone Right Past Me
Saridon Helmet
Venezuela flag
#Bayer #Advertisement - Normally speaking advertisements, especially print ones, need to convey a message with seconds of seeing it. When flipping through a magazine all ads are vying for your attention. So the ad must be visually interesting and tell its message immediately. In other words, don't make the reader guess what you are trying to say, like this ad...

The ad is made in Venezuela and is for Bayer's Saridon, a headache ..........

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2 April, 2013 - Europe: Explanation About Motorcycle Clothing Norm EN 1621-1
EN 1621 1 Pictogram
Europe flag
#Safety #Norms #Armor - As you may know, here in Europe we "love" norms & standards. Mostly created by politicians who have nothing better to do than impose more and more rules and regulations on motorcyclists, some of these norms are meant to inform motorcycle riders about the equipment they are buying. It's a kind of "leveling the playing field" approach, so that you can purchase the right safety gear that applies to you.

Back in 1997 they came up with a standard for motorcycle armor, called the EN 1621-1 standard. It got updated in 2003 and the last update was last year. The norm is there to make sure you understand what level of protection you'll be getting with the gear. To make it "simple" to understand, they came up with a pictogram, a drawing that shows you to what levels the motorcycle armor will protect you. You'll be finding these pictograms on the clothing you'll be buying in stores. It's an European wide norm.

Here's a brief description of what the pictogram represents...........

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2 April, 2013 - France: Video Ticketing Has Begun
Video Fining Sign Marseille
France flag
#Fines #CCTV #Video #France - In France politicians are grasping at any straw to get money into the state's purse. Things are going bad, with more and more unemployment and deficit, higher taxes, more factories closing down and therefore innumerable ways of ticketing cars and motorcycles. It looks like every few months the authorities think of new ways of parting motorcyclists and car drivers with their hard earned money. We've already seen all sorts of radars, but now the latest weapon to get your money has started in Paris on April 2nd; VIDEO.

The French had reluctantly started rolling out video surveillance equipment to fight crime (it's too expensive while money can be better spent getting money from hard working citizens), but now suddenly someone realized that you can actually use video cameras to find ways of making money. A plan was immediately put into place, and with a speed that you will never see a government do for something good & proper, the video surveillance cameras will now fine you for a host of issues:..........

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1 April, 2013 - Easter Monday - We Are Closed Today, Off For An Ice Cold Motorcycle Ride
Ice Cold Ride
#Funny #Winter - It's Easter Monday, and since I haven't been on my motorcycle for weeks, I decided to brave the ice cold winter conditions and go for a ride. See you tomorrow after having unthawed.



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