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31 May, 2006 - How To Piss Off BMW Motorcycles
BMW R1200GS Service History blog
BMW logo
Here's a fellow who has a motorcycle blog about the service history of his BMW R1200GS. Fully documented with all its problems.

That will piss off BMW.


31 May, 2006 - Turbo Charging Your Beemer Motorcycle
BMW K1200RS motorcycle with RB Racing Turbo
BMW logo
So you think your BMW motorcycle (or other manufacturer) is slow. How does 300 horses sound to you ? Or riding your motorcycle at 200 mph ?

RB Racing will fit a turbo on your BMW motorcycle. The need for speed...


30 May, 2006 - BMW Complaint Department
Complaint Department
Funny photo of the complaint department.


30 May, 2006 - TITS - The Book
Scooters in the Sahara
The Tossers in the Sahara (officially known as Scooters in the Sahara) team that drove 8 Honda C90 Scooters from the UK to Gambia to help a local hospital there have published a book.

The book is full of photos and stories of this epic adventure.


29 May, 2006 - Parking Is Not Easy In The Netherlands
No Parking Sign
It's not easy finding parking in the Netherlands.

Hope that I didn't encounter one of these No Parking signs..


29 May, 2006 - Erzberg Rodeo 2006 Results
Erzberg Rodeo Motorcycle race
The Erzberg Rodeo motorcycle enduro race is over. Here are some photos of this incredible tough event.

There were several races, but in the main category, the BMW HP2 did very well.


26 May, 2006 - Or This Kind Of Mailbox
Motorcycle Mailbox
Maybe this motorcycle mailbox is even better than the previous one.


26 May, 2006 - My Kind Of Mailbox
Motorcycle Mailbox
A motorcycle mailbox !

Could it ever get any better...


25 May, 2006 - What a Dick Head !!
Dick Head Helmet
Is this guy ever a real dick head !


24 May, 2006 - Off Quickly To Holland
Personal Article
Had to go to the Netherlands since my father has been put in hospital in a serious condition. Articles will go on until Monday.


24 May, 2006 - Ducati’s Swiss Army Knife
Victorinox/Ducati knife
Ducati logo
Ducati and Victorinox produce a Swiss Army knife made for Ducati motorcycles.

Good for emergency repairs, each model motorcycle has its own knife.


24 May, 2006 - Videos: Trailer and Stupid Crash
Video clip inside
Two Google Videos, one a trailer to a full feature documentary of last year's MotoGP in the USA and one really stupid biker crashing into a bus.


24 May, 2006 - Rossi Wins Laureus Award
Racing Article
Valentino Rossi won the prestigious Laureus award for "Spirit of Sports" and was nominated for the third time for the "Sportsman of the Year". Imagine; a biker won the award !!!


23 May, 2006 - A Few Server Problems
This Site Article
The site has had a few problems due to a corrupted file. We tried bribing, but it wasn't enough. We hope the problems are fixed.


23 May, 2006 - First Ever Female Motorcycle Expo
Women's Motorcycle Expo
The very first Female Motorcycle Expo opens it doors 3 and 4 June in California, USA. Female motorcycle riders are mainstream now, and here to stay. 2 day event full of music and "seminars".

Looks like fun, men are welcome.


22 May, 2006 - Stridelite - Reflective Clothing with Strobes
StrideLite reflective and strobe jacket
Stridelite produces a reflective jacket with a strobe light. Meant for cyclists, it could be used by motorcyclists.

Be seen in bad weather !


19 May, 2006 - Red Bull roManiacs - Star List
Colomban Loic
The Red Bull roManiacs motorcycle enduro race this year will be full of motorcycle stars.

Travis Pastrana will be coming over to race with several fellow Americans in World's Toughest Enduro race.


19 May, 2006 - GPSs and BMW R1200 Motorcycles
Motorradconcepts TomTom Rider GPS on a 1200GS motorcycle
BMW logo
The problem with having a long distance BMW motorcycle (like the R1200GS, R1200GS-Adventure, R1200RT or R1200GT) is that it is not always easy to mount a GPS in such a way that you can read the screen and keep it dry.

Scottish firm Motorrad Concepts have got several solutions for you if you have a Garmin or TomTom GPS.


18 May, 2006 - Video: KTM 950 SuperMoto Infomercial
Video clip inside
KTM logo
A 3 minute video clip of a promo of KTM's 950 SuperMoto. Boy, that motorcycle can move. Looks like a ton of fun !


18 May, 2006 - Holy ¤#%$ ! Bear Grabs Biker to Eat
News Article
A bear pulled a biker (the pedal powered variety) from his bicycle and kept him alive in order to eat him later. Gives a whole different meaning to the term "midnight snacks".


17 May, 2006 - Ducati Motorcycle for Kids
Peg Perego Ducati toy motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati have produced, together with toy manufacturer Peg Perego, a faithful reproduction of Ducati's Monster motorcycle. The electrical toy, will allow your kids to zip around the house at 7.5 kph.

Now, your kids can emulate you on your motorcycle.


16 May, 2006 - Repairing Your Motorcycle - Plastics
Repairing your motorcycle fender
A look at another product to help you repair your precious motorcycle; Repair Plastics.

The website show you step-by-step how to repair your broken bits from your motorcycle without having to spend a fortune on garage fees.

An ideal solution for a DIY.


15 May, 2006 - Respect ! David Barr
David Barr on a motorcycle
David Barr has two amputated legs, and still managed to ride his Harley motorcycle around the world. Does that not deserve respect ?

And he hasn't stopped after the RTW, he's still doing mad challenges which most mere mortals wouldn't even think about.


15 May, 2006 - Multiple Crashes in One day - And Still Going Strong
News Article
A 22 year old man on a scooter crashed three times in Berlin, Germany, before finally being arrested. What scooter was he riding ??? The scoot kept on going...


12 May, 2006 - Video TV Ads: Honda CBR600RR and Yamaha MT-01
Video clip inside
Two more TV commercials, one for Honda with Rossi on a CBR600R and an infomercial for the Yamaha MT-01.


12 May, 2006 - Dakar 2007 and Challenge Yamaha Dakar
Yamaha Dakar Challenge logo
Yamaha are really throwing a package towards next year's Dakar race. Private entries can get a full support package, including the WR450F Yamaha motorcycle, racing suits, maintenance, media assistance, etc etc for less than what it will cost you to enter the race yourself.

If you've always wanted to ride the Dakar, but can't get the money you'd need, this looks like a sweet deal.


11 May, 2006 - Coasters for Safety
Ignition Motorsports coasters
A company in the USA is selling beer coasters promoting motorcycle safety. Isn't that a bit incompatible ?

They plan also to distribute 10,000 to local bars and restaurants.


10 May, 2006 - New Electric Motorcycles - Swiss Quantya
Quantya electric motorcycle
Another real electric motorcycle hits the market. Swiss made Quantya, there are two models, one MX and one SM. They are in full production, so expect to see them shortly somewhere near you.

The motorcycles look really good, only down side, as usual, is battery life! But changing batteries takes less than a minute, and you can fully charge them within an hour.


10 May, 2006 - Another Race: Yamaha YZF R1, Jet Fighter and a Porsche
Video clip inside
We've all seen the video clip posted last month of the Formula 1 car versus a motorcycle. Here's a new drag race, this time between a Yamaha YZF R1 motorcycle, a Porsche and a Jet fighter plane.. yes a plane !! Interesting race ! To be seen.


10 May, 2006 - Rolling Sculptures
3DCustoms motorcycle tank
Motorcycle customization has gone one step further. No more just paintings on your chopper! Now you can have real 3D images on your favorite motorcycle !

By 3DCustoms.


9 May, 2006 - Roadmaster GPS - Tripy
Tripy Roadmaster on motorcycle
A Belgium GPS manufacturer has issued a motorcycle specific GPS. But it's not a normal GPS the way a Garmin or TomTom is. It's a GPS to produce road books, or to follow a road book.

It's an interesting device that should interest clubs and event organizers.


8 May, 2006 - First Annual Motorcycle Awards on the Internet
Motorcycle Bloggers International logo
The very first Motorcycle Bloggers International (MBI) annual Motorcycles Awards were produced last weekend. 11 web sites from around the globe voted for the best motorcycles and related products in 9 different award categories.

A special website,, was created for these awards. This year, its first year, the MBI members were responsible for nominations and voting. Next year, you the reader will be able to nominate your favorite product.

Come and see who won, and who lost....


5 May, 2006 - Garmin GPS Blog
Garmin Blog site
For those of you who want to know more about GPSs, specially those of Garmin, the American manufacturer has a blog site with loads of information about Garmin GPSs.

They deal with all sorts of products and applications. Interesting !


5 May, 2006 - Playboy’s PMOY 2006 Gets Motorcycle
Kara Monaco, Playboy's PMOY 2006 and her motorcycle
Playboy magazine's Playmate of the Year 2006 (PMOY), Kara Monaco, received a motorcycle as one of her prizes.

Too bad she doesn't ride motorcycles.


5 May, 2006 - Spanish Baja Motorcycle Race
Spanish Baja motorcycle
The American Baja races are not the only one with the "Baja" name. Spain has a Baja motorcycle race, lasting 3 days over 1300 kilometers.

An idea for those of you in Europe who want to compete in a Baja event.


4 May, 2006 - The Reason You Need Riding Lessons
Video clip inside
A good reason why people need to learn how to ride a motorcycle. Video clip of someone who doesn't know how to ...


4 May, 2006 - Always Wrenching ?
Mini tools on keychain
Always working on your motorcycle ? Never being able to find your tools ?

Here's a tip; use a keychain mini tool.


3 May, 2006 - Why You Should Not Split Lanes
Idiots on the road
A funny (or is it) photo of why you shouldn't split lanes (filter).

True photo!


3 May, 2006 - Garmin 2820 GPS Detailed Review
Garmin 2820 GPS on motorcycle
After yesterday's announcement of the Garmin 2820 GPS, here's a very detailed test of the product.

14 detailed photos used while testing the GPS over 1,800 kms.


2 May, 2006 - Garmin Intoduces New "Do-It-Everything" GPS
Garmin 2820 GPS
Garmin has introduced a new GPS, the Garmin 2820. Bluetooth, XM Radio and MP3.

Also features a touchscreen and 3D navigation.


2 May, 2006 - Two Yamaha TV Ads and two of Rossi
Video clip inside
Two Australian TV ads for Yamaha (made in 2004) and two Rossi ads, one Repsol (making of) and Honda Civic (car but motorcycle related).


2 May, 2006 - Uniformed Bikers: Both Sides in Sri Lanka
Tamil Tiger Soldiers on a motorcycle
A look at both sides of the Sri Lanka conflicts.

Both are using motorcycles.


1 May, 2006 - Town Built For Motorcycles
Motorcycle town
A biker has created a purpose built town for motorcycles.

Where else, but the USA !


1 May, 2006 - BMW/IMME 1200 Part Deux
IMME 1200 Motorcycle
Last week's article on the BMW IMME1200 drew a lot of reactions, including one from the designers. They now have a website and more photos.

They're also still looking for active participation in this adventure, so if you have the material, or money, contact them.



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