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31 May, 2007 - General GPS On Your Motorcycle
Car GPS on a motorcycle
Many of you have bought a general purpose or car GPS. They're nice, but you'd like to use it on your motorcycle.

That's not an easy thing, since they're not rain proof, and fixing them to your motorcycle ain't easy.

Fear not, we have a real solution for you. From Xtream Weather, the So Easy Rider V2.


31 May, 2007 - Video: Sexy Mechanic - Real Life ?
Video clip inside
A very sexy female mechanic will start up your motorcycle for you. Real life or ad director's fantasy ? Here's the TV ad for Xenergy drinks.


30 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Jackets With Incorporated Rain Trousers
Riding with all your gear stowed away, just in case it rains or gets cold, is not always easy.

Getting caught in a downpour is not nice either. So what to do?

XtreamWeather have a solution. Called LexSystem, they're motorcycle jackets with incorporated rain trousers.

A few seconds, and you're back on the road again. Dry!


30 May, 2007 - Premiere in the USA - KTM 690 BAJA
KTM 690 Baja
KTM logo
KTM are going to the Baja 500 races for the first time, in style.

With three top riders, and a brand new motorcycle, the LC4 690 Baja !

Cyril Despres (winner of the 2007 Dakar), Chris Blais and Davis Pearson to ride for the team.


30 May, 2007 - Video: Harley-Davidson And Babies
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are two "cute" Harley-Davidson TV ads, both of them featuring babies and how to keep them quite by using a Harley motorcycle.


29 May, 2007 - Ducati Auctions Of Bits For Charity
Ducati Auction item
Federico Minoli, the former president and CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, upon leaving the company after leading it for a decade, has generously decided to offer his entire private collection of souvenirs, relics and gifts accumulated in his time at Ducati in a charity auction.

The auction has started today, and can be found on eBay Italy.

There are loads of items to be had.. so on your mark.. go and bid


29 May, 2007 - Owner Sees Stolen Motorcycle On A Publicity Ad
Stolen motorcycle in an ad
Imagine having your precious motorcycle stolen, and then three years later you see it on an advert.

It's what happened to someone in Germany whose Harley motorcycle got stolen, and then re-appeared in a bank's publicity in Latvia.

Incredible ??


29 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Predators and Pedestrians
Taipei initersection
Sometimes it's not easy being a pedestrian.

You'd almost think this was a photo of the jungle, with a pack of predators getting ready to jump a prey.

Poor pedestrian..

In fact, it's Taipei in rush hour. More and more motorcycles...


28 May, 2007 - BMW’s New 450cc Sports Enduro Gets Its 1st Podium
BMW 450 Enduro motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW's new 450 Enduro motorcycle is still undergoing race testing, and so far, it's doing remarkably well.

In their latest trials, they raced the motorcycle in Austria, and finished 2nd.

Is this truly a KTM killer ???


28 May, 2007 - Video: Harley Dealer "Look Cool"
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers need to advertise their stuff as much as the manufacturer. Here's a TV ad from a dealer in Anaheim.

Note that the accent of the ad is for the "cool look", not the motorcycle!


28 May, 2007 - Touring Normandy On A Ural Sidecar
Moto Masala Map
We've written a lot about exotic places to tour on your holidays, but here in Normandy, you can also book your holidays, riding the World War II beaches in style.

Moto Masala will organize your tour riding a Ural sidecar or a Royal Enfield Bullet. Prices are very reasonable, and you'll be staying in charming B&B's along the way.

What better way to discover Normandy then in style!


28 May, 2007 - Vote For Harley-Davidson Commercials -UCSB Project
Web Article
The University of California at Santa Barbara, together with Harley-Davidson, are holding a contest for their film students. The aim is to produce the best video ad depicting the Harley lifestyle. You are invited to vote on the submissions. Have your say.


25 May, 2007 - Texas To Ban Speed Cameras!
Law Article
News Article
There a bill being passed that will ban all speeding radars in the state of Texas. Eeeehhhaaa !!


25 May, 2007 - Memorial? Statue? Jump Too Far?
Motorcycle Statue?
Anyone know what this is??

A biker memorial?

A biker grave?

Some jumped his motorcycle too far?


25 May, 2007 - Last Ride In NYC With Motorcycle Hearse
Motorcycle hearse
Motorcycle hearses are becoming more and more popular (does that mean there are more and more motorcycle related deaths?)!

You can now go for your last ride in a motorcycle hearse in New York....


25 May, 2007 - Sorry For The Downtime (#837456)
Sorry for the downtime yesterday.

My hosting company decided to do something stupid, and lost 3 hours and 15 minutes.

We're back, but very frustrated!


24 May, 2007 - Custom Motocrosser - Egypte Style
SphiMX Egyptian motocrosser
It used to be that cruisers were customized.

Here's a really good looking motocross bike that has received a "special" treatment.

Very nice...


24 May, 2007 - Low Tech, But Cheap Motorcycle Intercom
BackChat intercom
Sometimes the simplest way can be the easiest way. Motorcycle intercoms are becoming very high-tech and complicated.

If all you want to do is talk to your pillion, maybe a string a 2 cans will do the trick?

BackChat is NOT a piece of string and cans, but it's close. It's cheap and it works, and you'll never run out of batteries!


24 May, 2007 - One Way To Carry Your Dog On Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle carrying dog on back
I guess if your dog is small enough, and well behaved, this could work to bring the dog along on a motorcycle ride.

I just wouldn't want to try it with my Canadian Shepherd... a bit too big..

I'd need a trailer for her...


23 May, 2007 - 3rd Party Bluetooth Gear for Motorcycle Helmets
Web Article
Bluetooth logo
An extensive report on all the suppliers we could find of 3rd party Bluetooth communications gear for motorcycle helmets. The report is an companion report to the Motorcycle Helmet Manufacturers with Bluetooth.

In other words, these are the suppliers of communications equipment for helmets, any helmet brand. You'll find out more about their functionality, communication time, compatibility, and price.

This report will be frequently updated, so if you're interested in Bluetooth motorcycle gear, bookmark it.


23 May, 2007 - Video: Axe Bodyspray - Dream on....
Video clip inside
Here's an interesting TV ad for Axe bodyspray. If you manage to get these stunning women, I'm heading for a Vespa shop and trading in my motorcycle...


23 May, 2007 - Review Cardo’s Scala Rider Teamset
Cardo Scala Rider Teamset box
A detailed product review of the Cardo Scala Rider Teamset, the Bluetooth intercom for motorcycles.

Use your mobile telephone (with Bluetooth) and intercom while riding your motorcycle.

Here's how you install it and use it. Find out what we think of the unit.


23 May, 2007 - Ride The Top Of The World - Adventure Tour
Bhutan Tours
Riding your KTM motorcycle to the top of the world must be one of those ultimate experiences for a holiday.

Enduro Bhutan is a company that specializes in motorcycle tours of the Himalayan mountains using KTM motorcycles.

One tour brings you at 5500 meter altitude at the Base Camp of Mount Everest.


22 May, 2007 - Gabriele Del Torchio Checks-in At Ducati
Gabriele Del Torchio
Ducati logo
Gabriele Del Torchio has become the new President and CEO of Ducati.

He comes from the Luxury Yacht builder Ferreiti which he ran since 2005.

Let's hope his yacht experience will benefit the Ducati world..


22 May, 2007 - BlueVirtu- Bluetooth Communication Device for Motorcycles
Dimton BlueVirtu BSH-01
Taiwan company, Dimton, have two interesting Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycle riders.

First is the BSH-01, an A2DP Bluetooth headset, that gives you stereo in your motorcycle helmet. Phone, music and intercom/

Second is the BAT-01, a communication device that accepts 4 wired devices (GPS, Bike-to-Bike, Music and phone), and sends it via Bluetooth to your helmet. Interesting is that you don't need to have the BSH-01 headset, but can use your own.


22 May, 2007 - Marc Coma To The Dark Side
News Article
After several motorcycle stars leaving the motorcycle world for the four-wheel world, it looks like Spanish KTM motorcycle rider and former Dakar winner, Marc Coma, is getting a taste of riding a car in a race.

Marc has signed up to drive a Porsche Cayenne S in the Transsyberian race held in August. Let's hope he'll leave it at that, and not ride the car in next year's Dakar.


22 May, 2007 - For The Next Motorcycle Concert - Motorcycle Guitar
Mini Guitar Harley-Davidson motorcycle style
Here's a guitar that would not look out of place with a motorcycle style band.

Too bad it doesn't make any music...


21 May, 2007 - Frederico Minoli Signs Off From Ducati - Sells All Stuff
Minoli's office at Ducati
Frederico Minoli, now ex-CEO of Ducati, had his last day in the office today.

He posted his last blog entry, saying good-bye to all. In it he also promised to sell all the interesting stuff he has gathered over the 10 years in his office, including a lot of MotoGP stuff.

All proceeds go to Riders for Health charity. Good-bye Frederico!


21 May, 2007 - Organized Adventure Riding - Silk Road
Globe Riders
Riding unknown roads in unknown countries can be scary, but riding them at the end-of-the-world can be outright frightening.

Unless you have a full support crew (like two film stars we know), one good way of adventure riding is to join the Globe Riders Silk Road Adventure tour.

It's not for the faint hearted, nor for people with little money, but you do get a 53 days long adventure ride, guided by experts. Have a look at the video.


21 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Bloggers Headlines Back
Click here to read ALL motorcycle blogs
Due to several email received, asking for the motorcycle bloggers headlines, we've put them back.

On the top panel of the page, you'll see the text "Click here to read ALL motorcycle blogs". Click on it to see the latest headlines from other motorcycle blogs.


18 May, 2007 - Safety: Ducati’s Mission
European Road Safety Charter logo
Ducati are committing themselves in helping Europe reach its ambitious objective of 50% less fatal motorcycle accidents by 2010.

They will launches several campaigns to sensitive motorcycle riders to the dangers of riding motorcycles.

First examples will be seen at the WDW and HyperTour.


18 May, 2007 - Video: MTV2 Ad
Video clip inside
Here's a reasonably funny TV ad for MTV2 featuring some mini motorcycles and some real ones..


18 May, 2007 - Leather, Lace and Playboy - Your Chance!
Playmate Heather Kozar and her BMW motorcycle
Here's your chance of a lifetime. Join the Playboy Playmates for an evening of fun, entertainment and dinner at the Playboy mansion.

Called "Leather, Lace and Playboy", Motorcycle Charities Associates is organizing a motorcycle charity evening at the famed Playboy mansion on October the 6th.

Want to attend ?? You can ! Read on to find out how you can attend.


17 May, 2007 - Funny Radar Photos
Fun Article
Remember hearing (or reading) those stories of slow vehicles being caught by radars travelling at the speed of light ??

Here's a French website that has several photos of objects "flashed" by speed radars. How about a bare bum breaking the speed limit ??


17 May, 2007 - Protect Your Dog’s Hearing
Mutt Muffs
Dogs have very sensitive hearing! They can hear more than us humans.

That's why you should protect their ears when you take them to a loud workshop, or even when riding your motorcycle.

Here's the product that will help you do this; Mutt Muffs!


17 May, 2007 - Motorcycle Amusement Park Only For Women!
Motorciclist 2007 Gathering poster
The Italians are organizing an international, ladies only, motorcycle gathering close to Florence (Tuscany area), Italy.

Women will be able to learn to ride their motorcycles on the track, motocross, enduro and trial. Several workshops (mechanics, first aid, etc) will be given as well.

June 22 to 24.


16 May, 2007 - Motorcyclist Posts His Injury Photos On The Net
Bryan Cameron's face after the motorcycle accident
British motorcycle rider, Bryan Cameron, took a spill when riding his motorcycle without a helmet.

His face needed 13 stiches, and he decided to post his injury photos in order to warn others of what happens when riding without a helmet.


16 May, 2007 - Paris: New Generation Radars Activated
Radar map of Paris
Technology progress is not limited to motorcycles and our gadgets. Radar technology is on the increase, making radars smaller and more powerful!

Last week, three new, high tech automatic digital radars were installed in Paris (the first of many). Until now, Paris itself was spared from the plague. That has now changed.

Thankfully, the authorities warn you that there's a radar up ahead, so if you get caught, you have just yourself to blame. All new radars are backwards facing, so no escaping on your motorcycle.


16 May, 2007 - A Sidecar As a Wheelchair! Great Job!
Ural motorcycle with wheelchair sidecar
How cool is this? Steve modified his Ural motorcycle with sidecar to be able to transport Heather's wheelchair.

Heavy modifications were needed, but now they can both ride on the motorcycle without any problems!



15 May, 2007 - Ducati: CEO Resigns - Video
Video clip inside
Ducati logo
The CEO of Ducati, Frederico Minoli, resigned officially today from Ducati. Tis due to the company that now owns Ducati wants their own CEO, not a better one!

Stupidity knows no bounds, for here is a CEO worthy of the title!

Sorry to see you go!


15 May, 2007 - UK: Police Withdraw Their Honda Pan European Motorcycles
UK Police version of the Honda Pan European ST1300
The UK Police Force had to withdraw their Honda Pan European ST1300 motorcycles due to an alert given by the UK coroner that the motorcycle was unsafe.

A death resulted by one of their officers after a high-speed wobble.

The ban is just for the Police version of the Pan, not for the standard versions.


15 May, 2007 - Video: Spanish Safety Ad
Video clip inside
A safety TV ad from Spain. No need to understand Spanish in order to see what they're talking about.

The message is loud and clear!


14 May, 2007 - Dianese Beta Testing Bluetooth 2 Helmet and B2B
Dainese Airstream Course Infinity with Bluetooth
Dainese are beta testing a new Bluetooth equipped motorcycle helmet, which includes bike-to-bike capabilities.

The helmet uses Bluetooth 2.0 technology (better battery life, less powerful transmitter), and it's equipped with a bike-to-bike transmitter.

Beta testers (some 200 per country in Europe) will receive a free mobile phone in order to take snap shots and videos.


14 May, 2007 - Want To be Sponsored In The USA?
iKAT Motorsport logo
Sparkplug enhancer, iKAT, are offering motorcycle race sponsorship, technical support and advice to young motorcycle racers who are just starting out.

Here's your chance to get a head start.

Go to their website and fill in the form. If you're one of the lucky three, you'll get a break that can make you the next world champ. And if you don't win, you can still get support.


14 May, 2007 - Video: About Vespas, Soccer and Adidas
Video clip inside
A nice TV ad for Adidas, featuring a lot of Vespa scooters, famous soccer players and a long road to Portugal.

Although the publicity is for Adidas, you only see it at the last seconds. Nicely done.


11 May, 2007 - Space Age Motorcycle
Space Age Motorcycle
Space age motorcycle or prop ?

Doesn't matter... it's got a tail mounted laser gun! Imagine yourself in traffic with that! Not practical, but fire once or twice and all cages scatter...


11 May, 2007 - Problem Solving Your BMW Motorcycle
Hex's GS-911
Doing your own maintenance is often very difficult on modern-day motorcycles, but on BMW's it can be quite daunting.

South Africa company Hex, have produced a small diagnostics tool that you plug in almost any BMW motorcycle and show the diagnostics on either a computer or on your mobile phone.

How handy is that ?


10 May, 2007 - Planning To Attend The French MotoGP?
Relais Motard Calmos logo
As every year, the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) is organizing special rest places for motorcycles riders who are attending the French MotoGP.

Here, you'll find many free services for bikers, like mechanical interventions, visor cleaning, tire inflation, drinks, and food. Some even offer beds.

For many, the MotoGP fun starts here!


10 May, 2007 - The Price Of Fuel In France And Where To Get It
Fuel Prices in France website
Gas prices have been soaring, and the French government is trying to stop too high prices, and open up competition.

To do this, they've created a website with most gas station's fuel prices. You can search by city, area, postcode or province. Shortly you'll even be able to create an itinerary and the site will show you the fuel prices en-route.

But the site is in French. So, here are some simple instructions on how to use the site.


10 May, 2007 - Video: Suzuki 125’s French TV Ads
Video clip inside
Suzuki logo
Here are a couple of French TV publicity for Suzuki 125 cc motorcycles, either general or specific models. 125 cc models have become very popular in France.


9 May, 2007 - Long Way Down - McGregor/Boorman Ride Again
Boorman and McGregor
Film stars Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor are at it again!

They're about to set off on a long journey on their BMW motorcycles. London to South Africa!

As with the Long Way Round, they'll be filmed, so expect a book and a TV series next year.


9 May, 2007 - Welcome To My Shiny New Site
Web Article
After several attempts at designing my own site, I gave up and hired a top professional to do the job.

The results are fantastic! Come on in, and have a look. Unfortunately, the publicity has to stay, since someone has to pay the upkeep and technology. But for the rest, I hope you like it... I do..


9 May, 2007 - Avalon Tours - Touring Asia On A Motorcycle
Avalon Tours itinerary
Travelling on faraway and exotic countries can be really fun and rewarding. But organizing them can turn your holiday into a nightmare.

That's where tour operators come in handy. Here's a look at UK based motorcycle tour operator, Avalon Tours.

Touring Thailand and Cambodia... heaven!


8 May, 2007 - OnTrak - More Motorcycle Tracking GPSs
OnTrak GPS Tracker
GPS trackers are getting smaller and smaller, and cheaper. They are so small now, you can fit them anywhere, and no-one will know.

Here's the UK based OnTrak. It's small and it sends you a SMS with the coordinates and closest motorway.



8 May, 2007 - Full Service Motorcycle Bar
Salvation Saloon
In Florida, USA, there's a biker bar and restaurant, that on Sundays doubles as a church; the Salvation Saloon.

Have your blessings, while drinking your beer. A helmet is used for the church collection.

What more do you want?


7 May, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Safety Irish Style
Video clip inside
A nice reminder on what can go wrong. Here's a safety TV ad from Northern Ireland. Hard hitting!


7 May, 2007 - France’s New President Better Like Motorcycles
Sarkozy surrounded by motorcycles
The newly elected President of France, Nicholas Sarkozy, had better start liking motorcycles, since he's surrounded by them.

And if he doesn't, the next photo shows what'll happen... and that's not a nice thing...


4 May, 2007 - Moto Where - Web Motorcycle Routes
Moto Where Route
You can no longer say that you don't know where to go with your motorcycle!

There are more and more web sites offering detailed routes for motorcycles, with options to download tracks to your GPS. Here's a look at MotoWhere.

It's a really nice use of Google Maps.


4 May, 2007 - Ducati Release The Hypermotard Motorcycle
Ducati Hypermotard
Ducati officially launched their brand new Hypermotard today.

The motorcycles will be arriving at your local Ducati dealer shortly, but getting one is going to be difficult, since they're selling like hot croissants.

Have a look at the many photos and tech specs...


4 May, 2007 - Canada’s National Female "Just Ride" Day
Lady Motorcycle Riders
Today, 4th of May, has been proclaimed Canadian National "Just Ride" day for female motorcycle riders.

Organized by Motoress, just get on your trusty motorcycle, and ride. Anywhere will do, as long as your seen riding your bike.

You can also meet up with them this morning at Toronto's CNE.


3 May, 2007 - Liquid Motorcycle Jacket
GZe Liquid Motorcycle Jacket
Imagine a motorcycle jacket that's like water.

Very light, comfortable and highly resistant to shocks and high temperature. It exists, and can be bought today.

GZe are producing a motorcycle jacket based on space-age technology, liquid shell. The jacket can be bought for a mere €1990...the price you pay for being high-tech.


3 May, 2007 - Not A John Deer Motorcycle - Harley Lawnmower
Harley Davidson motorcycle lawnmower
We've probably all seen the motorcycles that look like John Deer lawnmowers, or are derived from John Deer tractors, but here's a reverse situation!

A Harley-Davidson lawnmower!!


3 May, 2007 - Video: Safety - Don’t Speed
Video clip inside
"Funny" and interesting safety TV ad, promoting motorcycle riders to think about speeding. You don't always have the luxury to think when speeding.


2 May, 2007 - Elephant Motorcycle
Elephant Motorcycle
Imagine riding your elephant motorcycle down the road at Sturgis or Daytona...

Don't know much about the motorcycle or photo since the site I found it on is in Japanese.


2 May, 2007 - Twenty20 - Motorcycle Helmet Camera
Twenty20 helmet camera
Helmet cameras for motorcycles are becoming plentiful, cheap and less and less heavy.

Here's the latest piece of hardware. It's from Twenty20, and it's probably the lightest one on the market.

But remember, these cameras do not record! You need to strap your VCR to your back...


2 May, 2007 - One Way Of Moving A Motorcycle
Pulling a motorcycle with his ears
My educated guess is that there are far easier ways of moving a motorcycle, than to pull it with your ears!

Why have an engine?

And why not pull it with your xxxxxxxx?


1 May, 2007 - Score Many Points With Your Partner
Opinion Article
If you want to give your partner or that special person in your life something really out-of-this-world, read on.

Although this post has nothing to do with motorcycles, it's based on my own personal experience, and of a service that will really knock the socks of the person who will receive it.

The gift I gave was to my wife who turned 50. Most women, and some men, shed tears when they saw it. Click on the headline to read what the heck I'm talking about.


1 May, 2007 - Dutch Crown Prince Gets A Harley Motorcycle
Prince Willem-Alexander
The Dutch Crown Prince, Willem-Alexander, received a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on his 40th birthday.

The gift was from Harley-Davidson themselves! All that because he joked about a mid life crisis at 40.

Pays to be a Royalty.


1 May, 2007 - Video: Infomercials (Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki)
Video clip inside
Infomercials can be interesting, since they are like TV ads, but are longer, and often more informative. Here are several infomercials from Honda, Aprilia, Kawasaki and Suzuki.



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