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30 May, 2008 - Sorry For The Downtime, Again #8364
Electronic road sign
This Site Article
We seem not to be able to get one straight month were everything works okay on our site.

Our so-called redundant data center crashed and was off the air for 12 hours. Sorry...


29 May, 2008 - Oiling Your Motorcycle Chain - The Easy Way
Cameleon Oiler
If you're anything like me, forgetful in oiling your chain, and when you do, half the oil consumption of your country goes towards lubricating your motorcycle chain, then this is the product for you.

The Cameleon Oiler is an automatic chain oiler that gets installed don your motorcycle. You don't have to do anything, the system oils your motorcycle chain regularly. How cool is that ?


29 May, 2008 - NSU 2000 Bison: World’s Biggest Cylinder Motorcycle
NSU Bison 200
Kick starting a 700 cc motorcycle engine is not for the faint-hearted, or the featherweights....

So imagine trying to kick start a 2,000 cc single cylinder engine. And in the NSU Bison 2000 that's exactly what you need to do, since there's no starter. But it's a record!!!


29 May, 2008 - France: Middle Of The Road - Traffic Mortality-wise
2006 Europe fatal accidents chart
France Article
France is no longer the bad boy of Europe with regards to fatal road accidents.

They're middle of the road (no pun intended). Here's what was happening during 2006 in Europe.....

You make your own conclusions..


28 May, 2008 - That Will Scare The Wits Out Of SUVers
Kill Bill motorcycle
No, it's not Uma riding around on her motorcycle, but someone who obviously likes the movie Kill Bill.

That'll stop SUVs from messing around.... big sword!!


28 May, 2008 - Milo’s Rat Bike Website
Milo Rat Bike
Milo's rat motorcycle is famous around the world. His extreme "customization" is something people can only aspire too.

Milo now has a website. You can find out where his famous motorcycle will appear next, listen to radio interviews, and see many photos.


28 May, 2008 - KTM’s Future Off-Road Competition Motorcycle
KTM off-road motorcycle patent drawing
KTM logo
KTM filed a patent in January of this year for a rear fuel tank to be placed on off-road competition motorcycles.

Nothing earth shattering since the 690 has a rear fender fuel tank, so what's so special that they filed a patent? Someone enlighten me...


27 May, 2008 - Hold It, Diaper Or Piddle?
AMXD Piddle Pack
Taking a wee, a wiz, a pee, a leak, shaking your brother-in-law's hand, walking to dog, etc can be a pain when riding your motorcycle long distance.

There aren't that many solutions. Stopping, doing it in your pants, diapers, and now the high-tech fighter pilot piddle pack.

Press a button, and a vacuum pump takes care of the rest....


27 May, 2008 - Bread Toasters, Not KTM
Suzuki bread toaster
KTM had a great idea with a KTM bread toaster. Then I found this Suzuki motorcycles toaster.... which turned out to be fake.

But then I thought, why not have more motorcycle manufacturers build toasters according to their own design and engineering skills.

So here are my suggestions for several manufacturers. I'll take 10% royalties please....


27 May, 2008 - Video: 2 x Bajaj Commercials
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Indian motorcycle manufacture Bajaj always has great motorcycle ads.

Here are two that are no exception!


26 May, 2008 - Did Someone Give Prez Bush A Motorcycle?
George Bush and a harley motorcycle
George Bush and a biker jacket
Prez George W "Wild Man" Bush has got the Harley motorcycle, he's got the gear, now all he has to do is learn to ride the damn motorcycle.


26 May, 2008 - Motorcycles Ranked 2 In Terms Of Recalls
Statistics Article
Motorcycle recalls ranked 2nd only after toys. That shows you how many problems there are in the manufacturing of motorcycles.

OK, most of the recalls are for mini-motorcycles or off-road bikes, but still....

The EU have a website with all recent motorcycle recalls. It's searchable.


26 May, 2008 - Taddy Blazusiak Wins Erzbergrodeo 2008 Red Bull Hare Scramble
Erzberg Rodeo 2008
The 2008 edition of the Erzberg Rodeo is over, with record number of motorcycle participating.

This year the Red Bull Hare Scramble was very tough, and was won by Taddy Blazusiak, the Polish factory KTM rider.


23 May, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer- Walks Of Life
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Nice, and much better than usual, Harley-Davidson ad. This one of for a Harley motorcycle dealer...

No in-your-face ad, but still passes a good message.


23 May, 2008 - Extra Protection For Your Motorcycle
Motobox Chiocciola Motorcycle cover
Italian Moto Box offer an interesting alternative to motorcycle covers.

It's not cheaper than a cover, but if your motorcycle sleeps outside, it's quite an effective solution that does not take up much space. It even looks good in a garage...


23 May, 2008 - New Route Planning Software For Motorcycle GPSs
XTream Wearther, the folks that have brought us wearable GPSs, have released a stand-alone software package that will plan your motorcycle routes and itineraries on your PC.

Using Google Maps, it allows you to export your itineraries to Garmin and TomTom GPSs.

Also, since Google Maps is always updating their maps, you thereby get free updates of your current maps (kind-of). Software is not free, but cheap (€29).


22 May, 2008 - Spain: Front Row Seats For Motorcycles
Barcelona motorcycle lane
Barcelona and Madrid, Spain have started placing specially reserved areas at traffic light for motorcycles.

Now, when riding your motorcycle in the city, you go to the front of the lights, and have a specially reserved standing area, allowing you to leave when the light turns green without bumping into cars. Cool!!


22 May, 2008 - Europe’s Fastest Roads
Fun Article
Europe only has one country really where you can legally live it up on the motorways, and that's Germany.

Here are the top 10 autobahns were you can still open up the throttle of your motorcycle without being fined.

But remember, everyone is going fast, and many cars can, and will, go faster than you!


22 May, 2008 - France: Massive Increase In "On-The-Fly" Police Tickets
France Article
Law Article
Police in Paris have begun a massive increase (1266%) of ticketing without any evidence, except the word of the Police officer.

No photo, and no stopping you... you just get a fine a few days later. Particularly targeted are motorcycle riders.


21 May, 2008 - Biker Doggie Fashion
Dog Harley Jacket
I really don't think that dogs are dolls.... dressing them up like they're bikers is not good!

If you want people to know you're a biker, ride a motorcycle, don't dress up our pet..


21 May, 2008 - Live Video From Erzberg Rodeo 2008
Erzberg Rodeo 2008 logo
The famous (and notorious) Erzberg Rodeo, world's toughest motorcycle enduro, starts tomorrow. 1500 riders will start, only a few finish.

You don't need to be there, since the organizers have placed 7 webcams, allowing you to view the massacre remotely. Have fun watching.


21 May, 2008 - Got Enough Mirrors There?
Motorcycle with many mirrors
Here's a man who really wants to see what's behind him on his motorcycle.

He probably can't see the road in front, but he can see what's behind...


20 May, 2008 - OCC’s Latest Creation: Up and Down
OCC motorcycle roller coaster
The guys at OCC have opened a motorcycle roller coaster.

Talk about merchandising... and they're not even choppers...


20 May, 2008 - First 100% Motorcycle Friendly Road Opened
FEMA - Motorcycle friendly road in Norway
Politics Article
After intense lobbying by FEMA (the Federation of Motorcycle Associations), the first motorcycle friendly road has been opened.

Located in Norway, the road has been adapted to be safe for motorcycles. Way to go! More please !!!!


20 May, 2008 - Would You Like To Ride Behind This?
Elephant Transport
Hmmmm.... imagine riding behind this on your motorcycle.

I hope the poor animal doesn't have stomach cramps....


19 May, 2008 - How To Transport A Ladder On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle on a motorcycle
Here's one way of transporting a ladder on your motorcycle...


19 May, 2008 - The Real Problem With The Price Of Fuel
Broken leg on motorcycle
With rising fuel prices, many people are flocking to the local motorcycle dealer to buy cheap motorcycles and scooters.

This is bad! Really bad for us! Here's why...


19 May, 2008 - Niki Lauda On A Motorcycle
Niki Lauda on a motorcycle
After Michael Schumaker, it's Niki Lauda (former multiple world champion Formula One) who's taken to motorcycles.

Do you think these F1 drivers wouldn't have preferred to ride motorcycles instead of boring cars?


16 May, 2008 - Triumph Motorcycle That Runs On Apples
Triumph Daytona 675 running on biofuel
Triumph logo
Some students in the UK, together with Bike Magazine and Triumph, adapted a Daytona 675 motorcycle to run on a biofuel made out of apples.

Instead of drinking the 6,000 apples as a cider, the Triumph motorcycle ran at a speed of 158.7 mph!!


16 May, 2008 - Lamborghini Gallardo With Motorcycle Chopper
Lamborghini Gallardo With Motorcycle Chopper on a trilaer
Bad taste 101. Imagine having enough dosh to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo, and then putting a trailer behind it, like a common pick-up.

And then to make matters worse, he's put a motorcycle on the trailer..... bad taste!


16 May, 2008 - Where To Put Your License Plate On A Motorcycle
Motorcycle license plate on your jacket
Where to put your license plate on your motorcycle without spoiling its looks.

Here's one biker who came up with a great place!


15 May, 2008 - Surveillance Camera Equipped Motorcycle
Imagine... a motorcycle with built-in surveillance cameras!

That'll keep those thieving bastards away!


15 May, 2008 - Dakar 2009 Open For Registration
Dakar logo
The Dakar 2009 contestant registration is open! If you're planning to take part in this (probably) once off South American race, better hurry. Places are limited, and contestants of the ill-fated 2008 edition have priority.

The race is over 6000 kilometers, flat lands, very high mountains and long deserts... fun, fun, fun.


15 May, 2008 - New And Improved viaMichelin Website
viaMichelin site
Michelin logo
Michelin's travel itinerary and mapping website viaMichelin, just got a lot better.

They're now in public beta testing, and it's a really nice and easy to use website for planning your motorcycle rides. It'll show on your road book, where the restaurants, hotels or tourist points are. Lots of nice functions.... have a look.


14 May, 2008 - Video: Upillar Ad
Video clip
Quite a funny TV ad from Upillar.cim, using the Harley motorcycle culture of the US...

Kind of funny...


14 May, 2008 - Real Military Motorcycle Helmet
Gentex Military Motorcycle Helmet MMH II
We've seen several replica military helmets for motorcycles, but here's the real deal. A real Military Motorcycle Helmet.

Bullet proof, you can even install oxygen mask and night goggles. Plus there's space to install communication cords and adapters.

How cool is that?


14 May, 2008 - Michelin Anakee 2
Michelin Anakee 2
Michelin logo
French tire company, Michelin, are releasing a new version of their all-purpose road tire, the Anakee.

With a lot of originality, it's called Anakee 2. The new compounds used will last 29% longer than the previous version.

Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman rejoice!


13 May, 2008 - Would You Ride On?
Sign: Beware falling cows
Hmmmm... would you continue riding your motorcycle if you see this sign???

Even if there's a chance a cow will land on your head??


13 May, 2008 - France: Electronic Alcohol Tests Mandatory?
French safety ad 2002
After 2 drinks, the risk exists
France likes its booze and its public holidays. But both do not mix. Last weekend was a 5 day weekend, and it resulted in a record number of road fatalities; 19 so far.

Alcohol is the biggest contributing factor, and the government has decided to do something about it. It's not drastic (yet), but we'll see how it pans out.


13 May, 2008 - Video: Running After Your Race Motorcycle - Funny
Video clip
Funny video sequence about a rider who fell of his race motorcycle, and while the bike was moving without rider, hopped back on...


12 May, 2008 - What Is He Interested In?
Boy making photo of female biker
So, what do you think the little boy is interested in?


12 May, 2008 - An Explanation Of The Article Rating
This Site Article
A quick explanation about this site's rating system. A look at some of the not so obvious functions.


12 May, 2008 - Video: Yamaha Acceleration
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Interesting ad for Yamaha motorcycle. It's an advertisement about Yamaha acceleration, but they never show the motorcycle.

It kind of works for me....


12 May, 2008 - 30% More Deadly Accidents In Belgium Over 7 Years
Belgium Motorcycle Safety Ad
Of the many deadly motorcycle accidents in Belgium, 70% are caused because the car driver did not see the motorcycle!!!

Time to educate cage drivers!


9 May, 2008 - Green Knickers (And Boxers Too)
GreenKnickers bicycle underwear
Riding your motorcycle long distance is not easy. Specially on your poor butt. The cheap and fast way is using bicycle shorts. But... they're not nice looking, and often reveal strange bulges.

UK based GreenKnickers produce nice looking male and female underwear that can be change in seconds into padded knickers or boxers. Great for those long distance rides, while still looking cool. On top of that, it's ecological!


9 May, 2008 - What To Do With your Old Motorcycle Fuel Tank
Motorcycle fuel tank turned into birdhouse
Have you got an old motorcycle lying around? Here's what you can do with its fuel tank.

Remember to clean it first....


9 May, 2008 - Need A New Holiday Destination? Try Enduro-India
Enduro India website
Feel like something different for your next motorcycle holidays? here's an idea...

Enduro India organize a 1000 km, 14 day enduro trip on Royal Enfield motorcycle through parts of India that you'll never see as a normal tourist.


8 May, 2008 - If Only Warren Buffett Could Be Like Malcolm Forbes
Warren Buffett on a motorcycle
A rare photo of world's richest man on a motorcycle. However, he's not riding it....!!


8 May, 2008 - Taking Your Dog With You On Your Motorcycle
Dog on scooter
Here's a very original way of transporting your dog with you when riding your motorcycle or scooter.


8 May, 2008 - UK: The Time To Get Your Motorcycle License Is Now!
Test circuit
A new tougher motorcycle test comes into effect October 2008 in the UK (aligned with European directives), and the UK Motorcycle Council (MCIA) are urging potential motorcycle riders to take their tests now.

After the new laws takes place, it'll become tougher and longer to pass the test.


7 May, 2008 - UK Police Using A Hayabusa Motorcycle!
Video clip
Riding a motorcycle in the UK? Better watch out....!!!

Johnny Law has got a new weapon; a Hayabusa!! Now they can catch up with you...

Watch the video..


7 May, 2008 - Where To Keep Your Stuff On A Motorcycle?
Grabit Pack
Here's a solution to a problem I know many have faced while riding your motorcycle. Where to put all your personal stuff (keys, wallet, credit cards, etc) ??

Here's one solution; the Grabit Pack. Like a fanny pack, it sits on your hip/leg, ready for fast access (like a gunslinger). It costs only US$ 23, and it's water resistant.


7 May, 2008 - The New Motorcycle Camouflage Gear?
Camouglage Motorcycle gear
Would this be the latest rage in motorcycle gear?

Real camouflage gear, allowing you to ride those green lanes without being seen...


6 May, 2008 - Video: Fonzie Motorcycle Ad
Fonzie on his motorcycle
Video clip
Here's an old TV ad for The Fonz's motorcycle! Remember Fonzie... the uber-cool dude from Happy Days... ??

Who didn't want to be him, riding his motorcycle, pulling all those chics??

At least you could buy the toy...


6 May, 2008 - World’s Fastest Motorcycle - By Far!
Garmin 2820 speed bug
Here is photo proof that the fastest motorcycle broke the speed of sound several times over! Faster than a jet!

1159 mph on a Honda Goldwing!!! Read all about it !! Extra, Extra !!


6 May, 2008 - Cheaper To Be A Female Motorcycle Rider In France
France Article
One of the bigger motorcycle insurance companies in France, AMV, has decided it's better to insure female riders. According to them, there are more and more joining the ranks of motorcycle riders, but have less accidents.

So they're now rewarded with a 10% reduction in their insurance rates... not bad.


5 May, 2008 - Special Motorcycle Sandal
Bata MotoSandal
Bata, one of world's leading shoe manufacturers, have released a special sandal for motorcycles in Bangladesh.

Slated to offer protection on a motorcycle, you got to ask yourself what they were smoking...


5 May, 2008 - Michelin’s New Motorcycle Website
Michelinmototechnologies Web site
Michelin logo
Apart from a new TV ad campaign shown in the previous article, Michelin has also launched a new website dedicated to motorcycles.

Based on the Baby MotoGP, they show all their motorcycle tires and the use of the tire. Plus they show which champions use those tires.



5 May, 2008 - Video: Michelin Baby MotoGP
Video clip
Michelin logo
Here's a nice and cute TV ad from motorcycle tire manufacturer Michelin, that started airing last weekend for the China MotoGP.

It shows the MotoGP nursery, where Michelin is getting the baby motorcycle racers ready for the MotoGP.


5 May, 2008 - Motorcycle Rest Stops For The French MotoGP 2008
France Article
MotoGP logo
For the French MotoGP at Le Mans, 16 to 18 May 2008, there are again three rest stops for motorcycle riders. Get mechanical help, food, drinks, tyre inflation, visor cleaning, even sleep.

But more importantly, meet 1,000's of other bikers.


2 May, 2008 - You Think You’ve Got A Lot Of Motorcycles? Try Him!
Fabio and his KTM motorcycle
Video clip
Does this guy have more motorcycles than God (Jay Leno). Well, he's got more than Brad Pitt, that's for sure.

It's photo model Fabio, and here's a video clip of his motorcycle garage, with 200 motorcycles!


2 May, 2008 - Feel Like A Clown With Todays Gas Prices
Clown pushing motorcycle
Don't you feel like a clown (or a milk cow) when you're filling up your motorcycle at a gas station?

I know I do, specially when you see the obscene profits some oil companies are making!


2 May, 2008 - Video: Spectacular Shunt Jorge Lorenzo In China
Jorge Lorenzo crash china 2008
Click to see the Video clip
Not only does Jorge Lorenzo know how to ride his motorcycle, he knows how to crash in a spectacular way!

China MotoGP 2008.


1 May, 2008 - Video: Super Obstacle Course Police Motorcycle
Video clip
Very impressive video clip of a Police officer on a motorcycle riding a heavy motorcycle through an obstacle course.

Could you do it?? Honest ???


1 May, 2008 - Bugatti Motorcycle
Bugatti T72A motorcycle
No.. sorry, Bugatti have not announced that they are going to build high speed, high performance motorcycles. In fact, no motorcycles.

But they did use to build engines for motorized bicycles (so motorcycles) but in the 1940's. Very high tech (for those days).


1 May, 2008 - Helmets Are In Fashion? WTF?
Motorcycle Helmet fashion
It looks like, according to one fashion designer, that motorcycle helmets are now a fashion accessory.

How cool is that??? I'm now fashionable, for the 1st time of my life!



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