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29 May, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 29 May 2009
Web Article
Here are the top motorcycle stories found on the internet over the last few days:

- Harley Davidson and Three Signs of the Newbie Rider
- Learning How To Ride Two-Up - By Yourself
- Getting Back in the Saddle After An Accident
- Tips to Take Care of Motorcycle Chain
- Some Long Distance Riding Tips


29 May, 2009 - Video: Harley-Davidson From Cascade
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Here are three TV ads from Harley-Davidson Cascade dealer, all the same style, music and message, showing in a good way why we motorcycle riders stand out in a crowd.

This is what makes us special!! Good ads!


29 May, 2009 - On The Road Again #73635
I'm on the road (again). Gone to The Netherlands...

Back Tuesday afternoon. News will continue as usual, so come back...


28 May, 2009 - Arai Motorcycle Helmets Wins 11th Straight Year Satisfaction Survey
JD Power Helmet Survey 2009
Statistics Article
Arai wins its 11th straight year in satisfaction survey about motorcycle helmets.

Study done last year by J.D. Power over 4,600 responses.


28 May, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Peru - A Bit Macho?
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Another ad from our favorite motorcycle manufacturer (ads that is). Though this one is a tad macho, it's from Peru.

All women fall for you when riding a Bajaj motorcycle...


28 May, 2009 - JP Goy Wins Prestigious Stunt Award With Batman Dark Knight
Jean-Pierre Goy
Top French stuntman, Jean-Pierre Goy wins the Taurus award for his work in Batman: Dark Knight.


27 May, 2009 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 180 Break-In
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Interesting, and reasonably funny TV ad for the latest Bajaj motorcycle, the Pulsar 180.

It's not as good as previous ads, but still it's better than most motorcycle manufacturers.


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #3
BikerCom Control Box
BikerCom to iPhone phone call
Part 3 or 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communicator for motorcycles.

This last part deals with the testing of the equipment itself. Both solo and dual riding options, with phone, iPod, GPS and walkie-talkie.


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #2
BikerCom Hub control unit
Part 2 or 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communicator for motorcycles.

This part deals with the setting up of the gear, and all its options. Lots of detailed and big sized photos, so let the article load.


27 May, 2009 - Review: BikerCom - Ultimate Motorcycle Communication Gear? #1
BikerCom box
Part 1 of 3 parts extensive product review of the BikerCom wireless communication gear for motorcycles.

BikerCom is a central hub type system, that out-of-the-box, connects you with your pillion, mobile phone, music, radar detector and walkie-talkie (for bike-to-bike). You can select wired or wireless, and you have many options in setting up your equipment.


26 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Scrapage In Action?
I guess this is the result of what motorcycle scrapage deals are going to cause... overflowing junk yards.


26 May, 2009 - France: More Repression On The Way
Go to Jail card
The French government is planning even more draconian measures against us car and motorcycle riders.

They are planning to confiscate your precious motorcycle, and sell it, and keep the money. Plus you still get to pay the fine...



26 May, 2009 - Video: Alchemist - Catherine Zeta Jones
Video clip
A nice ad, that isn't an ad, since it's 7 minutes long. It's a mini-movie, starring Catherine Zeta Jones, a secret formula for shampoo and a lot of interesting motorcycle riding.

Zeta Jones is a James Bond character (even drives a James Bond sports car). Nice...


25 May, 2009 - The Ultimate Motorcycle Camera
Here's the ultimate motorcycle camera rig.

If you really, really, really, want to capture your motorcycle ride through those twisties, there's no other way of doing it then using the RaptorCam.


25 May, 2009 - Review: MotoGP for iPhone
A product review of the Apple iPhone application MotoGP.

This is the official application provided by MotoGP, and you can "see" how a race progresses through live timing and commentary. Plus, there's a lot of interesting info for anyone interested by the MotoGP world and motorcycles.


25 May, 2009 - Video: Ride With Rider Insurance Ad
Video clip
Simple but nice TV ad from motorcycle insurance company Rider Insurance.


22 May, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 22 May 2009
Web Article
Here are the top internet stories over the last few days with interesting motorcycle content: - You Know You're Riding A Goldwing If..
- Motorcycle Group Riding Signals
- Motorcycle Industry Council Survey Census Results
- Who Is the Toughest Outlaw Biker Club in the World


22 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Training? But You Are Not On The Bike?
Police officer shooting next to a motorcycle
Billed as an advanced motorcycle training, I can't see it..... the cop is not on the motorcycle!

I thought that motorcycle training was on a bike?


22 May, 2009 - New Ids Possible To Join This Site
This Site Article
You can now become a member of this site by using a Netlog Id (if you have one).

So now the Google Friend Connect accepts membership from Google, Yahoo, AIM, OpenId and Netlog Ids.


22 May, 2009 - The Top 5 States In The USA Where They Do Not Like Motorists
kangaroo court
Which are the worst states in the USA to ride your motorcycle (or drive your car).

Here's a "scientific" survey is all states, the worst and the best. Criteria are speed cameras, kangaroo courts, etc.


21 May, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2009: Almost Time Again
Some of the top motorcycle enduro riders in the world are going to be present in a few week at the 2009 edition of world toughest enduro, the Erzberg Rodeo.

Big names like Marc Coma, Cyril Despres and Taddy Blazusiak; a total of 85 top level pro riders, and 1,500 motorcycle riders will be competing


21 May, 2009 - Easy Way Of Opening Gates /Garage Doors From Your Motorcycle
Here's one handy gadget for those if you who have a gate or garage door.

Instead of using a remote control, or even, gasp, open it manually, just equip your self with a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, and Blue Guard.

Come within 10 meters (33 feet) of the unit, and the gate opens automatically. You don't need to do a thing! Handy and cheap, US$200.


21 May, 2009 - Video: BMW S1000RR Motorcycle Walk Around
Video clip
BMW logo
Here's a great video, lasting over 6 minutes, of a detailed walk around of the brand new BMW S1000RR superbike motorcycle from BMW.

You'll hear a detailed description, and towards the end, you'll hear the bike firing up.

A very impressive motorcycle!


20 May, 2009 - Rumor: BMW Readying A K1600 Motorcycle
BMW logo
BMW is being rumored for developing a Honda Goldwing-killer. They are preparing a 1600 (maybe even 1800) cc, 6 cylinder engine so power a new luxury touring motorcycle.


20 May, 2009 - French Motorcycle Accommodation 100-1
This Site Article
France Article
I've reached 99 biker friendly accommodation in France. There's still a lot more to go, but I have to change the program since it only can only count in 2 digits.

I've also made several changes to the pages.


20 May, 2009 - Confirmed: Easy Rider Sequel Coming In September
Movie Article
It's confirmed. The sequel (prequel?) to Easy Rider is coming. And it's coming faster than what you might think!

"Easy Rider: The Ride Back" will be in theaters starting September in the USA. None of the original cast, but instead the plot focusses on Peter Fonda's movie character's brother (who actually looks like him).

Great! Looking forward to it!


19 May, 2009 - Video: Yamaha Cygnus X - DILO
Video clip
Yamaha logo
Nice promo clip for the Yamaha Cygnus X scooter. It's a DILO (Day In the Life Of) a commuter.

Shows you why scooters and motorcycles are easy in cities.


19 May, 2009 - Blind Faith In Road Signs
Left-Turn sign but right turn
It's not a good idea to blindly trust road signs.

Remember, it's humans who put them up...

You would want to arrive at this curve on your motorcycle at a high speed, thinking it's going to turn left..


19 May, 2009 - One Week, 600,000 Speeding Tickets
Laser Gun Slovenia
TisPol logo
The European Traffic Police organization, TISPOL, went on a speeding rampage in April. In the space of one week, they caught 600,000 people speeding in cars or on motorcycles.

That's almost 100,000 per week!!!


18 May, 2009 - New Tire Rating System Coming To Europe?
European logo
The European Commission have approved a new tire labelling program, that will show you three new ecological values for our motorcycle tires.

Fuel Economy, Grip and Noise levels...


18 May, 2009 - Tiffany Coates Off To A Bad Start
Tiffany in Romania
Tiffany Coates, who set out on her solo UK to Mongolia trip has started her motorcycle trip badly. In the space of 48 hours, she has had 3 rear shock suspension.

Her BMW R80GS has got 150,000 miles on it, and in the first portion up to Germany she not only was loaded for the trip, but also had a pillion passenger..... not a good start...


18 May, 2009 - Easy Rider Movie Sequel Being Planned
According to a one-liner in a news snippet, a bunch of Harley-Davidson motorcycles were riding around the 2009 Film Festival of Cannes in an attempt to drum up finances for a sequel to the cult biker movie "Easy Rider".

Not much other information was found, so if you know anything, let me know.


16 May, 2009 - Review and Rating Function Now On Main Page
This Site Article
You can now rate and comment individual articles on the front page, and no longer need to go to the article itself to rate/review it.

However, it does mean I've lost all previous comments and rating... sorry.


15 May, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 15 May 2009
Web Article
The Top Internet motorcycle Stories from the last few days:

- Overtaking When Following
- Is Your Bike Male or Female
- What Do You Do With Old Helmets


15 May, 2009 - All The Info You Ever Wanted On Suzuki Motorcycles
Suzuki-AS-50-Colt-1968 Ad
Suzuki logo
If you're into Suzuki motorcycles, and want to find out more about a specific model, from ANY year, here's the web site for you! is a treasure chest full of info, technical, ads, magazine and even microfiche going back to the very beginning of Suzuki.

An incredible site, for any lover of Suzuki motorcycles.


15 May, 2009 - Recommendation Function Added
This Site Article
I've added a new function to the site, allowing you by pressing a single button at the end of an article, to recommend it.

The top 5 recommendations are show in the middle column.


15 May, 2009 - Valentino Rossi Came For Coffee Yesterday
Valentino Rossi in Paris
Good old Valentino Rossi came over to France Yesterday for a cup of espresso.

Well, he was close enough for it. He was riding around on his R1 motorcycle in Paris. Apparently he got 5 speed radar photos taken...


14 May, 2009 - Paris Motorcycle Show Moved To 2010
No Mondial 2009
Not only is the Paris motorcycle exhibition, the "Mondial du Deux Roues" cancelled, but they plan to hold it again next year, instead of 2011, and compete head on with Intermot AND EICMA. Silly.

There's also a strong rumor floating that Honda and possibly Yamaha will not attend EICMA this year. Bad news...


14 May, 2009 - 125s: What The Difference A Few Years Make
It used to be that a 125 cc motorcycle looked and felt like a 125 cc motorcycle (see left photo).

But nowadays, it's very difficult to see the difference between a 125 and a real "bigger brother" motorcycle. Look at the differences between these two Yamahas: one is a 125 the other a R6!


14 May, 2009 - ACEM’s Lucky 13 Cartoon Going Strong
ACEM logo
ACEM have been steadily releasing their motorcycle safety cartoon character, Lucky 13, since last fall.

They have reached their 6th edition now, and it's worth your while to have a look.

At the very least, you'll get a snicker or two.


13 May, 2009 - Video: Aprilia 250 Replica Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Aprilia logo
A TV ad dating back to 1997, building on Aprilia's MotoGP world championship motorcycles, the 125 and 250 Replica.

Of course, they throw in the 50 Replica... Replica of what?


13 May, 2009 - The Upside Of Some French Strikes
Stickered Radar
France Article
Don't you love it when once in a while a strike in France actually benefits you.

In this case, employees of the German tire manufacturer, Continental, have stickered one of the most productive speed radars with Continental stickers, rendering the radar inoperative for 12 days.

I wonder how many motorcycle riders have been saved from getting a speeding ticket?


13 May, 2009 - Lots Of Motorcycle Maps
Web Article
Here's a website that sells almost any motorcycle map in existence.

Many countries in the world are covered, and if there are no special motorcycle maps available for that area, they offer detailed maps.


12 May, 2009 - BMW New R1200C Cruiser Replacement
Could this become the next BMW R1200C-Cruiser replacement motorcycle, the R1201C ????


12 May, 2009 - Finally A Real Motorcycle Specific GPS
Here's the motorcycle specific GPS I've been waiting for. MotoMap is a concept GPS that looks and feels like the traditional motorcycle maps, ie, it sits on our fuel tank.

It's still a concept, but very promising. It uses a solar panel for the juice and E-Ink flexible display technology.



12 May, 2009 - Bikers And Their Patches
Motorcycle Patches
Here's an out I found that custom makes motorcycle/biker patches.

Looks like fun, and not that expensive.


12 May, 2009 - Survey: What Do You Think Of The New Social Gadget Here
This Site Article
I'd like to know what you think of the new "social" function I put in this site, courtesy Google Friend Connect.

Here's a one question survey, just let me know what you think.... please...


11 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Riders Have A Soft Heart
Statistics Article
According to a survey run by Progressive Insurance Company, we bikers are not as tough as we pretend to be.

We are more romantic than non-motorcycle riders. We cry when our heart gets broken, or a child is born.

Grab your paper hankies, and read on...


11 May, 2009 - Read Previous Issues Of AMA Motorcyclist On-Line
AMA American Motorcyclist
AMA's American Motorcyclist back issues are now available to read on-line, thanks to Google Books.

You can read the magazines dating back to 1950.

That's many hours worth of reading...


11 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Ride-Out With The French Gendarmes
France Article
The French Gendarmerie are organizing their 9th annual ride out in the Alps mountains.

Everyone is invited for a memorable ride in the mountains.


9 May, 2009 - Riding Motorcycle In France
France flag
Riding in France on a motorcycle, here is what you need to know


8 May, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 8 May 2009
Web Article
Busy week. Here are some of the motorcycle related articles I spotted on the web during the last few days:

- Biker Birthday Cakes
- Fog Off Review
- Motorcycle Renaissance
- Saying Thank You
- 10 things cars and truck should know about motorcycles


8 May, 2009 - New Rating, Comments & Social Function At This Site
This Site Article
I've changed the rating and commenting system (again). We are now using Google Friend Connect system, giving you rating, review and comments all in one handy place.

You do NOT need to have a Google Id. You can be anonymous, or use a Yahoo, AIM or OpenId to become a "member" of this site.

So do me a favor, and join up.... pretty please...


8 May, 2009 - Motorcycle Rest Stops For the 2009 French MotoGP
FFMC logo
The French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) have organized free motorcycle rest stops again this year for the 2009 French MotoGP race.

So if you'll be coming on your motorcycle on one of the free autoroutes (toll free), you now know where to stop and meet like minded bikers.


8 May, 2009 - Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2009 To Be Cancelled
No Mondial 2009
News Article
Looks like it's over this year for the Paris Motorcycle exhibition, the Mondial du Deux-Roues.

They plan to integrate the motorcycle show with the annual car exhibition. That leaves only EICMA as major motorcycle show this year.


7 May, 2009 - Video: Suzuki "Nice Ride" Ad
Video clip
Suzuki logo
Suzuki is using their motorcycle image and products to sell their cars.

You ever see a motorcycle rider compliment a car driver for their car??


7 May, 2009 - Aluminium Foil Motorcycle
Tin Foil Motorcycle
Keep your motorcycle fresh before usage, wrap it up in aluminium foil...


7 May, 2009 - CEO Speed Camera Company Busted - For Speeding
News Article
The CEO of the UK's biggest speed camera company got caught speeding by his own product.

There is justice in the world after all. He got nicked doing 100 in a 70 mph zone, and got a 6 months driving ban.


6 May, 2009 - France: Crisis? Maybe, But Not For Radars
There may be a crisis, but here in France, speed radars are not suffering from it. Far from it.

Radars are expected to generate more than HALF A BILLION Euros (€550 Million to be exact) in speeding fines, and increase of 28% over 2008.

This is no longer a security/safety matter, but big bucks paid for as a "tax" by motorcycle riders and car drivers.


6 May, 2009 - MotoGP France 2009: Some Autoroutes Free For Motorcycles
France Article
If you're planning to attend the 2009 edition of the French MotoGP race in Le Mans, the good news is that most autoroutes leading to Le Mans are going to be free.

Here they are.


6 May, 2009 - Mad Mullah Of The Traffic Taliban To Retire, Motorcyclists Rejoice
News Article
The Mad Mullah of the Traffic Taliban, Chief Constable for North Wales Richard Brunstrom, has announced he finally plans to retire.

After his many stunts, and his love for speed cameras, roads might finally get safer!


6 May, 2009 - Pig Flu On A Motorcycle?
Pig-Transport on a motorcycle
You've got to wonder if carrying pigs on your motorcycle like that might contribute a bit to all sorts of epidemics...


5 May, 2009 - Italy: Scraping Old Motorcycle For New One Deal
Italy are running a cash back for your old motorcycle deal when buying a Euro 0, 1 or 2 new motorcycle.

You can get up to €1800 back.... not bad. Motorcycle sales have jumped in Italy.

When is it our turn?


5 May, 2009 - Mr Motorcycle & Son
This is so cute... Motorcycle crazy family.


5 May, 2009 - How Not To Take A Curve In Motorcycle Races
Valentine-Devise-Off bike
Somehow I think this is not the way of taking a curve on a motorcycle during a race.

Am I right?


4 May, 2009 - DIY Motorcycle Sidecar #2
Motorcycle sidecars do not need to be expensive. yes, you can go out and buy a Ural with sidecar, but this solution is cheaper.

He only got the position wrong...


4 May, 2009 - Utah Motorcycle Safety Campaigns
The state of Utah, USA has some interesting, if not funny, safety slogans and posters for motorcycle riders.

At first glance, they're funny, but they do make you think... Here are five slogans!


4 May, 2009 - MotoGP Racer Colin Edwards To Change Job?
Colin-Edwards fighting a bull
It looks like that MotoGP racer Colin Edwards is hanging up his motorcycle racing leathers to go into a career involving another type of leather.


1 May, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 1 May 2009
Web Article
Here are the top internet motorcycle stories I could find over the last few days.

- Testing the MotionX-GPS with a ride to Puncak
- Twitter for Motorcycle Travelers
- April is Check Your Helmet month


1 May, 2009 - Has This Motorcycle Got Enough Lights?
Imagine driving behind this Harley motorcycle at night.... you'd need sunglasses.

Do you think he could put a few more lights on this motorcycle?


1 May, 2009 - Australia: DUI Safety Campaign
Australia-Safety-Drink-Drive ad
The Australian DUI safety campaign ad took me a few cups of coffee before I figured it out.

Nice ad... funny...



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