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31 May, 2010 - 52 Private Motorcycle Garages
Motorcycle Private Garage
Motorcycle Private Garage
Here are 52 photos of 52 motorcycle garages.

These are small, or enormous, super clean, or super dirty, empty or crowed garages, but they all have at least one motorcycle in them (apart from the first, which is Jay Leno's garage).



31 May, 2010 - Want To Buy A Harley-Davidson Bar
Harley Pub Bar
Here's a bar up for auction in Atlanta that would not look out of place in a motorcycle garage, the Harley Pub-Bar.

However..... your garage needs to be pretty big, as does your wallet...


31 May, 2010 - Rolling Thunder 2010
Rolling Thunder 2010
Time to honor the fallen and disappeared - The Rolling Thunder motorcycle parade.

Probably one of the few times motorcycle riders are seen in a positive light.


28 May, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 28 May 2010
Web Article
Here's what I have been (trying to) reading over the last few days, despite being at the French MotoGP.

- Silent and Green, but Not Quite There
- Ipad - A Motorcycle Enthusiast Review w/MotoGP Live Timing
- Rocket Cycles


28 May, 2010 - Sphinx Rally In Egypt Cancelled Due TO Economic Reasons
NPO logo
The Egyptian rally, cars & motorcycles, the SPHINX Rally has been cancelled due to financial and safety concerns.

The NPO organized race, like their other race, the Shamrock, are both races that the Dakar racers used as practice.

The Morocco based Shamrock rally is still going ahead, and registration has opened.


28 May, 2010 - Get Your Face On Rossi or Lorenzo
Fiat Yamaha M1 Photo Upload
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
The Fiat(Yamaha MotoGP racing team, are going to give a lucky person the chance to ride with Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, but not the way you may think.

No, the lucky winner is not going physically on the motorcycle, but their mug shot will. Fans can upload their photo starting June 1st, and the lucky winner will have their photo displayed on the race motorcycle.



27 May, 2010 - Movie Review: The Jesus Trip
The Jesus Trip scene
Video clip
A review of the movie The Jesus Trip. Another cheap, trashy, biker exploitation movie from the 70's, with loud motorcycles, choppers & off road, no plot, very (and I mean very) bad picture quality, bad directing, no acting, only two names of people, no sex .... a real biker movie.


27 May, 2010 - Honey! I Am Going To Move The Cupboard
Cubboard Motorcycle Transport
What to do if you've got to transport your grandmother's precious cupboard, and all you've got is a motorcycle?

That didn't stop this guy...


27 May, 2010 - Hertz To Ride The MotoGP
MotoGP logo
Hertz car rentals has been signed up by Dorna Sports (the MotoGP organizers) to provide rental cars, power equipment and climate control equipment for all MotoGP races.

But they'll not provide the motorcycles.... ;-)


26 May, 2010 - Enough Of Those Stupid Drivers? Revenge Time
Gun mounted motorcycle
Have you had enough of those stupid car & SUV drivers on the road, not paying attention, talking on the phone, changing lanes without watching if there's a motorcycle coming up?

Time to get even!


26 May, 2010 - Ad: Yamaha Using Gays, Transvestites and Transsexuals
Ad Yamaha Gays Thailand
Pretty amazing print ad/flyer for Yamaha Thailand.

They target gays, transvestites and transsexuals with their motorcycles and scooters..... amazing.


26 May, 2010 - Video: An Honest Harley-Davidson Motorcycles TV Ad?
Video clip
Funny, and very fake Harley-Davidson motorcycle TV ad.

But wouldn't it be great if motorcycle manufacturers were forced to make honest TV publicity about their motorcycles. Tell you the way it really is?


25 May, 2010 - Ads: Shoei Motorcycle Helmets - Valuable Is You
Ad Shoei Vase Brazil
Shoei  logo
Two nice print ads for Shoei motorcycle helmets, telling you that your head is breakable, and valuable.

From Brazil...


25 May, 2010 - Psst. Wanna Buy The Batman BatPod?
Batpod For Sale
A 1:1 replica of the famous Batman BatPod motorcycle is on sale. A mere US$100,000 will get you this monster.

But you've got to supply the guns, and it's not even street legal.


25 May, 2010 - MotoGP Le Mans 2010 - 35 Photos Of Motorcycles
MotoGP France 2010
MotoGP France 2010
After having been invited by the Fiat Yamaha Team as guest at the French MotoGP, I shot a series of photos during the FP1. I have never made photos of high speed motorcycles before, so it was a hit & miss method, but here are 35 shots of the race motorcycles in full glory.

Let me know what you think..... do I give up my day job?


24 May, 2010 - 49 Animals And Motorcycles
An animal (dog) on a motorcycle
An animal (monkey) on a motorcycle
Many of us love animals as much as we love our motorcycles, and often we take our animal on our rides.

So here are 49 animals, ranging from dogs and cats, to monkeys, sheep and even an elephant. Plus the last photo is probably the most famous animal of them all.


24 May, 2010 - Video: Allstate Insurance - Bikes Never Crash Alone
Video clip
A very good TV ad from Allstate for motorcycle insurance.

The 31 second TV ad shows several motorcycle crashing, in high def, slow-mo, but all of them without a rider. The tag line is "Bikes never Crash Alone".

Very well filmed.


24 May, 2010 - First Real Motorcycle Hearse
Long Motorcycle Hearse
It's amazing the length we'll go to for a decent burial.

A company in New Zealand has developed the first true motorcycle hearse. Not one wit a sidecar, or a trailer, but a real motorcycle, just lengthened a bit, and a hydraulic system for the casket.

Powered by a Harley engine, you'll get buried in style (and probably noise).


23 May, 2010 - A Great Thanks To The #fiatyamahateam
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
After a great, educational and even emotional long weekend at the Le Mans MotoGP, as guest of the Fiat-Yamaha team, I would like to thank the whole, very professional, team.

Thanks to everyone, from riders, mechanics, managers,PR staff, cooks, etc for making this experience one of a life time.


23 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Tiziana Di Gioia
MotoGP France 2010 Tizana Di Gioia
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
An interview with Tiziana Di Gioia from the Fiat Yamaha Team. Tiziana has a dream job; the job that almost anyone would love to have, and she's got it, and she'll not let go.

She is the Sponsorship Manager for Fiat for the team, so she gets to go to every MotoGP, tour the country in fancy Fiats, and meet loads of A-list celebrities.

But she also gets up a 5 am, and goes to sleep at 3 am at times. Read her interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Brent Stevens
Brent at MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
As promised, a look at the people you rarely see or hear from at the MotoGP races, but have very important roles.

This is Brent Stevens, a Kiwi, living in Australia, but working on every MotoGP circuit of the world, and he is one of Valentino Rossi's mechanics. For your info, he spends some 500 hours per year flying in airplanes.... that's more than what most commercial pilots do..


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: The Scooters
MotoGP France 2010 Quantya
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
MotoGP races isn't only about really fast motorcycles. The majority of motorcycles are in fact small, 50cc, scooters and mopeds.

Here's a look at the fleet of scooters and almost-motorcycles, and one electric Quantya motorcycle that I saw at the French MotoGP.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 2 PM
MotoGP France 2010 Hospitality
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick look at all the other main MotoGP hospitality areas. I went during the MotoGP qualifiers since nobody was outside. If you want to know more about the QP, check out they know more about it than me.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam Interview Michele Quarenghi
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team Michele
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Continuing our look at the Fiat Yamaha MotoGP team support staff, we interviewed probably the most popular person on any large racing team; the chef/cook.

Michele Quarenghi has been doing this for 3 years, and cooks, hold your breath, .... 15,000 meals during the race season. Here's the interview.


22 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 2 AM
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's a quick tour of the paddock area of the Le Mans MotoGP.

We even spotted Valentino Rossi's private motorhome, where he sleeps when racing in Europe.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 Night
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick look at the French MotoGP circuit at night.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: For The Doubting Thomases
Mike Werner at the MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Rossi Bike
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
If any of you doubt that I really am at Le Mans, France at the MotoGP, courtesy Fiat Yamaha Team, here's a photo they took..


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 PM
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Afternoon of Day 1, the MotoGP time trials.

Here are several photos of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, plus some general shots. The other racers will have to wait until I'm back in the office. Enjoy.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 AM2
MotoGP France 2010 Fiat Yamaha Team
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
A quick visit to the Fiat Yamaha Team pits, where our two heroes, Rossi and Lorenzo, would be signing autographs.


21 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 1 AM1
MotoGP France 2010 paddock
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's the first day, first part of the morning at the French MotoGP at Le Mans, as a special invitee of the Fiat-Yamaha Team.

Part 2 coming shortly.


20 May, 2010 - DVD Review: The Hell On Wheels
2009 Hell On Wheels Cover
Video clip
A review of the DVD documentary "2009 The Hell on Wheels Moto Rally & Pin Up Beauty Pageant", distributed by ChopperTownNation.

Party, Music, Motorcycles, Girls... in other words, fun!


20 May, 2010 - Gone To MotoGP With #fiatyamahateam
Emergency headlight on motorcycle
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Have left real, real, early for the #MotoGP to join the #fiatyamahateam for the French race.

... and I mean real early....


20 May, 2010 - New German Motorcycle Manufacturer: Part 2
News Article
The new German motorcycle manufacturer has been heard from. They have released a few more tidbits on their new motorcycle.

In summary, it's a green-field engine, i.e., developed from scratch, super efficient.


20 May, 2010 - #fiatyamahateam MotoGP France Report: Day 0
MotoGP France 2010 paddock
Fiat-Yamaha Team logo
Here's my first report on the Le Mans French MotoGP as invitee of the #fiatyamahateam.

My hosts had not arrived yet, but went to the circuit and bullshitted myself in. Here are some photos.


19 May, 2010 - A New German Motorcycle Manufacturer Coming
New German Manufacturer
Wow. It's not everyday that a new motorcycle manufacturer makes itself known.

In Germany, a new motorcycle manufacturer is starting to make noise. They've got a website, but they are not giving out any info, yet. They are planning to drip-feed info until their full launch next month.

Is it going to be a conventional motorcycle? An electric one? Wait and see...


19 May, 2010 - Beautiful Scooter Desk Lamps
Lamponi Lambretta Lamp
Lamponi Vespa Lamp
Don't you just love these beautiful desk lamps fashioned after Vespa and Lambretta scooters?

The handlebars are the original size.


19 May, 2010 - Lebanon: Security Forces Receive Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Lebanon Harley Davidson Security Forces
Looks like the security forces in Lebanon are happy.

They just received 20 Harley-Davidson motorcycles as gift from the USA.

Now they too can look cool.


18 May, 2010 - Ad: Ride The Husqvarna Bull
Ad Husqvarna Bull Italy
Husqvarna logo
Nice ad from Husqvarna motorcycles, but could it backfire?


18 May, 2010 - Great News! Fiat-Yamaha (#fiatyamahateam) Invite Us To Go To French MotoGP
Fiat Yamaha Team logo
MotoGP logo
I'm in luck! Lots of luck! I have been invited by the Fiat-Yamaha racing team (#fiatyamahateam -the team of Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo) to attend the French MotoGP in Le Mans this weekend as their guest blogger.

It means that starting Thursday you'll be reading articles about the workings of the Fiat-Yamaha team, with an in-depth view and photos of individuals who make up the world class team.


18 May, 2010 - Thailand: Motorcycle Gang With Their Patches
Thai Motorcycle Police
Looks like the motorcycle gang, complete with their patches, are at the loose again in Bangkok, Thailand.

Will those 1%ers ever learn.... ?


17 May, 2010 - 21st Century Version Of E.T. ?
Robbie Maddison Cairo
Is this the 21st century version of the famous ET poster?

In this case, it's the other E.T. ... namely Robbie Maddison.


17 May, 2010 - 27 Religious Figures On Motorcycles + 1
Religious Figure On Motorcycle
Religious figures, priests, monks, mullahs, etc ride motorcycle. Why not?

So here are 27 religious figures riding a motorcycle, and one very special Priest...


17 May, 2010 - A Notable Dakar Victim In The Libyan Airplane Crash
Emilie Poucan
Dakar logo
Emilie Poucan, the person responsible for the press at the Dakar race has died in the airplane crash in Libya last week.

She was returning from South Africa where she celebrated her 32nd birthday.

She'll be missed.


14 May, 2010 - France: Motorcycle Rest Areas For The MotoGP 2010
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on next weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place many motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


14 May, 2010 - Italy: No 150 kph For Motorways
No 150 kph
After years of debate, arguments and political promises, the Italian politicians have finally made de decision..... there will be no raising of the speed limit on the motorways to 150 kph.

So the only country left where you can ride at a faster pace, is Germany...


14 May, 2010 - Top Internet Stories - 14 May 2010
Web Article
Here are some motorcycle stories I've been reading over the last few days that may interest you.

- How To Get A Motorcycle Licence
- Miss Vicki Starts The Day
- Ladies Gear Not In Stock Again
- 5 Things Every Motorcyclist Should Remember
- What Do You Do With Your Hands If You Are Stopped By The Police
- Part One Of Chessies Road Trip Wheels
- Wheels Through Time Rode Stop In
- Motorcycle Riding Burns Calories


13 May, 2010 - Bank Holiday. Heavy Burden. Day Off
Heavy Load On Foot
It's a bank holiday over here in France (one of many), and due to a heavy load, I've taken the day off...


12 May, 2010 - Muslim Women, Motorcycles And The Burqa
Muslim Female Motorcycle Riders
Big debate in Europe about women wearing the burqa, comparing them to people wearing a motorcycle helmet in public.

But what about women wearing a burqa riding a motorcycle?


12 May, 2010 - Dakar Race Caused USD 570K Worth Of Damage In Chile
Dakar logo
According to the organization in Chile that looks after national monuments, the Dakar race has caused some US$570,000 worth of damage to historical sites.

They want the Dakar organizers to cough up the dough...


12 May, 2010 - Video: New Honda Motorcycles USA - Chain Gang Ad
Ad Honda Sabre USA
Honda logo
Two print ads and one TV ad (with the video) of Honda Motorcycles North America ad campaign for their new Sabre and Stateline motorcycles.

Their TV ad is not bad, and so is their "punch" line...


11 May, 2010 - Is Your Motorcycle On Fire, Or Are You Not Happy To See Me?
Fire from behind motorcycle
Scary photo... looks like there's fire coming from the exhaust of the BMW GS motorcycle, or it's the latest gizmo from Touratech.

But it's neither...


11 May, 2010 - MotoGP: Casey Stoner To Ride For Honda in 2011
MotoGP logo
Casey Stoner, with a bitter taste in his mouth, has apparently signed with Honda HRC for next year's MotoGP races. He'll be riding a Honda motorcycle.

This leaves the top spot at Ducati up for grabs, and Ducati have made an offer to Valentino Rossi.

Rossi has until June to decide.... interesting times...


11 May, 2010 - Movies: View ChopperTown On YouTube
DVD ChopperTown: The Sinners cover
Video clip
The excellent motorcycle documentary ChopperTown: The Sinners is available for rental on YouTube.

It's currently an experiment, and I think it only work sin the USA, but you can watch the 1 1/2 hour documentary for US$2.99.

Not bad...


10 May, 2010 - 53 Motorcycle Fuel Tank Protectors
Fuel Tank Protector Pad
Fuel Tank Protector Pad
Fuel tank protectors, also known as tank pads, on your motorcycle are a good thing. Who wants to have scratches on their motorcycle fuel tank?

Here are 53 fuel tank protectors found on the internet.


10 May, 2010 - A Politician On A Motorcycle
clown on motorcycle
Here's a politician, or is it a clown, riding a motorcycle. Not much difference between the two, is there?

In fact here in France, in the 80's, a motorcycle-riding-clown ran for President of France. He withdrew when it became apparent that he might win, and started getting death threats.


10 May, 2010 - A Tour De France On A Scooter For A Special Girl
Ara Lucia Ashburne
Here's a young lady that deserves our respect. Ara Lucia Ashburne suffered an enormous physical problem, resulting in a life long severe disability, but the disability is not visible.

Many people think if you don't show the disability, you're not disabled. So she's going to set out on trip of her life, riding through France. Just to prove that she can do it, and to make people aware of invisible disabilities.

That's tough... not an easy task.


7 May, 2010 - France: The Life Of A Biker Is Worth Euro 100
OJ get out of jail free
A motorcycle rider here in France was killed when a guy cut him off in his car. The police stated that this was 100% the car driver's fault.

But the defense lawyer dug up a mystery witness who stated that he was passed by the biker some time ago while he was speeding. So the judge said he was probably speeding at the time of the accident (despite police reports denying it).

The car driver got fined €100. That's the price of a motorcycle rider here in France.


7 May, 2010 - Monks And Motorcycles?
Monks and a motorcycle
Not exactly a common sight. Monks obviously can ride motorcycles, but a sportsbike?


7 May, 2010 - Italy: New Motorcycle Protection Laws Coming
Naked motorcycle rider
The days of riding naked in Italy are going to be over... well, I don't think many were riding like in this photo.

A new law being debated will make mandatory, depending on your motorcycle power rating, the wearing of protective motorcycle clothing.

Motorcycles over 70 hp will have a mandatory wearing on either a full integral suit, or a two piece suit, protected, including back protector.


6 May, 2010 - Video: Cockroaches On Motorcycles
Video clip
Mildly funny TV commercial for Orkin, the pest control service, where a cockroach not only enjoys taking a hot tub, but also likes riding on a motorcycle.

... or is this a sublime message from the producers, telling the world what they think we motorcycle riders are... cockroaches?


6 May, 2010 - Motorcycle Kickstand Fun
Kickstand Squirrel
You know that sinking feeling you get when you see your heavy motorcycle tumble over because the kickstand was in gravel, dirt or hot asphalt? Yes, you can get one of those boring coasters, or you can get one of these fun ones...

Aerostich have Kickstand Kritters, in the form of a squirrel or frog... funny.


6 May, 2010 - UK: Interesting Concept To Attract New Motorcycle Riders
Get On Free Ride
Not a bad idea. In the UK, a group formed by the leading motorcycle manufacturers, dealers and other organizations, called Get On, offer free, one hour, rides for people who want to know what riding a motorcycle or scooter is all about.

If someone wants to know if they would like to ride a motorcycle, book a one hour ride, and enjoy....


5 May, 2010 - Long Distance Motorcycle Or A Garbage Hauler
Garbage Hauler
Is this motorcycle and its wonderful panniers used for long distance travelling, or just to bring the garbage away?


5 May, 2010 - Mickey Rourke To Play Sonny Barger
Mickey Rourke
Sonny Barger
Mickey Rourke is to play the Hells Angels' most famous biker, Sonny Barger, in an upcoming, yet to be announced Hollywood movie.

Rourke is ideally suited to play the role, and even looks like Sonny Barger.


5 May, 2010 - Spain: Motorcycle Sales Increasing - Scrappage Working
scrapped motorcycles
Despite rumors of financial doom and gloom in Spain, last month saw a healthy increase in the number of motorcycles sold; 18% over last year.

But the Spanish motorcycle association wants to government to extend the scrappage scheme...


4 May, 2010 - 20 Motorcycle Related Print Ads From Around The World - Part 2
Ad Sidi Shock Absorbers UK
Part 2 of motorcycle related products advertisements from around the world.

20 print ads...


4 May, 2010 - Soft Harley-Davidson Motorcycle, Butter Soft
Butter harley davdison motorcycle
Harley motorcycles can be pretty hard on your butt, which may be why they've decided to make one that is a lot softer.

Just don't go riding during a heat wave...


4 May, 2010 - USA: May Is Motorcycle Safety Month. But Maybe Not In California
LAPD Motorcycles
With the NHTSA calling May the Motorcycle Safety Awareness month, the LAPD have decided instead of making sure that motorcycles are safe from cars and SUVs, that they are going to target motorcycle riders for traffic violations.

I think they didn't read the memo correctly...


3 May, 2010 - 52 Special Motorcycle Sidecars
Sidecar with girls
Motorcycle (or scooter) sidecars, don't need to be boring....

Some sidecars are incredibly designed, and some are made to be very practical. Here are 52 motorcycle sidecars that are unusual.


3 May, 2010 - Video: Swedish Motorcycle Safety - Invisible
Video clip
Quite a good TV ad from Sweden for motorcycle awareness.

It's longer than most safety ads, but the twist is towards the end....


3 May, 2010 - Canada: Vancouver Motorcycle Parking Protest
Vancouver Motorcycle Parking Protest
100's of motorcycles in Vancouver went on a protest "Parking" ride, parking their motorcycles in cars spots, one motorcycle, one spot.

They did that to show the Vancouver city council what would happen if they continued their upcoming policy to allow motorcycles only to park in legal spots, and taxing them for the privilege.



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