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31 May, 2011 - Motorcycles Lined Up, Everywhere
Motorcycle Line up USA 2011
Motorcycle Line up Yemen 2011
Two photos taken on the same day, thousands of miles apart, but with the same story; motorcycle lined up....

One for a nice occasion, the other for a not-so-nice one.


31 May, 2011 - Bike Torque TV - No More
Bike Torque TV logo
The recently announced motorcycle TV show Bike Torque TV, modelled after Top Gear, hasn't even made it to the TV station and already it has been cancelled.

Not because of lack of interested, topics or money, but because of creative differences. So for the time being, we'll be watching re-runs of Top Gear.


31 May, 2011 - Video: Allstate And Motorcycle Mayhem
Video clip
Allstate logo
Finally a motorcycle insurance commercial which is not half bad...

Allstate motorcycle insurance mayhem.


30 May, 2011 - On Assignment For Rest Of The Week
Couch Car
Just received a nice assignment for a mag for the rest of the week. Though I'll be in and out of the office for the next 2 days, after that I'm out of touch, but I've loaded a few entertainment articles to keep you amused.

Hopefully back in full swing next Monday, after I processed the 3 million of so photos I'll be taking.... Don't miss me too much.


30 May, 2011 - Folding Motorcycle Helmet - Time Has Come
Proteus helmet
25 year old Australian girl, fed up with having to lug around her motorcycle helmet, designs a folding helmet.

Called the Proteus, it meets Australian safety standards, and it's up for a big award, the James Dyson award.

It's time for a folding motorcycle helmet....


30 May, 2011 - Are We Getting TomTom GPS With StreetView?
TomTom Streetview Car
Google Streetview Paris Direction
Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom got caught with a 360° camera van taking photos of the roads in Europe.

Does this mean we will be seeing a "StreetView" style GPS on our motorcycles shortly...???..

It does make a lot of sense seeing the actual road you will be travelling.


27 May, 2011 - Ad: Bridgestone Tires - Flatline
Bridgestone Flatline Lebanon
Bridgestone logo
Nice print advertisement from Bridgestone tires...

Though the ad does not show a motorcycle tire, the concept remains the same. Nice idea!


27 May, 2011 - Tuk-Tuk Limousine
TukTuk Limo
You know those Tuk-Tuk you mostly see when travelling in Asia. Usually three wheel motorcycles with a two/three person seat...

Well, like any vehicle, you'll find stretch versions ... here's the Tuk-Tuk Stretch Limo


27 May, 2011 - Bajaj Wins Award For Advertisement Campaign
Bajaj Pulsar Road End India
Bajaj logo
The Indian motorcycle manufacturer, Bajaj, back in 2004 was in difficulties against the Japanese manufacturers. They contracted with a big PR agency to set up a campaign for their Pulsar motorcycle.

The advertisement campaign was an enormous success, with SEVEN times increase in sales in five years. To honor this, the ad campaign just received a top award.


26 May, 2011 - A 5 Wheels Motorcycle?
5 wheels motorcycle
You've got to ask yourself what is going on here.

Is the scooter a backup for the motorcycle? Is it a break-down service for small motorcycles and scooters? Is it a his and hers thing?


26 May, 2011 - Video: Motorcycle Mechanics Institute
Video clip
It's not something I think about; motorcycle mechanics obviously need training, even for a Harley-Davidson. Here's a TV commercial for the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute for Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

They must be doing a pretty good business. Lots of dealers, and not that many mechanics to service them.


26 May, 2011 - New James Bond Features Pretty Girl and Motorcycle
James Bond Carte Blanche launch
The latest James Book book, Carte Blanche, was launched yesterday in London in style, James Bond style.

Featuring the writer, Jeffery Deaver, and very pretty female stunt rider and model, Chesca Miles, on her BSA motorcycle, and several stunt.


25 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Junoon YD 100
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It's funny how in some countries the small motorcycles are advertized the way we would advertize our big bikes. Here's a launch commercial from Pakistan for the Yamaha Janoon YD 100.

Photographers, groupies, smoke, sunglasses ..... the way you receive a big star.


25 May, 2011 - France: Motorcycle Taxis Not Allowed To Use The Word Taxi
No Taxi Signs
In the eternal struggle for world domination, or at least for the French roads, the car taxi companies have struck another blow against their motorcycle counterpart.... Some obscure French law defines the word "taxi" belonging to the four wheel vehicles, and therefore excludes motorcycles.

The taxi drivers are demanding that motorcycle taxi companies remove the word taxi from their names, commercial info and web.

But they don't ask that for boat, airplane, bicycle and donkey taxi companies. They are making themselves (the cagers) look ridicules and childish.


25 May, 2011 - France: G8 Summit - Motorcycles Are Ready Sir
G8 Summit Motorcycles
The French motorcycle police is getting ready for the G8 summit held in Deauville, France....

... about 100 kms from my home. Will the tear gas reach that far?


24 May, 2011 - Maybe Loud Pipes Save Lives, But They Will Cost you
Noise Snare
Video clip
A guy in Canada, who was fed up with the sound level of some motorcycle in his neighborhood, made a device that records sound levels from vehicles, video tapes them, and can sound out an automatic fine to the owner of the vehicle.

Calgary, Canada is testing out the system for wide use.

Another quick way for governments to get money? France should be very interested in the system...


24 May, 2011 - Spain: Up To €6000 Subsidy For Electric Motorcycle Purchase
Electric motorcycle vending machine
Spain will be subsidizing the purchase of electric motorcycles and cars to the tune of 25% of the purchase value (minus the VAT but including the batteries) to a maximum of €6,000.

Now, if only the rest of Europe would follow...


24 May, 2011 - France: 1000 Pedagogic Radars To Be Installed
Pedagogic Radar
France Article
The French Minister of Interior, under political pressure, has announced that he's not totally a bad guy. Apart from all the drastic measures, he's installing 1,000 pedagogic radars in France.

These new radars will show you in real-time, how fats you were riding your motorcycle, and if you were speeding, how much your fine would have been, and how many points would have been deducted from your license.


23 May, 2011 - 34 Motorcycles Carrying A Lot Of People
Motorcycle Loaded With Many People
Most bikers prefer riding their motorcycle alone, but having a pillion is okay. It's a bit more tricky, since the weight of the pillion, when shifting can upset the balance of the motorcycle.

Having two pillions is very difficult, so what do you think about riding a motorcycle or scooter with more than 2 pillions?

Here are 34 photos of motorcycles and scooters carrying a hell of a lot of people.... scary!


23 May, 2011 - This Is All That Is Left Over Of A Motorcycle Bomb
Motorcycle Exploded After Bomb
Motorcycle bombs... scary! Here's all that's left over after a motorcycle bomb went of in Thailand (11 people were injured). All you can tell from what is left is that the motorcycle was red, single cylinder and probably a 125cc.

Anyone able to determine what make & model it was?


23 May, 2011 - Lorenzo Explains The Facts Of Life To Schumacher
Lorenzo and Schumacher
Jorge Lorenzo, reigning MotoGP World Champion and Spanish, visited his national Formula One race this weekend and hooked up with multiple World Champion F1 racer, Michael Schumacher.

It's at this stage I would have loved to be a fly on the wall....


20 May, 2011 - Looking Great On A Motorcycle As A Woman
Lycaon Babe Female Jacket
Lycaon Vixen Female Kidney Belt
Riding a motorcycle as a woman doesn't mean you can't look good while still be protected.

Lycaon will ensure that you are protected, even you kidneys, while still looking fashionable enough to go to the Royal Wedding...


20 May, 2011 - France: What Does It Mean That The Radar Signs Are Going?
Radar Photographed Sign
With the abolishing of radar warning signs in France, what does this mean for us motorcycle riders?


20 May, 2011 - No Money For A Ferrari? Get The Ferrari Motorcycle Helmet
Ferrari Helmet
Ferrari Helmet
No money for a Ferrari? But still want something from Ferrari?

Problem solved with the Ferrari motorcycle helmet. It's not going to cost you a house mortgage, and it's made out of the best materials available. You'll need to go to the Ferrari store, or web, to get it.


20 May, 2011 - Europe: EC Tells 11 Countries To Improve Their Roads
Car Sank In Pothole
It looks like the European Commission agrees with most of us .... it's the bad road infrastructure that kills people, not speed...

The have mandated 11 countries in the European Union to get their act together and make the roads safer! It's only been a few years that the motorcycle associations have been saying it, but who will listen to us?


19 May, 2011 - Randy de Puniet Gets Himself A Ducati Diavel Motorcycle
Randy de Puniet Ducati Diavel
Ducati logo
Randy de Puniet is a lucky man. Not because he crashed and survived the last MotoGP race, but because at the race he was given a Ducati Diavel power cruiser.

Let's hope this motorcycle stays intact.


19 May, 2011 - Video: Geico Bears - Amazing
Video clip
Geico logo
It just doesn't stop to amaze me how bad motorcycle insurance TV commercials are in the USA.... here's the latest from Geico.

At least it solves one of life's mysteries ... does a bear shit in the woods?


19 May, 2011 - France: Anti-Government Swelling In The Make
FFMC Protest 18June
France Article
As could be expected after the announcement of the new drastic measures agaisnt motorcycle riders (and cars and other vehicles) in France, a large series of protests rides have been organized, with the biggest one on June the 18th.

But the biggest one has not been organized by the motorcycle associations, but from a more unlikely corner, the Association of Manufacturers of Technology for Driving Assistance (AFFTAC), the association that looks after the makers of GPS based speed radar warning devices, of which there are some 6 million users.

They plan to bring France to a standstill on June the 2nd.


18 May, 2011 - Ducati Sell-Out The Diavel Cruiser Motorcycle
Ducati Press Conference EICMA 2010
Ducati logo
Form different reports in several discussion forums on the internet, and a visit to a Ducati dealer here in France, it's obvious that Ducati have a smash hit on their hands.

Prospective buyers of the Diavel, Ducati's power-cruiser, must now wait until September/October to get theirs.

And it's not only in France, that the Diavel is outselling the Multistrada, also in the UK (check the video interview).


18 May, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson 250cc Motorcycle TV Ad
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
When one says a 250cc Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you already know that we're not talking about a recent motorcycle.

Here's a TV commercial for a 250cc Harley/AMF bike. I just love their slogan... just watch it..


18 May, 2011 - France: Good Actions By Paris Police, Bad Vibes
French Police Solex Squad
France Article
The Paris police force went for a "good conduct" drive....

They followed on unmarked motorcycles any motorcycle riders in the French capital that was showing a good behavior. The good biker would then be pulled over and given some symbolic gifts from a B-list celeb.

Either a gift, or CPR from getting a heart attack from being pulled over while minding your own business.

10 points for the idea, 0 points for the execution. At least it's positive, not repression.


17 May, 2011 - India: Judge Grants 3 Year Old A Motorcycle License
Biker Boy India
Stranger than fiction? A judge in India has granted a 3 year old kid the right to ride a real motorcycle, with as only restriction, that he is not allowed to ride it on a busy road...

No wonder India has the highest death rate on the roads.


17 May, 2011 - Cheap Air-conditioning On A Scooter
Airco Fan Scooter
Just when you thought it was too hot to ride your motorcycle, and you can't afford a dedicated air-conditioning unit, this chap comes up with a great way of cooling down while riding your motorcycle or scooter....


17 May, 2011 - Video: Modenas Kristar - Getting The Wrong Kind Of Attention
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for the Malaysian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer Modenas....

It's for their Kristar scooter, and it's about getting the wrong kind of attention on your motorcycle.


16 May, 2011 - 25 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 2
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Last week we showed you 50 photos of motorcycles and scooters that were "slightly" overloaded with stuff.

Here's part 2, 25 photos of loaded motorcycles and scooters in Asia.


16 May, 2011 - Knives For Bikers - Handlebar Lever Knife
Handlebar Knife
Knives are always welcome when riding a motorcycle. Not for fighting, but for cutting things off.

Here's an interesting knife, in the shape of a handlebar lever.


16 May, 2011 - Video: Honda CBR900RR - Uncaged
Video clip
Honda logo
In a surprisingly good TV commercial from Honda Motorcycles, here's one from 1998. It shows a several caged motorcycles, and then the Fireblade ... which breaks free from its cage.

Nice symbolism.


13 May, 2011 - Video: Biker Torque TV Shows World’s Fastest Hearse
Video clip
Bike Torque TV logo
The record attempt for the mad British priest to take the record of world's fastest hearse has been well documented over the last few days. ...

But here's the full story, courtesy of our friends at Biker Torque TV. Interview before and after, and the attempt itself. The record was accomplished with a Triumph Rocket III motorcycle.


13 May, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 13 April 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Friday the 13th, and we dare come our with this week's top motorcycle articles.... did you play the lotto?? Here's what you may have missed on the WWW..

- So You Ride Motorbike Then? (Box Hill or Bust)
- 10 Tips on How to Ride a New Bike (Bike Advice)
- Picking the Right 250cc Motorcycle: How To Get Started (Popular Mechanics)
- Motorcycle Towing Tips (Motorcycle)


13 May, 2011 - France: The French Fight Back, Government Indifferent
Protest Sign Crap
After the French government announced even stricter measures to get our money, the associations are getting their acts together ..... PROTESTS coming up.

The biggest association, the one that looks after cars (40 million car users in France) is making some very strong noises.

The guillotine is apparently being taken from storage and dusted off...


12 May, 2011 - Android: Check The Motorcycle Riding Weather
Android Motorcycle Weather
Riding a motorcycle when the weather is bad, can be risky....

Here's a free Android-based mobile phone app that will tell you if it's a good idea to go and ride your motorcycle.


12 May, 2011 - Video: BMW R1150R Motorcycle - Jazz
Video clip
BMW logo
A nice, probably not real, BMW motorcycle TV commercial.

It's for the BMW R1150R motorcycle, and it makes well use of a nice piece of Jazz music.



12 May, 2011 - Uganda: Squids In The Making
Uganda Besigye Supporters
If ever I've seen a bunch of squids, this is it....


11 May, 2011 - India: No Helmet ? No Petrol !
Turban clad biker
A new order in the Northern part of India forces petrol pumps not to sell fuel to bikers on motorcycles without helmets.

But petrol stations are ignoring the order, since they loose a lot of revenue.


11 May, 2011 - MotoGP Truck Kills Biker, Dangers Of Motorways For Motorcycles
Truck at Peage
This would not have happened if companies operating the motorways/autoroutes in France would place motorcycle-only toll booths next to the normal toll booths.....

At a toll booth in France, a motorcycle pulled in behind a truck, waiting to pay the toll (motorcycles are only allowed to use the manual/truck toll gate). The truck driver reversed his truck in order to take a shorter/faster toll booth, crushing the biker. The biker died.

To make things worse, the truck belonged to the MotoGP Tech3 Team. The driver has been detained for involuntary manslaughter.

It's rare, but it does happen. This is why we need our own toll booths.


11 May, 2011 - France: Government Has Had Enough! Gloves Come Off
France Article
France has had several months of increase in road mortality, and the French government held an urgent meeting to address the issue.

Here's what the politicians have decided.


11 May, 2011 - France: MotoGP 2011 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


10 May, 2011 - Cannes Film Festival Will See New Taxi Service Using Victory Motorcycles
ProtectDriver Services Victory
A new motorcycle taxi service has started just in time for the famous Cannes Film Festival.

Every year, this film festival sees the very top of the A-list from Hollywood appearing, and going from party to party. To help them cut down in travel time, the new motorcycle taxi company, named ProtectDriver Services, will be riding the stars, starlets, directors and producers, plus any commoner, around on a Victory Vision motorcycle.

A bit unusual, but very fitting in Cannes.


10 May, 2011 - This Is The Way Tunis Motorcycle Police Transport Suspects?
Tunis Motorcycle Police Suspect Transport
Tunisia flag
Usually in countries where a motorcycle cop arrests someone, they call in a car or van to transport the suspect. But apparently not in Tunisia ... they just put him (or her) on the back of their motorcycle. Only salient point is that each motorcycle cop already has someone riding pillion...

How safe is this?


10 May, 2011 - Video: Kawasaki - Fastest Machine We Ever Built Ad - Funny
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Another funny TV commercial for Kawasaki. Though some of their ads have been banned (they were too funny), this one is quite good.

They don't even show the ZX-12R Ninja motorcycle, and they don't need to....


9 May, 2011 - 50 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 1
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
In Asia (but also other parts of the globe), people uses motorcycle for anything, and that includes transporting stuff.

Here are 50 photos of motorcycles and scooters from Asia transporting everything, and I mean everything. Often loaded to the absolute hilt, you can but admire these people.

Part 1.


9 May, 2011 - Yemen: Strange Anti-Government Protest With Motorcycles
Yemen Anti Government Motorcycle Protest
This looks like a strange protest... riding your motorcycle around in circles!

Nice photo though.


9 May, 2011 - Video: Bike Torque TV Teaser - The Great New TV Show
Video clip
Bike Torque TV logo
Bike Torque TV, the folks I mentioned last week, the new upcoming Top Gear-style motorcycle TV show coming from the UK, sent a teaser about the three presenters.

Looking good; good subjects, high quality filming, good dialogue.

Looking forward to the show..


6 May, 2011 - Dainese Equipping Italian Police With Air Bag Vest For Giro
Dainese D air street Italian Police
Dainese logo
Dainese is equipping 15 police officers of the Italian police with a new airbag vest, the yet not available D-air Street.

The 15 cops will be using the new protective vests when escorting the famous bicycle race, the Giro.


6 May, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 6 April 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that you may have missed on the busy internet of last week.

- Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month (IronWorks)
- Importing Royal Enfield From India (Royal Enfield Motorcycles)
- Two Wheels Through Terror Book Review (On Two Wheels)
- 10 Points to Check Before Buying a Motorcycle (Powersports Warehouses)


6 May, 2011 - 80K US$ Stolen US Motorcycle Found In Philippines
Stolen Motorcycle Found in Philippines
A stolen US motorcycle, worth US$80,000 was recovered in the Philippines....

Wow, that's a long distance for someone to go on a chopper motorcycle.


6 May, 2011 - India: Highest Number Of Road Deaths - Number 1
Motorcycle Carried On Head
India has surpassed China in the number of yearly road deaths; 1.3 MILLION PER YEAR to be exact.

A growing middle class, bad roads, and even worse habits have made it possible for India to overtake China. But China is fighting back.

Motorcycle deaths have the record within the record. 27% of the accidents are motorcycle ones.


5 May, 2011 - 138 Million Electric Motorcycles By 2017
Pike Research Electric Market 2017
According to market research company Pike, there will be some 138 million electric motorcycles and scooters in the world by 2017.

Electric scooters will be outselling the motorcycle counterparts 6 to 1.


5 May, 2011 - New Great Motorcycle TV Show - Global
Bike Torque TV presenters
A new big bucks TV show will start in the autumn of this year. Called "Bike Torque", the TV show is a Top Gear for motorcycles.

The TV show will deal will all aspects of motorcycles; motorcycle reviews, events, culture, law, technology, etc. It's presented by three presenters; humor, celebs will be part of the show.

Though initially starting in the UK, the show will be available globally, either directly on TV through syndication, or as VOD.



5 May, 2011 - BMW K1600GTL Motorcycle From A Professional Point Of View
BMW Honda Motorcycle Taxi
Many reports/reviews have been written recently about the new BMW K1600GTL. Most were written by magazine/site reviewers, but this is the first review done by professional riders; a motorcycle taxi operator.

Motorcycle Taxi Operators favor the Honda Gold Wing due to its comfort and performance, so a comparison from a professional's point of view is essential. These riders ride some 400 kilometers every day on their motorcycle, and the passenger's comfort is essential to their business.

So how does the BMW stack up against the Honda? Read the report.


4 May, 2011 - Video: Yamaha Indonesia and Valentino Rossi
Video clip
Yamaha logo
It sucks at times being a famous athlete like Valentino Rossi. Here he is making a kind-of dumb TV commercial for Yamaha Indonesia in a language which he doesn't understand, but pretends to speak....

... but in honesty, the ad ain't half bad...


4 May, 2011 - Brammo Launch 6 Speed Electric Motorcycle
Brammo IET
Video clip
Brammo have released a new technology for electric motorcycles. The downside of an electric motorcycle is that the rider can not switch gears... they are automatic.

But Brammo uses a new technology dubbed IET, that gives the biker more control, since it gives them 6 gears.

Have a look at the video...


4 May, 2011 - Myth: Bird Shit Damages Motorcycle Paint Due To Acid
Bird Shit on Motorcycle
Contrary to popular believe, it's not the acid in bird shit that causes the corrosion of your motorcycle's paint.... it's the cooling down of the paint at night, molding itself on the bird poop.

This according to the UK's premium vehicle care products manufacturer, AutoGlym, who of course have got a perfect product for you... bird wipes (not to wipe a bird's bottom...).


3 May, 2011 - And You Call Yourself A Motorcycle?
Nigeria Carnival Motorcycle
How could anyone dare ride this motorcycle...???....


3 May, 2011 - BMW Motorrad Days 2011 - The Dates
BMW logo
BMW's popular BMW Motorrad Days, the motorcycle gathering at the foot of the Alps mountains, is scheduled for June 1st - 3rd.

So get ready to party, and get your liver prepared for an onslaught of beer.


3 May, 2011 - Video: Honda - I Wanna Ride
Video clip
Honda logo
A good TV advertisement from Honda Motorcycles. It plays very well on our thoughts when doing those things we don't like doing... sitting in meetings, doing the laundry.... I just wanna go on a ride!

My thoughts exactly.


3 May, 2011 - Ace Cafe Coming To America
Ace cafe popular
Logo Ace Cafe
The very popular, and very British, Ace Cafe is coming to evade North America.

10 outlets are planned, and one temporary one is opening on the 14th of May in Florida to celebrate the grand opening of Dime City Cycles at Largo, Florida.

So now you too can have a place to meet fellow motorcycle riders in a supercool decor.


2 May, 2011 - 26 Scooters Ready For Adventure Riding
Adventure Scooter
Adventure Scooter
Adventure riding is a state of mind, not that of the right motorcycle. Of course a big bore BMW or KTM helps, but anything PTW will do the job.

Scooter, though made for city riding, can be used for adventure rides. Here are 26 photos of scooters ready for a long distance ride into the unknown.


2 May, 2011 - Switzerland: *This* Is Start Of Motorcycle Season?
Saint Gotthard Pass Open 2011
If this is what the start of the motorcycle riding season looks like, can you imagine what winter looks like...


2 May, 2011 - Statement From Paul Bird - Kawasaki SuperBike Team
Racing Article
News Article
After the Kawasaki SuperBike Team trucks were found to contain drugs and a weapon, and 4 members of the Paul Bird Motorsport Team were arrested, Paul Bird has issued the following statement.


2 May, 2011 - Kawasaki SuperBike Team Arrested For Drug Smuggling
Racing Article
News Article
The Kawasaki SuperBike Team, racing under the Paul Bird Motorsport Team, got stopped by British Customs/Border Agency and was found to have a lot of drugs and a loaded weapon on board of the trucks.

4 people were arrested (drivers and mechanics). From now on, all motorcycle and Formula One teams will receive a close inspection by customs.



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