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31 May, 2012 - Do Not Like Fuel Price? Throw Your Motorcycle In The River
India Throw Motorcycle In Water
India flag
What a strange way of protesting a fuel price hike? Throwing your motorcycle in the water seems a bit OTT...but then, if you can't ride it anymore, you have no use for it.


31 May, 2012 - Hong Kong: 1000 Electric Charging Stations
Brammo Hong Kong Charging Station
Hong Kong flag
#Brammo #Electric Hong Kong is going totally ballistic with electric cars and motorcycles. Already Brammo had sold the first few electric motorcycles to their police force, and electric cars are selling pretty well for such a small territory. The number of EVs (Electric Vehicles) is growing. Maybe the total number is very small, 310 to be accurate, but last year that number was 74, so a massive increase. The government themselves have 33 EVs, and another 43 will arrive in the coming months. Another 140 will be ordered this year.

The Hong Kong government and private companies had already installed 500 EV charging stations, but now the government has stepped in and accelerated the roll out of stations. By the end of the month of June, there will be 1,000 electric charging stations.

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31 May, 2012 - Like To See Your Speed and Rev Counter? This Is For You
Max Speed Watch
Max Speed Watch
If you are one of those many people who love watching their speed & rev counters go up and down the numbers, boy - have we got a product for you.

The Max Speed wristwatch is a watch, i.e., you can tell time, but with a twist; a motorcycle throttle twist. Instead of having the conventional, and boring, clock face, you now have a speed and rev counter. The top counter shows you the hours, the bottom one the minutes, both done the way you'd expect a speed & rev counter to do.

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30 May, 2012 - Electric Motorcycles Will Pay Less Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
USA flag
Apart from their high and often steep purchase price, electric motorcycles offer many advantages. True, they also still have many disadvantages, like range and speed, but for many the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The main advantage, as you can imagine, is no fuel bill. The electricity used to charge the motorcycle's batteries is far less costly than gasoline. Add to the equation that electric motorcycles often have a very high torque, the e-bikes can be fun to ride.

But another advantage is being sprung on electric vehicle owners; insurance. Insurance companies are looking more favorable on traditional powered ones, be it cars or motorcycles.

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30 May, 2012 - Motorcyclist Teeth Knocked Out By A ..... Golf Ball
Golf hits Biker
USA flag
The stuff of nightmares. A female motorcycle rider was hit, while she was riding, but an out-of-control golf ball from a golfer at hole 14.

The golf ball hit her square in her mouth, wrecking several teeth.

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30 May, 2012 - Lebanon: First Motorcycle Show To Open
Beirut Motorcycle Show 2012
Lebanon flag
Lebanon has been a country that has been ravaged by wars and internal struggles for decades. Once the Cote d'Azur of the Middle East, with beautiful women, fast & expensive cars and motorcycles, great food and fun for all. But over the last 10-15 years, Lebanon has rebuilt itself towards its former glory.

Beirut, the capital, is now a big city at peace with itself. Impressive buildings have been erected, crowded restaurants can be found everywhere, beach side entertainment, discos and more importantly, the "People" have come back.

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30 May, 2012 - France: ZAPA - Several Cities Forbidding Motorcycles and Cars
Pollution India
France flag
The French ecology movement, several misguided politicians and many technocrats are moving forward to banning "older" motorcycles and cars from 8 big city centers.

Called ZAPA, these areas are meant to allow people to breath by limiting "older" cars and motorcycles. A law that favors rich people, while making poorer people suffer, something that a socialist government should not allow.

Not a law yet, the first official publication is listing which category motorcycles and scooters are involved in the ban.


29 May, 2012 - Ad: Royal Enfield Chrome - Blinding
Royal Enfield Chrome Ad
Royal Enfield logo
Funny print advertisement for the Royal Enfield Classic Chrome motorcycle....

... so much chrome, it'll blind you. Nicely found.


29 May, 2012 - 2012 Rolling Thunder - Photos
2012 Rolling Thunder
2012 Rolling Thunder
Always an emotional moment, Rolling Thunder is one of those motorcycle events that stands out in the hearts & minds of many bikers.

Here are a few of the press photos of this event


29 May, 2012 - 2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest - Photos
2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest
2012 Atlantic Beach Bikefest
Here are a bunch of photos of the 2012 Bikefest held in Atlantic Beach.


29 May, 2012 - UAE: Ducati Caffe Opens In Dubai
Dubai Ducati Caffe
Ducati logo
If in a country where luxury is the norm, with Ferrari roller coasters, artificial snow skiing, man made islands and some of the most luxury hotels known to mankind, it's no wonder they would open a Ducati Cafe in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In fact, you have to wonder why it took so long.

Last Friday, May 25th, none other than Ducati MotoGP star Nicky Hayden was on hands to open the luxury cafe. The coffee shop is strategically located in the famous and luxurious Dubai Mall.

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28 May, 2012 - Move On, Nothing Here Today
Sleeping Biker
Thanks for stopping by, but today is a holiday, and have decided to take the day off and catch up on some sleep.

See you tomorrow.


25 May, 2012 - Video: Honda - I Want To Ride - Demetrios
Video clip
Honda logo
Last year we showed a video infomercial from Honda that depicts bikers and their motorcycle (obviously a Honda) in every day situations. The object is to show normal people, doing normal things (like going to the office, getting a coffee, etc), and most importantly, having fun on their motorcycles.

Here's another "episode" of the Honda "I Want To Ride" infomercials, featuring Demetrios and his Honda CBR 250R. The filming is very well done, super professional, with crystal clear images, and the story is nice. Nice enough for me to sit through it.


25 May, 2012 - Belgium: Survey - Car Drivers Do Not Like Motorcycles
Statistics Article
Belgium flag
In a survey performed by the magazine Autozone from Belgium, with 9,693 responses (of which 5,886 were bikers), it became apparent that 24% of car drivers do not want to see motorcycles splitting lanes when there is a traffic jam. It was only last year, that Belgium legalized lane splitting by motorcycles. But now cagers do not like seeing motorcycles getting the advantage.

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25 May, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 25 May 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Come and get it while it's still hot. Here are some interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared on the world wide web over the last week.

- The do-it-yourself bike cleaning/polishing guide (Zig Wheels)
- Bridgestone Motorcycle Tire Guide (Revzilla Blog)
- Motorcycle Sign Language For Passengers (Bonnie Lee Panda)


25 May, 2012 - USA: Florida Judge Allows Warning Others Of Speed Traps
Dirty Harry
USA flag
The cops hate it when they set up their speed traps hidden in the bushes somewhere, and then people start warning cars and motorcycles by flashing their lights. Here in France it is common place (and legally you HAVE to warn other vehicles about an upcoming speed trap), and it is the case in many other countries.

In Florida it's not the case, but it is done once in a while. Ryan Kinter was one of them. When he saw the local sheriff set up a speed trap, he decided to warn other drivers that they were heading for a ticket. He did this by pointing his car towards oncoming traffic and flashing his lights.

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24 May, 2012 - France: Motorcycle Parking Becoming A Luxury
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
Living in a world dominated by socialists and left-wing green parties, plus an explosive growth of motorcycles and scooters in the big cities, can bring a lot of problems, and some of them are not that evident.

One of the biggest headaches for both bikers and city planners is that when the motorcycle market expands very rapidly, the problem is "where do you park your motorcycle?".

Some 15 years ago, it wasn't a problem. You could ride up to the sidewalk and park your bike there as long as you didn't hinder pedestrians. But then 1) the treehuggers came, 2) the socialsts started running Paris and 3) the number of motorcycles and scooters coming into the big cities exploded. In Paris, parking a motorcycle on the sidewalk, became illegal, though it had always been the case, but until now it was tolerated. No longer. Parking tickets, and even removals of "badly" parked bikes have become the norm.

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24 May, 2012 - Marc Coma To Race In The 2012 Baja 500
Marc Coma
Marc Coma, one of the two "alien" Dakar racers (the other being Cyril Despres), will compete in the upcoming Baja 500 desert race. The Spanish motorcycle rider is well used to riding in the desert and enduro; you just need to have watched the Dakar to know that.

On June the 2nd, he will be entering the race on an official KTM North America 450cc enduro motorcycle. His almost instinct-driven navigation skills that has seen him win 3 Dakar races in the past, will be of no use to him, since in Baja 500 the race track is signposted. It's all up to riding skills.

According to Coma, he is in great physical shape, and is training to take part in this legendary race.


24 May, 2012 - France: Another Excellent Motorcycle Safety Campaign - 2012
Video clip
France flag
The French government, notably the Minister of Transportation, knows how to make hard hitting safety campaigns. They have released their latest creation to the French TV and print magazines.

I'll not bother you with the print ad, since it's a bit difficult to translate, but their TV commercial/PSA is very good. Just watching it made my skin get goose bumps.

The main motto of the campaign is pretty good: "On a motorcycle, the biggest danger is to think there is none". Good start...


23 May, 2012 - Bajaj: Another Good Motorcycle Stunt TV Ad
Video clip
Bajaj logo
I don't know when this TV commercial appeared, but yet again Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj has made a very good advertisement using nicely executed motorcycle stunts.

The occasion for the ad is the launch of their Pulsar 180 DTS-i motorcycle. You'd almost want to go out and buy a 180cc motorcycle.... almost..


23 May, 2012 - France: 2011 Sales of Electric Motorcycles
Matra e Mo
Top Weekly Web Article
#electric - Electric motorcycles and scooters are not high on the shopping list for the French buyers. 2011 sales figures were lower than 2010 (-17%), and 2012 is not going to be very different.

Of the 1200 electric motorcycles and scooters sold in France during 2011, the majority were 50cc equivalent, and one company outsold everyone else, and that was Matra with the e-Mo, representing 40% of the market, followed by e-Solex.

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23 May, 2012 - An Idea Whose Time Has Come? Smartphone Motorcycle Mirror
Rizoma Code Mirror
Rizoma Code Mirror iPhone
I was reading through an article on the Spanish site Motopasion Moto about the Italian Rizoma motorcycle mirror "Code". Rizoma's Code is a mirror that is made to closely resemble a smartphone. Simple, elegant and novel.

For naked and custom motorcycle, this mirror could look nice on their bike, albeit at a price... €119 for one. But that got me thinking...

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22 May, 2012 - Patent: Honda Posture Control Device For Motorcycles
Honda Posture Control Patent
Honda logo
Honda have filed a patent last year that is entitled "Posture Control Device", and it's not for the biker, but for the motorcycle.

It's very difficult to understand, I dare you to read the first paragraph and understand it in one go....

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22 May, 2012 - Royal Enfield: 3 Nice Advertisements Indian Style
Royal Enfield Leave Home Ad
Royal Enfield logo
Somehow companies in India make good ads. Bajaj, Hero and now Royal Enfield. As advertisements go, visually it's very simple, but the text is fun.

The idea behind the campaign is to get the younger generation to become independent, as the tag line says, "Leave Home". And the way to do it is to buy a Royal Enfield motorcycle.


22 May, 2012 - USA: Myrtle Beach, Suck Bang Blow and Other - The Photos
Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Spring Rally
Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Spring Rally
It looks like the Motorcycle Spring Rally around Myrtle Beach was a blast for many. That while others, like me, are freezing our cajones off in the cold weather.

Some name for a bar ... Suck Bang Blow...

Click on the headline to continue reading this story and see the many photos.......


21 May, 2012 - Biiista Designer Electric Motorcycles
Designing electric motorcycles is often a "green field" design process; you start with a clean slate - no baggage, no legacy, no history. That is why you often see the strangest looking electric motorcycles (Brammo Enertia, Agility Saietta, Orphiro, Axle EV-X7). And the Austrian Biiista (that's three "i" please) can be considered one of them.

The shape, though very nice, would look more at home in a comic strip or animation movie, with maybe Jessica riding it. But this is serious. The 5 kWh battery (an 8 kHw is under study) will power this electric motorcycle to speeds of up to 100 kph, with a range of 100 kilometers. That's the performance of a serious 125cc motorcycle, and the bike only weighs 140 kgs.

The bike develops 10.5 kW power, and has a torque of 210 Nm, not bad.

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21 May, 2012 - A Special Motorcycle Made For Elections?
Cambodian Election Motorcycle
Cambodia flag
Is this a special motorcycle they've made for elections in Cambodia, or is it that the politician can't ride a motorcycle and needs training wheels?


21 May, 2012 - MotoGP: A Suggestion For Improvement
Wet MotoGP Sprinklers
For those of you who saw the MotoGP race of Le Mans 2012, you know what I'm going to suggest. For those of you who haven't seen the race, go and see it. You'll not be sorry.

After having seen several seasons worth of motorcycle racing, the best races have always been those that were qualified as "WET". So instead of hoping for rain, why not put sprinklers on the side of the track, and make the track wet?

This has many advantages:

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18 May, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 18 May 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles you may have missed during the last week that could amuse you.

- Riding in a Group: Rules and Etiquette (Zig Wheels)
- A History Of The BMW Motorcycle (Motorcycle Insurance)
- The Things Bikers Need To Have In Their Garage (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- World's Only Vincent Museum (Southsiders)
- A Fly In My Eye: Why Electric Motorcycles Are Stupid (2 Wheel Tuesday)
- Women, Motorcycles And The Road To Empowerment (Sojourn Chronicles)
- Too Much Oil In Your Motorcycle Engine (Motorcycle Thailand)
- E Bike Ennui? I May Have The Cure (RevGirl)


18 May, 2012 - Video: Vintage Vespa Ad - Go Vespa
Video clip
Vespa logo
Here's a vintage Vespa TV commercial, from the days that things were so much simpler. No helmets, wicker picnic baskets and reasonable prices.

I presume the advertisement is British.


18 May, 2012 - Making Something Out Of Nothing: Post Modern Motorcycles
Post Modern Motorcycles: Junk Mail
Post Modern Motorcycles: Dear John
The Honda CT110 is one of those reliable motorcycle you can see riding around the country side, clocking up many miles. Used not only by people who want a low cost and reliable transportation, but often used by organizations like the Post Office (in Australia and New Zealand it's called a "Postie Bike")..

Manufacturing started in 1980, and the motorcycle is still being made today. 4 stroke and air cooled, it's very reliable. But it's bland. Very bland. The bike almost can't be seen, that is how bland it is.

Until Melbourne, Australia based Post Modern Motorcycles got their hands on them. These guys customize the "bland" motorcycles into something more exciting. Not that you'll be able to race them, but at the very least you'll be able to ride to your local watering hole without feeling ashamed.

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17 May, 2012 - Patent: Electric Front Wheel Drive For Conventional Motorcycles
Electric Front Wheel Motorcycle Patent
Interesting patent that got filed October last year. The idea is nifty, but the application a bit iffy.

The patent is for an electric front wheel drive for a conventional, gas guzzling, motorcycle. We've seen several 2 wheel drive motorcycles, but all use hydraulics to power the front wheel. Making the front wheel electrically powered can be interesting, since it should save in cost and weight.

The electric front wheel drive would be coupled to a controller that works in sync with the rear drive and engine. The controller would regulate the speeds of both wheels, making sure one does not run faster, or slower, than the other.

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17 May, 2012 - If Your Scooter Gets Cold At Night, Here Is A Solution
Crochet Scooter
Crochet Scooter
If your scooter sleeps outside during the night, especially in the winter, here's something you can make to keep it warm...

.. or you can just use it as it was intended to be used, decoration. The scooter is a crochet, but you can not buy it. No, you're going to have to work for it. You buy the pattern, and then you spend the next weeks crocheting the thing together.

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17 May, 2012 - Video: Restoring A Royal Enfield Motorcycle In 2 Minutes
Video clip
Royal Enfield logo
For those of you who are like me, and can not sit through a whole hour in front of the TV seeing a motorcycle being built, or restored, here's the fast way.

A guy in India, with the help of some friends, restored a 1978 Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle from the ground up. He filmed the whole process, from start to finish, and using time-lapse, you can see his endeavor in only 2 minutes. Pretty impressive. In real life, it took 45 days.


16 May, 2012 - Video: Motorcycle Reconstruction Safety Ad - TAC
Video clip
TAC logo
The boys & girls at the Australian Traffic Accident Commission, TAC, have been making some nicely done motorcycle safety and awareness videos. Here's their latest, and IMHO, best safety advertisement.

The graphics are very well done, as is the message. You'll see a motorcycle accident in slow-motion and in reverse. The tag line is "Slow speed will not kill you".


16 May, 2012 - Guy Makes Big Paper Version Of Yamaha R1 Motorcycle
Paper Yamaha R1
Paper Yamaha R1
I guess if you've not got the money to buy a real Yamaha R1 motorcycle, this is you best bet to have one in your living room.

Jack Chan from Australia spent quite some time making a 60% size Yamaha R1 motorcycle out of paper and cardboard. But it looks the bizz. All it needs is a coat of paint, and he'll have the perfect replica in his living room.


16 May, 2012 - Nolan: Houston We Do Not Have A Problem
Nolan Astronaut
Nolan logo
Recently we showed you a good print advertisement from Nolan, and now they've come up with another one.

This one is an astronaut wearing the full gear, and a Nolan motorcycle helmet.


15 May, 2012 - So You Really Want To Be Seen On Your Motorcycle?
Fibre Flare MVP
Fibre Flare MVP
It's a wonder that the French government has not (yet) decided to make this product mandatory for all motorcycle riders, the same way they are making hi-viz clothing mandatory.

But there are a lot of bikers out there who want to be sure they are seen, particularly at night, so this product may be of use to them. The product, called "Fibre Flare MVP" (MVP stands for Maximum Visibility Protection) is a battery powered fibre tube that is fixed to the rear of your helmet. You can mount it horizontal or vertically.

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15 May, 2012 - Ads: Do You Not Think Roads Are Often Like This?
Euroshina Speed Bumps
Ukraine flag
When I saw these print advertisements, though meant for a car tire,s I immediately thought about some really bad roads I've been on on my motorcycle.

You know what I mean, right? The kind that will vibrate your teeth out of your mouth....


15 May, 2012 - France: Net Decrease In New Motorcycle Sales Q1 2012
Statistics Article
click to see where France is on the map
According to CSIAM, the French Association of International Vehicle Manufacturers, the sales of new motorcycles during the 1st quarter of 2012 in France was pretty bad.

Last year during the same time frame, 61,504 motorcycles were sold, this time this year it dropped by 7.8% down to 56,711 motorcycles.

Strangely enough, it's the 125cc market that has suffered the most, with a drop of -19.4%, while the best increase was that of three wheelers (MP3 etc) by +25.6%. Motorcycles and scooters over 125cc stayed stable, only increasing by +0.08%.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story for a brand by brand breakdown.......


14 May, 2012 - 15 Movies Posters With Motorcycles In Them - Part 2
Poster The World s Fastest Indian
Poster The Great Escape
Part 2 of our series "Movies Posters With Motorcycles", 15 posters.


14 May, 2012 - European 4 Corner Motorcycle Tour Coming Up
Adventure Scooter
EMTA logo
For more years then I can remember we've had the Four Corner Tour of the USA (as far as I can remember, it started in 1983), whereby members would ride their motorcycles to the four corners of the US. It is a great way of seeing an immense country, and still have a measure of competition, or should we say adventure, in it.

Well, now the USA is not the only one. The European Motorcycle Tour Operator Association, EMTA, is organizing a similar tour calling it appropriately "4 Corner Tour". The tour is sanctioned, and helped by, the organizers of the US version, the SCMA.

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14 May, 2012 - France: MotoGP 2012 Motorcycle Rest Places
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on this weekend, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


11 May, 2012 - Video: Ducati - My Style
Video clip
#Ducati - Here's a TV commercial that reminds me a lot of the Honda car advertisement featuring a car that is assembled in fast motion from all sorts of parts. Except this ad is in reverse; the motorcycle is stripped of its parts to become part of a hair-do.

The ad is for Taft (hair products), an Italian subsidiary of Henkel/Schwarzkopf, for a competition involving Ducati. The motorcycle in question s a beautiful Ducati Monster. Not bad the ad.


11 May, 2012 - Netherlands: Decrease In Number Of Motorcycle License Exams
Motorcycle riding teaching The Netherlands
The Netherlands flag
The number of people going for a motorcycle exam in The Netherlands has decreased sharply compared to last year.

21% less exams, so lots less motorcycle riders out there. Good or bad sign?


11 May, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 11 May 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
A week has gone by since last round-up of motorcycle articles you may have missed. Here's this week's batch.

- Drivers unaware lane splitting is legal (Orange County Register)
- Even Most Simple Rides Require Planning (Cecilie's Moto Journal)
- A Lot Like Polo, Only Faster and With Beer (New York Times)


10 May, 2012 - Money? Pay In Motorcycle Coins - Only In Somalia
Somalia Coins
Somalia flag
Money is a strange thing. Back in the beginning of time, when you needed something you didn't make or grow yourself, you traded it with something you did. Bartering it was called. Then came money, in the beginning it was natural denominations, like salt. If you had salt, you could "buy" anything. Salt did loose it value when it rained, so it slowly got replaced by coins and paper.

Nowadays, coins are commonplace; you'll find coins in almost every man's trouser pockets (except maybe the POTUS) and every woman's purse (except again maybe in Lady Gaga's). Coins, as we all know are small, usually circular, pieces of metal. Sometimes the coins aren't totally round, they may have edges.

But one country has said to itself "why must coins be round". And the answer is; NO REASON. A coin can be any shape. The country is war-torn Somalia, and in 2007, following the success of the guitar shaped coins, they made a series of motorcycle shaped coins.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 May, 2012 - UK: Is The London Congestion Charge Working?
London Congestion Charge Traffic Change
UK flag
Back in 2003 London introduced a congestion charge for any car that wanted to travel into London. Monday to Friday between 07:00 and 18:00. The charge is £10 (about US$16) per day. The money is to be used to enhance the public transport system, and relive the traffic logged city from cars.

There was a lot of criticism, saying it would never work. But this graph below from the ITO World show the change. The red zones is where that was an increase of traffic, the blue zones where there was a decrease. I guess the red zones can be explained that it's commuter traffic heading for the train stations, and from there into the inner city by train or underground.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


10 May, 2012 - France: 150 Average Trip Speed Radars To Be Installed
Speeding motorcycle sign.jpg
click to see where France is on the map
One of the last things the current French president has been able to push through before becoming unemployed, is the installation of 150 route trip radars.

Route trip radars consist of 2 sets of radars, one at the beginning of a road segment, the other at the end. When you arrive at the beginning of the segment on your motorcycle, the first radar makes a photo of your motorcycle license plate, recording the date & time. Then when you pass through the end part of the segment, another photo is made, and the average speed is calculated. If you have been speeding, and your average exceeds the maximum speed authorized, you'll get fined, and license points will be deducted.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2012 - Know Where To Ride Motorcycles In Northern California
MotoSFO site
MotoSFO site
There are lots of sites out there that have route descriptions for great motorcycle rides, almost all using crowdsourcing. But here's a site that will tell you very well where to ride in Northern California, and all the rides have been created by several knowledgeable local "guides".

The site, MotoSFO, was created under the leadership of Carla King, well known adventure rider and author. Together with several other, mostly female, bikers she's put together a comprehensive database of routes to put your motorcycle on when you are in Northern California.

The itineraries are not some generic database, but a well laid out travelogue of the route. There are the inescapable Google Maps with the actual route, but also the recommended restaurants and hotels/B&Bs.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2012 - Fly The Flag On Your Motorcycle
Full of flags motorcycle
Sri Lanka flag
Colorful, that's for sure. This guy is really flying the flag on his motorcycle.


9 May, 2012 - Cyril Despres Writes A Book and Why You Should Buy It
4x Dakar Book
Cyril Despres logo
Any Dakar fan will know the name. You can't escape it if you watch the famous car & motorcycle rally. Cyril Despres, 4 time winner of the Dakar, and 9 times on the finish podium, needs no introduction.

Cyril is a mild manner gentleman, and an "alien" (to coin a MotoGP phrase) motorcycle racer. The Frenchman has published a book, entitled "4X Dakar", about his Dakar experience. As Cyril has said himself "Normally a rider waits until the end of his career before publishing a retrospective. Except that I have never been a fan of convention!".

The reason this factory KTM rider is publishing a book is to raise money for a school in Africa that he started after the untimely death of his friend Fabrizio Meoni in the 2005 Dakar rally in Africa. The school is located in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal, and has 13 teachers and 321 children. But the area has 500 children who can not go to a school, so Cyril wants to expand the school and for that he needs money.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 May, 2012 - Ad: Toyota Pick-Up Truck Used For Motocross?
Toyota Tundra Motocross
Toyota logo
Imagine using a Toyota pick-up truck as a motocross motorcycle? Going down a motocross track... I don't think so.

Anyone try this?


8 May, 2012 - Russia: 2012 Motorcycle Season Starts
Motorcycle Season 2012 Russia
Motorcycle Season 2012 Russia
We tend to forget that some countries in the Northern Hemisphere take longer to reach motorcycle riding season, Russia is definitely one of them, especially Vladivostok.

At least they can start riding their motorcycles now.


8 May, 2012 - Zero Wins European eMotorcycle Of The Year
Clean Week 2020 2012
Clean Week logo
Partially sponsored by FEMA, the European Federation of Motorcycle Associations, the Clean Week 2020 - 2012 edition, is an annual competition to elect the best of the best in terms of electric vehicles.

Held at the Zolder race circuit in Belgium last week, a team of 12 motorcycle journalists gathered to test the entries; Brammo, Zero, Vectrix, IO, E-Max, Govecs, Dumco, Nimoto, Novox, Peugeot, Sens, Sym, Noveco, Emco and Solex.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 May, 2012 - 15 Movies Posters With Motorcycles In Them - Part 1
Poster The Wild Angels
Poster The Thing With Two Heads
We love movies, most people do at least. Tastes might differ, but a good movie leaves no one indifferent. And since we all ride motorcycles, what's better than a movie that has a few scenes with motorcycles in them

Since we're talking about movies with motorcycles in them, many of them have posters where you can actually see one or more motorcycles. So here's the first batch of movie posters that have motorcycles in them.

For most posters, if you click on the image, you are brought in a new window to the Motorcycles in the Movies database, where you can see much more information about the movie (cast, story, country, etc) , more photos and often the movie trailer.


7 May, 2012 - Get Even With SUVs The Vespa Way. Once Off Offer
Vespa Cannon Auction
Vespa Cannon Auction
If you are frustrated with all those SUVs not taking care of other vehicles on the road because they don't need to, here's your chance to get even.Or at least vent some frustration.

During the France - Algeria War, Vespa made this unique scooter for the French military. It was designed to make cannons more mobile and access difficult terrain by parachuting them into combat. So they equipped a Vespa scooter with a real cannon. 800 of these mobile cannon were made and deployed in Algeria.

The bazooka-scoot was stored on an Army base in Messina, Italy. It comes "as is", and can not fire, but any SUV-driving-soccer-mom will not know that when she's facing the business end of the cannon.

The Vespa is up for auction on Saturday 12 May

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7 May, 2012 - France: The End Of The Road - For Me?
Francois Hollande
You may have heard it on the news, but France has a new government, and it doesn't look good. The country has gone from the right to the left, i.e., a socialist government.

The current president, Nicolas Sarkozy, had been trying hard to get rid of the debt left to him by previous socialist governments, and with the state of the world economic crisis, was having problems. This made him very unpopular, but that is always what happens when someone tries to solve difficult problems; they must make hard decisions and unless you run a dictatorship, the people will not like it. Unfortunately, he did not like motorcycles and their riders much either, so that was another strike against him, albeit a minor one for the majority of the population.

The new president of France, Francois Hollande, is a true-blooded socialist. Despite the country having an enormous debt, he has already promised to hire an extra 65,000 civil servants, to tax anyone earning over €1 million with a whopping 75% tax rate, to bring back the minimum retirement age from 62 to 60 (Sarkozy increased it since the retirement funds are going bankrupt), and to increase minimum wages. All that while there is no money.

So how is he going to do this? Unless he is Jesus, and can split bread in more and more parts, the only way is to increase further taxes, both revenue and corporate. He has also stated that he plans to un-hire, un-appoint, all appointments made by the previous government. Which means less and less companies will be coming to France. It'll mean an exodus of wealthy people and companies that are making profits. But at least, he has said he will not hinder immigrations, so we'll be getting plenty of folks from countries worse off than France. And then things will go belly-up and Greece will look like a well-run country compared to France.

But at least there's a positive side to this event; Francois Hollande is a biker; he rides scooters, and he does it a lot (just look at the photo at his left hand fingers, the mark of a veteran rider).

So at least, he knows what it is means being on two wheels, so hopefully he'll be more clement towards us.

So apart from the motorcycle side of things, economical and political things do not look good. The French have voted with their hearts, not their brains, and they'll pay for it later.

Anyone want to hire a motorcycle journalist who wants to live outside of France. Any honest proposition will be considered with care. Only places I'll not go and live is Nigeria (I lived there, don't want to again), Syria (for the time being) and possibly Sudan.


4 May, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 4 May 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
It wasn't all BMW erect penis and Japanese Harley-Davidson swimming the Pacific ocean, there were other motorcycle stories doing the rounds of the internet during the last 7 days. Here are some interesting ones.

- Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Review by Senthilkumar Balu (Bike Advice)
- PRODUCT REVIEW: Interphone F5 Motorcycle Communications System (A New Motorcycle For Sturgis)
- Smartphone Cameras (Ride With Tech)<


4 May, 2012 - Spider Chopper - Royal Enfield Based
Royal Enfield Spider Chopper
click to see where India is on the map
We're used to seeing choppers made out of good old fashion American twin engines, usually Harley-Davidson or similar. You'll see an occasional European motorcycle manufacturer. But this chopper is anything but that.

The Spider Chopper is based on a Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle. Apart from having a small engine, the bike itself is beautifully done. It's a work of art.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 May, 2012 - Bad Moments When Motorcycles Are Just Not Good Enough
Escaping on motorcycle in Egypt
Egypt flag
I'd say this is one of these moments you'd prefer to be in a cage, preferably an armored one. Plus maybe a few guns...

.... a motorcycle just doesn't cut it.


3 May, 2012 - Good News and Bad News For Electric Motorcycle Batteries
IBM Battery
As the saying goes, there's good news and there's bad news for electric motorcycle batteries. The problem with electric motorcycles, as we all know by now, is range. At their best, they can ride 100 miles without recharging. Sufficient for people who only use their bikes for commuting, but for weekend and holiday riders, not far enough.

There's a new technology coming up from IBM. Great range, more power, lighter ... but.....

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3 May, 2012 - Video: Bajaj Nurses - Definitely Male
Video clip
Bajaj logo
I don't know when this TV advertisement ran, but it looks like a sequel to another Bajaj Pulsar "Definitely Male" commercial they put out many years ago (see related below). It's a rather sexist ad; how many of you call your motorcycle a "he". Most bikers I know, when they refer to a motorcycle by gender, it's a "she"...

Are Bajaj losing their mojo? It's not bad as ads go, but not what we've come to expect from the Indian motorcycle manufacturer.


3 May, 2012 - Electric Motion New Web Site
Electric Motion Web
Electric Motion Bercy Back Flip
The French manufacturer of electric trial motorcycles, Electric Motion, has a new website. The company got in the news recently because the first backflip accomplished with an electric motorcycle was done on their bike, an EM 5.7.

Despite having only one product, they have a busy web site. Unfortunately, the site is in French only.

The EM 5.7 electric trial bike has already started in the competition circuits. The bike itself has 14 hp and 22 Nm torque for 72 kilos. The motorcycle can get you up to a speed of 55 kph, more than enough for this sport category. The battery will last 40 to 180 minutes, again enough to compete in trial competitions. The brushless engine is air cooled.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2012 - Patents: Electric Motorcycle Vehicle Approach Notification Control Apparatus
Patent Noise Machine Electric Motorcycles
Please note, this is a serious article, not a joke. If you read the headline, "Vehicle Approach Notification Control Apparatus", you might think we're talking about a horn. But we're not, at least, not really. Or maybe we should be...

The patent was filed last year 27 September, and is meant to stop pedestrians having a heart attack when an electric motorcycle rides up to them. We all know the problem with electric bikes, they are almost noiseless, so an unexpecting pedestrian might just wander off onto the road and get hit by one.

This patent wants to emulate an engine sound, the actual sound will depend of the c.c. equivalent of the electric engine, and play it back when riding. More clever than that, the sound will vary depending on the speed of the electric motorcycle. The sound will also vary if it is raining, or if it has become night. So the device is full of sensors to play a sound of a combustion engine.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2012 - Ad: Interflora - Flowers Weighs More Than Motorcycles
Interflora Motorcycle Scale
Nice image in this Spanish print advertisement for Interflora, the international flower delivery service....

... except for one little, minor, detail that Tapsa, the PR agency, forgot. If anyone I know had to make a choice between a bunch of flowers or a motorcycle, we all know what the choice will be.. right? But the image is nicely done, it does pass the message along.

The tag line reads, freely translated, "The importance of who you are weighs more than what you have".


2 May, 2012 - Jorge Lorenzo Goes On A Ride-Out With Friends and Fans
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain 1
Jorge Lorenzo Ride Out Spain
It looks like the former World Champion MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo went on a nice little ride out after last week's race at Jerez.

I guess after that race he deserved a bit of R&R.


1 May, 2012 - Taken The Day Off - Cleaning My Motorcycle
Cleaning The Muddy Motorcycle
It's the first of May, labor day, the day to remember to work .. or something like that. So I decided to take the day off and clean my motorcycles. I think I got a spot of mud on them, and need to remove it.



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