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31 May, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 31 April 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Tomorrow is June, and I'm thinking about trading in my motorcycles for submarines or jet skis. I'd get more use out of them with this weather. So I've been reading a lot of motorcycle articles on the internet, here are a few you may have missed. - Honda Releases First Image Of Production (Motomatters)
- Why I Ride A Slow Uncomfortable Unreliable Noisy Motorcycle (Ride Apart)
- Lewis Hamilton Talks Of His Secret Love For Motogp (Motorbiketimes)
- Summer Motorcycle Riding Tips (Bikesure)
- What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Why Motogp Must Try A Bit Of Proactive Promotion (Autosport)


31 May, 2013 - USA: Dodge City Brings Back 100 Year Old Motorcycle Race
Dodge City 300 1st Race
Dodge City 300 Centennial Logo
#Vintage #Race #DodgeCity - It used to be that you had to get out of Dodge City if the Hollywood Western movies were to be believed, but in this case, it's you should go to Dodge City. Here's why:

Next year (2014), 100 years ago, Dodge City saw the creation of a major motorcycle race. Back on 1914, 17,000 people flocked to Dodge City to see the first motorcycle race there, dubbed the "Indianapolis of motorcycle racing", a 300 miles long race and since then named the "Dodge City 300". People like William Harley and Walter Davidson, the founders of Harley-Davidson, were there, as were many other famous motorcycle celebrities...........

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31 May, 2013 - Switzerland: Cop Gets Slap On Wrist For Speeding & Endangerment On A Motorcycle
Cops Doing Wheelies
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Police - This Swiss police officer can be glad he didn't do what he did this year, since he'd be playing hide & seek in jail. What did he do, I hear you ask?

In Geneva, Switzerland, on the 11th of December 2009, the 40 year old cop was first of all caught popping a wheelie while going through a green light on his official police motorcycle. A pedestrian who was jaywalking got hit by the cop. It was obvious that the Swiss Gendarme could not see the pedestrian since his front wheel was up off the ground. A witness saw him on one wheel going over a length of 10 meters. The cop initially denied the accusation, then changed his mind and stated that the wheel came up by itself.

A bit less than a month later, the same cop, but this time on his private motorcycle was caught speeding by a radar doing 105 kph in a 50 kph zone (i.e. in the city). He claims that he loaned out the motorcycle, but did not want to give the name of the person who had it. He claimed he was not able to ride, since he was still hurt from the wheelie accident, but he did admit he had taken out the bike earlier. So a double lie...........

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30 May, 2013 - Video: Bajaj Motorcycle Dealer TV Commercial
Bajaj Dealer Madan Ad
Bajaj logo
#Advertisement #Bajaj #Motorcycle - There are big differences between motorcycle manufacturer's TV commercials. The differences between Bajaj and Harley-Davidson for example are legendary. It's got to do with corporate culture and their clients. All manufacturers have different cultures and advertisement philosophies.

But this stops with the dealers. It looks like motorcycle dealers the world over have the same technique for their TV advertisement; loud, in your face, as many items as they can in the shortest time.

It doesn't matter if you are a Harley dealer in Anaheim, California, a Kawasaki dealer in Alice Springs, Australia, or this Bajaj dealer in Kolkata, India. Have a look at the video, you'll see what I mean. You'll probably not understand a word that is being said, but if you put an English language dealer over this one, it'll remain the same...


30 May, 2013 - Incredible Photo Realistic Drawings Of Motorcycles
Honda 750 Four Detailed Drawing
BMW Detailed Drawing
#Art #Drawing #Motorcycles - Normally, if you want to see minute details of a motorcycle, apart from standing there with a magnifying glass, the next best thing is a high density/resolution photo.

But one artist would disagree. I have no idea who this artist is, but if you look at the details and rendering he or she put in these drawings, it's incredible. You'd think it's a photo.

Here's a Honda 750 Four..........

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30 May, 2013 - Switzerland: VERY Strict Speeding Rules In Place
Jail Time For Biker
Switzerland flag
#Switzerland #Speeding - It used to be that speeding was a rich man's game in the land of bankers, cows and cheese, Switzerland. You got caught speeding on your motorcycle (or car), you get fined. That was it. As long as you paid the fine, you were fine.

But starting this year, on the 1st of January, the Swiss have gotten very serious about speeding. Now if you are going to speed, better start brushing on your jail etiquette, or at the minimum find a chauffeur who will drive your car for you since you're going to forfeit your license for a while. The new laws are bunched under the "Via Sicura" banner.

Going 40 kph faster than a speed limit posted for 30 kph (i.e. going more than twice as fast, so 70 kph), doing 100+ kph in a 50 kph zone, doing 140 kph in a 80 kph zone or doing 160 kph in a +80 kph zone will earn you at least 1 year jail time. You will also say good-bye to your car or motorcycle, forever.

You can lose your driving license for at least 2 years and at the most 10 years, for people who have been caught a second time, you can lose it forever. Jail time is a minimum of 1 year, while recidivists will discover a jail cellmate called Bubba for 4 years...........

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30 May, 2013 - Dakar: Cyril Despres Moves To Yamaha
Cyril Despres Team Yamaha motor france
Yamaha logo
#Dakar #Yamaha #Despres - Cyril Despres announced several months ago that he was leaving KTM, the brand that brought him multiple Dakar titles and off road fame, but he did not want to say what he was going to do next. Many people speculated that he would leave motorcycle rally racing and possibly go for four wheels.

But everyone was wrong. In a "Valentino Rossi" style move, Cyril Despres is going blue, Yamaha blue. He has nothing left to prove riding for KTM, and now he wants to show that it is him winning, not just the bike...........

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29 May, 2013 - Brazil: Using Motorcycles For Interior Decoration
Triumph Motorcycle Decoration Casa Cor
Brazil flag
#Architecture #Triumph #Design - Although I prefer my motorcycle on the road, if you've got money and motorcycles to spare, having one as a interior decoration is very cool. It's not the first time, but now at the Brazilian Architecture and Interior Design exhibition Casa Cor, they are actually using motorcycles to make things prettier inside the house.

The motorcycles in both design showcases are Triumph, one is the interior of a multi-use space; home, eating and office. There they have used a Triumph Bonneville as part interior design. I guess you can use it as a chair or bench, or just to look at it.

Another design study sees both the Triumph Rocket III and the Triumph 675R motorcycle inside a sports VIP bar at the Jockey Club of Sao Paulo. Mingle with the VIP stars and motorcycles.


29 May, 2013 - How To Get A Bigger Kawasaki Motorcycle For Cheap
Kawasaki Motorcycle Growth
#Funny #Kawasaki #Motorcycle - This woman has discovered the secret of making bigger motorcycles. All you need is a small toy, like a Kawasaki, put some oil fertilizer and lots of water.

A few months later you get this:


29 May, 2013 - Macna: Keep Your Head Cool, But Your Body Cooler On A Motorcycle
Macna Dry Cooling Vest
Macna logo
#Macna #Cool #Motorcycle - I'm writing this while the temperature is at its lowest it has ever been, and to think in a week or two it's summer. Going out early in the morning I can see my breath and there's frost on the grass. So why I even think about writing an article about cooling vests is beyond me, but there you go....

Macna, the Dutch manufacturer of motorcycle clothing, launched a cooling vest for those rare days that the sun is out and the temperatures are above single digits. According to Macna, they did not copy the HyperKewl technology used by BMW and Rev'It, since they saw that technology as too limited. Instead they redesigned the technology to be usable for people who ride motorcycles in hot climates and they do it by not making the outside of the vest wet (HyperKewl technology recommends not to use their technology on cotton undershirts, since the vest gets damp).

You pour 1/2 liter of water into the Mecna Dry Cooling Vest, and the vest then uses the natural body heat from your body and some special crystals inside the vest to lower the temperature 10 to 15 °C. Which means if you're riding in the desert and your body reaches 40°C, it'll cool it down to 25°C, a much more comfortable temperature...........

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28 May, 2013 - Video: Shell - Biker Love
Shell Biker Love Ad
Shell logo
#Advertisement #Shell #Motorcycles - Hmmm.. strange TV commercial from oil company Shell. In this advertisement we see a motorcycle rider loving Shell because of their prices for fuel. He even goes as far as hugging the fuel pump...

On its own nothing to write home about, but at least the biker is shown in a positive light, albeit a bit strange.


28 May, 2013 - Motorcycles and Fallen Military - Rolling Thunder 2013
Rolling Thunder 2013
Rolling Thunder 2013
#RollingThunder #Memorial #USA - It was that time of the year again in the USA that people honored and remembered the fallen military during the Rolling Thunder (God, I love that name) motorcycle rally.

1000's of motorcycle riders went on their bikes in a large parade, ending at the different war memorials.


28 May, 2013 - Vectrix To Launch Electric Motorcycle Shortly
Vectrix Electric Superbike Concept
Vectrix logo
#Vectrix @Electric #Motorcycle - Vectrix, a company that over the last few years has had its ups & downs, is about to launch an electric motorcycle. They have several models of electric scooters available, one that has won the "Scooter of the Year" award from the European CleanWeek 2020 organization, the VX-1 li/li+.

Now Vectrix is getting ready to launch a new electric motorcycle. Called the VT-1, it's going to be the equivalent of a 125cc motorcycle with a low speed of 55 mph (88 kph), in other words, a real commuter. Proof that it's a commuter is that it will have interchangeable batteries on board, meaning you can take the batteries out and recharge them, or swap them for ones that have been charged. A low top speed means it's really only meant for riding in the city...........

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27 May, 2013 - New Sport? Motorcycle-Sailing?
Motorcycle Surfing
Brazil flag
#Funny #Motorcycle #Brazil - I wondering if the brave souls in Brazil have invented a new motorcycle sport? Motorcycle Sailing?

Looks like she's holding up sail... or maybe it's to go faster.


27 May, 2013 - Idea: Nice Idea That We Will Never See - Biker’s Bond Stickers
Bikers Bond
USA flag
#Kickstarter #Biker - Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter are full of projects that people have been dreaming about for years and are now looking for funding so it can be a reality. Many projects are great ideas, and often find the required funding rapidly and become full-fledged and successful products (like the before mentioned Stick 'n Find or Screaming Banshee).

Some projects are badly put together and will never find anyone interested, apart from maybe the creator's mother. And some projects are interesting, but the money they are looking for is out of the world and therefore will disappear into some black hole. This Biker's Bond project on Kickstarter is one of them.

Biker's Bond is a project born from the mind of Paul Bonomolo who wanted to show the world that he rides a motorcycle even when he's not riding one...........

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27 May, 2013 - Robbie Williams In New Single As "Biker" - Senior Citizen Style
Robbie Williams Goin Crazy
Robbie Williams Goin Crazy
#Music #RobbieWilliams - British Robbie Williams, one of the controversial singers (aren't they all?), is releasing a new single called "Goin' Crazy". So far not much news for us, but in the music video, Robbie becomes a Senior Citizen Biker.

He's riding a senior citizen scooter, but the scoot is fitted out the way the mods used to back in the 60's; i.e. lots of mirrors. He leads a "gang" of like-minded scoots.


24 May, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 24 May 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Who knows, maybe we will eventually get summer. I just hope this year summer will fall on a weekend. Here are a few motorcycle related article you may have missed this week.

- Motorcycling And Sex, Yup Lots In Common (The Chronicles Of Rania)
- 10 most expensive production motorcycles in the world (Zig Wheels)
- How To Plan A Motorcycle Trip (Ride Apart)
- What Is Horsepower And Torque (The Kneeslider)


24 May, 2013 - Travelling With Your Pooch - Canine Motorcycle Pod
Dog saucer motorcycle pod
Dog saucer motorcycle pod
#Dog #Motorcycle #Kickstarter - There are quite a lot of bikers out there that want to take their dog with them when riding their motorcycle. Some of them have dogs small enough to take along in a tank bag or even top case, while others have dogs that will remain in place behind them (but it's dangerous for everyone).

Obviously the best way of transporting your dog with you on your motorcycle is in a sidecar, but not everyone wants to have a sidecar. So here's the next best option, the canine motorcycle pod called Dog Saucer...........

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24 May, 2013 - Belgium: Action For The Safety Of Motorcyclists
Belgium Bad Motorways
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Safety #Politics - The Belgium government, in the form of the Minister of Public Works, is planning to make the Wallonne region of Belgium safer for motorcycle riders. Many bikers are killed on the roads of the French speaking part of Belgium, and to make sure the bikers understand their fragility he is installing 80 signs warning motorcycle riders of upcoming road dangers. But according to him, only 8% of accidents are caused by the road itself, 50% by the other driver and 37% by the biker.

He is printing 15,000 maps with all the danger spots in the area which will be distributed at biker events.

It's a good thing that the government is thinking about our safety but... and there is always a but... 1) instead of printing maps he should use & promote the Moto Smarty app to warn riders, and 2) instead of placing signs, how about doing something about the road itself?


23 May, 2013 - Steam Train Motorcycle - Cool Design
Train Wreck Motorcycle
Train Wreck Motorcycle
#Steam #Train #Design - It looks like design student Colby Higgins in Boston has combined several of his passions; design, steam trains and motorcycles. He has created a motorcycle that looks like a steam train. A perfect design:

Now if it could really work with steam, the bike could make a fortune during these tough times. With petrol costing an arm & a leg, imagine putting some wood or coals in the motorcycle and steaming away, like they used to do in the past...........

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23 May, 2013 - Electric Muscle Motorcycle - Lito Sora
#Sora #Electric - Canada does not want to be left out of the electric motorcycle revolution, and they are bringing a wonderful electric muscle bike into the game. Made by Lito Green Motion, their first electric motorcycle is called Sora.

Sora looks like the love child of a Confederate Motorcycle and a Triumph Rocket III. In other words, it looks powerful, and surprise, surprise; it is powerful. It looks like a traditional motorcycle, but it's totally electric with its high-density lithium polymer batteries.

The Sora will accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in just 4 seconds, and it will top the speed scales at 200 kph. As far as range goes, it's a very respectable 300 kilometers (but at what speed?)...........

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23 May, 2013 - Motorcycle Funeral Lebanese Style
Lebanese Motorcycle Funeral
Lebanon flag
#Funeral #Lebabon - I'd say a lot of bikers I know would like to ride a motorcycle funeral like this; armed with machine guns (and probably many do).


22 May, 2013 - When Relying On Technology Gets You In Trouble - The Navigon Case
Navigon GPS Bad Navigation
#GPS #Navigon #TomTom - I'll be the first to admit it, I am technology lover; I used technology whenever it becomes available. When decades ago the first portable GPS came out, I immediately took to it like a fish takes to water. The GPS was very simple, it just pointed to the way point you specified, but on a motorcycle, it was heaven sent. All I needed to do was try to stay on route to where the arrow was pointing.

A few years later, the GPS actually told you to turn left or right, making it even easier to use on a motorcycle. Now, GPS has 3D maps, traffic reports, speed camera locations, and where you can find the closest McDonalds.

Recently, you don't need dedicated equipment anymore, a smartphone with the right app will do the trick. So, I have become more and more reliant on this kind of technology, to the point of blindly trusting my GPS.

I run an iPhone with the Navigon GPS app (owned by Garmin). It has its quirks, and at times on rides it makes me go a "strange" direction, but usually no harm, no foul.

But that illusion just got shattered last week ..........

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22 May, 2013 - France: Electric And Hybrid Vehicles Gather Public Support
Statistics Article
France flag
#Statistics #Survey #Electric #Ecological - After a recent study of the French market, the survey shows that the French as a nation support in rather large numbers the use of electric or hybrid cars and motorcycles.

A survey conducted of some 2,000 people shows that 38% of them would purchase a hybrid vehicle if they had the financial means to do so. That's 15% up over the previous year. 18% of the surveyed said they'd like to purchase an electrical vehicles, up over 2011 when that figure was only 8%...........

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22 May, 2013 - Idea: Increase Your Safety With These Vololights Motorcycle Plates - Nifty!
#Safety #Vololights #Kickstarter - You'd have thought that almost anything that can increase our safety on a motorcycle has already been invented, but you'd be wrong. Two bright motorcycle riders in the USA have come up with a great safety product that will not cost you a fortune, nor hours spent installing it.

Currently a Kickstart project looking for funding (help them out by donating a few bucks), Vololights is a smartly designed product that can, and probably will, save you from being rear-ended. It has always been one of my fears when riding my motorcycle; when you decelerate your bike by just letting go of the throttle, or by downshifting, your motorcycle slows down faster than a car would, but with no warning to car drivers.

If the car driver is not paying attention, like most of them don't, your sudden deceleration will catch them by surprise, and boooom, before you know it at the very least they'll kiss your rear end. It might sound dirty to you, but it's super dangerous. Many motorcycles have found themselves in the ditch,or worse, because the car behind them didn't see them decelerating.

The Vololights is a license plate that replaces your current one...........

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21 May, 2013 - India: PSA - Keep Your Thoughts On The Road - Also For Motorcycles
India Keep Thoughts On Road
India flag
#India #Safety #Ads - Hmmm.. interesting. Here's a public service announcement coming from India, trying to keep riders and drivers focused on the road. They've got several ads, cars and motorcycle, and in the nicely-done graphics, they show what the driver is thinking.

"Obviously" the motorcycle rider is thinking about his Girlfriend, while the car drivers are thinking about the Boss and the Husband.....

It's true, that especially when riding a motorcycle, better keep 100% of your focus on the road and not let you mind wander off.


21 May, 2013 - Returning To My Office. Computer Not Used For A While. It Shows!
Keyboard Weed
#Funny #Keyboard - I know what I'll be seeing when I get back to my little office..... with my computers not used for days, and no one to look after them.


21 May, 2013 - On My Way Back. Guess Where I’ve Been?
KTM Netherlands
#Funny #KTM #Netherlands - I'm hopefully heading back to home (Normandy, France). Want to guess where I have been?

Maybe the photo will give you a hint......


20 May, 2013 - If The Red Baron Would Have A Motorcycle, This Would Be It
Red Baron Motorcycle
#Amazing #Strange #Chopper - If ever the famous and notorious Red Baron would have had a motorcycle, this one would have been it. It's a custom made chopper, using a real aircraft engine, in this case a radial engine.

You should have a look at the video below, and TURN UP THE VOLUME. This is one engine you'll want to hear purr away. Amazing. I'd say the motorcycle has an enormous torque, but also that it's very heavy...........

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20 May, 2013 - France: Self Teaching Site On The Dangers Of Motorcycle Riding
#Safety - Here's an interesting site developed by the Prevention Routière et Assureurs Prevention, an organization for the prevention of accidents funded by insurance companies. The site, called MotoPrev (as in Motorcycle Prevention) is like a video game without the controls. It shows you how and when motorcycle accidents happen. It allows you to identify areas where you may be in danger.

There are 7 main areas, and each area loads a video (using high quality animated graphics) which you can view from either the motorcycle's point of view, satellite/above view or the car's view. There's at the end also an explanation, but it's in French (as is the whole site)...........

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20 May, 2013 - France: Honda Claims Gold Wing Not Designed For Taxi Service
Honda Gold Wing Taxi
Honda logo
#Taxi #Honda #Goldwing - Honda France may have shot themselves in their feet. 25% of all Gold Wing motorcycle sales are to taxi companies, since many (bikers and clients) consider the luxury and comfortable tourer the best and only way to ride through a busy city.

But taxis ride many kilometers every day, more miles per bike than "civilians". And that's where the problem lies. Honda France have stated that the Gold Wing was never designed to swallow so many kilometers every day, especially the clutch. Riding in an urban environment means shifting gears continuously, and that means actioning the clutch.

So Honda France have stated that they although they will honor the normal warrantee on the Gold Wing if used by a taxi company, but that defects that are related to overuse, especially the clutch, will not be honored or repaired under a warrantee program...........

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19 May, 2013 - Turkish Motorcyclists Celebrate National Independence Day In Holland
Turkish Biker Commemoration Utrecht
Turkish Biker Commemoration Utrecht
#Turkey #Ataturk #Netherlands - As luck (or skill) will have it, I was in The Netherlands this weekend in the great city of Utrecht, and while walking the canal streets of this old and beautiful city, I stumbled upon this.

Today is the National Holiday of Turkey, celebrating the Commemoration of the founder of Turkey, Ataturk. To celebrate this national event, Turkish motorcycle riders living in The Netherlands gathered today to mark this special occasion.

Speeches, gathering, talking between friends, and of course the mandatory ride out...........

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17 May, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 17 May 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I'm on the road, somewhere dusting the road, clocking up speeding fines and not enjoying the bad weather we've got in Europe. But to keep you amused, here are several motorcycle related articles that have appeared during the last week that you may have missed. - Great American Motorcycle Road Trip Usa Four Corners Tour (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Backpacks On Motorcycles: Life Savers Or Back Breakers (About Motorcycles)
- Sidi Motorcycle Boots Review (Michael Padway And Associates)
- The Basics Of Motorcycle Protective Gear (Self Sufficient Slackers)


17 May, 2013 - App: Help Others On Motorcycles Be Safe - Great Software
MotoSmarty Assign
MotoSmarty Direction
#iPhone #App #Dangers - We told you some 2 weeks ago about a French initiative to use crowd-sourcing to highlight road infrastructure problems. The initiative was not bad, but quite limited since it requires to you to remember where the danger spots where during a ride and then fill them in on the web later. However a much better method has been launched in Belgium for its surrounding countries (so not limited to one country) using smartphones. The approach is quite interesting, innovative and biker safe. Maybe you can lobby the developer to release the app for the rest of the world since everyone can benefit from this app.

The app is called Moto Smarty and currently works on iPhones with an Android version in test (they are looking for testers). It's the way they allow you to share your experience in bad or dangerous roads that makes this application so interesting.

Basically Moto Smarty records all hazards; potholes, manholes, fissures, slippery surfaces, bumps, dangerous curves, etc... they even warn you of speed bumps. The danger points are pointed out by other motorcycle riders (even car drivers) traveling those same roads and encountering the problem areas.

But here's where it gets interesting...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 May, 2013 - China: Annual Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Gathering - China’s Sturgis
China Annual Harley Davidson Rally 2013
China Annual Harley Davidson Rally 2013
#Harley-Davidson #China - No matter where you are in the world, like-minded motorcycle owners will turn up at some annual event. The biggest is Harley-Davidson's Sturgis, and this Chinese event falls way behind in terms of participants.

But in a country where a Harley-Davidson's import tax is as much as the motorcycle itself, it's only the rich that can afford it. And not many of them participate in these "rowdy" events... BTW is that the Village People in photo #10?


16 May, 2013 - Movie Review: The Baytown Outlaws
Baytown Outlaws Cover
Baytown Outlaws Scene
#Movie #Review - A review of the movie entitled "The Baytown Outlawz", a Tarantino-style movie, with two interesting motorcycle gangs, one a hooker biker gang, the other Native-American bikers who scalp their victims.

Interesting movie, interesting plot, lots of action, guns, motorcycles, girls. A to-be-seen action comedy movie.


16 May, 2013 - Gone On A Trip, This Is What I’m Doing With The 1st Radar I See
Peeing on a speed radar
#Funny #Radar #Pee -I'm off on a trip for a few days, back on Tuesday afternoon if everything goes well (traveling in Europe usually means things don't go as planned). I've programmed a series of articles to keep you amused and interested, so no zapping!

The first speed radar I see will get this treatment. I wonder what kind of a fine I'd get? Probably all they can do is public urination, or would it be destruction of public property?

Anyway, see you on Tuesday, hopefully. Tonight I sleep in Paris, then it's destination-mystery....


16 May, 2013 - Pakistan: And Why Do You Think There Is Fraud In Elections?
Ballot Box Transport Pakistan
Pakistan flag
#Elections #Fraud #Pakistan - People sometimes (okay, often) wonder why there's fraud in elections, and how it's possible. The

answer is quite simple: because we make it possible! Transporting the ballot boxes like this on a motorcycle is spelling trouble.... or in any vehicle, in bags.


15 May, 2013 - Video: Is This A Real Harley-Davidson Ad Or A Fake? Opinions?
Harley Davidson Crossdresser ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #Advertisement #Fake - Here's a TV commercial that has got me baffled. Is this a real Harley-Davidson motorcycle advertisement or just a fake? It's not in English, but that shouldn't matter.... just looking at the images makes me wonder if this is real.

Somehow I doubt it... I don't think Harley would touch the subject. And what do the words say??? Anyone?

What do you think? Real or Fake?


15 May, 2013 - One European Hotel Chain That Caters For Motorcycles
Logis Hotel Castle
Logis logo
#Logis #Hotels - The private hotel chain Logis, a French group and France's biggest hotel chain, has started a campaign to attract motorcycle riders to their establishments.

Many of you who travel on holiday on a motorcycle will know that often hotels for some reason do not like bikers. They see us a rowdy and loud people, and are often not equipped to receive us and our stinking and noisy motorcycles (all true, but still....).

Logis seem to be going out of their way to accommodate us. They have recently sign a charter to make our lives more bearable when travelling. Out of the 2,556 hotel properties in Europe (2,429 in France, 32 in Spain, 25 in Belgium, 24 in The Netherlands, etc) 290 are already converted to servicing bikers. They are called Logis Moto...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


15 May, 2013 - When A Pillion Has Total Confidence In The Biker
Pillion Confidence
#Pillion #Funny #Texting - Many pillion riders are a bit anxious when sitting on a motorcycle. You put your lives in the hands of the rider, so who wouldn't? But here's a pillion who is totally at ease with the rider, so much so that even in a steep curve she/he is texting.

Cool or what?


14 May, 2013 - Thailand: 3 Do Not Drink & Drive Ads - Nicely Done
Ad Do Not DUI Beer
Thailand flag
#DUI #Advetisement #PSA #Thailand - Here are three nicely done anti-DUI print advertisements coming from Thailand. The images are perfect, they say it all.

I didn't realize that they had such as drinking & driving problem there. Obviously this applies to all vehicles, including motorcycles.


14 May, 2013 - Watch A Crazy Russian Ride An Electric Motorcycle Through Dense Traffic
Russian Electric Motorcycle Commute
Russia flag
#Electric #eBike #Video - We know that Russian motorcycle riders are a crazy lot, and we know that electric motorcycles have enormous torque, allowing them to accelerate at Star Trek speeds. Combine both and what you get is a 25 minute long video of a Russian motorcycle rider in dense Moscow traffic, splitting lanes at high speed on snowy and wet roads.

And all that on a home-built electric motorcycle. You can see from the dash that at times he's doing over 100 kph.


14 May, 2013 - Thailand: Political Protests Turn To Motorcycles
Thailand Red Shirts Protest Ride
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Political - In a country, even continent, where motorcycles are one of the main forms of transportation, it's no wonder that even political groups turn to motorcycles when organizing protests. Here's one in Thailand, called the Red Shirts, and no, it's not a motorcycle 1%-er gang (although the opposition probably thinks so).

But as biker gang/club names go, "Red Shirts" is a pretty catchy name.... just saying.


14 May, 2013 - Zero Wins European E-Motorcycle Of The Year 2013 For 3rd Time
Zero S
Zero logo
#eBikes #Electric #Zero - There's no stopping Zero motorcycles. They introduced recently a military version of their electric motorcycles, and now they've won the Clean Week 2020 European Electric Motorcycle of the Year Award. Not only did they win it, but they've won it for the third time in a row.

The prize went to the Zero S, and second place went to the Zero DS. What's interesting is that no other manufacturers competed in the category, so the Zero electric motorcycles were the only ones competing...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 May, 2013 - Motorcycle Pussy - Part Deux
Biker Pussy
#Cats #Funny - Don't we all dream of pussy? Especially motorcycle-riding pussy. We've featured one pin-up already on a motorcycle, here's another delicious one:

Maybe this one is dreaming of this:


13 May, 2013 - Batman Helmet Too Boring? Try The Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
Joker Helmet
#Helmets #Joker - If one of the Batman helmets that are out now are a bit too boring for you (who wants to be a playboy zillionaire during the day, fighting evil at night wearing a tight body suit), then how about wearing a super villain helmet?

The Joker helmet will get you far more attention when riding your motorcycle, that's for sure. Made by an artist specializing in helmets, this one is rad. Just look at the face at the back of the helmet..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 May, 2013 - India: Bajaj Wins Patent Court Case Against LML - 7 Year Struggle
LML logo
Bajaj logo
India flag
#Bajaj #LML #India - Italian scooter manufacturer LML and Indian manufacturer Bajaj have been at odds for the last seven years, and slugging it out in court. The reason? Bajaj have been granted a patent for an intake system for two stroke engines which improves fuel efficiency and reduce emissions, two much sought-after technologies in today's world.

LML have been claiming that the patent granted to Bajaj was not new, just a minor improvement over existing technology. The Indian courts disagreed, but it took 7 years of, probably very boring, testimonies to come to that conclusion.

Bajaj is over the moon, and LML will challenge the ruling. I think the only real winners were the lawyers.


10 May, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 10 May 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
The weather just doesn't want to cooperate, and have a few weeks of heavy travelling coming up. Here are a few interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared last 7 days that you may have missed.

- 2014 Ducati 1199 Panigale R (Autoblog)
- What I Look At When Choosing Motorcycle (The Reclusive Rider)
- How To Get A Motorcycle License (Ride Apart)
- Dress for the Crash, Not for the Ride – Motorcycle Gear 101 (Competition Accessories)
- Remember When Motorcycles Were Targeted At Doctors? (Jalopnik)


10 May, 2013 - Videos: 2 x Hero Honda TV Commercials - Passion Pro
Hero Honda Passion Pro
Hero Honda logo
Here are two TV commercials from India's biggest motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Honda (now called Hero MotoCorp). Both advertisements are for the Passion Pro motorcycle, and involve a) a pretty woman and b) getting stuck in traffic.

The ads are not Bajaj-style (Bajaj still have the best ads out there), in other words really good, in fact they are pretty lame, but maybe in works for its target market.


10 May, 2013 - France: Monks, Motorcycles and Holiday
Abbaye Liguge Enamel Art
France flag
#Exposition #Monks #Abbey - Here's an interesting travel tip for those of you who are planning to visit France shortly. Starting on the 17th of May, until the 30th of June, in the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Ligugé the monks there are holding an exposition of enameled motorcycle art.

The expo is named "A Golden Century of Motorcycles", and consists of 25 enamel based portraits of vintage and modern motorcycles, even the latest Ducati Diavel and the Yamaha V-Max.

Apart from passing through the obligatory gift shop, you can even ask the monks to make an enamel rendering of your favorite motorcycle. All exposed artwork can also be purchased. Each artwork is on a copper plate measuring 17 x 25 cm...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2013 - Spain: Government Kills Biker, Then Balks At Paying Damages
Spanish Road Caused Accident
Spain flag
#Spain #Court #Compensation - You know that government rarely have the best interest of its citizens in mind. Usually the contrary, as long as they can get rich and/or more powerful, and when they do get caught doing something they shouldn't, or should, they pretend that it wasn't their fault. It's what has been going wrong in the world lately, and you can see that citizens are revolting against it. Enough is enough.

The latest abuse/mis-actions can be seen in Spain. Back in 2007, a Spanish motorcycle rider lost control of his motorcycle because of the potholes in the motorway. The road is that bad that when hitting one of the holes it means the biker can easily get ejected from his bike, which is what happened. This was not a city road, but a motorway, so speeds are higher, and you have less time to react.

More bad luck for the unfortunate motorcyclist, he hit the guardrail which was one of the old, and very unsafe, rails, killing the biker on the spot:..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2013 - France: Crowd Sourcing To Highlight Road Dangers
MotoMap France
France flag
#Safety #Facebook - Two organization that have as main goal to reduce road fatalities have launched a crowd-sourcing page within Facebook for French road users. The idea is for the road users, car and motorcycles, to highlight danger points on a map of France. The two organizations are Association Prevention Routiere and Assureurs Prevention (insurers group), and the map is called MotoMap.

Using Google Maps, you locate a danger zone you are familiar with, highlight it, tell the rest of the world what the problem is and save the point.

You can specify the category of problem area; infrastructure, motorcycle specific, dangerous curves, etc...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


9 May, 2013 - Video: Watch An Interesting Motorcycle PSA From C-Dot
C Dot Crashed PSA
Colorado Department of Transportation logo
#Video #Safety #Motorcycle - The Colorado Department of Transportation released an interesting PSA for motorcycle riders. Instead of showing blood & gore, they show blood & gore, but in this case it's not real blood & gore. They are very up-front about it. In fact, you see them apply the blood & gore on the "victim".

It's an interesting and novel way of showing what happens when you don't ride your motorcycle with the appropriate safety gear. There are also a few words from some specialists (using echoes, not to my taste) and some real and ugly crash scenes involving motorcycles...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 May, 2013 - Idea: Traveling On A Motorcycle For Business
Skyroll luggage carrier
Skyroll luggage carrier
#Luggage #Business #Suits - When traveling for business, it's usually difficult to ride a motorcycle, since you can't really show up to a meeting dressed in your leathers and biker boots, can you now (unless you are maybe a loan shark or hitman)? And taking your business clothes, including your shoes, is a hassle and the end result will probably mean that your suit is as wrinkled as a 90 year old woman who has been sunbathing in the nude all her life.

But it does not need to be like this. The Skyroll Wrinkle-Free Luggage Carrier could solve your problems. In the center is a hollow tube into which fits your "dress" shoes, while your clothes, including suit, roll around the tube. Simple and very effective to make sure your suits are wrinkle free and easy to transport...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 May, 2013 - Ad: Cute KTM Commercial For Kids
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisement - I don't know if this is a real KTM TV commercial, but it's cute. It's for the KTM 65SX, a motocross motorcycle for kids.

From the accent, I'd say it's from Australia.


8 May, 2013 - China: First Chinese Big Motorcycle?
Chinese Big Superbike
China flag
#China #Bigmotorcycle #Funny - Is this the first Chinese superbike? Not in terms of Ducati, MV Agusta, etc all real fast motorcycles, but in terms of big bikes. And I mean BIG bikes.

Interesting feat though he used scrap parts to make it. He was probably copying some existing motorcycle but got the scale wrong...


7 May, 2013 - Ad: Lame Volkswagen Advertisement For Seeing Motorcycles
Ad Volkswagen VAESA Side Assist Motorcycle
Volkswagen logo
Volkswagen usually has very good, often funny, print and TV commercials. Granted that, even with a motorcycle loving Chairman of VW, the ads are often anti-biker, they remain well done and funny. But not this print advertisement.

This ad "sells" Volkswagen's blind spot detection system, Volkswagen Side Assist. The tag line reads "Have you seen him? Your Volkswagen has. Volkswagen Side Assist. It detects if something is in your blind spot.". As visuals go, it's pretty lame, even if it means more safety for us motorcycle riders...........


7 May, 2013 - This Made Me Smile - A Harley-Davidson Merchandising Idea
Harley Diaper Bag
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley #Funny - When I saw this, I just had to smile. Many Harley-Davidson motorcycle riders cultivate the idea of a tough, hardcore, biker image. Mustaches (and you should see the men's moustaches), wild hair, tattoos, leather vests & chaps, scars... you name it. All for a tough biker image.

.... and then they walk in with this Harley-Davidson Skull & Crossbones black bag. You'd expect the biker to open the bag and at the very least remove a beer bottle which they open with their teeth. Or out comes the knives, guns and brass knuckles. But no, you'd be wrong..............

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 May, 2013 - France: MotoGP 2013 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
FFMC logo
MotoGP logo
The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 17, 18 and 19 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


6 May, 2013 - OSSA Release Two New and Updated Trial Motorcycle Models
Ossa Factory 125
OSSA logo
#Ossa - Spanish legendary motorcycle manufacturer Ossa, risen from the ashes a few years back, has been beavering away making new models. And they seem to be doing a good job, since they had for a few years only one model in their catalog, now they have 6.

- Factory 125
- Factory R 300..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 May, 2013 - France: Darwin Award - 253 Kph In 90 Kph Zone and DUI
Speeding Motorcycle
Darwin Award Logo
#Speeding #DarwinAwards - Here's one guy that gets the coveted Darwin Award. A 36 year old Frenchman got caught riding his Kawasaki with a slew of events.

1. He was speeding, doing 253 kph in a 90 kph zone.
2. His motorcycle was not limited to the legal limit of 100 hp, but had 175 hp.
3. He was riding under influence of marijuana...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 May, 2013 - Video: KTM’s Latest TV Commercial For 2013 - Hot
KTM 2013 Ready to Race
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisement #Motocross - KTM launched this latest TV commercial live at the 2013 Las Vegas Supercross race, a very good launch platform since you've got thousands of cross fans already there, in other words a captive audience.

The advertisement is pretty slick with colored motorcycles (orange of course) and a black & white background. Nicely done, blasting music and no static motorcycles.


3 May, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 3 May 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
I hope you all survived me taking a day off this week. Here's what happened that may interest you with regards to motorcycle stories over the last seven days.

- Living with Glass, Day Four: Canyon Carving (Engadget)
- Interview with Sergi Sendra, Director of Dorna Sports TV Production (Motomatters)
- NYPD Loses Evidence High Profile Case Article (Daily News)
- Signs Of Motorcycle Tourism (Bikers Report)
- Bluetooth Compatibility (Webbikeworld)
- Biking on a Budget - The Budget Biker (Motorcycle Cruiser)


3 May, 2013 - Books: BMW Motorcycles And 90 Years Of History
BMW 90 Years Book
BMW logo
#BMW #BMWMotorrad #Books - When someone reaches the ripe age of 90 years, family & friends gather to celebrate. Although humans are reaching older and older ages, 90 is still a real milestone. But for companies, it can be that they are still very young.

This is the case for BMW Motorcycles. They have reached 90, and are still very young. And to celebrate, they are publishing a book on their history, all 90 years worth...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


3 May, 2013 - The Netherlands: Odometer Rollback Now Illegal - You Mean It Was Allowed?
Odometer Rollback
The Netherlands flag
#Odometer #Rollback #Fraud - The Dutch have gotten a new King, and it looks like they also got some common sense. Last week the Dutch politicians managed to vote on a new law that makes odometer rollback illegal. Odometer rollback is when unscrupulous motorcycle dealers (or private people) rollback the bike's odometer, therefore making it look like there's less mileage on it, thereby raising the price.

In most countries this is an illegal, often criminal, activity, but not in The Netherlands, and it will remain "legal" until January 2014 when the law becomes active...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2013 - Idea: Be Seen At Night On Your Motorcycle, Be Safe
#Safety - Riding your motorcycle at night means that with the few lights we've got on our rides, we're pretty much invisible for cars. Already during the day we're often invisible, but at night, with one small rear light, we might as well fix a big bullseye on our backs.

Another crowd-funding Kickstarter project that has already received ample funds is the Tracer360. The Tracer360, from, is a multi-colored fiber "vest" that you can easily slip over your motorcycle jacket...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


2 May, 2013 - Beautiful Series Of Photos Of A Harley Motorcycle
1942 Harley Davidson Photos
#Photos #HarleyDavidson - A photo of a motorcycle is just that... a photo. But not all photos are alike, even if the subject of the photo is a motorcycle. Here's a site that has published a series of photos of one subject, a 1942 Harley-Davidson.

The motorcycle is in dire need for some TLC, but the photos are a work of art. Beautifully framed and cropped, the light produces a great atmosphere.


2 May, 2013 - Video: Skip Rope With Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle Rope Skipping
#Funny #Stunts - There are lot of thing you can do with your motorcycle, but I would never have thought that skipping rope would be one of them. But there you go, learned something today.

Rope Skipping For Motorcycles 101


1 May, 2013 - Labor Day 2013 - Doing Anything But Working - Day Off - Riding My "Motorcycle"
Holiday ride
#Funny - It's the international day of labor, when we all must remember how lucky we are that we are working, so I decided not to work today and head on out for a "motorcycle" ride.



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