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30 May, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 30 May 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Last week of May, and hopefully last days of rain. We're drenched here. Time for the sun to come out and play so I can ride motorcycle. In the mean time, back at the ranch, here are a few interesting motorcycle articles that you may have missed over the last week.

- Electric cycles, bikes and "tuks" get traction (USA Today)
- Loud Pipes Tick People Off (Passes And Canyons Blog)
- 10 tips on buying at a motorcycle auction (Motorbikewriter)
- Top 5 Concept Motorcycles (Bikeexif)
- BMW V8 Powered Motorcycle (The Kneeslider)


30 May, 2014 - Italy: Milan Urban Congestion Charge System Rewarded
Milan Area C
Italy flag
#Milan #CongestionCharges #Award - Milan for from the OECD the reward for best implemented congestion charge. The inhabitants are very happy with the results, and yes, motorcycles go for free.


30 May, 2014 - Thailand: The Most Military Motorcycle They Have Got
Thailand Real Military Scooter
Thailand flag
#Thailand #Military #Funny - Thailand evokes the image of peace, quite, flowers, Buddhist monks, etc (and a few other things we'll not mention here). Just look at their military might.... what a "macho" military scooter these soldiers are riding. Imagine the fun others will be making of them (but then they do have some serious weapons).


29 May, 2014 - Review: Vikingbags Large Motorcycle Back Pack
Viking Moto Backpack
Vikingsbag logo
#Vikingbags #Backpack #Review - Here is a detailed review of the Vikingbags Large Motorcycle Back Pack, a great back pack with loads of space, rain proof and with a good helmet carrying capability. Warning... lots of photos.


29 May, 2014 - Harley-Davidson Will Not Honor Warranty If You Fly Flags
Dave Zien Flagged Harley
Harley-Davidson logo
#Harley-Davidson #FlyingTheFlag - Harley-Davidson has decided not to honor a warranty claim for one of their new motorcycles (a trike) since the owner was flying flags on the bike, and that was not goof for the motorcycle. Company suicide?


29 May, 2014 - Bangladesh: Here Is Someone Who Enjoys Riding In The Rain
Bangladesh Enjoying Rain
Bangladesh flag
#Bangladesh #RidingInTheRain - Not many motorcycle riders, or pillions, enjoy riding in the rain, but here's one in Bangladesh. I wonder what she has been smoking?


28 May, 2014 - Idea: Locks Are Getting Smarter and Better - SkyLock
#SkyLock #Locks #GreatIdeas - Here is another really great lock for (bicycles) motorcycles. A high tech lock, solar charged, that locks/unlocks when you are close to the lock, that senses a crash and deals with it and remember where you parked your bike. Nifty.


28 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric - When Lightning Speaks
Review 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric
BMW logo
#Review #BMW #Electric - A detailed review from a top French web site of the 2014 BMW C Evolution Electric - When Lightning Speaks


28 May, 2014 - The Only Motorcycle Race I Could Maybe Win
Race you
#Funny #RacingToWin - I stink at racing my motorcycle, always the last one to go over the finish line. So maybe this is the only race I could possibly win.


27 May, 2014 - Ad: Toyota Car Driver= Hero, Motorcycles Riders= Bad Guys
Toyote Corolla Be The Hero
Toyota logo
#Toyota #Advertisement - Here's a Toyota advertisement, in the for of a game, that makes you, a Toyota Corolla car driver the hero, and the motorcycle riders the bad guys. Would that sell more cars???


27 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F - Tourer with a Big Heart & Long Legs
Review 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F
Honda logo
#Review #Honda- A detailed review from a French web site of the 2014 Honda CBF 1000 F - Tourer with a Big Heart & Long Legs


27 May, 2014 - China: Terror Drills - But Who Are The Terrorists?
China Terror Drills Police.JPG
China flag
#China #Police #Terrorists - So in China, the authorities are holding terror drills. But looking at the phone, you have to ask yourself - Who are the terrorists???


26 May, 2014 - Motorcycles, Rain and Visors - What To Do?
Eicma 2011 Helmet Visor Wiper
Wiper GetGeared
#Visors #Rain #Wipers - Rain on your motorcycle helmet visor is not fun, especially if it continues raining. Clearing the water off your visor with your gloves does not work. Apart from sprays, here are some interesting alternative to get rid of the rain (and mud and flies) from your visor.


26 May, 2014 - The Netherlands: Civil Servant & Member Of A 1%-er - You’re Fired
Biker Bureaucrat
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #1%ers - The Dutch authorities have made it known that any civil servants that is also a member of a biker gang will be fired. Next the Italians?


26 May, 2014 - Philippines: Police Patrol? Looks More Like A Ride-Out
Philippines Police Ride Out Patrol
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Police - This does not look like a police patrol, does it? It looks more like a police ride-out, or cops prefer not to patrol with 1 or 2 motorcycles, but go with a whole gang.


23 May, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 23 May 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
While you're all enjoying yourselves, I'm in the UK working my fanny off for a newspaper on an assignment. And there is no motorcycle riding involved. But at least there are some interesting articles to read which I found for you over the last seven days.

- 6 Electric Motorcycles Ready to Battle Any Gas Bike (Wall St. Cheat Sheet)
- Women Enjoy Motorcycles & Other Obvious Conclusions (Asphalt And Rubber)
- Motorcycles Car Engines (Good Spark Garage)
- Customizing on a budget: Making a bike unique without breaking the bank (Dealer News)
- Review Motorcycle Man By Kristen Ashley (Maldivian Book Reviewer)


23 May, 2014 - France: The New & Very DEADLY Weapon Against Motorcycles
New Fernch Deadly Radar
France flag
#France #Radar #Funny - France has put into play a very new, and very deadly, radar to be used against motorcycles. It's no longer 3 strikes and you're out, but you're out on the first speeding ticket. And out means out.

There's no arguing, no explanations, no jury, no judges .... the radar is the judge and executioner.


23 May, 2014 - Yemen: Smart Bikers Step Around Motorcycle Ban
Yemen Motorcycle Ban Change
Yemen flag
#Yemen #Van #Sidecar - Yemen has a ban on motorcycles, but smart bikers saw a way out of the ban by placing self-made sidecars on their motorcycles, and now the ban does not apply to them. Smart.


22 May, 2014 - BMW Is Doing Very Well With Police Bikes In The USA, Thank You For Asking
BMW Authority Motorcycles USA
BMW logo
#BMW #Police - BMW have been selling their special police motorcycles in the USA like donuts.... a lot of them. Since a few years, police departments in the USA have been forsaking Harley and Indian for BMW. Why?


22 May, 2014 - Keep Your Head Cool, And Hair Dry Under Your Motorcycle Helmet
#Airhead #Helmet - Keeping your head cool and hair dry under a helmet during your motorcycle rides is a challenge. But not with this Australian product called Airhead. Cheap and effective.


22 May, 2014 - France: Paris Moving Forward To Limit Speeds To 30 KPH
Paris Etoille Snail
France flag
#France #Paris #SpeedLimits - The Paris city hall is planning further to reduce the speeds limit in the capital to 30 kph, despite many experts stating that pollution will increase, and it does nothing for safety. The only thing it does is increase the number of fines. Which is what they probably want. The fact that the French rail roads ordered 2000 train cars that were too wide and now need to change all stations will not make things easier.


21 May, 2014 - Video: Hero Motocorp iSmart - Sometimes You Forget How Good You Have It
Hero Motocorp iSmart
Hero MotoCorp logo
Watching this corporate TV commercial from India's giant motorcycle manufacturer, Hero Motocorp, you remember how good (or different) it is to have a motorcycle that is used in Europe or the USA.

But they do have one kickass technology.


21 May, 2014 - Belgium: Fake Cops To Slow Down Vehicles
Belgium Cardbord Cops
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Cardboard #Police - Belgium are conducting an experiment by placing fake, cardboard, cops at strategic areas alongside the road to slow down cars and motorcycles. A much nicer way than radars.


21 May, 2014 - Australia: To Convince To Stop Smoking, Use A Motorcycle
Australia Stop Smoking 2011
Australia flag
#StopSmoking #Australia - Looks like motorcycles, in this case scooters, come in handy in Australia to help them stop smoking. Let's see how many there are at the end of the month...


20 May, 2014 - Ad: KIA Soul - Looking For Trouble With Motorcycle Riders
Kia Soul Biker Noise Ad
KIA logo
#KIA #Advertisement - Here's a print advertisement from car maker KIA that is looking for trouble with motorcycle riders. Not smart...


20 May, 2014 - How To Carry More Than 2 People On Your Chopper
Multiple pillion on a cruiser
#Chopper #Pillions #Funny - Yes, it is possible as you can see somewhere in Asia. Not that it's pretty, but at least if you like choppers and need to transport several people, here's how you do it.


20 May, 2014 - Brake Magazine: A New Adventure Riding Magazine Site
Brake Magazine Site
Brake Magazine logo
#brakemagazine #adventureriding - A new and wonderfully designed website, hosting a motorcycle adventuring riding magazine, has gone live. From the UK, it's called Brake Magazine, and is a jewel for anyone who likes adventure riding.


19 May, 2014 - 12 Mirrors, Motorcycles and Photographers - Part 3
Mirror Lebanon
Mirror Gazza
#Mirrors #Photos #Press - We're back at photographers who want to be "arty" by taking photos of motorcycle and their mirrors with someone reflected in the mirror. Yes, it's artsy, but when you see it too often, it's just common.

Still, some of the photos are nice.


19 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 Honda F6C - Attention Grabbing Custom
Review 2014 Honda F6C
Honda logo
#Review #Honda- A detailed review of the 2014 Honda F6C from a French web site - Attention Grabbing Custom


19 May, 2014 - Do Not Leave Your Motorcycle On A Beach For Too Long
Seaside Resting KTMs
#KTM #Funny #Beach - Here is a very good reason not to leave your motorcycle for too long on the beach, unless you want to find this:


18 May, 2014 - Bultaco: Their New Electric Motorcycles - A Winner!
Bultaco Rapitan
Bultaco logo
#Bultaco #Bultacoisback #Electric - Legendary Spanish motorcycle maker, Bultaco, is back, and they are! With two stunning electric motorcycles - a street and an off-road version.

Get your money saved, this looks like a winner!


16 May, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 16 May 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Last seven days has seen many interesting motorcycle related articles appearing. Here are a few that you may have missed. For your reading pleasure.

- Book Review - Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance (Can I Change This Later)
- Extra Sensory Perception: How Our Bikes Know More Than We Do (Ash On Bikes)
- 7 Best Fly Ride Motorcycle Destinations (2 Wheel Tuesday)
- MOTOGP UNDER THE KNIFE - What’s up with “arm pump”? (Cycleworld)
- Harley Dealer Ad Gets It Wrong (Motorcycle Cruiser)
- WRR47: Dealing With Gravel On Motorcycles (Competition Accessories)


16 May, 2014 - Patent: Pedestrians Rejoice - Bumpers Coming To Motorcycles
Patent Bumper
China flag
#Patents #Bumpers - A Chinese patent calls for bumpers to be installed on motorcycles, so that pedestrians will not be scratched by motorcycles. Now why didn't I think of that?


16 May, 2014 - South Africa: Now That Is A Scary Biker
Soweto Scary Biker
South Africa flag
#SouthAfrica #Scary - This is not the kind of guy you want to encounter on the road, even when riding your own motorcycle. Unless of course you are part of a Mad Max sequel movie cast.


15 May, 2014 - Video: KTM Orange Days 2014 - Hooligans on Motorcycles
KTM Orange Days 2014
KTM logo
#KTM #Advertisment - KTM have released a cool TV commercial/video announcing their 2014 Orange Days. Cool graphics, and a lot of "hooligans" riding KTM motorcycles.


15 May, 2014 - Kappa: Ride The Flag, Or At Least Wear It
Kappa KV8 Flags
Kappa logo
#Kappa #Helmets #Flag - Fly the flag on your motorcycle with a Kappa helmet painted with your country's flag. Only applies currently to Italian, British and Americans.


15 May, 2014 - Video: Here Is One Ferry You Do NOT Want To Use - EVER
Brazil Ferry in Storm
Brazil flag
#Ferry #Brazil #Storm - Here is a video of a Brazilian ferry in a storm, with motorcycle on the front deck going through a very nasty time. I'll pass.. thank you very much.


14 May, 2014 - Poor Man’s Motorcycle Cruise Control
Go Cruise Throttle Assist
USA flag
#GoCruise #CruiseControl - Interesting poor man's cruise control for your motorcycle. $19.99 gets you a simple and very effective throttle lock system; Easy to install and use. Great for long trips. Go Cruise.


14 May, 2014 - You Want To Guess What Happened Here?
Crashed Motorcycle on car roof
USA flag
#Strange - Strange..... a motorcycle lying flat on a car roof! Want to guess what happened. Here are four different scenarios.


14 May, 2014 - Yemen: I Would Stop Too To Get Checked. Damn Right I Would
Yemeni Motorcycle Checkpoint
Yemen flag
#Yemen #Checkpoint - There would be no way I would ride past on my motorcycle at such a checkpoint. I'd stop and play real nice ... yes sir.


13 May, 2014 - Ads: Harley-Davidson Czech Republic - Sexual?
Harley Davidson Czech Ad
Harley-Davidson logo
#Advertisement #Harley-Davidson #Weird - Okay, here we go again folks. Back to the strange Harley-Davidson print advertisements. For a while, things had gotten better at the Milwaukee based manufacturer, but these five ads from the Czech Republic are just plain weird.

All ads are sexual, are based on a "novel", use sexual terms, and all have as tag line "Stop Reading, Start Living".


13 May, 2014 - Crave: Riding Motorcycle In Your Shirt, Safely
Crave AXE2 Hornet
Crave logo
#Crave #KevlarShirt #ATGATT - Here is a great shirt that you can safely ride with on your motorcycle. Reinforced with Kevlar, armor and many pockets, it's perfect for riding in good weather without needing a jacket. Perfect.


13 May, 2014 - Brazil: It Is Liking Riding A Motorcycle In A Painting
Brazil Riding In A Painting
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Art - Looking at this photo, it looks like the motorcycle is riding in an oil painting. Interesting photo...


12 May, 2014 - Riding In Europe: Laws, Limits and Rules
Europe Road Signs
Europe flag
#Europe #Laws - Almost holiday time. For those going in Europe, here are all the things you need to know about riding in Europe.


12 May, 2014 - France: MotoGP 2014 Motorcycle Rest Places - Relais Calmos
MotoGP 2014 France Poster
FFMC logo
#MotoGP #France #RelaisCalmos - The French MotoGP motorcycle race is on for 16, 17 and 18 May, and the French Angry Biker Association (FFMC) has put in place several motorcycle rest stops along the way, where you can tank up, get hot/cold drinks, eat, visors cleaned, mechanics, etc.

Here's a list and map of where they are, and when they are open.


12 May, 2014 - Netherlands: Biker Clubs Unite To Show Off Colors & Goodwill
Biker European Colors Eindhoven 2014
The Netherlands flag
#BikerGangs #1%ers #Goodwill - After a lot of negative and political pressure, the European biker groups and clubs got together in The Netherlands to show that they are not all evil.


9 May, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 9 May 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Spring is still lingering, temperatures are slowly moving towards proper motorcycle riding weather. To keep you busy, here are a few motorcycle related articles that have appeared over the last week that you may want to read.

- Magnetic Fields In Electric Cars Wont Kill You (IEEE Spectrum)
- Five of the best airbag safety systems for motorcyclists (Bikesure)
- Top 5 Ducati Monster Customs (Bikeexif)
- Suzuki V-Strom 1000 ABS Adventure First Impressions - Adventure Tourer...or Adventure Poseur? (Webbikeworld)


9 May, 2014 - Funny: Biker Sells His Mistress After Paparazzi Photos
Bye Bye Mistress
France flag
#France #Funny #PersonalAd - A funny well thought out personal ad on the French Craiglist equivalent. After photos published of him and his mistress by the paparazzi, he has to end his intense relationship.


9 May, 2014 - Day Trip Tip For South UK: Le Havre Auto/Moto Exhibition
Le Havre Auto Moto Exhibition 2014
France flag
#France #Exhibition #Lehavre - In the ferry city/harbor of Le Havre, there is a nice motorcycle (and car) exhibition that has opened its doors for the first time ever. Sunday is the last day, and bikers from South UK can hop on a ferry to Le Havre or Dieppe to visit this expo.


8 May, 2014 - You Don’t Need Special Biker Clothes To Be Safe - The Bohn Way
Bohn Adventure Pants
Bohn Armored Shirt
#ATGATT #Bohn-Armor #Safety - I am very much in favor of riding safely with all the right motorcycle gear, just for safety sake. But Bohn Armor is a way that allows you to ride with normal street clothes and still be safe.


8 May, 2014 - Givi’s New Highly Reflective Motorcycle Luggage
Givi WP405 and WP406
Givi logo
#Givi #Baggage #Safety - Givi have a new series of motorcycle luggage, side, tank and roller bags that are not only waterproof but also highly reflective and visible, even during the day.


8 May, 2014 - Officer, Please Arrest Me! Hey, What’s That You Are Riding?
Syria Kurdish Police On BT Hond Wuyang
Syria flag
#Syria #Kurdish #Police - First glance saw me looking at some pretty Kurdish police officers in Syria, but then my attention went to their motorcycles. BT-HOND! Ever hear of them? Have a look.


8 May, 2014 - Bultaco To Make Electric Motorcycle
Bultaco logo
Spain flag
#Bultaco #Electric - Famous Spanish motorcycle brand that disappeared in 1983, reborn 4 years ago, Bultaco is going to present its first motorcycle next week in London. And it's an electric motorcycle!!! Note the date, 17 May.


7 May, 2014 - Electric Motorcycles: Find Out Where They Are - Owner Map
Electric Motorcycle Owners Map
Electric Motorcycle Forum logo
#Electric #Map - From the Electric Motorcycle Forum, there is now a worldwide map will electric motorcycle owners and their bikes. Have you got one, why not add it to the map?


7 May, 2014 - You, Your Motorcycle and Your Helmet - Now What?
Helmet Hook
Helmet Hook
#Helmets #Motorcycles - Hanging your helmet on your motorcycle is often a big deal, not easy unless you have like a big topcase or panniers. But here are two products that could make your life a bit easier.

And both products from two different companies have the same product name: Helmet Hook.


7 May, 2014 - France: Priest Gets Arrested For Having A Radar Detector
Priests and car
France flag
#France #Priest #radar-detectors - In France a priest was stopped and arrested for using a radar detector in his car, something that is highly illegal. On top of that, he insulted the gendarmes. Maybe the pope can get him out of this mess.


6 May, 2014 - Ad: Kasinski - Designed to Escape Traffic
Ad Kasinski Wind Tunnel
Kasinski logo
#Kasinski #Advertisement - Here is a pretty good print ad from Brazilian Kasinski for a Hyosung Comet GT 650R clone. Nice art work, it speaks to me.


6 May, 2014 - France: A Scooter Get Stolen Every 8 Minutes
Grand theft scooter
France flag
#France #Scooter #theft - A scooter gets stolen every 8 minutes in France. Here are some interesting statistics.


6 May, 2014 - Belgium: Sarolea - Old Company, New Electric Motorcycle
Sarolea SP7 Electric Motorcycle
Sarolea logo
#Sarolea #Electric #Belgium - A company from Belgium created in 1850, dead in 1963 lives again. Now they are making a beautiful electric racing motorcycle, the SP7.


5 May, 2014 - 10 Flags and Motorcycles from Around the World - Part 2
Bikers For Mandela
Motorcycles Flags Afghanistan
#Flags - Whatever the reason, there are always people riding their motorcycles while flying a (or more) flag. Here are 10 photos from around the world of flag waving motorcyclists.


5 May, 2014 - Tow Case - Bringing Much More With You On Your Motorcycle
Tow Case Trailer
Tow Case Trailer
#TowCase #Trailer - French Wipigroup make an interesting and cost efficient motorcycle trailer called the Tow Case.

200 liters storage, flexible and easy to manoeuvre in traffic.


5 May, 2014 - Philippines: Prehistoric Scooters Discovered
Philippines Pre Historic Scooters 1
Philippines flag
#Philippines #Scooters #Prehistoric - These have got to be the first scooters ever. A prehistoric scooter, from the time that Fred Flintstone roamed the earth.

Yabba dabba doo!!


2 May, 2014 - Top Internet Stories - 2 May 2014
Top Weekly Web Article
Already in May. Time flies when you are having fun. Before you know it the snow will be on us again. But just in case, if you want to read some interesting motorcycle articles that have appeared last week, here you go.

- Bloomn Idiots On Two Wheels (Road Captain Usa)
- Interphone F5Mc Review (Webbikeworld)
- Biker Tattoos Ready To Show Some Skin (Haul Bikes)
- When Should You Replace A Motorcycle Helmet (Motorzon)
- The Hazards Of Riding A Motorcycle 100 Years Ago (The Texas Rambler)


2 May, 2014 - Tanzania: SMS Messages To Remind Bikers To Wear Helmets
Texting message
Tanzania flag
#Tanzania #Study #Amend - They are doing an interesting study in Tanzania to see what kind of daily SMS/Text message will incite bikers to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.

Three different groups, three different type texts.


2 May, 2014 - Venezuela: Motorcycle Used As Paddy Wagon, Again
Venezuela Paddy Wagon 201404
Venezuela flag
#Venezuela #Police #Riots - Second time we see the police using their motorcycles to arrest and take away protestors instead of using paddy wagons. No money?


1 May, 2014 - Dunlop: 1 Month Guaranteed To Love Your Tires, Literally
Love Dunlop Sportsmart2
Dunlop logo
Dunlop have a campaign going on in most of Europe that allows you to try their Sportsmart2 motorcycle tires, and if you don't like them after 1 month, they will change it to another tire for free.

Including any brands. You'll love their tires, they promise.


1 May, 2014 - Review: 2014 Maxi Scooter Vespa GTS 300 Super - Allegro Vita
Review 2014 Vespa GTS 300 Super
Vespa logo
#Review #Vespa- A detailed review from a French web site of the 2014 Maxi Scooter Vespa GTS 300 Super - Allegro Vita


1 May, 2014 - Spain: More Speed Radar Helicopters In Service
Spain Pegasus Helicopter
Spain flag
#Spain #Radar #Helicopter - Spain now has 2, shortly 4 helicopters that will catch you speeding. It is their sole function - catching speeders.

Good news though .... they can only catch you if you ride less than 360 kph.



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