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30 June, 2005 - To Radar or Not To Radar ?
France Article
The joy of no more radars in France was short-lived !


30 June, 2005 - Motorcycle Survey Results
Motorcycle Survey graph
The results of my motorcycle survey.


29 June, 2005 - Handle It Or Lose It
Handle Or Loose it Motorcycle website
Good English motorcycle website full of tips.


28 June, 2005 - Chrome On Your Motorcycle
Chrome Motorcycle
The things you can do with chrome on a motorcycle.


27 June, 2005 - Couples Motorcycle Enduro Cup
Coupe des Couples, couples motorcycle race
A look at the annual "COUPLES" motorcycle enduro race in Chablis, France.


25 June, 2005 - Suzuki’s new Red Bull Motorcycle Ready For Laguna
Red Bull Suzuki motorcycle
Photos of the new Red Bull Suzuki motorcycle for Laguna MotoGP.


24 June, 2005 - Bilateral Agreement For Fines In Europe
Politics Article
First bilateral agreement has been signed for exchange of speeding fines in Europe.


23 June, 2005 - Kawasaki’s New ER6 Motorcycle
Kawasaki ER6 motorcycle
Kawasaki's new motorcycle, the ER6, photos have made it to the internet !


23 June, 2005 - Parking in Paris
Paris Parking Guide
Parking in Paris can be daunting, so here's a quick way of finding yourself a parking place in Paris.


22 June, 2005 - Showing Off Your Motorcycle
Motorcycle Fenderliminators
Want to really show off your motorcycle ???


21 June, 2005 - Tie-down For Motorcycles
KYA Racing's TyreDown
An ingenious system to tie down motorcycles on a trailer.


20 June, 2005 - Good News For French Motorcyclists
France Article
The French government has taken a 'go-slow' on radar roll out and other laws, benefitting motorcycles !


20 June, 2005 - Motorcycle Dogs
Biker Dogs
Dogs and motorcycles !


19 June, 2005 - What’s The World Come To ?
Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer in Russia
The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer open in Moscow, Russia.


18 June, 2005 - New Navigation Structure
This Site Article
A new menu based navigation for this site, hopefully things will speed up a bit.


17 June, 2005 - New BMW T800 Motorcycle Spy Photos
Spy photo BMW T800
BMW logo
First spy photos of the new BMW T800 motorcycle.


17 June, 2005 - First Electric Motorcycle Discussion Forum ?
Electric Motorcycles web site
The first (?) discussion forum about electric motorcycles.


16 June, 2005 - Motorcycle Blogger Database
This Site Article
A new database with all motorcycle related bloggers.


16 June, 2005 - 2nd Worst Motorcycle Job ?
Fun Article
Some job these fellows have on their motorcycles !


15 June, 2005 - Speed Camera Warning GPS for Motorcycles !
Inforad GPS for motorcycles antenna
The first motorcycle specific radar warning system based on GPS hits the market.


14 June, 2005 - Iraqi Motorcyclist
Iraqi Harley Motorcycle
Life goes on in Iraq, including riding motorcycles (even Harleys).


13 June, 2005 - Old Motorcycle Ads
This Site Article
Motorcycles-About have a 2 page spread full of old motorcycle ads.


13 June, 2005 - Site down Sunday
This Site Article
Due to the hosting company having a technical problem, no sports results were posted on Sunday, but now, they are all up to date.


11 June, 2005 - Reminder: Motorcycle Sports Results
This Site Article
Reminder to check in on Sunday afternoon (Europe time) and Monday for the latest motorcycle sports results as filled by the manufacturers.


10 June, 2005 - Sneaky Speed Radar
Sneaky Radar
The French Police have found a new way of hiding speed radars.


10 June, 2005 - Warning Others About Radar Traps - Legal ?
France Article
Law Article
Are you allowed to warn other motorcyclists about a upcoming speed trap ?


9 June, 2005 - Carla King’s Motorcycle Adventure In The Adriatic Seas
Carla King on her motorcycle
Carla King, motorcycle/travel journalist, is reporting from her long trip around the Adriatic sea.


9 June, 2005 - Low Cost Dakar Race
Budapest-Bamakor motorcycle race
A low cost alternative to the Dakar race is now available - the Budapest-Bamako rally.


8 June, 2005 - Olivier Jacque To Race For Kawasaki In MotoGP
Racing Article
Looks like Olivier Jacque has been hired full time for Kawasaki's MotoGP team.


8 June, 2005 - Triumph Rocket III versus Suzuki GSX-R1000
Triumph Rocket III motorcycle drag race
Who is the fastest in a drag race; the Triumph Rocket III or Suzuki GSX-R1000


7 June, 2005 - Photochromic Motorcycle Helmet Visor
Sunshift motorcycle helmet visor
A looks at a photochromic motorcycle helmet visor.


7 June, 2005 - Does This Really Work On A Motorcycle ?
Umbrella on motorcycle
Can you really ride on a motorcycle in the rain with an umbrella ?


6 June, 2005 - The Best Ride Report Site Just Got Better
The best ride report site just got better.


5 June, 2005 - International Motorcycle Sports - NEW !
This Site Article
Racing Article
A new section has been created with the latest international motorcycle sports results from the manufacturer's perspective.


5 June, 2005 - Dog on Motorcycle ? WTF ?
Dog on a motorcycle
A dog riding a motorcycle (what's this world coming too) ??


4 June, 2005 - We’re Back !!
This Site Article
Live from my new server and host; WE'RE BACK (did you miss us?).



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