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30 June, 2006 - Custom Floorboards - R2 Concepts
R2 Concepts motorcycle floorboard
Here's one pretty way of customizing your motorcycles; colored floorboards !

The color can be made to match your motorcycle color. Pretty nice stuff, but don't think it'll work on my KTM.


30 June, 2006 - French Radars Are Getting Greedy
Triple Radar
Not only are the radars in France multiplying like little bunny rabbits (but not as cute), there are now so many, that they're putting three at a time on one spot !

Not fair !!


30 June, 2006 - Electronic Suspension - WP Suspension
WP Suspension system for BMW motorcycles
A look at Dutch suspension maker, WP Suspensions. OEM supplier to BMW, KTM, GasGas, Husaberg and other, also have aftermarket, electronically controlled, suspensions systems.

Push a button on a remote, and your suspension is adjusted !

Makes life a lot easier.


29 June, 2006 - Vespa/Piaggio and the USA
This Site Article
Statistics Article
Found an interesting website belonging to Piaggio (Vespa) USA. It's not a sales site, but a lobby site. There, they're lobbying for more parking space in the USA for scooters and motorcycles.


28 June, 2006 - USA Motorcycle Helmet Survey - JD Power
J.D. Power and Associates Motorcycle Helmet Satisfaction survey
US customer satisfaction survey group, J.D. Power, conducted their annual motorcycle satisfaction survey.

Arai scored the highest, 8th year in a row !!!

But more and more potential buyers turn to the internet for helmet information.


27 June, 2006 - DVD Review: World’s Fastest Indian
US Amazon
UK Amazon
The DVD/Movie review of a MUST HAVE movie; World's Fastest Indian.

Powerful, well acted and incredible story !

A movie that will be enjoyed by all, not just motorcycle fans.


26 June, 2006 - Motorcycles To Be Restricted To 650cc ?
Politics Article
A bunch of "thinkers', paid for by you and me, have decided that the best way to fight pollution is to restrict all motorcycles to 650 cc !! At least there are some politicians that think these people are idiots, so hopefully their recommendations are going to be filed in a round file.


23 June, 2006 - 100 Kg Kawasaki !
Kawasaki 'motorcycle'
The 100 kg Kawasaki Bike..... (read bike, not motorcycle ;-)))


23 June, 2006 - Neander Diesel Turbo Motorcycle - A First !
Neander Turbo diesel motorcycle
A new motorcycle is seeing the light of day !

German built Neander is not an ordinary motorcycle, it's a turbo diesel bike, with enormous torque, power, speed and acceleration.

Is this the future for motorcycles ? It looks like it !!!


22 June, 2006 - MT Y2K Turbine Motorcycle - the Video
Video clip inside
Ahh, the sound of a turbine revving up ! Two video clips of the famous MT Y2K Turbine driven motorcycle. Hit that starter button, and listen while it spins up to 54,000 rpm !! Heaven on earth !


22 June, 2006 - Rossi To Continue in WRC
Racing Article
Rossi may have said "No" to Ferrari F1, but he's still going to race a car in the New Zealand rally in November. It may not be a Ferrari, but it has 4 wheels (most of the time) and it goes fast !


21 June, 2006 - Getting Your Motorcycle License in France
France Article
All the exams you've got to pass to get your motorcycle license here in France.


21 June, 2006 - The French and Mobile Telephones
France Article
Statistics Article
The French Minister of Interior published some interesting statistics on mobile phone usage in cars. it would seem that 90+% of French drivers know it's dangerous and know it's forbidden, but still they do it !!


21 June, 2006 - What Is It With Motorcycles and the Hilton Sisters?
Nicky Hilton on a motorcycle
Why is it that there's always one of the Hilton sisters, this time Nicky, posing on a motorcycle ??

It's not like they're motorcycle riders !


20 June, 2006 - Newsletter Confirmation Reminder
This Site Article
A reminder to those of you who have registered for our weekly round-up newsletter. You need to click on the link in the confirmation email sent by Zoodoka. If not, you will not receive the newsletter. If you can't see the email, check you spam/junk folder.


20 June, 2006 - Female Scooter
Furry Scooter
I don't think we're wrong in claiming that this scooter belongs to a girl.


19 June, 2006 - Le Touquet Beach Race - The Video
Video clip inside
A nice video clip of world's biggest and craziest beach motorcycle enduro race, the Le Touquet Enduropale.


16 June, 2006 - Number of Safe Motorcycle Riders in the World
Fun Article
Since the media is talking recently a lot on how dangerous motorcycle riding is, we at Bikes in the Fast Lane have decided to show people how safe it actually is to ride a motorcycle. Incurring great financial expense, we went out and produced a real-time accident monitoring system, worldwide.

Now, you too can see how safe riding a motorcycle is.


15 June, 2006 - What A Strange Way To Die !
News Article
There are many ways someone can die on a motorcycle, but this one would top them all.


15 June, 2006 - Has There Been Only One Motorcycle Accident ?
Opinion Article
Just because one, famous American football player (Ben Roethlisberger) has had a motorcycle accident, the media has not stopped writing about it for days. It is totally overshadowing all other stories. Get a life !!


14 June, 2006 - Paris, Peripherique and Motorcycles
Denis Baupin
The Chief Idiot of Paris, Denis Baupin (head of Transportation) wants to close down one lane on the busiest road of Paris, the Peripherique.

Anything to make life as a commuter as difficult as he can. As long as he can ride is bicycle in Paris, he's fine !


14 June, 2006 - Motorcycle Helmet Fire
Motorcycle Helmet fire
A photo of a motorcycle rider with his helmet throwing real flames !

Sci-fi Mad Max-style !


13 June, 2006 - LED Flashlights - Mag-Lite Upgrade
Mag-Lite LED lightbulb replacement kit
Most bikers have one; a Mag-Lite flashlight.

Here's a replacement light bulb for your flashlight, that's based on LED technology, and will save you 10 times the batteries you use !


13 June, 2006 - Interesting Motorcycle Blog - Reality TV
MotoFemina Cast motorcycle blog site
With our motorcycle bloggers database growing to 181 bloggers, this new blog is interesting.

It's a group blog by 5 girls who are learning how to ride motorcycles, and are followed by TV cameras for a new reality TV series.


12 June, 2006 - Dakar 2007 Race Is Full For Motorcycles
Dakar logo
The 2007 Lisbon-Dakar race was closed for motorcycle within 8 days of registration being open. 330 motorcycle registered !


12 June, 2006 - Do They Need To Ride With Those Stickers ?
Afghan Motorcycle Police
Photo of Afghan Police officers on their spanking new motorcycles, with a big sticker on the front saying that the bikes were donated by China !


12 June, 2006 - Video: Vespa Ads
Video clip inside
Vespa logo
Three Vespa TV commercials, one funny starring King Kong !


12 June, 2006 - New Zealand MotoGP ?
New Zealand Tuapo circuit
Is New Zealand going to host a MotoGP next year ? The local authorities hope so.

They're investing heavy in the new race track in Taupo. it looks like some circuit !!!

This could be an interesting track for a MotoGP!


9 June, 2006 - ORPI Maroc 2006 Rally Results
Orpi Maroc 2006
Last weekend saw the finish of the Orpi Maroc rally. Unfortunately, the race saw one fatality. Eric Coma won the race.

The Orpi Maroc race is seen as the testing grounds for the Dakar race.


8 June, 2006 - French Accidents Statistics 2005
France Article
The fatal accidents in French traffic statistics has been published for 2005. Another improvement over the previous year, except, as usual, for motorcycles.


8 June, 2006 - ZMoto 7 Released
ZMoto Palm software for motorcycle owners
The popular ZMoto Palm software for motorcycle owners has been released as version 7.

More functions, faster, stabler. And it's still free !


7 June, 2006 - Ducati Desmosedici RR Sold Out in the USA
News Article
The $65,000 Ducati Desmosedici RR was sold out within 5 hours in the USA.


7 June, 2006 - New, Safer, Motorcycle - Genesis
Genesis Mark111 Motorcycle
British firm Genesis are finishing up their Genesis Mark 111, a safe motorcycle ! Several companies and universities have expressed interest in the special motorcycle.

Is this the answer to traffic jams and high oil prices ? Is this the way to reduce deaths on the road ?


6 June, 2006 - BMW’s Special Police Website
BMW Motorcycles Police Website
BMW logo
Something I never thought about, but kind of obvious. BMW have a special website for Law Enforcement and other Government Authorities.

In it, they detail their special motorcycles fitted for the Police, and include special training, clothing, workshops, etc.


6 June, 2006 - Sebastien Loeb to go KTM Motorcycles
Sebastien Loeb and his KTM motorcycle
Double WRC World Champion Sebastien Loeb is seen in this photo on his brand new KTM motorcycle.

Is he going to do a reverse Rossi and join the world of 2 wheels ??


5 June, 2006 - Ducati Eye-wear - Oakley enabled
Oakley/Ducati Motorcycle Sunglasses
Ducati logo
Ducati and Oakley have signed a round-robin, "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" deal. Now available, Oakley Ducati Signature sunglasses.


5 June, 2006 - Nuts Protector - Yamaha Invention
Yamaha Air Bag
Yamaha logo
Yamaha is showing off a new air bag for motorcycles. But is it one like Honda's, or is this one there to only protect the family jewels ?

You decide.


2 June, 2006 - Hamburg Police Decide for BMW Motorcycles
BMW logo
The Harley-Davidson experiment of the German Hamburg Police has come to an end. They've decided to go for BMW R1200RT-P. The first 25 have arrived. BMW sighs a relief!


2 June, 2006 - How Many Gadgets Can You Put On Your Bike
Triple RAM Mount for motorcycle
I know you can mount a GPS on your motorcycle with a RAM Mount. But why produce a RAM Mount for THREE devices ?

What are you going to put on them ?? Will your motorcycle tilt ?


2 June, 2006 - Video: Harley-Davidson Commercial Ad
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
A funny Harley-Davidson TV ad (Google Video).


1 June, 2006 - TomTom New PC Software - Watch Out !
Opinion Article
TomTom have released (finally) new software for the PC. Interesting, but faulty, since they managed to crash my PC. So watch out before installing. Make a backup of your vital data.


1 June, 2006 - Ducati MotoGP Replica - Desmosedici RR
Ducati Desmosedici RR MotoGP replica motorcycle
Ducati logo
Ducati have unveiled their new MotoGP replica. As good as a real one, now you can ride Capirossi's motorcycle legally on the street.

The Ducati Desmosedici RR !


1 June, 2006 - Do You Have A Match ?
Gasoline on a motorcycle
Here's one guy who will not want to smoke while riding his motorcycle !



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