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30 June, 2007 - Triumph Daytona - Electric
Triumph evDaytona electrical motorcycle
American battery manufacturer GoWheel have adapted a Triumph Daytona into an electrical motorcycle!

Called the evDaytona, you get a top speed of 103 mph, and 0-60 in 2.7 seconds. Not exactly a MotoGP, but not a slouch either. US$77,000 will get you this motorcycle.


29 June, 2007 - Water Everywhere!
Riding a motorcycle through the rain
The rain has been going no-stop in many countries. Here in China, you see the effects on this motorcycle rider.

In France, I'm going to trade in my KTM for a raft...


29 June, 2007 - MV Agusta Watches
MV Agusta watch
MV Agusta logo
Upscale motorcycle manufacturer, MV Agusta, has teamed up with upscale Swiss watchmaker, JeanRichard, to produce a very limited wristwatch.

Three types will be available, gold, titanium and steel. If you need to know the price, don't bother - you will not be able to afford it.


29 June, 2007 - Staying Dry On A Motorcycle
Don't try this at home folks.

Or at least, not at any decent speed.


29 June, 2007 - Leave Your Mark At Harley-Davidson
Harley-Davidson museum rivet
Harley-Davidson logo
In 2008, Harley-Davidson motorcycles is opening their motorcycle museum. Harley are allowing you to put your name and a message on one of the many, many, stainless steel rivets.

3" rivets for individuals, 6" rivets for clubs and dealers. This allows you to become part of the museum, and it allows Harley to build a great museum will all the money.

Everyone happy!


28 June, 2007 - Video: Yamaha 2007 Ads (R1, XT660, FJR1300, WRF450)
Video clip inside
3 video clips from Yamaha for their new (2007) motorcycles.


28 June, 2007 - MotorsTV on YouTube
Video clip inside
The French TV station, MotorsTV, has uploaded many of their programs, in English, to YouTube. MotorsTV run programs on motorcycle (and cars) and motorcycle sports.

More videos are being added, but already you have a great choice of programs to watch, from races to product reviews.


28 June, 2007 - UK: Unity Ride
Unity Ride logo
Unity Ride came after the 2005 terrorists attack on London, UK. Started by, it was supposed to be a small event; some 30 motorcycle riding through London. It turned out to be 3,500!

After the enormous success, they are planning another ride through London in August. This time, it's to raise awareness of the intolerance towards bikers.


28 June, 2007 - Philippines: Politicos Gone Crazy
Philippines motorcycle helmet law
Yet another bunch of idiot political bosses decide on a new law. In this case it's in Manila, Philippines, where the top idiots have decided that all motorcycle and scooter riders must paint their license paint in the front and back of THEIR HELMETS!

That must have been some serious dope they were smoking!


27 June, 2007 - My Kind Of Boss
Opinion Article
The CEO of a company in Texas, USA gave his top 10 employees a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as bonus. My kind of a boss.

BTW, the company has nothing to do with motorcycles.


27 June, 2007 - Bloody Parking Meter Maids
Trapped car
Toronto, Canada, like many other cities, have parking meters for vehicles parking in the street. And like most cities, they employ staff to enforce that proper usage of these meters.

And like in most cities, the staff can only be qualified as sub-human. Here's an example.


27 June, 2007 - Carrying Your Picnic Stuff On Your Motorcycle
Picnic for one
Bring food with you on your motorcycle is not easy, since you also need to carry plates, cups and cutlery. Putting a picnic basked on your bike is not the done thing.

Here's a potential solution. It's not yet available, but maybe hopefully shortly it will be.


27 June, 2007 - The Ultimate Commuter Motorcycle
Combat motorcycle with machine gun
You ever been in traffic on your motorcycle, and wished you could do something against those idiots driving their cages.

Despair not ! The solution is here. The ultimate commuter motorcycle.


27 June, 2007 - A Little More About The Knight In Shining Armor
Knight riding a motorcycle in armor
Back in February, we showed this biker riding a Harley motorcycle dressed in a medieval Knight's outfit.

At least we now know where the Knight was last spotted.


26 June, 2007 - Solar Powered Motorcycle
Urban Solar Motorcycle from Sunred
Putting solar panels on a motorcycle is not an easy thing. Not enough surface to even light up your 12V accessory plug.

Spanish engineering outfit, SunRed, have come up with an innovative solution. Still very much in design mode, maybe in 1,000 years we'll be seeing these motorcycles on the road.


26 June, 2007 - USB 2 Motorcycle Engine
USB Motorcycle Engine hub
Here's a gadget that will not be misplaced on the desk of any motorcycle riding geek. The USB 2 Hub in shape of a motorcycle engine.

The engine works, has a kick starter and gear change, and makes a lot of noise !

Enhance your computer and your co-workers lives!


26 June, 2007 - Video: Ducati 1098
Video clip inside
Ducati logo
Nice little publicity for the Ducati 1098 - Of course it's a Ducati.


25 June, 2007 - Video: Safety Ad-The Day You Went To Work
Video clip inside
Here's yet another excellent TV ad promoting motorcycle safety from the UK. The UK would seem to have the best safety ads.

They make you think!


25 June, 2007 - Keeping Cool On A Motorcycle - China Solution
Fans being carried on a motorcycle
There are several ways of keeping cool on a motorcycle.

Here's a solution "made in China".


25 June, 2007 - Hog Riding A ...
Pig/Hog on a motorcycle
A Hog Riding A Hog would have been a nice photo, but in this case it's a Suzuki.

The things these animals have to go through...


22 June, 2007 - Review: HelloBiker - Bluetooth Intercom
Hello-Biker motorcycle phone and intercom
Bluetooth communication devices for motorcycles are becoming quite popular. Being able to talk to your pillion passenger, and even talk on the mobile phone, is a great technology advantage, specially when it's done without wires.

Here a very detailed review of the Italian SpyBall Hello-Biker Bluetooth intercom.


22 June, 2007 - BMW UK Off-road School Gets New Website
BMW Off-road School in Wales
BMW logo
The very successful BMW off-road school in Wales, headed by ex-Dakar veteran Simon Pavey have got their own website.

Highly recommended training course !


22 June, 2007 - A Bit Of Water Never Hurt Anyone?
Flooding in the UK, motorcycles riding in water
The start of summer is really bad in Western Europe.

In Switzerland there are record rain falls. France isn't any better.


22 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Last Day
Kyle Redmond @ Red Bull Romaniacs
The 2007 Red Bull Romaniacs are over; Frenchman Cyril Despres won, after leader Michel Gau broke his hand.

Tough race as ever, world's toughest motorcycle enduro fulfilled all its promises.


21 June, 2007 - Dainese Celebrating 35 Years
Dainese Factory
Dainese is getting old; 35 years to be exact.

As with most birthdays, they're celebrating, and are inviting you to their home for a party.


21 June, 2007 - Virtual Ducati Motorcycle Museum
Ducati Motorcycle Virtual Museum
Ducati logo
Can't make it to the Ducati motorcycle museum ? No time ? Too far ??

Ducati brings you the solution; a virtual museum. Based on the real museum, now you too can see the exhibitions in 3D !!

Long live the internet !


21 June, 2007 - Motorcycle Wristwatches
Motorcycle wristwatch sculpture
Motorcycles can be seen as a form of art, but these wristwatches transformed into motorcycle sculptures are art.

Someone had a lot of time on their hands (pun intended), and transformed these wristwatches into motorcycles. Really nice!


21 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 4
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Frans Verhoeven
They must be really nuts to ride in these conditions, either that, or they're superhuman!

Day 4 of the notorious hard (and I mean HARD) motorcycle enduro, the Red Bull Romaniacs.


20 June, 2007 - GEICO Launches Motorcycles Rides Site
MyGreatRides website
American insurance company, Geico, have created a community website for motorcycles.

In it, you'll find great rides (the site is called, bikes, member profiles and schedule of upcoming motorcycle events.


20 June, 2007 - Video: Repsol
Video clip inside
Repsol, as we probably all know, are a very big sponsor of motorcycle sports. Not only MotoGP, but almost all motorcycle sports. They usually sponsor the big names, usually the world champions.

So here's an ad for Repsol, with all the big names in motorcycle sports.


20 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 3
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
The Red Bull Romaniacs has reached the 3rd day, and things are tough, really tough.

Here are five photos, you'll see what I mean with tough.

There's also a video of day 2. Would you want to race here ?


19 June, 2007 - Video: World’s Biggest Motorcycle
Video clip inside
Greg Dunham built world's biggest motorcycle, costing over US$300,000. He got into the Guiness Book of Records.

Here's a video showing you the motorcycle (in motion believe it or not), and how it was built.


19 June, 2007 - France: Motorcycle Technical Control Coming
France Article
The French are deciding to emulate the British with their MOT - annual motorcycle technical inspection. The aim is to have motorcycles over a certain age limit, to under go an annual technical inspection.

A way to save lives, or to make certain people richer ?


19 June, 2007 - Video: Motorcycles in Commercials - 4
Video clip inside
A couple of TV ads for non-motorcycle related products, but that feature a motorcycle.

Motorcycles are cool, and help sell products !


18 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007 - Day 2
Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Day 2 for the Red Bull Romaniacs, and things are getting serious already.

The French brigade are leading the way.


18 June, 2007 - Sleeping On Your Motorcycle
Sleeping on his motorcycle
How do people manage to sleep on their motorcycles?

It's has always been something that I have never managed to do, no matter how tired I was. Within minutes, I will have fallen of the motorcycle.


18 June, 2007 - Video: Old Radio Motorcycle Ad
Video clip inside
We've shown many TV ads for motorcycles or motorcycle related products, but here's a radio ad for Honda.

Remember radio ???


18 June, 2007 - Red Bull Romaniacs 2007: Day 1 Prologue
 Start of the 2007 Red Bull RoManiacs race
The famous hard motorcycle enduro, Red Bull Romaniacs, started again on Sunday.

After the Chris Pfeiffer show, they started the prologue. Cyril Despres is leading. Here are a couple of photos.


15 June, 2007 - Long Way Down Duo Uses Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman with a Nokia 6110
Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman did not opt for a classical motorcycle GPS, like a TomTom or Garmin.

Instead, they got the latest (and not yet available) Nokia 6110 mobile phone with integrated GPS.

Where there any maps for Africa on it... that's the big question.


15 June, 2007 - Video: Long Beach BMW Motorcycles
Video clip inside
BMW logo
After several Harley-Davidson dealer TV ads, here's one for BMW Motorcycles at Long Beach.


14 June, 2007 - China: Police Officer Keep Part Of Fines
Politics Article
In some parts of China, Police Officers get to keep 10% of issued traffic fines, while the Police station gets to keep 20%. The results are obvious; a massive hunt for traffic offenders.

The "bonus" these Police Officers get at substantial.


14 June, 2007 - Video: Dodge
Video clip inside
A video of a TV publicity for Dodge cars, using a motorcycle in a not so positive light.


13 June, 2007 - Too Many Electrical Accessories On Your Motorcycle?
Brando 3in1 unit
Many of us have several electronic gadgets for our motorcycles, but not enough 12V plugs to put them in.

Here's an interesting solution; Brando's 3-in-1 12V plug, plus a USB charging port.

Now you can put in all your gadgets. US$20.


13 June, 2007 - Want To Ride With Ewan McGregor And Charlie Boorman?
News Article
If you're admirers of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's Long Way Down motorcycle ride through Africa, here's you're chance to join them.

The charity organization Riders for Health are auctioning off two tickets to join the duo on their last two days of the trip.

You'll be flown to South Africa, loaned a BMW motorcycle, and you get to join the two while they ride the last two days.


13 June, 2007 - Hey! How’s He Doing That?
Riding scooter with no hands
Imagine seeing that in the street!

Someone riding a scooter, holding a painting with both hands, not seeing the road!

Or is it?


12 June, 2007 - Ducati and Harley-Davidson To Merge ?
News Article
There are currently talks between Harley-Davidson and Ducati motorcycles for a merger! Talk about a culture clash !

Will this merger happen? Who knows, with todays business ethics and changes.


12 June, 2007 - Video: How The Triumph Rocket III Is Made
Video clip inside
Here's an entertaining video "documentary" on how the Triumph Rocket III is made. Funny...


12 June, 2007 - Airplane Sidecar
T-Motor Sidecar
Henrik Tóth must have spent quite some time transforming his Yamaha into this sidecar.

Notice the details (including bullet holes). He won a motorcycle show in Hungary with this design.


12 June, 2007 - Learning To Swim
Motorcycle in the water
It looks like the guy is teaching his motorcycle how to swim.

Of course, that is not the story.

As usual, the situation is not nice!


11 June, 2007 - Home Of The Ducati Hypermotard Drawing
Ducati Hypermotard design drawing
The Ducati/Frederico Minoli auctions for the "Riders for Health" charity are over.

The totals are being added up to see how much was raised.

However, the design study drawing of the Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle now belongs to .... ME!!!


11 June, 2007 - Red Bull Hare Scramble @ Erzberg
The 2007 Erzbergrodeo is now over, and there's a new sensation in the endurocross world. Polish rider, Tadeuz Bzazusiak, on a borrowed KTM, won the Red Bull Hare Scramble with a large margin.

A record number of riders took part in the race (1300 riders).


11 June, 2007 - Rossi Says Stoner Is THE MotoGP God
Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner
Casey Stoner has been declared a MotoGP God by Valentino Rossi himself.

After an epic 8 laps in Spain last weekend, Rossi had to throw in the towel... one of the very few.

After the race, Rossi said Stoner rides like a God!


8 June, 2007 - Video: Ad: Making Your Bike Sound Like A Motorcycle
Video clip inside
Here's a TV ad from way back, in black & white, for a device that'll make your bike sound like a motorcycle.

Funny !!


8 June, 2007 - Motorcycles In Denver Are Allowed Only Stock Pipes
Big exhaust
Denver, Colorado are introducing a new law, starting July 1st, that will force motorcycle riders to only ride with stock exhausts.

No more racing exhausts, no more loud pipes, no more after-market exhausts.

But the law is ONLY for motorcycles, not cars! That does not seem fair to me. Discrimination !


7 June, 2007 - Erzberg: David Knight & The 950 Super Enduro R Both Perform
David Knight
First day of the 2007 Erzberg rodeo, one of the toughest hard enduros in the world.

The BMW HP2 won the day, while David Knight came in 2nd on the KTM 950 Super Enduro R.

Looks like a heavy day.


7 June, 2007 - Bring Back The Old Days
Cree's SAM
Imagine cruising down the strip in this vehicle.

It the Swiss made Cree SAM. It's electrical, it looks like the old fashion Messerschmitt, and the running costs are very low.

The company is looking for investors, so if you have deep pockets, or want to see this vehicle on the road, contact Cree.


7 June, 2007 - Erzberg Rodeo Webcams
Web Article
Racing Article
For those of you interested in the Erzberg Rodeo, the really tough motorcycle enduro which starts today in Austria, the organizers have installed 8 webcams.

So you can follow the action more or less live....


7 June, 2007 - UK Police Don’t Get Fined For Speeding
Law Article
Apparently, if your a Police officer in the UK, chances are very high you'll not be fined for speeding or running a red light.

Is that a job perk or what ?


6 June, 2007 - Renting A MP3 Scooter At Paris
Piaggio MP3 scooter
If you need to travel to Paris, France by airplane, you'll probably will want to go downtown with a two-wheeler, since traffic is terrible.

But how about going on three wheels ??

There's a company in Orly that rents out Piaggio MP3 scooters!

€89 per day, unlimited mileage.... off you go!


6 June, 2007 - Safety Ad Cop Caught Drink/Driving
Law Article
One of the Police officers in the UK involved in a safety campaign against drinking & driving was caught.... drinking and driving !!

It's supposed to be "show how it's done" not "show how it's NOT done!


6 June, 2007 - Easy To Win A Race Like This
Taipei initersection
Entering the bicycle race Giro d'Italia with a Piaggio MP3 is not fair!

Too easy to win...


5 June, 2007 - Ready For The Red Bull Romaniacs 2007
Mueller and Stone
In two weeks (17-21 June) we'll see another edition of that spectacular motorcycle hard enduro race, the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Many of the world's top racers will be present, including last year's winner (Michel Gau), and Dakar winner Cyril Despres.

150 riders will be competing in this gruelling race over 700 kilometers of some of the toughest terrain you can imagine.

This year, you'll be able to track the professionals in real time!


5 June, 2007 - France And Motorcycle Safety Campaigns
French Motorcycle safety poster
The French Ministry of Transportation (Road Safety) has launched another hard hitting campaign to promote road safety for motorcycles.

As usual, their effective ads are not only aimed at motorcycle riders, but also at car drivers.

With a good slogan, they try to teach French car drivers to look before doing something in a car.


5 June, 2007 - Video: Dainese Helmet, Comms and Protector
Video clip inside
Dainese have some nice products and some nice advertisements.

Here are three publicities/infomercials on a helmet, the Bluetooth intercom and the neck protector.

All use animation to illustrate the product.


4 June, 2007 - KTM 690 Baja Premieres In The Baja 500 With 2nd Place
Cyril Despres
KTM logo
The Baja500 was run last weekend in Mexico, and the prototype KTM 690 did very well.

The team with Cyril Despres and Chris Blais ended in 2nd place.

Not bad for a first attempt at the Baja500!


4 June, 2007 - Motorcycles Pollute/Do Not Pollute More Than Cars
Smoking car
Report on motorcycle pollution have always been written with a lot of bias, usually by people with obvious interests.

In Paris, France, the environment agency, ADEME, have produced a real, unbiased, report. They looked at pollution in real life, not on a test bench.

Surprise! Motorcycle pollute less than cars!

But we all knew that...


4 June, 2007 - Something Strange Going On Here! Who Is Truthful?
Richard Branson on a motorcycle with Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman
While we're all under the impression that actors Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman are on the way to South Africa riding their motorcycles through Africa, undergoing whatever hardships they encounter, the real truth is probably very far away.

According to the BBC's page, the journey's blog states the pair (and their support crew) are in Libya in a major sandstorm (June 3rd).

But AP News have filed photos of the two actors with Richard Branson in Nairobi, Kenya (thousands of miles South) enjoying a moment with some small motorcycles. Dateline: June 3rd!!

How can they be at different places at the same time??? Who is kidding who here ??


1 June, 2007 - Ducati Auction "Riders For Heath" - Going, going, gone
Ducati auction for Riders for Health
The Ducati "Riders For Health" charity auction of all the goodies collected by Ducati's former CEO is close to ending.

Some of the stuff being auctioned on ebay Italy has reached very high sums, considering that they all started at €1.

How about €2500 for Troy Bayliss superman suit, or €2000 for Casey Stoner's tail unit of his motorcycle used at the Qatar GP?


1 June, 2007 - Video: Motorcycle Lawyer Ad
Video clip inside
Even motorcycle lawyers need to advertize their service on TV. Here's one that's done it more or less smartly.



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