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30 June, 2008 - Video: Harley Dealer Ad - Lemmings?
Video clip
A TV ad from a local Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer in North Carolina.

The whole clip gives a surreal impression of lemmings... a scary sci-fi movie..


30 June, 2008 - US Highways Motorcycle Survey
Fellow MBI motorcycle blogger, Cecilie Hoffman Open link in a new window, points out that the US Federal Highway Administration's Motorcycle Council is doing a large scale survey amongst motorcycle riders. They would like to know if their roads are motorcycle friendly.

So take a few minutes and do the survey...


30 June, 2008 - Reminds Me Of I, Robot
Honda motorcycle factory
Woow, are motorcycle scooters the next robots?

It's just like in the scene of the movie "I, Robot", with Will Smith walking through the robot factory...


27 June, 2008 - Can I Carry Your Luggage?
Motorcycle carrying luggage
There's a business.... carrying luggage on your motorcycle.

Stand at rail stations and airports, and taking people to their destination no matter how much luggage they have..


27 June, 2008 - Impress Your Motorcycle Buddies: Sat-Nav
Sat Nag fake GPS
Don't believe in GPS? Can't afford one? Still want to look "in"and with it?

Here's the solution: Sat-Nag. It's a cheap device, that looks like a GPS, but instead gives you nagging comments. Funny...


27 June, 2008 - Members of European Parliament Motorcycle Ride
FEMA MEP Ride 2008
FEMA logo
Once a year, the Federation of European Motorcycle Associations (FEMA) take the Members of the European Parliament out for a motorcycle ride.

It's a great idea, since it gives those politicians that vote for laws affecting us riders an idea what it is like to ride a motorcycle.

here's what the ride-out looks like from a participant's view (me).


26 June, 2008 - See What is Going On Behind You
Rear viewing jacket
Tired of using your old fashion mirrors when riding your motorcycle? Want to go really high tech? Those TV monitors replacing your mirrors is sooo passé...!

How about a jacket with a built-in video camera, and a LCD screen on your left wrist? That'll do the trick, and it evens works when you're not on your motorcycle.


26 June, 2008 - Dragon Motorcycle Riding The Dragon
Dragon motorcycle
How appropriate to have a dragon motorcycle riding that mythical stretch of roads called Deal's Gap, AKA "The Dragon".



26 June, 2008 - Video: Motorola Pagers
Video clip
This looks like a TV ad that has backfired. It's for Motorola Pagers, and in the clip, a guy is riding his motorcycle after a fight with his girlfriend.

When he receives a page forgiving him, it looks like he throws away the pager, and continues to ride.


25 June, 2008 - Motorcycle Caravans
Motorcycle pulling caravan
Cars pulling caravans???

Nope, a motorcycle (well.. a trike) pulling a caravan.

For the motorcycle rider who likes his comforts..


25 June, 2008 - One Spouse, 2 Kids: What To Ride?
Zeus sidecar motorcycle
Celtic motorcycle
Riding a motorcycle while you have a spouse and 2 kids is going to be difficult (unless you live in Asia, where you can fit 10 people on a bike). French company Side-Bike has the solution; ZEUS

Zeus is a 2 person side car, two wheel drive equipped with a 2 liter Peugeot engine developing more torque than you can shake a stick at. Add in the pillion, and your average family of 2 plus 1.2 kids can ride a motorcycle.

or you can use the hot-rod style trike, the Celtic. This time we're talking THREE wheel drive, and faster than the car equivalent. This motorcycle will hold 2 passengers, plus all their luggage.


25 June, 2008 - Gone To Brussels: Strange Traffic Coming Up
Strange motorcycle traffic situation
I'm off to Brussels, Belgium for FEMA's "Take A Politician For A Ride" day.

Is this ever going to make traffic even more weird..??


24 June, 2008 - Want To Ride A Motorcycle Sidecar In Style?
Zion motorcycle with sidecar
Riding on a motorcycle is not exactly easy. It's not like driving a Bentley is it?

Manilla Imperial Motors has the product to change that; the Zion Motorcycle with sidecar. Even as the rider you have a sunroof..


24 June, 2008 - Book Review: Dreaming of Jupiter
Ted Simon Dreaming of Jupiter book
It's not often that you get a sequel to a motorcycle adventure book, and it's rare, or even impossible, that the book is as good as the first. but in Ted Simon's case, he's proven the theory wrong!

In the 1970's Ted set out crisscrossing the world for 4 years on his Triumph motorcycle, and writing a classic book entitled "Jupiter's Travels". Now, AT 70 YEARS OF AGE, Ted is riding the same route again. 3 years later, 59,000 miles on a BMW GS, he's written the sequel "Dreaming of Jupiter".

This is one book you can not put down. Great for the summer vacation! Funny, entertaining, and most of all RESPECT!


24 June, 2008 - Motorcycle Trailering In Style
VW Beetle motorycle trailer
This person has STYLE! A VW Beetle is a classic on its own, but here's a motorcycle trailer built like the Beetle.

On top of the trailer is a classic scooter. How stylish is this?


23 June, 2008 - Want To Blend Drinks With Your Motorcycle?
engine powered blender
If you ever have a spare motorcycle lying around in the garage, taking up space, here's something you could build...

A gas engine powered BLENDER....

Or you could buy this one for $275.


23 June, 2008 - Dog Off-Road Riding Motorcycle
Dog on motocross motorcycle
What to do when you've got a dog, and you want to ride your motorcycle off-road??

Do what this guy did... just take your dog with you on the motorcycle. Cool!


23 June, 2008 - It Really, Really Does Not Work Like That!
Open umbrella on a motorcycle
How often do I have to tell you.... open umbrellas don't work on motorcycles!

And just look at them, no helmet for the rider, but the pillion has one, AND an umbrella, both on a fast motorcycle.


20 June, 2008 - Motorcycle Specific Blog Consolidator and Social Network: FAST3R
FAST3R web site
Fast3r logo
FAST3R is one of those websites you ask yourself why it hasn't existed a long time ago, and how you can live without it.

FAST3R is a consolidator, meaning, it scans motorcycle blogs and news sites and produces interesting news summaries. Everything is categorized, and you can see what's popular and what's not.

If you're into motorcycles, any type, have a look.


20 June, 2008 - Say It With Flowers, Even On Your Motorcycle
Tucano Urbano motorcycle/scooter flower decoration
Motorcycles and scooters may be beautiful, but they are hard and cold! Metal, leather and plastic makes it a real macho item.

Tucano Urbano are making plastic flowers, different types exist, that can be bolted on to your motorcycle.

It's make the world prettier.... Are you man enough??


19 June, 2008 - Search Patterns On The Net Show It All
Statistics Article
Search patterns/keywords on the internet are gathered by a variety of sources and analyzed.

It's very interesting to see that motorcycles are creeping towards the top spots in the automotive category.

You'd think people are getting interested by motorcycles...


19 June, 2008 - First Motorcycle Friendly Petrol Station Opens
France Article
Total logo
French petrol giant, Total, have opened the first "made-for" motorcycle petrol station.

Not only is it biker friendly, it was designed for motorcycles. Special fuel pumps with shorter nozzles, payment while still seated on your bike, hooks for helmets, anti-slip floor etc.

There's even a special place to clean your motorcycle, adapted for motorcycles. How cool is that...


19 June, 2008 - More Fuel Queues For Motorcycles!
Queue for fuel on motorcycles in Argentina
It's really getting bad isn't it? Having to mortgage your house just to be able to pay for 5 liters of fuel so you can ride your motorcycle.. and then having to wait for hours to get some.

Not good....


18 June, 2008 - France: 2007 Official Traffic Accident Statistics
France Article
Statistics Article
The official statistics for road fatalities in France during 2007 have been published.

Overall, a net reduction, EXCEPT for, you guessed it... motorcycles. We're a race menaced with extinction...


18 June, 2008 - MotoGP At Assen: Where NOT To Stay
Racing Article
If you're planning to attend the MotoGP at the TT of Assen, do NOT stay at the Wittezomer camp grounds! These people are one of the reason most motorcycle races have been at Assen have been cancelled.

Our colleagues at the Dutch site are warning riders away, and they have a good reason. The camp site doesn't mind motorcycles if they make a lot of money, but if there's nobody staying, they don't want motorcycles around them. Hypocrites.


18 June, 2008 - New IMC Camos Motorcycle Bluetooth Headsets
IMC Camos BTS 30
German IMC have 2 new Bluetooth communicators for motorcycle riders, the IMC Camos BTS 200 and 300. Both offer full stereo (Bluetooth 2 A2DP), plus some nifty designs. The difference between both units is the range. The BTS 200 is standard Bluetooth range of 10 meters, while the BTS 300 offers up to 500 meters.

Both units are available in the USA thanks to


18 June, 2008 - New Airbag For Scooters
Scooter airbag
Scooters are now following their bigger motorcycle counterparts. They're being equipped with airbags.

Makes the world a safer place...


18 June, 2008 - France: The Point About Safety Vests And Triangles
Reflective safety vests
There seems to be some confusion on the new law starting next month about reflective safety vests and triangles.

Short and sweet: If you're on a motorcycle, trike or quad, you DO NOT need one. If you're in a car, truck, campervan or bulldozer, you do.


17 June, 2008 - Europe To Standardize Motorcycle Safety Guardrails
Accident motorcycle against barrier
FEMA logo
Anyone with half a brain will know that most guardrails (safety barriers) are dangerous for motorcycles and their riders.

After 2à years fighting, FEMA has announced that the European Union is now going to look at making a standard for safety barriers to accommodate motorcycles.



17 June, 2008 - Video: Brad Pitt Riding Motorcycle At His Castle
Video clip
Want to see Brad Pitt riding his motorcycle around his new castle in the South of France.......

Actually, it's not Brad.... it's Dougie Lampkin promoting the upcoming Festival of Speed. But it's funny...


17 June, 2008 - Video: 2 Old Ladies With identity Theft Ad
Video clip
Funny, but very serious, ad from Citi about Identity Theft.

The old ladies are doing pretty funny imitations of motorcycles.


16 June, 2008 - Fuel Deliveries On Your Motorcycle
Delivering gasoline on a motorcycle
Imagine this as a job... delivering fuel on your motorcycle.

Some job...


16 June, 2008 - BikeBug: Bugging Your Motorcycle
Ever wonder what your motorcycle is up to at night while you're at sleep....

Wonder no more... BikeBug is a matchbox sized GPS/GSM tracking device, that will report if your motorcycles is gone out for the night.


16 June, 2008 - Why Don’t We Have This Over Here?
Barbie's Bikini Bike Wash and-Detail motorcycle washing
I'd love to have this type of service over here.

Not just because of the pretty ladies, but because I'm lazy and don't like washing my motorcycle.


13 June, 2008 - Rally of Morocco and AMV Shamrock To Merge
Racing motorcycle in the desert
Rallye du Maroc AMV Shamrock logo
The two "other' motorcycle rallies in Morocco (the other being the Dakar) have merged to form one single race.

A 6 day event will cost you significantly less than the Dakar, and you'll find many racers using this race to train for the Dakar.

You can even double up with other contestant, sharing a single motorcycle.


13 June, 2008 - Motorcycle Gang War In Europe
Hells Angels Germany
Motorcycle gang wars? We've got them too in Europe.

Same gangs, same fights, different continents.


13 June, 2008 - Queues For Motorcycles In Gas Stations
Motorcycle queue in front of gas station
Just because you live in an oil producing country, doesn't mean that fuel is readily available.

How would you like to be queued up like this on your motorcycle?


13 June, 2008 - 80 Year Old Arrested For Stealing Motorcycle
Old crazy man
An 80-year-old man (not the one in the photo) wanted to get even with a motorcycle rider who had cut him off, so he decided to take the motorcycle when he saw it a week later.

It's not easy stealing a motorcycle, especially when you're 80, and he got caught. Now, he had to pay a $1,000 bail to get out of jail.


12 June, 2008 - BMW R900RT
BMW R900RT-P motorcycle
Did you know that there has been a BMW R900RT for a year or so? Well, there is...

But it's only sold to Government Agencies, for Police and Emergency agencies, not for the gernal public.


12 June, 2008 - Locking Your Motorcycle Helmet and Jacket
Kask-lock motorcycle helmet lock
Arriving at your destination on your motorcycle, what do you do with your helmet and jacket?

It's not always obvious. French Kask-Lock has a solution.


12 June, 2008 - Muddy Or Camouflage Sports Motorcycle
Muddy sports motorcycle
Is this motorcycle just very muddy, or is he riding with a camouflage net around it.

Or is it just a very bad paint job?


11 June, 2008 - Spain: Motorcycle Rules Going The French Way?
Opinion Article
Politics Article
Just when Spain was showing the way in pro-motorcycle attitudes, they throw in a spanner into the works.

The Spanish government are looking into limiting the horsepower of a motorcycle to 100 hp, the same way they are in France.

It's stupid, and does not serve any purpose apart from emotional ones.


11 June, 2008 - Harry Potter Prequel Features Motorcycle Chase
Sirius Black on his motorcycle
The Harry Potter prequel sold at a charity auction features Sirius Black and a high-speed motorcycle chase.

Now that's a Harry Potter movie I wouldn't mind seeing...


11 June, 2008 - Will This Catch On In The Motorcycle World?
Groin Protector
Do you think some armor protection like this will catch on in the motorcycle world?

I mean... armor for your armour (French for Love)....


10 June, 2008 - Renting A Motorcycle In The USA Or Europe
EagleRider logo
Renting a motorcycle in the USA is more difficult than what you'd expect. Renting one in Europe is even more difficult.

There's one rental company, that happens to be world's biggest, that rents different brand motorcycles throughout the USA and mostly in France and the UK (plus a few other countries).

They even offer the ability to pick up in one city, and drop off in another. Great for holidays...


10 June, 2008 - Belgium: First BMW R1200GS For Police
Belgium Police BMW R1200GS
The Belgium Police unveiled at the latest "Biker Safety Days" their new BMW R1200GS-P.

Since switching to Yamaha for Police motorcycles, it's the first new BMW in the Police force.


10 June, 2008 - Learner Chopper Motorcycle
Hunter Spyder Motorcycle
What do you do in Australia when you want to ride a chopper motorcycle, but you don't have your full motorcycle permit?

The answer comes from Hunter Motorcycles. They produce a 250 cc based chopper that looks like the big ones, but allows you to ride on a learner permit.

And since it's a 250 cc, you're going to pay a lot less for fuel...


9 June, 2008 - Video: Harley-Davidson 105 Years - Getting It Right
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Finally an Harley-Davidson TV ad that's not bad.

Good message, good visuals. Keep it up Harley.


9 June, 2008 - Europe: 21-27 Apr 2008: 100,000 Speeding Tickets/Day
Statistics Article
Between 21 and 27 April 2008, in 20 European countries, the local Police force clamped down on speeding. An average of 100,000 speeding tickets were issued during those days, PER DAY!

Here's what the statistics show. And for a change, France is not the worst...


9 June, 2008 - The Real Reason We Have Got Umbrella Girls At Races
Umbrella Girl at motorcycle race
If you've ever wondered what an umbrella girl's real role was at a motorcycle race, here's the answer.

The provide a real role in these motorcycle races.....


6 June, 2008 - Video: Donkey’s Gear
Video clip
Reasonably funny TV ad for motorcycle gear shop Donkey's Gear in Alaska.

As the name says, they even have a donkey...


6 June, 2008 - Some Serious Army Motorcycle Squad
Army motorcycle with bazookas
This looks like quite a serious Army motorcycle squad, equipped with bazookas and all...

Do you think it's effective?? I don't....


6 June, 2008 - Need A Motorcycle Manual For Free? Any Manual?
SafeManuals. com web site
Ever needed to use a manual of some motorcycle or appliance, but you lost the manual? Or you bought it 2nd hand, and it came with a manual?

Look no further... is a website that has over 500,000 user manuals on-line, and best of all, it's free!

Not only does it have many motorcycle manuals, but also almost every appliance you can think off. You can also upload your manual.

What a great site!


5 June, 2008 - Indian M&M Acquire Major European Motorcycle Designer
News Article
A major player in India, M&M, a manufacturing conglomerate have acquired a controlling interesting Europe's leading motorcycle design company.

Italian Engines Engineering Spa is relatively unknown, until you see which motorcycles they have designed. Their client list includes many models for Ducati, Benelli, Yamaha, Derbi, Honda and Gilera.

This gives M&M a design company for future production of motorcycles. Interesting.....


5 June, 2008 - Video: Very Funny Crazy Motorcycle Race
Video clip
Here's a funny comical video clip, of a race between a moped and a motorcycle in the streets of Paris.

It's a comedy... funny!


5 June, 2008 - US Anti-Terror Motorcycle Squad
US Anti-Terror Army motorcycle squad
US Anti-terror motorcycle squad from the Army. What... riding what appear to be very heavy Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Don't they have anything lighter...??


4 June, 2008 - After 24000 Kms RTW, This Happens
crashed motorcycle
Imagine riding your motorcycle on an adventure Round The World, and then on the final mile, you come across that *%ù£¤&@ rock....



4 June, 2008 - How To Ride Motorcycle In The Rain And Stay Dry
Riding motorcycle in the rain
Riding motorcycle in the rain is not fun, specially when you're not dressed for it. But how to stay dry?

These two bikers have found the way...


4 June, 2008 - Want To See ChopperTown and Brittown In Europe?
OneWorldTour poster
The directors/producers of the two successful motorcycle documentaries, ChopperTown : The Sinners and Brittown (both reviewed on this site) are touring Europe this month, screening their movies.

This is your chance to talk to the producers, watch the movies on a big screen and hang out with fellow bikers.

What are you waiting for...??


3 June, 2008 - Kawasaki’s New Motorcycle Blog Consolidator
AllTop web site
Guy Kawasaki, no relation to the motorcycle manufacturer, but well known in the IT industry, has created a very neat and nifty blog consolidation web site.

There's a dedicated section on motorcycles, so at one glance you can see what's going on in the world of motorcycles.



3 June, 2008 - Erzberg Rodeo 2008 - Participant Race Report
Andrew Reeves
Video clip
Here's a first hand report by Andrew Reeves of the Erzberg Rodeo 2008 hard enduro.

Andrew raced in it for the first time, and finished 19th!!

Here is his report, plus some photos and a video of the incredible crazy race. Enjoy!


3 June, 2008 - Comfortable On A Sports Motorcycle
comfortable sports motorcycle
If you've got a sports motorcycle, you probably know that riding distances is not comfortable.

Tailor-made saddles, or Airhawk style cushion are expensive. Here's an alternative....


2 June, 2008 - Harley-Davidson Gas Mileage Ad
Harley-Davidson motorcycle are cheaper ad
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson has an interesting print ad, comparing mpg (miles per gallons) between a Harley motorcycle, a Prius and normal cars.

Guess who has a better mileage... ?


2 June, 2008 - New York Police Do Not Like Motorcycles
New York State Police
The New York cops are at it again.

This time they're deliberately targeting the motorcycles attending the Americade show, all 50,000 of them.

According to the cops, it's for safety reasons...... yeah right.... check is in the mail....


2 June, 2008 - Help This Lady With A Motorcycle Questionnaire
Web Article
Statistics Article
This is a general cry for help from a young lady studying for her MBA in Ireland (she's Greek though).

She's writing her thesis, and has a few questions for bikers who buy European off-road motorcycles (BMW, KTM).

So why not answer her questions....



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