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30 June, 2009 - Would You Pass On Your Motorcycle?
Would you dare pass on the right on your motorcycle?


30 June, 2009 - Video: Harbortown Bobber Movie Teaser
Video clip
Our friends at OneWorldStudios are getting ready to release another one of their motorcycle documentaries, Harbortown Bobber.

Here's the DVD teaser, with a great soundtrack...


30 June, 2009 - Packing Lists For Your Motorcycle Trip
Web Article
Here's an interesting website for those of you who travel long (or even short) distance on your motorcycle, and have a tendency, like myself, to forget things.

The site, The Universal Packing List, generates a packing list depending on criteria you enter. Very handy...


29 June, 2009 - Video: Honda CBR1000 Motorcycle And Nicky Hayden
Video clip
Honda logo
Very nice TV ad from Honda for their CBR1000 motorcycle, featuring Nicky Hayden and a bunch of masks.

It's well done, specially the imagery.


29 June, 2009 - Transporting A Baby On A Motorcycle
Pram motorcycle
Got a rug rat? Need to bring it somewhere? Here's the prefect solution!

A motorcycle pram... excellent!


26 June, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 26 June 2009
Web Article
Here are some of the motorcycle stories I've found, just before heading off to Italy.

- Beware Of Speeding Ticket Myths
- The Hells Angels – The Most Intelligent and Influential Outlaw Biker Club in the World


26 June, 2009 - Lorenzo Is Going To Need All the Help He Can Get
Jorge Lorenzo will need all the help he can get if he wants to beat Rossi in Assen this weekend, in what should be a great MotoGP race.

Do you think he'll do it?


26 June, 2009 - The Eternal E10 Fuel Debate - Harley’s View
Buell logo
Harley-Davidson logo
Harley-Davidson and Buell have announced in France that it is OK to put the E10 bio-fuel in their motorcycles.

But.. as long as it is injection and you don't mind a few hiccups. Also, don't leave the fuel for too long in your gas tank...


25 June, 2009 - Duh! No Kidding Road Sign
Slippery When Wet road sign... yeah, right!


25 June, 2009 - On The Road Again, Florence, Italy Here We Come
We're off to Florence, Italy for some 10 days.

Heavily loaded, but unfortunately not my desired Goldwing motorcycle, but with a common airplane and cage.. Back on the 7th of July.

Articles will continue to appear regularly, but not as regular as normal.


25 June, 2009 - KTM Motorcycle Support Package For Romaniacs 2009
KTM logo
Red Bull Romaniacs logo
KTM have announced a complete service package for the 2009 Red Bull Romaniacs. This is a service package for private entries, not for the pros.

€250 buys you trained rally mechanics at your beck & call, spares truck (but you'll need to order spares in advance), a hospitality truck and service points along the way. So all-in-all a very interesting proposition.

But... your motorcycle needs to be 2008 or newer...


24 June, 2009 - Kuba Motor - Turkish Motorcycle Manufacturer - KTM?
I stumbled upon this motorcycle manufacturer by chance. On its own, nothing special. It's the Turkish manufacturer Kuba Motor with some low powered motorcycles.

But what's very interesting is their website. It's an almost carbon copy of KTM's website. Same style, same technology. But no mention of KTM.

So what's the tie-up between the two companies. Do you know?


24 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Laverada Supercar
Here is another amazing sidecar! It's based on a Laverda motorcycle, and a home built supercar as the "side".

It took 10 years to make this amazing beauty! Incredible passion!


24 June, 2009 - On-line Chopper Contest - On-line Motorcycle Beauty Contest
The good folks at ChopperTown are organizing their very first ON-LINE Chopper Backyard Build contest.

Very interesting idea. Instead of bringing your motorcycle to a central location, costing you fuel, money and time, you submit two photos, and a jury of 12 peers select the best ones.

The top 5 win prizes. How ecological is that?


23 June, 2009 - UK: 28,899 Speed Tickets Cancelled And Refunded
UK-Speed-radar Gatso
In the UK, the Dorset Speed Camera Partnership must refund 28,899 speed ticket, to the tune of US$2.5 million. All because of a clerical error when the speed limit as lowered.

The paperwork for the speed limit mentioned a road that does not exist!

There's still justice in the world...


23 June, 2009 - Megan Fox And A Ducati Motorcycle
Megan Fox on a motorcycle
Megan Fox
I was watching the idiot box, and saw an interview with sexy film star Megan Fox.

In the interview she admitted to having bought a Ducati 696. Cool I thought. Then she said she doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle.... but was learning.

Anyone want to take bets how long she'll live?


23 June, 2009 - Special Motorcycle Sidecars: Citroen 2CV
Here's a very interesting combination of the famous Citroen 2CV car and a motorcycle. The 2CV sidecar.

Very nicely done...


22 June, 2009 - USA: New Jersey To Ban GPS Operations On Motorcycles/Cars
It's not only Spain that is forbidding motorcycle riders (and car drivers) from operating a GPS while on the move! The same law is coming to the USA!

New Jersey, Garden State and all, is looking at fining riders and drivers when operating their GPS while moving.

Good law, or money spinning law? You tell me!


22 June, 2009 - Stylish Motorcycle Helmet Wireless Communicator: New Max IDIPhone
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer New Max have released on their IDI brand a very stylish wireless communicator for their even more stylish motorcycle helmets, the ZeroUno and ZeroDue.

Bluetooth 2.1, Stereo, 200 meter range, 10 hours talk time, all in a very nice styled package. This would look good on Brad Pitt.


22 June, 2009 - Video: Stupid Castrol Motorcycle Oil Ad
Video clip
Castrol logo
This has got to be one of the worst motorcycle ads I've seen in a long time!

It's for Castrol motorcycle oil... from Kuwait..


19 June, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 19 June 2009
Web Article
Not that many motorcycle article that I could find over the last few days..

- Motorcycle Insurance: 5 Commonly Asked Questions
- Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Bike


19 June, 2009 - Skeleton Motorcycle (With Sexy Girl)
Hmmm Interesting! .....

.... so is the motorcycle.... ;-))


19 June, 2009 - Adventure Motorcycle Riding And Sharing Your Ride
Adventure motorcycle riding is fun, and many of us do it. But what's fun too, is showing others where you've been.

Here's a website that allows you to capture your ride, GPS, video, image and text make it into a great souvenir you can share with others.


18 June, 2009 - Video: Kawasaki Street Line from 1979
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Kawasaki used to make nice TV ads for their motorcycles (they even made a few years ago 3 or 4 excellent ones).

Here's a pretty good one for their 1979 line up of motorcycles.


18 June, 2009 - New Motorcycle Specific GPS - Easy, Simple Cheap
French electronics manufacturer, Danew, have released the motorcycle specific GPS, the E 135 Outdoor.

In sharp contrast with its more well know rivals, this one is not only simple and easy to use, but it's cheap! In fact, it's 2 to 3 times cheaper. In September, it will be going for some €279.


18 June, 2009 - Backup For Your Scooter
Need to bring your bicycle with you on your scooter/motorcycle?

That's a bit of a hassle, unless you're good with a few tubes and soldering equipment.


17 June, 2009 - Instant All-Round Airbag For Motorcycles
Is this a scoop! The new Dainese flesh color motorcycle jacket, with an all-round airbag.

In this photo, the airbag is fully deployed!


17 June, 2009 - Xenon HID Lights Outlawed In France
Xenon-HID lights
The Police in the French capital, Paris, have started distributing fines to motorcycles that are equipped with Xenon HID. Apparently, some obscure law forbids you to use lights that have not been supplied with the motorcycle. Even if the HID lights have received type approval, and were installed by official mechanics, you'll still receive a fine.

What other creative ways can governments come up with to get your money?


17 June, 2009 - Motorcycles & Antennas - Making Them Useful
IowaHarleyGirl recently came across a great way of decorating an antenna on a motorcycle.

A motorcycle antenna is boring, and even with a flag on it, it's still boring. Here's the funny way of doing something useful with an antenna; a pole dancer!


16 June, 2009 - Video: BMW F800R Motorcycle TV Ad
BMW logo
Video clip
One of the rare BMW motorcycles TV ad. Here's the BMW F800R motorcycle.


16 June, 2009 - Using A GPS In Spain Illegal, Even On A Motorcycle
A law was passed in Spain last week, that makes it highly illegal to operate a GPS on your motorcycle (or while driving a car).

Apparently you are allowed to have one, but not allowed to operate it!

What a stupid way to earn money. It's cheaper in Spain to speed by 30 mph over the speed limit, than to operate a GPS!


16 June, 2009 - Motorcycle Friendly Accommodation In France iPhone Edition
I have made my first Apple iPhone compatible website, listing all motorcycle friendly accommodation in France.

You should be able to "see" it on normal browsers, and it works quite quickly.


15 June, 2009 - Iran: Protests From Both Sides-By Motorcycle
Iran Election Protest
Iran Election Protest Police
Both sides of the rigged election protests in Iran use motorcycles.

The good guys and the bad guys use them. But who is good and who is bad..?


15 June, 2009 - Video: Why Kelly Wants To Ride A Motorcycle
Video clip
Here's a short video clip with sexy Kelly Bundy explaining why we ride motorcycles.

It's pretty much one of the better explanations I've heard....


15 June, 2009 - Erzberg Rodeo 2009. Taddy Wins Again - Epic
The 2009 edition of world's toughest motorcycle hard enduro race, the Austrian Erzberg Rodeo, is over for another year.

Not to be outdone by the MotoGP race of the weekend, Taddy won an epic race, claiming his most hard fought win.


12 June, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 12 June 2009
Web Article
Don't blink, you may have missed these motorcycle stories the last week: - How To Read The Tire Wear Tire Tear On Your Motorcycle
- Stilettos On Scooter
- NSR500 Ringtones Will Make Your Phone Fast
- 5 Tips On Tire Maintenance


12 June, 2009 - Germany/France Most Expensive For An Accident
Having an accident, motorcycle or car, in Germany or France can result in 50% more cost than the average European countries.

So beware...


12 June, 2009 - DeJong Wins 1st Trophy At Erzbergrodeo 2009
ErzbergRodeo 2009 Seppi Fally
ErzbergRodeo 2009
The peaceful mountain of Erzberg is no longer peaceful, at least for the weekend!

The first full day of racing started yesterday (Thursday), and we have a winner of the hill climb, Belgian Gilles DeJong.


11 June, 2009 - Mirror, Mirror On The Motorcycle
When is more than 2 mirrors enough on a motorcycle or scooter?

Here are 8 extreme cases... you decide...


11 June, 2009 - Personalize Your Motorcycle Garage Door
Personal-garage-doors motorcycle
Tired of your boring motorcycle garage door? Everything inside depicts your personality, so why have a plain garage door.

Here's a website that offers you the chance to personalize your garage door. You can use their motifs, or you can make your own.



11 June, 2009 - Happy Birthday Honda America
Honda logo
Honda USA are celebrating their 50th birthday.

50 years ago, the first motorcycle rolled off their assembly lines.


10 June, 2009 - Video: Semper Ride - The Marine Motorcycle Solution
Video clip
The US Marine Corp are releasing a special movie about motorcycle safety. Here's the teaser.

It looks very good, very professional. Wouldn't mind watching the real version. Does that mean I need to join??


10 June, 2009 - Update On iPhone’s MotoGP Review
iPhone MotoGP Live Coverage
I've updated the iPhone MotoGP application review after having used it to "see" the Mugello MotoGP race.

No motorcycles were hurt during the making of this review!


10 June, 2009 - Movies On Motorcycles
Nice idea, some creative entrepreneur is going around with his mobile cinema on a motorcycle-sidecar.

The projector is built-in to the sidecar part of the motorcycle. Good idea, I hope it works out for him.


9 June, 2009 - Listen To Stereo Music On Your Garmin Zumo 550
Have a Garmin Zumo 550 and want to listen to full stereo in your Bluetooth motorcycle helmet headset? We all know that the Zumo has a MP3 player, but it's not stereo (when connected via Bluetooth).

Collett from Canada have a device that you plug into the Zumo 550, that streams the sound in full stereo. There you go, now you can listen to stereo music without any wires.


9 June, 2009 - Honda Put Their Future Motorcycle Technology On-line
Honda-Technology-Picture web site
Honda logo
Honda are putting their future (and current) motorcycle technology on-line, so that simple-minded people, like me, can understand how it works.

It's very well done, with diagrams, photos and pictures, explaining in detail how a certain new technology works and why it's better for us.


9 June, 2009 - Bikers Are Tough, But That Tough?
Steve-Webb-broken leg
We're a tough bunch, us bikers! But Steve is tougher!

Steve Webb broke his leg 29 years ago in a motorcycle accident, and it's only now that they are going to fix it.... 29 years on a broken leg!

I betcha he eats nails for breakfast...


8 June, 2009 - Europe: Motorcycle Statistics 2007/2008
ACEM logo
Statistics Article
ACEM, the European Motorcycle Manufacturer Association, have recently published their 2008 Yearbook, full of interesting statistics and facts about the European motorcycle industry.

Number of motorcycle made, sold, and in use, cost of ownership, etc.


8 June, 2009 - We Were Invaded This Weekend
Normandy was invaded (again) this weekend. Trucks, tanks, cars and motorcycles all around.

And NO, I was not invited. I was expecting a phone call from the CIC, but he didn't...


8 June, 2009 - Isle Of Man 2009: Mad Sunday
Mad Sunday at the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race, where many dress up, or down, for the mad race.



5 June, 2009 - Happy Birthday
Web Article
Congratulations to for turning 5. That's 120 in web years..

Keep it up guys (and gals)...


5 June, 2009 - Top Internet Stories - 05 June 2009
Web Article
Here's the motorcycle stories I found last week that may interest you:

- DUCATI Apollo - A Bike much Ahead of its Time
- 7 Tips For Riding At Night
- Motorcycles And Hearing Loss


5 June, 2009 - AKE Release New Bluetooth Headset For Motorcycles
AKE logo
German motorcycle communication devices manufacturer AKE, have released their latest wireless headset, the Helmset 201.

Ultra thin, this Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP communicators slides into the neck-guard of your motorcycle helmet. It features full stereo and an extended operating range (typically 250 meters).


5 June, 2009 - Video: 3 x Kawasaki Ninja Ads - Different Ages
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
Here are three TV ads for the Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, one from the 80s, the 90s and 2000s.

What a difference a few years makes.


4 June, 2009 - Dakar: KTM Withdraws From The Dakar!
KTM logo
Dakar logo
KTM withdraws from the Dakar race after the new ruling forcing them to use 450cc motorcycles.

I'm not surprised!


4 June, 2009 - International Women and Motorcycling Conference 2009
AMA is organizing their International Women & Motorcycling Conference for August in Colorado.

Women can learn more about the joys of riding a motorcycle, riding alone on long adventure trips, dealing with dealers, etc. The 4 day event has several guest speakers, including Carla King who is currently riding solo in Morocco.


4 June, 2009 - Dakar 2010: New Rules For Motorcycles! 450cc Is The Maximum
Peg Perego Desert Tenere toy motorcycle
Dakar 2010 logo
The Dakar organizers have announced that for the 2010 race, all pro and semi-pro riders will be racing on 450cc motorcycles, while private entries can have bigger motorcycles as long as they are limited to the performance of a 450.

The 2011 edition will be limited to 450cc for all motorcycles.

IMHO it's a big mistake. 450cc motorcycles are not safer than 650 or bigger, so it doesn't bring anything to the table.


4 June, 2009 - Dakar 2010: Route Released
Dakar 2010 logo
The Dakar 2010 race route has been published!

It looks like a particularly tough race next year, specially for motorcycles. The race goes anti-clock wise this time, going all the way up into the Northern part of Chile.


3 June, 2009 - Russia: Motorcycle Taxi Starts Up - Uses Carver Motorcycle
The first Russian motorcycle taxi company does it right. Not only do they ride MP3 scooters are their main vehicle, but they are also equipped with the Dutch Carver.

It should be worth the money just to be able to ride in the Carver. Great idea for a taxi company.


3 June, 2009 - I Would Vote For Her
Here's a person I'd vote for in the upcoming European elections. Gabriele Pauli, female (and pretty), motorcycle rider and free market supporter.

I want to see more politicians like this....


3 June, 2009 - France: Fire Brigade Hold Their 10th Motorcycle Safety Course
The French fire brigade are very well respected and liked by the French. Therefore, when they organize an event, it is usually well attended.

On the 27th of June, they are holding their 10th training for cars and motorcycles. In the day long event you learn to respect each other on the road (car and motorcycle), you learn a thing or two about riding, and you get to meet professionals, even celebrities.


2 June, 2009 - France: 8 Million Drivers/Riders Have Bad Eyesight
France Article
According to a French optician organization, 8 million, out of 20 million, rider/drivers have bad eyesight.

They are saying you should take regular eyesight tests (see photo of proposed test....). Your life on your motorcycle depends on your eyesight...


2 June, 2009 - Dakar 2010 Open For Registration
Dakar logo
Registration for cars, motorcycles and trucks is now open for the 2010 Dakar race.

You have 2 months to register, but better hurry, since they always sell out rapidly.


2 June, 2009 - Italy: Police Raid Speed Radar Firm For Fraud
Velomatic-512 radar
The Italian Police have raided the manufacturer of one of Italy's speed radars. The manufacturer had bypassed the calibration and approval process, hoping to make an extra dime or two.

81,000 tickets have been cancelled, and US$16 million refunded. Motorcycle riders around Italy rejoice...



1 June, 2009 - Video: Bajaj - Definitely Male
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Yet another interesting TV ad from Bajaj motorcycles.

Called Definitely Male, it's the motorcycle who holds the pretty woman's attention, not by sight, but physically...


1 June, 2009 - Here Is Why ATGATT Is Very Important
ATGATT is very important, even when riding your motorcycle in the heat.

Why? Wold you want to be exposed to this ....


1 June, 2009 - Paris To Create 18,000 Motorcycle Parking Spaces! Miracle
Hanoi motorcycle parking
The Mayor of Paris had promised during his election campaign that he would create more motorcycle parking space. Now he is saying it will happen.... by the year 2014.

2014? That happens to be the year of his re-election campaign... hmmmmmmm...



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