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30 June, 2011 - France: Why Is The Government Trying To Kill Motorcycle Riders?
France Road Spikes
Here's a sign that the French government is really trying to kill motorcycles riders.

Can you imagine falling off your motorcycle onto one of these?


30 June, 2011 - Airhawk Redesign Their Motorcycle Seat To Fit Your Prostate
Airhawk R seat
Airhawk logo
Airhawk, the manufacturer of the popular air cushion seat covers for motorcycles, have released a new model that hopefully makes it even easier for guys to ride for longer times on their motorcycles.

The Airhawk-R addresses special prostate issues, and other "rear end" problems.


30 June, 2011 - Video: Nun Does Motorcycle Backflip
Video clip
Funny TV commercial for Flying Horse Energy Drink, involving a nun, a motorcycle and an energy drink.



29 June, 2011 - Eight European Countries Cut Road Death By 50%
Europe Road Deaths Since 2001
Statistics Article
8 countries in Europe have reduced their road deaths by 50% since 2001, saving some 100,000 lives.

Now if only they would look into saving motorcycle rider's lives seriously...


29 June, 2011 - UK: Want To Get Your Motorcycle License? Dress Appropriately
Waking Ned
Starting the 1st of July 2011, the UK's agency that tests you for your motorcycle license, the Driving Standards Agency, will refuse candidates who do not have appropriate motorcycle clothing.

They've issued a list of what you must haven and what they will refuse, like no sneakers...


29 June, 2011 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Drive Your Heart
Video clip
Harley-Davidson logo
Another TV commercial from Harley-Davidson motorcycles, without showing motorcycles or even bikers, and excluding women.

Very generic ad for Harley... just words.


28 June, 2011 - Patent: Personal Cooling Device For Motorcycles - Joke?
Patent Personal Cooling Motorcycle
I thought this was a joke, but it's not... it's serious. A personal cooling system for motorcycles.

It looks to me like someone did not think things through properly...


28 June, 2011 - Brammo Electric Motorcycles To Be Made In Hungary
Brammo Factory Hungary
Brammo logo
Brammo venture with Flextronics is showing its first real results. The first factory outside of the USA has started in Hungary.

The Hungarian factory is expected to produce 660 motorcycle per month in a high tech assembly line.


28 June, 2011 - Ads: Alberta Safety Ads
Safety Genuine Parts Canada
Safety Broken Rules Canada
Two print safety ads from Alberta trying to get motorcycle riders to ride properly and safely...

... but I think it fails.


28 June, 2011 - The Perfect Road Sign For Motorcycle Riders
Sudden Curve Ahead Sign
This road sign sits pretty high in the top 10 Best Road Signs For Motorcycle Riders....

.... and I am presuming that the small sign is that of a biker jumping up from joy, not highsiding.


27 June, 2011 - Video: Ducati’s Hypermotards 2011
Video clip
Ducati logo
I love the Ducati Hypermotard motorcycle, for many reasons, and that's whay this is IMHO a great video of the Ducati line-up of Hypermotards for this season.

So put the kids to bed, the cat out the door, your spouse/partner into the garage, turn up the volume, and enjoy.


27 June, 2011 - Belgium: Changes For Motorcycle Riders - Good Ones
Thumbs Up
FINALLY! Finally a country that gets it. Belgium, despite not having a working government has passed several laws for motorcycle riders, and they are all (mostly) positive.

In fact, most are stuff of wet dreams....

Lane Splitting/Filtering, Sidewalk Parking, Bus Lanes.... you name it ... we're allowed to do it.

Long live Belgium.


27 June, 2011 - We All Live In A Yellow Submarine
China Submerged Motorcycle in Hubei
First thing that sprung to my mind when I saw this photo of the motorcycle and two guys in China.. now I can't get it out of my mind (the song, not the photo).


24 June, 2011 - France: Ride A Motorcycle Taxi, Fly Air France
City Bird logo
The number 1 motorcycle taxi company in France, City-Bird, has signed an agreement with France's national airline, Air France. The agreement will in a first phase, allow the Flying Blue Frequent Flyers program users to reserve a motorcycle to go to, or return from, the airport.

In a second phase, Air France will package the motorcycle taxi in an all-inclusive package for business folks flying to/from Paris.


24 June, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 24 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some motorcycle articles that you may have missed, but that may interest you nevertheless.

- Harley Davidson Not Just Oldies (Holy Moly)
- Biker Stereotypes Are True: Harley Riders Hate Full Faced Helmets, Sportbike Riders Hate Pants (All About Bikes)
- For How Long Is A Motorcycle Helmet Okay (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


24 June, 2011 - Ducati Store At Rome Airport Opens
Ducati Fiumicino store
Ducati logo
Ducati just opened a Ducati store in Rome's main airport....

No duty-free motorcycles for sale, but loads of Ducati merchandising stuff to buy.


24 June, 2011 - Givi: The Ideal Motorcycle Tank Bag?
Givi TPH02 Mount
Givi logo
Givi have got an interesting tank bag system, called the 3D Tank Lock for your motorcycle.

Instead of using straps or magnets, they adapt your fuel filler ring, replacing it with one of their own, allowing you to snap your Givi tank bag onto the fuel tank within a second. Removing it is also as fast.


23 June, 2011 - Rocking Motorcycle Jeans - Rokker
Rokker Revolution
Rokker Polly
Swiss company Rokker makes some very interesting motorcycle jeans. Using some high-tech material, the jeans regulate temperature, i.e., if it's cold and rainy, it closes, and when it's hot, it opens.

Their top of the line jeans, Revolution, offer the liquid armor d3o protection we wrote about along time ago.

Though the jeans looks perfect, the only downside is the price....


23 June, 2011 - Too Cute Scooter Earrings
Miss Mod Scooter Earrings
For the ladies (but maybe even for men, you never know nowadays), cute earrings in the shape of a Vespa and matching helmet.

Show your passion with pride and fashion...


23 June, 2011 - Husqvarna Teams Up With BMW Off Road Skills Training
Husqvarna logo
Off Road Skills logo
Since BMW have purchased Husqvarna some time ago, it only makes sense that you can ride a Husqvarna motorcycle at BMW's excellent off road training course.

It's your chance to train on a Husqvarna motorcycle in a tough but very good off road training, without banging up your bike.

But you'll need to go to Wales for that...


23 June, 2011 - France: Score 2 For The Motorcycle Movement
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
After the massive motorcycle protests of last weekend concerning a series of repression laws that the unpopular French government wanted to levy on the unsuspecting French people, it would seem that they have taken note...

3 of the unpopular measures have been watered down, or all together removed.

You see, protests do work....


22 June, 2011 - Video: Aprilia RSV4 against Nissan GT-R
Video clip
Aprilia logo
After Hell For Leather made the video explaining the electronics of the Aprilia RSV4 motorcycle, they raced the Italian sportsbike against Japan's prime sportscar, the Nissan GT-R.

Though the circuit was very much in favor of the Nissan, both vehicles are stock standard, and driven by professionals.

By how much would the Nissan win. Watch the video.


22 June, 2011 - France: Score 1 For The Motorcycle Movement
French motorcycle gendarme in sleeveless shirt.
After the enormously successful motorcycle protest last Saturday, the Minister of Interior is down peddling, spin-doctoring, face-saving...

He's now claiming that he never wanted motorcycle riders to wear hi-vis vests, yellow or orange, but just reflective stripes on our jackets...

... like the French motorcycle cops... right???


22 June, 2011 - What A Man! A REAL Man
Old Man Chasing Motorcycle
This is THE man, my hero. A 92 year old man, after a thief snatched the purse of his 94 year old sister, chased the thief who fled on his motorcycle away from this vigilante.

A 92 year old man??? Would you believe that if it was in a movie?


21 June, 2011 - Peg Perego Ducati Motorcycle Line-up
Peg Perego logo
Peg Perego Ducati Hypermotard
The time to be a kid is now.... imagine the toys they have today, and compare it to when we were young. We had to play with a soapbox on wheels, these kids have real looking electric motorcycles at their disposal.

Here's what Italian toy manufacturer Peg Perego is offering in terms of Ducati motorcycle models. With the arrival of Valentino Rossi at Ducati Corsa, a lot of Rossi replicas have been added, but Hayden was not forgotten.


21 June, 2011 - Europe: Confusion With Motorcycle Licenses
French driving license
ACEM logo
ACEM are pointing out some facts about the unified European motorcycle license that is going wrong in Europe.

What is supposed to be a uniform motorcycle training and license, is becoming chaotic, and member states are doing whatever they want to do, with some very damaging consequences.


21 June, 2011 - Ad: Bikeking24 - Twisted Motorcycles
Bikeking24 Twisted Sports Germany
Three interesting print ads from German accessory company Bikeking24 (the name is pretty cool too).

The ads are for anti-theft devices... nicely done, but it took me a while to understand...


21 June, 2011 - Video: Norton, Gucci Perfume and Motorcycles
Video clip
Norton logo
Woow! Motorcycles are starting to smell good! Here's a TV commercial from another big name perfume maker featuring a motorcycle (the last one was Chanel and Ducati).

This TV ad is from Gucci for the Gucci Guilty perfume, and it features the classy Norton Commando motorcycle.



20 June, 2011 - Video: See, Not Hear, An Electric Motorcycle In The Woods - Zero
Video clip
Zero logo
Here's a short video that shows you why electric motorcycles, especially in the woods, can be very handy. You'll see a Zero MX "thundering" through the woods. There is very little sound, apart from the wheels on the ground and the chain. Eerie...

It's been a dream of mine to go enduro riding in the woods on an electric motorcycle, scaring the bejasus out of hikers...


20 June, 2011 - Anatomy Of A French Motorcycle Protest Ride
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
18th of June was a national day of protests in France against the government's planned repression tactics. Usually it's motorcycles that protest, but for the first time ever, car, trucks, taxi and other road users joined forces, but led by the motorcycle associations, to protest these drastic steps the unpopular French government is undertaking.

Here is a photo article of the protest in Rouen, Normandy, with some 4-5,000 motorcycles. 40 photos and 1 video, so it'll take some time to load.


20 June, 2011 - Prince Charles On A Motorcycle - WTF?
Prince Charles On Motorcycle Not ATGATT
I never thought I'd see the man on a motorcycle. Okay, he's just sitting on one, not riding it, not even as a pillion, but to see him sitting on one of those iron machines that make a lot of noise is earth shattering.

Maybe he'll go ATGATT and sit on it as a pillion next time.


17 June, 2011 - Bishop Trades In Pulpit For Motorcycle
Bishop Cyril Ashton
A bishop of the Church of England is throwing in his hat (and other religious paraphernalia), and at 69 years of age, plans to ride Europe on his motorcycle.


17 June, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 17 June 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Another week, and another series of motorcycle articles you may have missed during the week.


- 10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs (How Stuff Works)
- Fixing A Motorcycle On A Budget (Lily Boys)
- Ducati Gp12 Technical Analysis (GP One)


17 June, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar - Hunto
Video clip
Bajaj logo
A Bajaj TV commercial with some controversy.... quite unusual.

The YouTube page featuring this ad is full of nasty remarks, which surprises me, since I find the advertisement quite good and refreshing.


16 June, 2011 - Ducati And GE Capital Tie The Knot
Ducati logo
GE Capital Europe logo
Ducati and GE Capital Europe have signed an agreement that frees Ducati from spending money on building inventories.

€50 million will be provided by GE Capital to finance the motorcycles when they roll off the factory floor until they are sold.

The big bucks saved by Ducati can now be used to make even more new motorcycles.


16 June, 2011 - Video: Jon Huntsman Presidential Ad Campaign - Motorcycle
Video clip
Jon Huntsman
I think we'll be seeing more of Jon Huntsman over here. The former US Ambassador to China is not only campaigning to become the Republican candidate for the 2012 American Presidential elections, but he's also a passionate motorcycle rider.

Here's his first campaign commercial, and it features a motorcycle ... exclusively.


16 June, 2011 - Zero Electric Motorcycle Does Well In Spain’s Enduro
Zero MX Impossible Dream 2011
Zero logo
A Zero MX electric motorcycle did very well in one of Spain's main enduro events, the Impossible Dream.

With only 40 motorcycle qualifying in the obstacle course, one was the Zero, which finished as one of the only 9 that survived the event. Pretty good...


16 June, 2011 - Motorcycle Repairs Made Easy
Motorcycle Repair Chart
Knowing what to do when you need to repair your motorcycle can be tough, especially for a guy like me.

So to make things easier, here's a flow chart for repairing a motorcycle. Just follow the easy decision process...


15 June, 2011 - Europe: Most Congested Cities Of 2011
Statistics Article
Like last year, Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom, has compiled a report based on the GPS data logged by cars and motorcycles of the most congested cities in Europe.

The GPS knows when you are moving slowly, hence it's classified as a traffic jam. Once the GPS reports the data back to the central server, TomTom can see where the traffic jams are.

The Top 50 list hasn't changed much... Brussels is still the worst city in Europe, and the UK and France aren't doing that good. You're better off in Spain or Switzerland


15 June, 2011 - France: 18 June - Better Not Come To France, But If You Come...
Manif 20110618
If you're planning to visit France this weekend, 18th of June, better think again!

The 18th is when all of France will protest the French government's new traffic laws, biased heavily towards repression. As a first, it's all the road users who are joining the protest, cars, trucks and motorcycles. In short, it will be hell in all major cities.

Most neighboring countries are sending official delegations to help us fight these stupid rules. Many foreign motorcycle riders are expected, so if you're in for some fun, head over to the closest city.


15 June, 2011 - Video: Aprilia Performance Ride Control
Video clip
Aprilia logo
Here's a very good and professional video from Hell for Leather, about the revolutionary Aprilia Performance Ride Control (APRC).

It shows and explains, without going into technical in-depth details, how and why APRC is a good thing on your Aprilia motorcycle. It can turn you into the next Max Biaggi..


14 June, 2011 - Possible New USA President Shopping For A Motorcycle?
Jon Huntsman Looking At Harley
Will finally a motorcycle riding president live in the White House?

And if he is, will there be motorcycles in the White House garage, and a Secret Service Presidential Motorcycle Beast?


14 June, 2011 - French Air Force Version Of The MV Agusta F4 RR
MV Agusta F4 RR French Air Force
MV Agusta released a limited version MV Agusta F4 RR motorcycle, painted in the colors of the French Air Force.

This to celebrate 50 years of the French Air Force "Top Gun" School...


14 June, 2011 - Ad: Safety Australia Style - Wankers
Ad Safety Wanker New Zealand
Interesting road safety campaign from Down Under.

Using slang expressed in pictographs, it gets the message across....

Motorcycles riders and car drivers are targeted..


14 June, 2011 - Difference Between Car and Motorcycle Owners #8365
Messy Garage
According to a study in the UK, only 25% of car owners with a garage actually put their car in the garage..... the rest is filled with junk.

Sounds familiar? But what about motorcycle owners?


13 June, 2011 - Bank Holiday - Gone Riding Motorcycle With Some Friends
Motorcycle Crowd
Today happens to be a French holiday, one of many, and my SWMBO decided on some plans, so I've gone riding motorcycle with some friends.

Back tomorrow...


10 June, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 10 June 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Here's the week catch of motorcycle articles that you may have missed and that could interest you.


- 6 Things Nobody Tells You About Owning Motorcycle (Cracked)
- Motorcycle Beginner Diary: What I Love About Being A Motorcyclist (Motorcycle.Com The Sidecar)
- Are Motorcycles The New Republican Litmus Test (New York Times)
- BMW K1600 GTL:The Real Test Results (Motorcycle Insight)


10 June, 2011 - A Little Bit OF Wind In The Face Never Hurt Anyone
Self Made Windscreen Extension
A bit of wind in the face never hurt anyone on a motorcycle (or scooter)... but this rider decided that the windscreen was too low and extended it. I added the arrow since you can barely see the extension.

I wouldn't want to use some speed with this contraption...


10 June, 2011 - Ad: Riffel Safety Gear - Ghost
Riffle Ghost Brazil
Nice print ad for Brazilian Riffel, makers of motorcycle safety gear.

Good image... a motorcycle going to heaven... or becoming a ghost.


9 June, 2011 - Review: ACCELERATOR - Make Your BMW Motorcycle Go Faster
Accelerator BMW
Accelerator BMW
This is a detailed review of the ACCELERATOR, a nifty piece of equipment, low cost, that will make your BMW motorcycle accelerate faster, run more fuel efficient and change the personality of your motorcycle.

Installation is so simple, that even I could do it in a few seconds. Read the report, it's worth it...


9 June, 2011 - Custom Solex - Yes Sir, They Do Customize Them
Solex Hubless
The French Solex, also known as VeloSolex, is an incredible vehicle. It's not a motorcycle, not even a moped, but it's not a bicycle either. Design way back in 1941, the PTW is timeless. There's even an electric version available today.

Here is one customization that, IMHO, is incredibly well done. A French guy made a hubless Solex.... wow..


9 June, 2011 - Video: Royal Enfield - Handcrafted Motorcycles
Video clip
Royal Enfield logo
Royal Enfield is the oldest motorcycle manufacturer still in operation, and the Royal Enfield Bullet the oldest motorcycle model still being manufactured. Two things to be proud off....

Here's a TV commercial, more an infomercial, about Royal Enfield and its handmade motorcycles. Nice...


8 June, 2011 - Hot Weather? Cool Motorcycle Helmet!
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam
Dr Sinnappoo Kanesalingam from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, has come up with an innovative utilization of textiles inside motorcycle helmets to keep our heads cool...

Using two textiles (PWAT and PCM), he can lower the temperature inside our helmets by 8 to 9 degrees Celsius.

The cooler our heads, the safer we are on our motorcycles...


8 June, 2011 - Video: Bajaj Pulsar 220 - Orange and Stunting
Video clip
Bajaj logo
Bajaj motorcycle TV commercial ALERT! They're back at it!

The motorcycle manufacturer with the best TV advertisements has a new one, and it looks pretty good.

Have a look at this ad for their Pulsar 220 motorcycle. It's orange, and it does nice stunts.


8 June, 2011 - Video: Kawasaki Brazil x 4
Video clip
Kawasaki logo
4 TV commercials coming from Kawasaki Brazil...

One is generic, one for the ER-6N, one for the Ninja 250R and one for the Ninja 650R motorcycle.


7 June, 2011 - UK: Want Motorcycle Insurance? No Pillion Then
Monkey Pillion
One of world's biggest, and the UK top, insurance companies, Aviva, will not insure you on many motorcycle models, if you are planning to take a pillion with you.

And it's not only sportsbike that are involved, even some off-road models.

Now if that's not discrimination, I don't know what is...


7 June, 2011 - Ducati Art By Hornsleth - Kill Me Fast
Ducati 1198 Hornsleth
Ducati logo
This is Ducati art according to Danish artist Kristian von Hornsleth. It's based on a talk with a Ducati motorcycle dealer about the danger of riding a fast motorcycle. The answer "You don't feel anything as you hit the wall with 320 Km/h" resulted in this 1098/1198 series called "KILL ME FAST".


7 June, 2011 - Ad: Kawasaki Bull Riding - Excellent
Ad Kawasaki Z1000 Bull Italy
After a long wait, finally Kawasaki Motorcycle is back with a great print advertisement.

Here it is in maximum size (so you can download it). Great image....


6 June, 2011 - Ewan McGregor, A Motorcycle Sidecar And A Dog
Ewan McGregor Sidecar and Dog
Ewan McGregor bought a motorcycle sidecar. Not to transport his lovely wife, but to bring along his dog.

Any reason to go for a motorcycle ride is a good one, and bringing the dog for a ride is as good as it gets.


6 June, 2011 - Learn Off-Road Motorcycle Riding With Leon Haslam
Leon Haslam BMW WSB 2011
You might think the headline is a mistake, but you'd be wrong. End July you can get trained by none other than Leon Haslam, BMW Superbike racer (just before Silverstone round of the WSB) is not only a street racer, but also a motocross/off-road specialist.

BMW Off Road Skills Course is offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get trained not only by the BMW Off Road Skills training staff (headed by Simon Pavey), but also by guest "teacher" Leon Haslam.

If you're interested, hurry, since it's for one class only, and limited to 28 participants.


6 June, 2011 - 24 Motorcycles Carrying Anything, Even The Sink - Part 3
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Motorcycle Carrying Cargo
Part 3 of photos of motorcycles and scooters in Asia and Africa that are carrying far more stuff than what they were designed for.

24 photos of incredible loads on these motorcycles. And if you think that only happens in Asia and Africa, tune in next week for their European and North American counterparts....


3 June, 2011 - Top Internet Stories - 3 June 2011
Top Weekly Web Article
Couldn't find anything last week, but here's what I saw for the last two weeks on motorcycle stories that may (or not) interest you.


- Electric Motorcycles - In With The New Or On With The Old? (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Ducati Stars In National Geographic's New Megafactories Series (Auto Evolution)
- Concerns and Pride of Royal Enfield (Bike Advice)
- 10 Ways To Avoid Looking Like A Squid (About Motorcycles)


3 June, 2011 - Vintage Motorcycles Do Not Die, They Get Recycled
Classified Moto Japanese Parts Lamp
Classified Moto BMW Parts Lamp
Vintage motorcycles are just too precious to be thrown on the junk yard heap when they no longer serve any use. Classified Moto in the USA found a great use for them.

Taking parts from vintage bikes, they make lamps. Lamps that are real works of art, and each lamp is unique. Real collector's items.

Have a look at the beauty of these lamps... made out of Japanese and European vintage motorcycle parts.


3 June, 2011 - Video: Honda Scooters With Grace Jones - Weird
Video clip
Honda logo
A truly weird TV commercial for Honda Scooters, featuring Grace Jones...

Could it be weirder?


2 June, 2011 - For The Yuppie Motorcycle Rider Who Has Everything
Louis Vuitton seats
What do you give that motorcycle rider who has everything? Specially when he (or she) is a yuppie? How about a Louis Vuitton motorcycle seat?

It's not as expensive as the Louis Vuitton motorcycle, but you can still make a fashion statement.


2 June, 2011 - Two Good Ways To Kill A Child On A Motorcycle
The Way To Kill Child On Motorcycle
Here's a guy who has two good ways to kill off a child on his motorcycle. If the kid doesn't fall off and kills itself, the plastic bag will do the trick.

What are these people thinking???


1 June, 2011 - French Way Of Dealing With Radar Warning Devices
AlerteGPS G520
France Article
Buckling under the enormous pressure from dissatisfied voters and their own elected politicians, the French government has made a few changes to the planned banning of radar location devices (such as smartphones, GPSs and dedicated radar location devices on your motorcycle).

They have found a "French" way of dealing with the problem, while still trying to maintain face....


1 June, 2011 - Video: Follow Valentino Rossi’s 2011 Season
Video clip
An interesting way of getting you to follow Valentino Rossi's 2011 MotoGP season on Italian TV...

Don't show Rossi.... show a sexy red head!


1 June, 2011 - Review: Ducati Challenge HD for iPad
Ducati Challenge HD Screen 08
Ducati Challenge HD Screen 10
You can't always be riding your motorcycle. Maybe there's a hurricane out there, or hell has frozen over. So for those days, we've tested the latest game app for the Apple iPad... Ducati Challenge HD.

A motorcycle racing game that can be played on an iPad or iPhone, and you get to ride the latest Ducati motorcycles, including their SuperBike. But you'll need to earn that right.

Fun game, fantastic graphics and sounds, and overall good fun.



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