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29 June, 2012 - France: Mandatory Breathalyzers - A Conflict of Interest?
Good Party Proof
France flag
According to the very serious Sud-Ouest and Figaro newspapers, the new French law that makes it mandatory for all vehicles, cars, trucks & motorcycles, to carry an approved Breathalyzer, is starting to smell....

Most sane people, and even crazy people, are asking themselves why any government would make the carrying of Breathalyzers mandatory. If you're trying to cut down on DUI, then install ignition-disablers coupled to a Breathalyzer.

But as it would seem that the leader of these alcohol testing units, Contralco (number 1 in the manufacturing and distribution in Europe of Breathalyzers), and the organization that convinced the government that it was a great idea, I-test, have someone in common.... Mr. Daniel Orgeval, a senior executive for the constructor, and president of the second. Contralco was doing badly financially..

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29 June, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 29 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Summer is here, or so they tell me. I spent more reading the internet than actually riding, since it's raining the whole time. Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles you may have missed.

- Pinterest Not Manly Enough For Harley Davidson (Northwest Harley Blog)
- Motorcycle Travel Photography (On Two Wheels)
- Motorcycle Protest (Hustles in Brussels)


29 June, 2012 - France-Belgium: Bilateral Fine Exchange Starts
Belgium flag
France flag
Starting tomorrow, June 30th 2012, all speeding (and other) fines you incurred in either France or Belgium will be exchanged between the two neighboring countries.

Foreign cars and motorcycles represent 25% of speed radar fines (while they only account for 5% of the traffic), and so far, they managed to escape without paying their fines. Last year, 400,000 speeding fines were made by Belgium-registered vehicles in France. Each country will have access to the other country's Motor Vehicle registration database. With that, they have your name and address (at least, if you motorcycle is in your name)........

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28 June, 2012 - Review: Cardo Scala Rider G9 - Part 3 -The Test
Scala G9 02
Cardo logo
Part 3 (of 3) of a very detailed review of the Cardo Scala Rider G9 wireless communicator for motorcycles.

The G9 is an all-dancing, all-singing, Bluetooth communicator, that allows you to talk to a maximum of 8 other units, listen to music (including on-board FM/RDS radio), mobile phone, GPS and wired music players.

This part 3 reviews and test the G9.


28 June, 2012 - Review: Cardo Scala Rider G9 - Part 2 -Configuring
Scala G9 02
Cardo logo
Part 2 (of 3) of a very detailed review of the Cardo Scala Rider G9 wireless communicator for motorcycles.

The G9 is an all-dancing, all-singing, Bluetooth communicator, that allows you to talk to a maximum of 8 other units, listen to music (including on-board FM/RDS radio), mobile phone, GPS and wired music players.

This part 2 reviews the configuring of specific functions of the G9.


28 June, 2012 - Review: Cardo Scala Rider G9 - Part 1 -Installation
Scala G9 02
Cardo logo
Part 1 (of 3) of a very detailed review of the Cardo Scala Rider G9 wireless communicator for motorcycles.

The G9 is an all-dancing, all-singing, Bluetooth communicator, that allows you to talk to a maximum of 8 other units, listen to music (including on-board FM/RDS radio), mobile phone, GPS and wired music players.

This part 1 reviews the units and the installation (on a BMW EVO6 helmet).


28 June, 2012 - You Can’t Ride Your Motorcycle When You See This Sign
Road Flooded Really
Australia flag
You know you can not ride your motorcycle when you see this sign.....


27 June, 2012 - Where To Store Your Motorcycle Gear In Your Garage?
Need a handy storage space for your helmets, boots, gloves and other stuff? Need something that you can store these items in and that it can be reached easily...?

Look no further... MotoBin is for you (and me).

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27 June, 2012 - Study: Which Vehicle Colors Attract Bird Droppings
Suzuki SV650 Shitted
Sometimes research studies can go into deep shit...literally. UK retailer Halfords researched a smelly situation; what color car (and I guess it's the same for motorcycles) attracts bird droppings.

Surveying 1,140 cars in big cities like Brighton, Glascow, Leeds, Manchester and Bristol in the UK, found that 18% of the cars that were marked by birds were RED, followed by cars that were BLUE (14%), .........

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27 June, 2012 - You Know You Have Got The Wrong Road Captain When ...
Wrong Road Captain
You know that you are in the wrong motorcycle ride-out when you see the road captain.....


26 June, 2012 - Ad: Meltin’ Pot - I Had A Dream
Meltin Pot I Had A Dream
Another nice advertisement for Meltin' Pot. Looks like they like motorcycles in their ads.

This one is entitled "I Had A Dream", and you can see why....


26 June, 2012 - Pay Fine For Speeding, Get Paid For Not Speeding
Slow Drivers Rewarded
NHTSA logo
Most kids know the carrot and the stick approach (though many kids don't like carrots). Do something naughty and you get the stick, do something good and you get a carrot (or more likely an increase in your allowance, or at least some sweets).

But the carrot & stick approach doesn't only apply to children. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study, it works great with road users; cars and motorcycles. In the study, they placed a GPS in 8 cars, which then got turned over to 50 different riders for a week. The drivers were instructed that if they kept to the speed limits, they would each be rewarded $25. But anytime a driver would go over the posted speed limit by 5 to 8 mph, they'd forfeit $0.03, and any speeding over 9 mph would cost them $0.06 (and if they got caught by the real cops, they'd not only get docked the money, but also would have to pay the real speeding ticket)........

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26 June, 2012 - Don’t Trust Your Wife Riding Your Motorcycle On Her Own?
Dual Control Hayabusa
I don't think this guy trusts his wife/partner/girlfriend/sister to ride the motorcycle. I wonder if this is real, or PhotoChopped.

Anyone know the story?


25 June, 2012 - Motorcycles, Women and Shoes - 20 Photos
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
Woman On Motorcycle And Shoes
It's one of the many mysteries that surround women; their obsession for shoes. Most men don't get it. A guy can have sneakers, a pair of motorcycle boots and one good pair of dress shoes, and that's it. But many women have more shoes than what we guys have in underwear. It's not a problem; it's just a mystery.

But what is more of a mystery is when these ladies get on a motorcycle. Quite a lot of them ride in shoes that are anything but adequate for riding. HOW DO THEY DO IT? How can they ride with high, stiletto, heels? Do they not break off? And what about scuff marks?

What happens when you stop and put your foot down? Isn't it unstable like hell? How many of you women have broken your shoes when riding?

So many questions.... anyway, here are 20 photos of women riding motorcycles and their shoes.


25 June, 2012 - France: Next Week Starts The Mandatory Breathalyzers For Motorcycles
Breathalyzer Approved France
France flag
We've warned you already, but now it's just around the corner. Starting the 1st of July, all motorized vehicles (cars, motorcycles, ATV, trucks, but not mopeds) will be required to have an approved alcohol testing unit on them.

The Breathalyzer units can be bought in most pharmacies and gas stations, or can be bought on-line, but they will need to have the "NF" logo on it (meaning it's an approved brand). It's not like it will empty your piggy bank, since a unit will cost you €1-€2.

The law does not say you have to use the unit, just that you need to have it on you (or in the car). Starting November 2012, getting caught without a unit will cost you an €11 fine.

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25 June, 2012 - Italy: BMW Opens World’s Biggest Motorcycle Shop
BMW Rome Italy
BMW logo
On April 19th, BMW opened world's biggest BMW motorcycle shop in Rome, Italy. Located at via Prenestina 1023 in Rome, the new facility is 3,700 square meters (39,826 square feet), double that of what it was last year.

The new facility is spread out of different levels, and has a showroom of some 800 square meters (8,611 square feet), with the entire range of BMW and Husqvarna motorcycles.

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22 June, 2012 - Is A Vespa Scooter The Place To Store Your Jewels? YES
Object D Art Mod Squad Jewel Box
Most women, and some men I know, have jewelry that when not used, needs to be stored. Placing them around the house will automatically imply that you'll need to search for them at a later stage.

Many folks have jewel boxes, sometimes bland, sometimes decorated. But here's one jewel box that would fit in perfectly in a motorcycle or scooter riding household: a Vespa sidecar jewel box from "Object d'Art". It's called "The Mod Squad".

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22 June, 2012 - Wall Of Death, Egyptian Style
Egypt Wall of Death
Egypt flag
As we know, or should know, the wall of death is one of those carnival attractions that sees performers riding around in cars or on motorcycles in a circular-shaped structure, using centrifugal forces to keep them on the wall, hence the wall of death.

The keyword is WALL...... something missing in the photo.....


22 June, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 22 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
It's officially summer now, so most of you'll be riding your motorcycle, or cutting the grass. Here are some motorcycle related stories you may have missed over the last week.

- Photographer's Blog: This Is No Sport For Old Men (Motomatters)
- Five More Ways To Cheat Death On A Motorcycle (About Motorcycles)
- How The Coppers Pick Their Motorcycles (Motorcycle Insurance)
- Results-The 2012 Women Motorcyclist Survey (Part 1) (Revgirl)
- Results-The 2012 Women Motorcyclist Survey (Part 2) (Revgirl)


21 June, 2012 - Hungary: Wooden, But Real Motorcycle
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Hungarian Wooden Motorcycle
Amazing. Istvan Puskas, a 52 year old tractor driver in a small town close to Budapest, Hungary made his own motorcycle from scratch. So far nothing special, many people have done it before him.

But what makes this motorcycle special, is that it is made out of wood. Totally from wood, apart from the engine and some other important parts. Even the wheel is made out of wood, apart from the tire.....

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21 June, 2012 - France: First 3 Segment Radars
Segment Radar Beure
France flag
We've already told you that France was going to deploy segment radars, or radars that would take a photo of your motorcycle when entering the segment, and then again when exiting the segment, usually several kilometers further. Then by simple mathematics, they'll calculate your average speed. If it's above the authorized maximum speed, you'll get a nice letter from the government asking you for your first born. Or an arm & a leg.

The segment radars, like all new radars in France, will not be signposted, and the exact locations are not allowed to be stored in a GPS or smartphone (they only will tell you that you'll be entering a "danger zone"). The 3 segment radars will be operational starting July 20th, 2012, but for the first week, they'll not send you the nice government letter, but will just be tested. On August the 1st, the machines will start generating the much needed money for the government.

The first three segment radars will be located.......

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21 June, 2012 - Getting Ready For Summer - KTM Style
KTM Sandals
KTM logo
It's officially summer today, at least theoretically in the Northern Hemisphere, so you'll need to adapt your clothing. One motorcycle company that provides a lot of merchandising stuff is KTM motorcycles. KTM have a large repertoire of all sorts of clothing, gadgets and useful stuff, and much of it is geared towards summer.

Here's a look at some fun stuff to while away those moments in the sun when you are not riding. Prices are indicative (often the lowest found) in Euro and UK Pounds (looks like in the US and Canada you're out of luck).

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20 June, 2012 - Video: Honda Australia Motocross with CRF450R
Video clip
Honda logo
Here's a nice TV commercial from Honda Australia for their CRF450R motocross motorcycle.

Action packed, a couple of locally famous crossers, and text graphics that reminds me of recent Aprilia advertisements.


20 June, 2012 - Switzerland: Chief of Police Speeds And Loses Driving License
Stephan Reinhardt
Switzerland flag
"The shoe is on the other foot". "Justice for all". "Cosmic Karma". "There is justice after all". Terms that spring to my mind when I heard this story, plus a grin on my face.

Last year Stephan Reinhardt, chief of police in the Argovienne canton of Switzerland was caught speeding in his car (no, he doesn't ride a motorcycle). He was doing 86 kph in a 60 kph zone.

Reinhardt had to surrender his driving license and is no longer allowed to drive.....

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20 June, 2012 - Egypt: Flying The Flag
Egypt Flying The Flag
Egypt flag
I wonder how they manage to ride that motorcycle with all those flags flying?

It would bother me, but I guess in an election month, everything goes.


19 June, 2012 - Ad: Meltin’Pot - Wet Dream Job
Meltin Pot Pizza Delivery
If ever there was the wet dream job for a guy, there's this one. It's a pizza delivery on a motorcycle, delivering pizzas to a bunch of, barely dressed, women in windows. Would this by any chance be in Amsterdam???

The print advertisement is from Peltin'Pot, a clothing & footwear company

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19 June, 2012 - Greece: Dressing The Part On A Motorcycle
Greek Warrior On Motorcycle
Greece flag
Greece may be in the slums at this moment, but at least in soccer (or as we say in the civilized world, football), Greece is still playing its part. Not only that, they'll be facing off against the country that has been giving them the most problems, Germany.

Imagine riding around with an ancient Greek warrior helmet to celebrate this event. Cool.


19 June, 2012 - Celebrating 50 Years Of Montesa Impala In Style
Montesa Impalada 50th Anniversary Event
Montesa logo
Reaching 50 years of age is a milestone for any human being, but for a motorcycle, it is an exceptional occasion. That is why the Impala club of Spain decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their darling motorcycle in style.

Montesa is an old Spanish motorcycle manufacturer who got taken over by Honda, to become Honda Spain (but trading under the name Honda Montesa). As an interesting side note, one of their racers who made the name Montesa famous was one Bulto, who later went on and created Bultaco......

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18 June, 2012 - Relooked Ural Sidecar
Destino Ural Sidecar 1
Australia flag
The Ural sidecar has been around for ages. Made in Russia, the Ural is a beast in a field of beauties, but it's a beast that can take almost any punishment you can throw at it, and still beg for more.

Used as army motorcycle, and on its own it's a special and noticeable motorcycle sidecar. But the folks are Destino in Australia re-looked the sidecar into something more modern and pretty......

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18 June, 2012 - Puig Simple Bike Alarm
Puig Simple Bike Alarm
If you want or need to protect your motorcycle from theft, you can of course install an expensive alarm with tracking capability, flashing lights and dancing girls. Or you can get one of those demobilizers which include sirens, but are quite bulky to carry.

Or you can get the Puig Simple Bike Alarm. Puig, a Spanish company, makes an alarm that totally conforms to its product name "Simple Bike Alarm". It's small and installing it is a matter of a second or two.

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18 June, 2012 - MotoGP: Now I understand The Incredible Angles
MotoGP Hanging by a wire
At times when I'm watching the MotoGP races, I wonder how the racers can stay up with those incredible angles. They are often gravity defying, but seeing this photo, now I understand.

They are just held up by a wire, something you don't see on TV. And when a rider falls, it's just that the wire snapped...


15 June, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 15 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
A week's worth of reading motorcycle articles on the internet, and this is what I came up with that may be of interest to you.

- Preparing For Worst - Just In Case (Cecilie's Moto Journal)
- Five Ways To Cheat Death On A Motorcycle (About Motorcycles)
- How To Save Your Motorcycle Engine From Overheating (2 Wheel Tuesday)
- Whats The Best Bike For A Dad To Ride (City Biker Blog)


15 June, 2012 - Ali’s Motorcycle Art - Handmade In Slovenia
Ali Jusovic Hand Built Scale Model
Slovenia flag
Slovenia born and raised Ali Jusovic has two passions; skateboarding and making motorcycles. We all know about skateboarding, so let's look at the motorcycle bit (if not this site would be called Skateboards in the Fast Lane).

The motorcycles Ali makes are not to be ridden, they are miniatures. The bikes are made out of different kinds of materials; wood, metal, clay, buttons, etc. Obviously the motorcycle art is made totally by hand.

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15 June, 2012 - Europe: You Know Things Are Really Bad Financial When....
Police car out of gas
You know things have reached rock bottom in Europe, when you see this photo.... (notice the billboard..)


14 June, 2012 - Movie Review: Priest
Priest Poster
Priest Scene
A review of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/vampire movie Priest. There's a lot of motorcycle riding around this movie, most of them are turbine equipped motorcycles.

The movie itself, though a bit Blade meets High Noon, is quite good and enjoyable.

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14 June, 2012 - Travelling To Europe? There’s An App For That
Goodyear Europe Safety App
Goodyear Europe Safety App
If you're planning to travel to Europe on holiday this year, with your motorcycle, car or caravan, and you want to know the general rules of the roads, and more importantly, the speed limits, then Goodyear comes to your rescue.

Goodyear have released a free app for the iPhone that has a lot of information for each European country. They have under each European country, a selector for cars & motorcycles, caravans and mobile homes information. Furthermore, you can select if you want to see the speeds in kph or mph.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 June, 2012 - The Difference Between ABS On and ABS Off
A lot of ink has been dripping, pixels burning, on the debate whether ABS on a motorcycle is a good thing, or a bad thing. With more and more countries making ABS mandatory, it's become a burning issue.

Until now.... here's photo-proof positive what the difference is between braking with and without ABS.


14 June, 2012 - Some More Info On Our New Comments App - Disqus 2012
Video clip
#disqus #D2012 - We've switched to the Disqus commenting system, one of the most popular on the web, since the 2nd of November of last year. The advantage of using Disqus, apart from great functionality, is that if you use Disqus on one site, you'll be able to use it on any other site without having the log in, etc.

Today, Disqus are launching their new and updated commenting system, Disqus 2012. It will make interacting with sites, publishers and readers so much more easy.

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13 June, 2012 - Would Apple’s Announced Free Turn-by-Turn Nav Turn You On?
Apple vs GPS World
Apple recently announced for their new iPhone operation system, iOS6, free turn-by-turn navigation. In other words, a free GPS, built-in your iPhone with always up-to-date maps.

This compared to motorcycle specific GPS units, like Garmin and TomTom, that come at a premium. But would you use the free service, or would you still use a dedicated GPS? Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 June, 2012 - Biker Caught Doing 193 MPH On NY Highway - In The Rain
Interstate 87
USA flag
This guy has either got the skills of Valentino Rossi, balls of steel, or he's dumber than dogshit, or both. 28 year old Anthony Anderson from Poughkeepsie was caught speeding by a state trooper in upstate New York, doing 193 mph (311 kph) on his Suzuki motorcycle. To make matters worse, it was raining (even MotoGP guys slow down when it rains).

He was travelling at the speed of light on the southbound Interstate 87.

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13 June, 2012 - AXO Motorcycle Helmets Teams Up With Warner Bros
AXO Glory Tweety
AXO logo
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Axo, has teamed up with one of the giant movie studios, Warner Bros. Axo have released a series of motorcycle helmets, all of them jet helmets, decorated with popular Warner Bros movie themes. The helmet series is called Axo Glory.

This way you can get your helmet in the Supeman logo, Joker, Batman, Captain America and even popular animated characters like the Roadrunner, Tweety & Sylvester.

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12 June, 2012 - Ad: Nissan - You Need A Car For Your Motorcycle?
Ad Nissan Navara Motocrosser
Nissan logo
Nissan seems to have a penchant for motorcycles. This is the second advertisement in a short time period that they use motorcycles.

This Nissan ad shows that you need a Nissan Navara to bring your motorcycle to where you can have fun, with as slogan "More capacity for fun".


12 June, 2012 - Garmin Zumo 350LM Motorcycle Specific GPS
Garmin Zumo 350LM
Garmin logo
Garmin have released the latest version of their motorcycle-specific GPS, the Zumo 350LM. In fact, it's a bit disappointing to see that there has not been much evolution, but then again, how much more can you put on a motorcycle GPS?

One of the new features is an incorporated service log. You can now record the dates you had your motorcycle serviced, mileage and what was done. I know there are other devices that do it, like smartphone, but if you use your GPS a lot, it could be a handy feature.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 June, 2012 - Brazil: Sao Paulo The Next City To Restrict Motorcycles?
Sao Paulo Lane Splitting
Brazil flag
According to this news report, it looks like Sao Paulo, Brazil is going to be the next city that is going to restrict cars & motorcycles from entering their city. Please don't tell me they are going to start with congestion charges....

When will the elected officials ever understand that motorcycles are a solution, not a problem....


11 June, 2012 - 15 Photos Of Blown Up Motorcycles, Part 2
Blown Up Motorcycle Nepal REUTERS Navesh Chitrakar
Blown Up Motorcycle USA
Part 2 of blown up motorcycles. 15 photos of motorcycles that have suffered the worst ... a bomb or fire blast.

Warning! These photos are not for the squeamish, if you can not stand the sight of a blown up motorcycle, for heaven's sake, do NOT look! You have been warned!

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 June, 2012 - Indian ATGATT?
India flag
Is this the typical ATGATT for motorcycle riders in India?

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


11 June, 2012 - Apple Motorcycle Panniers - Ultimate Geek Accessory?
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
Mac Motorcycle Pannier
What would you do if you had a few Apple PowerMac G4s lying around the garage not being used? That's obviously what Rick H. in New Jersey was facing. Rick is a Mac consultant, so having a few being used for paperweights is the least of his problems.

But Rick got creative, and since Rick rides a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, he turned the PowerMac into panniers

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 June, 2012 - Infograph: The Evolution of Motorcycle Safety In The UK
Infographic by Bennetts
Bennetts logo
Infographs are all the fashion nowadays, so here's one that applies to us motorcycle riders. The artwork was produced for UK insurance giant Bennetts, and it shows you over time how safety has improved in the UK. They've added some other motorcycle related data to the graph, just to make it more interesting.

The graph below is linked in, embedded, so if the Bennetts site is down, you'll not see anything here.


8 June, 2012 - Le Touquet Enduropale Motorcycle Race 2013 + Video 2012
Video clip
The dates for the 2013 Le Touquet Enduropale motorcycle beach race, world's biggest motorcycle race, have been announced.

If you have never been, or want to see more about this amazing and very tough motorcycle race, check out the red Bull video in the article.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


8 June, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 8 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle related articles that have appeared on the internet over the last 7 days that you may have missed.

- Motorcycle Honeymoon Phase Over? Where to now? (Motoress Blog)
- Touring Tip: Packing Your Bike Properly (Cycle Trader)
- Why Isle of Man TT racers are a different breed (Mirror)
- How The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Works (How Stuff Works)


7 June, 2012 - A Real Motorcycle Trompe l’Oeil
Trompe l'Oeil Motorcycle Flag
USA flag
Must have taken the photographer a while to make this photo.. or just plain luck.

It does look like the motorcycle pillion is holding the flag, doesn't it?


7 June, 2012 - South Korea: Finding The Right Model For Scooter Races
KSRC Model Search 2012
Daelim logo
Daelim, organizers of the South Korean Scooter Race Championships (KSRC), have a big problem. Who are they going to select from the hundreds of beautiful girls to be KSRC Girls?

There are a lot of beautiful and young girls who want the chance to be one of the chosen girls. Just have a look at the via: below for many more photos of aspiring models, but only a few will be selected. If my Korean is correct, only 7 are selected. Tough choices....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


7 June, 2012 - France: President - Do As I Say, Not As I Do
Video clip
The recently elected President Francois Hollande of France got the top job because he promised that he would be "normal", compared to the previous occupant of the Elysee, Nicolas Zarkozy, who was known as the bling-bling president.

He had his cabinet sign a charter that stated that when they would be going somewhere they would go as cheap as possible, and respect the rules of the road 100%.

To give him his due, when he went to Brussels, Belgium, he took high-speed train, his predecessor would take 2 airplanes (one for backup). Of course the bedlam in the railway stations was something else.

His ministers are indeed taking the metro, one went to Berlin and onwards to Rome flying a low cost airline. Of course, the Minister of Foreign Affairs could not give his press conference afterwards, since the low cost airline was not going to wait for him.

Yesterday, the President had to go to Caen in Lower Normandy, a 2 1/2 hour road trip trip. Normally, the Presidents before him would take a helicopter, but this Socialist president decided to take the car (he obviously has the time for 2 x3 hours). But like Presidents before him, and going specifically against his own orders, the parade of cars and motorcycles were speeding. According to the reporter in the video, he had plenty of time, and did not need to speed.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 June, 2012 - Send Your Motorcycle Helmet To A Spa
Helmet Spa Machine
USA flag
Motorcycle helmets get tired, sweaty and dirty. When you get hot, you start sweating. Your head sweats as much as the rest of your body, maybe even more. And the sweat needs to go somewhere, and on your head, that somewhere is your helmet.

After a day riding off-road, or in the blistering sun, quite a lot of sweat will have accumulated in your helmet. That has several drawbacks; it will stink, and more importantly, bacteria will start growing like mushrooms in a cave.

For companies that hire out motorcycles and helmets, it is even more important to make sure helmets are sterile and clean. Would you want to hire a helmet that has someone's sweat in it? I know I don't...

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


6 June, 2012 - Indonesia: Cornered Car Thief Steals Police Motorcycle
Indonesian Police Bike Stolen
Indonesia flag
There's going to be a lot of egg, or more probably rice-sate, on the faces of the local LEO.

They corner a car thief, but then the guy steals a police motorcycle, and now they've lost a) the thief, and b) their own motorcycle.


6 June, 2012 - Suomy: 3 Motorcycle Helmets In 1
Suomy 3logy Morph
Suomy logo
Italian motorcycle helmet manufacturer Suomy, have recently released their 3logy helmet, a 3-in-1 helmet. Although the "3" is a bit far-fetched, it's really a 2-in-1 with a Bluetooth option, the motorcycle helmet does come in a large variety of colors.

You can configure the Suomy 3logy helmet yourself, removing & fixing a couple of screws, into a jet or an integral helmet. Both types have received homologation.

The double shell is made out of tricarboco fiber, isolated with thermoplastic.The colors can be changed as well, simply change the covers from one of 12 available.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 June, 2012 - Ads: Yamaha Fazer, Or How Not Make Good Motorcycle Ads
Yamaha Fazer Columbus Ad
Yamaha logo
Somehow the ADK Fortune Communication PR company in India missed to boat on this one. Two Yamaha print advertisements for their Fazer motorcycle. Both ads refer to historical explorers, Columbus and Vasco de Game.

How many people will identify their Fazer with an adventure motorcycle? And that while Yamaha have an excellent "explorer" motorcycle, the XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


5 June, 2012 - Europe: Electric Vehicle Sales To Reach €1.7 Billion By 2017
Statistics Article
Europe flag
#EV #Electric - According to the market research company Frost & Sullivan, the sales of Electric Vehicles (EV - Cars and Motorcycles) in Europe will reach €1.7 Billion by the year 2017. 2010 saw a sales of €55 million in Europe, but the company sees an expansion of 50% each year.

The largest hold-back is the battery technology used today, with the cost of the battery materials rising. New battery technology could accelerate the sales of EVs, plus additional government subsidies for the purchase of electric cars and motorcycles.

30 to 40% of manufacturers who subcontract the development and manufacturing of the electric engines will be insourcing this over the next few years.


5 June, 2012 - Turn Your Computer Laptop Into A Full Motorcycle Toolkit - KTM
KTM Laptop Sticker Toolbox
KTM logo
KTM have got some pretty cool merchandising gifts. Some are quite out of this world, stuff you'd never think off. I'll admit, though I don't have my KTM motorcycle anymore, I still have several KTM stuff lying around the house.

This is the latest KTM idea; a sticker that you place on your portable computer's (laptop) cover and that turns your PC into a motorcycle toolkit, or at least it would seem so. Imagine walking into your office with that....

Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


4 June, 2012 - Leatt: Cool Down On Your Motorcycle
Leatt Coolit Vest
Leatt logo
South African Leatt are very well known for their neck brace. It will have saved many lives in the Dakar race, where all motorcycle riders now must wear one.

But they do not only make neck braces as safety equipment. They also have a reasonably cheap vest that will cool you down when the weather is very hot. Called CoolIt Vest, the vest worn next to your skin will keep you cool for long periods of time while riding in extreme hot temperatures.

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4 June, 2012 - Spain: Not All Repression, Carrot and Stick Approach
Driving License Spain
Spain flag
It's nice to see that in a country like Spain, it's not all about repression. In most countries that have adopted a license point system, you get a capital of license points to start out with. When you do something naughty, like speeding, riding through a red light or crossing a white line, points get deducted from your existing points (or added, depending on the method used). Once you have no points left, you lose your license and you need to go to school to get it back.

If you have been ducted points, you get them back after a while, usually a year or two. That's the way the system works in most countries. But not in Spain. There they add points to your capital of points if you have been a good driver. 3 years into the points system, back in 2009, the government added 1 or 2 points to all drivers who had a clean driving license. This year, 6 years after the points system was introduced, they are adding another "free" point; a bonus point.

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4 June, 2012 - Marc Coma Takes Podium In His First Baja 500
Marc Coma Baja 500 2012
Spanish Dakar winner Marc Coma competed in his first ever Baja 500, and he finished in 3rd place, not bad for a first time. He raced with two other team members, Mexican Ivan Ramirez and USA Mike Brown.

Ramirez crashed the KTM motorcycle in the beginning, badly damaging the bike. They had to quickly change the exhaust on the KTM 450 Enduro bike, and then make up for lost time.

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4 June, 2012 - If You Are A Motorcycle Riding Audiophile, This Is For You
Logitech Personal In Ear Monitors
Logitech Personal In Ear Adjuster
A lot of you, myself included, like riding your motorcycle while listening to music. Usually that means hooking up your player to in-ear loudspeakers. The sound quality is usually not bad, depending on the quality of the in-ear plug loudspeakers. You can buy generic ones, like the ones that came with your music player or smartphone, or buy custom made ones. The advantage of a custom made ones, is that the fit in your ear is 100% perfect, so they'll not let in any external sound.

But audiophiles will never buy an audio product that is not the top-of-the-top. They'll not think twice to buy gold with platinum connector cables costing $5,000 just because it renders the music just that little better. Well, if you are one of these people, and you want to have perfect, or near perfect, music while riding your motorcycle, this product is for you.

The product comes from Logitech, not a company associated with perfect sound, but there you go. They have released the "Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitors", an ear plug that can be customized to your taste.

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1 June, 2012 - France: Anti-Radar Political Party Created
Anti Radar Political Group
Since France has political parties for almost every occupation, interest or activity of the day-to-day life in France, from clowns (he even ran for president), to hookers, it's no surprise to see one that is anti-radar.

In the upcoming legislative elections scheduled for June 10th and 17th, a new party has been formed called the Mouvement Anti-Radar (MAR), the Anti-radar Movement.

The main political platform of the 80 candidates is to dismantle all photo enforcement devices; speed, red light, etc. They also want to stop the license point system, and they want to raise the legal speed limit on the excellent autoroutes to 160 kph (from 130 kph) - 99 mph.

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1 June, 2012 - Zero Cafe Racer - Hollywood Electrics
Hollywood Zero Cafe Racer
Hollywood Zero Cafe Racer iPad
Electric motorcycles come in all shapes and forms; race, sports, trial, enduro, motocross, street and now cafe racer. It's not a standard production, but a customization by Zero Motorcycles' biggest dealer, Hollywood Electrics in Los Angeles.

They took a 2010 trade-in and customized it. They stripped most of the fairing, added a classic cafe racer seat, added LED brakes and to make things a bit more modern, they installed an iPad in the fuel tank.

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1 June, 2012 - Top Internet Stories - 1 June 2012
Top Weekly Web Article
Here are some interesting motorcycle stories found on the internet. Looks like we're in camping season, 2 out of 3 are motorcycle camping related..

- Blu-Ray Review: Girl On A Motorcycle (Twitch)
- Gluten Free Motorcycle Camping Food (Cecilie's Moto Journal)
- Joys Of Camping: Honey, I Shrunk Our Stuff (CycleTrader)



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