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28 June, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 28 June 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
The weather has cleared, TTL, and now I'm spending every waking moment on the Zero DS review. But still had some time to read some interesting motorcycle related articles, that I want to share with you.

- 3D Printing And The Motorcycle World (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- Speakers In My Helmet, Is This A Good Idea (Two Tire Tirade)
- Gypsy It Up (Northwest Harley Blog)
- Money Saving Tips For Motorcyclists (Bikesure)


28 June, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle - Day 1 - Hands On
The Zero DS at the beach
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - Day 1 of the Zero electric motorcycle review and test.

Today was a get-to-know your motorcycle day. I'll be showing you a bit of the bike and the dashboard, and I've filmed a video of the bike doing the daily bread run, and comparing it with the previous video of the same run but on a BMW 1150GS. Wanna guess who won?


28 June, 2013 - Look At The Motorcycle Cop Longing To Get Some
Marijuana Confiscated Colombia Cops
Colombia flag
#Colombia #Police #Marijuana - Marijuana and motorcycles don't mix, but this police officer looks like he's longing for some.


27 June, 2013 - Review: Zero Electric Motorcycle In A Rural Environment
Zero DS Electric Motorcycle 2013
Zero logo
#electric #Zero #Review #Motorcycle - For the next 10 days or so I will be riding a Zero electric motorcycle in my neck of the woods (Normandy). The DS model (Dual-Sport) is probably the best suited for here since I've got loads of small roads and tractor tracks to go through.

But why is a rural environment different? Electric motorcycle are ideally suited for cities, since the motorcycles stop frequently for red lights or intersections, and every time you hit the brakes, it generates electricity, charging the batteries and thereby giving the rider more range. Speeds are lower in the city, so the battery consumption is not enormous. On the other hand, riding on motorways, usually what commuters do, drains batteries, and therefore the range is lower.

Rural riding is a bit in between both types. The closest town for my bread & croissants to where I live (I live in the "deep" country") is 5 kilometers from my house (including a steep hill). The closest small city is 30 kilometers away and the closest big city is 70 kilometers (note: I make a distinction between small city and big city by the number of McDonalds they have: 1 = a small city, 1+ = big city)...........

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27 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson Dealer - The Way It Should Be Done
Video clip inside
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Dealer #Commercial - Most TV commercials for motorcycle dealers (or car dealers) involve some guy, usually in a big hat, shouting out that they are the best, the cheapest, the easiest, the sexiest, the.... fill in the blanks. But whatever the words, it's loud, and it involves shouting.

Here's a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealer that has understood, and in their TV commercial, there's no shouting, not even talking - just some words on the screen why their shop is the place to go to.

And that is the way I like to see my motorcycle dealers advertise. The dealer: Lone Wolf Harley-Davidson.


27 June, 2013 - Indonesia: And What’s Your Polluted Motorcycle Ride Like Today?
Indonesia Pollution 2013
Indonesia flag
#Pollution #Smog #Motorcycle - Imagine having to ride your motorcycle to work like this everyday. And Singapore isn't any better.

That's what you get for not respecting Mother Nature.


26 June, 2013 - Video: Ducati Motorcycles and Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Watch
Ducati Tudor Fastrider Black Shield ad
Tudor logo
#Tudor #Advertisement #Ducati - Ducati and Tudor watches have had a nice relationship for a while, and the most recent TV commercial from Tudor proves that. In this very well made, and very dark, TV ad, you see, what looks like a Ducati Diavel, motorcycle riding through a lava area.

The ad is for the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield watch, a watch that is black with red markings, and is going with the times of the recent spate of movies, all very dark (Batman, Superman, Star Trek etc). Apart from the TV commercial they have a mini web site and even iPhone and iPad apps for the folks who can't get enough of the watch.


26 June, 2013 - Belgium: Very Detailed Study Of Motorcycle Accidents
Statistics Article
Belgium flag
#Belgium #Accidents #Statistics - For the first time ever, the authorities in Belgium have spent a lot of time analyzing serious motorcycle accidents. They went and looked at 200 motorcycle accidents that resulted in deaths or badly hurt ones. The study, named MOTAC (Motorcycle Accident Causation), concentrated on accidents in 2009 (16% of the accidents) and 2010 (84% of the accidents).

50% of the 200 accidents studied had deadly victims, the other 50% had very badly hurt victims.

Something different from other accident studies; 56% of the accidents were initiated by the motorcycle rider, 41% by a third party. But as the report mentions, just because an accident is initiated by one vehicle, legally it does not mean that the biker is responsible. 3% of the accidents were caused by external problems, like bad road infrastructure (which IMHO seems low for Belgium who have a notoriously bad road network).

Single Vehicle Accidents 35% of all the 200 accident involved only the motorcycle, meaning no other vehicles were involved. 90% of these single vehicle accidents were caused by the biker. This is usually because of a loss of control, sliding while braking (80%), while 58% of these single vehicle accidents happened in a curve...........

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26 June, 2013 - Indonesia: Sitting On Your Motorcycle, Watching Rome Burn
Watching Rome Burn
Indonesia flag
#Indonesia #Burn #Motorcycle - It's almost like Nero, watching Rome burn while playing the fiddle, now you just sit on your motorcycle while Indonesia burns.


25 June, 2013 - Video: Yamaha MT-09 Launch Video
Yamaha MT 09 Launch
Yamaha logo
#Yamaha #MT-09 #Advertisement - Unless you've been disconnected from the internet in the last week or so, you'll have noticed that Yamaha have launched their new MT-09 motorcycle. A stunner and what looks like a fun motorcycle.

Here's their launch video they used to promote the bike. In the video you see several MT-09 motorcycles riding at night in Japan by what you could describe as "hooligans".

This looks like a fun bike. The TV commercial is well filmed, plenty of action and great shots.


25 June, 2013 - Satoshi Araki - Amazingly Detailed Miniature Motorcycles
Satoshi Araki Miniatures
Satoshi Araki Miniatures
#Miniatures #Motorcycles #Artist - Having two left hands, I am totally incapable of doing anything with my hands, unless you include typing on a keyboard. Anything I touch will stop working, melt, burn or totally disintegrate. It's therefore that I have an utmost admiration for people who can do things with their hands; mechanics, doctors, builders, artists and in this case, toy makers.

Satoshi Araki is a Japanese toy maker, although the word "toy" is totally out of place. It's art in all its meanings, so incredibly detailed and well done, it's just a marvel to look at.

Satoshi makes a lot of these miniatures, ranging from our own passion, motorcycles to cars, boats, sci-fi figures to full replicas of scenes. He is currently working on a miniature replica set of Gotham City in all its glory and detail...........

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25 June, 2013 - France: Decriminalization Of Parking Fines - What Does It Mean?
Ticketing clamped motorcycle
France flag
#Parking #Fines #Politics - On the 7th of June, the French senate voted for the decriminalization of parking fines. I guess many of you didn't know that it was a crime to badly park your motorcycle, but that means it's time to rejoice ... right?

WRONG. In fact, it's a bad thing. By having bad parking a "crime" meant that it was the government that decided what the fine was. And all over France, the fine for bad parking is €17. It doesn't matter if you are in Paris or in a small shit-kicker town down South, it was going to cost you €17 if you forgot to feed the parking meter, or just parked your motorcycle on the sidewalk.

But now that it's decriminalized, it's up to the commune to decide how much you will pay...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story (4 paragraphs).......


24 June, 2013 - 14 Photos Of Blown Up @ Destroyed Motorcycles - Part 5
Blown Up Motorcycle Pakistan
Blown up motorcycle Brazil
#Blowup #Motorcycles #Destroyed - This is already the 5th "episode" of motorcycles that have been at the wrong end of violence; they were blown up, set of fire or just destroyed, often beyond recognition.

All the motorcycles that were destroyed were victims to enormous violence, something that should not be tolerated with these innocent vehicles. So here are 14 photos of, often very badly, damaged motorcycles.

Warning: If you are any bit squeamish for the sight of dead motorcycles, for crying out loud, DO NOT LOOK AT THESE PICTURES.


24 June, 2013 - France: Mandatory High-Visibility Vests Mandatory (Again) For Motorcyclists, With A French Twist
Motorcycle Protest Rouen 2012
France flag
#France #High-Visibility #Motorcycles - To think we pay these people a salary to do whatever they want, including making senseless laws. It's really incredible, but when you start thinking about it when sitting on the toilet, it makes sense. Politicians, like any other "human", needs to make sure they have a job. And one way of keeping your job is to pretend to be very busy. Even if it means making laws that make no sense whatsoever and are a pain to everyone.

So what got my knickers in a twist you may ask yourself? Remember last year we had a lot of problems, protests, political unrest because the government wanted to make high-visibility vests mandatory for all motorcycle riders, including foreign registered ones. Eventually, because of the heavy handed protests here in France, they dropped the idea. Until now... it's back, but with the typical French twist...........

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24 June, 2013 - France: Paris- Motorcycles Can Use Electric Car Charging Points
AutoLib Station
France flag
#Electric #Charing #Motorcycle - Here's something I didn't know. In Paris there's an electric car sharing service (that much I did know), much like their popular bicycle sharing service, called AutoLib (it's quite popular, so much so that Indianapolis have signed a deal to replicate it in their city). With the AutoLib program, you subscribe to the service, and can go to one of the many electricity recharge station, drop in your credit card, hop into one of the funky electric cars, and ride through Paris. When you are finished, you drop the car at any of the fast recharge stations.

So far, nothing of interest to use motorcycle riders. But what I recently learned is that you are allowed to ride your electric motorcycle to one of the charging stations of the AutoLib program and recharge your bike's batteries.

You need to subscribe, which will cost you €15 per year. That includes during the day the first 2 hours (and at night the first 4 hours), and after that it'll cost you €1 per hour of charging time (at night, it'll be €1 for the whole night).

That looks like a pretty good deal. If you ride up at night, plug it in, and it'll cost you €1 to recharge. Not bad.


21 June, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 21 June 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Friday 21st of June, and still no real summer, apart from some hot hours followed by thunderstorms followed by cold weather. Oh well, at least it's the day of music today. Here are some motorcycle related articles that have appeared on the www which you may have missed.

- How Motorcycle Helmets For Women Are The New Fashion Statement (Michael Padway And Associates)
- Comparing Two R1200Gs Oil Water (Bikers Cafe)
- The 10 Best Motorcycles For Carrying A Passenger (Ride Apart)
- The Care & Feeding of Textile Riding Gear (Motorcyclist)


21 June, 2013 - Product Review: Honda GL-1800 Gold Wing
Honda Goldwing Le Havre
Honda Goldwing Dash
#Honda #GoldWing #Review - If you've been reading this site regularly, you'll known that I recently purchased a Honda Gold Wing. I didn't buy it new, since the price of a new Gold Wing exceeds any budget I might even dream of, but this 2006 GL-1800 was in perfect condition and had only 54,000 kilometers on the counter. It has all the options on the bike, and a warrantee of 6 months, plus the Honda Ocean dealer has taken in my even older BMW 1150GS.

For me that ended the story of telling you about it, but many of you asked me to write up a review of the Honda. So here it is.

I've always considered the Gold Wing a motorcycle I would buy when I retired (or close to it), and enjoy it for leisurely long distances rides with my SWMBO. Boy..... that was a mistake! If any of you think that the Honda Gold Wing is a slow moving sofa on two wheels, think again! It's fast, it's maneuverable, it's comfortable and it's very reliable...........

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21 June, 2013 - Nigeria Rolls Out 1st Motorcycle - Wants Import Ban On All Others
Nigerian Motorcycle
Nigeria flag
#Nigeria #Scooter #Motorcycles - Nigeria has rolled out their very first motorcycle. Developed by National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), the 80cc scooter uses 85% of locally sourced components and resources.

Apparently, you can't see it on the only photo available, is that this scooter is a trike. IMHO, it looks like a Honda Cub.

Now, the Vice Chairman of NASINE, Dr. Muhammad Sani Haruna, is calling upon the Nigerian government to ban the importation of all motorcycles and scooters so that the national scooter manufacturing industry can be "protected"...........

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20 June, 2013 - D3O Aero: The Next Evolution In Motorcycle Armor
D3O Smart Skin
d3o logo
#D3O #Armor #Protection - I have since the beginning been an ardent fan of the D30 material. I even have a jar of the product here to play with. D30 is an orange soft putty-like material that you can very easily shape with your fingers. But when you subject the product to a sudden and strong impact, like hitting it with a hammer, it immediately becomes as hard as a rock.

In other words, it's an ideal product for motorcycle clothing. Since it's flexible, you can put it in places that move, like elbows, knees and fingers, and in the case of a crash, it will become solid as a rock and protect your limbs.

Many top-of-the-line motorcycle clothing manufacturers have since then adopted this magic material. Names like Icon, Acerbis, Triumph, KTM and Klim are just a few of the names that now have D3O material integrated into their products (I even have an iPhone protector case made out of D3O).

But there are two "disadvantages" to the product: 1) price and 2) volume. On the price, the only thing that will help is sell more products. On the volume thing, the D30 is not thicker than most other safety products, like Kevlar, but still thick enough to feel it's there.

But now D30 have announced their D30 Aero range, and part of the offering is the D30 Smart Skin product. The D3O Aero is very lightweight, made for those applications where weight is a big factor. The Smart Skin product is an easy way of integrating the D30 material into garments...........

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20 June, 2013 - Brazil: Protesters Loot Motorcycle Shop - End Of Civilization?
Brazil Protesters Loot Motorcycle Shop
Brazil flag
#Brazil #Protests #Looting - Is this the first sign of the end of civilization when protesters loot a motorcycle shop. What's next? Human sacrifices?

And to think the pope has just blessed motorcycles...


20 June, 2013 - France: Moto Revue Magazine Celebrates 100 years
Moto Revue 100 Years
#France #Magazine #Motorcycles - It's not often that a magazine gets to celebrate 100 years of existence, and for a motorcycle magazine it's even more impressive. The French motorcycle mag, Moto Revue, is celebrating their 100 years. First published 18 June 1913, the magazine has been published, weekly, now every two weeks.

Congratulations to Moto Revue and its staff. Here's to the next 100.


19 June, 2013 - Idea: Infrared Display On Motorcycles - See Chickens Crossing The Road At Night
Infrared Road Display
#Idea #Quirky #Infrared - Here's one of those ideas that on paper is really good, but in practise will never be applied. The idea can be found on the Quirky site, waiting for votes to bring it into the next phase.

The idea is to attach a special infrared sensor chip to a smartphone. The display on your phone will then show all thermal images it can detect, particularly at night. The idea is that when riding at night, your phone can display "warm bodies" on the road, like pedestrians, cyclists, dogs and even other vehicles (car engines are hot in case you are wondering)...........

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19 June, 2013 - A BMW Motorcycle Powered Citroen 2CV Car
#BMW #2CV - The French 2CV car from Citroen has been one of those cars that have marked a generation, maybe even two generations. The car was very light, easy to repair, and could drive on anything, even drive better on snow than purpose built snow cars.

Of course, it was very under powered and very slow, but that was the magic about this car. Hippies and grandparents would drive it, basking in the sound of the 2 HP engine (2CV means 2 HP in French) purring away.

But what if you wanted the car to go a bit faster? Apart from putting burning alcohol or nitro methanol into the engine, there isn't much you can do about it, until Sparrow Automotive decided otherwise.

This British engineering company will remove the original engine and put in a BMW motorcycle engine of your choice. Your choice are between 850 cc and 1200 cc BMW motorcycle engines...........

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19 June, 2013 - France: Cop Gets Driving License Torn Up For Motorcycle Speeding
Speeding Motorcycle
France flag
#France #Police #Speeding - I guess not all cops are born equal, some of them will get hit as hard as we civilians do by their brothers-in-arms. A police officer got caught speeding on his personal motorcycle on a road limited to 110 kph. He was "racing" his motorcycle at 186 kph (with the margins used by the police, he was officially clocked at 176 kph).

When he was stopped by his colleagues, he told them that he was riding in a group, and he was trying to catch up with the other bikers.

Later on he left the scene as a passenger/pillion since his license was taken away on the spot. He'll now have a date with a judge.

So it is possible for cops to ticket cops, which is a good thing, but IMHO it rarely happens. But it shows that at times a) cops are honest enough to ticket other cops and b) cops are human and do things they shouldn't be doing.


18 June, 2013 - Ads: Ural Motorcycles - Break Out Of Boredom
Ural Break Out
Ural logo
#Ural #Advertisement - Even Russian motorcycle manufacturers advertise. Everyone has to advertise, but to be successful, you need to do good, if not great, ads. Russian motorcycle maker Ural has two good print ads.

Both ads say it all, the tag line reads "Routine, boredom, office slavery and chains of marriage – this is not about people who ride bikes. Ural motorcycle sets you free. It helps you get away from all this, and gives you absolute freedom.".

There you go, Ural sets you free. So go little bird, enjoy your freedom.


18 June, 2013 - Video: Unbelievable - Things You Can Do With A Vespa Scooter
Vespa Crane
#Video #Vespa #Scooter #Weird - We know that motorcycles and scooters are great forms of transportation and even entertainment. We have also seen many cases of motorcycles and scooters used to carry everything, including the kitchen sink.

We have also seen other, often weird, applications for our favorite two wheelers. But this one beats them all. Here is one way of using a Vespa scooter you would never have thought off.

The hint is in the photo. Look at where the arrows are pointing. Know what is going to happen in the video? Have a look.


18 June, 2013 - King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands Supports Motorcycle Support Group
King Willem Alexander Goirle
The Netherlands flag
#Netherlands #King - On a surprise visit, the newly crowned King of The Netherlands, Willem-Alexander, showed interest for the Motorcycle Support Nederland (MSN) organization. The MSN is an organization that educates people will small disabilities to work in sectors like motorcycle maintenance.

For the last 3.5 years, the MSN organization has been receiving financial assistance from one of the Royal assistance programs, the Oranje Fonds Groeiprogramma.

Nice to see a newly appointed King showing his face in the motorcycle world.


17 June, 2013 - Ad: Ministry of Defense - Changing A Tire
Min Defense Changing Tires
#Advertisment #Defense #Army - These print advertisements have got nothing to do with motorcycles but I thought they were so well done and gutsy, I decided to show them to you.

The ads are from the (Dutch?) Ministry of Defense, and are made to look like a page from the "Manual Automotive Repair", and just to be sure, they've shown the version number of the manual, i.e. v.2.3 from 2009.

The page from the manual is "how to change a tire".... just look at the ad. The copy text is "Technician at the Ministry of Defence. Do you have what it takes. Being a technician at the Ministry of Defence is a little bit more demanding. Seemingly easy technical problems can become a real challenge in their environment."


17 June, 2013 - Airbag Vests - How Efficient Are They - Study
Airbag Vest Accident Deployment
spidi dps airbag vest
#Airbag #Research #Vests #Motorcycles - Airbag vests are a hot discussion topic on most motorcycle discussion forums. There are probably as many pro-airbag bikers as there are anti-airbag bikers. Everyone has an opinion. But how efficient are these safety devices?

Basically there are two types of airbag vests; cabled and electronic. The cabled ones have a cable between your motorcycle and the airbag, and when you get an involuntary off, the cable is pulled and the air is released into the jacket turning you into the Michelin man. The electronic versions have data capturing devices installed in your motorcycle that calculates if you've had a crash, and if so, orders the jacket to inflate remotely.

So what does this mean? Which is the two is more efficient, or are any airbag vests safe? France based IFSTTAR is a research institute that analyzes technologies used in the transport industry. Thierry Serre at IFSTTAR published the results from an extensive study done between 2005 and 2009 of all types of airbag vests used in the motorcycle industry.


First, let's start with the summary. Cabled airbag vests are far less safe than electronic ones. But any airbag vest is safer than a t-shirt...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


17 June, 2013 - France: Shocking Motorcycle Students Into Safety
Val d Oise Accident Book
France flag
#France #Accidents #Exams - One of France's states ("departements"), Val d'Oise, has gotten itself in its head that by shocking people they will take things more seriously.

What the local authorities have done, is take photos made by their emergency crews and made a photo book out of them. All the photos are of serious motorcycle accidents, and the books are distributed to students who are to take their motorcycle license exams.

The authorities hope that when the pupils see the terrible accidents they will take care while riding their motorcycles. What these so-called experts fail to see, is that the majority of fatal motorcycle accidents were caused by cars, not motorcycles. Maybe they should give the booklet to student car drivers?..........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 June, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 14 June 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
Anytime now! Anytime you want dear God, give us some warm weather and sunshine. In the mean time, here are some motorcycle articles that have appeared during the week that you may have missed.

- Stay Cool: The Best Motorcycle Gear For Hot Weather Riding (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)
- A Beginners Guide To Motorcycle Gear (Ride Apart)
- Book Review: Ride On By Joseph Fehlen (Apprentice 2 Jesus)
- Book Review Red Tape And White Knuckles (Canada Motoguide)


14 June, 2013 - Idea: Turn Your Motorcycle Helmet Into A Pillion Entertainment Center
Patent Helmet Video Screen
#Patent #Helmet #Gadget - Of all the daft ideas I've seen and read, here's a beauty. It's a patent filed last year in the USA, and the patent calls for a screen, let's say a LCD-type computer screen to be mounted to the back of a motorcycle helmet.

This allows the pillion to see a video image on the back of the rider's helmet. I kid you not. One idea of the "inventor" is to put a camera in the front of the helmet, thereby allowing the pillion to see what's on the road. Gulp...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


14 June, 2013 - Asian Motorcycle Police Feel The Financial Crisis - Belt Tightening
Asiam Police Financial Crisis
#Funny #Police #Motorcycles - Even in Asia people are feeling the global economic and financial crisis. Individual households, companies and civil service all have to tighten their belts. Even the motorcycle police are feeling it. No longer can they afford expensive BMW, Yamaha or Honda motorcycles.

Here's a candid photo of the latest motorcycle police getting ready to patrol the streets.


13 June, 2013 - France: New Premium Motorcycle Manufacturer Coming?
Motorcycle Unknown
#Motorcycle #New #France - I was killing some time and looking through the wanted advertisements of the motorcycle recruiting site MotoRecrute (honest boss, I'm not looking for another better paid job) when I stumbled upon this job ad: "Responsable Développement Réseau International" which means "Head of International Development". The ad itself started with (freely translated from French):

"Our client, specialized industrial company, has just created a totally new motorcycle. A rare object, this machine is targeted towards the man with taste, passioned by esthetics and technology."

The new company is located in the Maine-et-Loire area in France and they are looking for English speaking people who are used to developing luxury goods (like watches, jevewlery, wines or fashion). They need someone who will develop their international distribution network for the new motorcycle...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


13 June, 2013 - France: Educational Radars Open For Hacking - Have Fun
Pedagiguque Radar Software Hacked
Pedagiguque Radar Software
#Radar #Hacking #France - Here's one we didn't see coming. Since a year or so, France has installed 1,000 of educational radars. These radars, usually found in villages and towns, show you the speed you are travelling at in your car or motorcycle, and if you are speeding, how many license points you would forfeit if caught by a real radar.

The educational radars usually show a message, like "Slow Down" when speeding, etc. One French blogger, Korben, discovered that it's very easy to "hack" into these radars. In fact the word "hack" is way to strong since the manufacturers more or less have invited people to change the settings.

According to the manufacturer's websites, almost all of them are accessible via Bluetooth, and for convenience sake, the Bluetooth code is shown on the site (it's "0000"). The software that you need to run to setup the radar is freely downloadable on the sites as well. No password, no id .... just download.


13 June, 2013 - Harley-Davidson Is Blessed. Official
Pope Blessing Harley Davidson
Vatican City flag
#Pope #HarleyDavidson #Blessing - There are many occasions and events where a priest blesses a group of motorcycles. But this is more than a priest... it's the Pope himself. Pope Francis blessed 1,400 motorcycles, all of them Harley-Davidsons, who had gathered at St. Peter's Square in the Vatican to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the Milwaukee brand.

The Pope was even presented with two Harley-Davidsons and a black leather jacket. So now the Pope has two Ducati Multistradas (see related) and two Harley-Davidson.

But are we going to see the man ride around on one of them, wearing the black leather jacket?


12 June, 2013 - CrashLight: Interesting Safety App For Motorcycle Riders
EatSleepRide CrashLight
#EastSleepRide #CrashLight #App - The web site EatSleepRIDE has had a nice iPhone app for a while that is used by motorcycle riders to record their motorcycle trips and share their experiences with like-minded bikers. The app has some nicely designed features allowing you to visualize your ride through the data your smartphone has gathered. You can use it to discover new routes and share photos of your rides.

You can even check to see where your riding buddies are, and if they are close-by, go and join them. But EatSleepRIDE have recently released an in-app purchase (that's when you can activate a subset of your app by paying some money as an app "option") that is very nice and handy and more importantly, offers a good peace-of-mind.

The function is called CrashLight, and what it is, is a function that uses your smartphone's hardware to detect whether you had a motorcycle crash, and if you have, it contacts your "support" team...........

...........Click on the headline to continue reading this story.......


12 June, 2013 - Now You Know Why Adventure Motorcycles Have Big Panniers
Prepared Adventure Rider
#Adventure #RTW #Funny - You see them riding often enough, big BMW GS, KTM Adventurer or other adventure motorcycles, equipped with enormous panniers and top cases. You think that since they are often months on the road, they bring a lot of stuff with them.

You'd be kind-of right, but it's not the stuff you think they are bringing. Here's a photo of what is really in those cases:


12 June, 2013 - Gawd! I Hate These Tailgaters When Riding My Motorcycle
Tailgating Extreme
Lebanon flag
#Funny #Tailgating #Military - Don't you hate it when you are out having a nice day, riding your motorcycle and when you look in your mirrors you see two ass-wipes tailgating behind you.

You just want to stop and start shooting at them....


11 June, 2013 - Ad: Weird - Mademsa - Fruit Motorcycle?
Mademsa Fruit Biker
#Advertisment - Sometimes I just don't get it. Some advertisement agencies try to be so clever they lost me. Here's one from Chile for Mademsa, a company that makes kitchen appliances and white goods like fridges.

The ad has a "biker" couple and motorcycle made out of vegetables & fruit riding out a freezer. Why a motorcycle? Why fruit in a freezer?

I just don't get it.... is this art?


11 June, 2013 - France: Single Operator For Electric Fast Charging Stations?
Autolib Charging Station
France flag
#Electric #Charging #France - In a move that is not typical for the current French politicians (in other words, thoughtful and creative), the French government announced last May that they are looking into creating a central and single operator for all electric fast charging stations for electric cars and motorcycles. Currently, like in most other countries where there are electric vehicles, the vehicle manufacturer tends to install charging stations. Since often the standards differ, the charging station will only work for that manufacturer or for those that have adopted their standards.

The most obvious example here in France is the difference between Renault and the PSA group (Peugeot/Citroen). Both have electric cars, both have electric charging stations, but one can not use the other's.

By appointing a single operator that installs and operates electric fast charging stations, all must adhere to that standard. The idea is to have 5,000 stations alongside motorways and secondary roads. But this being France, there are a lot of different opinions and to "cure" that, they are all talking, so it might take a while before we see this happen.

In principle, we are going to go back in time, to when there was a single telecom operator, a single electricity company and single gas company. So I guess once the single fast charging station operator has been in place, they'll break it up.


11 June, 2013 - Paris: No Parking Tickets Today - Strike In progress
Motorcycle cop ticketing a tank
France flag
#France #Strike #Police - I hate strikes, particularly when they make no sense or are political, but this strike will receive 100% of my (and many others) endorsement. The Parisian police officers are on strike today. As if we really need a reason, they are protesting their status change. It has got to do with a change in their civil service status. Not that it matters, just know that today virtually no tickets will be issued, either for parking or at spot checks.

Most of the 1,920 agents are on strike (but watch out of the few strikebreakers). Daily, they issue 10,000 tickets, so the government better pay attention, since it's an enormous revenue loss.

For me, they are allowed to continue their strike.


11 June, 2013 - Pharaonic Suzuki Hayabusa - Weird?
Very Customized Hayabusa
#Suzuki #Hayabusa #Weird - Some people have strange ideas what to do with their precious motorcycles. I'll admit taste is personal thing, one thing of beauty might be one thing of ugliness for anther person.

But transforming a Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle into this Pharaoh based theme is a bit OTT for me.


10 June, 2013 - An Idiot Got Bored - Travelling On A Small Motorcycle 25K Kms
An Idiot Got Bored
An Idiot Got Bored
#Adventure #RTW - There are literally thousands of people travelling around the world or long distance adventures rides on their motorcycles that it has become so commonplace that I don't notice them anymore. The days of Ted Simons, Tiffany Coats and even the likes of Ewan McGregor/Charlie Boorman riding their motorcycle around the world have become very common.

But sometimes you see someone who is going to make such a trip, and she/he is going to do it differently than all the others. One of those is Will Moore. Will is planning to ride his motorcycle (more about that later) from London all the way to Johannesburg in South Africa. That's 25,000 kilometers and he's doing it to support British servicemen who got wounded in action.

So a noble cause. But now let's talk about his motorcycle...........

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10 June, 2013 - Trailing Your Motorcycle, An Easy and Handy Way
Hitch Helper
Hitch Helper
#HitchHelper #Trailer - Sometimes we just can't help it. We need to trailer our motorcycle. Like when the bike is broken and it needs to go to hospital, or just to go somewhere via car and use your motorcycle later on.

But one category of people who at times trailer their motorcycle, but have some problems doing so, are people who go on holidays with a caravan or even with a boat or horses. If you have a caravan or boat/horse trailer, you already have a trailer, and the only way you can bring your motorcycle is if you've got a truck and load it in the back. Not very elegant, plus you forfeit a lot of storage space.

Hitch Helper is the solution for you. What Hitch Helper is, is a separate mini-trailer that gets placed in between your car and your actual trailer or caravan. It's narrow, so your motorcycle gets loaded sideways, but the trailer is load-bearing that carries the weight by itself, not via your car. So it's better for your car...........

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10 June, 2013 - Video: Harley-Davidson - Welcome On Board
Harley Davidson China Welcome Onboard
Harley-Davidson logo
#HarleyDavidson #Advertisement #China - A "feel good" Harley-Davidson TV commercial with lots of Chinese text, but what looks like it was shot in California with American bikers.

So is this a real Harley-Davidson China commercial but they could not afford to make it in China, or is it a Harley USA commercial onto which they put Chinese text...........

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7 June, 2013 - Top Internet Stories - 7 July 2013
Top Weekly Web Article
While you are reading this, I'm probably out playing with my new motorcycle, the Honda GL1800. But in the mean time, there have been several interesting motorcycles articles appearing, here are a few you may have missed.

- Using Technology For Safer Riding With Children (Schuberth Blog)
- The Future Of Motorcycle Instruments (Ride Apart)
- Eye In The Sky Police Nab Naughty Motorcyclists (About Motorcycles)
- How To Clean A Motorcycle Helmet The Right Way (Motorcycle Blog From Jafrum)


7 June, 2013 - Record Traffic Jams - Ride A Motorcycle, That’s Why
Traffic Chaos
#Traffic #Records - Even when you are not allowed to split lanes on your motorcycle, when traffic is at a standstill for hours on end, most bikers ride in between cars. If you need to wait days before you can actual start again, then every biker will push through.

Traffic jams in which you need to spend 15 minutes are truly horrible. Imagine not or barely moving, inch by inch for 10 to 15 minutes (the average time you are at a standstill when traffic is stopped). Well, can you imagine having been in one of the traffic jams below; all of them are record holders...........

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7 June, 2013 - France: Paris Motorcycle Exhibition 2013 Dates
Salon de la moto map 2013
Paris Motorcycle Expo 2011
#Paris #SalondelaMoto #Exhibitions - It used to be that the Paris motorcycles and scooters exhibition, at the time known as the Mondial du Deux Roues, was the 3rd largest motorcycle show, after Eicma (the largest) and Intermot (the second).

Then came the financial crisis and the Paris show, which used to run every two years, had to cancel. So there was a four year hiatus, with no big France exhibition. The Paris show alternates with the German Intermot, but in 2011 the French organizers decided to change their format.

They are now calling the expo "Salon de la Moto". In 2011 I went for a look (you can read my report by clicking here).

This year, the Salon de la Moto will be held between 3 and 8 December at the Porte de Versailes (Paris)..........

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6 June, 2013 - Idea: The End Of Tank-Slappers?
Electronic Steer Dampning
#Quirky #Streering #Motorcycles - Are we seeing the end of the era of tank-slappers? You know, those times when your sports motorcycle wobbles because it encounters something on the road that makes it oscillate the steering sideways, making you at best hit the fuel tank, and at worst, allows you to exit the motorcycle high, ie a highside.

Kirk Spiegel has submitted a project in Quirky that will prevent this. It is an electronic steering damper for motorcycles, that electronically senses objects (which could be a high speed maneuver) on the road that causes the oscillations, and activates the steering damping automatically and electronically...........

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6 June, 2013 - France: All Female Team For 24 Hours Motorcycle Le Mans - With A Serious Twist
Eric Jeannot
#Endurance #LeMans #Transexual - That there have been all-female motorcycle endurance teams is no news. There are quite a lot of them, and there are more and more. Why not? Women riders are as good a male riders, so why not race 24 hour races?

But this French all-female team has a twist, a serious twist. With two Suzuki GSXR race motorcycles entered , the female team manager is Agnes Dupuy (winner of many endurance races). Steffie Naud, Amandine Creusit and Caroline Locussol are 3 of the 4 members of this female racing team. And the 4th racer?????

This is where the serious twist comes into play... the 4th player is Erika Jeannot. Erika used to be Erik Jeannot. That's right, Erika is a transexual!..........

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6 June, 2013 - Turkey: Even The Motorcycle Dogs Are Protesting
Turkish Dog Protesting
Turkey flag
#Turkey #Protest #Dogs - Things must be really serious when the dogs are out on their motorcycles protesting the current "regime".


5 June, 2013 - Spain: Original Electric Scooter Sharing Program
#Motit #Barcelona #Electric - Most big cities nowadays have bicycle sharing programs, while the more daring cities have electric car sharing programs. They all rest on the same principle; you take the vehicle from a station and later on bring it back to a station (not necessarily the one you took it from).

But in Barcelona, Spain they came up with a much more elegant and easy solution, and it involves electric scooters. Called Motit, the program uses electric scooters developed by GoingGreen, and manufactured in Barcelona. These funky little scooters/motorcycles have an eye-catching color, a top speed of 65 kph and a range of 40 to 60 kms, depending on road and driving style. They weigh 80 kgs.

In contrast with the bicycle sharing programs (and electric cars), you can't go up to a station and take one. That is because there are no stations! You need the free smartphone app, which will tell you where the closest available Motit scooter is. Because you don't bring it back to a station, but leave it where you are going...........

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5 June, 2013 - Video: What Do You Get When A Bull Mates With A Motorcycle
Bull mating With Motorcycle
The Bull Motorcycle
#Video #Funny - I guess strange things have happened.... but mating a bull with a motorcycle is one of them:

What will happen... what will their offspring looks like? Have a look at the video


5 June, 2013 - One Motorcycle With Big Cojones (Or Death Whish)
Pissing On A Cop Car
#Funny - Here is one motorcycle rider who has a problem with the local constabulary .... either that or he is committing suicide by cop. But anyway you look at it, he's got balls.


4 June, 2013 - France: Motorcycle Sensitivity Program Greater Paris Area
France IdF 15 Days Program 2013
France IdF 15 Days Program 2013
#Safety #France #Motorcycles - For 15 days, in the greater Paris area, called Ile-de-France (Island of France), the local authorities will be conducting an extensive sensitivity communication program for motorcycle and other "fragile" road users (like pedestrians and cyclists).

Although 2011 and 2012 saw an improvement of the number of fatal accidents in that part of France, 326 people died in 2012. 113 of them were motorcycle riders (81 pedestrians and 17 cyclists).

To gain awareness in the general population, the local authorities are running several posters, like this one:..........

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4 June, 2013 - Good News For You Readers Using RSS
Feedly Bitfl
#Feedly #RSS - If you access this site via an RSS reader, chances are you are (were) using Google Reader, and as you probably know, Google is binning the service (another Google service bites the dust).

One web application (and smartphone app) has distinguished itself and will be able to load in all the RSS URLs you have saved in Google Reader, and that is Feedly. The Feedly folks are very reactive to their users, and have developed some very nice and free apps for smartphone and tablets, plus their web site is easy to use, and also free. They have a very active user community that feeds ideas and projects to the development team.

However, for the last few weeks, if you were already using Feedly you will not have been able to load my articles to read them. That was because Feedly added some parameters to my URL which my site could not handle, and you ended up in the 404 (Not Found) error.

The good news is that Feedly have rectified the issue, and now you can click on the headline in the Feedly feed and go straight to the article that interests you.

Feedly have also just announced that their site will be accessible by other RSS reader sites and apps when the migrate the Google Reader feeds (project Normandy), like Reeder, Press, Nextgen reader, Newsify and gReader. In fact, Feedly is more or less taking over from Google Reader and is becoming the de facto standard with 100,000's of Google Reader users migrating to them.

So, if you use the Google RSS reader to access the news, I suggest you switch rapidly to Feedly because shortly, Google's reader will not longer work.


4 June, 2013 - Myanmar: Buddhist Monks On Motorcycles Go On A Rampage
Buddhists Monks Myanmar Rampage
Myanmar flag
#Myanmar #Buddhists #Monks - They may sound like a 1-%er gang and are probably just as dangerous, but the "Buddhist Monks on Motorcycles" are not a gang. They are monks, i.e. religious men, armed with metal rods and bats, who attacked anything that remotely smelled of Muslims.

Ahh, don't you just love religion.... so peaceful...


4 June, 2013 - Ad: Honda CS500F And A Sword! CS500F WTF?
Honda Sword CS500F
Honda logo
#Honda #Advertisement - Okay, I'm confused again (happens a lot at my age). Here's an interesting print advertisement from Honda Israel featuring a sports motorcycle and a samurai sword. Looked good, until I read the text...

... it reads "Honda CS500F A New Japanese Power". CS500F??? Never heard of that. On top of that, the photo is that of a CBR. Is this an Israel-special? Is it just bad ad layout? Is it a joke?

Anyone ever hear of a CS500F? (I know the CB500F and even a CS500, but not a CS500F).


3 June, 2013 - World’s Smallest Theater - A Royal Enfield Sidecar
Royal Enfield World Smallest Theatre
Royal Enfield logo
#Funny #Theater #RoyalEnfield - It's unbelievable but true. World's smallest theater is performed out of a Royal Enfield sidecar. It's run by The Grand Theatre of Lemmings, and has been in existence since the 1970's, although in the beginning it was not a Royal Enfield motorcycle but a Panther motorcycle. The owner of the motorcycle sidecar, a certain Marcel Steiner, heard someone joke about the big sidecar that "That sidecar is ridiculous! You could build a theatre in that sidecar". And that is exactly what he did.

Marcel toured the world with his smallest theater in the world, and for 30 years he performed for 100% sold out performances, not a single seat remained without a spectator... with only two seats in the sidecar it wasn't a big accomplishment.. but still, it's got to be a record.

Since the demise of world's smallest theater, it has recently been revived. The Grand Theatre of Lemmings have taken a Royal Enfield sidecar and fitted it with 2 seats and are now touring the UK with the gigantic production of King Kong. King Kong in a sidecar.... I got to see that!..........

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3 June, 2013 - A Funny Thing Happened To Me While Shopping
New Bike For Me
New Bike For Me
#Honda #Goldwing - Last Saturday my SWMBO and myself went shopping in the city of Le Havre. We arrived in the morning too late to start her shopping spree, and too early for lunch, so I decided to have a look at the Honda motorcycle dealer on the way. I thought it would be a nice way to spend 90 minutes before eating lunch and then hitting the shops (shops close for lunch here in France).

We walked in, and surprise surprise, there was a beautiful motorcycle standing in showroom which drew both our immediate and unadulterated attention; a Honda GL1800 Goldwing.

I had been wanting a Goldwing for quite some time now, but aside of the high price, I was never able to justify myself (or SWMBO) that it made sense buying one. This GL1800 is pre-owned (by an old lady who only used to to ride to church on Sundays....), from 2006 with only 50,000 kilometers on the counter...........

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3 June, 2013 - Idea: Safety Helmet Lights For After A Motorcycle Crash
Helmet Crash Lights
Helmet Crash Lights
#Quirky #Safety #Crash - So far we've seen several motorcycle helmet lights that make riding your bike safer, especially those lights that show your indicator and light up when hitting the brakes. But this Quirky project is slightly different.

The project has more or less the same idea of placing a LED strip on your helmet, either a stick-on or a collar you would be able to purchase, but instead (or even apart from) showing if you've pressed the indicators to turn or hitting the brakes, this project activates after you have had a crash...........

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